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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2021 1:00pm-1:30pm AST

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feature of technology to make sure that technology is shaped by the free world, particularly standards in areas like artificial intelligence and quantum technology . james lando forensic james lender be receive up is the rom serious about doing a nuclear deal, or is it playing for time? and all you preparing to get heads of government involved to decide the future of these talks a just on to follow up dominic's question, tory empties a mutinous downing street is in disarray. the prime minister is mocked and untrusted. what do you think must be done to rescue this government this is the last chance for iran to come to the negotiating table with a serious resolution to this issue,
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which has to be agreeing the terms of the j. c. p r i. this is the last chance and it is vital add that they d say we will not allow iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. and it is vital that they come to the table and all serious about the negotiations i owe in terms of this government. and we have delivered rex it. we were one of they is successful, may successful vaccine rollouts. we're rolling out a beast, a program, and we are working to make sure we deliver for people across britain. ah, no. on the wrong. is it on his guns, mo, design. what is how the, the talks continue in vienna. we are clear in our message to iran,
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that they need to come back to the table and agree to the j. c. p. o, a terms and nick robinson. robertson, sorry. i thank you very much. not the 1st person to confuse me with somebody else from a summerland. i am foreign secretary. thank you very much. are 2 very short questions from the massive consequences on severe cost for russia. what implications will that have for, for the united kingdom, for it's european g 7 partners? what, what will be the knock on a thanks for them. and on iran, the german for a minister said that the accomplishments of the last 76 months, or the 6 months of talk so far had been lost. or do you agree with that statement?
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we have sent a very clear united message to vladimir putin from this g 7 meeting. and we want russia to stop. it's aggression with respect to ukraine. and we are very clear that there would be severe consequences if that incursion took place. this is about deterring russia from taking that action or on the subject of iran. there is still time for iran to come and agree this deal. and it's the last chance, as i've said, but there is still a chance for them to do that. and i would urge iran to come back to the table with a serious author patrick window. am
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thank you. fiona hill, who was the senior director for em. russian affairs at the honesty under donald trump. a said this year, rushers managed to turn london and all kinds of people who work into it, into one of their instruments. billions of pounds have been brought into london. we are foolish to let that continue. and chatham house, where you spoke this week, also published a report saying it was damaging the nuclear international reputation that more was not been done about cryptography at why don't you, at the bare minimum said, she says there's going to be severe consequences for russia. at least announce review into how what does seem to be up under used them. laws which are also got large holes and what are your now so review into how those laws are operating. or we do already have very strong anti corruption, an anti monitoring money laundering rules in the u. k. but let's be clear when the u. k. has wanted to send clear message
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is an achieve care clear goals. we have been prepared to use economic sanctions. so we are considering all options and together with our allies, including at the united states, including our g 7 partners, we've been very clear the would be severe consequences. thank you very much. thank you. let's trust the u. k. foreign secretary there who's been hosting for the past 2 days yesterday and today in the u. k. city of liverpool, up in the north west of england, the g 7 foreign ministers meeting. she was talking about 3 main areas. she talked about moscow, she talked about russia, she talked about russian plans, maybe, maybe not to do with a build up for forces on the border with ukraine. she talks about iran as well. she wants to talk about those 2 particular international news stories. she did not want to talk about hash tag christmas party gate, which is a domestic
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u. k. political story, which we'll get into a little later. but before we get into that, we'll get into the other meat of what she was talking about with our correspondent rory challenge who was listening to that press the rory any incursion. she said a piece of the, the kremlin moscow and ukraine will have a cost. what does that mean? well, we're still waiting for any clarification on that way. we have heard time and time again from live trust. i've a recent days so that any military intervention from russia into ukraine would come with severe consequences because we are still waiting to hear what exactly those. so the consequences would be. we had something along the lines of that in perhaps the last question that was off of her about money laundering in london kept chrissy in london. russian cash infiltrating the london financial sector and why the u. k
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doesn't crack down more on that. she sort of got off that question and talk a little bit about sanctions and said that the u. k. had been willing to use sanctions financial sanctions against russia in the past. and as she put it all possibilities on the table. if russia does go into the ukraine, now thing we've heard in previous chap from list trust and say, come coming out of the g 7 that that will be support for ukraine. so make ukraine more resilient, but we didn't really hear anything about that in this press conference. so yeah, i think we are still waiting to get a really clear idea about what those table, what those motions are that are on the table. we're told, told that there everything, but what exactly does everything mean? does it mean around, for example, pulling the banning russia from the, from the swift financial system, which should be very problematic for russia?
