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ah me ah ah, look back, you're watching the i'll do. they were news with me to run the reminder of our top stories. the you and human rights council is calling for the establishment of an international commission to monitor alleged abuses, meet the receive incredible reports at all sides in the conflict off. can we think severe human rights violation? dozens of people say that in japan as far as i can treat psychiatry clinic in a socket. police are investigating suspected awesome victims. a thought to suffer from half an lung failure us present. joe biden has warned and vaccinated people
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face to be eldest, as the mac on various friends of officials have recommended americans choose the pfizer of axis instead of the johnson and johnson job because of a rare case of blood clotting doctors and j. i said in a kia is an infectious disease physician at the australian national university. he says, the benefits of the change, a vaccine outweigh the small risk against delta. it's even a single dose seems to be quite difficult if acacia sort of the 70 percent plus ballpark with over 80 percent effectiveness against serious disease and hospitalization. that's pretty good. i do actually wonder though, if he did better off being a to dose vaccine for his prime immunization course, because they have shown that a booster will increase antibody levels and increases that protection against severe disease. now the j and j vaccine has the similar technology. this add, no virus picked the vaccine to astrazeneca. and in australia where we have
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astrazeneca, we've had mix messaging and poor messaging which led to relatively poor uptake of the astrazeneca vaccine, especially amongst the younger people. and the everyone was focusing on the very, very rare risks of a rec, high, low risk of a very rare condition and the very low risk of death. rob been looking at the benefits of it. and i think it's really important that people understand that these are good vaccines. they do have serious side effects, but they're really rare and benefits outweigh the risks universe as the whole, the crisis in level is feeling an increase in child abuse in assess, and the local partners handled almost 50 percent more cases in the past year. at least a 1000000 lebanese children are risk of violence, they say, and lay child labor has also increased more than one in 10 families ends at least one child out to work. and more than half
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a parent surveyed said that that children had skipped meals in the past month because they couldn't afford to feed them. let's bring in the jot them a la magid cheese. a special representative of the un secretary general of violence against children joins me now from beirut mismatch. thanks very much for your time . appreciate it. let's just begin with why the report needed to be compiled. i mean, it's all about sort of the last to 24 months of intense political and financial turmoil in lebanon, or has this just been an ongoing melting pot that's just boiled over? i think the added value of the report is to get the snapshot about what's going currently by non regarding child protection issues. when i am speaking about child protection issues, it's about to leave any children. but also ordinary fusion, she's done and or 2 of the families who are leaving in difficult circumstances. i think what the report is highlighting was so it's highlighted the fact that uses if
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5 and she cries is a current financial grade is quality rises. but also do you monitor in crisis and if we add the social economic impact of depend a meek, i think it's highlight the employees of all the bias against children and coping mechanism to deal with all these issues regarding the exacerbation of inequality and increasing the keys in the right, you give us an overview that which is great. let's take one point at a time and let's focus on the needs in the welfare of women and children. you focused very heavily on their plight. what seems to be the main points there that alarm you and the un regarding, you know, the main points are related to an hour rule. can you and here we are to support the government centrally. my bill was a commitment because it's important because the live on line as well as many
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countries is a would have 85 mentioned on children's rights and have to guarantee their rights and we despise the fiscal constraints. they have to see a really high protection and protection of the must be nor able, including siamese really as a priority. despite these can constrain the spike or describes us. and here are the supports of un, is really here to remind zat, but is also in a close partnership with governments and these or the key partners, lee, to make it happen today because we need to react very, very quickly to protect children, to provide them with so section with psycho suggested always education and also really making sure that it's really jointly lamented and really accessible to or to learn a family without discrimination. and showing that no one is that behind but suddenly one area a very important concern. but one that you've highlighted is issue of gender
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violence against women. and that seems to be on the increase. but you've made very specific connections that it's financially pressured. yes, gender based violence is increasing. you know? sure. we 1st we are in, you know, in come to me like live by 9 when you have also break this thing, gender discrimination and gender social inequalities. and is the same time you have some, you have your and some social norms and some culture. i know that the rates and violence against women and against girls and here regarding the socio economic impact. these grinders, one of the popping make needs that we are seeing is the increase of child every child marriage. and also gender being violence and sexual violence against it's obviously a fascinating read and let's hope that the government and you can work something out to make things better. certainly for those 11 on the job to much it. thanks
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very much for your time. and i'm trying to was denouncing what it called a deplorable u. s. ban on imports because of the mistreatment of the muslim weaken minority. the us senate unanimously voted to force goods, manufacturers and chin jang region to prove 4th labor hasn't been used. now the ministry of foreign affairs in beijing says the us is making up excuses to control chinese impulse may fall much and keep you andrew pasha, challenging. you enter the us. the price is chinese enterprises and companies buy every main, such as severely violating the market principle and international trading roles seriously harms the interests of chinese institutions and companies. we deplore and firmly opposed that we use the us to correct it's wrong doing and we will take all necessary measures to uphold the rights and interests of chinese institutions. and companies for the year is in beijing where the government is rejecting us concerns
