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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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but a plume of moisture for western areas of scandinavia. next up we've got to talk about the temperatures, they're starting to fall. so for example, of saturday london 8 degrees that is slightly below average, but get used to it because that's how the next few days is going to go. your 5 day shows us just a high of 4 degrees on wednesday, and night time temperatures are they could be sub 0 as we had wednesday into thursday. but there is some warmth to be had as we look toward iberia this pocket here in seville at 21 degrees. lisbon bang on average with a high of 15 across the balkans, we do have some cloud that's gonna generate some showers and a bit of snow as well. so sophia bulgaria, just looking to pick up a light dusting. but the energy really over a turkey and the eastern med so disturbed weather here through the levant, really raw feeling day and is stumble just a hive. 6 degrees rain will turn to snow. for example, in ankara and for the top band of africa, we've got some showers brushing up against the northern coast of libya and egypt on friday. that sure weather update. we'll see again soon.
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ah, ah, there's a lot more to al jazeera than t v. with our website mobile app, social media and podcast, al jazeera digital is a world of award winning online content and portal, bring to the very best of it. they're trying to frighten the people to levy to go somewhere else. but the truth is that they've got nowhere else to go. so if you miss it online, cats, it here with me and her gotten on autism. from the al jazeera london broke authenticate to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitation. what is even more and to me that mouth is system innovation? systems design and system transformation? part one of human rights activists, q, me, 90 and environmentally. when own electric lived as you have the fossil fuel era my
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entire life, and i'm looking for a graceful transition out of it. judy, be unscripted on his era. oh, a book about what should be out there with me? the whole rom, the reminder of all hope. stories geez, of nations. a warning be on the con, strain of the current virus is the biggest current threat to global public health. the group is calling to better coordination among countries to fight the cro virus pandemic. official say 5 people are being held in one of the most powerful tropical storm to the philippines, a share, more than 300000 people have been displaced in the southern and central region u. k prime minister barak johnson's under increasing pressure. conservative party.
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last, the bi election for a seat is held for almost 200 years, is being interpreted as a vote, a backlash against a series of controversy. china is to see what it calls a deplorable us donald impulse because of the mistreatment of the muslim. we can minority us senate unanimously voted to force goods, manufacturers and changing region to prove false labor hasn't been use that the ministry of foreign affairs in beijing says the us is making excuses to control chinese impuls may vomiting. keep you, angel pasha on. can you enter the us, the price is chinese enterprises and companies by every means, such as severely violating the market principle and international trading roles seriously harms the interests of chinese institutions. and companies. we deplore and firmly opposed that we use the us to correct it's wrong doing and we will take all necessary measures to uphold the rights and interests of chinese institutions
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and companies. a diplomatic appointment was delayed to allow the weaker force lay back to pass. alan fisher has more than that from washington d. c. so the u. s. senate has no confirmed jo biden's nominee to be the new ambassador to china. he is nicholas boncey as a veteran diplomat. but the whole process was essentially on hold. because a number of republican senators wanted to push through that what they call the weaker force labor prevention act. now it passed through the house and it has passed through the senate by unanimous consent. and this essentially says that any individual or company important goods from the gen jang area of china must be able to prove that there was no force labor involved in the goods that were produced. a number of human rights organizations have said that the mainly muslim wiggers are being used in force labor camps. now, the chinese embassy here in washington says there was allegations are without foundation. and they insist that the measures taken by the senate will gum up the
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global supply chain. simple fact is that that bill is now heading to the old resolute desk in the oval office, and joe biden is expected to sign it in the coming days. it hasn't been a good day for us china relations because we heard from the commerce department that they were going to impose sanctions on a number of companies, including a drone company. because according to the commerce department, they were acting not in the best us national interest. now if you add that to the, the, the investment band that was imposed last week, you can see why people are seeing that relations between beijing and washington or that perhaps their worst in a generation. the turkish president as meeting african foreign ministers to discuss trade. that the meeting and a stumble comes ahead of saturday's leaders summit on economic corporation. trade between turkey and africa is worth more than $25000000000.00. turkish present rep
