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for central america storms to be expected from mouse stretching from monopoly to brazil, yet to rio de janeiro should be dry and flor novelists with the hive 26 degrees and also seen some storms in sao paulo. but dry and patagonia, commodore. 022 degrees. but that's actually a bit below average for the sum of the year. that's it. see later, for the weather, sponsored by katara always. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm so raman you watching the al jazeera news. our lie from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. france is restricting travel from the united kingdom to carved the spread of the armor crumb variant. tens of thousands of people in the philippines or falls to leave their homes as typhoon ry makes
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landfall. press freedom at risk. reporters with our borders says at least $46.00 journalists have been killed this year for doing their job. and bangladesh celebrates 50 years of independence, but for some, the split from pakistan remains a painful memory. and i'm he to same it of all your sports news. australia's cricket captain is ruled out of the 2nd ashes test after close contact with the cove at 19 case, and more games cancelled in the english premier league as the army kron variant hit salt worldwide. ah, welcome to the news. our countries around the world are recording their highest cove at 19 daily infections. since the start of the pandemic, france has banded non essential travel from the u. k to card the spread of the armor chrome variant. now that's as the united kingdom sees
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a record number of infections. south korean hospitals are being overwhelmed by a search in the number of critically ill patients. there are warnings, the system is on the brink of collapse. and on the african continent, the delta and the army con variance have driven infections up by nearly 83 percent . that's the fastest search anywhere in the world. this year. there's cars over to natasha butler's life threats, empowers keep an eye on what's going on really across europe. and of course, you might say france, tightening its gray upon its borders and certainly making it very clear to the united kingdom where they stand. yes, the french government's been watching the situation in the u. k. a very closely indeed. and they've decided to impose restrictions effectively. banning a non essential travel between the u. k. and france. effective from saturday. now, french citizens and residents will be able to return to france for anyone having to travel in this period of time. from saturday onwards, we'll have to have a p,
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c r t s or departure arrival. they will have to self isolate. the french government is says that it is particularly concerned of course about trying to stop the spread or the omicron variant. that is also something that he you leaders will be talking about in brussels cove at 19 is top of the agenda axis summit. there again, cases in many countries across the you have been soaring in recent weeks, and governments are trying to find ways to stop the spread of the delta vary and the on the kron variance. they are trying to save in a way of the holidays that are coming up in just a few weeks time. but we are expecting a several national governments to tighten a restrictions in the coming days. now some of the things the leaders will be looking at today, specifically, is trying to speed up the rollout of the booster vaccine program, trying to come up with measures to counter vaccine skepticism which has prevented
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some people from going to get a vaccine at all. so a lot on the table to day for you leaders and again, as in words of one, a greek prime minister, the greek from his, i should say, who said this really is another race against time? oh, of course. and i showed you say, you know, the pandemic is top of the gender at this iep meeting. there was going to talk about ukraine, iran, russia. but was a situation like in, in france as a whole, and you're walking around, you're talking to people, hopefully with your mascot, i'm sure, but you know, you're dealing with french people on the day to day basis. both the public and officials was a situation like where you are on the ground. or frances seen a real spike in a new infection cases in the last few weeks and factor some records have been broken here. we've seen higher infection daily rates here in the last few weeks than we saw, for example, in the 2nd wave last year. and that's cause
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a lot of concern for the government. so in terms of the way that is in fact, affecting people's lives. i mean, in a way, it's the same picture that we've seen over the last months, you know, more than a year now where people are facing an unpredictable future. they don't, i was going to happen next. they can't plan properly. they may have to cancel a holidays that are coming up with our friends and family. they're not sure what to do. a lot of people now are having to work from home because tight. strict restrictions have been tightened by the government in that way. and the government are also going to be meeting on friday to perhaps impose more restrictions because as i said, the schools do break up here in france on friday. and many people are looking forward to perhaps spending some of the holiday season with their family and friends. but i mean, what people are saying is they just simply don't know if they're going to have to do that. a lot of people are cancelling things. i think that's pretty much the picture across many countries in europe, without your buckler in paris. thanks very much. let sir cross over to rory
