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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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the the, me the hello again peter, i'll be here in the hall with your top stories from al jazeera g 7 foreign ministers gathering in liverpool in the u. k. along with delegates from the assay and nations. the u. k. foreign secretary has called for western unity against authoritarianism and threats from russia and china. re challenge is in liverpool. liz truss who's hosting this event is very much seeing this as a meeting of the free world. she puts there and of like minded countries, and that such like monte countries have duty to be united in their,
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in their perspective on threats that the free, well does. she might say it is under now. those threats, of course, at the moment, primarily coven, 19 with omicron, the new variance spreading around the world. they have much to talk about on that front. president abraham racy, says iran is serious about the latest round of negotiations to revive the 2050 nuclear deal and the world powers are willing to remove sanctions. an agreement can be reached. stay tv reported those comments as talk continued for another day in vienna, palestinians and the occupied west bank of voting and local council elections that the 1st poles in 2 years. but the leaders of fatter and hamis remained at all civil when to hold the next general election, which was last held 15 years ago. dozens of people have been killed and several others were injured. after dozens of tornadoes tore through parts of the central united states, the governor of kentucky says there is likely to be at least 50 deaths in his state
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alone. he's warned residence to stay. vigilance as the conditions that made was the damage is significant and we expect multiple fatalities graves, county and specifically the city of mayfield have been hit really hard and we are still awaiting more reports of the surrounding area. is going to be some of the worst tornado damage that we've seen in a long time. if you are in the area, there are still active cells and severe weather. so stay safe. hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes off to heavy flooding in the french pyrenees region. residents in the south, west of france, being us to stay at home as flood waters continue to rise many areas and now on red alert up next it's portal. after that, i've got the news i for you. i'll see you then the war in afghanistan. will non taliban figures make up
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a part of that in there? you can only forward within the caliber. there will be an inside story packet. a frank assessment of the div headlines subscribe. now however you listen to podcast. ah mm. welcome to portal. i'm sandra. gotten back with more great content from the digital side of al jazeera. that's our website, social media, and podcast. this week, it's all about the environment. we've got a film from the canadian architect about a community that's being threatened by rising sea levels. and we look at the push to make eco side and international crime. what's egos,
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i keep watching and will tell you. but 1st, what do guatemala, somalia and california all have in common? well, they're all places that have been hit with extreme weather caused by climate change . and people are being forced to leave their homes because of it. in this instagram video, ha plus has pulled together some of those stories. take a look. mm. mm hm. with mimicking you all can walk out with can with the novel question. she has a note with
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him. if it doesn't go cold, i think we're then you get caught a look at the time. i want to go to the other one back in that you know quite a lot a lot them as to how to come down one line. ringback does the of it's going to linear them. i mean this is as i see, so you can use ah ah
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ah, i right away said to ryan, we're leaving california. we can't stay here anymore. ah ah ah ah
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with . so those stories help to show the impact climate change is already having on people's lives. but what's the actual link between warming temperatures and extreme weather? well, this episode of the online series planet green breaks it down and you're probably familiar with the series host net, clark, al jazeera environment correspondent, ah, more powerful, more intense, more destructive, extreme weather is the new norm. yes, we've always had hurricanes and droughts and qualifies and floods, but never on this scale. and that's because the world is getting hotter than ever.
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greenhouse gas emissions are created. this blanket of su to around the trapping heat. and that's why areas that are prone to wildfire like california parts of southern europe will, australia say, are experiencing record hot dry conditions. enabling these deadly funds to envelop swathes of land at an unprecedented rate. and at huge costs. and whitley is dry, air is get dry because of global warming. wet areas will let me get water this because as warm air increases, evaporation does it increase the amount of water vapor up there, the atmosphere for storms to suck up. a recent study has directly linked that to the devastating flooding in germany and belgium, which kill 200 people. this summer. storm systems also drawing more energy from warming oceans which creating more powerful harkins and cyclic. and this is projected to get worse as a climate continues to war. and just for good measure. remember that lucas swarms
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that struck east africa and southwest asia. studies are linking them to. yes. climate change, warmer weather conditions, means bonanza time for the lucas films. now i realize all this couldn't be more depressing, but there is a way out. the evidence in the data is already clear. we have to stop adding to that blanket of greenhouse gases. well, we can all do all in the environment. the fundamental responsibility lies in the hands of governments and big corporations, the frost that vacant emissions, the safer we will be. now in the end, the answers to many of our biggest environmental challenges come down to changing human behavior, which is easier said than done, but couldn't change to international law help. well, there's a growing movement of people who think so they want the international criminal court to include eco side as a crime. for the explainer series. start here, my team and i asked what he go site is and what difference it could make.