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dive or the one is expected to negotiate the sale of more weapons, including drones versus other drugs. been out here in dough, hard to discuss this further good. have you with us, sir, on the program? i mean, there are competing, you might say powers in africa all vying for turkeys attention and turkey. very interested in a region that's already got a lot of foreign competition in a district. well, i think the african countries have been looking for their alternative options and due to their colonial luggage, and also the accumulated daft as well while dealing with the countries such as france and china. but for turkey, so particularly when it come to their sub saharan countries, it doesn't have a call on your luggage. and their way that they made a make business is not about the equity. 5th. that so that is given a kind of a competitive advantage for, for turkey and when it comes to their construction,
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which african countries definitely needs or did there the food industry and did the military coup mans that doesn't a necessity of any kind of regulation. legal regulations that restrict their operations and so on. so trek is becoming very much appealing. so the defense industry is quite appealing, particularly for the companies like nigeria, like it to appear while they are dealing with domestic conflicts. and the food industry is quite why blend in turkey and the business not are involved in that. and they are like it because they're the trade in the foods are good to over 100 countries and construction is definitely one of the competitive edge that tricky. compet almost all around the were so, and also tax style. so this is meek, into a very much appealing for the african, a nations i think, thought from turkey's perspective is, is it sort of state driven, or is this private enterprises and private companies that have got the mission
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opposite from the state to go forward casino instantly permission directly from your government to actually move forward. i think it's both, but um, but it is led by the state. it's a state policy ag one r, since 2005 has called turkey as an afro you re asian country. so it was a state vision, and we can see that since 2005, it's a quarter pulled. it's diplomatic presence in africa. increase in its embassies from 12 to 42 and the turkish airlines just in 2005. it was flying only to now north africa, but now you can see the us that it has. it is flying to 50 destinations in all we're are but 30 countries across the, the, across the continent. and you look at the trade figures as well. you will see that in 2005, it was $5500000000.00 trade between the continent and turkey, but now it is over $26000000000.00. so everyone has visited 27 countries in africa, which makes him,
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they did the de number one in terms of the frequency of the wizard as in none african liter. so it is quite a state policy, but also did the particular the rise of the, the middle class, it trickles to how that because the need businessman's entropy leaders we're looking for the alternate is we're looking for the for, for, for the, the did the 1st time granted in west as well, and africa has been a great opportunity for that. it is a state policy, but the did the private entrepreneurs also very much interested in it. indeed, we'll see what the final communique is all about her to morrow will be will wrestle sorta, thanks for joining us. now the you and says it's receiving credible reports at all sides. and if you, if you conflict are committing severe, she been rights violations. it also says an estimated $5.00 to $7000.00 people have been detained since last month. under the government state of emergency measures. the nation wide state of emergency announced on to november is leading to significant human rights concerns on a very broad scale. notably,
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the state of emergency authorizes the arrest search and detention of anyone suspected of supporting that the great people's liberation front and the aroma liberation army designated paris groups in may 2021. this excessively broad provision has led to mass arrests and detentions of thousands of opinions, including united nation stuff. and according to the committee to protect journalists at least 14 journalists, most of those arrested are ethic to grants. a sir crossover to malcolm web, whose monitoring events from kenya's, capital, nairobi. and now it does seem the international community is very concerned about the situation. any fee and the ongoing violence some parts of the international community with the european union. it's requested this extraordinary session of the un human rights council that sifting right now
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the european union, the driving force find the attempt to set up the international commission. although we've heard that some of its biggest dakota needs some of the most powerful members of the european union. i've actually been quite reluctant to go ahead with other members as a driving force. now the u. k. and the u. s. it also expressed concern about right to be in this conflict the us state department just last week said it was concerned about reports that to grey and forces that committed killings and rates in the horror region. now the government itself, objects to this submission being set up, it says it has the capacity to investigate these allegations of abuse is delivered justice domestic leave it right to say in spite of repeated promises to do so that today it failed to do that. but we'll find out in the coming hours exactly which of the 47 members of the human rights count will be voting in favor of this commission
