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what dates are on how wide spread overland fioma con variance is scientists all urging caution from around the world. political observers argue his government has letty dismantling of democratic institutions. lou, this is like, if you were the largest tornado outbreaks in our history. president biden says the number of lives lost on the full extent of damage is not yet no, not a tornadoes tool through parts of kentucky and other u. s. stakes. ah, hello, i'm down in jordan. this is al jazeera la you from dell are all set coming up. the u. k. host g 7 foreign ministers, warning russia, rex military build up on the border with ukraine. voting on the way in the south pacific islands of new caledonia and a referendum on independence from france. and iraq,
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president says his country wants the nuclear deal to be revised, but says us sanctions must go before any agreement. aah! at least 80 people have been killed in the us after a series of tornadoes ripped through 6th, mid western and southern states. it happened overnight on friday. president joe biden says it's like as a be one of the largest tornado outbreaks in u. s. history. and as promising federal help to be affected states when the extreme weather left a trail of destruction stretching more than 320 kilometers as particle hain, their reports. one town seemingly wiped away in one evening mayfield kentucky where a candle factory with 110 people inside was leveled. a trapped worker took to facebook live to plead for help and we aren't trans, please. ya, give us some help. we're at the candle back 3 in may. you
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please leave us. she got out, but the governor believes the vast majority of workers did not seeing an entire downtown, wiped out knowing the loss of life that occurred here and muhlenberg county, and everywhere else. this is, this is the hardest tornado event we've ever been through, and it's not just because the property damage, but we lost a lot of good people and we got to do our best as it gets dark. and through the next days to make sure we don't lose any more. the storms with as many as 30 tornadoes could be seen from space tornadoes that came down and stay down causing damage for more than 300 kilometers. this path length, i believe, when it's all said and done, we're waiting for the numbers to come in. will be a near 400 kilometer path length and very likely that this torino will be rated violence, which means e f, or e, f 5. i'm expecting winds tiguan speeds to be well over 200 miles per hour with this
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particular tornado. and it wasn't just kentucky in amazon warehouse in illinois, a nursing home in arkansas destruction in missouri and tennessee states that expect tornadoes, but not usually in december. president joe biden spoke to the nation, calling for unity, promising the full support of the federal government and reminding people of what has been lost. imagine if you're home to the pat wedding, a home, do what he worries. i mean, every these gone from that, from, from that, that baptism old photograph to the wedding picture to the picture of your oldest daughter and a ballet. i mean, it is profound, just profound. a federal emergency has been declared in kentucky with other states likely to follow, and the national guard has been called in to help clear roads and search door to
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door looking for survivors. knowing the death toll is likely to rise. patty claim al jazeera washington. well, let's cross 2 out of areas. hydro castro, who's in mayfield in kentucky. heidi so mayfield seems to be ground 0, dozens of people killed that. tell us what's been happening. that's right. and this town is still coming to grips with the damage here there. and as we were driving into mayfield, it's really extraordinary when you see houses standing and then suddenly you find yourself in the leveled zone of the town. you can see these houses completely destroyed. i'm surrounded by this in this neighborhood. and of course, there is that candle factory which we just heard about. and patty's report where the search and rescue effort continues. but now we are approaching our 24 since the storm hit that happened friday night here in kentucky. and since then, with each taking our, the likelihood of pulling out more, survivors has diminished. some 40 people were told were,
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were rescued or left that factory. but there is still an untold missing who remain trapped underneath that debris and kentucky governor after touring the site earlier today was devastated, saying that the likelihood of pulling more survivors out from under that rebel would require a miracle. and hi, you've been driving up from neighboring tennessee. what else has been happening across other states. yeah, and that is what makes this storm system so different from others, because that the widespread factor of this destruction the storm, cutting a path of some 300 kilometers across the us. so even as you're driving across state 5 states and total affected by this, we know of at least 6 deaths in illinois linked to an amazon amazon warehouse that partially collapsed. there were 2 people who died in arkansas,
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one of whom was an elderly resident of a nursing home. and the sad part of this is even as more rescue workers and search crews dig through debris all across the section of the united states. as patty sat in her report, but this death toll across the country is expected to climb. all right, so how does your castro there live in mayfield in kentucky? how do you? thank you. well, nbc correspondent, j grey has more now from monica in the arkansas where that nursing home has been hit. i'll walk you through exactly what the storm did. here i came across the parking lot. you can see what i did to these cars, pick them up through them, rip through them, and then a direct hit as you talk about right into the facility here. the nursing home with the wall ripped off the roof as roof as well. the entire back half of this facility basically is gone at this point, left and crumbled the brick and twisted metal shattered glass. here, one of the patients did die as a result of injuries from the storm. several others were taken to
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a hospital outside of the strike. so unfortunately, as you've been talking about this type of seen, this type of law is playing out in communities really across 6 states, at this point, still unconfirmed. how many people have died. we know it, at this point 16 have been confirmed, but as we've heard from the governor of kentucky, he believes in that state alone, there may be 7200 who perished in these storms. so the process of recovery of, of sifting through seems like this is taking place in all of those communities. this one, as well as they try and piece together who's been lost and how all of this took place. talked about some g 7 countries. i've been asked to show unity against global aggressors as they may met in the u. k. city of liverpool, russia, in particular, been single out by the us and britain for massing troops on ukraine's buddha. but finding consensus among allies may be difficult from the pool is really channels.
