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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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now, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy, al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you, al jazeera ah, braving tear gas and gung fire. thousands of protest has reached the gates of saddam's presidential palace. ah, hello adrian for again, this is al jazeera life bo house coming up. people in chile choose between a right wing candidates and a student leda, and one of the most divisive presidential elections in decades. anger in belgium
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against cubic 19 restrictions as europe struggles to contain the spread of the omicron barrett and low voter turnout in hong kong. first patriots. so the election of the beijing sweeping overhaul of intellectual system. the death toward the philippines rises to more than $160.00 up to tie food, right, destroys towns and devastates communities. ah, we begin in sudan, where protested are at the gates of the presidential palace and cartoon. ah, ah, they've been met with t, i guess a security forces try to stop them storming the palace protest as they're a mocking 3 years since the revolution, but ended full of president obama. alba, she is 30 year rule. well this is where the presidential palace is in
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khartoum for testers are now at its gates. none has yet managed to breach them. there are reports, the police of completely withdrawn from the area. let's go live now to caught too much as he was hipaa morgan esta hima. tell us more about what's happening right now. well for a brief few minutes, protest as we're able to reach the southern gates of the presidential palace after thousands and thousands have been walking for hours and have been protesting out on the road that leads to the palace. now, a majority of them have been forced to retreat following heavy amount of tear gas that has been fired by a security forces including live ammunition. now the military will guard the presidential palace have also used live ammunition according to protest, as who ran away from the southern gates of the presidential palace. you can still
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hear, adrian. i'm not sure if you can hear the sound of stun grenades and tear gas being fired at the protest of i'm not sure how clear it is. they're still protested at the gate. fillmore tier guards being fired and thumbed grenades to get the processes out. but many of them as much as they go away from the gate from the southern gate, they come back again. they say they hear to voice their demands and show them in a tree that they want a civilian rule. and no amount of tear gas, all ivan munition, will take them away from their demands. hipaa, remind us what this is all about, what a protest us angry about the well, that's 2 things. they're angry about here. adrian. a, the fact that they feel that 3 years on since the revolution started, not too much has been achieved, they've been demanding for freedom, justice, and accountability. they say many of those demands have not been achieved or very little from those demands have been achieved. there's also the issue of the
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military takeover which took place in late october and went to the military, dissolved the transitional government, the power sharing government between civilians that represented the protest movement. and the army that overthrew president dominant proceed so that the government was dissolved in up till we seem to have lost the audio too. were hebert, however many thanks, sir. indeed out, as the receivable can, they reply reporting from cartoon about voters in chile are casting their ballots in a presidential run off election left wing gabrielle borage is studying against the right wing politician jose antonio cast. the result is expected to be close between the 2 candidates who are offering opposite paths for chiles. future escal live data . santiago al jazeera is our alessandra m p a t is there. i was sandra voting on the way. what's the mood in santiago?
