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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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oh, oh, both of us watching the al jazeera news hour with me to hill robin. a reminder of our top stories that dozens of people have been killed after storms and tornadoes talk through 6 us states. the governor of kentucky fairs more than 50 people have been killed in the state. emergency crews are trying to rescue people who are still trapped. the british foreign secretary has called for western unity against all thorough terry medicine and threats from russia and china. the u. k. is hosting g 7 foreign ministers in the northern city of liverpool, along with delegates from assay and nations, and talks to revise. the 2015 iran nuclear dealer, continuing for another day in vienna. according to state television, iran's president and bohemia se says to her on a serious about the negotiations, and if well, powers are willing to remove sanctions. an agreement can be reached. warner
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on the tornadoes in the us. alger 0 is where the present a car lag explains what caused the destructive storms to understand how those devastating tornadoes developed. we have to look at the satellite image for north america on friday, and you can see the line of storms develop go central areas, but very quickly moved from west to the east. now they were very far moving and developed rather quickly. we have to look at the iso time chart to understand how that happened. we had cold air blowing in from the west, now that joined up with warm, moist and moving up from the gulf of mexico. and when you have a clash of those and masses, you do get the severe storms rolling all the way from the midwest down to the deep south. we had heavy snow across the great lakes and heavy rain as well. further south of this tornadoes, as we know, and of course hale. now we take a closer look. we can see the strong wind blowing that system by the east, but we 1st had of course that devastation across those 5 states. at least 19
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tornadoes were reported. multiple deaths in illinois as well as missouri or consort hennessy and can talking now, as i said, those storms are moving very quickly on woods to georgia and the virginia's where we are seeing the strong winds, the strong ones that are the riskier though, the tornado watch does remain, and we are going to see the flooding rains up to 50 millimeters of rain expected. and of course, that carries a flood risk. now it's also going to knock a lot of the warmth out of places like new york city and washington d. c. as those storms push further east and the good news is, it's a lot cleaner and dryer picture left behind the car. now palestinians have had a rare chance to vote, choosing representative for more than 150 village councils across the occupied west bank. it follows the cancellation of parliamentary and presidential elections early this year. at the time of growing anger with the palestinian authority and its leaders. that abraham reports not from al mazata. alex blair, near ramallah,
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the local council elections. i've been usually held on time relatively every 4 years. we have local council elections in different cities and villages all across the occupied to us bank. but what palestinians say they want is general elections. they want to be able to choose the political leaders. the representative is 15 years this boston is of last voted for parliament that has since became an active after the internal split between factor and her mass. enjoining me here to talk more about those elections is dr. settle called the be the political science professor at the university doctor. we are holding these municipal elections. now, how political are they? they're not mainly political motives for choosing candidates, not political affiliation. mainly it has to do with so many f in the ation. it has
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to do with a reputation of the candidate. that's why it's results are not indicators on any political balance of power. but it's a reminder for palestinians that they haven't voted for general elections. do you see us getting any closer to that? it is good, but it's not good enough. it for issues and needs related to services of municipalities. but it does not serve the fact that we do not have. we did not have political elections neither for the be a lot situations nor the for the institutions for more than 13 or 14 years. this election reminds us of the need for political interaction. that's for the city, people badly in need off. what do you think the main issues that passed indians want? why would they want to vote in general election? they want to renew the political leadership. they want to have more
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participation in the political system through election. they want to hold the political elite accountable for whatever successes or failures they have in the last period. and more important, they want to bridge the gap between the public and the political elite in general. thank you so much. and past indians were so close at having those general elections, but palestinian president blackmore that bass has postponed them 6 months ago. and this is the part of the reason why ham asked us mercado these municipal elections. they said they want these long delayed general, and presidential elections held the philippines as it seriously concerned by allegations that it's one of several countries being spied on by china research by a us organization suggest the beijing is targeting governments involved in
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a dispute over fishing and mineral rights to will align durcan has more from manila, the south china seas territorial dispute is seen as the next security flash point in asia. feagins, illegal reclamation, and growing military expansion have angered other claimant countries like indonesia, vietnam, and the philippines. who have accused of blatantly violating international law. but china's dance accused once again this time by a global research group which says it found evidence that the chinese government may be sponsoring espionage operations on several governments across se, asia. the group recorded future says it's been able to identify what it describes as 400 online servers located in southeast asia. communicating with an online infrastructure connected to chinese state sponsored actors by using
