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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm AST

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thought one of human rights activists, q me 90 and environmentalists window knology. i lived as you had with a fossil fuel aero my entire life and i'm looking for a graceful transitions out of it. studio b unscripted on out his era. ah . health officials in the u. s. sideline, the johnson and johnson corona virus jab oh, the rick. hey, says of blood clotting. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, the un says all sides in ethiopia, guilty of committing to be human rights violations. and it coals for an end to the conflicts. 11 years since the arab spring to new orleans and back on the straits, calling for greater change. first, johnson,
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the parties are pressure grows on the british. prime minister as his potty staff is a crushing defeat in a bind election. ah hello, we begin with the impact of the all me con variant around the world. g 7 nations, a warning, it's the biggest current threat to global public health. they calling for better coordination among countries to find the pandemic. president joe biden says the spread of the barrier in the us will accelerate into the new year. he added the unvaccinated will be the worst effect it is here. now is spreading and is going to increase for on vaccinated. we are looking at a winter of severe illness and vaccinated for themselves, their families and the hospital will soon overwhelm. but there's good news. if
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you're raxon a 100 booster shot, you're protected from severe illness and death. the us centers for disease control is recommending americans choose the 5 on the journal vaccines instead of johnson and johnson's. it says the single shot is less effective, and in rare cases can lead to federal blood clotting. meanwhile, south africa says it will join aid around $2000000.00 doses of the change i vaccine to other african countries over the course of next year. or let's bring in my can, who joins us live now from washington. they say hello there mike, 1st. well, what's the current situation with cause it across the us at the moment? well, it's a very big situation. indeed, the rates of infection are continuing to mount at an amazing rate that mo, with the past month alone, there's been a 40 percent increase in cases of corona virus. some 120000 people are being infected. each day,
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the death toll round $1300.00 american citizens dying each day from the virus. so a very, very big situation. this surge being driven by a combination of the delta variant which has been in place for a period of time. and the army kron, which is now being identified in a large number of us states. and in new york, for example, it appears to be primarily responsible for a massive surgeon infections there in new york city, there's been a 3 times increase in rates of infection over the past 3 days. it's tripling every 3 days at this particular stage. so a massive point of concern to public health experts, particularly with the amount of travel that's likely to happen over the coming holiday period. certainly some staggering numbers them, mike and as we mentioned in the graphic, the cdc is recommending pfizer over medina because of concerns with johnson and jumps. and why the change now?
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well, a committee of experts has been continuing to review the impact of the various vaccines over a period of time. they have now recommended the cdc that they initial findings show that johnson and johnson is less effective in combating the virus than the other 2 vaccines that are available widely to americans. they do not. and this i my stress, they do not say that it is not effective. they say it is not as effective. there is also some, some limited health concerns from the j and j, particularly among women. or the committee says that more than 50 women have a reported bad side effects after taking the jane j vaccine. at least 9 of them have subsequently died. but the point simply is, is that in a country like the u. s, there is a large range of vaccines available at the 3 bro. primary vaccines are all
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available in most areas. despite this, there are still some 40 percent of americans who are not vaccinated. this has been isolated as the president, as the major cause for the spread of infection or the president biden, also pointing out along with his health experts as that the booster shot of in any of the vaccines increases not only the resistance to the virus, but also its impact on the human body, those who've taken a booster shot in particular showing far less impact on their health. and then that those who have not. so all these factors coming together. but the greatest concern in the u. s. at present is that vast amount of americans who remain and vaccinated despite this mounting surge in the infection rate in day. thank you very much for that update. mike hannah, life ross in washington, d. c. for many miller now has more on the impact of the army. kron variant from johannesburg, explodes in south africa,
