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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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this year i am power and passion. we tell your story. we are your voice. your news. you're knocked out his ear. ah, entire communities have been flattened after tornadoes tear through 6 us states, dozens of fear dead. i'm heidi joe castro live in mayfield, kentucky. a town devastated by tornado and with a desperate search for survivors continued. ah, hello again on peace adobe your watching al jazeera life from doha. also coming up . the you case. foreign secretary warns russia we were,
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any escalation in ukraine is the g. seven's top diplomats meet to day residence on the pacific island of new caledonia. vote by an overwhelming majority to stay a part of france and they, some holiday cheer is being restored in vienna where christmas markets and back open again are for a 2 week partial locked up. ah, it's just gone 14 hours gmc, that means it's 9 am in the us state of kentucky and communities there are dealing with unimaginable destruction following a series of powerful tornadoes. the city of mayfield with a population of 10000 has been all but flattened. kentucky saw the worst of it, but the tornadoes also created a path of destruction across 5 of the states, stretching around 370 kilometers. we'll go live to heidi joe castro in the city of
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mayfield. shortly 1st, he has her report and we are trapped. please give us some help at the candle gregory in may. you please bring us this woman is among the few to get out alive after a tornado flattened the candle factory were she and more than 100 others were working. it's unclear how many people remain trapped somewhere beneath this rubble . but as the search and rescue efforts stretches in today to the governor of kentucky says, finding more survivors is unlikely. this is the hardest tornado event we've ever been through. and it's not just because of the property damage, but we lost a lot of good people. and we gotta do our best as it gets dark and through the next days to make sure we don't lose anymore. may feel kentucky has lost more than just the factory and it's workers. it's also lost a church of fire station,
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a police station. and of course, so many people's homes. and it wasn't just kentucky, an amazon warehouse in illinois, a nursing home in arkansas, destruction in missouri and tennessee states that expect tornadoes but not usually in december. this path length, i believe, when it's all said and done, we're waiting for the numbers to come in. we'll be a near 400 kilometer path length and very likely that this tornado will be rated violence, which means e f, or e, f 5. i'm expecting. winds peak wind speeds to be well over 200 miles per hour with this particular tornado. to president joe biden spoke to the nation, calling for unity, promising the full support of the federal government. imagine if, if you're home to the pat wedding of home, do you worry about me? everything's gone from that from from that that baptism old photograph
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to the wedding picture to the picture of your oldest daughter in a ballet. i mean, it is as profound as just profound. a federal emergency has been declared in kentucky with other states likely to follow. and the national guard has been called in to help clear roads and search door to door looking for survivors. knowing the death toll is likely to rice. and heidi joins his life now from the city of mayfield in kentucky. heidi any updates on the search for victims, i mean, is this still a search and rescue operation? peter, it is still termed a search and rescue operation, but we'll get an update on that soon. from authorities here. the word from over night though, has not been good. no further, survivors pulled from the rubble of that candle factory. in fact, it's been now going on 28 hours since the last living survivor was rescued there.
