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and i'm a part with me, michael man hill on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of conscience across the world. so no matter how you take it out, 0 will bring you the news. and current affairs that matter to you out is aaron. ah, on his 1st stop of an asia pacific tour, the u. s. secretary of state reaffirms america's commitment to push back against china's influence in the region. ah, hello there i'm how am i here, dean? this is al jazeera life from doha. also coming up no punishments for us military
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personnel who carried out a drawn attack in afghanistan, killing 10 civilians including children. the recovery effort continues in the u. s . after dozens of tornadoes, tor through 6 states, and the fight for women's rights international observers sound the alarm about record levels of violence in kyrgyzstan. ah, you are secretary of state, anthony blinkin says the asia pacific region needs to be free off coercion. and thinking this in indonesia, on the 1st leg of a tour of southeast asia, washington that is trying to counter china's influence in the region. a standoff between b, jing and other countries or in the resource rich regions got more tense. in recent years, we all have a stake in assuring that the world's most dynamic region is free from portion and
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accessible to all. that's why there's so much concern from northeast asia, the southeast asia, and from the me con river them civic islands, about visions aggressive actions. claiming open seasons there on the storing open markets through subsidies to its state run companies denying the export. so revoking deals for countries with policies, it does not agree with engaging in illegal on, reported, and i'm regulated fishing activities, countries across the reason why this behavior to change. we do to a florence louis is following the story from calling them poor for us. how significance is this intervention for months? me blinkin it is significant, and this is the us wants to reassert its influence in southeast asia. it wants to reset ties with nations. here. this is a region that was largely overlooked under the previous administration led by former president donald trump. but now the biden administration, si se asia,
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as vital to its efforts to push back a rising china. and earlier this year, we've already seen several high ranking us officials visit, including us defense, secretary lloyd austin, as well as vice president. pamela harris, president joe biden himself took part in regional summits. so antony blinking, his visit to southeast asia, is really an extension of that. and he was very forthright in his remark, saying, countries are concerned about china's actions listing some of them, and which include china using its economic might to punish countries whose policies it disagrees with to laying parts, laying claims to large parts of the south china sea. and lincoln says, the u. s. will work with its allies and its partners in the region to maintain or defend 8th, the rules based order. and for us, where we have heard lots of talk from the, by the administration about it's pivots to asia. but has there been any concrete action to date?
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that's why it's so by don't administration has made no secret of the fact that it wants to deepen engagement with this region. and the u. s. strategy really does have several problems. one is military. now the u. s. has regularly been conducting freedom of navigation operations even under the previous administrations, much to china's annoyance and in a blink and noun, says that the u. s. wants to strengthen connections with existing tree t partners. we've already seen how earlier this year the u. s. entered into a trilateral security packed with australia and the u. k, which we'll see is trailer gain access to nuclear power at the submarines. now in terms of trade, the hasn't been anything really as concrete as such. but blink and did say in his speech that the u. s. is looking to identify opportunities for u. s. companies to operate in the region, as well as for more direct, foreign direct investment flow into southeast asian countries. okay, florence very,
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very, bring it up to date. line for quality and per florence. thank you. will a soon army warning? it has been revoked in indonesia to powerful 7.4. magnitude earthquake. the earthquake happens on to the sea or flora's islands. and officials say that the tremor was shallow. none the less. and after the shock of a magnitude 5.6, earthquake struck after that 1st quake causing residents to flee their homes are people were warned to stay away from beeches. indonesia, of course, is prune to earthquakes because of its location on what's known as the pacific rim . fire, that's an area of high seismic activity. the congressional committee investigating the january 6 capitol hill riots as well says to hold former white house, chief of staff, mark meadows in contempt. the vote was unanimous but must so be approved for the
