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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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and to death, he's a subscriber to you choose dot com, forward slash al jazeera english ah . protested as a back on the streets of saddam's capital voicing their anger against a military deal that reinstated the prime minister. ah, hello and welcome on peter w. a watching all to 0 live from to are also coming up. we'll get an update from the u. s. state of kentucky where survivors of the deadly tornadoes are sifting through the damage. sadly, these one patient has now become from 2 died. oh, we've all become a warning from the u. k. prime minister,
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as the government tries to get a handle on the slow but steady rise in cases of the army. kron variant and sweets reunion. queensland and australia reopens its borders to domestic travellers have been vaccinated against cuba. 19. ah, restarted saddam, where protest is out once again, back on the streets of the capital cartoon. they say they're against last month's steel with the military security forces have been using t aghast to disperse the crowds, the political agreement. so abdullah ham doc reinstated his prime minister weeks off to the military, detained him and seized power. the deal was rejected by sedans, larger civilian coalition, protest to say they don't want any concessions from the military. let's get more on this. hip morgan is live for us in cartoon. now, hebert, not the 1st time we've seen people protesting against that deal. what are they
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hoping to achieve today? while protesters are hoping to tell the military that despite the number of days that has passed since that deal was signed, they still reject it signature and reject the fact that remedy abraham dog has negotiated and has compromised. according to their view against the military, now not many of those 4 testers are here on the streets, on the road that leads up to the presidential palace. you can hear the sound of the tear gas being fired at them by security forces who are guarding the entrance to the presidential palace. generous amount of target has been fire disposing the protesters who are in the thousands on this road alone. and the other pro similar protests in the city of undermine across the river and i and, and other parts of the country. the other reason the protestors are taking to the 3 to do is to show the international community that they are rejecting the deal the united nations secretary general antonio terrace has
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a voice his support for the deal and urge sudanese to support that deal as well. for many people here, that is something that they're not going to accept because they say they don't want the military incidence politics. so they will continue to voice their rejection to that view, saying that they're more protest organized to show their anger and their rejection . we've seen the use of tear gas in previous processed before and people getting injured. is there a sense and expectation there that we could see a dangerous situation unfolding in the hours to come? ha. yes indeed. now we've been here on side for a couple of hours now, walking with a protest as to what the presidential palace to hear their views. we've already seen at least 2 protesters injured by tear gas canisters. they've been movement. they've been taken to the hospitals. we've seen all the protested collapsing of the result of suffocation because of the amount of target that has been fired. so we're already seeing injuries among the protest is here since the military take over on
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october 25th. at least 44 people have been killed. more than 200 people have been injured according to medic groups, and they're concerned that the number of injuries will increase under the number of deaths will continue as protested fit that they will continue to voice their rejection and continue to demonstrate on the street of sedan river, thank you very much. have a welcome. they're on the team on the streets in call to a search for survivors continues in 6. tornado battered us states, but the chances of finding any one alive are fading. dozens have been killed. the u . s. president joe biden has declared a major disaster in the state of kentucky and pledged aid overall for 6 states. national guard troops have been deployed to help. friday's tornadoes are among the worst on record for this time of year. the u. s. national weather service received reports of $37.00 tornadoes across 6 states, including arkansas, illinois, kentucky, mississippi, missouri, and tennessee. kentucky is the worst affected with the most numbers of casualties
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so far. one tornado hit the state and stayed on the ground for more than 300 kilometers, leaving a trail of destruction in mayfield. a candle making factory there in mayfield was destroyed, killing at least 8 workers. in illinois, the roof of an amazon warehouse partially collapsed, killing 6. several, a still missing and in arkansas and nursing home was struck, killing one and trapping a dozen others. i did your castro reports now from mayfield in kentucky. the governor of kentucky says this has not been confirmed by the state, but the owner of the candle factory says that there were 8 bodies pulled out of that wreckage. and now there are 6 missing workers, which was a dramatic revision from what had once been feared. as 40 of those work are still on, accounted for as an explanation of the owner said it was because of the communication challenges right after the disaster. there's no power, no phone service. so finally,