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more than a 100 people had been trapped at one point when the storm hit, some 40 made it out and still yet another 40 or so are still missing. and the complicating factor is as part of this search mission is that there is a lack of power in this entire surrounding region. there is a lack of water. and for those who are may be trapped in that factory or may be trapped in so many of these levels surrounding homes and, and sheltering, waiting for rescue to arrive. or if there are survivors, they're also in this very cold climate with no heat available either. so the odds, unfortunately, are not looking good to finding more survivors, although the hope is still alive, according to authorities here. just looking at the scale of the destruction, heidi. yes, mr. biden has said, the federal government will help. but this is going to be a massive cleanup operation and a massively long clean up operation cuz not just houses and businesses kind of
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blown away. literally the infrastructure to get the aide operation in there must have been impacted as well. absolutely. and that is some of the federal resources will be focused on trying to restore that infrastructure. we have the head of thema, the head of homeland security on the ground in kentucky to day to survey the damage . national guard troops will continue their work here, maintaining order and going from house to house, looking for survivors. but the sad as part of all this peter's as you walk around this very tight knit community, it's deserted. say for those few people who still have that look of just ah, disbelief etched all over their faces. digging through the rubble of what was left of their homes. heidi, thank you very much. hi to jo castro report in live there for us from kentucky to 7 foreign ministers. another news of warned of quotes, massive consequences for russia if it invades ukraine. the statement comes on the
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2nd and final day of meetings between delegates with the wills richest countries in the u. k. city of liverpool. the u. k. is foreign secretary said g, 7 nations are united in calling from moscow to end it's aggression. re challenge has more from liverpool, lots of talk about massive consequences and costs for russia if it does invade ukraine. again, very little specifics about what those might be. so we still don't know whether a germany is willing to threaten russia with canceling the north stream to gas pipeline. if it goes into ukraine, we don't know whether the us is threatening russia with expending it from the swift financial transactions systems. we don't know what my economic penalties there might be cetera. so i think we, we assume that those specifics must exist somewhere and that they have been
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conveyed to proof. and in some way, the white house have said that when put in and biden had the conversations that the other day that the person was told that the us is willing to do things to russia. that it didn't do in 2014, with the annexation of crime in out. that is referring to baker, economic sanctions, sanctions that russia might find more painful on iran. and the vienna nuclear talks, the u. k. foreign secretary said, this is the last chance to run to do more to save the 2015 agreement. this is the last chance for iran to come to the negotiating table with a serious resolution to this issue, which has to be agreeing the terms of the j. c. p array. this is the last chance and it is vital add that they
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d say we will not allow iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. and it is vital that they come to the table and are serious about the negotiation. the french pacific territory of new caledonia has voted overwhelmingly to remain part of france. this was the 3rd and final time they voted in a referendum to decide whether or not to become an independent country. it narrowly rejected a breakaway in 20182020. the main independence parties appear to have boycotted the votes concerned, it was being held during a co lockdown. this may have contributed to a low voter turnout. the mayor of theo, that's a pro independence district, reinforced the fact that turner was low. he said the pro independent side will now assess how they approach the issue going forward. what local comalla commer, due to us theories are bro independence district pro independence officials are
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concentrating on ensuring the smooth running of the election. we didn't have any problem finding officials who could ensure that we'd over all your who, who the number of brain dependence motors has been respected. but there are still some voice to be counted. we will take stock of the situation to sibling at the moment. it is to be em, and we are a 20 percent of participation. zachary law is a senior research fellow at the global policy institute. he says the pandemic may have influence the result. your res, old days, striking 96.5 percent against independence. but the turnout was only 44 percent wire into 2 previous referendum. the turnout was above 80 percent and devote against the bananas at foreign from 56 percent to 53 percent in 2020 ads. this time to the fact that the but us boy good to
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referendum in that different day to be question is, will accept this result. what will be the strategy now? because the french government considered not as clear vote against independence and that you could do it. yeah, we remain france. the problem is that the certainty of both about the future of you could either lead to drop in investments to look for is security. and it was a very bad project. going to be situation. now that independence has been full stored. we can expect that you can, you can expect to see the investments growing. and it's true that people voted when their sub, with a hard to but when, with their heads because they're sort of covered crises, this any to reprises as showed that the importance of the backing of the french government, which helped you get it on. yeah. with vaccines and as well as the order do