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britton's foreign secretary welcomed her richwell counterparts with a brass band and coated conscious fist bumps the u. k. the u. s. canada, germany, france, italy, japan. the g 7 is a club of advanced economy democracies and their friends. and these meetings are a chance for them to affirm both what they're for and what they're against. we need to defend ourselves against the growing threats from hostile actors. and we need to come together strongly to stand up to aggressors who are seeking to limit the bounds of freedom and democracy. have all that perceived threats, coven, china, iran, and more. it's massive, russia that is seen as the hottest issue with russian troops matched on the other side of the ukrainian border. that's clear. alarm from western democracies about
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the possibility of an invasion. what we have to do is deter russia from taking the course of action. i've been very clear, be a strategic mistake for russia to do that. and what the g 7 meeting this weekend, the taking place is about is about a show of unity between like minded major economies live trust is rallying cry for what she calls the free. well, just like mind the country is, should step up that should unify, that should stop the introspection and drift and push back against perceived, aggressive russia and china. and they should do this using economics and technology . but germany's no stream to gas pipeline project with russia is an example that true unity can be elusive. germany's the green party, foreign minister, and alina bad book, is against it. social democrat boss, chancellor schultz, is for it. and germany is not yet agreeing to threaten russia as the u. s. and
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u. k. would liken with blocking north stream to invade to ukraine, uniting the free world is easier said than done re talents. how does era livable mean? all the u. s. is sending its leading diplomat for europe to russia and ukraine. current done freed will meet senior officials and kevin moscow over 2 days. apart from the russian troop build up, the state department says don't free but also push for progress on ending the conflict in eastern new claim. also to come here in al jazeera, including military leaders, say the offensive against rebels in democratic republic of congo as reach a critical stage. plus i'm just for washington. it's the coastal indonesia for fear, the ongoing gold rush. putting children's health ah ah, look forward to scores with a spoon cutter,
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it weighs how low there. there's been a change in the weather across east asia, in particular from maine land, china, things of turn, colder and wetter. thanks to a cold front that's blowing its way down south and further east bringing a lot of that rain to central areas like woo hand. we've seen some exceptional heat recently in places like beijing and shanghai with the temperatures well above the average for this time of year. but it has turn cooler without the cold air blow down, bring the temperature down to 4 degrees in beijing. now what is going to pick up slightly in the days to come, but you can still see that it is rather chilly there. if we look at the 3 day for beijing, we're going to be touching up to 7 degrees with plenty of sunshine around. despite that, it's the northeast corner that sees a really wet windy and wintery, whether that's gonna blow across into japan. it's gonna get very wet for western areas of hon shoe on sunday, by the time again monday is gonna turn rather wintery up in a condo, but taco escapes. that thing rather dry, though,
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the temperature will sit down. now was a go to south asia for india. it's looking a lot dwyer than it has recently. if you shower, pulling into the east and into southern areas. but we'll see the shop of thunderstorms affect sri lanka in particular for the south west. but the further north we go, the dryer and finer it remains. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always, ah, inculcate a culture of knowledge, openness, imperialism, world wide. i've to reward merit and excellence and encourage creativity. the shake ahmad award for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged the road and strengthening the bonds of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and wild coaches. ah, with
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ah, welcome back and pick them out of our top stories here. this our rescue teams in the u. s. and searching for survivors of the tornadoes ripped through 6 midwestern states. more than 70 people have been killed in kentucky. president biden has promised emergency federal assistance and amazon warehouse has been hit by a tornado in illinois, killing 6 people, very strong wins ripped off the roof of the building, collapsed on itself. dozens of people were risking on the british foreign secretary of school for western unity against all foreigners. human threats from russia and china, you case has been the 27 foreign ministers in liverpool, along with delegates from southeast asian countries. now voting is underway in the independence referendum of
