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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm AST

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and pushed back against perceived grasses, russia and china from around the world, a database is being established to make sure they have the details of the sympathizer to support it. and the fighters, which belong to the group. ah, your child is here with me. so robin in doha, reminder of our top news stories and rescue operations are underway in parts of the philippines that have been hit by one of the strongest storms in the world. this year. not tens of thousands of people are being moved to emergency shelters in the southern and central parts of the country. officials say about 10000 villages are in the projected path of the typhoon to will alan duke and has more from manila. what we are seeing basically, whatever dates that are made available at this point, i just snippets of what's actually happening at the moment. um, no typhoon right. made land for onshore, go island, you know,
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i don't tourist destination on the eastern part of them in our region. and it is a slow moving typhoon, which means that it's going to batter a lot of the coastal and agricultural community and this part of on, of, of, of, of the philippines. and we know that a lot of the 8th, usually already pre positioned in a country like the philippines with more than $7000.00 islands. but again, the cleaning restaurant people operations, there will be an additional response teams that will be coming from different areas will really depend on areas that are hate. the most of this is quite a waiting team for the national government can be sending aid from the law. and the regional networks are positioned to help out with emergency. the strongest storm to ever hit a global record is fighting me on in 2013. and since then, we've seen efforts to institutionalize i emergency preparations, disaster response. but as you see at this point, as mentioned previously,
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the big issue here is that now there is a difference when it comes to disaster landscape because of the pandemic. you know, i'm, when we, when the government conducts on rescue any of evacuation efforts, that means that residents are evacuated in temporary shelters, like public schools. and you know, i'm open the government facilities, but then they can't really say too long because of the mini mom health protocol required by developing government. so what happens then to residents with luster homes in many of these areas so, so that coupled with the economic recession, which means that you know, a lot of these areas are rural areas that are already badly hit by bike when bank or a last will, will small will most likely suffer against india. so new storm system is sweeping across the midwest. tornadoes and the states of nebraska and iowa have cut power. hundreds of thousands of homes. high wind warnings are in place from new mexico to upper michigan countries around the world. and are recording the highest curve at $900.00 delhi infections driven by the alma khan variance. south korea is re
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imposing a series of restrictions while france has been all non essential travel from the united kingdom across africa. both the delta and the constraints of driven up cases by 83 percent. now, european leaders are meeting in brussels funny you summit now be discussing the all calm, varying which is driving up those infections. tensions with bella roofs about migration flows, as well as the security situation with ukraine. little feature and the discussions associated press is calling on the efi open government to immediately release a freelance video, janice detained 2 weeks ago, a mere amanda kiosk was arrested in the capitol, addis ababa, the accused of promoting terrorism. the associated press says the allegations a baseless to other local journalists were also arrested. bangladesh is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its independence from pakistan. earlier prime minister shake hands, siena presided over a victory day parade indica,
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where india's armed forces took part for the 1st time. india helped bung that she guerrilla fighters, defeat pocket sons on me. in 1971, 5 children, australia have been killed. for gust of wind swept up a bouncy play cancel. they were jumping on. please say for more about 11 or in a critical condition after being thrown from 10 meters high. there was celebrating the last week of classes at the school in the island state of 10th mania victims of a petrol tanker explosion in haiti had been buried at least 75 people were killed in tuesday's blast in the city of cap. again. it's believed the tank was trying to avoid an oncoming motorcycle with the flip side, causing fuel to drain spill towards an a by pile of smoldering rubbish and igniting those of the headlines. boonies in half an hour witnessed his next here on out there. ah,
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with helene medina with my i she had a philistine on matthew stokeland, about alia down on the humble medina for the mom medical home. i know my i was on getting another one to show ability was going out the shower. sure. the law solomon's in an album in the call to tough to use. what was his, you know, by now mom and allah saw to melinda, michele soto ninette. and following over a year ah,
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with issue x of issue with loosely a to tell the senior juice. the notion of our law a was on the street, were hardon bus me to, we had to lose the wound on them. i have come back to san diego to revisit the fascinating part of calcium history. they were crazy, creative, even visionary. they were topless naturally. i was them as a child during and just hops in people still loved them. it was basically too bad to be true, but they were predicting can commitee heal ethnic divisions and national tensions
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a bank that takes your money seriously. sage need bank bigger picture business banking. ah ah no challenges there with me. so robin into her reminder of all top you stories. rescue operations are underway in parts of the philippines that have been hit by one of the strongest storms in the world. a sheer, now tens of thousands of people are being moved to emergency shelters in the southern and central parts of the country. officials say about 10000 villages are in the projected path of the typhoon drill and duke and has more from the capital manila.


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