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all around the foot of the stock too. and this is where they produced in the green houses of the so chimerical district on the outskirts of the city. perhaps it was inevitable. the egg of florida is that say good flowers in english is dedicated his life to them from may when they 1st planted his livelihood rests on these plants. doing well, recommend this healing good. it practically, it's a year's income and a lot of families depend on this more than one half barrels and families just in such a mil coker from work. and they're hoping for big bounce in sales as met. screw continues to open up in christmas comes. john holman, out is eda metzger, city ah, hello again, almond metronome and dar hall with the headlines on al jazeera u. s. president joe biden has warned unvaccinated people face severe illness is the alma chron, variance spreads. meanwhile,
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health officials have recommended americans choose the pfizer or more done of vaccines instead of johnson and johnson because of rare cases of clotting. at least 19 people have died in japan after a fire in a psychiatry clinic in osaka. and it's feared that number would rise, but he's a reportedly investigate him, suspected arson victims with want to have suffered from heart and long failure. fatty salami has more from torture. we have got this fire walk out in 8 saudi building in quito award in osaka city very close to the main station or soccer station in the middle of the city. and the 4th floor, which was medical clinic and it seems that it's used for psychiatric treatment. fire broke out there about 20 meters with the square meters were burned, and the upper floors also. they were affected by the fire. now one of the most
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powerful tropical storms to the philippines this year has killed 5 people. the storms now weakening after 195 kilometer per hour winds on thursday, forced around $300000.00 filipinos from their homes and southern and central regions. tennesseans marking 11 years since the start of the arab spring by protesting both for and against the president. earlier this week, i side called a constitutional referendum for next july, a year after he seized broad powers and moves his opponents called a qu, u k. prime minister vas johnson's under increasing pressure off to his conservative party last, a bi election for receipt. it's held for nearly 200 years as being interpreted as boat of backlash against a series of controversies. and north korea has come to a standstill for 3 minutes of silence and memory of formerly to kim jong il. it's the 10th anniversary of his death state media called for national unity during the hardships of the pandemic. those are the headlines on algae 011 east is coming up.
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next. i've come back to san diego to revisit the fascinating part of calcium history. they were crazy, creative, even visionary. they were top lesta, not realistic. i was them as a child during and just pops and people still loved them. it was basically too bad to be true. what they were predicting can comment to heal ethnic divisions and national tensions that exist in both you today. once upon a time in sarajevo on al jazeera south korea's brothers home was assigned to one of the countries was to peacetime atrocities. with a good in my torn slaves, right, beaten,
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uneven, killed, cooperating from cooper. cooper, high blood pressure issues with decades later survive is, is still fighting for justice in the 2nd part of our investigation. one 0, one east exposes those allegedly, behind the atrocity. recently marianne jolly from l. g 0, living thousands of kilometers away from his elijah victims. we tracked down one of them here in australia recently am ah. 6 celebrated by the south korean government as a refuge from the homeless. the high walls of the notorious brothers own concealed, grotesque greed and criminality. operating during the 19 seventies and
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eighties under a government policy to read the streets of vagrants. the more people it took in the more money it would receive accused by survivors of kidnap and a legal confinement at the pinnacle of the brothers home was a church here, its head, former military man, park, and coon held so called people's trials. were those who tried to escape were mercilessly beaten, or one of them was li chase. chic. all i know sold out of call to the la garza palatez taylor, william welch. i got your hand on for me for this vehicle, for what was on as an error on, on as and if i'm wrong and i was following up on her caching casualty muscles, orange with him at the end of the beatings parks, brother in law, limb young soon who was both a director of the home and a newly ordained pastor would take over, according to survivors like choice on woo,
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immune from mccullough. so. yes ray them. and on the made or more yeah, good. later mold you plenty of use or someone pass did really clear the monitor under the hoodie channels voice when you can survive is accused parking limb of using religion to justify the who if it abuse and to then profit from their pain to cause a lot of it are some other law chung other unions as house i will examine, manage on going keep going to go out to similar. new al horner eligible lee was made to copy drugs to thank you. letters to send to donors. within there is a so central push, a political joke on interesting some which i will assume you are more you they got to talkin that article more peers attrition, elijah mo, kill you. the whole money turned him also to wanted to see his in august in mid i.