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about work as in ching, john, china has responded angrily and indignantly to the u. s. ban on goods from shed and young. now baiting has consistently deny that there are any false flavor or other forms of human rights abuses taking place in the western province. is called these accusations groundless and says that it's a form of hysteria. now, according to beijing, all of its policies engine, john are designed to stamp out extremism and improve the lives of the wiggers. but of course, it's not just the u. s that disagrees with this is also a growing number of western countries as well as human rights groups that have compared the treat middle described it as amounting to genocide. now in regards to this move, china says that the u. s. is stretching the concept of national security and using it to suppress chinese companies. it says that it's not only having chinese businesses, but it also underlines international trade rules. in response to this,
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beijing has vowed to implement its own measures to protect chinese companies. but we still don't have any details yet as to what those might be. north korea has come to a standstill for 3 minutes of silence and memory of the formerly the kim jong il is the 10th anniversary of his death state media called for national unity during the hardships of the panoramic last year. north korea faced its worst economic contraction since 1997 feel straight in children, remain critically injured after a gust of wind blew a bouncy castle that they were playing on. 5 of their playmates were killed when they fell around 10 meters of the inflatable was held in the air. the 11 year olds was celebrating their last week of primary school that has mania in tasmania before the christmas holidays. missionaries could not in haiti 2 months ago, have now all been released. it's all clear. if a ransom was paid for the 17 americans and canadians, some of them children, the gang had demanded $1000000.00 for each of the christian 8 workers. the final 12
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were released on thursday. they were captured in october sophisticated village near the capital port. her prince chili's, 2 presidential candidates have made last ditch effort to win the voters before sundays run off election holding suggest it'll be extremely tight. all right, candidate jose antonio cast one, the 1st round against left wing opponent gabriella burridge, but only by one percent of the votes. latin america editor, lucy newman, has moved from santiago. this was the last chance that also contributed presidential candidate for san antonio. past have had to convince julians that he is the man of the future just by his passport is so closely linked to this country to form a military dictatorship. however, he promises to restore law and order something that this country has not had for a long time. this, i mean more than 2 years of social uprising and upheaval, shake and drunk violence and also an uprising and indigenous uprising in south
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central chile. i thought we're going to recover the state of law that we never should have lost and we will recover our economy and dignity because the left is only capable of promoting poetry that poverty that has dragged venezuela, nicaragua, and cuba into unbelievable misery. he held his raleigh in one of chiles, 3 wealthiest counties, where he has wide support task is a subject catholic who opposes same sex marriage abortion, and what he calls a nest winged cultural dictatorship. but he swung more to the center in recent weeks to win over those you see him as a representative of chiles pack. his opponent was 35 year old, new left leader gabrielle body to help a simultaneous rally in a more middle class part of the capital. he too, has been working hard to take the perception that he's too radical, especially since his political alliance includes the communist party party.
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although he says he's still the same. former student leader that lead street protests at heart, his looking less formal was offering a better future in a less unequal society. brutal gamino, s lampa al road is peace to find ourselves again as one children. we need social justice and not violence, and there is no clear a way to have instability then to leave everything as it is. and bet is what jose antonio cast proposes. this race is net net, nobody that i know at least is daring to place a michael in the most competitive annex in this country, has seen in more than 3 decades. most turkey reports more than 20000 cove. in 19 cases, a day health workers have been on strike to demand higher pay and better working conditions and disillusion doctors are looking for work overseas sent him consider has more from stumbles. 26 year old to ro is one of many systems
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physicians speaking to lee turkey for germany. low salaries, long hours and de risk of attack by patients are among the reasons that they want out working in one of his stumbles busiest public hospital emergency awards tour. you'll see more than 500 patients a day with turkish medical association, which is the leading trade union for doctors here says 9000 doctors have resigned within the past 2 years. puzzle is that when we stand upon our rights, they say dr. serve a lofty aim, but at the end of the day, this is how i own my living. yesterday, i pay $70.00 for a hair cut to the steep pace 150 years to a surgeon for one color spectrum surgery. after 2 years old cases i faced, i immediately started taking german classes. i need to work another year here to save the necessary money. i didn't get another 250000 health workers, doctors and other medical personnel went on
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a one day strike earlier this week. protesting poor wages and harsh working conditions. union leaders say 100000 doctors has been physically and verbally assaulted in the last 11 years and at least 10 of them have been killed by patients. yes, it's a similar situation for a dentist for 21 years and a single mom. she runs a small clinic in a low income neighborhood of his stumble, but can't make ends meet any more as a church clear or lose this valley every day. she's considering moving to dubai, where dentists can earn $120000.00 a year or more protein up to mixture. when a patient comes with dental procedures, it can take 2 months to complete the treatment on the lyric losing value against foreign currencies. every day. i pay years for materials, but i can't raise the patients bill was lose my already know or
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a profit which you believe 20000 cases of covered 19 are being reported daily, stuck to say the staff shortages could be handled through a better administrative planning and government incentives, if they sent us well fears to become a specialist physician and to re key. but more and more young doctors are planning to leave the country for better working and living standards elsewhere. and that could have serious consequences for the health sector here. soon i'm go. solo. houses are assembled well, still had on al jazeera homeschooled pizza. yes, that's right. to have the latest actions from the 2nd ashes test. as australia build a been school against england and is level to lead new cost. we ask how long the premium can keep going. i'm at the latest kind of 19 outbreak. ah.
