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administrator planning and government incentives, if they sent us well fears to become a specialist physician entre kid. but more and more young doctors are planning to leave the country for better working and living standards elsewhere. and that could have serious consequences for the health sector here. soon i'm 2 solo also are assembled. ah, it says, let's get around up now. the top stories u. s. corona virus cases and hospital admissions are surging on average. more than 100. $20000.00 infections of being reported each day. an increase of 40 percent on last month. i'm a crime is increasing rapidly and we expect it to become the dominant strain in the united states as it has in other countries. in the coming weeks, we've seen cases of crime among those who are both vaccinated and boosted. and we
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believe these cases are milder or a symptomatic because of vaccine protection of u. k. c n. a record number of code cases for the 3rd day in a row. more than 103000 infections were registered on friday. the booster program is accelerating with half of all adults receiving a 3rd, jam, british research. a say the risk of infection would be on the chrome variant is more than 5 times greater than delta. the study suggests protection for those who already had coded 19, maybe as low as 19 percent. and that it's not weaker than the delta variance. un human rights council was agreed to set up a commission to examine abuses in ethiopia. as conflict. investigators say they received credible reports, all sides are committing violations against civilians. former minneapolis police officer kim potter has apologized in court for the fatal shooting of a 20 year old, a black man during a traffic stop. she's phasing charges of manslaughter for the death of dante wright
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. she says she meant to draw her taser instead of her gun. right. that sort of protest across the us. more than 800000 soldiers and emergency personnel joining search and rescue efforts in the philippines. after a super typhoon slammed into the coast, at least 12 people were killed as typhoon ly swept across southern and central regions on thursday and friday, hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their homes. typhoon is now easing and has moved into the south china sea. european diplomats are calling the adjournment of nuclear talks with iran, disappointing pores. they said some technical progress has been made. this is the 7th round of negotiations to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. those are the headlines up next talk to either the listening post cuts through the noise. we're talking about competing now. but seeing monday,
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tools being used to perpetuate those competing narrative separating spin from fuck all 3 versions of the story. and then some elements of the truth, but the whole story remains and coaching, unpacking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post your guide to the media on a j 0 with it's one year until the peter football walker. in cat are the 1st ever to be staged in the middle east. it's a source of great pride for the small country of nearly $3000000.00, which helps the most popular sporting event across the globe will create a lack in legacy for the region. but since winning the bid to host footballs, biggest competition cut, i've been under the spotlight over human life issues,
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including the bite of migrant workers and its ability to host such a large scale events. so in preparation for the world cup, it's been holding a test tournament. the 1st ever p for arab cup, which has seen 16 teams compete for the regions most prestigious talking. so is katara ready? i'm fully back the ball. welcome to the special edition of talked to al jazeera, joining us in, i don't. how waterfront studio is the most powerful woman in international sports synagogue? fatma similar i made history in 2016 when she became the 1st ever female secretary general of foot. both world governing body and the 1st non european we'll be talking to her about her journey and the road to cut our 2020 to stay with us. that's fatma, somewhere out people's secretary general talks to al jazeera, had my samara secretary, geno of fever. thank you. for talking to you, sir,
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my pleasure fully to be here one year from now. the fif a world cup 2022 will kick off here in kata. is the country ready? how satisfied is fever with the progress self preparations? what i think that there it will be the 1st garm in the history. i think of the world cup that the country. yeah. hosting it is ready. one year ahead offer dicky. gov and now from what we have been experiencing over the past few days . we, the staging offered a fee for our upcoming, which is using $6.00 oh, $5.00, the 8 stadium that will be hosting the 1st oil cap in the middle east. i can see that a fever. he's very impressed by the level of operational readiness of godaddy, and definitely the country will be ready well ahead of time to welcome to 1.7 to
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2000000 hosts and visitors and football lovers. what expected to visit the country? yes, the, the, the, our cup which have been attending has been really a test tournament for this world cup. if you were to give an assessment, a grade on things like venues, atmosphere, overall organization, what would it be? where is cut are doing things right. and where do you think there's still room for some improvement? why i think that in terms of her infrastructure, the stadiums, the training side, the accommodation, i don't think we can compare that that was in the country. they have, they have been, i think the best in terms of hosting where a room for improvement you think, but i think i, the transportation, we still love facing some, some challenges deeper need to, to find their way because of the compact, the nature of this one up, we'd really want the fans to leave the country with the best experience,
