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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2021 2:30am-3:01am AST

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comedy bihari has issued a directive to his government. oh, ah, a bronze, cockrell and a king's bust, the 2 works of art whose return is being celebrated. they once decorated beneath palace commissioned by ancient kings to remember their predecessors. the city was attacked and the palace ransacked. in $1897.00, the king had refused to recognise britain's claim on west africa. while 2 items are being returned, 900 pieces remain in the british museum in london, and the people have been in city or waiting for their return. andrew chappelle al jazeera ah suffolk of the top stories here on al jazeera, the world health organization, says the coven 19 omicron vera, and to spreading faster than any other strain. it's warning,
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there'll be no end to the pandemic if wealthy countries of a vaccine boosters while millions still wait for a 1st dose. 77 countries have no reported cases of all micron. and the reality is that army cronies probably in most countries, even if it hasn't been detected yet, all micron is spreading at a rate we have not seen was emmy lee. this variant. we're concerned that people are dismissing army chron micron as mild. surely, we have learned by now that we underestimate this by it, us at our pedal, even if or micron does cause less. see that this is the sheer number of cases could want to sub game over when i'm prepared. health systems, british m. p. 's of approve new restrictions in england to curb the spread of coping 19. but there's been considerable opposition from prime minister boris
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johnson's own party place. coverings will be compulsory and most indoor settings and they'll be changes to self isolation rules. prime ministers plan to introduce cobra passes for large venues was approved by a majority, but $98.00 of johnson's m. p. 's voted against it. but un security council has met to discuss progress on salvaging the 2015 iran nuclear deal. western ambassadors say the situation is great when iran's nuclear program is more advanced than ever. iran wants assurances that sanctions lifted us is condemning the conviction of the husband of bella. ruth, his opposition leader as politically motivated. he's been sentenced to 18 years in prison, organizing mass unrest, and inciting social hatred. and the u. s. house of representatives is debating, contempt of congress charges against former white house chief of staff, mark meadows, meadows refused to attend the hearing last week, despite being subpoenaed with those with the headlines. the news continues here now
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to 0 after $11.00 east. central consulting bye for now. cities have always been in motion. they have to be to evolve and adapt of all the sad cities, all the greatest work of all shooting times in the huge city. you kind of get this sense of how the world around you behave in a way you cannot see with the naked eye. you can feel the hairs on the back of your neck standing up when you reach the top of that building and get great view. metropolis on now to sierra ah, moved, it is a refuge for the homeless. behind its concrete walls, south korea's brother's home sheltered nothing but torment and horror. a
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tomato machine with thousands were enslaved raped, brutally bashed, and even killed her mother, the little pool management as a possible move conjunction with decades. leisure victims are still fighting for justice in this to part investigation, one or one east exploiters. the horrific crimes committed and those allegedly behind them who found at safe haven here in australia. he suddenly homer passes a day that the no, the woman will you, they go and bulletins she to do, feel mo, what she did
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a care choice and lose happy days was short lived to look at m e either her handbook, june in trouble with the law hopefully they know what the look did. he wanted in his head of difficulty in 1992 at 14 choice nightmare began ah, walking home from school, he was grabbed off the street by policeman and accused of stealing a piece of bread that was in his bag. hooker is little, no little mccormick, but mamma, recovery moon akbar. i want to go, could you modern, martha monica to the top target? she she the whole thing nearly. i appeal, but he says the officer didn't stop there torturing him into submission. or sort of booker wall argue the little girl was talking to the camera, killed them,
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cuz i put a lot of you want to look at our courses and you, did you put a quote on suitable for, to god mutually agreeable? oh, that will young. i'm a chicken one of the lot on the mother who took all younger history. oh cool. so do it over to the mom. couldn't go to your local is full. forced onto a truck toy was taken to the brother's home. it was 6 years before the 1988 soul olympics self careers authoritarian government was gearing up to showcase the country to olympic officials. and then the world, a top priority was cleaning up the streets, but onions, human, so indeed populate audience one on one. this government film celebrated the brothers home and it's work sheltering vagrants. you one is filmed in wrong in the equivalent of young god just becomes able to this holland at on
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a j who is auditor tickling jojo smith. parkman, song is a counselor in the port city of the sun, where the brothers home was placed with her. we'll have a little trouble saying jackie, could hear all set. okay, good. that'll amanda. you'll cut a little, get him to help johnny a poor nozzle. wouldn't she? she got up, he done caught in the huddle it it, oh, purely big that there you know, a door if occasion hid the grotesque greed and criminality of the managers, the more people they took in the more money they could pocket blue ball was all my about all could, i mean that if i renew up all hushing upon will be what is room in car trouble, little here coding as her i'm currently in the canal vianza. the philosopher will.