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a custom malware to attack governments and private organisation websites in the region. among the targets, our malaysia's ministry of defense and the royal militia, police, as well as vietnam's ministry of environment and central office of the communist party. also described as victims of cyber intrusions or the philippine navy. the department of foreign affairs in manila and the presidential management staff, recorded future says all those countries may be vulnerable to china's intelligence gathering operations we be seriously in it. this gives us some situational awareness. we have measures in place to ensure our security, the security of our vital systems. china is dismissing the report as politically motivated to go find the chain that opposes and crafts down other kinds of parker about in accordance with the law. this bushy shanisha ali's clear address at the
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same time, the firmly opposed to spreading false information for political purposes, which misleading the international community and instigating the relationship between other countries. the response to cyber attacks, the analysts say, should be regional to as long as me don't have the original framework on securing our cybersecurity. definitely, china will take advantage on these full narrative winkie of the return i see and should the forge a stronger cybersecurity boost and break with these shrines to walk home from foreign aggressors this by china's denial. so their research highlights beijing's growing strategic interests in government and private organizations across se, asia, and warrants that the cyber attacks are likely to increase in line with growing political tensions. over control of this south china sea,
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jamal alan dorgan al jazeera manila. though there's a small but increasing me vocal push for independence in south africa. western cape province support is argued that the national government is dragging the province down. but some critics say there's a racial motive out there as for me to minerals ah olympian. he hasn't had a job for more than 5 years. he runs an advocacy group for the unemployed. here in south africa's western cape province, about 29 percent of people don't have jobs. the national average is nearly 35 percent aaliyah's unhappy with the government's policies, the laws addressing issues that currently exist, unemployment for a lot of those who are in bed wetting and bubble outside with you in problem. the forum has thousands of members who support a call for the western cape to secede from south africa. the province has the 2nd largest economy in the country, though supporting an independent cape say,
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a corrupt, national government is draining its resources to aid poor provinces. so effectively, the people, the western cape never get the democratic will always excluded from the system. they never get the government they vote for. and the consequences of that i'll quite significant because it's so africa is being badly managed and, and run into the ground. the people are the western cape or then suffering the consequences of a government they didn't collect and what they can remove at the ballot box. south africa is made up of 9 provinces. 8 of them are governed by the african national congress. the opposition party, the democratic alliance has run the western cape since 1999. while the party is not supported the call for succession, it has pushed for a federal system. the cape independence part. he says, recent polls suggest 58 percent of western cape voters support the move for cape independence. but that figures been disputed. those opposed to the idea say it's racially motivated and discriminates against the largely mixed race and black,
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often poorer communities in a province. they will prosperous white minority. i cannot support anything which seeks to create a forks with a beneficiary of a party on the land. and over leave us or we can get on the console. a county allowed to happen. these people are seeking to do things. a must be a subservient face. i'm not asleep. i cannot support the cool position is a very good idea, but not, not in terms of the fact that they using cape town, the capital of the western cape. as great economic disparities often defined by race. critics say the chances of secession a low, many of you, the call physician by those living in the western cape, has little merit and will go nowhere and that it lacks constitutional backing. but this isn't the 1st time they've been called from groups of people for their own nation states with in south africa. and rather than being viewed as wishful thinking, it means they'd be an expression of anger against the governing african national
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congress. read them all to 0, south africa. people in the earth can now send money to family members that have gone on involving financial institutions controlled by the taliban. and the her connie network both routes otherwise subject to us sanctions. the money is a lifeline for many as guns, with global remittances making a full percent of g d p. last year. the u. n. is warning, nearly 9000000 africans the facing famine this winter emmet shop. he b is the founder of rise to p. a piece building policy organization. he's also for me, us counter terrorism advisor in afghanistan. he says there's still a lot more work to do the taliban need to recognise before it's recognized by the us. there are options in terms of the us as discussing and i think from our realistic perspective we're looking into the us, his interest to the end and the actions that a tall and not the fund towards. but it's a hard decision. i think kind of the pulling out of an honest on it was
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a big decision to make before buying ministration the same way, recognizing the tall one. i don't think it's going to happen to us so and if it, if it did that, think it's going to take a whole, international or collateral will take different nations than original efforts. but the taller one has to 1st deliver and actions that do have a little quieter, and they're not going to use an honest on to attack the u. s. soils and allies. i think that is the 1st question that needs to be 1st resolved in order for us to make a decision. but we're talking about millions of africa and uncertain about the future of their country and do ask ones who are, who are able to exit. i've honest on your little path limbo, do or just for example, we had interviewed one african family that he said, well, i was able to get out of honest on but how can i help my family at this situation?
