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of human rights activists. q me, ny do and environmentalists window knology. i lived as you have for the fossil fuel aero my entire life and i'm looking for a graceful transitions out of it. studio b unscripted on al jazeera, they travelled thousands of columbus of from time to pick berries. but do tie workers risk exploitation in the forest suite. one 0, one east investigates on al jazeera. ah al jazeera with. oh, lou. ah,
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welcome back to main stories now. sudanese security forces of fi tear gas that protest is outside the presidential pottis' in hoc to him is a cold for an antique military involvement in politics. health ministry says more than a 120 people were injured. bowls of closed in chillies, presidential run off, left ben gabriel bar. it shows that standing against conservative politicians as antonio cast. it's been called the most divisive election in decades. a muslim countries of pledge to set up a humanitarian trust fund for afghanistan is millions of people face hunger. during a harsh winter, pock hassan has been hosting an emergency meeting of the organization of islamic corporation. police in the philippines is saying at least 269 people are confined to have died in the aftermath of super super typhoon ry. thousands of soldiers joined, rescuing is to search for survivors in remote areas as others try to bring in food
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and water shamella alan dog and has more now from sarah gal city in the philippines . the philippine village. she invited a steward recognizance flight over the eastern part of the mindanao region to see for ourselves the damage caused by super typhoon right. chicago island is where super time for an array 1st made landfall in the philippines. what was once a popular tourist destination reduced to this, the pilot then turned towards the nugget island. even from afar. the damage was distressing to see. it didn't matter whether their house was big or small. the typhoon packing, wind speed, close at 200 kilometers an hour, did not discriminate damaging. almost every building. after landing ensued, he goes, city, general emeralds,
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order is clear. aid must reach those devastated areas as soon as possible. the magnitude of the damage is really big. it is because no one that was affected, our island robin says if you will address those problem verse and form what your problem released, logistics night bill, which job around the mean town of city. dow storm damage like this is a familiar scene here. now, at the port area, we found more than a 100 families forced from their homes. they are from the joust fishing community once lived on houses on stilts by the sea. now this is all they have left. my god though, what residents here are telling us is that it's 6 pm. now this is going to be their 1st meal for the day. something that they just picked up from the garbage mostly.
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and this has to be at least 5 families to night. rest meet that i will at sun is desperate to i mean we don't even have rice, there's nothing. my children are crying. we look for leftovers, but there was nothing. we went to bed with an empty stomach. i gave them a go. this is the human cost of support. they would rise at destruction. it's estimated that thousands of families are displeased here now, but this is just one province days since the storms shock. many communities remain cut off with dozens reported missing. and this is why many see they are still bracing for the worst gym. eileen dog and al jazeera saudi go. province southern philippines and the super typhoon is now making its way to vietnam with heavy rain and strong winds, forcing thousands of people to evacuate along the coastline. state medius as the
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conditions of killed a fisherman and sunk fi vessels. forties are instructing fishing boat to take shelter, and the army has been deployed to build sand back walls. l votes being counted in hong kong 1st legislative council election since china amended laws to ensure only those loyal to beijing are allowed to run. only around 30 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots. a record low turn out for the semi autonomous territory. last year, a national security law was enforced silencing most opposition voices. after months of pro democracy protests in 2019 counting is expected to be finalized on monday. now in the us, black and latino voters say they are losing their democratic rights. non white voters in texas complain of being frozen out after republican politicians campaign to have electoral maps redrawn following donald trump's failure to be re elected as
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president. as phil laval reports the department of justice is suing texas and it's a similar story across the country. texas a serving up for a fight on the political landscape and not white voters are at the very heart of it . i fear id, i don't have no voice. jerry. amanda is the word of the moment here. that is, parties deliberately changing political boundaries to give them an advantage. it's not the people picking the partitions, it's the politicians speaking the people people that are voting for them, remapping congressional district to dilute the opposition. and now the federal government is suing texas. the department of justice claims republican lawmakers are deliberately discriminating against a growing, gnawed white population. as a supreme court has observed a core principle of our democracy, is that quote, voters should choose than representatives, not the other way around. kaylee runs this mexican restaurant in austin. frustrated
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doesn't come close. doing their own does not representing us. that's, that's a lateral lamb is, is that is awesome to less, to stand up and say something like it. now he was just going to give up. the democrats campaigned hot here in texas in the 2020 presidential election and assign it just how much they think this state could flip. now that didn't happen, but they are increasingly confident here. texas is no longer the certainty for the republicans that it once was, and that has got some in the g o pe pretty worried texas gained to new seats in congress after the 2020 census which showed the population shot up by 4000000 over the last decade, 95 percent of that growth driven by black and latino arrivals to groups typically more likely to vote democrat. but there are no new minority dominated districts in the new maps. an interesting aspect of the american political process in which the process of drawing these maps is decentralized to the state level. most states have
