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it remains rather fine and dry. i know you can see those rounds of rain moving in, but it's going to move further south, so that will remain rather sunny in madrid. if we look at the 3 day, we are going to see the temperature climb up with a lot of sunshine, but to the east to this, this is where we're seeing the problems. we've got low pressure plaguing parts of italy, grease and the balkans bring wintery weather. we're expecting heavy snow in serbia . we've got damaging winds for croatia and the wet weather that's in greece is going to push across into turkey. by the time we get in some monday, but it does clear up, we've got mild conditions, particular across the west and central regions for the north west. we've got some wind warnings out for northern parts of scotland, some of that rain, clipping northern parts of island as well as britain. and we are going to see mile the conditions in the south. but we've got that rain pulling into the west of england as we go into next week. that's your update. ah,
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ah, co cater culture of knowledge, openness, pluralism, world wanted to reward, merit and excellence, and encourage creativity. the shape, tomato wants translation, and international understanding was formed to promote translation, an owner translators, and acknowledged the road and strengthening the bonds of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and world coaches. ah, we tell the untold stories. ah, we speak when others stone. ah, we cover all sides, no matter where it takes us, a fear for my eye and power and passion. we tell your stories. we are your voice, your news, your net al jazeera,
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the latest news as it breaks. governments in the region are using security forces to clamp down on protests, instead of protecting their countries against armed attacks with detailed coverage in the absence of any hard data on how widespread or virulent they'll become variant is scientists of urging caution from around the world political observers argue his government has led a dismantling of democratic institution. ah ah, 1032 gmc, you're watching out there and you saw my name's piece adobe, your top stories that you 7 foreign ministers meeting is wrapping up in the u. k.
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las trost, the u. k. for our secretary has said again, ministers of united and it comes to russian ambitions in ukraine on the issue of iran. and the talks going on in vienna on the g. c. p. a wait, she said, this is the last chance for iran to do something meaningful or indication, show residents in the pacific territory of new caledonia are leaning towards remaining parts of france. it's the final referendum to decide whether or not they want to become an independent country. doesn't appear dead in the u. s. r, for a series of tornadoes left a trail of destruction across 6 states. president biden is promising the full support of the federal government. well, vince begati is a storm chaser who was following the tornadoes in tennessee. he describes now why these storms were so devastating. this is a pretty massive outbreak with not just a roll strong tornadoes, but a couple of very strong, almost violent potentially tornadoes. and in the middle of december, this is not when we would be expecting something like
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a couple of towns that i was driving through last night with the tornado in my windshield did not have storm sirens going. and it wasn't a matter of whether they had power, electrical power to them or not. because there were still lights on these towns. it's possible somebody down there at the time that either a failure of their warning systems coming storm sirens or they just didn't have them. and it's really concerning because we've got to be able to get these warnings out immediately. that's how we're going to save lives. you know, 5 or 10 minutes, even 15 minutes, there's just not enough time to take shelter from a tornado. it's been town. there's an adrenalin, russia, extremely stressful. it's, it's not, it's definitely manageable for someone like me. we're used to this. but for the general public, dis, this could be, this is life threatening, and this isn't, this is crazy. some folks that i've spoken to after tornadoes, not this case, but other cases of said they felt their life flash before their eyes. it's incredibly stressful. i mean, there's potentially a deadly, a deadly situation going on anywhere from a few feet to maybe
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a mile or 2. and it's coming at you it's, it's incredibly stressful and it can be scary at times because you have no control over what's happening other than your actions. you know, we can't control where this poor natal goes. and if it's going to go over a town and destroy the town, that's what it's going to do. now recovered 19 restrictions being lifted across the us flights to new york, san francisco, and other big cities, a back on the list of destinations for foreign tourists and business executives. but with many americans, still working from home, businesses, finding things a lot quieter. and what we're hiring districts such as mid term and happen is kristin salumi. one vanderbilt, a new high rise named for its address, rises directly above grand central station in midtown manhattan. some of the most expensive real estate in the world. the $93.00 story office tower offers this spectacular view to the public from summit one vanderbilt plus all the latest