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challenz, who's in the british capital and joins me now. a rory, of course the infection rates are, as we've been saying, really worrying not just the authorities in paris, but certainly the authorities across the united kingdom. yeah, absolutely. the are the infection ready? are rates of amok cron her this new variance is estimated at the moment in the u. k . to be between $3.00 and $5.00. that means that infections are doubling every 2 days. a quarter of new infections are in london yesterday. wednesday. there was the highest number of infections of the whole pandemic so far in the u. k. 78000. that previous record was back in january of 68000. and so you can really see the pace at which all micron is ripping through the u. k. at the moment, but the government's so far is avoiding to avoiding re imposing
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strict restrictions. what it is doing in the bowman's, it's trying to urge people to change their behavior. had a press conference on wednesday for us. johnson said that he wasn't going to be closing restaurants and bars and cafes, et cetera. he was just going to ask people to think about whether they really needed to go out to them. professor chris witty, whose the government's chief sciences were said that he hopes that people are going to change the way that they are mingling with others over the christmas spirit of really think about whether they actually have to be doing that. now rebellious and peas in the conservative party or calling this? i think it definitely locked down by stealth. they're not very happy with it. but i have to say that i really have the mood with a country at the moment because people are listening to the advice and they are changing their behavior in the changing their behavior impacts all, not just the area. well, not just the area where you are, but a, in fact,
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it exemplifies exactly the types of businesses that will be affected by people changing their ways in the lead up to christmas. and of course the new year festivities. hey, absolutely, i'm going up to the sorry about the sound of that motivator. by the way, that is not disturbing. thinks so. we can hear you slightly immediately. islands dear to land. this is shars. very evident. good. good. yes it is this, this is just re avenue, the heart of learners. there's a lag. you can probably see theaters down the road behind me. there are many, many productions at the moment which are having to her at least shot down performances for a few days while staff go sick with the cobra, et cetera. so, you know, we've got lion king, which is having to her shots, her some performance is hamilton the hot new tickets in london, the mon would or a performance call cabaret at the kit kat club that's having to shut down performance as many, many more allowing the kinds, at least for
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a few days and restaurants to so tom carriage is a well known restaurants. her and chef tweeted out yesterday. here we are. this is the list of cancellations taken in one of our restaurants in the past. 6654 guests . so that shows that people are battling down once again and the problem this time for businesses in the hospitality and the entertainment sector is whereas previously, when lock bounds happens. and so every one was staying at home and performances and restaurants were shot. there was a lot of financial assistance from the government. this time there is absolutely nothing and businesses are on their own roach islands in central london. thanks very much for the update. now the african continent trails as the lowest vaccinated region in the world, it struggling to get doses into countries through the un backed kovak scheme. nicholas hack is in dac. owen says the lack of vaccine take up is causing concern.
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it's worrying because right now here in senegal, we've seen our 1st case of armor crohn, but this could just be the tip of the iceberg. there might be many more that are going under texted, and many more that just are simply are not going to get tested or not making their way to their health centers. there's the added issue of people not wanting to get vaccinated. i mean, the fear of the vaccine is spreading faster than this new variant, and this is having that disastrous consequences. while a couple of weeks ago, we saw heads of states, the south african president, president, senate go and others calling for more vaccines to be delivered in africa. the biggest challenge yet is to get those vaccines into those arms. there's this spread of miss information. we met a doctor who works at an emergency ward in senegal, here, who does not want to get back to needed. doesn't believe in the vaccine, simply because the patent that these pharmaceutical companies, the producers have, has not been waived. he says, as long as there's no vaccine produced in africa,
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i'm not going to get vaccinated. that's as a result. there's more than 200000 doses here in senegal, that has been destroyed 200000 more that are going to expire by the end of the month. and a 1000000 in nigeria that has been destroyed already was reported earlier. south korea seen a record high case count elsewhere in asia, indonesia because that's an 18 children. jessica washington reports from jakarta in town grown on the outskirts of jakarta, there was no this laughter and even a few tears. as these children became part of the coven. 19 vaccination, dr. watson. this one think it was a little uncomfortable when the needle pushed to my own, but after that i felt ok. hundreds of students in greater to counter received the shot as the government's campaign to vaccinate those in the 6 to 11 age group begins this week nichol. i feel a bit more brave to go and meet my friends. now. when the delta, very and spread through indonesia, from june to august, the nation experienced
