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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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lou, i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career, but no country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why ah, at least 70 are dead in kentucky. off the tornado sweep across sick states destroying homes at factories and warehouses. ah, lo, i'm mariam to mozy and london you watching al jazeera, also coming off on the program. foreign ministers from the g 7 nation's edge to show unity against global aggressors as they meet and the u. k. uganda and congress military say they've captured adf. rebels destroyed camps and fried hostages,
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but many a still wary of this joint offensive. on the eldest daughter of pioneer and u. s. ashley allen shepherd bloss off on the latest space tourism flight board of rocket main dothan. ah, welcome to the program. our top story, a devastating series of tornadoes has read through 6 us states. president joe biden says it's likely to be one of the biggest tornado outbreaks in the country's history. he is rushing federal assistance to the was to places like kentucky where at least 70 people have died. dozens of fear dead in a candle factory and the town of mayfield where around a 110 people were inside walking when the roof collapsed. 40 were rescued, but the states governor says it will be a miracle if anyone else is and allies. all the songs left
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a trail of destruction across mid western and southern states as party call high now ports to us. one town seemingly wiped away in one evening mayfield kentucky where a candle factory with 110 people inside was leveled. a tract worker took to facebook live to plead for help and we aren't trans, please. y'all give us some help. we're at the candle that very it may you please bring us. she got out, but the governor believes the vast majority of workers did not lose a lot alive at that facility. and i pray that there. ready will be another rescue. a breville, toby, another one or 2, but it's a very dire situation. at this point. the storms with as many as 30 tornadoes could be seen from space tornadoes that came down and stayed down, causing damage for more than 300 kilometers. this path length, i believe,
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when it's all said and done, we're waiting for the numbers to come in. will be a near 400 kilometer path length and very likely that this tornado will be rated violence, which means e f, or e, f 5. i'm expecting. winds kick wind speeds to be well over 200 miles per hour with this particular tornado. and it wasn't just kentucky in amazon warehouse in illinois, a nursing home in arkansas destruction in missouri and tennessee states that expect tornadoes but not usually in december. the national guard has been called in, and the search has started to see if there are survivors trapped underneath all of this. still, the death toll is likely to climb from this unexpected, massive and powerful storm. patty calling al jazeera washington, i think joins us live now. president joe vine has been speaking to the governors of those affected states. what do we know about these conversations?
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but when he said he's spoken to all of the governors that have impact been impacted, he spoke to the nation from his home in delaware, where he usually goes on the weekend. but it very customary as an emergency of this scale for the president to address the country. or we know that he's already proved a federal, a declaration of an emergency declaration when it comes to kentucky. and he said he's waiting for the other states to do the same. that would increase the amount of aid the federal government can help can provide. but he's also trying to remind americans and use this as an opportunity to unite what has become such a politically divided country. really trying to explain just the magnitude of the emergency, but also the very personal impact it has on everyone who is in the path of this storm. let's listen. i won't function all the states. you know, we're going to get through this. we're gonna get through this together and the federal government is not going to walk away. this is one of those times when we aren't democrats or republicans. sounds like i probably,
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but it's real. where all americans, we stand together as united states of america. and so i said all the victims, you're in our prayers and all those 1st responders, emergency personnel, and every one helping your fellow americans. this is the right thing to do with the right time. and we're going to get through this. what can the federal government provide? well, it's going to be a tough task for fema to get a lot of equipment in right away. usually if it's i say a hurricane or if that's a wildfire, they're able to pre position everything they need just outside of the damage zone. but they do have stockpiles all across the country. they will have been spending to day trying to mobilize that they are one of the big problems is going to be the roads. because this was such a huge swath of land that had so much damage. and a lot of these are very rural communities where maybe there's only one road in one road out. you need to get those roads cleared. so that national guard has been called in. that's the state. does that, at least in kentucky, they have and they'll start clearing the roads. they'll start searching people door to door. the federal government for its part is going to focus on providing shelter
