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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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strength team available, unlike countries like algeria whose european bass players are not available and the have been some concerns amongst those who follow self will closely that since winning the asian cup. phil sanchez, the coach, has stayed somewhat su, loyal to the squad of players, and hasn't changed things up. now. he said a defeat like this will not derail the plans. he's had in place the last 3 or 4 years. but plenty to think about him and his team as they build up to playing in that 1st world cut next year and trying to achieve as stay today of getting out of the group station into the knockout rounds. ah, hell are you watching al jazeera and these are the stories were following the solemn rescue. authoration are underway in parts of the philippines that have been hit by one of the strongest stones in the world. the few officials say about $10000.00 villages are in the path of the typhoon. shamella. ellen jogan has moved
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from manila, thousands of already been evacuated and placed in temporary shelter. if you have made landfall about a little over 2 hours ago in an island called shirt guy, which is a known to destination port, have been clued, thought there are. those have been new 4 digit been stranded and slights have been canceled classes. although some of them will be turned to face to face class and even those online have been completely cancelled over the next few days. if you actually look at the map type, the type one actually covers a huge part of the menda. now the eastern part, the beside them into our region, and these are actually coastal, an agricultural community. in the us, the new storm system is raising across the midwest. tornadoes in the state of nebraska and iowa, have cut powder hundreds of thousands of hines. i wind warnings are in place from new mexico to after michigan. countries around the world are recording their highest covered 19 daily infections driven largely by the only con variant south
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korea's re imposing a series of restrictions while france has banned all non essential travel from the u. k. the rise on the con is set to page a highly at a meeting of european leaders in brussels. tensions with bowers about migration flows, as well as the security situation with ukraine, will also feature the associated press is calling on the ethiopian government. so immediately released, freelance video journalist attained about 2 weeks ago, i met a man, kiara was arrested in the capitol, addis ababa accused of promoting terrorism. he says he had a press. coles, the allegations, baseless to other generalists, were also arrested by face up to 15 years in prison if convicted, of violating the emergency laws brought in last month. those are the headlines. the niece continues here on al jazeera, after inside story, stay with us. ah
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on time, so as make amends, turkey in armenia and out steps to normalize relations wise is happening now. and can they build trust of the decades of animals? this isn't flexible. ah hello, welcome to the program. i'm a ron con. relations between armenia and turkey. have been described as frosty, intense, even hostile, the biggest and longest lasting control was he was undoubtedly the mass killing of armenians during world war one. but there's also, armine is current territorial dispute were turkeys, ally as abrasion. however,
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things maybe about to improve. on monday, turkey announced both sides will appoint special envoys to work on normalizing ties . i mean, he is foreign ministry, confirm this in a statement. a few hours later the united states has welcome the decision turkeys. foreign minister says ankara will coordinate steps with as the bizarre you get either. hi bill. this is de la electric. i want to share 2 pieces of news with you . we have consulted with us by john. soon. we were mutually appointed special representatives quicker, menia for the steps towards normalization and what we're act together with as are by janet every step, but up in the near future, we will start charter flights with armenia. as we heard relations between encore and year of, and have been strained since the mass killing of armenians during the ottoman empire in the early 20th century, often referred to by armenians as the 1st genocide, an estimated 1500000 people were killed. but turkey rejects the killings at the
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time of the 1st will war amounted to genocide and denies. they were systematically orchestrated. the border between the 2 countries has been closed since the 19 ninety's and diplomatic relations put on hold in 2009, turkey and armenia. finally signed a peace accord to store size, but that deal was never ratified. 5 years later prison ridge of type only one offered turkey's 1st ever condolences for the mass killings of armenians. ah, let's bring in our guests. joining us from istanbul with hat jelic paula professor of international relations and vice rector acquired their course university for amir of and richard gere, gaussian director, regional study center in armenia, and also from istanbul, matthew browser, a former us ambassador, as advisor and non resident senior fellow at the atlantic councils eurasia center, a warm welcome tool. i'd like to start in a stumble with mit hat urge halleck parlor 1st to am. this has been
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a very long time coming. but this latest announcement is basically 2 jobs to special envoys and some flights between the 2 countries. is it the break through the stumble and armine you are looking for? or is it just a good start on the, for our, for the region as you know, part of why all the development issues are they face are normally it for one 3rd or a long why did we hope that environment in the region to get together and so somebody will need all the region again,