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so sure it couldn't be measures and to boost the economy during this crisis, while the french president emanuel macro, welcome the results which settles the status of the islands. the caledonian, the caledonia, new caledonia ins have chosen to remain french. they have freely decided to do so for the entire nation. this choice is a source of pride and recognition. this evening. france is more beautiful because new caledonia has decided to stay part of it. to grind, forsooth, say they've recaptured a unesco world heritage site, caught in the war in ethiopia. labella is a town in the northern am harbor region known for its cave churches. it comes less than 2 weeks after the ethiopian government said it has seized some key areas from the to grind people's liberation front, the t p l f. the year long conflict has killed thousands of people and displaced more than 2000000. if he appears prime minister has returned to the front line of
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the fight against the to grind rebels, avia mad was back in the capital, addis up a last week and the resources of told al jazeera, the pro government forces are advancing towards the city of well dia, that's a strong hold of the t p l. f. still come here on this program. tourists are back in the us, but will that be enough to help high street businesses recover from the cupboard pandemic. and a giant sapphire has been discovered in sri lanka. it is said to be the largest ever found. ah hello there, it's a much settled picture for south asia over the next few days. you can see from the satellite image, it's lots of dry weather to be found. we are seeing a few showers pull into southern areas of india,
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so rain which an eye for the next few days. but along that west coast is much dry at lots of sunshine and the temperature in by and go at hedging up to the mid 30. some. most of the warmth can be found here for the south, sri lanka was seen some heavy storms roll around the south west, some of that rain pushing into the mall deeds. but the further north we go, the dryer it is, is going to be cooler up in northern areas of pakistan. and india, by the time we reach the mid week, we've got some cold air blowing across and down from afghanistan. but there's plenty of hazy sunshine around at times the air quality is going to be rather poor . but new delhi seen attempt just sit in the early twenties and we can move across to east asia. it's much dry, a picture from mainland china. we've had that cold front push for the south and east, taking a lot of that wintry weather to rushes, far east, and onwards to japan was seen some heavy snowfall in her kato and western areas of hon shoe, by the time you get in to tuesday, that will have cleared, but we have seen the temperature in toko. it's come down to 8 degrees,
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but they will be plenty of sunshine ah, in the country with an abundance of resource rate. all in one moment we move on from we balanced rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia progressively ensure the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let me pause with now. ah ah,
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welcome back. welcome. if johnny, as you're watching all to see or i'm peter toby, your top story so far today, dozens of fear dead in the us are for a series of tornadoes, left a trail of destruction across 6 states. u. s. president joe biden as promising the full support of the federal government. g 7 foreign ministers of want of massive consequences for russia if it invades crane. britain's foreign secretary also said this is the last chance for terran to save the 2015 nuclear deal. and the french pacific island of new caledonia has voted overwhelmingly to remain part of france. this was the 3rd and final time they voted in a referendum to decide whether or not to become a fully independent country. libby as election commission says it won't publish a list of presidential candidates until it can settle legal issues. the announcement comes less than 2 weeks out from the vote shadow for december, the 24th. the pool is seen as a major step to ending a decade of instability,
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but the process has been undermined by disagreements on voting regulations and who should be allowed to run israel's prime minister naphtali bennett's expected in the united arab emirates to day. it's the 1st official visit by an israeli prime minister. since the 2 nations established diplomatic ties last year, the trip comes as israel is urging key international players to oppose nuclear talks with iran. protests are expected in austria, over corona, virus measures a partial lockdown full vaccinated people has been lifted. but those who have not received the job still are not allowed into many businesses and venues. but as those protests grow, there is some good news ahead of the holiday season. pianos christmas market is reopening. it was shot for 2 weeks to help control rising cobit 19 infections. dorothy berry is in vienna. this market has over a 150 stalls,