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hey eva law, any time in the medicine, the tamani was hungry. the brothers home had a share in the lucrative international adoptions business sourcing from its baby and infants. platoon for national and international christian adoption agencies made regular visits to the homer. children like one young book who was 10 when he arrived at the home will need to perform for the guests christmas, a repository the other day. i mean young, google hill, hundreds or more, karen co makeover the woman go convo children, lambs aren't going to go in clinical toyota, whom do i in, and i run to rural per your policy number one man is also called, i was in global hel, convey tagging in a book to william over a combo, pastor lim oversaw a highly publicized campaign,
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supposedly to reunite children at the facility with their families. but survivors say it was a sham amelie to bring in more donations or were willing, i'm all only did. she was avoiding either daughters on to can, can general that actually either go gymatorium all could you move on to their own funding to the attorney. one was one of those kids printing an antique to her chocolate, tipped raggedy. it will fill already with somebody will ever make our crew. they got oregon took apart in the old one by modeling our tongues and perusal. i'm to wanting to tell you on one bill and survivors suspect this wasn't the only sham. she told me their portal wasn't there to talk with you mother, or they wound really mothers, huyin a la cartoon. we're young, we are more shouting at your own china attorneys, lee believe say was stock,
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paul for profit. and it appears from our investigations that pastor liam, and parkin can had criminal form when it came to clothing donations. we found in 1976 newspaper article reporting the 2 were arrested and charged with embezzlement . so at that time, there were running an early version of the brother's home and profiting out of don't down to clothing, selling thousands of dollars worth to retail stores. and then just a few months later, part changed his name from parks on hoc to parkin. and they set up a new version of the brothers home with him as the hand and limb young soon as a director. and this is after they were charged with embezzlement. but in the governments, 1981 brothers home promotional film,
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it's the inmates who portrayed as the criminal whistle. nod your head on parks, wife lim, sung soon makes a cameo appearance as the victim of a violent assault. but survive is a leg. she was anything bosh a victim, like a husband and her brother passed her name. she used religion to wield power even against boys who, when they bid a survivor hon jong son, tells us, are going to probably gonna or, or to will use little real apple tree or mr. microsoft budget or to time that i'm good on. things are, well, you don't what the real time ago come the hub, we'll get coding on own and there are saudi, and as you might, will, jr, mr. me that route, you know, community or how so to linen a don't go about doing it to the good. great. another honda accord enabled on a jr museum is on richard focus jo. internationally respected human rights activist parkway gun labels. her actions criminal you home. yeah,
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i've gone google go google doc golden milestone. google don't don't update. the film also shows parks family eating with the inmates. but this too was the shirad. say survivors like yon thing, murray. and, but we'll talk to tom on clar no tongue would shoot tongue. you're picked, i'd ship a place on monday. she is a waddle. no one's angler woman pop, choked up morton, who thorough mark more of a circle called to gay, who had taken young hon. so should know when she was 14, she says she was forced to work in the family compound as a nanny and cleaner. the pastor limb sister lemon soon, and her husband brothers home director, ju john chon, who she says was abusive was home would come to any time with them or you go,
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how cool with it, and hope to source. but for young been robbed of an education, was even worse before she was snatched from the streets. she lived with her family and was in year 3 at school at the brothers home, the closest she got to school was observing parks, youngest daughter, park thing, go to your pool or her co had the whole walk, how good home and that had. so i think that hometown kid couldn't get through it. so i think i got a son who her her good more low. when you can do r go both of a, grew your room to room. the finger will good tempo. in 1986, the family sent her back to the platoon. they were on the move. shortly afterwards passed a limb, left the country to set up
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a new life for the family in australia. it was a timely exit in december 1986, acting on a tip off a bazaar prosecutor photograph men with clubs guarding workers at her brother's home construction site. a few weeks later, the home was rated more than 5 and a half $1000000.00 worth of foreign currencies in today's value was sees from the safe lifetime engine cars on the home. you built your parking lot in january 1997 with cameras rolling parking can was arrested and charged with embezzlement and a legal confinement. but he was ultimately acquitted of a legal confinement and never held to account for the cruelty and abuse. despite a pile of affidavits from victims, including counting, june, bore you from hurley for no time po. number control, little pattern of hunting go wrong.