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a tiny south pacific island group of new caledonia. it's the 3rd time the french royal territory is deciding on the issue. having narrowly rejected the idea in 20182020, the main independence parties are boycotting the referendum, saying they're worried that holding it during a pandemic will reduce the likelihood of a yes vote. but wayne, hey, it's falling that vote and joins us live from tauranga in new zealand. wayne. so the prem independence groups been calling for people to stay away. so what are we expecting to happen then? well, in the past, a 2 referendums leading up to the 3rd and final vote, we saw very good turnouts. in fact, for the very last year was more than 85 percent were expecting a very high turn out this time as well. for those who are in favor of keeping the status quo, but as you mentioned, for those who are in the independence camp, there has been a coal to boy caught this vote to were expecting many people to he debt cold from the leaders of those political parties that have been making that coal to boycott
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and have been asking the french government in fact, to postpone this or referendum until late next year. of course, we know that the french government did not agree to that demand, and the vote is taking place. and polls are open, we've got some early numbers that are coming through as of mid day local time. so that is just over an hour and go. so with 7 hours to go and polling last year, this time of the churn out was 49.4 percent for the 2nd only referendums. and so far today on sunday, for the 3rd and final vote as of mid day at the turnout was only 27.75 percent. so that is at down significantly on last year. and the 1st referendum as well. so it seems that many people either can't get to the polling boots because they're concerned about the coven 19 pandemic, or that heating those calls from those leaders of the political parties to stay away to boycott this vote on when. what about new caledonia is neighbors in the
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pacific? what a bay been saying about the vote? we'll all be keeping a very close eye on this. there's been some pretty vocal support as you'd expect from some of the new caledonia closest neighbors. some of the other melanesians states such as fiji pop when you get a banner wire to those countries have backed the call. ready to postpone this vote, expressing a lot of concern about the conditions under which it's being held are far more reserved approaches from the likes of new zealand and australia. we saw the foreign minister of new zealand and i am a hooter issue, a feely bland statement in the weeks leading up to the referendum saying that really this was about the french and new caledonian authorities. it was they a business to conduct this referendum, but she did point out that new zealand has a very proud history of self determination. so headlamps and not there to a concern privately within the new zealand government about the conditions at that
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this vote is being held under. and also some geopolitical concerns here as well as to what happens next, regardless of which way the vote goes. if france does at leave a new caledonia, if the vote is as unlikely as it seems to go for independence, then what does that mean next for new caledonia in terms of the geopolitical scene within the south pacific, and especially when it comes to security. so all the nations in the south pacific we'll be keeping a very close watch on this. all right, our wayne hay life was there in tauranga in new zealand. when thank you. felice demands have been voting in municipal elections, choosing representatives to more than a 150 village and local councils across the elk by west bank. it was a rare chance to vote for palestinians and comes as anger grows over the cancelling of parliamentary and presidential elections. only this year by president mac when i boss hamis which governs the gaza strip, boycotted saturday's local vote due to that as boneless,
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iran president abraham raise. he says his government is serious about the latest round of talks in vienna to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. he said it will power, willing to remove sanctions on terror on an agreement can be reached. us says there was an intense conversation among the g 7 countries who are united in their position on the nuclear talks. well, the head of the international atomic energy agency spoke to our correspondent daughter jabari in vienna. rafael rossi outlined the contentious issues that need to be ironed out well, it was a wide ranging discussion we, i specifically talked about the role of the i. e. but then we of course, talked about this, j. c, p o, a. and raphael grossi was very much adamant that it is a deal that is very, very important and critical for their work. and they are not involved in the politics of this nuclear deal. they just want to verify what has been agreed to. he also talked about the issues that remain with iran. he admitted that iran is one of