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full house of representatives. meadows refused to attend the committee meeting last week, despite being subpoenas. u. s. defense secretary lloyd austin has decided against punishing military personnel who are involved or a drawn strike that killed 10 civilians in afghanistan's capital, kabul. the operation on august 29th killed a charity worker and 9 members of his family, including 7 children. an investigation found the strike didn't violates the laws of war, but considered mistakes were made. mike, hannah has more form the u. s. capital. the counted on commissioned a report from what he called an independent observer. the inspector general of the air force. he produced a report acknowledging that with snakes were made in the drone strike describing it as a tragic mistake. he then recommended that no action be taken. however,
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that decision should be left to the commanders. the top command is in the line of command. that is a general in the military central command and the head of the military special forces unit. so these 2 then looked at the circumstances they had now, reportedly reported back to the defense secretary recommending that no accountability be held against any of those involved in the throne. strike. now the inspector general of the air force and also recommended that certain methodologies be changed in terms of conducting these drone attacks. the pentagon says this is now being carried out. they're not giving any further details and did not even directly say that nobody is being held accountable for the strikes. this is what the spokesman for the pentagon had to say. the recommendations were more about procedure and process and the secretary, we reviewed them as accepted them. and again, most of them are of classified nature. so we won't be talking about the specifics,
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but there was no overt recommendation made by either specific to accountability. the secretary of defense has ruled according to the spokesman there that there is no accountability. he accepts the report from the 2 senior officers who investigated specifically whether accountability should be established and to whom . but you hear the key word there and that is that they do not want to give clear details about how this decision was reached. saying that this is a national security issue. all details of this investigation cannot be made. public norway is tightening restrictions to stop the spreads of the omicron variance of the corona virus. from wednesday, bars and restaurants are banned from serving alcohol. the military is being brought in to help speed up the rollouts of booster jobs. modeling suggests infections occurred, soar to $300000.00 cases per day next month. so
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korea has had its worst day of the pandemic recording. 94 deaths on tuesday alone. the career disease control and prevention agencies that a record 906 people were also in a serious or critical condition. the medical systems reaching its limits with the delta driven spread, leaving some people dying while waiting for hospital beds. the 1st case of omicron has been detected in mainland china. authorities in the city of tianjin say the infected person recently entered the country and does not displaying symptoms. china reported 101 you cases of corona virus. on monday, british prime minister boris johnson has announced what's believe to be the world's 1st confirmed death with the alma con variance of covert 19 cases are spreading
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with alarming speed and it's expected to be london's dominant strain within 48 hours. whole brennan reports from the u. k. capital the queue trailed out of the hospital gates and down the street. the stock warning of an imminent tidal wave of omicron prompting a massive search of vaccine uptake at hundreds of vaccination centers across the u . k. the prime minister visited a vaccination center to see the work 1st hand and broke the news of the you case 1st on the chron related death on the chrome is producing hospitalizations, and se one patient has now been confirmed to die with all the. so i think the idea that this is somehow a milder version of the virus. i think that's something we need to sit on one side and just recognize the sheer pace a which it accelerates through the population. the mission to offer millions of booster jams by december 31st,
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was he $42.00 military planning teams deployed across every health region, extra vaccine sites and mobile units extended clinic opening hours to allow people to be jabbed around the clock and at weekends and the training of thousands more volunteer vaccinate us, hitting the government's target would mean 1000000 jobs being put into people's arms every single day between now and the end of december. and that's never been achieved before. currently, the chest is managing around half of that. but the importance of trying has been emphasized by new modeling, which shows that in some circumstances on a chronic could cause double the number of hospitalizations that delta did a year ago. on the booster jap gives 70 percent protection against infection. new rules on wearing masts and working from home of now also come into effect in england. passenger numbers on public transport have dropped significantly and many businesses are canceling the end of the parties. but there are determined pockets of political and public resistance to new restrictions. hobbins feed her last paper