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immediately because it's going to be cold. there. again, we don't normally have tornadoes, especially not these kind of tornadoes in december because it's usually pretty cold . so in a town like mayfield, in many cases we see tornado damage. some homes are spared, it doesn't appear. there's even a single standing structure in that town of $10000.00 people. so the federal government's go. dow is going to be get them trailers or they can live in where there's heat, get in some sort of water supply, bring in food, bringing cellphone towers that are temporary, that people can communicate. one of the things that shows you just how large scale this damages is. we've been at a death toll about 70 people. the governor of kentucky says it's may be up to a 100 now, but it's been there all day that just shows you that it is going to be a frantic and long search to figure out who's missing. where are they? are they under rubble in. it's just so many homes, businesses, factories, offices that need to be searched. it's going to take a while. the other problem,
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as night falls, it gets harder. it gets colder and they're really going to be racing against the clock because of these sorts of situations. they really think that the best shapes chance defies when alive is in the 1st 48 hours after that they tend to switch to a recovery mission. so a lot of concern because it is just so wide spread. so many dates so much damage that it's going to take a while to figure out just truly how bad it is. but if the pictures are seen, are an indication it's going to be really bad in a lot of places. thank you very much. patty coin there in washington. and then earlier on i spoke to vincent alta, an american storm chase, a who was following a tornadoes in tennessee. he told me why the storms are so devastating. this is a pretty massive outbreak with not just a roll. strong tornadoes, but a couple of very strong, almost violent potentially tornadoes. and in the middle of december, this is not when we would be expecting something like
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a couple of towns that i was driving through last night with the tornado in my windshield did not have storm sirens going. and it wasn't a matter of whether they had power, electrical power to them or not. because there were still lights on these towns. it's possible somebody down there probably found that either a failure of their warning systems coming storm sirens or they just didn't have them. and it's really concerning because we've got to be able to get these warnings out immediately. that's how we're going to save lives. you know, 5 or 10 minutes, even 15 minutes. there's just not enough time to take shelter from a tornado. it's in town. so there's an adrenalin russia, extremely stressful. it's, it's not, it's definitely manageable for someone like me. we're used to this. but for the general public, dis, this could be, this is life threatening and this isn't, this is crazy. some folks that i've spoken to after tornadoes, not this case, but other cases of said they felt their life flash before their eyes. it's incredibly stressful. i mean, there's potentially a deadly,
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a deadly situation going on anywhere from a few feet to maybe a mile or 2. and it's coming at you it's, it's incredibly stressful and it can be scary at times because you have no control . ready over what's happening other than your actions, you know, we can't control where the poor nato goes. and if it's going to go over a town and destroy the town, that's what it's going to do. on top diplomats from g 7 countries have been to show unity against global aggressive as they meet in the city of liverpool. russia in particular, has been singled out by the us in person. so massing troops on ukraine's border. but finding consensus even among allies could prove difficult from liverpool or challenge or bought. britain's foreign secretary welcomed her richwell counterparts with a brass band and coven conscious fist bumps the u. k. the u. s. canada,
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germany, france, italy, japan. the g 7 is a club of advanced economy democracies and their friends. and these meetings are chance for them to affirm both what they're for and what they're against. we need to defend ourselves against the growing threats from hostile actors. and we need to come together strongly to stand up to aggressors who are seeking to limit the bounds of freedom and democracy. have all their perceived threats, coven, china, iran, and more. it's back to russia that it seen is the hottest issue. with russian troops massed on the other side of the ukrainian border, the clear alarm from western democracies about the possibility of an invasion. what we have to do is deter russia from taking the course of action. i being very clear, it would be a strategic mistake for russia to do that. and what the g 7 meeting this weekend,