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ah you'll
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lou with welcome to elders here a special coverage of the fee for arab cup, the tournament doubling up as a major warm up event for the cutter world cup next year. on the 7th covered 19 is once again starting to impact sports all around the world. and we've still got plenty coming up, including we'll hear from one of afghanistan's greatest football exports on her fears for the game and for women in her homeland. and we're bringing the latest from the ashes as australia able to pay lead against alien on day 2 of the 2nd test . but we start with the latest wave of code 19, which is hitting sport all over the world. these are pictures from the n h l game
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between the material canadians and the philadelphia flyers in canada. it had to be played in an interior now to request from the quebec public health officials to slow the spread of the virus, even with no home crowd. it was the canadians who won the game 3 to get a. she's asked with a gold tender caden primo saving every sheet out attempt. are they in england half of this weekend's premium? the football fixtures have been postponed due to outbreaks at clubs. actually united's game of bright, and one of those called off as united, would have had just 7 players available, had gone ahead. a total of 9 matchers had been cancelled in a week. manchester said he would need to play new castle on sunday, but said he coach beg guardiola at a canceling pre match press conference, often inconclusive cova test. speaking of newcastle, their gaming, as liverpool went ahead on thursday night and field was at full capacity. as la newcastle, last 31, liverpool were themselves missing. 3 players. you tested positive for covert. 19
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virgil vandyke, sabina, and curtis jones. they manage a yoga club, says it's uncertain how things will go from here. it's viruses know around us so long that it's not really likely that it will stay at 3 close to the boys so on have a lot of spare time time to go where we're, we're where we could pick it though, all of them are fully vaccinated. most 2 of them over to had already the booster and, and it still can happen. that's just how it is. but them, we have a really, really good chance to the boys get through it now without proper symptoms. so father don't have any symptoms. there were more surprised than us that they had it, but that's what you have to accept and that's what we do. chelsea, you were without 4 of their plays against evanson because of positive covert 19 tests. one of those included romney, lou, carpool. the well to $11.00 draw at stanford bridge. chelsea have only $12.00 of their last 5 li games and have now dropped down at the table. they were 1st,
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they are now 3rd. the president of you a for is urging players across europe to get vaccinated as quickly as they can. european footballs, governing body is set to launch a video aimed at players which features doctors explaining the benefits of coven 19 jabs. i think that they should get vaccinated as soon as possible, but they still believe for now it's a personal choice. and we have to be smart. we have to explain things. people are not stupid. people understand when you explain in a nice way, not judging them, but to explain why vaccination is good. organizers of the ask a cup of nations insist the tournament in cameroon. we'll go ahead next month despite resistance from european clubs about releasing players. because of rising cases of the army kron variant, the event was postponed last year because of the pandemic. and in the past few days, there's been speculation. the competition could face a further delay. $24.00 teams are expected to take part in the month long
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tournament, which starts on january 9th yohina solutions liberated in. there is an association that says european clubs and not going to release players. as far as i know, they are not the employers of these players because players have individual contracts and the release of players is dictated by fif our regulations. things are moving forward and there is no reason at the moment to suggest we are postponing the competition. ah no gains here at the fee for arab cap as we wait for saturdays final between algeria and to nivia, but we have had the chance to talk to nadia nadine, who left afghanistan as a child refugee before going on to a top level football career. nadeem has been a star striker for her adopted denmark since 2009. and last year she won the french
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title with paris saint germain. she's now playing for louisville in the u. s. while she plays to go on to a medical career that even told paul reese that seeing women's football develope in afghanistan had been a great joy or that the taliban takeover may stump future generations of gould's doing the same was you know, a mission toward the right step on the right direction, i was saying because to me again, i don't understand why force or something that is all out. i embody the everything that the taliban know women to, to sample. and again, i don't think i'm a bad person. so i don't understand why do they want people to be like me so we can having like a, you know, a female football team? my says the youngest, this is yanna was the keeper for the advocate team. couple of games. i, i thought was like a huge step because then that's how you're going to inspire the coming generation.