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more the employees who had gotten out safely on their own have reached down, said that they are safe so that that could be very good news. but the governor still says that the death toll here in kentucky which remains that state with the largest loss of life. best case scenario, he said, would be 50 dead worst case still a 100 plus. and that includes surrounding towns here in the town of brennan were only some, a 100 people live. one out of 10 have died because of this tornado including a 4 month old child. we also know in dawson springs 75 percent of that community. according to the towns mer has been wiped out the list of the missing going on for pages. and that is still the greatest fear here. i know we're days now out from the tornado that struck on friday night. but still because of how wide spread this damage is because of the thousands of homes, there hasn't even been an opportunity to count exactly how many we just know
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thousands have been leveled. you can just imagine the fear that there still may be others trapped underneath this debris. and that remains the focus, the search and rescue effort, even as people who have lost everything a comb through the debris, at least thankful that they have their lives. after delivering the eulogy for the former president, f, w to clerk, south africa's current president several rum hosa tested positive for cooper. 19. his office released a statement saying he felt on well off to the state memorial service. in cape town on sunday, he's being treated for mild symptoms from a post has been vaccinated against the virus from either mila has borne out from johannesburg. he's being monitored by military doctors. they say that he's doing well then while he's in the nation, his duties will be performed by the deputy president. the president presidency rather hasn't expressed any deep concern around his testing positive. but this does come just after the eulogy that he gave at the memorial for the former president f
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w, the clerk. so he was a round people and also off the back of a west african to a we've visited several countries. so those who've been around the president have been told to isolate and they've been tested, but they've also use this opportunity to remind south africans to get vaccinated saying that the president is just as vulnerable as everybody else. and this is your chance to go out and get vaccinated because that's what's going to keep you safe. while experts are saying it's likely that army kron infections will overtake the delta variant. at some point, we're looking at about a 15000 average daily cases in the last 7 days. specifically, almost a 50 percent positivity rate. and what that means is that 30 percent of people who go out and get tested for cova 19 have a positive result. so exploits continue to say that they are alarmed by the rate at
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which the variant is spreading, but they've also continued to say that they are observing mild cases of infection. they do one more time to come out with further information around just how severe illness might be. but we are hearing more and more fun. these authorities that there it is increasingly a case of mild infections. you have prime minister today confirmed the 1st test from the new cobra. 19 ami kron variant, boris johnson's government raised its corona virus threat level to for just short of the highest level. at 5 on sunday officials, a warning the spread of the army cranberry into pushing the u. k. back into risky territory. a new threat level won't immediately affect existing rules and regulations. we can see on the chrome spiking now in, in london and some other parts of the country. it here in the capital. it probably represents about 40 percent of the cases by tomorrow it will be the majority of the
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cases in its increasing the whole time and a sadly yes, on the chrome is producing hospitalizations. and sadly, at least one patient has now been confirmed, have died with on the chrome. so i think the idea that this is somehow a milder version of the virus. i think that's something we need to set on one side pull. brennan has more now from london. what we know from the health secret, santa javert, he's been doing the broadcast, ran this morning, but on the chrome in this country is spreading in his words, like we've never seen it before. and the prediction is that by tomorrow on the chrome will be the majority of new corona virus cases. at the moment it's around 40 percent of new cases are on a chrome by tomorrow. they believe it will be 50 percent, at least. so you can see i, the concern there is in this country about the way that on the chrome is taking over from the previous delta variants. busy and becoming the dominant variant,
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there is still unclear evidence as to how fatal omicron is on, but nevertheless, the infectiousness of it is what's really worrying the experts. and the scientists believe on the one model that's been put forward and some under some circumstances, the number of hospitalizations from amr con could be double that that we saw from the delta variance a year ago. so you can see the strains that we put on the national health service. i'm standing at a vaccination center where the warning from the prime minister on sunday night reiterated by the news of his 1st on the front desk, has really created a real surge of people wanting to get that through the jobs and people of my shoulder are queuing backwards and forwards and around the back of the tent and down the street in order to get their jobs to italy, no, we rescue workers the searching for any more survivors in the rubble of several buildings that collapsed on the island of sicily, they recovered formal bodies after digging for 30 hours,