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but the only way we want to be in the park managed to move forward. and so i started relation and we said that move and it could be done before the regent richard girl goes in. and one of the sticking points for all of this has been language is a mass killing of the armenians join us of an empire. was it? as you say, a genocide? is that language now been sorted out? is there an agreement backstage that we don't know about? well, i would actually argue that language is not a sticking point. in other words, what we're talking about is a process of normalization. this is not reconciliation. and dealing with history in a more. ready sincere way, the genocide issue, these are deferred to
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a reconciliation later state. what we're talking about is what me talk referred to to basic objectives of normalizing relations. reopening the close quarter and establishing diplomatic relations full stop. therefore much more practical and much more. busy realistic, it is much more practical, it's much more realistic. how we've seen this before in international relations between jordan and israel and yet things haven't really progressed. since the low codes in the, in the mid ninety's. i mean old it's really happened is there are flights. there is some sort of negotiation, but there's no true peace agreement between those 2 countries. all you confident the turkey can break that mold. yeah. or, you know, different different regions. but you know, this time, you know, and the expectations are not just start to move forward. and more than that,
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i mean, your experience is much more important after the war and ready to get it. we now and then the are feeding armenia and they just don't put the in the equation is ready to move forward on there. but you the question the parking lot waiting on my voice and from that point forward and it's kind of a negotiation. again, any active region is about all i have to do. i have to warn you the fact that kind of reaching it goes in in yerevan. how important was it the the other by john was part of this discussion with
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a driver for this latest talks. well, very much so in fact, if we look back at the 1st round of engagement for the protocol process back in 2008, it was also redrawn that belatedly opposed and then the rails, the process. what we have now is also drawn in a closed war. reality is very much willing to see what we can do in terms of normalization. and it's just that 2nd round of re engagement. we've learned lessons from the past, and i do think it's a low hanging fruit. in other words, a rare success for the turkish foreign policy as well. my supervisor also in is stumble. one of the most interesting things i guess about this is it wasn't a u. s. influenced or u. s. lead accord. this is actually these 2 countries getting together with us by john and say ok, we can make this step. did that come as
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a surprise to us or. busy as the u. s. been involved in any way. well, i don't think it's a surprise at all for the united states, and i should clarify that i was very actively involved in the 2009 process. when i was the u. s. mediator which are by john in armenia, and at that time president brock obama was strongly encouraging the reconciliation . this time the united states hasn't played that role effectively has well, really lost a lot of its significance in the region over the course of the last couple of presidencies. but especially since a year ago in july when they were military clashes along the us or by john armenia border before the 2nd time about war. and the u. s. wasn't really involved at all in the mediation with russia and turkey. that, that, that filled a diplomatic vacuum. so i know that the president biden supports the reconciliation of our up turkey and armenia. and i know that the actual johnny government, as richard was just saying,
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would like to see reconciliation of armenia with both officer by john and with turkey. you know, john armenia in russia. i've all signed agreements, calling for the reopening of all transit routes between armenian as or by john armenian turkey, and also including russia. so, and i think armenian present prime minister nichol passion. yon has also wanted to see this normalization happen because it will lead to investment will lead to economic growth and jobs and stability. he has been obstructed, however, by his own political opponents who are playing their own games and talking about continuing conflicts. so, to sum it up, it's not a surprise at all for the united states, because i think you as simple as realized that the pieces were in place, armina, turkey, and as are by john as well as russia. what all like to see this collaboration renew in a way that will re and reintegrate armenia into the regional economy? well, let's talk about economics. midterm telling in if stumble,
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the turkish lira is tanking against the dollar is the weakest. there's been in a number of years. turkey does need investment without a driver for this because there's a lot of investment that can be made you know, and all that but all paid on the net and from the committee division. since the last thing equation was our last couple months from the e and they were all together. you know, you got to move forward, police and the actors in the region. that's all the lady
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all ready to move forward and import them. remove all the to go off the group in from the will that be okay with the face of all your medicine and the russian are your vision and the army giving it kind of the green light from my neck. okay. although the dub any condition and no development. oh richard is this advantage armenia here then because of the economic situation the turkey finds itself in does your of, and have the upper hand here in a way. i'm not sure i would say upper hand, but i do say there are 2 important observations. one is economics in trade for the