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the taking place is about is about a show of unity between like minded major economies. liz trust, his rallying cry for what she calls the free. well this, that like minded countries should step up that should unify, that should stop the introspection and drift and push back against perceived aggressors, russia and china. and they should do this using economics and technology. but germany is no stream to gas pipeline project with russia is an example that true unity can be elusive. germany's the green party, foreign minister, and alina barbara, is against it. social democrat, boss, chancellor schultz, is for it. and germany is not yet agreeing to threaten russia as the us and u. k. would like with blocking nord stream to invade to ukraine, uniting the free world is easier said than done retail. and how does era livable a palace? indians have been voting in municipal elections,
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choosing representatives for more than 150 village and local councils across the occupied west bank. this was a rad chance to vote for palestinians comes as anger is growing over the cancellation of parliamentary presidential elections early this year. foreign president, man with the boss. if not, paul had gone ahead. it would have been the 1st national note in 15 years. a mass which governs the gaza strip, boycotted saturday's local vote because of that respondents. so from morning to every reports now from leah near ramallah and the occupied westbank local council. elections have been usually held on time relatively every 4 years. we have local council elections and different cities and villages all across the occupied to west bank. but what palestinian say they want is general elections. they want to be able to choose their political leaders. the representatives is with 15 years, this palestinians of last voted for a parliament that has since became an active after the internal split between
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fatter and hamas. enjoining me here to talk more about those elections. is doctor a cell. kathy bees: a political science professor at midday it's university doctor. we are holding these municipal elections. now. how political are they? are they're not mainly political or remain motives for choosing the candidates are not political affiliation, mainly it has to do with familiar affiliation. it has to do with the reputation of the candidate. that's why it's results are locked in decatur on any political balance of force. but it's a reminder for palestinians that they haven't voted for general elections. do you see us getting any closer to that? it is good, but it's not good enough. it's all issues and needs related to services of municipalities. but it does not serve the fact that we do not have. we did not
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have political elections, neither for the peer law institutions nor the for the p, a institutions for more than 13 or 14 years. this election reminds us of the need for political inaction that the palestinian people are badly in need of. what do you think the main issues that passed indians want to, why would they want to vote in general elections? they want to renew the political leadership. they want to have more participation in the political system through election. they want to hold the political elite accountable for whatever successes or failures they have in the last period. and more important, they want to bridge the gap between the public and the political iliad in general. thank you so much. and past indians were so close at having those general elections
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but palestinian president much more that mass has postponed them 6 months ago. and this is a part of the reason why ham asked us mercado these municipal elections. they said they want these long delayed, general, and placed then shall actions held. watching al jazeera life from london still had for you on the program. divisions over. there are divisions in south africa. why some in the western cape coral, vince on pushing independence with tensions running high over the south china sea, southeast asians. they say they are worried about chinese cyber spine. ah. hello there. we're watching a tropical lo strengthen to the north east of australia,
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or it's expected to turn into a tropical fica as it moves its way south of the solomon islands towards new caledonia taking the wet and windy weather with it. it's not expected to move anywhere near the eastern areas of australia, but we are still seeing some storms and showers around those coastal areas. but for much of the country, it remains rather fine and dry, particularly in western areas which isn't helping the bush fires situation in the southwest for per, we're going to see the temperature continue to rise over the next few days. lots of heat here, it remains rather dry and it's going to start to dry up for sydney. we're going to have some sunshine coming back in for at least the next 2 days. but by the time we get to thursday, we will see the wet weather. so enjoy it while you can. now as we move across the tasman see to new zealand, it's been very wet in the south. it's going to be been move island that sees the west. the weather at the start of next week in particular for places like oakland and gibbon, we are seeing the showers intensify. however, in the south, by the time we get into next week, now was moved to south east asia within the wet and windy weather pick up from east