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. i don't think that the compliance will be as high as it has been impossible dance simply because we've had this tend to pay cindy no restrictions with the christmas holiday. less than 2 weeks away. it's going to be a race against time to avoid even more stringent restrictions poll brennan, al jazeera london. still a hands on al jazeera un reports claims police to the deaths of 11 people during protests in columbia last year. and will tell you why time magazines named human must as their person over here. ah hello there. we saw some severe flooding across the south west of europe over the weekend, as wet and windy weather moved from the west to the east,
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but it also caused flooding in coastal areas of albania, with villages submerged in those flood waters. now that wet and windy weather pushes off further east, by the time we get into choose that we got heavy snowfall bulgaria, wet and windy weather continues for greece and pushes into turkey where we are likely to see some snow. but as i said behind that is looking a lot finer and dryer for large areas of france as well as easily as it is the iberian peninsula. we're expecting a lot of sunshine come back in for spain and portugal, but it's further north that we are going to see the unsettled weather sweep across into northern areas of island and britain. we got some wind warnings out for scotland with heavy rain here. and as it pulls across into norway, we are going to see rain, sleet and snow moving into western areas there with heavy snow. by the time we get into wednesday, novel places like sweden and denmark, we are going to see things warm up slightly. the temperatures are on the rise here,
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but for western areas of russia, we will still see that heavy snow that to weather update ah, in the country with an abundance of results for the road and walk indonesia whose terms forming we moved full to grow and frock we balanced for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let me park when the lease is broke. i'm programs in indonesia. now, lou
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ah, this is al jazeera, quicker my, to all the top stories this, are you a secretary of state and sleep? lincoln says the asia pacific region, it's to be free. all coercion, lincoln is in indonesia, 1st leg over a tower of the region. and since giving a life press conference in jakarta right now, washington course trying to cancer. china's inputs us defense secretary, has decided against punishing military personnel and fulton jewels strike the killed 10 civilians and the afghan capital coble operation on august 29th killed an 8 worker and 29 members of his family. and the u. k. prime minister has announced once believed to be the 1st confirmed death of a person who tested positive for the oma con,
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variance of the coolant virus. governments is urging people to get booster shots. the governor, the u. s. state of kentucky says at least 74 people have been killed in the region . and friday, series of tornadoes, more than 100 people are still missing. the powerful stones tore through the state and 5 others laying waste to entire towns. i did. your castro brings us the latest from mayfield's in kentucky. this house is among the few still standing in mayfield kentucky, though it is missing a roof doors and windows. the cato family lived here for 11 years. now they're seeing what they can say. this is where the front door was and then of course the upstairs. we won't go upstairs if that's okay . um and then our dining room, not every home in this region has a basement. but this one,
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fortunately did. and the cato family had the foresight to offer shelter to some friends who live nearby. they came over just in time and a rush down the stairs likely saved everyone's lives. as soon as we got the basement, you just heard this huge boom. and that was just the, the whole house going up. so you were still in transition. we were still in transition, as in mother, what was your, what were you thinking at that? at that point in time i was mentally counting heads. you know, i was like, are we all down here now? all 12 people inside the house were unharmed. so all of those things were just very, very bullet. everybody's alive and well. this stuff can be replaced. you know, cars can be bought, houses can be done, and the people care it's fear. the death toll from last week's tornadoes will surpass 100. people died in illinois, tennessee, and missouri. but kentucky had the greatest loss of life. 18 are still on
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identified of the ones that we know the age. the age range is 5 months to 86 years. and 6 are younger than 18. at the ruins of a collapsed campbell factory in mayfield, emergency crews continue to search for signs of life. this woman made it out, her boyfriend did not. the fact that i should state should be right there with him is eating mill. i because he was right there. and i don't know what happened. hell, i got out and he didn't, and i was donna as communities across the region begin the difficult work of recovering dozens of families are struggling with the same grief. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera mayfield, kentucky, a 5 year long legal vassal involving