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1st time ever, are now recognized as important incentives in this post war period. that's very important in terms of a positive change. the 2nd observation, however, is rhetoric a normalization. busy is not just about our media, it's normalization with israel. busy and the u. a. eat what? it's also about russia because after the war last year, russia excluded turkey from the trilateral working group on regional trade in transport. so for all garage normalization with armenia is a way to regain the seat at the table in the broader promise of the restoration of all. busy regional trade and transport in the reopening of borders. so in that context, armenia isn't a good position to counter the threat of vice, elation. matthew bryce. russia is in
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a good position. he says our guests in yerevan, but that doesn't mean the americans have a seat at the table and the americans are relevant. santa yeah, i was hinting at that for, for i think the u. s. relevancy has decreased dramatically since the period right before the war and during the war. i mean the united states is still the united states and it is a member of the multilateral working group called the o. s. c, e 's minced group. but the role of that organization remains to be seen because the basics of, of the conflict have been settled. now militarily, there is, there is a need for there to be a negotiation on a, on a comprehensive piece agreement, as well as a negotiation to demarcate. the boundaries the borders between us or by john and armenia, which are still on drawn. and it's russia that was able to insert in a communicate on november 26th when he hosted in sophie president. feel how many of
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us are by john prime minister nickle pushing on of armenia to say that the 2 parties will begin negotiations and form working groups to, to delineate their border. and russia will help them. so russia has stepped in almost a to 1000 person peacekeeping force on the ground. turkey is also as a smaller peacekeeping contingent. so there's sort of a natal presence, but the us is not absent. and you know, it's not clear to me what role the us is going to play from here on out. i mean the south caucuses, as i said, for the last couple of us administration since the town of george w bush have not been much of a focal point. and you will remember under the obama administration, the policy toward russia was one of resetting russia relations. russia reset, and that was in reaction to a very active engagement by the bush administration in the south caucuses. so the u . s. a sorta, sorta by choice withdrawn from the south caucuses, not entirely, but it seated diplomatic territory to turkey to russia,
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as well as the u. s. may well have seated influence from the south caucuses, but actually, it's still a pretty big player. in turkey still has the intellect airbase that the turks, however, did by russian air defense systems, which angered the u. s. is this is one got to has to do with another is this normalization of relations with armenia, a gift to the u. s. and saying that we are doing some of the things you want us to do, just don't take away l at offense system on turkey . the enter perspective towards the goals are in line with the work in the work and us and must be anytime if there are normalization, we want to get peace in the region and we're more than that. it is again, can just change the wider it's served. the american way,
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but right. you know, right that it's on the field isn't active, but you know, they just scroll again. they're working on the line normalized or regional issues, but any kind of armenian or with my or normal vision to get an armenian we change the and why going to be a game changer? i don't think that the us or going to me again, not again, even the ball rock. maybe not like the initial cost. and they will not be part of all those development. but you know, most of the, even the russian profit kind of company and the confirmation on the american division may have
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cost him negotiate. richard, we keep talking about this idea of normalization of relations, not a consider terry o consolidation of relations. russia is a key player. absolutely. but was russia looking to get out of this? do you think? well, i would argue that rushing support is actually both the monster ball, but also necessary. what we see is, even with the reopening of the close border between turkey and armenia, it's also a close border between turkey and the origin economic union. very much a pet project, the president. in this context, it's russian old sectors of the armenian economy that benefit most and 1st from a born a real thing. and for russia, there's little danger of losing our media to nato war to turkey. having said that,
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i do think that the future in terms of normalization is a process that has become inevitable. it's no longer a question of what, when and how is it become inevitable? richard, because the russians are deeply involved. where was it always going to happen? no, i think there's an accidental convergence of interest between turkey, media and even also, but the drop in terms of the necessity for post war stability. and as me thought has already said, this is a rare positive game changer in a region very much at risk. not you, i'm going to come to you in just a 2nd, but i want to put riches points to me to do you trust the russians, the limit for you know, they cannot prevent any of that. and all the parties that they have and this is again, what's the last the,
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the role in this issue. but you know, they say to our media to move forward, we'd find one before but new turkey and armenia. some whole calling again, changes that i don't expect any time right or wrong kind of the rock so much relation and potential as the recent mention, rating union in to be reached or or to the i don't think that russians would have to know who it is almost extraordinary to