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he knows her because it abandoned t. i only 10 percent of the thousands who were imprisoned at the brother's home were vagrant. not one of the 9 survivors, one 0, one east indeed lived on the streets. one don't balk was 10 when he wandered away from his mother. i'd pusan train station kitty or kenya fuzzy are puzzles already, cut off pom will your toilet and on her go home it on again i'm, they're both doing it on that. i totally don't. 100 auto park soon. he was also 10 waiting for her older brother at the train station when the police came along. i put on well, because now putting some guys, a towel, middle name that i will. i did not on oh bars you like me or body was on her tongue, but did it out all i'm level cooking then doesn't i had i with and it's hotter time
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man or budget tenant doesn't longer. yon sing know was 15 and working in a chinese restaurant, but never returned to his job after catching a train to present to go to the beach. oh, shoot over to me and not a whole. whoops hobbled to try to put till you come to spook purchasing good visit . the police accused him of stealing money, then shoved him on to a truck bound to the brother's home. mm hm. do do. do you do up to who won't do it all? we don't need to do the payments are going to show you double so corvette years of young clay she couldn't put on a one knows a lot come don't put in blue and you will put on it accrued, you know, who are the mother for khaki will creep will cut in,
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she will film the one that i'm going to assume what we're doing. a lot gardening enable gardening. you still want to well yeah, either we better look, i didn't hear, you know, movie. so you say, you know, you really is around where he would you go to got more news or what can you run like an army camp. the brother's home was divided into platoons and highly regimented with a brutal hierarchy of command. i want more than $1.00 to 111 for the younger to job one it when you pick her up she shifted
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each day began before dawn i think that i would and then she was. ready the chief who yanna, she finally had your money to do that on much i'll get them and i did on better terms for the time is going on so they don't commit and i was. ready touching them in some military training was 1st up starting with 10 lapse of a sports field who can go to rich miserably. rather for michelle tomeyer, she showed a loan for more up photo approval to see or another of your mother thought they were involved in 3rd of uh, who is known with them. come on in david from montana and she, i think they made us what are what happened in the gall it toward did it a little now? breakfast was next and tell him how to guide you golden data. or you go,
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you might talk holloman the government films account is a far cry from the rotten food and tiny portions and survivors recall can get an tongue of actually in your policy. go away. so 40 years into court. go watch your digital ponzio, hot sondra or she peter casual. yeah, good. hm. young. who called hampton merchandise from each member who had to go to papa chico groman to the tom mangold. any to tell you what your window no, she was ordering a. ringback week from hunger inmates were forced to work. the brother's house was built with a slave labor, more dead or disapproval. i took him barely assaulted and daquan goes. he will get her on his arm to kill them, but it's a little cold. what are the health and a lot caught on me,
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but i didn't. did he who told me to do the pill? didn't be much icu you so much from morgan had to the settlement. you re on the attribute lean on the university during the early stages of construction when inmate slept in tents, hundreds of thought to have died. while motto could they should go either by each one's own good shooter on ogle lawyer who doesn't a major made even money, give them it and it seems killing don't work. sides continued on for the years. you took to restock you is we do a border chop is all you need to get us to john's and we'll do a little more to 200 pounds on the chic can i to know get more put you as a time to hasn't than the term in i,
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mitchell popped it headed over more coin depends on who was 100 kilometer chunky to her over the legal and family. the brothers home boasted life changing training in factories. but in reality, most inmates were shamelessly exploited. we'll talk to her, but how can i new get a new book? you know, whether it's in either the monday or how come out what all could you to do a little in jeopardy schrager conjecture that he wanted to turn on. that she hung a take him in so that she followed her doctor's children. young, good on the needle hardware. who cares too well, chunky? do you say hun it in dunc cooler, more time a could not quit total? well, you know, bottom on, in the easy