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amenities for corporate clients who according to senior vice president jason hacket, have flocked here despite the lingering pandemic. from an office building perspective, we've got the premier address in new york, we went into the pandemic about 76 percent leased and are coming out of the panoramic. now what about 91 percent leased? so really proving out that there's demand for class a high quality office space which we have here at summit one vanderbilt. of course, not everyone can afford the rent here. no doubt the view is much different down there at street level where office vacancies remain up. rents are down in this part of town, and 2 thirds of office workers have yet to return to their deaths not has an impact on the entire neighborhood. fewer office workers means less foot traffic and less business for cover. one of 3, mid town restaurants owned by amy barrick, she says her business is back to about 80 percent of pre pandemic levels. the
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neighborhood people carried us over, but to get us back to 100 percent level of the numbers we need to see the to be open is office workers and tourism to combine. it's really everything. nearly a 3rd of retail store fund here in manhattan, our bacon, the east mid town partnership presents local property owners who are faced with more demanding as well as fewer tenants. many commercial offices want to shrink the footprint they have. is lisa's turns, as far as workspace goes, expand the open space, the amenities space in the offices. so there's more room for, for flow. so people are on top of each other. more and more workers are expected to return. as the delta vary and fades and vaccination rates continue to entire, but coven may have changed this landscape forever. kristen salumi al jazeera new york. they've been processed in a district of the north east of india,
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falling the deaths of 14 civilians who were mistakenly killed by the indian army soldiers trying to ambush rebels. open fire on a pickup truck carrying coal miners in the remote remote states of nega land. last week, there are renewed calls to scrappy reported, shoot to kill policy, which gives soldiers immunity from prosecution. is elizabeth perram. my mom, i know our con yet cries out to the graves of her 25 year old twin son lan one. and top one. she pleads with them to come home for christmas. the brothers from auditing village and mon districts were in this pickup truck last saturday when soldiers opened fire. 6 of the 8 coal miners traveling with them was shot dead once i had fired cape one cognac, laid a search party when the miners failed to return home after we get, we came to know that the bodies had there some of my friends, those who came along with me,
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we started this by setting fire to tree vehicles. and after that, i went down there and i was sitting there. and then we all, they all started fighting and i lay down and stayed there. following the ambush, another 7 men were killed when soldiers fight at protesting villages. another protest was killed. the following day. in the home minister said the soldiers were acting on intelligence that rebels were on the road, adding to the government regretted the incident. a most good order on, during the ambush of equal approached the location, it was signal to stop. however, it tried to please following which the vacant suspected of getting insurgents was fired upon water, resulting in the killing of 6 out of the 8 traveling. and it told me, however, it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. but one of the 2 survivors told al jazeera the truck driver was never asked to stop by troops who fired from both the front and back new
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chairman cognac san shawn. when was the truck driver some dotted and boosted enough, they were ambushed, they shot some people who didn't know anything, and it wasn't even at night or in the jungle. it was on the road in broad daylight . the killings have provoked protests against the armed forces special powers act, which gives the military extended powers in areas where rebels are operating. the asked by law enforcement indeed, and suspicion made and large parts of india, the northeastern states. soldiers have the power to shoot, to kill, arrest without warrant or destroy the suspect. buildings all with immunity, from prosecution, from us. both. why fi is bad. that is, it is an example for him, you know, same indian citizen in these, in the us, people, i'm not going will kill by on pause if we can on that, we cannot call it, we have a 2nd us citizen. how did going to get until the north and civilian of the
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countries? government leaders say the army needs extra powers and regents were, rebels operate. but as a week long morning for the villages of ordering goes on. neither land and magog estate lead as repealing to their government ally the bod. at the jump, the party to repeal the contentious shoot to kill law. elizabeth per item al jazeera new daddy sevien, protested sabina, blocking roads for a 3rd weekend announcing plans for lithium mining. saturdays crowds, a smaller than past weeks after the government early about to some demands. it's now scrap laws that act said were purely designed to help the mining giant rear tinto start operations in the west of serbia. from belgrade is onions, arch, man, international hires that you see behind me has been blocked. 3rd starting in a row. and this part that goes to sort of b as capital belgrade is actually one of the couple of dozen points. the professors
