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mary chelsea al jazeera, the latest tourist to visit the international space station are back on earth after 12 days japanese bill in the air you circle, missouri is assistant and a russian cosmonaut all landed in kazakhstan. earlier missouri were bid farewell to the space station crew before boarding the russian soldiers rocket. they're the 1st self paying tourist to visit the space station since 2009. ah. talk for a quick chat at the top stories here. this hour left us gabriel. burridge is one chiles presidential election. he defeated his right wing opponent, was antonia cast by 11 percent big and larger than was expected. he's promising to be a leader for all chileans in little, you know, our government has the conviction to look forward to the challenges that we have before us. it cannot be just changed by talking to the mirror. i'm not here to only
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speak to people who think like me to change the way people who think differently. we are here to ensure that once and for all the our courses sufficient for all chileans. and we can achieve a wonderful life under the thousands of protest as in sudan of march to the presidential palace demonstrate as are demanding the military stay out of the transition to democracy. security forces fire tear gas at them. after attempting to block bridges. the desk told some time on ryan the philippines has risen to at least $200.00 mate. rescue teams are still searching for missing people in flooded areas. following friday, storm 300000 were forced from their homes. muslim countries are promising to help avert famine and economic collapse in afghanistan. the organization of islamic corporation will create a trust to disperse the funds so that some members can avoid dealing directly with the taliban. it's not known how much money the funds will contain. stake media in ethiopia says the military is taken control of the town of labella from to grind
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rebels. the town has switched hands multiple times during the conflict between the military and the to gripe people's liberation front. it's home to a you in the world heritage site and is in the am hora region bordering to grey. the united nation says more than 9000000 people across northern ethiopia. and now dependent on food aid, new york has reported its highest number of cases for the 2nd straight day. the state confirmed almost 22000 cobit 19 cases on saturday. but officials are resisting another locked out on the latest tourist to visit the international space station or back on earth after 12 days. japanese, billionaire, you sark, when missouri is assistant and a russian cosmonaut landed in kazakhstan a short time ago that the 1st so bank tourist to visit the space station since 2009 . those were the headlines. the news continues here now to 0 after one on a spectrum. thanks for watching bye. for now, frank assessments, this gracious is continued to weaken luca shenker, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning that what's been informed opinions
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. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people . that is one of the most of the things that come out of this critical debate. do you think it should be facilitated? not okay. it's a great, it's a really simple question. let's give samuel just ones that inside story on al jazeera. mm. south korea's brothers home was assigned to one of the countries was to piece time atrocities, or north of georgia. a good year in may, twin, slaved, raped, beaten, and even killed, cooperating from cooper. cooper. he brought which court martial image has had
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a sequentially of decades later survive, is still fighting for justice. in this 2nd part of our investigation, one 0 one east exposes those allegedly, behind the atrocity ritalin, marianne jolly from al jazeera living. thousands of kilometers away from his elijah victims were tracked down. one of them here in australia, prison lim ah . 6 6 6 celebrated by the south korean government as a refuge from the homeless. the high walls of the notorious brothers home concealed grotesque greed and criminality. operating during the 19 seventies and eighties under a government policy to read the streets of vagrants. the more people it took in the more money it would receive accused by survivors of kidnap and
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a legal confinement at the pinnacle of the brothers, whom was the church here, its head, former military man park, and coon held so called people's trials with those who tried to escape one mercilessly beaten her, one of them was li chase. chic online? no. so other call to the mckesson palo true child with right. i gotcha. and on for me, for her work with others never bang as me for long on i was following up on accounting asher watson lucel's, orange was at the end. ready of the beatings parks, brother in law lame young soon, who was both the director of the home and a newly ordained pastor would take over. according to survivors like choice olu, immune from la. so israel m had only made or more. yeah. good. later when would you pay a visa?