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i think this general license 16, this exact that afford a will allow that person to wire money to his family who are in a washed on right now under this protection. well, hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers from central and south america have blocked the main road between mexico city and the state of pueblo. the group is traveling knowles to the us border. many began the weeks long journey without coming any food or water. they've seen an increase in number of migrants trying to reach the us in recent years. senior sufficient has opened in london to celebrate artists to have linked with the caribbean. life between islands highlights the cultural changes that happen when more than half a 1000000 caribbean island is arrived to help rebuild the u. k. after the 2nd world war, jessica bolden went for look, ah, 7 decades of art, with a connection to the caribbean. life between islands that tape britain is the 1st
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time a british museum, with an international reputation is showcasing caribbean british are these, these histories, recent histories. we need to mind. and we need to show that significance to today. and we need to show how they've continued through artistic practices through today to walk through that history from the 1st artist arriving in the late 19 forties artists exploring the dynamics of living between 2 cultures. ready she ain't holding them up. she's holding on looks at the strength, often expected of black women and points to the difficulties of maintaining her heritage while forging one's own identity. the black power movement of the sixties and seventies, documented by photographers calling out racism and discrimination the social and
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economic life of immigrants recorded as they settled and became established in britain. if there wasn't that influx, or people coming from the carbon, you would get the richness of which shot we've got today. you wouldn't get the question of how the bypass british is today. filmmaker steve mcqueen provides a metaphor for the black d as bora, as they navigate life in britain. a bay in jamaica overflowing with foliage juxtaposed with failing hotels, illustrates the joy of living with natural beauty. amidst the reality of economic hardship since 1st arriving to phil labor shortages more than 70 years ago, people from the caribbean have had a vast influence on britain. every aspect of british life has been enriched by 4
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generations of people who came from islands across the atlantic. it's an important historic show planned before black lives matter and the black, cultural, renaissance, current events, giving the exhibition even greater impact. jessica baldwin al jazeera london. well, coming up, we have all of your sports needs with summer. yes, after the break, we've got qualifying at the abu dhabi gone p plus all the latest from the fee for our cup, but stay with us. ah . a,
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a with talk to al jazeera, we are, how would you describe taliban relationship with the us? we listen copies. my kid is not all 4. 19, there's been terrible. demonstration of the failure of human, sorry, that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera lou.
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oh, thanks for your company. we're alive from our p for our cup studio in doha had on santa homos. we start with formula one and max their stop and has taken the upper hand in the championships. show don with newest hamilton their sap and has put his red bull on pole position for a sunday's apple w long play. and it's to promote his dream with hamilton qualifying 2nd. a to drive is, are equal on points heading into the final race of the season. and later we'll have more on the bus stop and versus hamilton season long battle. but let's now turn our attention to the fif of our cup. it's $11.00 that half time as egypt take on jordan, who's opening goal was a little bit special. oh, oh,
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i'm doing a good goal all good about how they all one thing. look at that, the shape of his body as he turns that away, boss, bought it out that way. and in the law school to final, all the torment it's algeria and morocco, alpha mom, a stadium. the and doha has go to joanna roscoe, join a big north african dog with this one and not just because the 2 countries are neighbors. that's right, it could be a feisty one. on and off the pitch. this north african dalby. you know, they've got a history, these 2 teams, i think for me anyway, this call to final really headlines. the matches that are on, on saturday in terms of football. now morocco, all the writing champions. but you have to go back to the last our cup,
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which was held in 2012 when they won the title. what makes this rivalry really interesting is the political situation between morocco and algeria. they've had strange relations for the last few decades. and back in august, algeria cut diplomatic ties with morocco over a territorial issue to do with the western sahara. so i think this is a really feisty rivalry, and we'll see if it plays out on the pitch in the next few hours to a back on the beach looking at the form of both teams during the tournament, is there much between them heading into this might well, if the european players were here at this tournament than you can certainly say, it would be a huge clash. but even in that absence, you know, there's plenty to take away from this game. if we look at the form of both of the teams, morocco, well, they came through the group games with flying colors. they won all 3 of that group games. and i didn't even concede a goal on their way to winning group. see algeria,
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they came through as one is up in group d to egypt. and that was really only because they match against egypt, finished 11, and egypt had to move their play point. so they went through as when, as you know, morocco really have the slight advantage, i think, going into this game just because their form has been better so far this tournament . but don't forget the winner of this game later on at altima stadium will have a big job ahead of them because i'll be playing the host cattle in the semi finals to on august raska, alive from alpha mama stadium. thank you very much for that. and i, i spoke to all june midfielder and former premier pay, i'd love good euro and got his thoughts on i'll just chances against moral think compared to the jury. again, fidget we, we knew that they were both qualified in this game. i think if they would definitely do we know we'll go through so it is important to when to to, to the stage. i think it will be a big be can very nice,