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7 people now confirmed dead to are still missing. the buildings came down r for a gas leak explosion on saturday. in the turn of robert new south. still to come here now to sierra spain's wetlands on destruct, made worse by local farmers topping into water supplies illegally to keep their livelihood going. and we'll look at where the next use will will comp can be a breakout event. ah hello there. the weather's looking rather settled for much of south asia at the moment. if you look at the satellite image, we've got lots of fine and dry weather for india if you showers pulling into that southeast corner in places like under pradesh and hamilton. i do, but for the sharp storms and showers,
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we have to look to sri lanka. they'll blow across as well into the mouths before that west coast of india. wasting a lot of warmth. you a lot of fine and dry weather and sunshine with the temperatures in more by and go are touching up near the mid thirties. now further north, it is going to get a little little bit cooler across northern areas of pakistan, pushing across into northern india, but of a wintry mix at play in the days to come. but for new delhi though, air quality remains rather poor, but there will be some hazy, sunshine, and dry conditions. and as we head further east, it is looking dryer for much of bangladesh as it is for much of east asia and mainland china. we got high pressure in charge here, a few showers, stretching across to that eastern coast, but largely fine and dry within the temperatures in beijing and shanghai picking up once again. and it's the same, the story for sol in south korea. we're going to see 10 degrees celsius by the time we get to wednesday, but it's going to remain rather wet and windy across the north of japan. that sure weather. ah.
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the end of the country with an abundance of results rate already won indonesia. he's friends for me. we moved full to growth and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let me pause when denise is broke and progress. invest indonesia now with ah,
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he won't jail to syria top story so far this half hour. security forces in saddam abuse, t against to disperse protest is the capital. the demonstrators are against last month's deal with the military. what? so the prime minister reinstated the u. s. president joe biden has declared an emergency in kentucky. alternators devastated the state. this means more funding and aid for a region or more than 60 people been killed. and the u. k prime minister boris johnson has confirmed the 1st to have from cooper 19 omicron buried. he says, infections increasing rapidly. the governments raised its corona virus level to 4 or 5. now it is considered to be one of the most important wetlands in the world. the don yana national park in southern spain is a unesco world heritage site and a refuge for migrating birds and endangered animals. but as natasha could name reports, the park is suffering from years of what a theft by farmers, and now a drought with every season a different don't. yeah,
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not emerges. spain's 57 year old national park is nature's tableau of what lands, beaches, dunes and pine forest ecosystems scientists called the wetlands one of the most important on the planet. yet these days it's the dry season year round at this unesco world heritage site. you can see that it is not an, an integral the state now because there is no one there. so all these species are finding some very those which should be a protective in the same half or so it thrown in here they are in children 3000 seasonal pods used to dot the wetlands today. there are less than $100.00. the world wildlife fund or w w f says, this part is surrounded by 1600 hector's of illegal strawberry blueberry and
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raspberry farms. the farmers don't have a permit to use water from an awkward for, to irrigate their berries, to preserve the ecosystem. the w w f says the water theft must and, and farmers, residents, and tourists need to conserve water. 10 years of lower than average rainfall. and to dr declared last month, have exacerbated the water shortage. the farmers union in the province says barry farming provides 102000 jobs and instead of blaming them for streaming water resources, the government should complete a project to divert water from another basin. getting the 2nd thermal comfortable with it, the other which i had to load on the dental on you. we're fed up with the way we've been portrayed over many years. we've been dedicating our lives to this it. we want to leave something here. so that is completely compatible and so that our children can carry on doing this. to restrict water use,
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the spanish government sealed illegal wells and purchase farm land around diana national park. we have to go together with a farmer, improved then by domains balconies. young. a super pro and i knew ship if to reduce wasn't go sancho because i b m here though jana are in good the health resource important for pharmacy in the future. for generations, the people and the park have co existed. if the future means less water, life may change for both, for the worst. natasha game, l. g 0. well, the province spain, the friends president emanuel. my call is in for the past today where he's hoping to find some common ground with the hungarian prime minister victor or ban is attending a summit between hungary, poland, the czech republic, and slovakia. it's all happening in the lead up to the french to hang over the rotating e u. cancel presidency next year. not in barbara jonas live now from but a past, so nadeem or what is a monsieur macro hoping to get here?