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and one of the business owners here that i was speaking to earlier said he is now a 3rd generation of a pastry maker who is at this christmas markets. and he remembers when his grandfather had a saw here and this is really something he's never seen before. he was talking to me about how they were closed for the 1st time completely last year because it covered this market usually goes from november 12th until december 26 this year. they close to from november 22nd until today. so they had about 10 days earlier in november they were open. but today at this business owner was telling me that even though they reopen, there is not a lot of people here. and that's because they are not there either vaccinated or they don't have a p c r test. they cannot enter or they're just not vaccinated. and that's one of the issues the government is having here the far right party, the freedom right party has said that they are holding protest demonstration every weekend for the past 3 weekends. they're against the mandate that the government
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wants to put in place making vaccinations mandatory for everyone above the age of 14. as of february 1st, that still has to go through the parliament, but it's likely to pass the opposition to that is that people don't want to be told what to do here. they feel that it is not the government's position in place to do so. from monday the stores will reopen. and then from next week, the restaurants will also reopen as well. but of course, all of that will be for fully vaccinated people. and they're hoping that that will increase the number of vaccinations in this country as it stands now. 67 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. sunday process to be held in several of australia's largest cities against cuba. 19 vaccine mandates the demonstrations in sydney and melbourne. follow the government announcing and acceleration in booster shots. 3 quarters of australia as 26000000 population is fully vaccinated. but around 1500 new infections have been reported as the new only cron variance spreads
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. international tourists have started to return to the us. no travel restrictions have been lifted, but in many cities, office employees are still working from home that has led to less foot traffic and recon store fronts. and what will ones considered high rent districts such as midtown manhattan in new york? however, as christian salumi reports, things do seem to be improving. one vanderbilt, a new high rise named for its address, rises directly above grand central station in midtown manhattan. some of the most expensive real estate in the world. the $93.00 story office tower offers this spectacular view to the public from summit one vanderbilt plus all the latest amenities for corporate clients who according to senior vice president jason hacket, have flocked here despite the lingering pandemic. from an office building perspective, we've got the premier address in new york,
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we went into the pandemic about 76 percent leased and are coming out of the panoramic. now what about 91 percent leased? so really proving out that there's demand for class a high quality office space which we have here at summit one vanderbilt. of course, not everyone can afford the rent here. no doubt the view is much different down there at street level where office vacancies remain up. rents are down in this part of town, and 2 thirds of office workers have yet to return to their death not has an impact on the entire neighborhood. fewer office workers means less foot traffic and less business for cover. one of 3, mid town restaurants owned by amy barrick, she says her business is back to about 80 percent of pre pandemic levels. the neighborhood people carried us over, but to get us back to 100 percent level of the numbers we need to see the to be open is office workers and tourism to combine. it's really everything. nearly a 3rd of retail store fund here in manhattan, our bacon,
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the midtown partnership represents local property owners who are faced with more demanding as well as fewer tenants. many commercial officers want to shrink the footprint they have. debt is leases turned the 1st workspace goes. expand the open space, the amenities space in the offices, so there's more room for, for flow. so people are on top of each other. more and more workers are expected to return as the delta very feeds and vaccination rates continue to entire. but colvin may have changed this landscape forever. kristin salumi al jazeera, new york rescue teams in sicily, digging through the rubble of collapse, buildings following a gas pipeline explosion. at least 4 people are reported dead and several others are missing in the turn of revenue. so glass and southern italy damaged at least 2 other buildings. the murder rates among british teenagers,
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the sword to his highest level in more than a decade with knives being used in many of the crimes. the youngest victim was 12 years old. the crisis was prompted one londoner to start a campaign for youngsters to hand over their weapons for safe disposal, a warning view as may find some of the images and neve barker's report. distressing . found pole puts on his stamp vest the head of another night reading the british capital of weapons. this is what he's collected in the past 2 weeks. all the blades are illegal to carry, but easy to get hold of on line. we're talking about bone tissue, nerve damage phones gained a big following on social media. me where teens eager to get rid of their weapons. no questions asked see, help, understand. man, got soccer got on. once you get me a 17 year old boys reached out on instagram, wanting to hand over a blade in it, foreign operates, and a legal greys own not condone by the police, nor actively discouraged. he knows more the most about what knives can do. so i