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yes. say. then look so far it has been absolutely calm day here, people day voting. we have seen a steady stream of voters going in through pulling places. there were a few people who complain that the beginning of the day now roughly 3 hours ago when the pulls open that to some pulling station were in ready to receive the voters that right of those have been solved so so far. 6 be the voting days. continuing li, smoothly throughout most of the country. the 2 candidates who are contending a spot for the next president of she'll have all read the voted with antonio cas 16 right. the contender voted in the city just out of the capital santiago. well, gabriela bought, it went back to his own town of food. and the further most
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southern point of chile right in front of the strait of magellan. and both of them will be back here in the capital, some go to receive the final result of this voting later at 7 pm. local 21 g u n. the 1st, the, not the 1st numbers will, will come out and people will and their day voting and overall their site at the many voters here because this elections offers the stark choice between 2, outside there's in a country that we're used to more predictable way of doing politics and choosing between the 2 mother. it's count a candidate it, it's going to be a close run race though this that's the expectation that has been the expectation. what the, the candidates have been seeing now for
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a number of days. something that because antonio test repeated after voting just a roughly half an hour ago and calling on voters to come out to in mass, the expectation is that this will be a closer contest. and again, there is a lot of uncertainty because we don't know how many lands will come out to vote. only 47 percent of the electorate voted in the 1st round the. so if more people come out some more, more than 50 percent of the voters come out and run off that could change the outcome. given the fact that the expectations is that the 2 candidates are neck and neck. and really we're gonna have to see why a lot of the moderate voters and, and she there will decide to do, given the fact that this is quite different. the election,
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they are worried and nervous about either of the 2 candidates given the fact that they are further apart further towards the extreme of their political spectrum in children reserves are some of our peers. he live in santiago effects did our son from hundreds of people have been marching through the streets of brussels in protest against covet 19 restrictions. it's the latest of a series of demonstrations in the belgian capital after the government tightened its rules following an increase in cases. authorities say that restrictions are needed to take pressure off the countries health system in the u. k. meanwhile, private subarus. johnston's government is under pressure to impose tougher restrictions in order to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed at emergency meeting with health and security officials is taking place on sunday. london's mer
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is wanting, that new measures are inevitable and the netherlands is in strict locked down the prime minister as described as unavoidable, non essential shops along with bars. restaurants, schools of many public places are all closed. steadfast reports from amsterdam, one of the free countries in europe now has district us locked down since 5 o'clock this morning, only essential shops are allowed to remain open and only allowed at home. the decision came as a surprise to many here in the netherlands, and is specifically dramatic for business owners. in the busy weeks before christmas, the government says even though infections the omen chrome fairy and not as widespread as in other countries, yet, they are concerned that in the next few weeks, hospitals will be flooded. but the main reason, according to experts, is madeline. perform poorly during the last outbreak, and many patients with the data very and still in hospital, also, and adults with one of the last countries to start and boost the campaign. so many
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people are not protected here. and the netherlands has refrained from taking unpopular mashes like for example, one or 2 g policy like in germany, the only people with vaccinations or tests can enter shops, restaurants. and by then i have seen protest and riots in the last couple of months . again, scope restrictions and also against the unclear policies by the government. so many are wondering what will happen now in the time before christmas when people want to get together and celebrate in the us. president joe biden is considering further measures as cases that rise that says americans prepare for the busiest travel season of the year. states like connecticut and michigan, a sing surges in hospital admissions. the cdc also says that on the con is on the verge of becoming the dominant variant in new york city. let's go live to new york city. i'll just here as christian salumi as that just in time for christmas. christian yeah. couldn't be worse. timing the state of new
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york is seeing record numbers of infections here at top. 21000 on friday, continued climbing into saturday with nearly 22000. and the worry is it's going to get worse. and this is causing a lot of concern. of course, among the people that live here that we're planning to visit family, attend, holiday parties, and so on. now everyone's worried and reassessing, what is safe in what they should be doing? we're seeing lines around the block for testing here in new york, people waiting in line for hours before they had to visit relatives for the holidays and so on. wanting to be sure that they're not sick. and some people getting sick hospitalizations in new york are still much lower than they were when we saw the last peak. so while we're seeing record numbers of infections we're seeing fewer hospitalizations are also on the rise,