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a very political process that runs to some degree or another through the state legislature on in those legislatures are partisan bodies. and they are gerrymandering nationwide from georgia to florida to north carolina, which is delayed next year's primaries because of legal challenges. but it is not just a republican issue, the democrat of similar stuff from the password. so i mean, what's the problem? well, the problem is it's don't ever credit at the end of the day. and so, you know, when me and my friends and different people, i worked with an organized, um, we're not pushing to get democrats elected here. there's now with the fighters for right now, the congressional district, the state house districts, are all majority white here in texas, even though taxes one of the most diverse states, an entire country. republican governor greg albert has signed off on the controversial changes. he's backed by the state attorney general, who caused the d. o. j law suit, a ploy to control texas voters, they're really going to be less hispanic voting for some of those voters. the
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solution is simple. if all of us show up to vote, we can, it doesn't matter how much the jury mannered the district. we will win those seeds . but the question is it fair or even legal? the courts will have to decide on that one fed. lavelle al jazeera austin, texas, israeli security forces have arrested 6 palestinian suspects over the killing of an israeli man in the occupied by spank. 3 days ago, it had led to a major manhunt in the north of the west bank, along with several a reprisal attacks by settlers against palestinians. i force it has this report now . a man hunt lasting more than 2 days ended before dawn on sunday is really troops detaining 6 palestinians near janine and the occupied west bank 2 suspects and a deadly shooting attack for others accused of helping them. israel security service says the men belong to palestinian islamic jihad i top, or there was a success in closing a circle around the table in
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a very short space of time without allowing them to disappear into the field. thursday's attack killed 25 year old is ready, settler, yahoo demon man injuring to others in the car. he was traveling and they were leaving the illegal outpost of homage in the northern west bank officially withdrawn from in 2005, but still operating as the site of a jewish religious seminary. the shooting here was the latest and assertive attacks carried out by palestinians against israelis in recent weeks. but it also comes in the context of intensifying settler violence targeting palestinians here in the occupied west bank. just hours after the shooting and dozens of kilometers away, a group of settlers attacked to whom in the village of car youth, beating wild mcbeal with iron bars. he remains in hospital. no such word. whilst father says the attack is pretended to be as ready. soldiers, once inside they smashed up the ground floor as well as attacking white l. yes, i'm mcbeal says he doesn't expect his uncle's attackers to be brought to justice. i
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believe they. yeah, they know where these guys come from because they, i believe there are organized and so do you think they'll actually be arrested in prosecutor coordinator? i unfortunately, we, i do have like a strong conviction that people who do do such things. they are not afraid of the consequences. last month is really right group at cell and published a report accusing israel of using settle violence to help appropriate thousands of hector as of land in an organized, institutionalized manner. some of israel's foreign minister, last week called settler violence, a stain, the prime minister, calls it insignificant saying, settler pioneers require protection. late on sunday is where the army revealed at settlers at homage had the night before attacked soldiers who preventing them from erecting new structures at the outpost. the settlers of cool for reinforcements. hurry, faucet al jazeera in the occupied westbank filing affordable place to life is becoming
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increasingly difficult in nigeria, africa's most populous country as a shortage of 24000000 homes. and it's expected to get worse. there's an interest reports from the capital i blue g. property developers are more interested in building high and homes, and i jerry's emerging middle class 10 kilometers from the city center. nigeria is 1st smart home estate is open. this fully automated house is where the record to return to. at the end of each day's work. at an investment firm in the capitol, the couple say the smart home technology works perfectly for the live the lead in there's that come on finance of not having to manually do things. you can program them, you know, as you wanted to be, whatever, since your lifestyle and it's those lifestyles which real estate investors, i increasingly paying attention to as
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a growing middle class. and nigeria is living abroad to spend their money. there is a grow middle class in africa, no more than ever. and dad awareness they have is, you know, the quality of life has improved. so people would best for themselves and their families, africa's most populous country, has a housing deficit of 24000000 units. but the demand for premium homes from its middle class and das bra is growing rapidly real estate operators. usa. the new trend is smart homes. and that orders have tripled in the last 2 years. but locust homes are unless attractive proposition for real estate investors. because of the high cost of land and infrastructure that has increased concern, but the insufficient government funding for affordable housing could worse than the shortages of forms. but financial institutions and lenders are looking at why the return on the investments is highest lifestyle security. return on investment. those 3 things are the reason why smart homes are the with investment of choice