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some impaired did really could air g monitor under the hoodie chevelle north voice when you can survive is accused park and limb of using religion to justify the horrific abuse and to then profit from their pain to cause a lot of the law. some of the law chung other unions, us house i will examine, manage on going to look on jungle awesome. new horner legible. lee was made to copy drawers to thank you. letters to send to donors. put in there is a shells in chickasha printer. could you clinicians from which i will assume it are more if they want to talk in that article more peers attrition, a larger, more, kill you, the home one and turned them all into one is a more magazine mid i evello amelion medicine, the terminal there was ugly, the brothers home had
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a share in the lucrative international adoptions business sourcing from its baby and infants platoon for national and international christian adoption agencies made regular visits to the home children like one young book who was 10 when he arrived at the home were made to perform to the guests from some awesome repository the other day. i'm younger, will hale hundreds or more? karen can make out a woman go couldn't walk. you're going along here, aren't going to golden corral trotter. whom do i am i run 0 for your policy. number one man is also could i was uncovered. hell can they're talking in a book to william over at the mall past. the lim oversaw a highly publicized campaign, supposedly, to rewrite children at the facility with their families. but survivors say it was a sham. i'm merely to bring in more donations, are willing,
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i'm all only did. she was avoiding the other, though. joseph jackson going to another that i can either go jim terrell, i'm all, could you hold on to their own funded to the latin? one was one of those kids printing an anti to her chaco tipped raggedy. it will say, what is it 20, we'll ethnic our crew. they got oregon to combine the old one by modeling tongues improve us all the one to want to tell you on one bill and survivors suspect this wasn't the only sham. she told me there people talk was in there to talk with you. my very law may wound lee mother in law. good a young, we are more shouting at your own tryna opportunities. lee believes i was struck paul for profit, and it appears from our investigations that pastor liam,
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and parkin can had criminal form. when it came to clothing donations. we found in 1976 newspaper article reporting the 2 were arrested and charged with embezzlement . so at that time, there were running an early version of the brothers home and profiting out of don't down to clothing, selling thousands of dollars worth to retail stores. and then just a few months later, part changed his name from parks on hoc to park and gin. and they set up a new version of the brother's home with him as the hand and limb young soon as a director. and this is after they were charged with embezzlement. but in the governments, 1981 brothers home promotional film, it's the inmates who portrayed as the criminal, always nod your head on parks, wife limits and soon makes a cameo appearance as the victim of a violent assault. but survivors alleged she was anything bosh a victim, like
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a husband and her brother passed her name. she used religion to will power even against boys who when they bed a survivor, hon jong son, tells us, are going to probably gonna or, or to will you some real apple tree or missing the items off market or time that i'm good on. things where you don't got the real time ago. come the hub and we'll get coding on own and they're actually in. is you my water, you miss me that route to the community or how soon to linen a the don't give up on. i forget lou camacho, great. another honda accord enabled on a june recently that richer spoken to internationally respected human rights activist parkway gun labels. her actions criminal you home. then you're all good or pointed. you wasn't just golden by the said on,
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don't don't update. the film also shows parks family eating with the inmates. but these 2 was a shirad. say survivors like the on thing mostly on an but top to torn cla no tongue would shoot. tongue your pick. had she put place on monday she does or would on the one thing that a woman pop, total. morton peter o. mark more of a circle called to gay, who had killin, young hon, so should know. when she was 14, she says she was forced to work in the family compound as a nanny and cleaner. the pastor lim, sister lim in soon and her husband brothers home director to chon chon, who she says was abusive was home would come and see when sam can you to help her with atlanta home to source. but for young been robbed of an education,
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was even worse before she was snatched from the streets. she lived with her family and was in year 3 at school. at the brothers home, the closest she got to school was observing park's youngest daughter acting good to your poor or her go had the whole walk, how good of them and that had. so i think that hometown kid couldn't get put on it . so i think i can because on who the how good more low when you can do i go both of your room to room the sooner will good tempo in 1986, the family sent her back to the platoon. they were on the move. shortly afterwards passed a limb left the country to set up a new life for the family in australia. it was a timely exit in december 1986, acting on a tip off
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a bazaar prosecutor photograph men with clubs guarding workers at her brother's home construction site. a few weeks later, the home was rated more than 5 and a half $1000000.00 worth of foreign currencies in today's value, was seized from the safe lifetime engine. because on the home you bought, you unplugging the in january 1987 with cameras rolling parking can, was arrested and charged with embezzlement and a legal confinement. but he was ultimately acquitted of a legal confinement and never held to account for the cruelty and abuse. despite a pile of affidavits from victims, including counting room to room, borne from hurley for no time po. number control, a little pattern of hunting go wrong. wrong. even google to younger