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are blocking the least very moment across the 3rd b, r. for an hour. this road blocks are taking place. although the serbian government met the main demands of the last week brought and decided to reconsider. do key loads that are helping mining giant 3 of been off to lunch, lead deal mine in west serbia. but some n g o z and some political opposition parties claimed that main demand has not been fulfilled. reopen is banned from mining li. do you mean serbia for goods that stands also for any company? not just real simple, little background, is that company or your team to discover the mineral called your daddy's in the valley or for either of yard or in 2004? mean earlier, dotted contains lead doing that when use for electric car batteries. so the commercial interest is clear and big, but local citizens as well as the green activists, afraid that lead to mining would irreversibly pollute the area. and that is the
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main reason that they said they are protesting or so it should be fed that these brought this widely seen as a big blow to president will teach sort of be on progressive party, the ruling party in serbia ahead of the parliamentary elections. dr. scheduled for the april next for the murder aids for british teenagers, the sword to its highest level in more than a decade with knives being used in many of the crimes. the youngest victim was 12 years old. a crisis is prompted one londoner to start a campaign for youngsters to hand over their weapons for safe disposal. a warning viewers may find some of the images and need barker's report distressing. found paul puts on his stamp vest ahead of another night reading the british capital of weapons. this is what he's collected in the past 2 weeks. all the blades are illegal to carry, but easy to get hold of on line. we're talking about bone tissue,
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nerve damage phones gained a big following on social media from you, where teens eager to get rid of their weapons. no questions asked see, help, understand. man, got soccer. got on one. you get me a 17 year old boys reached out on instagram, wanting to hand over a blade in it. foreign operates in a legal greys own not condone by the police, nor actively discouraged. he knows more the most about what knives can do. so i stepped on to the if occasions, 9 pounds each occasion. so to me. m how kathy, math guys, person a few and we meet the 17 year old who's notably relieved to be handing over his knife to some one. he feels he can trust your barbecue, merrier. and robert, listen, i'm gonna pick head if, if i get this both are probably for me, it was never really, a gang team is more personal beef is more like little situations of a groups or of people and they're willing to prove themselves. you don't want to die in at le, reaching you on a day. so the teenager,
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he just handed over his knife, said something very powerful to us. he said that there are 2 types of londoners. there are civilians like me. and there are young people like him who live in a constant state of war, simply because of where they live a more often than not the color of their skin. the police say children as young as 10, a carrying a deadly arsenal of weapons. the violence fueled by a talk that makes of poverty and online rivalries. this year, the number of child victims is at its highest since 2008. the year, 16 year old ben can. seller was stabbed to death on a london street by a group of teenagers. his family has kept his memory alive through this education center. which more could be done to stop the situation to stop his young keeps getting involved in north crime. successive governments have tried to come up with a quick fix that they don't work. it needs to be
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a long term plan in place of 5 or 10 year program, so of star, an educate pupil, but keith cowan police have responded with a series of serge operations. the the numbers quickly rebound. several of prison police forces admit the fighting an uphill battle. we've seen a decade of the barricade cuts to policing, to youth that says, the education and a chronic can do investment in mental health services. children says isn't drug treatment. and that's what's really resulting in the spike. however, we are making really meaningful efforts to rebuild community policing so that we can proactively prevent crime in our communities. so we're not just simply talking about flick knives or short knives and not as a, as a sort. we meet up with fire and friend, elijah, he's been collecting knives in a different part of the city. it's an unnerving hall of huge blades. i would say it's like, almost like a fashion this is where the weapons and up handed over
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a police station counter. this is a fraction of what's confiscated every month firing and elijah, say they barely scratch the surface. the series but hardware and ne parker al jazeera london state memorial services being held in south africa for its last president under a party is being held at a church in cape town, f. w to clerk died of cancer last month, the age of $85.00. after being diagnosed with feel, this is government eventually bowed to international pressure in the early 19 nineties to release political prisoners and to remove racist laws. still ahead on our to the are all the sports with yes, we're live from our arab studio here in doha. we'll have the latest from the tournaments in a few moments. also coming up maps for staff and takes the upper hand over lewis hamilton heading into the season ending with abby grand prix.