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u. s. gymnastics has come to an ends, a $380000000.00 settlement has been reached between the victims of the disgraced form adult to larry nasser and america's top gymnastics association. nasa was accused of sexually abusing more than $300.00 women and girls. he was sentenced to more than 300 years in prison. 3 years ago. it's among the largest settlements ever for his sexual abuse case. he ran back to ports his friends. columbian police were responsible for 11 deaths during protest last year. at 2 rallies against police brutality. oh, but one of the officers involved is still on the job. alessandra appeared to reports from boca tom, over 2 nights of unprecedented violent protest. 14 people died in columbus capital will. the time september 2020 demonstrations erupted across the city after
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a viral video showed the police spinning down and repeatedly tapering and unarmed taxi driver have yet or don't. yes. who later died in police custody. an independent investigation requested by the mayor of buttah and supported by the united nations, found officers responsible for 11 of those deaths. look your curio natalie. what happened then cannot be called any other way. it was a massacre, a massacre to happen before. any oper, tape or political order to stop utilizing firearms against the demonstrated mother . the report details how officers repeatedly disproportionately and indiscriminately youth live rounds on the protesters and how the national government and police failed to order them to stop. holding back tears, the mayor of bull gotta ask for forgiveness. calling on president yvonne duke to reform the country's police and recognize the gravity of what has happened. oh, fresco auto is mass. i once again asked the forgiveness from the victims and the
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city. yeah, i totally see my part, political and institutional responsibility, and we're fulfill the reports recommendation thoroughly. the report blamed the countries justice system for failing to prosecute and punish the officers involved in the killings all but one still patrol the city. at the time president divan, duke called the protesters urban terrorists, he hasn't responded to the report, but it's pledged to reform and modernize the police in the past. yet protesting columbia continued to be met by violence in april of this year. the police response to anti poverty demonstrations was again brutal, killing at least 20 people, according to human rights organizations, and making the need for real reform. ever more urgent. allison that and i'll just see it. i will with that. and then mark, a former minister has been sentenced to 60 days in prison for her immigration
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policies, wall and government ingersoll burg order the separation of under each refugee couples. when she was immigration minister, 23 couples were split up on arrival. mohammed jumped to report my phone, copenhagen. this is the 1st impeachment court of its kind in nearly 3 decades, but its also only the 6th impeachment court in this country's history in more than 170 years. and destroy berg was given a 60 day jail sentence by this impeachment court. miss deut berg served as the immigration minister here in denmark from 2015 until 2019. she was known for her hard line stance toward immigration at the time, in this case, really all stems from an order that she gave in 2016, in which steinberg ordered the separation of all asylum seeking refugee couples. these were couples who, if at least one member, was under the age of 18,
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they would have to be separated. now stolberg said that she initiated this policy in order to protect under age girls and in order to stamp our child marriage. and she has maintained her innocence and all this from the get go saying that nothing about this was illegal, but in 2016 the same year that miss joy burg initiated this policy. you had a syrian couple, one of the couples that had been separated here in denmark. they complained to the countries ombudsman after that complaint was lodged, then you had a commission that was set up to investigate this. now just last year, this commission, they concluded that the order that miss joy burg initiated was, as they said, clearly illegal. since that happened, you had the danish parliament, they voted to try it, miss soy burge. and that's what led to this impeachment court proceeding. at least 7 people had been killed after a car with a sub in license plates. crushed into
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a house in hungary. police say the vehicle was carrying migrants across the border . the driver refused to stop for a police. checkpoints for others were injured in the accidents, stills, corporation council, leaders gathering in saudi arabia for their annual summits. the iran, you clear talks in vienna, the pandemic and the taliban take over in afghanistan are expected to talk the agenda, their last summits held in january. so the ends of the blockade of cutter after 3 and a half years bride's been kidnapped, forced marriages, wife beating rape and murder, women and kurdistan of suffered decades of violence in the traditionally male dominated country. international observers say things are unlikely to improve, asked a few women voted in last month's elections. same the survey has more for the capital . bish kac, what's in a name for alton?