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wrong. even glue will to younger little gene shooters law. in the early 19 eighties, the korean government had presented park with 2 metals for his work at the brothers home and had even recruited him as an advisor on social welfare. going to go under window or door or present she. so you're going to go to your new tongue. good roy, he meant to filter, you know, would only do ego for english polluters, who did a blow, certainly toner, up until the reward bode a war according to prison, counselor, parkman, song. the government was terrified of having the spotlight turned on it. i only could go who told her, you know, this is sitting in the, on the hot out or who got all tunnel degree. buckingham 0. who you had a, me could go 20th all who go to,
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to warren number would all who i would it hug agreement had to had to rattle her own crockett hang muffle retrieval. crew into full, her hebrew. mm hm. no, i didn't know the social needed when it came to the embezzlement charges. the prosecutor found that over just 2 of the 12 he is, it operated the home received government subsidies worth more than $11000000.00 today. and all that a 3rd was embezzled. on top of this, it's estimated that tens of millions of dollars in today's value that should have been paid to inmates for the label was also stolen. despite the large scale fraud, park was sentenced to just 2 and a half years in prison. garage over on the card to little warm propound her grandma's reply.
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meanwhile in australia, brother's home director limb young soon was trying to find a foothold and from el investigations he was without funds. according to this document, from the prosecutor's investigation in just a 2 years before the facility, shut down almost $800000.00 in today's value, was embezzled through lim young soon. and other family members accounts lou sydney coupled. peter, you and margaret song were oblivious to the family's dark past. with a shortage of korean pastors in australia, when limb young soon approached, they suburban korean church in 1986, it was more than happy to sponsor him for a permanent residence razor had i woke said he got her to the door. okay. off your hotel is self contained and her clinic only got one little of 2 panels hang our head t couple say they helped him settling to sydney even finding this house for him to
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buy lim, paying more than a $100000.00 for it. in 1988, but they say they became alarmed when he began to exert his pow physically can name oak san antonio, mom did all the coil and the guy pens. i is also the pedro hulu dog gon gonzalieras . what is cell comox? her probably the appeal guard yagi sheronica true. so tongue for the charge will can you miss howard? i will as soon as his permanent residency came through lim left the church. the couple say they regret helping him that i'm here with you. i'm with them and i'm gonna go with them with us vakio. so back in career by the end of 1989 park and coon was out of prison, an extraordinarily back in the social welfare business owner. nobody. well will
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children jago each other with her teacher mother, her touch router? and despite his criminal record, park managed to convince the strain authorities to give him a visa. he and his wife began traveling regularly to sydney to visit their children and in laws. in 1990 park and his brother in law lim, young, soon bye, known as trading resident, set up their own church. limb was a pastor and park became an esteemed elder. they got cancelled in the me of some of the curriculum in chunk of a former member of the congregation. yon shim understands park finance. the church with funds from korea. tony put over more certain palm of seneca from the apple journal. ponder is upon it, rich, he says, part bought the church property for retreats, outside of sydney in picturesque kangaroo valley,
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but later sold it. and in garden community, it was thought had you go thought i was on the que human there, her tongue, william the sick girl called revision hunger. and according to beth's own counselor, parkman, song, money from park also flowed further afield. hortshoi, a new toyota in napoleon, good inmate to muscle woman tore her swollen. doesn't go crew. punky hm. so via julia, alaska. and it appears the connections benefited. lim young. soon to over the next couple of decades. the former pastor and director of the infamous brothers home became the thing you figure in the astray in korean presbyterian church featuring on youtube and in local christian magazines. after establishing a family church in 1995 park set up a family company in australia,
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the directors were himself, his wife limb, sung soon her impostor, limb sister li mean soon married to former brother's home director ju, john, john, a new son in law, alex mean just a few months later, the company bought this gulf driving range and sports complex. for $1400000.00 holiday inn to corporate of household hunter, helped able cio natoya into a package to hunt a valuable cooper. you had ordered p. m. do puerto rico 2 motion cookie it in there, and according to these 2003 accounts sees from when a parks bruce on wolfy centers, funds continued to flow to the family in australia, including to buy a car for more than $40000.00 on a boat for almost $35000.00, but not it seems to pay employees. hon. who are you this year most. now living
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back in bu san among kuhn had been an inmate at the brother's home before being shipped out to a strayer on non work visit visas and put to work a legally at the family's driving range. he says he worked from dawn until after midnight, 6 days awake, only to be beaten by park when he visited from korea. overtures, how don't you hold up 3. mo wouldn't avenue lollo. never thought one more or the longer with the full work claims he was promised he be paid, but his he only ever received a $160.00 pendle from the mother hub, either for, for no one to luther or from the hub. the wall in 2013 parks, criminal ways would back in the spotlight in korea. he and his son parks. hong kong