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saying that while they do recognize global daughter, that this recommendation may be premature in that south african daughter shows no adverse effects based on studies in south africa. we're currently health workers are taking part in a study around a booster shot of the j and j vaccine. and they say that we know adverse effects and there aren't any alarming signals to indicate that perhaps they should put j and j on hold. in fact, health expert to say that in the coming days, they may make an announcement around allowing booster shots of join j and j to the general public. they've also said they've always known that there are certain risks around vaccines, not just j, a j, specifically blood clots, but these are very rare. and that essentially the benefits of the vaccine, even that one shot of j j outweighs the risk. and so still urging people to get back to native, even with j and j, while america, the cdc,
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specifically may be saying, let's rather look at an alternative instead of using j n j. so for the moment, south african saying, or experts, health authority saying that they are confident the daughter they haven't had and will continue using the back vaccine in the country to europe now in france is banned non essential, travel from the u. k. for anyone who is into french citizen or resident, natasha, butler has more from parents, pull the french government's decision to pan, all non essential travel between france, me, u. k. from saturday has caused a lot of disruption and disappointment for people in both countries who are hoping to spend some of the holiday season with family and friends. so lot of people have had to cancel their trips. others have been scrambling to try and get a plane or a train before those restrictions come into force. and we've been speaking to some of them here at the cross channel train terminal in paris. lot,
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i would have made it work. 7 anyway, had i booked to train, it was late like this. i got this train by chances, very lucky i miss that i probably, i would have on my way to make it work anyway. would quickly change my train or maybe i wouldn't want, i wouldn't want to spend christmas by myself. her people that i have to take the train to come to paris, whatever. and it's unfortunate and inside, but the same how many people are just trying to get a hold of what's going on and kind of have to have empathy for that. even though if it comes to the point of impacting people's lives, you know, negative way. but it's been 2 years that this has been dragging on so you know, it sucks, but it is what it is. well, the reason for these travel restrictions, according to the french government, is because they say they've been looking at the situation in the u. k. with a lot of concern, they're seeing the high number of cov, it infections there, and particularly the spread of the army corps on a very now, even though there are registered cases of on the corner here in france, the government says that what they need to do is try and slow down is transmission
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and this is just one of the ways they are trying to buy time time for people to get their a booster, a dose of coven vaccine. they are all they've also approved vaccination for 5 to 11 year olds across france. that will help to they say the government, a warning, the next few weeks ahead could be very difficult. indeed. we know already the doctors are saying that i see you beds already filling up, still in france, and it says it's obtained a majority of the post bricks. it fishing licenses. the claims from britain, its maritime ministers says it's still missing. 73 licenses needed to set up the conflict with london. the permits allow fishing boats from either state access to each other's waters. french president manuel macross met with parties from the fishing industry to talk the issue through the un human rights council is calling for the establishment of an international commission to monitor alleged abuses in
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ethiopia. the un says it's receiving credible reports, all sides in ethiopia is conflict that can mean severe human rights violations. up to 7000 people have been detained since last month. the nation wide state of emergency announced on to november is leading to significant human rights concerns on a very broad scale. no, to believe the state of emergency authorizes the arrest search and detention of anyone suspected of supporting that the great people's liberation front and the aroma liberation army designated paris groups in may 2021. this excessively broad provision has led to mass arrests and detentions of thousands of years, including united nation stuff. and according to the committee to protect journalists at least 14 journalists, most of those arrested are ethic to grants. malcolm web has been following this
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story from nairobi. some average breast concern is european union. the code for this extraordinary session of the un human right council is going on right now that we've heard that some of the biggest economies in the you have actually been quite reluctant to other members of you that are the driving force behind this. the u. s . state department has been outspoken about this issue as well. just last week we were saying it was concerned about report that to gray and forces committed abuses in the horror region to be now the government itself and some of its allies. it's very much against the setting up of an international commission to investigate right to be described. what it says is india put neo colonial takeover of the human rights commission of human rights council to try and interfere with it with its own sovereignty. it says that it's capable of investigating the, the disease and delivering justice domestic leave it right. say that in spite of