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and it will never be again the same for them. because what is woke up fully? yukon washed to games. and if you're lucky enough, and really if a transportation, are you familiar? yes, there with the metro yeah. got even watched $2.00 to $3.00 games, but they were few hiccups fatma somewhere at the start of this arab cup, notably with the fan id cards, a lot of fans having difficulty having access to this card and getting into the stadiums. it was eventually scrapped. i know, you know, you've been p a secretary general and you were in russia in 2018 as well. you've seen what other countries have done if there was one advice you would give to the category organizers to day to make things a bit more smooth. for fans, as you say, what would it be? well, let me just come back to the fun id that would introduce for the 1st time, ah, for people competition. and i show back in 2018 when i can for good reason because
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of security issues because of what organism are also because are we wanted to make it smooth? what everyone? the author, it is in the russia in for the fine id. but if i, an id was also a tool that was used to replace the visa application because with a fine idea, you could access the country without having to go through the visa application. since 2018 many things have changed and we have now new requirement in terms of files and people need to have on it as all exactly what we can make little bit more complicated as in here. the need also to show that you are fully vaccinated and adding or orders additional requirement, do not make it easy for people or 1st and foremost here towards the game an easy access. so i think the audit is in got that took the best decision and the right decision to,
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to remove it temporarily. but i'm sure with what we have learned over during the lisa at up woke up next year will be easier. right now there's been some concern about cotton not having enough hotels and rooms affordable accommodation for those coming to washer woke up. is that a concern that fee for still has it? it may still be your concern is are we receiver more foreigners than people who have a house in, in, in, in, in got that. and i think this is also something that a. busy fee for a quote 2022 or under the joint venture is taking very seriously, i think will be a number of availability raise that is, is okay, we don't have any problem, but it's not affordability also. well, will it be affordable for planning? i own the prices are quite reasonable. i've been in many countries where. busy the euro, for example, was dish winds or whatever it was much,
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much higher than we can what we, we are seeing here. so i don't think the, what the problem is a problem of affordability is rather the number of rooms we need for for, for our guests. especially for our executive get that me for the challenges and for the sponsor. but so i work in progress and i'm sure that the godaddy, especially the supreme committee, are trying to find all possible way, including having some clothes bought here. and this will be also something that we're looking into with them. i had my somewhere with every world cab comes a controversy. it's been the case in south africa in russia. and cutoff has been under a lot of scrutiny for the plight of migrant workers. since the tournament was awarded to the country and 2010 wide schools have denounced the condition of migrant workers who have worked on the construction of world cap stadiums on transport, infrastructure for the world cup as well. hotels and amnesty international. i
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caught, he, i said, fever is as responsible for the welfare of workers as the state of cutoff. so what has thief had done about this? how are you working with cattery? organizes to make sure that conditions are good and say, well let me, let me come back to 2016. when a fever adopted a range of reform under our guarantee 1st, that is special and article 3 we, i decided and we committed to promote and that brought it to all human rights as part of our responsibility. and as part of my response, i was as a fee for that that, that a general out of the administration and also for john in front, you know, the president of, if i would take it very seriously. the 1st thing that the johnny did after his
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visit to i got that back in 2016 was to put in place. you might write, advisory board or 20 preempt or all the issues with regard to a human right. and now they made a number of farm ad accommodation and it by 201785 percent of those recommendations were fully implemented for russia. and at the same level of recommendation were made in cut that. and i can say that yes, human right is a, is a, is a problem everywhere. it's not specific to look at that. when, when our children from africa are droning in the mediterranean, and now in the atlantic, nobody is pointing fingers the country that da signed the vienna convention, but that refused them access. just for the human dignity, the government and the authorities here in got that i've taken the migrant workers
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situation very seriously. i think one of the key highlight was the abolition of the couple. i see them today fully. we have 400000 walkers in this country. that have received high a salary because the minimum salary that was in is now in pause for all workers in this country. we continue our with young international bodies such as the international labor office, such as the building a wood workers, but also with the a center for sport in human right. to monitor the situation on a regular basis, the accommodation of the migrant or workers have been visited to make sure that they leave indignity in, in the compound. yes, it's a, it's, it's a long term process to be up to the level of for some countries. but i think that already cut that is being seen as
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a source of inspiration for other countries in the ad. i've got timing on the way needs to be done. any of you well that i many things to be done every every way but, but i can, i think what about this? because it, you know, constantly this is what comes up them work as my st. katara soon, is it the one i hear by, but as a human being by nature are always critical. what i'm asking people to do is 1st to relate to the report that was not produced by fi fi, but that was produced by this human right bodies. what working here by mentally and also look and hear from the people who are currently attending the fight up if they have any issues, whether it's on a g, b, t, or on list of, of, of the, of the migrant workers. yes. well, again, i'll tell you to focus, oh, what does a social media reporting, right, you, you mentioned l g b t q, right?