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in areas of the philippines, we could see some flooding and landslides. here as that heavy rain continues to fall of the next few days. ah, thrice a new method of cremation is helping hinder, tradition become more and more mentally friendly. and we visit a danish community who have taken sustainability to new heights just over. ready on the horizon is some so iowa, oh, they are officially 100 percent renewable with the energy. right. good winds of change on how to 0. lou ah
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ah, welcome back. main stories now. a devastating series of tornadoes is ripped through 6 us midwestern and southern states. the governor of kentucky has sang within 70 people have been killed in his state alone. dozens are also feared dead. a candle factory in the town of mayfield. after the roof caved in. in, in, in illinois at least 2 workers are confirmed dead as an amazon warehouse in the town of edward's vale. rescue walk is this still searching for all the people who are trapped in the rubble? and are the top story top diplomats from g 7 countries managed to show unity against global aggressors. as they meet in the u. k. rusher in particular has been singled out by the us and britain as it masses, troops on you, cranes or dep. uganda and congress
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armies say they are making progress in a joint operation against the allied democratic forces in eastern d. r. congo. they say they've destroy 4 camps, belongings beyond group captured, 34 fighters and free 31 congress, hostages for people on the ground. there's hope, but also ongoing anees about the partnership, where possible. over the last 10 days, the people of this small board of town in democratic republic of congo have seen thousands of camden troops crossing you can, his army says it in congo to hunt down an armed grave called the allied democratic forces abs, which is blamed for killing thousands of civilians in this area over the last 7 years. you got an army has been accused of meddling and looting minerals in congo several times since it 1st invaded 25 years ago. to be honest, we did not celebrate the arrival of began to troops crossing
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a border, but we hope they can help deal with the insecurity that we've been facing for a long time. the adf fight as a hiding out in forest to the gun and tanks and armored vehicles as struggled to advance on the muddy roads. so they brought in great as to repair them. uganda and major general clans, him hunger is commanding. the operation come. we only wanted to reach if you don't have the machines to look for void, you don't have a machine. is the route for day one is we don't have machine is caught by the only thing. we have a gun fight radio. you can the government claims the adf for 3 suicide bomb explosion in the capital can parlor last month. the adf is reasonably from uganda, but his fighters had been hiding in the forests of congo for more than 20 years. and opperation is the latest in a series of failed temps to defeat the armed group. since some of the roads are
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impossible, ugandan commanded to walk to meet that congo lease counterparts. they say that joint military operations concluded, of course, going to good news. so more homeless people need to understand that we're facing a situation of terrorism in which we must unite our forces with others. adf is part of an international terrorist movement. some of their tax are claimed by isolated in the presence of fighters from different countries like you conduct somalia and townsend, he confirms this investigator said the adf has been in contact with iso and other regional armed groups. the extent of any collaboration isn't clear about the abs, political and business. interesting. congo i'm, you can the have been more apparent including cocoa and tim, the export kong. elise soldiers repairing the ways to it's just the start of what you can. the uncle knows army say, will be the end of the adf. every one of he's tried before has failed. malcolm
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web out, his era. some groups in south africa, western cape province of pushing for independence support for the governing party has dropped in recent years. and it lost control of most major cities in recent local elections. although behind the move for secession, say the african national congress is dragging the provincetown. others a saying the move is racially motivated. the western cape for me to millen our ports. ah, olympian, he hasn't had a job for more than 5 years. he runs an advocacy group for the unemployed. here in south africa's western cape province, about 29 percent of people don't have jobs. the national average is nearly 35 percent aaliyah's unhappy with the government's policies, the liberals. i look at the lesson, issues that covered exactly, unemployment, that were load. good luck with those who are in bed wetting environment outside.
