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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2021 8:30pm-9:00pm AST

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sapphire, the giant gemstone weighs 310 kilograms and has been named the queen of asia. it was found at a pit 3 months ago and was certified by the national gem and jewelry authority on sunday max. the stipend has won his 1st ever formula one world championship, the closest title race, since 1974 was decided in a dramatic final lapse. prince louis hamilton took believe from the start and looks at the claim record, 8th driver's crown. but nicholas latifah is late, crash, brought out the safety car, the stop and use that opportunity to pitt for the tires, an edge to head of hamilton midway through the final lap, to win the title. ah, it is good to be with us. hello adrian, for the good hearing. so all the headlines i'll to syrup, rescue workers of the u. s. of sifting through debris, looking for survivors after saturdays catastrophic tornadoes. kentucky is the worst
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hit. it's governor says that it will be a miracle if survivors a found heidi joe castro reports from mayfield, kentucky. the town of mayfield kentucky has been in a word leveled by the tornadoes. this is what remains of the once vibrant historic downtown area. we have overturned vehicles, every which way you look, collapsed buildings. and in fact, where we're standing now. well, this is apparently used to be a wall now just pieces of brick strewn by the tornadoes that hit late friday evening. this is a town that is just coming to grips with a level of destruction, has suffered the governor of kentucky, calling this scene what appears to him like a war zone, chase of foreign ministers of war and russia, of massive consequences if it invades ukraine. the statement came on the final day
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of meetings in liverpool. we had sent a very clear united message to blood to putin from this g 7 meeting. and we want russia to stop. it's aggression with respect to ukraine, and we are very clear that there would be severe consequences if that incursion took place. this is about deterring russia from taking that action. to grind rebels in ethiopia say that they've recapture the unesco world heritage site from government forces. labella is a town in the old and i'm hot region voters in the pacific territory if you can. adelia have rejected independence from france and a 3rd and final referendum. others the headlines more? do you see here? and i'll just era after inside story. next. ah.
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is another war brewing in the balkans. politicians and the bosnian serb republic have voted to pull out of the union with bosnia and herzegovina, western country, the warning that secession could de stabilize the entire region yet again. so why do this herbs want to quit? now this is inside story. ah, i work with the program, i'm kim vanelle. it's being described as the most serious crisis in the balkans region since the bosnian war at war ended in 1995 of the ethnic cleansing
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atrocities kill tens of thousands. both millions to escape the route of peace since then is being endangered by growing nationalistic rhetoric and a vote to split from bosnia and herzegovina. on friday, politicians in the balls near serb republic, whole republican service go voted to pull out of bosnia and herzegovina is 3 major institutions. the armed forces as well as the legal and tac systems. condemnation of the secessionist move has come from the united states. the european union, britain, france, germany and italy all warning that the stability of the whole balkan region is threatened. me pull out your license. we are withdrawing our permission for the joint armed forces of bosnia herzegovina. in the next 6 months, we will talk and see if there is a possibility to form a new structure for the armed forces considering our position. or we will pick any of 2 options to form an army of republic, setup sca, or submit the law for the general demilitarization of bosnia. now will begin our
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discussion about latest developments in a moment. but 1st, let's take a look at what happened before. between 1992 in 1995 bosnian serbs, muslims ad crowe at fort a bloody war which killed an estimated 200000 people and divided the country along ethnic lines. western nations intervened by sending military forces to keep the warring sides apart. after a u. s. initiative, peace was eventually achieved and what's known as the dayton accords. they divided bosnia into 2 or thomas regions. the federation of bosnia and herzegovina, as well as the bosnian serb republic. republic services both would function independently, but would govern jointly sharing the institutions of security, the rule of law and the economic system, which now the bosnian serb republic wants to withdraw from ah. okay, let's bring in our guests in sarajevo, the capital of bosnia herzegovina,
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and its largest city roof. by of ich, who is a former bosnian government minister, he's also vice president of the us europe alliance. that's an american organization which campaigns to boost trans atlantic ties in serbia's largest city belgrade is jericho coach, former deputy prime minister of serbia. and in the german capital berlin, we have voted ever senior associate at the democratization policy council. it campaigns to boost liberal democratic values very well. welcome to you all. thank you for joining us all inside story. i'd like to begin with you are a bite of ich, i just want to get your reaction. first off to this move by legislators are in a republic, a service go to essentially start withdrawing from these important national institutions. well, this is a clear attempt at breaking up of bosnia herzegovina. as we know, the bonding on war was stopped in 1995,
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but never really ended the war simply moved from the battlefield to the institution and the bosnian serb leadership lead lead by mr. miller with the full support. and this is an important. ready point of lead me to russia have deemed it the right time to try to finish what they. ready started during the war. ready in the ninety's. so we're talking about a continuation of the genocidal policies of the ninety's with other by other me. so the idea here is to achieve budget work time goals which were which included perpetrating agenda through diesel me. so they want to basically use the parliament to finish off what they couldn't do on the battlefield. okay. jack are allowed to bring you in. do you agree with that assessment all?