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in the world cup, as we know, has been known to bring people together regardless of their background of their race, of their religion. sexual orientation and homosexuality is outlawed here, of course, as in many other countries in this region. and we saw louis hamilton recently at the formula, one grand prix, where a rainbow helmet, to basically draw attention to l g, b t q writes. what can fee for tell to day to fans who are l g b t q and who want to come to the well captain cutter, are they going to be safe? well, 1st we're welcome. everybody is spot open for our monday to make that old woke up are inclusive and is this something that we don't negotiate to do something that is built in the up? we didn't process for any country that beat to host the woke up. people will be welcomed and this is also the message we are getting from mom d m,
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what it is here in got that. we need to respect also other people conviction. and we're here for the joy and football being the biggest equalizer, and unified in the world. i'm very sure that everybody will be, was welcome. we face the same issues of 4 years ago of went to years ago in 2018, in a, in, in russia, where they were also a, some media outlets specially the western media were very critical about a deposition of, for the russian oddities toward people with different sexual orientation, but we've seen it, everything went smoothly. and i'm sure the same thing will, will, will happen here. now it will to run alcohol consumption here, which will be available to fans in designated areas. but what about advertising? many significant sponsors of the world cup are alcohol produces how. how is he for working around well as that of our commercial her deals. we need also to respect
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her, our commitment towards the sponsored. i was still in constant dialogue with them to make sure that her people will want to really to, to, to, to, to drink alcohol. i can bring it to work up is in a year your boss, john infant tino the fee for president says a world cup every 2 years is needed instead of every 4 years. he says this is necessary to safeguard the future for sports. but there's been a lot of opposition to this fat, massa mora, especially from european countries. what, what is your view? why do we need a well cap every 2 years? my view is that we have to top of the dialog. so the football it was, his them needs to be to be reformed. and definitely that is a big gap as you know fully between the european of football and the rest of the
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wood. and this should not continue just cannot be continued with holding on when you had anything to what i thought, what i was i told i should, i mean have it reasonable because i was feasible. but okay, what do you say to critics who say this is all about money in the end that c face wanting to end, but we want money to run football. yeah, we need to, i need to do is not just about the fans and the experience will tell it's about money. right? yeah. but anybody to them foot board, do we think of that or the euro is organized just for fun? order european champion, this is just for fun. i'm, this is just this competition argue that it in billions of dollars, you can get your view gallery to come on board. the only way that i convinced them is compare where we took the member acquisition before 2015 and now before 2015 out, $211.00 member association will receiving a maximum of $300000.00 per year today. it shows them receive $1500000.00. if you see the number of infrastructure bill do using the free fall
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forward money is because you were able to generate additional money that doesn't not. and in the pocket of few people, but that goes to football. and now speaking of money that sometimes end up in the pockets of just a few people. ah, corruption is an issue. was an issue in fi 5, not only 50. well, let me get you came in under a johnny valentino, of course. and there was a massive, clear out of the old god under former present set blotter. and fever has hail this as a new era of an era free of corruption. and johnny fantine says fifa is clean and corrupt free to day. and is to that earlier this year in 2021. the usaa justice department remitted some of the funds that he had blocked to fever related to the 2015 scandal. but are you confident that fever has cleaned house? well, as i can only speak about if he bought an installation, yes,
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because we have put in place as does them. that would allow anybody just to take the money. you don't see the money, just put a click on buttons. so the fact is that too, we add a 0 cash or this word from our agency make the things very easy. but it actually went terribly when it comes to the national federation, the national police in africa for exam. yes. but before i jamie's ah took her up hoops duty only 40. i looked at it 40 percent, only 14 of our member association will going through the center review since 201700 percent of our member association that receive fee for funding go through a financial scrutiny. meaning we report of for every single penny we received and we disposed in favor of our member association. but there's still some suspicious
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dealings in african football. for example, fatima somewhere i knew were actually appointed to clean up african football what. what have you achieved? what's, what's been done? well, there wasn't any recommendation as you know, my mission ended after 6 months. and today i'm quite confident that with the presence offered place than what they pay at the helm of gov for confederation. and also a veteran. i was saying it on by who also worked under me has a new secretary of gov. that very soon gaff will be also a very clean house. but how do you deal with political interference in football? because that has been one of the main issues with more that's why you've seen also so many countries or some time being under normalization committee. because when the government interfered with dialogue with them to tell them that they should not be an interference. and now we are not visiting to suspend some countries where really we have in children that there are corruptions and also that there is undo
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interference off of the government. another problem with african football is the under development of the game on the continent. the best players are going to play in in europe. they've been exploited some would say by, by european clubs what, what is foot fee for doing to develop football on the continent. and it's been talk about getting rid of the old god when it comes to, to football, awe governing bodies on the african continent. the associations on the continent. the old guys like our presidents, i guess like some of the presidents were still holding on. how, how do you bring about change? we've seen samuel eto recently elected as the president does communion football. but it's an exception. it's not an exception. i can't tell you about 90 percent of the of the president of the football for the origin in africa. ha. what younger i'm you and i, i re read to see a footballer taking the lead to be being in the administration. is that what, how, at least we're, we're, we're, we're,