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ah, let's talk about eco side. the planet is dying with rising temperature is melting, ice caps, deforestation, drought, and mass extinction. we need to stop treating this crisis like a crisis. we are on the verge, could be a beast. could a change to international law be part of the answer. there's now a push for a new crime ego side to be included in the international criminal court, making excited serious crime a long sidewalk. crabs and genocide could really underpin and strengthen the whole edifice of environmental. so what does ecosign actually mean? how would it work? and can it really make any difference or this is the idea. weren't leaders,
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corporate ceos, goods down charl in an international court for destroying the natural world. the same court where people are prosecuted for genocide. and the idea has been around for a while since the 19 seventy's during the vietnam war, the u. s. military destroyed vast areas of jungle and crops by spring agent, orange, a toxic chemical american official. that doesn't hurt humans or animals or have any lofting effect from fun. but to take an american botanist use the word ego site to describe what was going on and said we need a new international agreement to banish and at different points as to the seventy's eighty's and even ninety's. there were calls for new convention to go alongside the genocide convention. and now now people are talking about it again. i believe now we're nowhere near the climate targets to limit global warming that out in the
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paris agreement. the way we're going entire coastal cities will be flooded by 2050 because of rising sea levels. in roughly the last 50 years wildlife populations have declined by around 2 thirds. and our oceans are filling up with plastic unless we acknowledge that's way deeply intertwined with the ecosystems that support us. we are heading towards a clear fed as environmental destruction grows. so as support for this idea of ego side, i think it's just started to capture people's imagination because there's this urgency, errands, the climate crisis, environmental crises that were a say. so this feels like something tangible. and now we actually have a legal definition for ego side. this year, a panel of top criminal and environmental lawyers put their heads together for several months. and this is what they came up with. unlawful or want an ox committed with knowledge that there is
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a substantial likelihood of severe and either widespread or long term damage to the environment being caused by those acts. it was a point to include 12 in dot definition, which really means to reckless disregard for damaged has clearly excessive in relation to the social or economic benefits. so one might look like some environmental as, for example, think that the tar sands and alberta canada described of the world most destructive oil operation is a form of ego side. others think officials at the fukushima power plant in japan and continue dumping radioactive water into the ocean. might also be committed niko side i. so if, if a company don't toxic weiss off the coast tooth, let's say a country in africa and it caused severe and i to walk widespread a long term damage. that will be a relatively straightforward case for the prosecution. the key to the case would really be to show those involved new,
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or the substantial likelihood on thought home occur. so where does it go from here? well, the idea is that it will be adopted by the international criminal court. right now the i, c, c has jurisdiction over 4 kinds of atrocities. they all relate to human suffering. ecosign, if accepted, would be added as a 5th, a crime against nature. but it will require 2 thirds of the courts member states to accept a change to the rome statute. the treaty that underpins the i c. c that at least $82.00 states. we sound like an awful lot. but if you put together many of those vulnerable states, each state having a bait, if not perhaps, as unreachable as you might think, european countries like belgium and france are getting behind it, fulfill also does kill so bellman donna de la donna shannon. so how would it work? well, the law wouldn't be applied retroactively, so no one would go down for say chernobyl. and there are also the limitations of the court itself. some major countries aren't even members of the i, c. c,
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including the world's top 3 polluters, china, that us and india. but that doesn't necessarily mean that individuals from non member countries would be off the hook. so let's say i did a u. s. company is committing iq aside in venezuela. i'm just inventing this. and that they have an operational office in belgium and belgium ratifies this. if bessie has said which in belgium they can be arrested and tried. beth. so there is a kind of breadth of possibility and it's not individual accountability, that supporters of ego side say might be a really powerful deterrent. one of the most effective tools there any society has to change behavior is criminal law. and when the criminal law is international, has a real all changing the behavior, even the worst environment to cruel. the trouble is there is a lot of doubt about whether the i c. c has the teeth to really enforce eco side,
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and it's nearly 20 year history. the court has heard 30 cases and judges of handed down 10 convictions, and there are still a lot of questions. would extracting oil count as eco side? how do you prove there was prior knowledge of severe harm to nature and our countries that want to keep growing their economies going to see eco side as an obstacle international crew is not a panacea. full details on the planet. aniko saw it can't change everything by itself. it's not a silver bill. it, it's also not going to change the fact that our current system is premised on environmental destruction. so if we don't have this broader systemic change, we will continue to destroy the find. it will this also occasionally put some on on trial. no one's really saying eco side is the whole answer. but it supporters believe it can be one part of the global fight against environmental destruction. and its power isn't necessarily about putting people in prison. it's about turning
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up the pressure for our last item. this week we're taking you to the arctic circle in the far north of canada and a place called took to yup. took for the indigenous community living there. the arctic wilderness has always been a part of their lives. but global warming means that wilderness is now changing. and so is there way of life. what's this? ah, iceberg guard or mel lou, you all gone? oh, the waves would crash on the, on the shores. and it was really scary. the temperature, so warm, it's getting scary. climate changes is me. ah,
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ah, the polar bear sighting their own here is becoming a rare thing. due to the less, i say, i noticed at least 3030 to 40 feet of some on the coast slowness disappearing, warmer weather, firm cross melting climate change. it's taking longer to freeze so are unsolved being delayed in the original migration route for some of the animals are taking longer to either freeze so they could
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cross or they have to migrate a different route. as you can see were loaded to go across to a place called water creek. we're gonna try google for only and we're going to be traveling on a boat border, 6 inches ice. i guess when i was younger about this time we'd be at least a foot of ice. and right now our thing then back then and the tide is up. it's becoming risky. the temperatures are a warm li got next to nothing personal. it's getting scarier when i go there. am. even when i'm on my way there. i know i'm on my way to peace.