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right now. invest to say affordable housing will continue to be relevant. but for now it's premium housing that he's enjoying the boy. the people are happy that now they can actually make their humble walk for them instead of the for what can for the how the soul, that's what's what her house is all about and that what goes will, it's all about. okay, you room open curtain. beckett the smart home state the record say in addition to living in an automated home, they plan to invest in another to support that income. that experts say is what is driving the shift to premium housing in nigeria real estate sector. i'm a decrease al jazeera, i borgia nigeria, generally capital berlin was right at the heart of the cold war with the fall as of berlin wall, making the end of the historic period of high tension between east and west. well now a new exhibition in this at his brain ear as aunt gather. the 1st time dominic came,
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went long to visit the exhibition known as the cool and the cold. it's the window on a world gone by putting communism against capitalism. the real against the abstract and iconic leaders against leading icons from an era when the message was as profound as the art itself. artists help us to understand the systems we are living in. and very often i think artists are, you know, showing us that you can live against it and that you can stand for the other and the other perspective. and so i hope that, that visitors really see that, you know, also at these times, but also at our times now artists are telling us about the, the politics we're living in. this exhibition focuses on life and art during the cold war. so lenin peers at from his library, the manners the people in command, while starling appears, his wartime leader, receiving the thanks of
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a grateful nation. the space race is a key theme. here you recorded of, draws together cosmos from every part of the van communist world. but low nesbit lift often splashed down, fly the flag for the democratic world for the exhibitions. curious, this is an example of what distinguishes the art of the u. s. s. r. from the usa. of us always tend to be picked pictures. for example, the pub, art is painting things they found on footages like comics or photograph. and i have the impression the us are to watch more close to the motive to the things they really want to pay. too many western eyes pop art has long been considered cool. lead to buy andy wall holes answers to abstract expressionism from painting popstars to collecting cans of soup on canvas. while he
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liked eating for lunch back then, now the rest of the world consumes in art form during the cold war, some behind the iron curtain considered this propaganda. while in the west, much the same was said about much of soviet art. the time when this propaganda was created, long gone, now all the remains of the paintings themselves. reminder of the clash of ideas between east and west. in a city where those 2 opposing ideologies came head to head dominant came al, jazeera, berlin. o for those of you don't know it's actually fashion week in that car and run ways in the senegalese capital, a showcasing african diversity m r. jerry reports now on the catalogue of new creations on display a jeep samuel was bomb cerebral palsy. but that's not stopping her from to failing her dream to be a model on the category. i was her other disability kids,
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they could do it to and around the world to go on approved to other disability kids . you're not, you're good, you're just you and you're perfectly normal, just the way you are ah, featuring design is from across africa. the to call fashion week is one of the continents longest running clothes show. it's founder a darma and d. i says it's important for her to represent women from across the continent, juniper by viva la mud, come, i don't want to live with fashion as the european dictates as to i don't want to do that any more. i want women who respect so many different things more than just bodies. i'm oh, yeah, of course there will always be models, beautiful ones. but i want to be able to give room to other women to different women as well as inclusivity. there she is. theme was also about sustainability. textile production is estimated to generate 1200000000 tons of carbon emissions.
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i was hoping to help africa's carbon footprint. the show only promotes locally manufactured designs. alas, bulio going going pretty soon and wonders. it's inspired by a traditional rwandan dance, and i've only used fabrics made in africa. so either hand woven or naturally hand died or more industrial but still made in africa like here we have ethiopian genes . for example. we have had died wiley from ivory coast and we have this beautiful organic cotton which is ethiopian with this isn't the 1st time to senegalese, fashion designer has made the statement on the cat. he also created the 1st black fashion week shown in paris. now she's hoping others will follow in her footsteps. and charlie is the western standards as passion, nbc america, all 3 out, jesse around here, the news,
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our live from london still i had for you on the program. all right. is for a day to forget liverpool, goalkeeper, premier league action come young, i shortly. ah, cobit 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. ali raid navigates the big questions, raised by the global pandemic power. the system based on private ownership of the state of profit. so the world in a ton of capitalism is the pandemic back cause of so much of the suffering exploited protect the people or the profit episode. one of all hail the look down on al jazeera war in afghanistan is now will non polar bond figures make up a part of with
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that american or poorly within the taliban. i believe that there will be a powerful itala baldessari inside story parker. i frank assessment the days headlines. subscribe now. however you listened to podcasts. lou ah, ah, how his far with the sports. marin. thank you so much despite with 19 heavily disrupting this weekend's english primarily fixtures. 3 to 4 games. when i had on sunday league leaders, manchester city crush, new castle away. 40 or men running out for nail winters. ruben diaz. jo,
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it can cello rack morrison when he sterling scores. when means they finish the weekend, top of the table says city also made some history. this was their 34th when of 2021 . many names broke in the record for most english top flight winds and a calendar year. the more big system is getting games, the when games with games and we games and this is a more precious value of the steam. so, but you have to renew for enough to build again and build again and to avoid the performance either for the house you know to, to do it better. so, so, but the compliment one day with the breaker. like we have 100 points. it was a frustrating day for liverpool. they were held to a draw by taught them a moment of madness. from reds, keeper allison, letting his son his minute level at to to with about 15 minutes left a result mean 2nd place liverpool trail leaders, manchester city. by 3 point chelsea drop points away the walls,