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and which ones will be voting again. obviously what one does, what the outcome could be in the long term in, in the short term, we'll be seeing a great deal of instability across ethiopia at the moment. oh the benefit even rights council will in the coming out based on whether or not this commission should be set up. and if a majority vote against a rights group, say that that means an opportunity will be missed to apply some profecia to all sides to prevent further abuse these rights groups say that means the act is responsible for these kinds of abuses will carry on with impunity. committing these, these kinds of atrocities, killings, rapes and arrests and so on that we heard about just a few minutes ago. on the other hand, if a majority of the members both in favor and a commission will be set up similar to the one that we've seen for the conflicts in syria and in south sea dawn, it will have a mandate probably to investigate,
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to publish reports and recommendations, possibly a mechanism to gather evidence for these crimes that are allegedly committed rights group, say that that will have an effective prevention effect on the actors who are accused of to missing these kinds of abuses. welcome up, the in lab, be thank you. now with one year to go until easy. so world cup cattle is investing in its torrison sector. it's lost its largest ever campaign in the hopes of becoming the fastest growing destination in the middle east. let's find a series of events for the coming year. alexandra buyers reports now from doha, at one of those attractions it takes a special kind of person to be a hot air balloon pilot. they wake up every morning waiting to see where the elements will take them. but after checking the forecast and making the final call,
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they spring into action. for 10 days, dozens of hot air balloons are launching over doha. at sunrise. it's part of the 2nd cat are balloon festival, but owning it has been very mrs. surcharge. and i've been innovation on my career. we wanted to bring in something which was unique and to have them. there's a safety briefing, but these pilots have years of experience and soon it's time to take off. there are 40 balloons at the festival this year, representing 12 countries. while this spectacle rises above the skyline, every morning, far below doha is bustling with events geared towards attracting tourists ahead of next year's world cut, museums and galleries are putting on exhibitions, concert halls, or drawing music lovers. there's a food festival along the cities waterfront, and of course, thousands filling the stadiums for the fever arab cup. after an hour,
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it's time to land. it's really unlike any other kind of flight work. when you fly, it's all very gentle in an aircraft, you turn against the wind, so you get turbulence and it's all a little bumpy for as you found out today, we just glide along on the wind. so it's just an amazing experience for a magic coin. carpet is the best way to describe it. oh, ah, organizers say, 11000 people came through the balloon festival on its 1st 2 days. as for next year, they plan to bring in even more balloons and more visitors and offer locals and tourists alike and experienced they won't soon forget. alexander buyers al jazeera, doha, well, still had all over there. we bought all the schools deals with peter. that's right, so we'll have the latest action from the 2nd national say, says australia build a big school against england. and as livable, big new castle,
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we ask how long the premium can keep going. i mean, the latest code the 19 outbreak. ah
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ah ah oh, for welcome to al jazeera, special coverage of the fee for arrow cup the tournament dudley up of the major warmup event for the casa world cup. next. yeah. hello, are you still with covered 19, once again, starting to impact sports all around the world. but we still got plenty coming up, including we'll hear from one of afghanistan's greatest football,
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the exports on her fears for the game and for women in her homeland will also bring you the latest ashes, cricket action as australia build a big school against england on day 2 of the 2nd phase, where we start with the latest wave of covert 19, which is hitting sport all over the world. these are pictures from the n h l game between the material canadians and the philadelphia flyers in canada. it has to be played in an empty arena after a request from the quebec public health officials to slow the spread of the virus, even with no home crowd. and here's the canadians who won the game 32 in a shootout with a gold tender caving primo saving every shootout attempt over in england. half of this weekend's premier need. football fixtures have been postponed due to outbreaks at clubs. actually united's game with brighten one of those cold off, as united, would have had just 7 players available, had gone ahead. a total of 9 matches have been cancelled in a week. those matches at all going ahead are still taking place in full capacity