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think that post 2nd world war there is finally an agreement or international conflict that the americans and the russians can get behind. that seems unusual to me, is that, would you agree with that? and it's quite unusual. but, you know, i have to say in my experience, as i mentioned before, as the u. s. mediator, there was a moment in, in september 2008, which was, you know, a month after russia had invaded georgia. when i had had the honor to have a conversation with the russian foreign minister, and he made clear at that point that, you know, as opposed as the us and russia had been and our to this day in georgia. we were on the same side when it comes to going to car about conflict and that wasn't just rhetoric. i mean, the way my russian counterpart behaved and minister law broke himself was, was sincere. they were creative, they were brainstorming with my french counterpart and me looking for break,
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who's looking for ways to move the process forward. i always thought that, you know, the russian side wanted, wanted to avoid an armed conflict. they didn't want this war that happened. but they wanted to get a framework in place, but maybe not to finalize that framework. be a piece, be a peacemaker, but allow there to be some instability out there on the horizon so that they could stir the pot into the future and they were not in figure they were against turkey, armenia normalization back then. now they're in favor of it. well, us don't take it away from either tech you or, i mean, you know, they're, the main drivers of this agreement here is no america. it's not russia, it's turkey, it's armenia. richard in iraq and we are running out of time, but just quickly, did you ever think that they was going to come? yes, to be honest. i've been a long engage, been invested in normalization between arminian 30 and my eternal optimism is now a justified optimism. and you would you agree? did you think the study would ever come?
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yeah, not the one or more parties are involving level, but for the open to deflect. that means they already i already or so they probably will be ready now, although this is a turkey armenia success, i'm going to ask the last question to matthew matthew about if this works out and the americans and russians can get behind it. does that mean they can get behind other disagreements in the region, other disagreements globally, or is this just a one else? i think this is a one off for all sorts of unique reasons. but, you know, as i was saying before, the russian side always negotiated and in good faith when we were doing with the
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corner car box. and i think that that gets to something that richard was saying before is that it would be hard for armenia to be any more dependent on russia than it is. and if russia wants to improve its geo political standing in the south caucasus, that means it needs to improve its relations with other by john everywhere else. and all the other companies that say georgia, russia sees it as a 0 sum game, right? same with ukraine, but this is not non 0 sum game and i want to thank all august metallic. paula richard go, goes in a matthew browser and i want to thank you to for watching. you can see the program again anytime by visiting a website, al jazeera dot com, and for further discussion goes well facebook page at facebook dot com, forward slash asia inside story. and you can also join the conversation on twitter . handle is at asia in story for me. and ron khan and the whole team. bye for now. the
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ah! and a 3rd a, [000:00:00;00]
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a, a was more than 12000 migrants, mostly haitians in the camp that sprung up in that real texas over the last 2 weeks . they won't assign us, authorities are over. well, this is just the latest flash point in a month long surgeon, people are legally crossing the border. and there's little in the camp for them. you can see that i try to trying to stop people getting back into the coming up that they went across to make sure to get through the site because there were that not for them to be there. in the time we met nicholas on the mexican bank to the river, searching for through to medicine for his family. he hadn't realized until we asked him about it. the us authorities rules are now flying haitians back home. there is no president crime as high students can't go to school,
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there is no work. the economy is down, people can't put up with deportation, is not good for us. the u. s. is always of interest to people around the world. people pay attention to work with on here, and i'll do is very good. they're bringing the news to the world from here. oh, there's a lot more to al jazeera than tv with our website mobile app, social media, and comcast. al jazeera digital is a world of award winning online content, and portal brings you the very best of it. they're trying to frighten the people to leave it to go somewhere else. the truth is that they've got no where else to go. so if you miss it online, cats, it here with me, sandra, got them on out. as in the latest news as it breaks, this used to be the historic town center. now it is leveled with detailed coverage list. trust is rallying cry. is that like my,
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the country of should step up and push back against perceived aggress is russia and china from around the world. a database is being established to make sure they have the details of the sympathizer to support it. and the fighters which belong to the group ah. ready not, you know, just there with me sell rahman and do a reminder of our top news. stories and rescue operations are underway in parts of the philippines that have been hit by one of the strongest storms in the world. the sheer, tens of thousands of people are being moved to emergency shelters in the southern and central parts of the country. officials say about 10000 villages are in the projected path of the typhoon to will allen duncan has more from manila. what we are seeing basically whatever it is that are made available at this point,


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