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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm AST

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new heights join has been cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked the package now at canton ways. dot com. ah, he did not be in the top stories on al jazeera, south africa's president settle, run, the post has tested positive for cooper 19. he's being treated from mild symptoms from a post a has been vaccinated against the virus from the miller has more now from janice book. he's being monitored by military doctors. they say that he's doing well then while he's there, i solution. his duties will be performed by the deputy president, the prison presidency rather, hasn't expressed any deep concern around him testing positive. but this does come just after that eulogy that he gave at the memorial for the former president. if w,
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the clerk. so he was around people and also off the back of a west african to a wave visited several countries. so those who've been around the president have been told to isolate the government says raised in corona virus threat level and is encouraging people to get booster shots. it's warning the spread of the army. kron variance is pushing the u. k. back into risky territory. the australian state of queensland is now open to all vaccinated domestic travelers. the 1st time, in nearly 5 months, queensland shot its borders in july to the neighboring states as a way to co cases of cove. it we haven't been on a plane for a month, but just coming back and going to be fighting, walking on the plane plan. very good. probably. but like the joseph feeling
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crowds, insur donna protesting against the deal, the prime minister signed with the military last month. the political agreements, so abdullah ham dark reinstated as prime minister weeks after the military had detained him and seized power. the deal was rejected by sedans, largest opposition, coalition protested say they don't want any compromises with the military. not sally been, it has now become the 1st is ready, prime minister to make an official visit to the united arab emirates. he's missing crime. prince mom had been said to discuss deepening ties and economic and regional issues to the establish formal diplomatic ties with israel last year. you are right up to speed with all the top stories. the news continues here on out to see or after witness. after witness, i'll have the news for you 60 minutes using comment. see that? ah
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hayes. i should have gotten in touch shaheer than for your behalf afflicting with talking in or your camera in hand. i gotta miss going you for lagging it. tell me i thought and i was gonna eat them. the 3 of them were shack there, monica, or some new after some up posters, horner sued sunday or yes. yeah. and that was so room was then the main thing was the so what you were broke. so let me thought, if it's wrong, oh, no, just go from the got a may have to leg and he had done what i about the hampton thompson, bob etzky, but a new club on may the number that somehow put it on, monet in agony. delafield with
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the question i oh yeah. oh yeah sure sure. yeah sure. a moving hebron boys breathe and fly pigeons. but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also close to watched vice really forces at times. shaw
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thought and often arrested. a delicately told tale filmed over 5 years of a coming of age in a place where even a child's imagination is heavily restricted. the skies above had brought a witness documentary on jessie uta ah ah, look forward to brighten skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello there, let start in south america and severe flooding has hit 2 states in eastern brazil that thanks to torrential downpours brought on by
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a weather system that is now swirled out further east of the coast of brazil, but the wet weather remains. if we take a closer look, we can see those storms and showers getting rather heavy across more southern areas . we're gonna see rain in rio for much of the week and some thunderstorms as well in south paolo. but those join up with lots of showers and storms across the amazon basin. we're going to see heavy rain, a pool into southern parts of bolivia in the days to come. we could see some more flooding issues here as it pushes its way to the south. and once again, we are going to see some shop thunderstorms edge into uruguay roll over northern areas of argentina's briscoe winds at play. here we could see some flood issues as well across paraguay where those rains for heaviest. but for the south of this, there's a lot of exceptional heat about in patagonia that's going to be knocked out by weather system that's pushing across to the east, knocking down temperatures in the south. now as we move to central america, it's the south that seeing a lot of the wet weather, but there's plenty of fine and dry conditions across the caribbean islands
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who, whether sponsored by katara always. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello and welcome on peter w, watching the news our live from our headquarters here, doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, protesters are back on the streets of saddam's capital to voice their anger against a military deal that reinstated the prime minister.


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