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stadiums, including at anfield with liverpool, 131 against newcastle, united by liverpool themselves, who are missing 3 players who tested positive for coven 19. they include virgil vandyke, fabio, and curtis jones. a manager, yoga cup, says it's uncertain how things will go from here. this virus is no round us so long that it's not really likely that it will stay at 3 a close though the boys thought have a lot of spare time time to go wherever they could pick it, though all of them are fully vaccinated. most 2 of them over to had already the booster and, and it still can happen. that's just how it is, but we have a really, really good chance that the boys get through it now without proper symptoms. so far they don't have any symptoms. there were more surprised than us that they had it. but that's what you have to accept and that's what we do. chelsea will without 4 of their players against everton, because of pockets and coven 19 tests. including star striker rama lulu cargo. they
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were healthy, one wonder what stanford bridge chelsea of only $12.00 of the last 5 lea games now . and they have dropped in the lead table from 1st to 3rd. now, the president of you, a phase urging players across europe to get vaccinated as quickly as they can. european footballs, governing body is set to launch a video aimed at players which features doctors explaining the benefits of covered 19 jabs. i think that they should get vaccinated as soon as possible, but they still believe for now it's a personal choice. and we have to be smart. we have to explain things. people are not stupid. people understand when you explain in a nice way, not just judging them, but to explain why vaccination is good. organizers of the africa cup of nations insist the tournament in cameron. we'll go ahead next month despite resistance from european clubs about releasing players. because of rising cases of the army kron
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variant, the event was postponed last year because of the pandemic. and in the past few days is in speculation. the competition could face a further delay. $24.00 teams are expected to take part in the month long tournament, which starts on january the 9th yona social's university. and there is an association that says european clubs are not going to release players. as far as i know, they are not the employers of these players because players have individual contracts and the release of players is dictated by fee for regulations. the things are moving forward, and there is no reason at the moment to suggest we are postponing the competition. ah no games here at the fee for arab campus. we wait for saturdays final between algeria and to nivia. but we have had the chance to talk to nadia nadine,
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who left afghanistan as a child refugee before going on to a top level football career. nadeem has been a star striker for her adopted denmark since 2009. and last year she won the french title with paris centureman. she's now playing for louisville in the united states . while she pays to go on to a medical career. nadine told paul reese that seeing women's football develop in afghanistan had been a great joy at the taliban takeover may stump future generations of girls doing the same. you know, a mission to watch, you know, the right step on the right direction. i would say because for me again, i don't understand why force is something that is all out. i embody the everything that the taliban know women to, to sample. and again, i don't think i'm a bad person, so i don't understand why do they want people to be like me?
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so we can having like a, you know, a female football team. my sister youngest especially giana, was the keeper for the advocate team. couple of games i, i thought was like a huge step because that's how you're going to inspire the coming generation, the, how you going to kind of change the metallic varies and maybe the culture and the country. but unfortunately, as it isn't right now, i know a lot of the, the girls are spread every corner of the world and my, my, my father who was a general napkin military and the mom was inspected at the school. and then how about getting power kind of thing changed? my dad was killed unfortunately, because he was a general. and from that, we somehow arrived to denmark where we'll give him the 2nd chance and where my life started. as i know today was the change was at the referee. she came that i was saying, i was the 1st time i actually saw women's football. i knew what was,
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but i've never thought that girls are allowed to play or play this. was there a glimmer of how big them play his last month, you know, happy that there are lots to play even though not in the garrison. you know it's, it's sad that such a simple thing. a football is just a game that you know, even a lot to play that in your own country. are they afraid? that's women and girls are going to be empowered or maybe some somehow feel they're equal, which should be? well, they're scared. maybe i don't know. for now, we'll get sports. education won't even allow me. the 1st step is been able to go to school. and then you know, that's something we have to change 1st and then the 4th is going to be the naturally 2nd step. i hope though, but i don't know makes you woke up will be the most compact world cup in history.