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logan shooters law in the early 19 eighties. the korean government had presented park with 2 metals for his work at the brother's home and had even recruited him as an advisor on social welfare. going to do under window or door or present, she's only real, belinda forgot your name, tom. good roy. he meant to filter, you know what i wanted to re up for english polluters who did play certainly tornadoes up and pulled it up. but a war according to prison, counselor, parkman, song. the government was terrified of having the spotlight turned on it. i only could go who told her, you know, positioning, insulin had the huddled auto who got all tunnel degree. buckingham zillow, who you've had a, me, kugal toys, all who go through to warren number rule, who i would think of even had to, had to rattle around cricket. came up to cheap crew into told her
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hebrew. mm hm. no, they don't really so, so in addition, when it came to the embezzlement charges, the prosecutor found that over just 2 of the 12 he is, it operated. the home received government subsidies worth more than $11000000.00 today. and all that a 3rd was embezzled. on top of this, it's estimated that tens of millions of dollars in today's value that should have been paid to inmates to their labor was also stolen. despite the large scale fraud, park was sentenced to just 2 and a half years in prison. garage or on the car to the wrong pound her grandma's reply. meanwhile in australia brother's home director limb young soon was trying to find a foothold and from l investigations. he wasn't without funds. according to this
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document, from the prosecutor's investigation in just a 2 years before the facility, shut down, almost $800000.00 in today's value was embezzled through limb, young soon, and other family members accounts lou sydney couple. peter, you and margaret song were oblivious to the families dark past. with a shortage of korean pastors in australia, when lim young soon approached, they suburban korean church in 1986, it was more than happy to sponsor him for a permanent residence. rezo had i woke said he got her to get her okay. off hotel, so didn't have any gold digger wouldn't look. palace hang our head ti. the couple say they helped him settling to sydney even finding this house for him to buy lim, paying more than a $100000.00 for it in 1988. but they say they became alarmed when he began to
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exert his pow physically can name wilson and tell you my little of the land inca pens. i is also the painter, hulu. now gone, gone as a leader. what is sale going? woke her up, the appeal guard yagi sheronica true, so tongue and i will put a chargeable pinion with miss howard. i will as soon as his permanent residency came through, lim left the church. the couple say they regret helping him get out of here with him with them, and i'm gonna go with them with us. fuck you. so back in career by the end of 1989, parkin coon was out of prison, an extraordinarily back in the social welfare business owner. nobody. well, sir, can you hug? total infancy, teacher, mother, ho, touch. and despite his criminal record,
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park managed to convince the strain authorities to give him a visa. he and his wife began traveling regularly to sydney to visit their children and in laws in 1990 park and his brother in law lim young, soon bye, known as trading resident, set up their own church. limb was a pastor, and park became an esteemed elder nigger castleton in me of someone that could ruin i'm in chunk. i'm a former member of the congregation. yon shim understands park finance. the church with funds from korea. tony put over ma certain palm of seneca from the apple journal. ponder is upon it. rich. he says part bought the church property for retreats outside of sydney in picturesque kangaroo valley, but later sold it. and ingram. i mean it was thought had you thought there? well, and the que human there,
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her tongue williams were sick girl contribution hunger. and according to beth's own counsellor parkman, song money from park also flowed further afield, halter a new career in napoleon green bay down to mahogany, poorer hunter, summer poland on go cru. punky little joys yoshika and it appears the connections benefited. lim young soon to over the next couple of decades. the former pastor and director of the infamous brothers home became the thing you figure in the israeli and korean press. korean church featuring on youtube and in local christian magazines. after establishing a family church in 1995 park set up a family company in australia, the directors were himself, his wife limb, sung soon her impostor, limb sister li mean soon married to former brother's home director ju, john, john,
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a new son in law, alex mean just a few months later, the company bought this gulf driving range and sports complex for $1400000.00 holiday inn to corporate or has told her how level q 20th or into baggage to hunter valuable. who are you? they don't. she don't do, lee. you're done, clinical motion cookie it in there. and according to these 2003 accounts sees from one a parks. bruce on wolfy centers, funds continued to flow to the family in australia, including to buy a car for more than $40000.00 on a boat for almost $35000.00. but not it seems to pay employees. hon. who are you this year most. now living back in bu san nimble kuhn had been an inmate at the brothers home before being shipped out to australia on non work visit
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visas and put to work a legally at the family's driving range. he says he worked from dawn until after midnight, 6 days awake, only to be beaten by park when he visited from korea overtures. hi jose, you fooled up 3. mo wouldn't a job. lo, never thought on board or the longer with the full work claims. he was promised he'd be paid, but his he only ever received a $160.00 plan dingle from the $134.00. no one to loser us from the hub to wall in 2013 parks. criminal ways will back in the spotlight in korea. he and his son parks, hong kong were charged with embezzling money. from this now abandoned social welfare center in bison. his son was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in jail,