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stepped on to if occasions, 9 pounds each occasion. so to me. m how kathy math guys, person, if you and we meet the 17 year old, who's noticeably relieved to be handing over his knife to some one he feels he can trust. you're probably not here. i'm from with him on a ticket. if. if i get this border properly, for me it was never really a guarantee. it's more personal beef is more like little situations of a groups or of a people and, and they're willing to prove themselves you'd want to die in at le richie on the day. so the teenager, he just handed over his knife, said something very powerful to us. he said that there are 2 types of londoners. there are civilians like me. and there are young people like him who live in a constant state of war, simply because of where they live a more often than not the color of their skin. please say children as young as 10 a carrying a deadly arsenal of weapons. the violence fuel by
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a toxic makes of poverty and online rivalries. and this year, the number of charm victims is that its highest since 2008, the year, 16 year old ben can seller was stabbed to death on a london street by a group of teenagers. his family has kept his memory alive through this education center of wish more could be done to stop the situation to stop these young keach getting involved in north crime. successive governments have to try to come up with a quick fix that they don't work in the to be a long term plan in place of 5 or 10 year program. to sort of start and educate people bookkeeping. cowan, give the police responded with a series of serge operations, but the numbers quickly rebound. several of presence police forces admit they're fighting an uphill battle. we've seen a decade of sterility and cuts to policing,
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to youth services, to education. and a chronic can do investment in mental health services, children services and drug treatment. and that's what's really resulting in despite however, we are making really meaningful effort to rebuild community policing so that we can proactively prevent crime in our communities. so we're not just simply talking about flick knives or short nice. i mean that is a, as a sort. we meet up with parents, friend elijah, who's been collecting knives in a different part of the city. it's an unnerving hall of huge blades. i would say it's like almost like a fashion this is where the weapons and up handed over a police station counter. this is a fraction of what's confiscated every month. foreign and elijah say they barely scratch the surface, the series, but hardware and need parker al jazeera london the arguments of how to restructure the $45000000000.00 debt argentina owes to foreign lenders of spilled onto the
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streets of the capital left wing activists marched him when his irish to condemn a potential new deal with the i, m. f as being on payable protests as urge government leaders to focus on tackling widespread poverty with less than a year to go to the world cup. there is increasing focus on the legacy the tournament will leave for qatar. now it's learned lessons from other countries that have struggle to find a post tournament roll for their world cup facilities. bernard smith reports now from the brazilian city of mouse. oh, even in football mat, brazil, it was always going to be a challenge to make full use of a $40000.00 capacity stadium built in a jungle city. the can only be reached by air or river. ah, 4 games are played here in the 2014 world cup. the local government is still paying back the $160000000.00 construction loan to the federal government with little return to show for the investment as well then. sure, viola,
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the legacy is very small and public transport wars haven't started, but as the molig security has improved yard hospitals have not been expanded or renovated. i then several areas wouldn't through tourism pop up, there's been no progress. it's frustrating for the population. oh, now the amazon is serena hosts mouse f. c brazil's 3rd division that's hosted some concerts and a qualifier for the qatar will come most of his game went out to sea, doesn't even come close to filling the stadium even for a big match like this. this is a quarter final cup game and gate receipts. don't even come close to covering the running costs the costs around $73000.00 a month to operate the stadium according to the management this month. they'll take in half. that was c p. s. and which is important to think about how to pay for the stage from the beginning,
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going so that it's not feasible for the government to encourage football school. the growth of local sports has the objective of a workup used to bring visibility to the local sports because the visa, because the cope with the heat and humidity of a city not far from the equator, the stadium was designed to be as airy as possible. and it's an impressive piece of architecture law, but there's little danger, funds overheating in here, even when the local team managed to salvage draw in this, give me just 0 minutes. hundreds of swimmers, half me. the splash in hong kong harbor is the annual race resumed after a 2 year gap because the probate crisis only half of the usual $3000.00 centers were allowed to compete and they all had to be fully vaccinated. the races back off to no local infections for months now the other race
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is one of the few major sporting events take place this year in hong kong, sri lanka has unveiled what it says is the world's biggest natural blue sapphire. the giant gemstone waiting at 310 kilograms, and it's been named the queen of asia. it was found in a pit 3 months ago, has not been certified by the national gym and jewelry authority has all, some i, ah, this is al jazeera. let's update your top stories at exactly half past the dozens of the a dead in the us after a series of tornadoes left a trail of destruction across 6 states. president biden is promising the full support of the federal government. g 7 foreign ministers of warned massive consequences for russia if it invades ukraine. britain foreign secretary also said this is the last chance but tyrann to save the 20.


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