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while he certainly got a warm welcome, peter at the year prime minister's office sir, which you can see behind me at a brief her breasts press statement rather than a conference or both men admitted openly that they were political adversaries. but, but there were some areas where they did c i to i e. so there's hope of progress in the next few hours between the 2. but also at this meeting of the visit grad for m . a leaders of central european countries where they are probably going to be talking about things like a joint defense approach. things like energy, president, macro and victor alba and both saying that they were committed to nuclear energy as a green response to the climate crisis challenge. and then emmanuel mccaul volunteered the subject of a border policy in refugees and migrants, which is of course, and probably the,
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the source of most tension at the moment. he said that they agreed on the needs to strengthen europe's or borders. so they didn't shy away from the fact that they don't see eye to eye on a number of issues, but term president mc hall said that it's up to both of them and of the whole european union to show the world that they can actually work together pragmatically come say, did ye annette ashmore a no b for me? the concept of europe has always been an endurance of our countries, a feeling of respect for each other. and the prime minister has said indeed, there are well known differences of opinion at the political level between us. we are loyal partners and we are pro europeans nadeem. however, hungary notorious are notoriously, i should say at odds with the e. u. of issues like human rights, the rule of law, the interpretation of each human rights legislation. how much common ground is there to work with here? well,
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it is tough to see really because they are so far apart on things like the rule of law, which has seen brussels are tell budapest that it won't receive certain recovery funding until it changes. course things like m l g b t writes campaigners here have urged president mack on to raise that it's expected that he will arm and arm. he's also a started his own day here in the capital by visiting a jewish cemetery, paying respects to a well known philosopher and well known critic victor albany. agnes, hello. so that's a big symbolic gesture by president mac hall. he will be reminding victor or been victim that he does needs to change his message in terms of the primer see of european union law. that's something that's being challenged by the courts here.
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not as much as it has been in poland, something that's got the polish government in hot water over the last couple of years. so i don't think he's going to be expecting victor robins to turn round and say, hey, we're moving towards the center. no, there are tough line government, not just on those issues, but also in the issue of refugees. i think though that what we might see is some kind of movement towards a joint approach to the refugees, because there is a growing realization elsewhere in the continent that this concentration just on the militarization reinforcement of borders simply con, go on forever. that him. thank you very much number there are correspondent on the ground. in the past. allison, you're attending to renewable energy sources in a bit to get around tight israeli restrictions, palestinians don't have access to or control over the majority of lands in the occupied west bank. and some, i'm now trying to install solar panels on rooftops to overcome this challenge.