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the, it's the country that as the most inspections of his nuclear program in the world. but despite that, he said there are still issues that they are discussing with iran. that is a cause for concern for the i. e a. and this is what he had to say about that specific those issues the ages he and iran are trying to come to an agreement on or, or based on 2 things. one these the capability or the ability of the agency to return to one facility, one specific facility in iran, where we need to reinstall cameras that need to be there. and it has been difficult to to this. so we have been talking about these and the other thing is how to address a number of issues which need to be clarified. the agency found a traces of nuclear material in places that had not been declared before they facility he's talking about. there is carriage that's out just outside of to ron,
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it's a workshop that produces central futures for around nuclear program. and ad here in said that they have the i e, a had 4 cameras in that facility. and in june, there was an act of sabotage which destroyed one of those cameras and they blame israel for that. they said at that time that they are going to take all 4 cameras off line until there is an investigation. and there is some kind of a statement issued by the united nations and the i e. until that happens, the ranges are not willing to open up again, inspections to that workshop. and the director general mentioned that this is one of the points of contention because they cannot determine what is happening in iran's nuclear program. if they don't know where the center features are going and how many are actually being made. and you can watch the full interview with the i a e, a chief raphael grossey on talk to al jazeera at 830 gmc on sunday. now thousands of people in argentina protested against a deal to restructure the country's debt. the government's been holding talks with
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the international monetary fund to negotiate payments towards a $45000000000.00 debt. demonstrate to say it's on payable margin. tina has other urgent needs to solve the 1st for fighters hiding in thick forests than eastern congo is intensifying soldiers from uganda. zombie recently crossed into the democratic republic of congo to track down the allied democratic forces. the joint military operation has seen enemy camps destroyed fighters captured and hostages freed. malcolm, which has more over the last 10 days, the people of this small port town in democratic republic of congo have seen thousands of uganda and troops crossing you can, his army says it in congo to hunt down an armed grave called the allied democratic forces. abs, which is blamed for killing thousands of civilians in this area over the last 7 years. you got an army has been accused of meddling and looting minerals in congo several times since it 1st invaded 25 years ago. i mean,
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to be honest, we did not celebrate the arrival of began to troops crossing a border, but we hope they can help deal with the insecurity that we've been facing for a long time. the adf fight as a hiding out in forest for the gun and tanks and armored vehicles as struggled to advance on the muddy road. so they brought in great as to repair them. uganda and major general clans, him of hunger, is commanding. the operation come. we only wanted to, if you don't have machines to look for boys, you don't have a machine is the route for the morning. we don't have machine is got the and by the only thing we have is our gun fight created. yes, you can. the government claims the adf for 3 suicide bomb explosions in the capital can parlor last month. the adf is reasonably from uganda,
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but his fighters have been hiding in the forests of congo for more than 20 years. and opperation is the latest in a series of failed attempts to defeat the armed group. since some of the roads are impossible, ugandan commanders have to walk to meet that congo lease counterparts. they say it's a joint military operation, concluded, of course, calling to get new so more homeless. people need to understand that we're facing a situation of terrorism in which we must unite our forces with others. adf is part of an international terrorist movement. some of their tax are claimed by isis in the presence of fighters from different countries like you conduct somalia and townsend, he confirms this investigator said he, adf has been in contact with iso and other regional armed groups. the extent of any collaboration isn't clear about the adf, political and business. interesting, congo, i'm, you can the have been more apparent including cocoa and tim, the export,
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congolese soldiers repairing the ways to. it's just the start of what you can does on corners. army say will be the end of the adf. everyone he's tried before, has failed. malcolm web out, his era protested, and serbia had been blocking roads for a 3rd weekend running, denouncing plans for the mining of lithium saturdays crowds of smaller than past weeks. out of the government bowed to some demands it scrapped, knows that at the said were designed to help mining giant rear tinto start operations in the west of the countries. health experts have raised new safety concerns about illegal gold mining in indonesia. dozens of babies are suffering birth defects, potentially linked to hazardous chemicals used to process the precious metal. jessica washington reports now in the island of long walk. in the hills of the continent, indonesia, i 30 meters on the ground. this is one of hundreds of unauthorized mines.