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what do you see as, as the aim here, as far as the daughter is concerned, the milliner know, did i agree that mill road dick basically was in or on a rolled her to separation of the public, a subs come from boston and had to go in he's very clear about that. he's not so clear about the data terms, but he just the parliament of triple because sometimes they just won't. it's flora. i must emphasize that the whole of the opposition in that parliament walked out. but his party, which has a majority just wanted to go along this process or separation, or which means he wants again to have a separate army in a public. got some scott, he wants to have a separate security agency and some other institution, which is their proctor a. the 1st serious will go up the simulation. he's not yet saying this is a but
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a sure, but he mentioned that white the number of times in the previous month that at the end of this process, he wants a friend on a separation. meaning that a bully got some scout would, would become, are a sovereign in separate states from boston. had to go ok, i'd like to bring you in. but other, if that is the road, that republicans, there is on. what do you imagine the fall out will be? well, i'm not sure. i mean, this is the road. is it the, the aim of mr. dorthy? i'm not so sure i'm, i'm rather worried that this is a choice product by a completely, ah, in serious west and it's deterrence for failure and 3 of a result of 15 years of appeasement policy. that did not function at all. it, it backfired. i don't know if i had an incident policy while we have been appeasing since 2005 when basically the west has unilaterally the of the arms and is not
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using its instruments in by night civilian and military instruments to appease nationalist agenda starting with mr. dicks. what we're currently seeing, even in the more deeper and crisis of the west, a since the beginning of this year, or something we've seen in costs or surveys the last 3 years off western negotiators, middle era officials of you and us trying to negotiate some settlements, allegedly a trying to push through some breaking some political deadlocks on the reform agenda, but basically is by giving international agenda in the so called negotiations over a reform of the election law. and i see the current escalation in this context in which really the west is in the price, isn't it? and is, is basically throwing overboard. it's democratic principles and values. and i'm the
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fear that the current dynamics. i mean mr. dodie, for 15 years is playing with fire. he is a machiavellian opportunities. he is using the them the tools that at this, this functional both in state gives him by raising ethnic tensions. for 15 years he is threatened maybe 30 times with profession or referenda for it seems for the whole time that he's, he's enjoying and he has altered turn rule by not, you know, implementing these threats. and i'm not sure that was his plan. in this case, i've p m, or that we already know very deep territory of political miscalculation in which he is finally forced to implement of threats and has no way to your turn this because of the if you're responsible acting of you and us fish. ok, we'll talk about possible all from a little later in the program. but of it, is this a done deal then? is this is this happening or this miller ad study, want to negotiate? like it is there and all friends?
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well, the off ramp is there, but it does not want and offering the west has repeatedly been offering off ramps to do for the last 15 years. and every single time he would take no one there would give him the most various into the very last offer. but what i fear is happening now is that it really is not acting along. he's acting at the behest of blood in it. and what's happening in botany, i think can only be mean fully understood if you analyze it in conjunction with what's happening across europe. so you, crane boys and girls are in my view, part of the same crisis. that is to get it from moscow for a little bit more. do you think that the build up of us and forces in east and ukraine is connected to what's happening here? can, can you just explain a little bit more for me?