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ah, it's the political, the british show that's challenging the way you think. have agencies fail hate the situation is was it was before the digital phone both and digging into the issue is a military advancement. going to stop the family ticket i is under a company seizure. right now people are very, how will climate migration differ for those who have and those who don't have lot of countries see, we will pay poor countries to keep refugees. there are 4 with me. markham, on hill, on al jazeera stories of determination and joy. hey, will i hope to be luck? thou, indeed quito, gina, do i remain a listing v? i don't get a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron, desert libraries,
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the young cyclist and happiness, africa direct on al jazeera. oh ok. thanks for joining us. we're alive from our fee for our pep studio on the waterfront in, jo. hello, i'm far if small we've got plenty of action coming your way, including max for sap and, and louis hamilton are sent to the family out for the form of one title, and i will be free. rinaldo proves to be the difference. his majesty united take another 3 points in the english premier leave. and al curious set up a semi final showdown with host nation car at the feedback or
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more on their cop coming out shortly. but 1st let's look ahead to the average abbey graham. pre matchers happen is in the box seat to claim his maiden formula one championship and deny louis hamilton a record 8th world title for shop and will start in position in a few hours after clocking. the fastest time in qualifying wilson starts alongside the dutchman in the 2nd 2 drivers are equal on points, but if they both fail to score, stop and wins the championship because he's one more races that here i think i, we definitely improved the car again in call for so far this weekend was a bit on and off, but you're incredibly happy with this. i mean, this is of course what we wanted, but it's never easy, especially with, with their form the loss of races. but yeah, now i'm just looking forward to it tomorrow. because that's it was the most important. connected a gray laugh today. so yeah, yeah, we just, we just couldn't compete with that time at the end there. yeah, we just couldn't,
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we can answer to that that, that, that, that was a fantastic that from him. so when we're in a good position, i'd like to think with outside the tomorrow, and i hope that we can have a good race. and this has been one of the hardest thought title races in history. the 1st time since 1974 that 2 drivers have been level on points on the final day, riley has become more intense with every race hall. reese has more. ah, louis hamilton and marks were stopping, have been trading blows since the very 1st race of the season. but back then, it was still a clean fight. hamilton won the 1st grand prix in bahrain, the stuff and the 2nd, the to me live romania, after a job at hamilton's toys. the stuff and leading the way, landing will punches, but nothing below the belt. that is until silva stone, the dutchman veered off after collision, as hamilton overtook the brit going on to win despite
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a 10 2nd penalty. and i was rehab browsing, move, and i was really far along side. but i could see he's not gonna concede. anyways, he cut across me and we collided and i was quite frustrated that that's you know, because we have to give space for another. there was no space at all in italy in september. ah, collision is now becoming a habit, and it was championship lead, wished up and who started to get the attention of re stewards. i think the 2nd susie's albino fetish research, but i think a lot of the drivers siding with with house and in the sense that they think that the staff and some of the moves that he does some misconduct on the track can be a bit naughty. if it over the line, so profess aces to see how he drives them on sunday. if there's a collision, the staffing would take the saw. so if both drivers failed to finish the f, i a has warned both to play by the rules in the final round. hamilton one in saudi arabia last weekend,
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despite being break tested by the stop. and while the dutch man's patience was being tested by the authorities, there were a lot of move um yeah, the inspect classic and penalty. i don't think it is correct. but at the end of the day, i mean, i don't want to talk about it too much because gayden deserves any, will come at a moment with 7 titles to his name. already hamilton has been here before. the young pretender has one more chance to take his best shot at the champion, pull reese out his era. ah, to their cup now, and algeria is field the last remaining semi final spot on saturday. and they did it in dramatic fashion by knocking out north african rivals morocco, the game finishing to all after extra time algeria than winning at via how to shoot . they feel that an under strength team for this tournament and faced a tough task in the 70s,