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to for the parcel they got that on here is that the, i don't to, they don't, they don't want you to, for the hon. john sun creates morals and graphic illustrations to expose the abuse inmates endured he to hold on a big issue. i'm going to look, i mean brutal payment is about but them on terms of on dinner just to that. i mean, as a mother han was just 9 when he and his older sister were forcibly taken to the brother's home. or every morning he says 2 distinct from her platoon and sneak into his they got a job and then not get home tonight, are more comments or look him up for, you know, we mental change energy. give me that. i will end
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touching on how those mom moving and not the merit group will aren't going to be choosing sister was eventually confined to the brothers. how mental ward hazel age all painted, or how your wife submitted. we go and dig it up. john. she comes in quite good enough not to be able to put them in the bottom of commence all. she's on your role in who you are, who you do? they were coming loose like her sister fought against she's incarceration. he was 23 and working. when he was entrapped, the brothers home crunch and moving their home and
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i knew how you can have the song as to how we stop leading so badly. he was unconscious for a week and left with permanent paralysis. come from people who come to listen to me and says he was labeled as crazy, placed in a mental mood and forced to take an anti psychotic drug for to have him. you mentioned in your own not much more
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than our hall, even more lute. she just turns you don't do that all the one in it. but i'm not, you know, you got kids commission. yeah. got it. free with them. not even the disabled with sped sadistic abuse. not hanging up, they are killed, you don't kill day. hopefully we can go on because i had, i was on the plate to my put a little older home. i could do that because i have to call it just if it could be able to get to me. but inside cartoons,
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there was no way to escape torture inmates was subjected to cruel, collective punishment. and that armies i'm with, i'm more than 20 collision has. i'm done with i'm clean. that'll all talk a little makeema. hold on good ago, maria. so perverse. the lead is referred to punishments as games. tom nodded. are willing to unplug them as a movement, they demand money. she put a ticket to put it. okay. and the cook joe done, you gentlemen check it in, in about, on the ipad. okay. that would issue. i'm the locator would in there who attended in one moran m thought on behalf of them and then that i may so good. she didn't pollution of either chicago, boise, martin, smell it, but a horrible to another. so cool game was he regime?
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how do you the tool that you pardon the whomever lisa? i'm getting better on the on demand and had ramonica. you already might have pure you couldn't i certainly mean we go puddle, a total. jim's a quote toward hard on some nickel, yawns, still haunted by hiroshima. session ordered because a boy dropped food on the floor at dinner. a pin wrote a little window, put him. who would come on a go shoes, uncle? my, we send to a young verdant cove. i mean is a butch tongue because it had be the 2nd murder yawn. would witness a lucky goose at group you leaves you to pin image of pebbles though from could jody's. all those harmonic will my survive. as we interviewed, have stories of killings hahn says he saw
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a boy who had an epileptic seizure during a punishment session. bludgeoned to death. but if you took a remote from me, you could do me a good time. we'll tell you a little over a 100 put down the closer. i mean to ease only moving back to get back because i'm in debt. what i'm going to put up with an extra period i'm looking for that number. her mother going to madison. if so this monday will so good for me to just go to where you go, where you are. so you don't want other than just cushions on angels, on the google now, some of annuity you told me to come in with
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dinner and joy says he saw even more horrible. come to come to feel them when she checked her. yes. last year you will from i think it appears that you will look at a loss touch of donald on the model mother to get the profit to also made for the did. according to bison, counselor, parkman, song, hold all, place her children, total lessons and a to, to mean even to do, to have we all come me. hello. i think assessment officially 551 people died at the home, but it's believed the true number. if my child surviving beatings and torture was one thing, but many inmates were also the victims of extreme sexual barbarity. boone was,
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she made up to get keith pock. soon he was 16. the 1st time she was raped by commander. and she really didn't, couldn't you couldn't. and they couldn't movies to do that. also. you know, that song a converted lives in parallel form. it is more lucky, they will make you some not so i doubt could i put on come and look in the cartoon. and it was only women who prayed on by superiors, just 14, and only 2 nights after he arrived at the home. joy was brutally violated. none, nor told him and so they don't even hear some poking around. we'll go on. i don't know him for the next 5 years. he says he was raped almost every night.