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were charged with embezzling money. from this now abandoned social welfare center in bison. his son was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in jail. but because park now had dementia, his charges was suspended for more than 30 years, survivors had suffered alone in silence. but hans young son could no longer contain his anger, 5 percent, or more than from the actual always fun to war, magnum, konica. i losing the memory to walk of sneaker currently j. i'm good at all. been throwing down and again, little concerned on there. tom did x, i presume consumer when he got too much, people are nowhere in 2012. he started a loan protest in front of the national assembly and wrote and illustrated a book about his time at the brothers home. capturing the media is
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a nation's attention. and over to coaching one, not com. you can settle some concluding uterus from new york to lecture on your own. these are who are you? go, alter to the, are you going to come in? when she mcdonald was the one with all the children, fellow survivor choice on woo hoo. together with his younger brother spent 5 years of his childhood dropped the brothers home. join hands fight for justice, hook up issue on this one. okay. then right. oh no, no longer with all the 5 t pensions on could you can more control the jammed on. finally, in november, 2018 came powerful support. the countries then prosecuted general moon mu, ill making a t a full apology to victims. we have to pay $30.00 federal pipes. these are more
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trouble then the you didn't and what it was, how are you post them if they are bomb d. p. how are they? ended up in may 2021 koreans truth and reconciliation commission began for years of hearings into the brothers home with his death in late 2016 park will once again avoid facing interrogation over abuses, but survive is a calling for his family and in laws in australia to be brought back for questioning, as well as to have their asset sales. where could the corners hutches have ordered legal cut, but she put it on call. jr, lorenzo. she wanted pedo to publish upon former brothers home pastor limb young soon is at the top of the survivors, least again, going on with the auto group and did all children, whether the geo hang them out and you could,
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will put king shuttle. i will door morgan on good problem, did ontario good tom cook and clara wall teaching or a walk on on and on. the main goal is from the main, dora we are going to cook at once and but on, on my mental mercado to i'm not, i will count our shooter now retired. we observe leave young soon at home after his game of golf and doing chores. when we approached him for in each of you, he initially agreed, but then call back to cancel. i mean, you're telling my colleagues, susan kim, his reason was the family's church. they don't want to negatively impact the church . i'm more concerned about the church then the victim. that's right. and when i said to him, do you have any intention of apologizing to the victims? he laughed and he said, apologize for walked. we visit the number one i said,
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brothers home survivors won't seized a huge family golf. driving right. the sprawling sports complex is now in the hands of parks. youngest daughter g, he anthony law, alex mean, poorly maintained. it's been listed for sale since 2019 for more than $11000000.00 . the real estate page, post rental income of more than $300000.00 a year, quarter or put on the spot in her swelling as her e. g. temperature will, partying, or her. the off the how to not all you can live to put you to move in with the typical, you know him go go to leader, 100 mill passenger court. she's a punitive tenant, eaten tiny chip, huge other vcr tape, tougher park g. he's public social media site is plastered with photographs of
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their families overseas adventures when we track her down at their family church after dawn service, she's not keen to talk with ha, very, i'm only from al jazeera. we just like to ask you about accusations that your family had, both the driving range with embezzled money from the brothers home. what do you say to that? why want to answer our questions? you were, i told at the brothers home, what do you say about that? have gears in a phone call. her husband told us there were only obliged to answer questions in a court of law. the last to leave the church young soon finally appears recently. marianne dully from l to 0. i really like to ask you about brothers home sick today saying that you completed in the horrific abuse at the brothers home. or do you say to that recently, why won't you sit down and speak with us and, and to the allegation recently,
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am they survivors are in pain and suffering. why won't you speak to us? ah, god, you'll come to me and i'm you. some she minute or is yoga men met me to do chasm albums. to look good mom julie casa, me know, op toledo nicely and either put it on a, a little target that she probably tell me it's been a long, difficult journey for the survivors of her brother is home. most struggle emotionally, physically and financially. mm. many like choice song, worries, brother, have taken their lives didn't just had on singing to phantom or middle tongue guy named had got the one on
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you. could you, when your head can plug in good me rather than do you mean from walked out of good could years in the lead. all got to republican crunches on you loose from the atrocities may have happened decades ago. but for those who endured them, the night may will continue, at least until justice is done. the u. s. o was of interest to people around the world. people pay attention to work with on here, and i'll do this very good. they're bringing the news to the world from here. with,
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[000:00:00;00] with, ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, the whole rahman you watching the out there. a news are live from our headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. you as president joe biden, wards of a surgeon cases of the amazon barian saying it's critically important for people to
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get vaccinated. also rescue operations underway in the philippines, africa slammed by one of the most powerful storms of the year. first, johnson,


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