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taking on house counter who's been playing with all their main players, is any finals are played on wednesday and the other much tennessee of phase egypt, who advanced with victory over jordan on saturday, that with less than a year to go before the world caught there's increasing focus on the legacy the tournament will leave for cats. are the organizers say, seating will be donated to poor countries, while all the stadiums will provide community facilities. catherine has learned lessons from other countries that have struggle to find a post tournament role for their woke up facilities. as bernard smith reports for mouse in the brazilian amazon. oh, even football, my brazil, it was always going to be a challenge to make full use of a 40000 capacity stadium built in a jumble city, but can only be reached by aero river. o for games are played here in the 2014 world cup. the local government is still paying back the $160000000.00 construction loan to the federal government with little return to show for the investment must
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venture viola. the legacy is very small and public transport wars haven't sorted, but as the bulloch security has improved, hospitals have not been expanded or renovated and several areas within 3 torrison proper. there's been no progress. it's frustrating for the population. oh, now the amazon is serina. hosts, mouse f, c, brazil's food division. oh no, it's hosted, some concerts am to qualify for the cancer will come. most of his games went out to sea, doesn't even come close to filling the state. and even for a big match like this, this is a quarter final cup game and gate receipts. don't even come close to covering the running costs. the costs around $73000.00 a month to operate the stadium according to the management. this month they'll take in half that call the c p as in which side is important to think about how to pay
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for the stage from the beginning. so that it's not feasible for the government to encourage football school. the growth of local sports. because the objective overworked up is to bring visibility to the local sports as a visa because the cope with the heat and humidity of a city not far from the equator. the stadium was designed to be as airy as possible . 6 and it's an impressive piece of architecture, but there's little danger, funds overheating in here. even when the local team managed to salvage draw in this, give me just a minute or 2. the english can relate now where chris john, rinaldo was once again the match winner from manchester, united. red devils got the points thanks to a penalty against norwich. rinaldo was brought down in 73rd minutes before the super star then stepped up and converted the result means united our 5th and the
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table. manchester city will finish the weekend top. the primary lead path for the men beat rolls at home for him. sterling for a 2nd have penalty for one mill victory. penalty also decided liverpool game against aston villa, mom and fellow with broad down in the penalty area and then he made no mistake from the spot. reds remain one point behind men city. the penalty thing continued at stanford bridge and chelsea mitchell there hasn't been you for the winner again, please. 3 minutes into stoppage time. chelsea winning a 3 to well that's it for me. but before we go, a quick recap of our top stories match for staff and we'll start sundays form the one title race in full position alongside championship. rival lewis hamilton, and algeria will phase hose. i kept her in the semi finals of the arab after securing when against their north african neighbor morocco or have more sports at 1345 g m t,
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but stay with us here on al jazeera after the break. we got another news updates for ah and a palestinian social and political campaigner in iceland. she became the 1st woman here to speak about juma, right? or in the graph at american dutch business woman who's built a multi $1000000.00 business, but helps disadvantage young people in the netherlands. nothing is impossible if
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you believe in yourself. all does it a world leads to are of women who become successful away from cold arabs. abroad, the activist on the old trooper all jersey, the 20th centuries 1st genocide, thought to have set the blueprint for the holocaust is too often overlooked. the sand will come in very everything. but for some reason, the sand refused to bury these people. they want this story to be taught over a century on the injustice. still, i came down the generation and the path to reparation is nelson e v one namibia, the price of genocide, people and paula analogies era. for did ramirez and i molina families to pain is unbearable for their relatives were killed last week, doing a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government. security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat when neighbors and family
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members insist they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed. under pressure, venezuela's, defense minister, bloody made by the reno, said the armed forces were applied to the friends that country from irregular groups that added that human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated. ah, dozens fear dead after more than 30 tornadoes tear across the central us rescue worker is called the wreckage for survivors. ah, ah, the marquis dean. this is al jazeera life at from doha. also coming up the case. foreign minister warrens, russia will face massive consequences, silver,
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any escalation crane asked the g seven's top tip to match meets a 3rd and final rack for.


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