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or is it going to be more of the same kind of thing that we've seen used against them in the past, which i have to say russia has become very adept at ring fencing its economy is built up a great deal of financial resilience. it's built up sort of a chest of cash that it can use to buffer itself from west sanctions because it seen 20 of them in the past. and i'm not sure how much more of the say would ready to, to russia from what it might might not be time to do with regard to the crime super briefly, please worry before we talk about what she was saying about iran putting on your phone, the moscow correspondent head will what she's just said, because that's a big government department in london. the foreign office she's thrown, secretary will what she said aimed at russia have let me put in, quaking in his boots the well the broad onset?
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probably not. no, i mean that the g 7 is a loosely affiliated club. it is not something that can really crank up or dial down pressure as a, as a collective organization. it's a, it's a, it's a, it's a gang really of people of countries that fails in a like minded way. so yes, these foreign ministers will be going back to their respective countries and talking with their is about sanctions and, and, and it measures, etc. those will come from individual countries. and so i think you really have to be looking towards the, the kind of leverage that the u. s. comple as the biggest economic powerhouse in the world. and you have to be looking at what might be provided to ukraine in terms of military hardware. it's those kinds of things that i think are going to
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get to resume per se, and, and the russian government and not a firmly way to communicate very, very briefly on iran. she was talking about it as a last chance to rescue the 2015 j. c. p o a, i mean about the hardening of the line from the g 7. because last chance saloon, that kind of headline talk, we're not really hearing from anyone else involved in what's been going on in vienna? no, i mean i think this, these kind of ultimatum is the kind of thing that you hear coming out for us. johnston's government, time and time again, of course he often what we're being told is a last chance or an ultimatum that absolutely can be broken. well, wait a few weeks quite a few months and suddenly miraculously, some more time is found allow negotiations to continue or johnson government my quality time around and do something other the water is promised to do so i wouldn't take those words as being particularly waterside. but it is interesting
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and we have to we will have to wait and see where the other countries involved in the j. c. p. i don't similar language, but that's what we had coming out of lives. trust as math. yeah. i'd have to say take it with a pinch, so ok, well many things which i was talking to us in the g 7. get together in liverpool. moving on, you're watching the news are dozens of people. if you're dead in the u. s. after a series of tornadoes swept across 6 states, the extreme, where the system has been active since friday, leaving a trail of destruction stretching more than 320 kilometers. president biden says it's likely to be one of the largest tornado events in u. s. history, the state of kentucky is the worst hit hydro. castro is in the city of mayfield. and we are trapped, please, or i'll give her some help at the candle gregory in may. you please? yes, this woman is among the few to get out alive after
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a tornado flattened the candle factory where she and more than 100 others were working. it's unclear how many people remain trapped somewhere beneath this rubble . but as the search and rescue effort stretches in today to the governor of kentucky says, finding more survivors is unlikely. this is the hardest tornado event we've ever been through. and it's not just because the property damage, but we lost a lot of good people. and we got to do our best as it gets dark and through the next days to make sure we don't lose any more, may feel kentucky has lost more than just the factory and it's workers. it's also lost a church of fire station, a police station, and of course, so many people's homes. and it wasn't just kentucky, an amazon warehouse in illinois, a nursing home in arkansas, destruction in missouri and tennessee states that expect tornadoes but not usually
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in december. this path length, i believe, when it's all said and done, we're waiting for the numbers to come in. will be a near 400 kilometer path length and very likely that this torino will be rated violet, which means e f, or e f 5. i'm expecting winds keep wind speeds to be well over 200 miles per hour with this particular tornado. president joe biden spoke to the nation, calling for unity, promising the full support of the federal government. imagine if you're home to the pat wedding of do what he worried, i mean everything is gone from that from, from that that baptism of photograph to the wedding picture to the picture of your oldest daughter in a ballet. i mean it's is profound. it's just profound. a federal emergency has been declared in kentucky with other states likely to follow, and the national guard has been called in to help clear roads and search door to