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but not to the point of breaking records like the infections that we're seeing now, where we are seeing health care system strain is in more rural areas of the state where vaccination rates are lower and other states in the country as well where vaccination rates tend to be lower, but officials are worried that that number could continue to climb. dr. anthony found she the advisor to joe biden, is warning that travel does make it more likely that you will get infected. and he is cautioning people, as we head into this busy travel season. so elected officials are worried, but here in new york they have not taken the drastic steps of new lock downs or closing schools. for example, they've been slowly ratcheting up masking requirements again in public and urging people to get vaccinated. but people are, don't want to shut down completely during the season if they don't have. i said the
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officials have been holding off on those strict requirements, but a lot of businesses and families are cancelling. plans cancelling shows holiday parties and that things on their own without a mandate. kristin, but he thinks that he does is kristen salumi that live in new york. hong kong has held its 1st election since china imposed a sweeping national security law vote, as there been electing politicians to represent them in the legislative council. but unlike previous elections, most of the candidates this time have been betted and approved by bay. jane, the turnout has been low as brit credit reports now from hong kong giant billboards all over hong kong, urging residents to vote in an election designed strictly for chinese patriots. security was tied to hong kong held it 1st paul, since china's leaders in beijing over whole the electoral system. those changes they said were to ensure only those who love china run hong kong. the new rules drastically limit the number of directly elected seats in hong kong,
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parliament. 4 and a half 1000000 hong kong residents are eligible to vote for members of the legislative council. but their ballots will only decide 20 seats out of 19. the rest will be hand picked by prob, aging committees. the leadership in beijing says the new rules will clean up what it calls any anti china elements and bring com to the once lively ledger suggest in the formats for his calling. that regulation. if you accept it, you'll have to pay the long pick in on august. the basic thing, if you don't want, then don't play the game with my card, democracy figures out as of right. the probate politicians are working ahead without an effective opposition. the question is, how many vote as a turned off by the lack of choice? this 20 year old student you asked al jazeera to conceal her identity, said the lack of representation meant she won't be voting. the golf and the election and not trustworthy for me now because they can qualify whoever they will
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dislike and root. can we change every 2nd either call from month to what they say for? so actually this is quite huge and meaningless. of all 100. 53 candidates in the selection were selected priority as they had the concept of patriotism and love for hong kong. what they want is hong kong to be good. early polling data suggested a lower turn out than previous years. but while costing her balance hong kong leda kerry lamb reiterated that the turn out is not her focus. the government not set any target hoa voltage. i know, right? not for this election novel previous elections. because there is a combination of factors that will affect the voter turnout rate you any election, but it does appear to be a delicate topic. the hong kong government threatened the wall street journal over one of the newspapers critical editorials in the lead up to the election. and at
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least 10 people were arrested for inciting others to cost a blank ballot. exiled lead is of the democracy movement cold for everyone to boycott. sunday's election, police responded by issuing warrants for their arrest. recklessness out 0. hong kong will get a weather update next to on how to serve them. searching for solutions will palace gather in pakistan's trunk. stoker suffering, people in neighboring afghanistan. ah and away we go with your asia, whether story. hello everyone, good to see. we'll start in the subcontinent in india where we still got that cool pool of air toward the northwest weather alerts for these cold snob roger starr, mother br, dash, but delhi no longer a part of it. and let me show you why your 3 day forecast. your overnight lows
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dipping down to about 10 as we get later in the week. so that is actually above average. we've been talking about flooding in malaysia. we had a tropical depression swing through here. this is just outside of column poor a flash fighting. so it forced thousands of people into shelters, they're snarling traffic. now the bulk of that energy has shift it out to ward or the and been, and nick of our islands. but it's lost its intensity. speaking of intensity, here's an update on typhoon ry is it's moving just to the east of high nan on monday, but closing in on hong kong. so this is gonna dow see with rain only hong kong, but that southeast corner of china right into ty, northern china right now, up on the weather roller coaster temperature is up, been down for beijing at 12 degrees. that snow is winding down across western areas of honshu and hawkeye dough. so i talked about that weather roller coaster. that's because once again, temperatures are going down in beijing to just a high of 2 degrees on thursday. that's it. we'll see you soon. ah.