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more like in the lympics. one of the reasons is causes geographical size, but also the fact that there are 8 stadiums, the lowest mem before a world cup has come off santa maria, back in the studio with a boots. i view cuts are, is not a big place. top to bottom, give or take 195 kilometers with only a handful of cities outside of done ha. but that in theory will be a big advantage come world comp time. so let's go for a quick fly around the country starting at the northern most venue. it's just outside the city of our core, our bait stadium. designed to look like a giant arabian 10th on november 18. it'll host the opening match of cut to 2022, making quite the statements for the 1st will cut to be held in the our world. from there, it's 30 kilometers down the road. quite literally to the sale stadium. this is the biggest venue, the 80000 seater, which will host the final not complete just yet, but getting pretty close. now we're not actually into doha, propagate. the sale is still north of the capital. and similarly, the had been ali stadium is as far west as you will go in this tournament. absolute
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city limits here, but still accessible by train and with a giant shopping mall right next door. now we start getting into har itself. this is education city stadium. within the confines of, as the name suggests, education city, this is where a lot of international universities have the satellite campuses holly for international stadium, the only existing stadium for this world cup. this was the main venue of the 2006 asian games, which was one of his 1st big international sporting events. it's since had a big upgrade then right over to the water's edge for easily the most unique venue we're up to 6. now this is stadium 974974 because that's called his international calling code. but also because 974 shipping containers we used in its construction entirely temporary, it'll be dismantled. post world cup out the mamma stadium just recently opened. unlike our bait, it has the local touch alpha mom is actually designed to look like
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a traditional garcia. that's the woven cap, warned by lot of men and boys in this region. and finally, our general stadium in the city of i'll walk right. this is as far south as you'll go, but that's still only around 20 kilometers from cbd. it's a unique design from the late iraqi architect, the her id. so from algebra and the south to abate in the north, there is only some 70 or kilometers separating the 2 most remote venue. certainly a big change from the last 2 cups held in russia and brazil. and let's just bring you a quick update on the ashes a it stay to of the 2nd se in adelaide, australia, a well on top against england. monosyllabic shane. got his century. it will be dismissed to 103, steve smith's standing in as captain, because pat cummins was a close contact to recover 19 case. 893, and we could keep it best when alex kerry also go to half century australia, declaring 473 for line england of 17, for 2 in reply. that's all sorts of out will be back in a few hours time for more schools at $1545.00 gmc,
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but stay with us and out there we'll see. begin off to the break. mm. mm hm. and i have come back to san diego to we visit the fascinating path to policy in history. they were crazy, creative, even visionary. they were taught lesta not to realistic. was them as a child during and just pops into people still love them. it was basically too bad to be true, but they were predicting can committee heal ethnic divisions and national tensions that exist in both these today. once upon a time in sarajevo on algebra,
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in the next episode of thrice nick kong joined to greenpeace crew on a voyage through the widow sea to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile antarctic ecosystem against an expanding list of manmade threats. beneath the surface of magnificent desolation is just tv with life releases. so the remotest rules are until it take sanctuary on al jazeera. this one's feared war lord, during lay barriers, decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy he has done with treat sheldon has attracted their helpless symphony and ass protected him in effect from public call situation. despite the recommendations made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord,
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liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country. ah, health officials in the u. s. sideline, the johnson and johnson combine of ours chapel as a rare cases of blood clotting ah, phenomena with veronica and this is al jazeera and live from dog. ha. also coming out. the u. n. says old signs in ethiopia and guilty of committing severe human bytes violations and colds for an end to the conflict. 11, yes. was the out spring to museums a back on the streets quoting for greater change.


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