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well don't it was this was put in for several days ago. she meets him frequently. russia is openly supporting the succession drive and has been doing that for many years now. miss important has managed to get a for, for a number of years. you and especially berman anglo merkel, that's a consent for you know, daughter's behavior. because keep in mind that it was never sanctioned by european union, nor were any, nor did any of the member states decide to bilaterally sanctioned him or cause any sort of a headache for here. so this is part and parcel of what's going on across europe. russians are there fully for do, and this is something that a lot of people in the you don't want to see. they want to pretend that the crisis in bosnia and i think it's a regional crisis. it's, you know what stays in, but what happens in doesn't stay above above, you know, it's not like biggest,
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you know, it's not something you sort of p, so p, p. so you're being realistic where you can have an isolated grayson that's helping us to lower the same applies to ukraine of course. but it has vocal support. so there are a number of indicators, the russian hybrid, so called little green men. i think people have entered bonds, even in 2014. you have there are military units that the bosnian serbs have a built up with the russian help you had the usual suspects like the, the biker gangs, the, the people who showed up 1st in the crimea, in 2014 and several times. and it sort of looks like the same strategy except for the rush, the russians are unable to deploy because by their so far away, they have to fly over either ukraine or to natal member state bulgaria, or romania. and it's not easy for them to get a rise to do a lot. i hear what you're saying. i want to know. i want to move this on to
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i new york on edge. what has serbia said about these latest developments? in particular, how does it do it? well, we have a president who was, a young man in ninety's should belong to the most radical nationalistic party and serbia mostly allied with from other middle street and he's party, he's a bit more silent lately. seeing obviously that the kids know that this and demo might have a very dangerous in. but there is no doubt that meleganta actually supports what this is not doing. if you look at the tabloids in serbia, which are really, really controlled by the government, a dance reporting body, that is absolutely no criticism. what don't doing. and ironically it, it goes under the very liberal. i thought that people are entitled to heaven and
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friend on monday. i have faith. it looks a little bit closer to what you have in crimea. i'm not comparing really directly because i'm either really separate skate, but it looks like this. you know, like i was going to have a referendum and most of the people will vote for independence. so we'll see what comes next. the problem is that i'm not so sure that the or has a joke or quote, some joint joint position on this. i want to remind you that a few weeks ago, the prime minister, hungary, mr. norman, was in by no. luka, that's a capital of republican, some sca that these a political support for mister vondik in a very critical moment. and obviously mister darby is a seizing the moment he's seeing that by that administration has internal problems that are now engaged in southeast asia. neisha generally, there is a crisis on a border between ukraine and russia. and he is
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a very nickel using this one. but he's not losing sight of what's happening elsewhere in the world. the movement european unit. i don't have some strongly that i'm sure not sure. i'm a chrome. is that kind of a leader and michael is now officially i retired a not active anymore politically. so he's actually using the moment don't fulfill his promise that the book, because such guy at the moment once he saying is that they want beck or a certain rights they had before before the army was unified. even separate army, separate vertical institutions, separate for security and so on and so are, are what you hear. i agree with mister there, but you see importance in foreign policy specially in regard to thought that europe you see importance or political importance of,
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of european union and the c. u. s. not really having very high on their list of priorities. international, the balkans, in bosnia. so don't it is actually a very correctly judging that he perhaps might even go through with all these things get going without a real sanctions or are they are warnings to him. they are even sits said in a lloyd the sanction. or even if it seems like you're saying that he seeing a moment in and he seizing it. mr. vitaware, would secession necessarily mean war? some have decide describe the status quo a can to keeping bosnia and herzegovina on life support as opposed to, to, to really curing the problem. while i mean, we have to understand on the one side that as i said, i mean this, the, these threats are here for 15 years. dozens of times we had these threats. and this
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by the, the, our as national assembly for it's of succession, a referendum. what do you have never been that years now? these are the most concrete and for this going step. and the notion that has creeped under the skin of people in boston is that of war. that is, that of the $9094.00. of course we are not here where we have been in the ninety's . we don't have ethnic armies. it is very hard to see practically hall. mister doughty could form an average. how he could, i mean, the question is, could he pick up the bosnian army while the leadership, which is still ethnic for sure, could go that way or their new soldiers are really not inclined. like, like citizens imposing nodding flag, including in the arrest, the goal, any of these dangerous pass and mr. cortez already mentioned. half of the, of all of the parliament has left the parliament out of protest against this dangerous past the position. so it would, per sure not be over in the classical sense, but i mean, this is let,
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let us understand, this is not returning of any competence is this is an anti constitutional path and it would be an unfair constitutional. it has been an anti confucius decision. and in the rest parliament this friday and promote implementing these, these announce laws that with implement this policy until may this year would be anti constitutional. so i mean this, this, this will lead to the breakup of bosnia and this cannot be peaceful if even if it's not war in the classical sense or even in the 90 a sense. and of course, as mr. by rich has mentioned this cannot stay local whatever. the intimate procedure of mr, which is president, which is in survey is by not openly speaking up. and basically, you know, by a, by pretending they had, they have, by pretending they, they, they do not share the position, but by basically lending the fact to support this is really invasion, direct, original security,