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couple over an artist, single mother and survivor of domestic violence, legally giving her children her last name was a chance to bring her family closer together. 3 marriages left her with 3 children and 3 apps and fathers, she says it felt like the natural thing to do about my debt as having a my children, especially my eldest son, was very disappointed to have someone else was last name, a person who is an absolute stranger. so for all of us, it was about having the same last name. it was just cozy family happiness, some joy. and i never thought that it would become a big fight. a month after posting about it on facebook. alton received a court order to appear before a judge, the summons or response to public complaints. in pur, augustine, children take their father's name and alton had violated longstanding legal tradition in a system that overtly favours men. public attacks on women in broad daylight, brutal beatings in the street, even incidents of humiliation and torture that viral videos like this have become
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a near daily occurs. shocking examples of the abuse of women rights workers say it's common to the extent of being normalized. the stiletto and looseness, there was a case when a representative from a law enforcement agency said to then of course, a woman will be beaten if she has a long tongue. can you imagine that a police officer is saying that what will happen? how can we think that victim should and can make a statement and law enforcement will act on it? it is an indicator of how such cases go. at one of the only organizations of its kind, lawyers work free of charge with women involved in bright kidnapping, enforced marriages, raven domestic violence, as well as narcotics and people trafficking. some lawyers have represented the families of victims of the most brutal murder scene here in recent memory. this guy, so he didn't even stop at kidnapping that girl, he killed her. we're all human beings. shouldn't women not even be protected against murder? shouldn't they feel anxiety?
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if the future is about young girls, girls shouldn't fear that to morrow. they could be treated this way. forced marriage is a crime. why? it is vital work but only scratches the surface of a nationwide problem. raising public awareness about women's rights and gender based violence increased on is a challenging task to say, the least activists are often threatened and have even come under attack, hulu. crudest non civil society, though vibrant, has to a degree, been forced under ground activists. academics, filmmakers, artists, musicians, meeting behind closed doors at invitation, only events in undisclosed locations. alton says so many women have asked her for help. it's overwhelming for just one person. so despite threats, disruptions and violent assaults by counter demonstrators at a women's march last year, she will continue raising her voice to stay in the public. i know civil rights activists like her say violence against women is a nationwide concern that demands
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a government response. but with fewer women in the next parliament, the uphill climb has just been made steeper. zane basra v o 0 michigan. time magazine has named the entrepreneur ellen mosque. it's a 2021 person of the year. the magazine says the chief executive of tesla and space x is the best example of a massive shift in our society. it credits the 50 year old with creating solutions to global crises and embodying the possibilities and perils of the age of tech titans. the magazine says that gives the war to someone who affects the news or the world. in the biggest way for better or worse will to him, hubbard is an assistant professor of management at the university of notre dumb. he says a lot mosques impacts on the worlds is beyond business. if we stand back and think about all you on mosque has been able to achieve,
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it's quite impressive. and if you step back even 20 years, and you tried to think about where the auto industry would be, for example, without tesla or where our space industry would be without space ex. i don't think we would quite be expecting the same results if you want must, hadn't been there taking the risks, innovating and really, you know, going for it. i think it's been been quite inspiring from that perspective. when we think about the, the antics that he does, for example, on twitter, and the effect that it has in stock markets and social conversations around the world. it is beyond just the accomplishments that he's had in business. and not all of it has been for good, there's been concerned with, you know, working conditions in the companies and the way that he approaches things. philanthropy for example. but when you stand back and you think about, if we, if we took eli musk out of the world, there would be a big gap. and whether not that's a purely good gap or a bad gap. there would still be quite a, quite a large gap, 3 stand back and we think about the big audacious goals the space x had when they
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started they've achieved most everything that they set out for up to now whether not it's been on timer or a little bit later, it is very, very impressive, and so they've been having the goal of mars in their sites for a very long time. and so i think that the steps that they're taking right now look like they're on the path to, to, to meet that goal. it's going to be challenging, obviously, but i think that they are their vision of having that as something that they want to achieve. i think that they have the right people, the right technology, and right now the right leader in order to be able to achieve those goals. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the headlines us secretary of state and city blinking says the asia pacific region needs to be free of coercion, putting kin as an indonesia on the 1st like over regional tour. washington is trying to counter china's influence. we all have
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a stake in ensuring that the world's most dynamic region is free from portion and accessible to all. that's why there's so much concern.


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