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that's how you going to kind of change the metallic varies and maybe the culture and the country. but unfortunately, as it isn't right now, i know a lot of the, the girls are spread every corner of the world and my, my, my father who was a general napkin military and the mom was inspected at the school. and then how about getting power kind of thing changed? my dad was killed unfortunately, because he was a general. and from that, we somehow arrived to denmark where we'll give him the 2nd chance and where my life started. as i know it today was the change was that and the repartee came that i was saying i was the 1st time i actually sold women's football. i knew what was, but i've never thought that girls or allowed to play or play this. was there a glimmer of seeing them play his last month, you know, happy that there are
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a lot to play even though it's not in the garrison your hand. you know it's, it's sad that such a simple thing. a football is it's just a game that you're not even allowed to play that in your own country. are they afraid. 8 that women and girls are going to be empowered or maybe some somehow feel they're equal. what they should be? well, they're scared. maybe i don't know before now forget sports education not even allowed to send me. the 1st step is been able to go to school and then, you know, that's something we advocate for us and then the sports is going to be the naturally 2nd step. and i hope so. but i don't know. mix is, woke up will be the most compact woke up in history, more like an olympics. one of the reasons is cutters geographical size, but also the fact that they will only be 8 stadiums in use. his come all a santa maria back in the studio with a birds eye view. cutter is not a big place,
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top to bottom, give or take. it's a 195 kilometers with only a handful of cities outside of done ha. but that in theory will be a big advantage come world comp time. so let's go for a quick fly around the country. starting at the northern most venue. it's just outside the city of our core al bait stadium. designed to look like a giant arabian tent on november 18, it'll host the opening match of cut a 2022, making quite the statements for the 1st will cup to be held in the arab world. from there, it's 30 kilometers down the road. quite literally to the sale stadium. this is the biggest venue, the 80000 seater, which will host the final not complete just yet, but getting pretty close. now we're not actually into doha, propagate the sale of still north of the capital. and similarly, the i had been ali stadium is as far west as you will go in this tournament. absolute city limits here, but still accessible by train and with a giant shopping mall right next door. now we start getting into don't har, itself,
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this is education city stadium, within the confines, all as the name suggests, education city. this is where a lot of our international universities have their satellite campuses, halifax international stadium, the only existing stadium for this world cup. this was the main menu of the 2006 asian games, which was one of caught his 1st big international sporting events. it's since had a big upgrade then right over to the water's edge for easily the most unique venue were up to 6. now this is stadium 974974 because that's carter's international calling code. but also because 974 shipping containers were used in its construction entirely temporary, it'll be dismantled. post world cup alpha mamma stadium just recently opened and like al bait, it has the local touch. alpha mom is actually designed to look like a traditional kaffir that's the woven cap, warned by lot of men and boys in this region. and finally, al general stadium in the city of al walker. this is as far south as you'll go, but that's still only around 20 kilometers window has cbd, it's
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a unique design from the late iraqi architect. zuraw ha had it. so from al job in the south to our bait in the north there was only some 70 odd kilometers separating the 2 most remote venue. certainly a big change from the last 2 old cups held in russia and brazil. england are facing the possibility of another heavy defeat in the 2nd ashes, taste in adelaide, australia well on top of the day to me on a slab of shame, got a century before being dismissed to 103 steve smith's standing in as captain. because pat cummins was a close contact to a coven, 19 case, he had 93, and we can keep a batsman alex kerry also got a half century straight, decayed on 473 for 9 england ending with a shaky 17 for 2 in reply that's all for now. we'll be back in a few hours of sports. i think that'll be at 15. 45 gmc, but stay with you and al jazeera after the break. we've got another news update for you. we'll see you then
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blue in hebron boys breathe and fly pigeons. but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also closely watched vice railey forces at times shot up and often arrested. a delicately told tale filmed over 5 years of a coming of age and a place where even a child's imagination is heavily restricted. the skies above had brought a witness documentary on a jazeera ah mother, nature's gift of cold full landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish, were greeted even supplied by tradition. where
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beautiful possibilities are offered. it was supposed to be a refuse, but south korea's brothers home was allegedly the scene of torture brave. and even murder one or one east investigates the crimes and those set to be behind them on al jazeera. with with
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awe health officials in the u. s. sideline, the johnston, johnson, crone of iris job. i've a rack cases of blood clotting ah, clubs, the whole rahman watching all their life. my headquarters here in doha. also coming up the you and says all sides in ethiopia, we're guilty of committing severe human rights violations. and calls for an end to the conflict 11 here since the arabs spring tennesseans a back on the streets calling for greater change.


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