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they're able to him as more this is the largest power plant in the occupied west bank. it has 20000 solar panels and is now generating electricity for 3 palestinian institutions, including this hospital and ramallah. before switching to solar energy hospital manager save a paid $1000000.00 a year in electricity bills for the past 2 years. that electricity has been free of charge for dr. henley, but up in a solar panels are covering all of our needs over the tricity as a hospital. it's part of our social responsibility to use in the tricity that we're generating and, and reduced out dependency on israel and 90 percent of the electricity used in the occupied west bank is bought from israel. the rest comes from jordan and through renewable energy sources. look, ballast indian initiative aims to install more solar panels in the west bank to grease reliance on green energy from 6 percent to 70 percent. what is really
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restrictions are complicating this process. israel prevents palestinians from developing the majority of land in the west bank, installing solar panels and school rooftop was one way around it. with access to lands is not the only issue, even when electricity is generated, it's not easy to transmitted from one location to another. well, a stand on the operates on low, low voltage and medium voltage grids. we don't have any transmission network that would enable us to do large scale projects. so we had to size this project, both in terms of availability of land and the capacity of the grid to carry and evacuated. the power produced here, tens of thousands of past indians live off the grid international organizations provided them with solar panels. now they are the only source of power. it's hardly enough to generate electricity for basic needs and only operates during sunlight. even though the electrical grid is meters away,
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better when communities here cannot benefit from it. it's part of the israeli electricity network and serve the illegal israeli supplements in the area. the palestinian energy authority says investment in solar energy is relatively new and still way down by bureaucracy. there is a gap of coordination between these institutions that's been established in the law that slowing down the process and the create kind of bureaucratic procedures in a place where the sun shines more than 320 days a year. solar panels could solve the electricity problem, but it is the israeli occupation that's preventing the palestinian goals of energy, self reliance. with him al jazeera, be occupied by bank l. sterling states of queensland is opening its borders to domestic travellers who have fully vaccinated has been closed for 5 months while the state pushed for locals to get to jobs is liada. oh, home. finally,
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for the holidays. pure joy for these loved ones as they re unite in the state of queensland and australia after having been separated because of the pandemic. welcome. hi, miss harris. this is miss my son and daughter. know you had to leave england till 5 years. and i was planning to get married in 2020, and grace we were all going, but of course we couldn't do that. so i got married in not september this year, and we're now welcoming heim after 5 years. so we thought he saw it, but not every one is so lucky. unlike domestic travelers, international travelers into the state of queensland will still require 2 weeks of quarantine. diana ward lives in a bordering state and hasn't been with her family all year. it's been over a month since i saw my family, and luckily i can get back to christmas, but my brother is still overseas and can't get back into queensland official say
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all travel and the state will get easier once the vaccination rate goes up to 90 percent we haven't been on applying for either a month, so. yeah. but just coming back from break thought in will. one of these families won't need screens to stay connected this holiday season just time to hug and kiss face to face. we are harding al jazeera ah, which is days away from the semi finals of the fee for arab cup here in dough hall . the tournament is being used, of course, as a test for the organizes ahead of next year's world cup. it's the 1st time it will be played in the middle east. arab countries will be hoping the home field advantage, which will kick in and it will produce a breakout tournament for teams. from the region is andy richardson, our fans in familiar surroundings, following players in
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a country and coach it, they know, next year we'll cup and cattle is unique chance the arab teams to feel at home on footballs, bigger stage, given properties for the market. there's lots of different material. that's right, that's right. so i think that to give the players like that they may be really have to pull my pants. it's kind of me to have the base, the hope all of them will be present. the next year i woke up, now they open for them that they didn't get to put anything for them to practice and make sure that that he had a record full arab teams were at the 2018 finals in russia. but none made it out of the group and no our team has ever reached a world cub court. the final, this time around though a will be less of a step into the unknown and the are familiar with the, with the rain. and no matter what, i mean there is a little bit of
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a psychological home field advantage are also having the problem. and i mean, logically, are always in business, you know, and that's going to help a lot of the players envision hopefully not only choice before the tournament, being held outside of the americas or europe in 2002 south career and japan. co hosted the well cut, both themes minded out of that group and south korea got as far as the semi finals . and when the event went to africa for the 1st time in 2010 gone, a got within a penalty kick at the last 4 kit. so have never previously played it a world cup of the oration champions and have competed as a guest team in a series of continental talk to prepare for the challenge ahead. having followed the national team for a long time, no more than a decade. i think the mentality of the team is teach that they're ready to take on
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challenges. they're ready to face any team. and even if they've had some bad results over the last 2 years, i think they're dev concord that fear factor and that they're ready. and on that day they can perform against any t it's nearly time for arab football's finest to answer the call of a world cup that will look and sound like no other. ah, andy richardson, al jazeera, doha ah, exactly 1430 g m t. let's update your top stories security forces in sudan of use tear gas to disperse. protest isn't on the capital. the demonstrators are against last month's deal with the military. what? so the prime minister reinstated hip morgan has more from cartoon. now this is the 8th time since the military takeover on october 25th that they're taking her to the st.


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