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a surgeon child dance. now with the situation more under control and vaccines available for children, parents say they feel reassured, must be part of that. i feel it is safe and now it is like preparing an umbrella for the rain doctor. say it is an important step in making schools safer, on the vertical with the parents, the very encouraging for their children to get fascination. some children are brave, some cried, but we managed to vaccinate all these children with the many countries in the asia pacific were hit hard by the donors very. and now in the face of the army, chrome variant, they're trying to scale up the vaccination drive. the philippines is in the mid to the 2nd mass vaccination drive, and i don't have a lot of people are now afraid of dividing, stop, so they come have one. and i really the philippine government wants to have at least 54000000 people vaccinated by the end of the year. among them children aged
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between 12 to 17 authorities in south korea. the well say they have no choice, but to reintroduce restrictions of the weeks of soaring infections and calls from health workers to east pressure on overburdened hospital. we've seen a huge spike in the number of daily new cases, but also we've seen a significant increase in the number of critically ill patients. now authority say they will focus on administering booster shots and targeting beyond vaccinated a seamless strategy for many countries in the region. jessica washington out to 0 to counter. well, plenty more had hail the out there and use are including a school fire failure. turn tragedy because of children. bouncy castle is blown away from trash to treasure. the artists in garza who have turned a rubbish dump size into a leisure center for all i didn't fort action, but the 2nd actual test between england and australia that's coming up with peter.
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ah, what's the oppression that underway in parts of the philippines that have been hit by one of the powerful storms in the world? a sheer that tens of thousands of people are being moved to emergency shelters. and there's something in central parts of the country. official say around $10000.00 villages or in the projected path of the typhoon. let's get more on this weather system from all weather present to jeff harrington with the latest. so hale, we have seen a few storms quite as powerful as this one in the western pacific. it made line fall as the equivalent of a category 5 storm. it really cooked up in the sea, but now it's passing overland. so it's weakening a bid. those winds 240 kilometers per hour, but at one point we had gust up to $350.00. i mean, think about that. those are the types of speeds that formula. one race, cars, travel light and eastern and southern portions of the philippines being blasted
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with those when so we're in the thick of it now and here's what we're up against. storm surge, 5 meters. so coastal sections just been inundated with water add on top of that, $300.00 millimeters of rain. and again, those winds very powerful. so that's on thursday. but friday is cutting across central areas rate toward the west piazza princess. now, in the line of fire here, looking to pick up about $300.00 millimeters the brain, but by then there's winds back off a bit to a 175 kilometers per hour, but so hail the next 24 to 48 hours will be dangerous. thanks famous jeff. we'll keep on top of that story, of course, or throughout bulletins here on out there. now, jimmy window going is in manila with more on those rescue. acids. is the most powerful storm to hit the philippines this year. a 100000 people have already fled their homes typhoon why made land fallen thursday and continues to batter the regions of his science and men de now,
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coast guards are rushing to evacuate. hundreds of residents, after incessant reigns flooded their communities. the young and old men are forced to leave their homes with only the clothes on their backs. residents carry what they can with many hoping any damage will be limited and they'll be able to return home soon. the philippines is no stranger to natural disasters. it is constantly battered by storms and volcanic eruptions. dive when a young in 2013 holds the record as the strongest anywhere in the world. it killed at least 7000 people and displaced millions more. since then, the government has institutionalized emergency and disaster response. but even in a country long affected by around 20 storms, each year siphoned right comes at the most precarious time. those evacuated can
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stay in temporary shelters for too long because of cobit 19 restrictions. while those in coastal and form and communities say, they are already bearing the brunt of an economic recession and fear that the typhoon could obliterate whatever livelihood they have left. the philippine government has pre positioned aid and military as 1st responders across the country . but the typhoon is expected to impact so many provinces. it has warned local officials to prepare for the worst jamal alan dorgan. i'll jazeera manila, moving to the us know where one person is. did a new storm system sweeping across the bit west extreme winds in the state of iowa, blue, over truck and trailer killing driver. the high wind warnings are in place from new mexico to upper michigan. because of all ready whipped up, dusting, kansas, make it dangerous to drive. well, the storms come,