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promising to do that before it's failed to do so. today, police investigating a fire at a psych yatchuck clinic in japan. believe it may have been started deliberately. 24 people were killed in the blaze in a saca as victoria gate and be before the fire crew shield from view one of the 28 victims of a fire or a psychiatric clinic in soccer. the fire department says all but one had a heart attack look kind of a woman was left behind on the 6th floor and was asking for help. when she got off the letter she collapsed probably because she felt faint. but immediately the rescuer took her away. the fire started in an 8 story building which houses medical clinics and english language school and other businesses. many of the victims are thought to have been visitors to the son cat trip clinic on the 4th floor where the place took hold. on you. i saw the news and the sink possible. austin,
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its not confirm, but i am shocked in wondering why someone would do this head him what in a wheel? i only that of i am glad this didn't happen in the evening. it's a friday and the could have been so many more people around it could have been much worse. the injured were taken to near by hospitals and the government issued its condolences wounded to the golden doodle. peggy was unaware that a fire broke out in a building located in kitty corsica city after 10 am to day. and 20 people were transported to hospital details are occurring the being confirmed, but many have died. and we have received reports of cardiopulmonary forests, but like to express our deepest condolences to the families of those who have passed away, you are it took more than 6 hours to extinguish the blaze. file height, his se people on the other floors were safely evacuated from the building. detectives are investigating how the fire started and where the orson is involved. victoria gate and be al jazeera, still a hey,
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don't al jazeera rescue operations underway in the philippines after it was slammed . one of the most powerful stone this year. and frontline work is in checking hospitals and medical center have abandoned their place. we find out what they demand. ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by cut on airways, your weather story for asia rate here. right now we're going to begin in india, where toward the northwest, no major weather alerts right across the country, but that northwest corner we do have alerts for, but fog and a bit of a cold snap going on. so we'll show you the 3 day forecast in delhi, your temperatures a bit below average. dip and down to 6. but as you head out of the city, the temperatures are even lower. now for the most part, typhoon ry has made
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a clean sweep of the philippines is the strongest storms we have seen in the western pacific. and it is quite a number on the philippines. it's now in the south china sea, so we'll trace where it goes. is it brushes up against that coast of vietnam over the weekend? i don't think it's going to make a landfall here, but still enough to cause some damage. it will veer toward the east, go over, potentially. hi, nan before slamming into southern portions of china. so this is a story we'll continue to keep tabs on over the next few days to northern china. right now we do have that blast of cool air coming down also into korea as well. and that snow piling up for western portions of honshu and whole cargo. so i mentioned the cool air soldiers high of one degree on saturday, but give it time. those temperatures will rise back to double digits on monday. we do have a cloudy day. however, on monday that sure weather fear. oh, the weather is sponsored by cats, all right, ways. casa, one of the fastest growing nations in the won the cause of needed to oakland and
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development school. international shipping companies to become a middle east and trade and learning skillfully mapped out 3 key areas of development who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future while need. cato castillo's gateway to whoa trade, lou, the me hello. you're watching 0. i'm emily. angling reminder about tough stories with us president joe biden has warned unvaccinated people face to be illness as the only
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cron variance spread. health officials have recommended american choose the journal vaccine instead of johnson and johnson because of way, cases of blood clumsy un human rights council. is calling to be established meant of an international commission to monitor alleged in ethiopia. it's receiving credible reports that all signed in the completed meeting, human rights violation. and dozens of people are feed dead in japan, after fi in a psychiatric clinic and laser investigating suspected us and victim were thought to have suffered from heart and lung failure to museums have protested on the 11th anniversary of the staff of the arab spring revolution. crowds rallied both for and against president kind said he recently announced the constitutional referenda with random rather than next july, a year after seizing widespread powers which his opponents describe as a crew. high unemployment remains a problem despite the revolution,