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very intense and tell me of pressure. so i really think it's going to be a good game and i really wish i was here we go through, what are the chances to have good chance? i think they've been impressive. and this competition seems to start moral cause. well, have a good team. they know each other well from what they know from here in the national team. i think that we have as well very good player that they can make the difference during during the game. and you have a very experienced player that have the quality and the skills to, to, to school and to make it true. so i really believe we have the chance to to, in this game, i just said he will finish the weekend, the top of the english permit, eager that guardiola aside the wolf at home earlier by him sterling scoring a 2nd half fennel t as a 11 know the 3 means that neither liverpool nor chelsea can overtake them even if
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they win the game on saturday. away from the couple failures, creditors are celebrating a crushing win over england and the 1st ashes test. following a 2nd innings collapsed by england. the home side only needed 20 runs when they did just a batt to fill victory by 9 wickets on day 4. it means of serious dominance over their old rivals, continues. they want their last to home ashes series without losing a game. exceptionally proud. so many different stories within the game of nathan law and i said to him, last on said might forget about it, you never going to give you 400. so there's not to be go that done this morning. i said maybe next summer. yeah, really happy to have authority vote really well. yes. and i lot the grainy to, you know, pick up divert and in another one later on, just a great wife for him to get into his career is in orlando
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a 30 dollar beautifully game. yeah. it was frustrating, we obviously knew how important that 1st hour was in particular tentative resilience, that new born and managing the well initial new is going to nip around a bit again and it was bad. i should bounce in and with it with it being a little bit harder. and so it's really important. we got there and skate, and unfortunately, losing those 3 weeks ahead of that was, was bitterly disappointed because we had put a lot of good work in last night. we build a big partnership and, and that was, it was really on me and, and i wanted to make the most of the opportunity this morning. that's a for me to one. and this. yeah, has been one of the hardest fort title races in history. if 1st on 5th, 1974, that 2 drivers have been level on point to on the final day. police reports, ah, louis hamilton and maxwell stop and have been trading blows since the very 1st race
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of the season. but back then, it was still a clean fight. hamilton won the 1st groom pri and bahrain the stuff in the 2nd that amelia romania after a job. it's hamilton's tie is the stuff and leading the way, landing more punches, but nothing below the belt that is until silva stone, the dutchman veered off after collision, as hamilton overtook the brit going on to win despite a 10 2nd penalty. and i was re half brother the move and i was really far along side. but i could see he's not gonna concede anyways, but he cut across me and we collided. and i was quite frustrated that that's, you know, because we have to give space for another. there was no space at all in italy in september. ah, collision is now becoming a habit. and it was championship lead, wished up, and who started to get the attention of race stewards. i think the 2nd susie's albino fetish races, but i think a lot of the drivers
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a siding with with house and in the sense that they think that the staff and some of the moves that he does some misconduct on the track can be a bit naughty a bit over the line said, profess aces to see how he drives them on sunday. if there's a collision, the staffing would take the saw. so if both drives fail to finish the f, i a has warned both to play by the rules in the final round. hamilton won in saudi arabia last weekend, despite being break tested by the stuff. and while with dutch men's patience was being tested by the authorities, there were a lot of move um yeah, the in that 5 2nd penalty, i don't thing to say is correct. that at the end of the day, i mean, i don't want to talk about it too much because gayden deserve anyway coming out. mama with 7 titles to his name already hamilton has been here before. the young pretender has one more chance to take his best shot at the champion. full rece out his era. that's always full for now after the break, we've got another, a new,
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the update. ah ah. i gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the way ronnie casa needed to oakland and development, whole track into national shipping company to become a teen middle eastern pup. trade and learning skillfully mcdonald 3 key areas of develop, oh, filling a promise of connecting the world, connecting the future. ronnie, cato,
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cortez gateway to whoa trade. the listening post cut through the noise. we're talking about competing now. but seeing more than seeing you competing, separating spin from fac, all 3 versions of the story, and from the minute of the truth. but the full story remains on packing the stories you're being told. it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post your guide to the media on a just in just under a year's time catholic al bait stadium will host the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many friends were already counting down to the big kick off next november 10th, 22. as this tournament unfolds over the coming days will play a key role, but organize is getting ready to host the middle east. the biggest ever sporting
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event next year. for the castle national team, they get used to playing in front of expect and home crowds. they'll be hoping to convince both the fans and themselves so they really are ready to take on the world . mm . devastating tornadoes through kentucky and 5 other u. s. states killing dozens of people and leaving a trail of destruction. ah, what is there a life my headquarters here in bo? also coming up britain, host the g. seven's top diplomats telling them to stand up against slave aggressive as they discuss russia's military build up on ukraine's border. there are president, says he, serious about reviving the nuclear.


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