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as president joe barton visited communities hit by last week's devastating tornadoes. high, did your castro this street in bowling green, kentucky once rang with the sounds of children playing young families lived here. but then on friday the tornado came and some neighbours sheltered together. they decided to get in the 1st house together. and unfortunately, the house was just a mileage for the grounds. 11 people died here. 8 of them were children or i don't know what to say, man. it is time when somebody's gone and you're shot, you know what it had been to visual as recovery worker. sift through the debris left in 6th grade all last week, superstore leaving the landscape of devastation authority sphere. the final steps
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will be staggering. 9 year old aniston rack, lee climbed into a bath tub with her younger sisters and her doll. this photo taken by their mother . 15 minutes before the tornado hit. aniston was killed. her sister survived one recounting to nurses what she had endured. she said yes, i was flying around in the tornado and pray to jesus to take care of me. and he spit me out in the tornado spit out into the mud. president joe biden comforted, stricken families, and toward the disaster area. wednesday, i intend to do whatever it takes as long as it takes, as long as it takes to support your state. your local leaders and friends, you recover and rebuild because you will recover and you will rebuild. jarrett thompson and his family survive by hunkering in their basement. got positive added to life can't be replaced with profit can you can rebuild. but it might take
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a while, which we have family friends and other people in the green. they are setting up center system with thousands of homes wiped away. the rebuilding process will be long and difficult. the healing even harder. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera mayfield kentucky. further north and illinois officials are investigating 6 deaths at an amazon warehouse. john 100 explains a federal investigation is looking into what exactly happened in the minutes before a tornado tor, through the front of this amazon warehouse center. what we know is that between 8 o, 6 and 8, 16 pm on friday night, managers at this plant were alerted that a tornado might come through at 827. that's just what happened. a twister touched down in that parking lot and tore through the front of the building, killing 6 people, and injuring one. the occupational safety and health administration, who's looking into whether anything amazon did contributed to those deaths. over
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here you can see the and damage side of the building. that's where 45 workers huddled down in a pre designated tornado shelter. osha will be looking into why those who died were not among them. some drivers also complained that they were asked to shelter in their trucks is one said that just turns this van into my casket. osha says it will take 6 months to complete the investigation. the associated press is calling on the e. p. a. p. government immediately release of freelance video journalists detained 2 weeks ago. i mean among kyoto was arrested in the capital of a saba accused of promoting terrorism. the associated press called allegations baseless. 2 of the journalists were also arrested. they face up to 15 years in prison, if convicted of violating the emergency laws brought in last month. it's been a difficult forger, luther around the world, reporters without bored and sense at least $46.00 journalists have been killed. misha, because of the stories they were reporting on, and any $500.00 being detained, not 20 percent dr. during the past year,
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was due to crackdowns on the media in me, and mo, barriers and hong kong. 65 report, the also being held hostage. the most dangerous countries for the media have been mexico and the gun is found, followed by yemen and india. honor fresh air is head of the africa desk reporters without borders. he says the continent is one of the most difficult to report from we've seen many waves of journalists arrests rising h, lee, many journalists being detained, and a few journalist getting killed as well as 6 in africa. 2 of them were killed in somalia, 2 of them were killed in d r. c. and 2 of them were killed in burke and i so, and there are 3 regions really that are the most dangerous places for a generalized. i forget being a guy with the situation very poor in terms of security in somalia, for example, a press redone that sold the non existent in g, b, g, or etc. and the situation,
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ethiopia, slightly deteriorating, including for jonas. grant likes, as well region was many a rest of general is join us being getting killed and the south region as well. where the situation is very of for journalism is very stepping back and the security situation is deter thing as well. and just tremendous consequences on the, on the journalists themselves. we've witness over the years of arrest in just a few journalists are still being detained. media outlets have been suspended the correspondent of the new york times as been kicked out of the country, which was unprecedented since he took office in the 2018. there is this communication, blood count in the northern part of the country and now you're just not able to do independent journalism anymore because only official narrative about the war is a load. ready for generals 5 children, neural strain and have been killed, have a gust of wind swept up a bouncy play castle that they were jumping on. please say full ball, 811 on