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we're players who are present over their country. and george way, i was waiting for faculty and they're eager to wait to go to, to bring up this new generation. went that hell? well, definitely. ah, if for the level of experience on the bridge and of the pitch is week one, why not? let's talk about your personal journey, fatma samara. you're the 1st female secretary general of fifa, coming from a non football background you work at the united nation says you've said for a long time, and you landed in a middle aged white european mans world. what was that like for you? what is it like being a woman? a woman of color, in a male dominated europe centric world? i think that when i, when i was appointed and my picture i was displayed in mexico in may. 20 i, 16. many people have been was shocked. but i think that johnny took that i decision
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because his discourse were that he wanted to inject diversity. i think prior to 2015 at miss city and gender prior to you. oh, we're not really at the priority of the form of 5 ministration today. really, i'm proud to be leading and administration where 43 percent are women. with 63 different nationality working in fi for headquarters. and now my appointment should not be look at as an isolated cases because since my appointment we have a 3 women, one now sitting on the management board of fever. and one of them is in charge of the women football division, which is also a prim yet, but with only difficulties going into to this boys club for you. what are some of the challenges that you in a funny, i always worked in a male dominated organization because throughout my career in the u. n,
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i was always been assigned in non family and had him duty station. so working in a male dominated again as it was not an issue, the issue was for us to change the perception that the foot board is a universal language. and 5th lot is an international body like the u. n. and it took me more time to convince this people in zurich, my own people that yeah, yes, we need to have a more misty was in fi 5, if a but today i think it's a, did you all your life, you had to work twice as hard as a woman, as a black woman, but he's not the only one. he's like you had the moment you are a woman, no matter your color, you have to walk twice as much. yes. that i, people were still thinking that as an african woman, i should not be in football. but i, i really don't focus on those kind of nonsense. so for football, my fight was to make sure that the boards continue riding and at football is
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played everywhere. and definitely that was 50 percent of our football farms been women yet when they thought about women, women have woven in football. yeah, let's talk about that because they're a lot of countries advocating for equal pay within women and men seen the us women football, woke up champions. have even gone to court over there to try and get a co pay for, for football is. so where does he for stand on the c co pay pay an eco price issue . there's still a huge disparity in price money where there is a, you are disparity. i'm not saying that this is right, but the demands woke ups that the 40 in 90 city, the women's welcome started in 91. so 6 to one years later. today until the french woke up, it was the man's woke up that was funding all the i the competition of fever. and yes, ah, we had some issues with the, with the price money, but just
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a figure before point during the last woke up before france in 2015. the prize money for the women's world cup was 15000000. 15 in 2019 is, was multiplied by 3 to 50000000. and i'm sure that by the time we, which are new zealand and australia ah, for the 9th edition of the few, 5 women woke up. there will be more money injected into the women game is this is that we have allocated under the cycle 201920224 the 1st time. also in the history $1500000000.00 to the women football. but and lately for people have been very reluctant to rock the boat on this issue of prize money. what do you respond are not being elegant? we need the world cup to be sustainable. once we canceled the work up as an older women, welcome as a stand long as a standalone product,
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which has already started with 9th edition that will be state in new zealand in australia, in 2 years. then we have the money to to, to increase the price money. but as i told you today, it's difficult because it's the mental world cup that is funding or the other the when's the woke up bring money the as a competition cost money. so we need to make those are the competition as my leaving that house sustainable by promoting it. and this is what we have started. we are not sending now the right as a bundled product. we want to separate and to have the real value of the women. welcome and from what we have been seeing over the past 3 years, the trend is very soon. the women woke up will bring money, may be not to the level of the man's for the next, a decayed but very close to that. and at that moment we can talk about equal pay back my samara p for secretary general. thank you very much for talking to ashley.
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thank you to you. well, it my pleasure. ah, al jazeera sets the stage, lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only among half global lex bugs and discussion color. something about the impact from the climate change is having over follows that you work with voices from different corners. when the whales are empty, people fight for programs that open your eyes to a low, tentative view. i them have collage and i have my voice on al jazeera. i've come back to saudi though to revisit the fascinating party pulsing in history . they were crazy, creative, even visionary. they were taught lesta not to realistic watch them as a child during and just pops into people still love them. it was basically too bad
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to be true. what they were predicting can commitee heal ethnic divisions and national tensions exist in both you today. once upon a time in sarajevo on al jazeera, who's covered 19 infections and deaths in the us, in europe with the french prime minister warning, the oma kron variant, the spreading of lightning speed. ah, i have them think of this is a lie from the also coming up for you and human rights council will investigate abuses committed by all sides in ethiopia is alarming reports of damage in the philippines after a super typhoon kills 12 feet.


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