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someone jumped in his honeymoon sunrise on and on until what time you call it was you didn't touch contentious or do you on tv open today? i'm wondering okay, that we only have one or it has to jump on the on call can can you get you could honest. so morgan patella some to can promote or some book element. so her mother sequence amid young thing, mose night, man, last it for years you got a little to say to cut
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the yoke, to mulky survivors say commanders and platoon ladies acted with impunity. 100 or more? what do you, what are those or to logins out of milton? you call cleo manon. call on his own caching genders. a top come aboard, it all. oh, talk to put it on monica. larry, to come from returning on mutes mom vernita zone, kindly or 2. from here to view peter, i'm going to be merging cow a plan, and the orders came from the very top survivors contend a former military man in boxer park and coon rule the brothers home with an iron fist. puzzled and you know, came where clean came. woodcock oil, clea, bugging, whenever you get the ones that are well known theater, them glee of can call it changing into human doing by our mother tongue. gwyn g.
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good. does she p don't you don't, couldn't. with typical daniel one, john bought up. maria could touch out, i'll give you the they may do even like north korea is kim, did nasty park surrounded himself with loyal family or even gonna be a means on sooner than that. i mean, well, good on their own little jo tilted i plan of 100 it room or shootings. are you doing that a mutilated parks wife live some soon? her brother limb young soon and sister limb in susan's husband to tom john all held executive positions at the home and all claimed to be devout christians. good at the pinnacle of the brother's home site was an enormous church. one also built by inmates forced labor mcgray got $21.00, concussion 3 like the church,
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was at the heart of park's tyrannical leadership, according to internationally respected human rights advocate park lagoon. anybody who comes in and put the 2nd on the old address on the punch congress was your commands or something that you could get. and you didn't read a little door to put under the church was the scene of so called people's trials with those who committed the biggest sin of trying to escape were punished in front of thousands of inmates. petra hadn't one thing in there. no, no, no, no, no, my son containing miserable bargain. think about that. it is ok to come bugging and one on one thing and a lot of appeal coming out is all him gathered into it. all. he told me that it is
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despite the beatings leaching shaken and says he trying to escape 12 times. on his final attempt, he almost succeeded scaling the concrete fence only to cut his hands and leg so badly on the glass. on the top, he was forced to surrender. go piano like what you than what i need to her. i suppose i shall lose your critical illness. today, roger was how there is us attach about our mach walked, so the only 2 bottles had been had on the top of that amazon and picked their okay mark on the following morning. the 15 year old was hold into the church to face trial online. also the other call the the la garza balladry taylor. we couldn't follow to integer type where this whole sought for the good. are you watching over me for this work over with others?
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noah and honestly for longer than i was following a dancer casting hutchinson muscles orange within the next week. how the family used religion to profit an escape justice establishing new lives in australia. we track them down here in sydney confronting them about the atrocities at the brothers home. ah and frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken luca shenker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning that it was banker informed
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opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think that they should be facilitated? not choke it, right? it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child wants that inside story on al jazeera. ah, wealthier nations are criticized by global helped me just for giving coven 19 boosters to their citizens, while millions and poorer countries are yet to get her 1st dose? ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from de, also coming up allegations that workers were prevented from leaving a factory before a deadly.


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