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the with the forum has thousands of members who support a call for the western cape to secede from south africa. the province has the 2nd largest economy in the country, though supporting an independent cape say, a corrupt, national government is draining its resources to aid poor provinces. so effectively the people of the western cape never get the democratic will always excluded from the system. they never get the government they vote for and the consequences of that are all quite significant because the sl africa has been badly managed and, and running to the ground. the people of the western cape are then suffering the consequences of government. they didn't elect, i'd wonder they called remove the ballot box. south africa is made up of 9 provinces. 8 of them are governed by the african national congress, the opposition party, the democratic alliance has run the western cape since 1999. all the parties not supported the call for secession. it has pushed for a federal system. the cape independence party says recent polls suggest 58 percent of western cape voters. support the move for cape independence. but that fig has
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been disputed. those opposed to the just say it's racially motivated and discriminates against the largely mixed race and black, often poorer communities in a province with a more prosperous white minority. i cannot support anything which seeks to create a false thought with the beneficiaries of apartment will stay on the line and over leave us or we can, i'll be good on the console. a can't be allowed to up and these people are seeking to go through things. are you monstrous views, absorbing slavers are modestly, i cannot afford to call. sufficient is a really good idea, but not, not in the terms of reference of using cape town, the capital of the western cape. as great economic disparities often defined by race. critics say the chances of secession are low. any of you, the call physician by those living in the western tape has little merits and will go nowhere and that it lacks constitutional backing. but this isn't the 1st time they've been pulled from groups of people for their own nation states,
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with in south africa. and rather than being viewed as wishful thinking, it means they'd be an expression of anger against the governing african national congress meter. mila al jazeera, south africa, tens of thousands of people have been back out protesting in vienna against the austrian government plans to make covert vaccines. mandatory legislation is set to come into force in february pending parliamentary approval. those who refuse to get vaccinated face a fine of more than $4000.00 every 3 months. austria has a 68 percent vaccination, right, which is one of the lowest in europe. it was similar protests off to the government, introduced a 4th lockdown to cub a record number of infections last month. now philippine government is saying it seriously concerned by reports that it's one of several nations being spied on by china. a u. s. based research group is saying it's uncovered evidence of an espionage campaign against countries involved in disputes of
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a fishing and mineral rights. china denies involvement. she will allen goggan has well from the philippine capital manila. this south china seas territorial dispute is seen as the next security flash point in asia. beijing's illegal reclamation and growing military expansion have angered other climate countries like indonesia, vietnam, and the philippines who have accused of blatantly violating international law. but china stands accused, once again, this time by a global research group which says it found evidence that the chinese government may be sponsoring espionage operations on several governments across se, asia. the group recorded future says it's been able to identify what it describes as 400 online servers located in southeast asia. communicating with an online
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infrastructure connected to chinese state sponsored actors by using a custom malware to attack governments and private organisation websites in the region. among the targets, our malaysia's ministry of defense and the royal militia, police, as well as vietnam's ministry of environment and central office of the communist party. also described as victims of cyber intrusions or the philippine navy. the department of foreign affairs in manila and the presidential management staff, recorded future says all those crunches may be vulnerable to china's intelligence gathering operations. we be seriously in it. this gives us some situational awareness, or we have measures in nice to ensure our security, the security of our vital systems. shina is dismissing the report as politically motivated during war. thank b jane, our bosses and browse down
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a little going. so parker about in the garden or through the long run. this bushy shown this ollie's clear ginger at the same time who you firmly opposed to spreading false information, her political process for what misleading the international community should and instigating the relationship between other countries. the response to cyber attacks at the analysts say should be regional to as long as me don't have the original framework on securing our cybersecurity. definitely china with big advantage on these will note if we can keep of each one i see on to the forge east, stronger cyber security whose can be sure to walk home cyber attack from or in a restless, despite china's denial. so their research highlights beijing's growing strategic interests in government and private organizations across se, asia, and warrants that the cyber attacks are likely to increase in line with growing
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political tensions over control of this south china sea. jim l, as in dog n, i'll 0 manila, 6 more civilians have experienced travel into space on the 3rd commercial passenger mission by blue origin. i'm by the amazon found at jeff bezos. they included 74 year old laura shepherd ch, actually is the daughter of former nasa astronaut allen shepherd. the new shepherd spacecraft was named after she was one special guest alongside the fi, paying passengers on a 10 minute flight where they all briefly experienced weightlessness before touching back down safely in the state of texas. see me present and format and i fell star myco. straighten was the other invited guest on the flight wide. so were dug out the training center. and i got to say it was sir tony. really, you want to go there, but it was on the lever bull, it's hard even describe it. i've got to take a little bit to process it way. couldn't have gone better, get my hair. i got mad,
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we haines, and i could fly idea today. okay, so i was born everything right here and clear of course our top story the, the devastating effect of those tornadoes in central and southern united states. more details on that in a couple of seconds. ah, our top story, this hour has been that devastating series of tornadoes. it's ripped through 6 us states. and what the president joe biden has said is likely to be one of the biggest such outbreaks in the country's history. he is rushing federal assistance to the worst hit places like kentucky where the governor says more than 70 people have died. dozens of fear dead in a candle factory in the town of mayfield. the states governor says it'll.


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