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they were held to renew mill drawn blues while over we're not happy, they won the game to be postponed. as they had 7 comb with 900 cases in their camp result means. chelsea said the 3rd 6 points off the top. like the points we dropped today or not, the points and same time city, i don't know, did they win against newcastle? ok, so let's predictable the points that hurt the points we lost at home against menu against bern, land against everton. these are the 6 points that hurt and not today. chinese tennis player punctuate, has denied ever accusing one of our country's government. officials of sexually assaulting her or comments made an interview with publication in singapore. here to contradict a social media post, she made a november and it, she accused, a former chinese vice premier of coercing her and to sax post was taken down quickly. following that pung was not seen in public for more than 2 weeks. her
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apparent disappearance created widespread concern about her well being. it also sparked global scrutiny on china's human rights record. prompted the w t. a to spend future tournaments in china. o. v a has had to postpone at least 5 games due to co bid 19 outbreak. much of the talk and the league has been about the broken nets and their decision to allow kyrie irving to play ro games. irving is not vaccinated meeting. he can't play at home under new york city regulations. i'm excited to have everybody gone received an incredible player, you know, no matter what capacity we, we incorporate him in a positive for a group as a young man in great health. so, you know, i think he's the odds of him having something difficult. catastrophic happens are, are small and we're putting an extra strain on a lot of our guys. so you know, you can help us one there and 2 with his town. and you know,
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it's an unused resource for us that we can lean on to, to help us navigate the season and patch this thing together. england's cricketers are in dire straits in the 2nd dashes, past against australia. england were sent in the unlikely 468 to win and we're making moderate progress in their 2nd innings. with the last fall of the day, have been jo written with remove that left england on 82 for for going into the final day. youtube or jake polls entry in the world of boxing has gone from strength to strength, poll scored a brutal now kevin is re match against former. you have c champion tyrone woodley. this one looks bad, but woodley did were copper and was ok at the post fight press conference. woodley had only stepped in with 2 weeks notice after tommy theory pulled out of the fight with injury of sweden. sandra nay's land has made at 4 winds at 5 in the sky cross
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woke up the season, or later victory came a day competition in italy. the reigning world champion was dominant from the start beating out switzerland's fanny smith, canada as brittany feel and finish 3rd, as lent leads the overall women's world cup standing. i really like discourse and i saw on the qualification yesterday that i couldn't keep us. so i don't know, it's always tight when you do heat, but i managed to do really good and like i said before, always prefer sky. so that has the meanwhile in the men's event, ryan reaches one his 1st cross world cup event in nearly 2 years. the 20 year olds with finished had a bastion model of france, canada as reef howden came in. 3rd. i feel amazing. i finally could win a race again. it's been 2 years. i think we've been 3. just an amazing feeling just to win the quality and actually when the waste race after. okay,
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and that is all your sport for now. it's now back to marion in london. ok far. thank you very much. so christmas is just days away and people are getting the festive spirits all over the world. thousands of santa's ran through this streets of the spanish capital madrid that fakes know in a charge you on. for those displaced on the island of la palmer, the money raise will help thousands of people who lost their homes and farmland, where volcanoes actually been erupting since september. and then that with ease waterborne santo's, if you can believe it's in the italian city of venice, they swapped their slaves with the traditional venetian gondolas for the annual christmas regatta on the cities canals that looks like the place to be christmas and he's out. i'll be back with a full bliss and for you in a couple of minutes.
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ah ah. and coveted beyond well hey, can without hesitation who fought and died for power defines our world alonzo new babies were dying. i did a lot about. it's neglect and babies to deck people empower, investigates, exposes and questions from the use and abuse of power around the globe. on al
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jazeera, there's a lot more to al jazeera than tv with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is a world of award winning online content and portal bring view the very best of it. they're trying to broaden the people to levy to go somewhere else. the truth is that they've got nowhere else to go. so if you miss it online, caps it here with me. sandra gatlin on al jazeera weavers or trying out greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife or migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with a corona virus pandemic keeping many visitors awake. revenue from torrison isn't enough. here at the obviously national park. and you all ceremony has been launched
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hall parisha than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00. much of it for conservation initiatives. ah votes of being counted interlaced presidential elections where people had to choose between 2 polar opposites with stoutly different visions for the countries future. ah allow, i'm mary, i'm demising london watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. hundreds. c of thousands of protest is march to see don's presidential ballast demanding, and military stands that countries.


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