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which started after a fruit salad set himself on fire in protest to police, stopping him from working a lazy vulcan has more from 2 names that concerns the what's happening in tunisia is an incremental return through. so retiring isn't, which as you will remember, yeah, 11 years ago, people were out processing over a period of months between december 17th to january, 14, to overthrow the vent fixates had been lee. so despite all the economic problems, people want to stay on a democratic path. i what's happened is that police have held back protesters at the bottom of the avenue at the, the end of bull, deeper avenue is a lodge clock tower and they've been held there a, they've been massing aid as they're saying sort of at thousands of people. ah,
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they certainly brought sound systems that have been speeches. and in addition to the popular movement, have been a number of political parties who previously supported chi, psi aid. and they were trying to get, you know, on to the avenue. because traditionally, the vessel revolution involves a lot of speeches, a lot of years, declarations from different parties. but today's been completely different. but these politicians from what's called the democratic lot have been prevented. and they all angry about this. the popular movement says that they all determined to keep going with the protests. they say that they're going to have a satan, and that they can continue the protests until what they call chi sides. kudos tal comes to an end and that they assured that chinese is back on a demo, a democratic policy. one small
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u. k. prime minister says he accepts full responsibility following a crashing and by election defeat. the conservative party last the north. the shropshire said for the 1st time in almost 2 centuries earlier this week, a 100 m pains from at johnston's own party voted against his plan. the strict corona virus measures and re simmons reports from when in shropshire country life in north shropshire has been synonymous with conservative voting for nearly 2 centuries. but not anymore morgan. hello, margaret lillian, liberal democrats. 17000. 957. o helen morgan is now the m p from centralized opposition party smashed at 23000 majority for boris johnson's conservative party. the papers of no structure have spoken on behalf of the british people, they said loudly and clearly voice johnson. the party is either,
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johnson responded by saying he took full responsibility. i totally understand people's frustrations. i. i hear what the voters are saying in nor structure and your humility. i gotta accept over that verde the liberal democrat party with its battle ground headquarters in the grounds. of a stately home brought in activists from all over the country a mile down the road. they quickly conquered the market town of wim. the conservative club a desolate place in defeat. talking to people here, and it's plain to see that this isn't just about public unease midway through a government term. it's about trust, political leadership, and one person. the prime minister, dennis prince voted liberal democrat, not because it might be better for his business. he had been outraged by a christmas party in downing street a year ago when his mother was seriously ill in her care home. not being able to
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visit her for a year and had a very detrimental effect on my mother's well being. and now we find that the people that were telling us to stay at home, social distancing, et cetera, et cetera. when you find that they've been having parties at downing street and a conservative h q, then that's pretty hard to take. this bi election was called after the m p. o. in paterson broke rules on lobbying, he'd been paid by 2 private companies to try to influence government policies. madison quit after boris johnson botched, an attempt to save him from a suspension from parliament. what's also we can johnson's authority is a rebellion by a 100 conservative nps voting against the use of coven parcels. john murray is a former conservative mer of when he says johnson is now a liability, basically hasn't got when packing the party any more really was an awful lot
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against him. says one thing, one day, and those totally the opposite elect day. the conservatives are likely to review the way they govern when parliament returns from the christmas recess in the new year. there's little political cheer for boris johnson right now. andrew simmons al jazeera when shropshire, the philippines is counting the cost of typhoon array, which has killed a least $12.00 people and left a trail of destruction. 195 kilometer now winds down power lines and destroyed homes, forcing hundreds of thousands to seek safety. shamella ellen dorgan has more from manila more than 24 hours since stifled ry 1st mead landfall in the philippines and many areas remain cut off. government leaders admit they are struggling to get an accurate picture of the typhoons impact in their gross and sir ego provinces. in the town of mary bo hawk, if the whole province rescue operations are still under way local government
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workers there see at least 20000 families have already been evacuated from their homes. and many more are in desperate need of rescue. evacuees can't stay in temporary shelters for too long because of cove 19 restrictions. social distance sing impact evacuation sites is difficult to implement. many see there are more worried about the long term impact of this devastation. millions of filipinos are already bearing the brunt of the economic recession. they fear the latest typhoon disaster could obliterate whatever livelihood they have left. the government has pre positioned aids and military as 1st responders across the country. but many communities remain cut off that officials and even age groups are still struggling . how and where to send aid to those who need it. most type would write,