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ah, mother nature's kiss. cold full landscapes, but strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish. with even supplied by tradition. were beautiful booth or offered a ah,
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hello again, this is al jazeera. let's remind you of the bad news. the saw police and sudan, the 5 tear gas, a protest has gathered outside the presidential palace and come to raleigh's being held on the 3rd anniversary of the revolution that ended the 30 a rule were full of president obama. the ship voters in chile have begun costing ballots in a presidential run off. it's a close race between 2 men who promised to take the country in very different directions, the left wing. gabriel bridge, the fall rights. jose antonio crossed several european countries are imposing new restrictions ahead of the winter holidays. off the scene record highs. and the number of corona virus infections. the netherlands has become a strict lockdown in order to cover the spread of the omen from variant. let's get an update on the situation and call to with thousands of protests as have gathered outside students. presidential palace al jazeera, hippa, morgan is on the line now from the sudanese capital. what's the latest hipaa? yes, a drain, despite the use of live. i mean,
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they should buy the military to try to depress processes from in front of the presidential palace. and despite the copious amount of tear gas, i replied as a protest, while they may have taken a few meters back, they so on the road back the palace, many of them are not far from the front gate. so the chances still seem to be to them and to get into the presidential palace to voice their demand for the military to be removed from politics. now this has been going on around 1 pm, vocal turned back around 11 g one. we think the anniversary anniversary of the revolution, they also coming out to show them that they're still angry over the take over that happened later. thousands of course in front of the presidential palace acting, john big leaking. it's very been military that they will not be silenced as they demand for the route to be handed over to civility. and that's the route of protest
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as anger. it's the fact that they're just not happy with with what's happened in the last few months. yes indeed. now since the beginning of the transition, many have boys there opposition to the fact that the military has signed a partnership agreement with the freedom and chase relation. that's the goal of the present. that the movement that let's go over the president of the political parties that made it back, i was able to convince people to speak that partnership with, with the military was necessary to try to steer towards a democratic election been following to take over in late october of disregard it back as an excuse my political party, so empower them so many say that they don't, they're not taking. they don't walking out of the street and put that thing because the political parties are because of the conviction. but rather because they want to be a democrat them. and then once the been military from politics they had already had, they've had their objections. when bad power should be fine. and that has been
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amplified to take over in late october. right. have many thanks to date out as it was, have a morgan there on the line. from account to me. focused on is hosting an emergency meeting on how to help prevent famine in neighboring afghanistan. the organization of islamic corporation is highlighting the need for international assistance. 14000000 afghan children are expected to suffer acute levels of malnutrition this winter. i costanza prime minister enron con, told the meeting that disaster can still be averted if leaders act together. now the point is that if the world does not act, this will be the biggest man made crisis which is unfolding in front of us. we are the oil. see. it's a big responsibility on us. because not only is it the
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trader situation and of understand as it on form, but it's a religious duty to help them. more from out here has come out hider and islam of that this is indeed an extraordinary session, given the fact that dated the co where band make it cross the y under timing because it will only last month that saudi arabia pro board for this extra emergency session to take place of the oh i see this is after 40 years because in august on another extraordinary session was held in 1980 and august on the prime minister said the dashboard also. no one has done that for 40 years. the country been at war and even before the dollar bond took power over 50 percent of the people were living below the poverty line. sure, indeed that is a content merging amongst the muslim country the i see it should not be forgotten. it the 2nd largest body after the united nation with $57.00 nations of august on
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each i've invited all the other permanent 5 members of the united nations security council. the un under secretary also is martin griffin. of god, adults have been talking about the urgent need to help change a dime. this is also a dime when one is experiencing a pro long drought. that of course affect the food security and millions of people are going to be living in danger. the progress on the prime minister also appealing to the united states that dish or dealing that dollar bond from the people. 40000000 of them who need desperate aid and they need to kill police in the philippines said that at least 169 people are confirmed dead in the aftermath of super typhoon right. thousands of soldiers have joined rescue workers to search for survivors in remote areas, as others try to bring in food and water. i'm just here as lia harding reports. the