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whatever the russian procedure in here is. i just have to remind me that it was my organization that in 2014 published the information that beg then mr. the already wanted to go after the ukraine crisis, 30 thank station of crimea for the session that he was pushed by putting, whether that type time mr. which was a lower so to, to you integration, the west was not going along. so, i mean, if we talk about the scenario we're rochelle will or will not affect your train, it would be in an interest of me to mr. pudding to open the 2nd front than that. something that's currently completely omitted from western debate and from west and couples. ref, but it's one analyst pen, the suggestion and i'm interested in your take on it that the dayton accords was a good way to end the war. but a bad way to build a state that it has basically inherent problems. what's your take? well, dating system, those codes,
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i don't think there's anyone who works on who will tell you that that's not the case. the problem here, the data is not being held. so the crisis is really not about date. and my view drive is, is about know that deciding that he does not like now the language she uses is one of it's illegal ease, way of describing that what he's doing is really not that's crazy. but i mean, there's virtual consensus in the hours community that will go to is doing will lead to contract. and i think i hope that both right. but i think that we would have a serious, serious type of conflict. i don't think you'd be you know, several, several isolated. ready incidents dipole conference. it would be a real real conference because there are too many personal r as is
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a non contiguous sense. so for daughter to really make the independent state, he would need to see which is a city in the north of bosley. i would separate the ours and to there's the sure area around cerebral. so basically our evil would be once again you would have a form for the army right above it. we're talking about 3400 meters. the bird flies so that those things cannot simply cannot, they cannot stand and do it. is aware of this. it's very difficult to understand why he's pushing doris, which in this conflict would be the week or so. i mean, i think people agree about it as well. why he's pushing ers to to, to, to the break or more and the opposition in the are saying that he's basically gambling with a game during the war. i think they're correct because the court base the trolls, the whatever you had on the front lines in terms of war and basically wrote
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a constitution based on that. now the facts on the ground 2526 years, they're different. so it's really hard to understand duties, motivation and the only reasonable explanation that one can make is that he's being pushed into this by putting because put them in mind you have been asking from doing that. he actually, you know, create as deep of a crisis in the bottom as possible and is what i said, this is a 2nd for, for clinton or maybe a 3rd trunk. maybe we'll see something in those as well. yeah. for that. and i come back to you, do we know what the people in the republican service go want? where did these they support these move? so not surely, that's very good question. and a few times in the past weeks, i asked myself the same question because i don't think somehow speaks for the all of the people because i'm to go, i don't want to go in this program into technicalities,
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but it will make us some sca is now almost ethically, a one percent 100 percent serbian it wasn't. so before the war we will go into the results of war it because planning and horrible, horrible crimes. but at the moment a, it's almost ethically completely certain, sir. serbia and i haven't seen any or been important a fact that opposition walked out. i think it's significant. it's not just be cutting a hoisin power water who will gain its own. it's another serious move by the way. but the guy said when they walked out that they are traitors, it's an interesting guy. a. so i said i saw a rare, i want to pause you there because because i can see at a off of it. yeah. and i just want to set the record straight with my respect, very much level because it's guys not really ethnically homogeneous. about 20,
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almost 20 percent of the population is not cert. so you have a large, large returning communities above. yes, it will because i'm sca especially in the area or in eastern bosnia they're used to party such as 7 so that in reality i majority boss. so the daughter would have to essentially, you know, engage an ethnic cleansing again because those populations are not going to accept being, you know, being part of a state that's on bosnia. mean, this is, this is another element of why what she's doing is completely the range. and i think the local cert population, if you were to ask them, honestly, would you be willing to wage a war for independence of our as knowing what you know now did there the weaker side? because in 1992 and the war started the service over $95.00. so the weapon this time around it's, you know it's, it's the back side. it's more are so, i mean, i don't be very, very surprised if the people in the us actually want to really want to fight
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a war that they will lose. which, which brings me, brings me back to the point to put in. i think this is a suicide move. i go to in many ways, i mean these are your because this crisis will not be reached. ok, unfortunately we have run out of time. i really appreciate you joining us hair on inside story. i think thank you to, i guess, may of, but of it, joe caught up and vote a photo of it. and thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com, and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash again, that's the way it goes to join the conversation on twitter handle is a james. i story for making vanelle and the whole team here and they'll have a
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ah a talk to al jazeera we, how would you describe valuable relationship with the us? we listen copies. one kid is not all 419 has been terrible. demonstration of the failure to view mentally that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera, a guess,
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with dories of determination, enjoy a 1000 kito, gina, do i remain a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron desert libraries, the young cyclist and happy africa direct on al jazeera. what happens in new york has implications all around the world to make these stories resonate requires talking to everyday people, the mayor of the city and doing away with the curfew. that was supposed to get
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everybody off the site. it's international perspective with the human touch doing way in and then pulling back out again. lou, this is al jazeera. oh, hello, i'm adrian. and again, this is that these are live for bro hop coming up in the next 60 minutes. people picked through fields of wreckage after tornadoes flattened whole communities of the us leaving dozens dead. i'm mighty jo, castro.


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