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devastated huge parts of the desires and the mindanao regions. these pictures show extensive damage of the international airport in sybil power and communication lines are down, and some hospitals reported to be damaged, even for a con she often yet by natural disasters, this damage is being seen as unprecedented. hello, jamal ali dog n o jazeera manila. china is denouncing what he calls the deplorable u. s. ban on importance because of the mistreatment of the muslim wake of minority . the u. s. senate unanimously voted to force good manufacturers in that the shin young region to prove forced labor hasn't been used there. the ministry of foreign affairs in badging says the u. s. is making up excuses to control chinese imports. may vomiting g yonder, or pie chart aren't you under the u. s. suppresses chinese enterprises. and
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companies by every means, such as severely violating the market principal and international trading roles as seriously harms the interests of chinese institutions. and companies. we deplore and firmly opposed that we urged the u. s. to correct us wrong doing and we will take all necessary measures to uphold the rights and interests of chinese institutions and companies. katrina you is in badging with more in the story. china has responded angrily and indignantly to the u. s. ban on goods from sion. jung now baiting has consistently deny that there are any false flavor or other forms of human rights abuses taking place in the western province. it's called these accusations groundless and says that it's a form of hysteria. now, according to beijing, all of its policies engine, john are designed to stamp out extremism and improve the lives of the wiggers. but of course, it's not just the u. s. that disagrees with this is also a growing number of western countries as well as human rights groups that have
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compared the treat middle described it as amounting to genocide. now in regards to this move, china says that the u. s. is stretching the concept of national security and using it to suppress chinese companies. it says that it's not only having chinese businesses, but it also underlines international trade rules. in response to this, beijing has vowed to implement its own measures to protect chinese companies. but we still don't have any details yet as to what those might be. how work is striking across turkey, even as the country reports more than 20000 calls 19 cases every day. they're demanding higher pay and better working conditions with some doctors saying they're at risk of being attacked by patients. phenom, console lou reports from a stumble. 26 year old to ro is one of many systems physicians seeking to lay turkey for germany. low salaries, long hours, and
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a risk of attack by patients are among the reasons that they want out working in one of his stumbles busiest public hospital emergency awards tour. you'll see more than 500 patients. a day was turkish medical association, which is the leading trade union for doctors here, says 9000 doctors have resigned within the past 2 years. puzzle is that when we stand upon our rights, they say dr. serve a lofty aim. but at the end of the day, this is how i own my living. yesterday, i pay 70 years for a haircut. the state pays 150 years to a surgeon for one color spectrum surgery. after 2 years old cases i faith. i immediately started taking german classes. i need to work another year here to save the necessary money. i didn't get another 250000 health workers, doctors and other medical personnel went on a one day strike earlier this week, protesting poor wages and harsh working conditions. union
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leaders say 100000 doctors has been physically and verbally assaulted in the last 11 years and at least 10 of them have been killed by patients. yes, it's a similar situation for a dentist for 21 years and a single mom. she runs a small clinic in a low income neighborhood of his stumble, but can't make ends meet any more as a church clear or lose this valley every day. she's considering moving to the by with the dentist can earn $120000.00 a year or more protein up to mixture. when a patient comes with dental procedures, it can take 2 months to complete the treatment on the lyric losing value against foreign currencies. every day, i pay years for materials, but i can't raise the patients. bill was all lose my already know or a profit which you believe 20000 cases of course, 19 are being reported daily,
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stuck to say the staff shortages could be handled through better administrative planning and government incentives. if they sent a 12 fears to become a specialist physician and turkey, but more and more young doctors are planning to leave the country for better working and living standards elsewhere. and that could have serious consequences for the health sector here. because all of our lives are assembled. ah, hello, you're watching out here, and these are the stories we're following this alum, she 7 nations, a warning, the army kron strain of the corona virus is the biggest current threat to global public health. the group is calling for better coordination among.


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