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magnitude of the destruction is best seen from up high fallen trees, flattened homes in signs of lives. last stretch. as far as i can see, the president of the philippines, rodrigo de tirty, fluted the country, southeastern islands to see the damage for himself. we conducted an inspection of this area and i'm tired of looking at the typhoon aftermath because it's all i always see whenever there's a typhoon. i can see that. i feel sorry for the people here. super typhoon ride made landfall on thursday. one of the most powerful ones in recent years to hit the thousands of islands between the pacific ocean and the south china sea buildings stood no chance against the winds that reached speeds of up to 200 kilometers an hour. the biggest issue now is answering the appeals for food and water and
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reaching remote communities, cut off by widespread flooding. oh, well, i didn't say we don't have money that we don't have enough funds to help people. we do have money, but the budget is a bit tight because we've poured all our resources into fighting cove. it for now rescue workers scramble to get help to those who need it most. with dozens, confirmed dead already. many reported missing in submerged areas. the death toll is expected to rise. the disaster prone philippines is usually battered by around 20 typhoons and tropical storms every year. the full impact of this one has yet to be uncovered. leah harding al jazeera, torrential, rain and flash floods in malaysia forced 21000 people from the homes. emergency workers are rescuing the stranded. i'm taking them to shelters. floods are common in malaysia during the annual monsoon season. between october on march, pamela,
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that bernard, i said this was the 1st time i've ever experienced. floods is bad, my usually is just small slots, but this time is the worst with causing flood water. i mean, if the water doesn't recede, we might end up staying another night here because the cars ahead is still dark. well, behind us, it is flooded. so we don't know what to do. i don't dare drive through the water again. a volcano in indonesia is routed for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. people are being warned to stay away from mount so narrow experts fear the increased activity could lead to an avalanche of lava. 48 people died when the volcano erupted without warning. earlier this month, 36 remain missing on java island. a man's been beaten to death of disrupting a religious service of one of india's holiest trial. earliest trials, security cameras show him jumping a fence into a secret barrier of the seek golden temple. and i'm ritzer. of the grabbing a ceremony or sword fully so that members of the congregation drank the intruder
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outside and attacked him. the chief minister of punjab state condemned what he called an unfortunate and hate us attacked at attempts to act to attempt sacrilege . fashion. we can set goals, capital is showcasing not just african fashion with diversity to i'll just eras from our chandry report style on the catalog of new creations on display and darker . a jeep samuel was, boom is cerebral palsy, but that's not stopping her from fulfilling her dream to be a model on the catwalk or other disability kids. they could do it too and around the world to go on approved to other disability kids. you're not your disability, you're just you, and you're perfectly normal. just the way you are featuring design is from across africa. the to call fashion week is one of the continents longest running clothes show. it's founder a darma and
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d. i says it's important for her to represent women from across the continent, but you never buy people, i'm mud, come, i don't want to live with fashion as the european dictates as to i don't want to do that any more. i want women who respect so many different things more than just bodies. oh yeah, of course there will always be models, beautiful ones. but i want to be able to give room to other women to different women as well as inclusivity. there she is. theme was also about sustainability. textile production is estimated to generate 1200000000 tons of carbon emissions annually. i was hoping to help africa's carbon footprint. the show only promotes locally manufactured designs allows believe going, going on you soon and wonder. it's inspired by a traditional rwandan dance, and i've only used fabrics made in africa. so either hand woven or naturally hon died or more industrial but still made in africa like here we have ethiopian genes
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. for example. we have had died wiley from ivory coast, and we have this beautiful organic cotton, which is ethiopian with this isn't the 1st time to nicholas fashion designer has made the statements on the cat school. she also created the 1st black fashion week shave in paris. now she's hoping others will follow in her footsteps and challenge the western standards of fashion and beauty. her mary chelsea. ouch is aaron. ah, it is good to be with us. hello, adrian finnegan, here in tow all the headlines and al jazeera police and saddam fod tear gas, a protest as you'd gathered outside the presidential polishan courtroom. rallies were being held on the 3rd anniversary of the revolution. but ended the 30 year rule of home president obama, albert, she asked for
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a brief few minutes protest. those were able to reach the southern gates of the presidential palace after thousands and thousands have been walking for hours and have been protesting out on the road that leads to the palace. now a majority of them have been caused.


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