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it's dangerous work. but for these men, finding just a speck of gold makes it worthless. mother la. hi am emma by yeah, yes, it's risky. because if we make mistakes, the ground can easily collapse. the gold rush into copying started decades ago. and mine is say, it died down in 2018. but in recent months, hundreds have flocked back to the minds due to financial hardship. but i think off this is the risk we take to make a living. i work here for around one year because i have nothing else to do because of karone of our somebody unauthorized mining is an open secret here. mine's not the hillside impossible to miss in villages like this across the cot on gold mining is part of daily life. people here depend on it for most or all of their income. and the machines used as part of the process of extracting gold are conveniently right in front of their homes. these machines are the unrelenting soundtrack to
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life here. miners put mercury inside them to extract gold from the sediment. it's cheap and easy for us adults. gardening, like you or not, we have to use it. purchasing gold is how we make money yellow. but living near dangerous chemicals comes with consequences. 5 year olds, the in cannot walk or talk yet. he was recently diagnosed with micro safely a medical condition where a child's head is small as an average, often impacting brain function in color. i'm really seen when his father worked in the mines. he would process the gold here too. and yet he used mercury to process the goals, researches from a local and g o, a looking into his case and all the children who they say maybe victims of mercury exposure among mascara til in the most, kill minus keep mercury at home and use it in front of the children for newborns. the exposure is from the mother. they had been exposed through the breed. the
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researchers say even children with no leak to mining, may bear the consequences of sickle tongues. gold obsessions, like near india, was born without. i've got, i mean, i never imagined i would have a son without dice. the doctor asked me if my husband was a coal miner and i said no. the researches are also conducting i q tests on local children. they say the government must do more to educate people about the dangers of mercury, but authority say it takes time. it is a very serious concern and you cannot change the mindset within a minute because they already be very familiar with that type, but it takes time. the absence of change it is children here who pay the real price of gold. jessica washington out to 0. 6. i don't. now the humanitarian crisis in gaza showing no signs of eating many a desperate to leave, but have been trapped by long standing israeli blockade on to 0 to one palestinian
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who told us about his attempts to reach you on the wall. we have bought a book. i was on yet, but a bach 26 years old, married with 2 children from the gaza strip. i thought of immigration after suffering a string of different jobs because of the difficult economic conditions. the siege, the restrictions. we are ruled by 2 governments that don't care like, but my dad passed away in 2008, and i take care of my family and mother out of my family, rejected the idea also. but as everything went from bad to worse after the war in may. and lastly, finally a great city. we reached turkey legally and there we were met by a smuggler who took $3000.00 from each of us. and we agreed that we shall be 7 passengers on a safe rubber speedboat. but on the day there were 15, including the captain with a small wooden boat for total fraud, but smugglers. they don't care and they just see was money muscle feed. the smugglers took 4 of us out, so there were 10 plus the sailor pulled. they told us that after we reach a hill in the giant see that the rubber boat will be waiting for us. but there was
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no boat. why? because we had no choice but to continue sailing it suddenly the waves were very strong and high level. i had almost to meet her and water was filling our boat, and every one was screaming only. i looked at my friend eyebrow tom, but he was frozen. get along with 2 others on the boat flipped upside down and the 3 of them went down with the boat. i didn't expect to survive harlequin by dig ballasa that we spent 2 hours in the freezing water. while i got, when i saw the turkish coast guard coming towards me there, i felt my soul had returned. then as they approached, i passed out, well, i woke up later on their boat and when i grabbed the phone from one person of it and sent that voice note to my, my blotted messages. saw that my god, i'm a good i blood hum has been eaten by the fish, mum though i hate to have the fullest without my lot. i was in total shock and despair when me and i returned to gaza. but if i could emigrate again, legally, i would say that even if there were work opportunities in our country and we were able to look at
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a future for children who would never ever leave of us as an hey of, well, i don't know, probably exile is bitter leo, but the reality in our land is worse level of the home, but more than 460 coupled some various fates of tiber north and mass wedding in northern india. the ceremony was organized and paid for by the government of the state of utter pradesh. each bride also received a cash payment of $460.00 mass weddings, a popular among poorer communities. as families are often expected to shut out large sums for the night. ah, i typed a quick check on the headlines here on al jazeera rescue. teams in the us are searching for survivors out of tornadoes ripped through 6 midwestern states. more than 70 people have been killed in kentucky president by.


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