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but because park now had dementia, his chargers was suspended for more than 30 years, survivors had suffered alone in silence. but hans young son could no longer contain his anger, 5 percent, or more than 500 people, always fun to war. magnum, konica. i losing the molecular, walketh of seneca graham the day. i'm good at golden brown. and again, little concerned. one day tom did looks like a pistol causing when he got too much. people are nowhere in 2012, he started alone protest in front of the national assembly and wrote and illustrated a book about his time. at the brother's home, capturing the media is a nation's attention, and oversee to coaching one. no. well, oh yeah. can settle some kiddo kidding uterus from new york to work on you so cool
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. i you got also to the i going to come you punch. mcdonald was the one with all the from news fellow survivor choice on woo hoo. together with his younger brother spent 5 years of his childhood dropped the brothers home. join hands fight for justice, hook up, issue command on this one. okay. then right. oh no, no longer with thought percy pensions on could even more until they jammed on. finally, in november 2018 came powerful support. the countries then prosecuted general moon move ill making a tier full apology to victims. your 3rd period as it is to verify her these immortal friends regarding you didn't put her on how you post them if they are bomb dp. how are they ended up
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in may 2021 career's truth. and reconciliation commission began for years of hearings into the brother's home with his death in late 2016 park will once again avoid facing interrogation over abuses, but survive is calling for his family and in laws in australia to be brought back for questioning. as well as to have their asset saved. where could the corners hutches have ordered those on the google cup, and she put it on call jr. lorenzo cheap on a pedo to progression. farmer brothers, home pastor, limb young soon is at the top of the survivors list again, going on with the auto group and did all the trouble report they did you hang them out and you could, we'll put king shuttle i will door moving on. good problem. did on real good tom cook and clara wall teaching or
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a walk on on and on. the main goal is from the main door we'll get to mama could get ones that are more info. mcculler too. i'm not all colonel fisher now retired. we observe lenient. soon at home, after a game of golf and doing chores. when we approached him for in each of you, he initially agreed, but then call back to cancel. i mean to return your call telling my colleague susan kim, his reason was the family's church. they don't want to negatively impact the church . i'm more concerned about the church then the victim passed. right. and when i said to him, do you have any intention of apologizing to the victims? he laughed and he said, apologize for walked. we visit the number one i said, brothers home survivors won't seized for he will. he's golf driving right.
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the sprawling sports complex is now in the hands of parks. youngest daughter g, he anthony law, alex mean, poorly maintained. it's been listed for sale since 2019 for more than $11000000.00 . the real estate page post rental income of more than $300000.00 a year, quarter or put on the spot into this. we only had a e. g chipped over by ingual her the off the how to the door. yeah. can you put you to move in will typically go to leader daniel passenger court. he's a punitive he till noon tang any deep, huge other it's a cod tougher party. he's public social media site is plastered with photographs of their families overseas adventures when we track her down at their family church after dawn service, she's not keen to talk with her very and only from al jazeera. we just like to ask
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you about accusations that your family had both the driving range with embezzled money from the brothers home. what do you say to that? why want to answer our questions? you were, i told at the brothers home, what do you say about abuse in a phone call? her husband told us they were only obliged to answer questions in a court of law. the last to leave the church young soon finally appeased. recently, marianne dully, from l. to 0, i really like to ask you about brothers home sick today saying that you completed in the horrific abuse at the brothers home. what do you say to that recently? why won't you sit down and speak with us and, and to the allegation is to lame. the survivors are in pain and suffering. why won't you speak to us?
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ah, god will you come to me and i'm you. some shamir, whores you already ago men met me to do chasm album to, to look good m r m g m e customer know up a bit cheerleader nicely and either put it to my other little target that she probably jeremiah. it's been a long, difficult journey for the survivors of her brother is home, most struggle emotionally, physically and financially. mm. many like choice song, lose brother, have taken the lives didn't just had on changing the push until more middle turn guy named forgot the more than you could get when your head can plug in galandes immune from ultra good could years in the all the particular property crunches on
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these are the atrocities may have happened decades ago, but for those who endured them, the night may will continue. at least until justice is done. ah, there's a lot more to al jazeera than tv with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast out is there a digital is a world of award winning online content and portal bring view the very best of it. they're trying to frighten the people to leave it to go somewhere else. the truth is that they've got nowhere else to go. so if you miss it online, caps it here with me. sandra, gatlin on al jazeera aah!
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al jazeera megan met with samuel. ah hello, i'm down in jordan in doha with a quick reminder at the top stories here on al jazeera left is gabriel. burridge has one chillies, presidential election, a defeated his right wing opponent. jose antonio cast by 11 percent. a much bigger margin than was expected. bridge is promising to be a leader for all julians in little. you know our government has the conviction to look forward to the challenges that we have before us. it cannot be just changed by talking to the mirror. i'm not yours to only speak to people who think like me to change the way people who think.


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