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a critical condition of being thrown from about 10 meters high. there was celebrating that last week of classes at the school in the island state of test mania. a number of the children had been taken to hospital and i'm in a critical condition. this is a very tragic event and i thought with the families and the water school community and also our 1st responders, there is no doubt that this has been a very confronting and distressing sign. long lavetia, celebrating the 50th anniversary of it. independence from pakistan. earlier prime minister shaken sina presided over a victory day parade in the capital tucker, when india's armed forces took part for the 1st time that india helped among the that she guerrilla fighters, defeat pocket on army. in 1971 child re has this update from docker. well, it's a national holiday that they started with $31.00 gun salute. and the parade started
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around an hour ago. aside from the indian military contingent, there are military contingent for 6 other countries, including the u. s. turkey indonesia, button. so all of them have actually sounded military contingent to celebrate vocation. due to pandemic, not many other dignitaries could make it this time. it's a year long celebration, celebrating the 100. yes, antonio, the father of the nation for a ship, would uber, a man, 50 years independence day. and the big day of the day when the pakistan army surrendered to that allied force, that is indian and bangladesh. she guerrilla fighters to nation was instrumental in supporting bangladesh during the cold. warry was russia and india. now there is also a remarkable journey for a country within the last 50 years facing various kinds of challenges, natural disaster, economic challenges, yet it as able to manage a 6 percent judy big growth late. now it is one of the fastest growing economy in
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the wall. it is a middle income country and set to graduate chair developing nation by 2026. and this is what the government wants to highlight in it's 50 year celebration. yet there are the challenges still remains. ah, the opposition says there is no free unfair election either the diminishing a space for democracy and freedom of speech. well pakistan's government has congratulated bangladesh on its golden jubilee. best mix reaction from bangladesh. he's living in pakistan. thousands will estate las once the homeland became independent. and so many life remains a daily struggle. a solid bench of it has the story from karachi. accomplish is shod was a teenager when what is now bangladesh split away from pakistan? some of his family members died in the violence and he blames pakistan's government for actions that gave rise to bangladesh. nationalism. v had taken the larger portion of pakistan asia, let us have gets our slaves. a lot of sudden that fit the exit.
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on december 16, 1971 bucket funny general new jersey signed the 3rd in the document and east pockets on became by the dash after a 9 month long violent uprising indian soldiers in lori hundreds of thousands of people who were killed by those who called for independence, and those who wanted to stay part of the united part fun to this, the many focused on you hold india responsible when bengalis the allies back west ferguson is not going to shift and indians realized it more than the been goalies. dunden intervened politically, socially, monetarily de stablish, the office of mockery by me and tell cut out that sentiment is fueled by political speeches by indian leaders visiting bangladesh for bangladesh.
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his freedom, the desire here was matched to their pockets. don forces carried out atrocities there. in scrawling suburbs of karachi, the 10s of thousands who were forced from their homes have mixed feelings about the split of 2 buckets sons. 50 years on this place, bangs issues in both countries have struggled to find the state, many and buckets on feel abandoned and left with no legal status sticklers, bangladesh who cannot get an education go to hospital or earn a living because they lack proper documentation. despite government promises, nothing has changed for thousands of families here about a number of yeah, what i will look, this is our country. we have historically been goalies. wish we go. our generations have been born and we demand identity cards. so we can at least earn a living in the last 5 decades pockets on the bank that have developed mutual ties . the government has been regulated bangladesh on the golden jubilee and invited
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the prime minister to visit pakistan. but when it comes to the war of independence, there are some wounds that even time can not heal. some and java down to the ra karachi will still ahead here on al jazeera, ever the old is new again in the netherlands despite scandal failing confidence and new election. the same coalition government is confirmed and installed here as welcome for the new for me, the one champion, the shed. often of the said the scene decides to drop its appeal over his title when ah, the country with an abundance of results right? are and why indonesia, his firms forming, we moved full to growth and fraud. we balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs.
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book about you're watching out there and you saw with me. so robin a reminder of autopsy.


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