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door looking for survivors. knowing the death toll is likely to rise. heidi joe castro al jazeera mayfield. kentucky. ok, joining us now from cambra in australia is will stefan climate change specialist at the australian national university? will 7 good to talk to you again here on the news, or should we be surprised at what feels like increasingly regular, extreme weather events? well, we shouldn't be surprised because they are being fueled by climate change by the increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which track more heat and energy. but even knowing that it's pretty amazing to read about these very ferocious tornadoes and usa in december. that's well outside of the normal season, which is summer time in the northern hemisphere when eastern natives occur. so not only are they, are they very destructive, very, very severe, but they're occurring way outside the normal season. montana's, again, this is
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a sign of the planet is eating up. it's extending, extending the seasons of extreme weather and increasing their intensity. ok, why does that happen explained to me why these extreme weather events get worse and more regular because of what's going on with the environment. ok, these extreme weather events via heavy rain or the tornadoes being bush fires or what happy they draw their energy from atmospheric processes from changes in the atmosphere. now the atmosphere obviously stores energy. but if the thing is, when you increase greenhouse gases, they are heat trapping gases, so they are trapping more heat that's trying to escape from your service and keeping it in the atmosphere. so the overall temperature of the atmosphere is increasing, which means there's more energy in the us. so when these extreme events, which are natural events, when they occur, they are now occurring in an atmosphere,
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it's actually a lot more energy, a lot more power. and it's making these events certainly more damaging and also more frequent. so clearly we need to, i guess, as a matter of urgency in your mind, stabilize what's going on with climate change, stabilize global climate around the world. but given what happened in glasgow at the cult 26 get together, where ministers didn't really deliver on what it looked like they were going to deliver on. we seem to be going through a process now where our climate is going to get less stable, not more stable. that's right, and that's already baked into the system. even with the better at coming the last day, we would see worsening conditions for the next couple of decades. that's built into the system. glasgow did achieve some things. we're still falling short of what we need to do to stabilize the climate by the middle of the century. a good rule of thumb are 2 things. one is we can have no new fossil fuel developments of any kind
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. and number 2, we need to cut our emissions at least in half by 2030. so the focus must be on 2030 not 2050. so we've got a really, really critical decade ahead of us. we got to make really strong progress this decade. ok, strong progress will i want to ask you, can we realistically get to net 0? you seem to be saying, however, we have to get to net 0. we have to get the net 0. and if we don't, we will not stabilize the point. i think we can do it. it will require a lot of changes, not only technology, lifestyle changes, and all sorts of other changes to the way we live. and the way we view our role on the planet, we really have to reassess basically who we are, how we organize our economy. and so that's the only way we're going to stabilize the climate. and if we don't, well, we just saw what happened in the usa, and we had massy fires here a couple years ago. massive flooding in europe a year and a half ago. we'll see more that unless we can get to stabilize. we'll stephan,
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thank you. thank you, my pleasure. almost 18 minutes past the hour. 1018 g m t, here on the user. yours at still to comes door is teresa back in the united states, but will it be enough to help businesses recover from the global pandemic class? and jessica washington is the consul, indonesia. we're the fear. the ongoing gold rush is putting children's health and the semi final line up for the fee for arrow cup is complete. all the details later here on the news ah, protests to be held in australia's largest cities against cuba. 19 vaccine mandates, the demonstrations in sydney and melbourne. follow the government announcing an acceleration and booster shots. 3 quarters of australia. 26000000 people population
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is fully inoculated. but around 1500 new infections have been reported. as the army chron variant continues to spread. protests are expected to in austria, a partial lockdown fort, vaccinated people has been lifted. but those who haven't received the job, they still aren't allowed into many businesses and venues. but as those protests grow, there is some good news ahead of the holiday season. banners christmas market is reopening. it was shot for 2 weeks to help control rising cove with 19 infections, dos a jabari is there for us, wrapped up against the cold in vienna. hi there door. so good to talk to again. so basically, if you've had 2 or 3 shots, the vaccine, you can go christmas shopping. if you haven't, you can't yes, that say idea here, peter, as of today as the one month locked down is easing and, and the stores will open on monday. this christmas market is the 1st day and that,
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oh, it's been opened just about 2 hours ago. they open the doors at. but of course you had shaw vaccination certificate, as well as a negative ccr tests to be able to enter these grounds. as the market that i'm standing in has been, is one of the, or is the oldest christmas markets in vienna dates back to the 18th century. and it is now in its current location. it's been here since 975. and behind me, the building is the actual a town hall of vienna and that join christmas tree in front of it is usually donated each year from a different province in the country as a sign of friendship to the capital and build me over 2000, elude the lights that will be lit up later on today, this markets has a world 150 stalls. and one of the business owners here that i was speaking to earlier said that he is now a 3rd generation of a pastry maker who is at this christmas. and markets and he remembers when his
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grandfather had a soul here. and this is really something he's never seen before. he was talking to me about how they were closed for the 1st time, completely last year. because a co it, this market usually goes from november 12th until december 26th. this year they closed from november 22nd until today. so they had about 10 days earlier in november they were open. but today at this business owner was telling me that even though they reopened, there is not a lot of people here. and that's because they are not i, they're either vaccinated or they don't have a p c r test. they cannot enter that just not vaccinated. and that's one of the issues that government is having here the f far right party. the freedom rights are party, has said that they are holding protests of demonstrations every weekend for the past 3 weekends. and they will continue that today as well. they're against the mandate that the government wants to put in place making vaccinations mandatory for everyone above the age of 14. as of february,
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1st does that still has to go through the parliament, but it's likely to pass the opposition to that is that people don't want to be told what to do here. they feel that it is not the, from its position in place to do so. but as a result of the high numbers that this country saw earlier. following the summer, there was over 9000 cases daily and over 58 deaths. this is in the country of population of just around 9000000 people. so that's when the officials decided to enter and into another lockdown in november and they've just coming out of it. now from monday the stores will reopen. and then from next week, the restaurants will also reopen as well. but of course all of that will be for fully vaccinated people. and they're hoping that that will increase the number of vaccinations in the country as it stands. now, 67 percent of the population is fully vaccinated door, so thank you very much to search about their life for us. in vienna. mesquite seems in sicily a digging through the rubble of collapse buildings following
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a gas pipe explosion. at least 4 people are reported dead and several others are missing. in the ton of revenues in southern italy, the loss damage of these 2 other buildings. votes being counted in the french pacific territory of new caledonia, early election show residents leaning towards remaining parts of france. this was the 3rd and final time they voted in a referendum to decide whether or not to become an independent country. it narrowly rejected a break away in 2018, and in 2020. the main independence parties are boycotting the move and early results to suggest a low turnout at joseph is an adjunct lecturer at the johns hopkins school of advanced international studies. he says the outcome of the referendum will have wide ranging ramifications. the small island of less than $300000.00 people actually plays a significant role in geo politics. it's located in this what they call
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a pearl of islands, a necklace of islands. and it's one of the pearls in it, in that it has this small island, has a quarter of the world's reserves in nickel. and the number one importer of those reserves from new caledonia is china. china takes over half of those nickel exports . that new caledonia provides, and of course, china has been active in projecting its influence throughout the pacific, including in neighboring islands and for france and for western allies like australia and new zealand and the united states. it's important that china, not again for take an island that would become independence like new caledonia would, and basically subvert that independence and make it turn it into a chinese outpost. so there's a lot of there. there's also a lot of state for france which has other territories in the pacific,
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and it would lose its direct sovereignty of sovereign authority over new caledonia in the event of independence. libby as election commission says it won't publish a list of presidential candidates until consent legal issues. the announcement comes less than 2 weeks out from the vote. shells for december 24th, the polar scene as a major step to ending a decade of instability. but the process has been undermined by disagreements on voting regulations. and who should be allowed to run medic, trainer choices life from tripoli when they had libyans feel or think about the forthcoming election then? well, peter librium have mixed feelings about the upcoming elections. i mean, libyans, in general, across the entire country are sick and tired of the political divisions. they're sick and tired of the violence and the conflict, and they want to,
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they want the country to move forward. now the, you and the international community have painted these presidential elections as something that will unify the country. but what we're seeing on the ground is that the political atmosphere is extremely divided more divided than ever before. and that's because there is no constitution, right? so libyans are being asked to vote for president without identifying what kind of power the president has. is he the chief of the armed forces? what kinds of you know, powers and what kind of decisions can a president make? so many are saying that without a legal foundation, without a constitution, this election, the presidential election will only divide libyan further and further the conflict in the country. less than 2 weeks to go. do we think the vote will actually happen? well, i mean, like you said, right, so just less than 2 weeks where they were 12 days away from the scheduled elections
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. and the high national electoral commission has yet to publish a list the final candidates. so who's running, who would be in need a chance to be able to if the presidential elections move forward, need to know what kind of policies, what kinds of positions do these candidates have? and that's yet to be clear who's running progressive and we have to also look at the front runner candidates, right. so you have prime minister, i mean, debate about the current prime minister, who, when he got into the position, signed a promissory note, that he wasn't going to stand in these elections. you have called me for after the war. luckily for have to and eastern libya. he's been sentenced to a military court in western libya to death. you have safe and get back to the 2nd son who's wanted by the international criminal court. so i mean you have. 5 these candidates, you know, 33 candidates that are the front runners that shouldn't even be standing in the
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election with the, with the issues in terms of the political atmosphere. terms of the legal conditions that would allow these, these electrons to move forward. it's looking more and more like these electrons are going to be postponed, whether it's for technical security reasons and the political atmosphere. so it's looking like these elections will be, 1st of all, we don't know there might, there's international pressure for them to move ahead. but really, libyans are really worried that instead of unifying the countries these elections are just going to further the instability and the conflict in the country. many, thank you very much. money training. they're talking to us from tripoli still to come here on the notice here and use our environmental protest continue in the serbian capital, despite concessions from the government clubs. on the fall or in london, this year is rapidly becoming one of the worse years to see homicides were falling
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. wall groceries organization was plentiful, taking that the weapons stories and in sports another game of the go. for one, i'll do action for me personally, coming up ah hello there. we've seen some unsettled weather effect, southern areas of europe over the past few days, a storm bara swept across northern areas of spain, bringing to renshaw, rain there, and causing severe flooding. it's been described as the worst flooding in about 20 years, but the good news is it has cleared away. if we take a closer look, we can see a lot of the sunshine is coming back into spain. it remains run a fine and dry. and there you can see those rounds of rain moving in, but it's going to move further south that will remain rather sunny in madrid. if we look at the 3 day, we are going to see the temperature climb up with
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a lot of sunshine. but to the east, so this is where we're seeing the problems. we've got low pressure plaguing parts of italy, grease and the balkans bring wintery weather. we're expecting heavy snow in serbia . we've got damaging winds for croatia and the wet weather that's in greece is going to push across into turkey by the time we get in some monday. but it does clear up. we've got milder conditions, particular across the west and central regions for the north west. we've got some wind warnings out for northern parts of scotland, some of that rain, clipping northern parts of island as well as britain and we aren't going to the mild conditions in the south. but we've got that rain pulling into the west of england as we go into next week. that's your update. ah.


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