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quiet, peaceful. no full, no doorbell, no, t v no. just be out on a land. enjoy the fresh air. a mo, 12 years old when i started going out on land with my grandmother. i do a loaner hunting for my family for us to eat dinner, survive for we can really only depend on the store cause it's too much the way prices are going up nowadays. for gas and food, i get them involved. like we seen my 6 year old scaling fish. he comes check that to me and then he sees me scaling and he's interested in the want to try and i let him try it now. he's holton and then now i just got to wait till his
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little hold and i'll bring him out on lanta. hon kerry will hunt wail. we never overkill. we just take what we need for the season. i was always taught to help my people if i or if i over catch, i may help out the community by giving out to the elders and a single mother. mm . mm. mm. most diverse year over tactic me. her, my brother, the sad news livermore, there huge in the middle there in your still cold, from 6 to below, some damaged 80 below and wanted to watch call and doctors. i
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should work starter mound slowly and all gone now people getting to be more and more all the time. finish work. the more people the more pollution, the words one is pollution from or if we have to really do something about it because the defects online. look, because we're worried about the tides are coming in my proper use rolling area and what am i going to do? like i can just move my house to or i feel safe. i don't have to be really starting all over again. like our shoreline down at the point was bullet housing. how is this one time now you go
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down and wait. it's empty now due to shore ocean higher waters stronger. when you see the big white house there, used to be 5 of them here. and then police barracks. they were up on top, the hidden layer shop here. they're all gone original. your home was on the right on the shore of the arctic ocean. and last year they made up moving us here and it was really scary. the waves would crash on the, on the shores and a road little by little every year. what literally would have gotten swept into the
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ocean. real shame that we had to had to move because we were actually on the spot where, where my grandfather's parents actually lived the entire community might have to move within 50 years. hm. yeah, the kids will end up seeing this happening again in a very not so distant future. mm. climate change me as a hunter traveler, i've noticed a lot of the blake that connect to los and are drying out. be nice to nord up and now that i've seen a lot of erosion going on where i go hunt my reindeer, there's a big hole over old. and i'm hoping 50 years from now or 20 at least this creek isn't dried out like these other creek. so you'd leafy shudder out here
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as i love fishing and couple of the lakes and creaks. i one tour dried pretty well and nothing. nothing left in them so oh, look at jack. wow. boy, those fisher coming out there to day scared for flooding. main one is flooding scary for the kids. not only that our number to go out and do what i'm doing today. scary. what do you think that that at a see if people apple dishes who don't believe or don't care about come change. it . they don't know how it was 4050 years ago, and now that's why they prob can leave us if they don't leave it.
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there. they're surrounded by tall, tall buildings. and how can you see erosion through all landline come down to my part of the country and i can literally show you that climate change is, is happening. everyone can make a little bit of a difference would say tax to one percent. we talk a lot of problems, so make life easier for those whose lives are harder where you have to monitor another thing because the more the more fear or more pollution is coming out. but do good. gartner didn't. how revere wandered? you tools? it's all freelance. no joke, we're we're almost under the ocean.
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well that's it from portal this week. remember there's lots more great video and audio on our website and social media channels. i'll be back next week until then. see you online. ah can you hear it? anticipation these rising excitement is growing. as cattle i always brings
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your favorite thing to cut off for the fever arab cob. 2021. greatness is in the air. lead sore is juan and rich new heights. join us in cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at cats are always dot com. i look forward to burritos, guys. with sponsored by capital airways. its saturday december, the 11th. hello everyone. here's your forecast for the americas in for this eastern chunk of north america. we've got this bigger is system snow to the north and rain to the south, looking to pick up 20 centimeters, 40 millimeters toward the south. and those winds dialing up to a 110 kilometers per hour. what a mess it's going to be in halifax just a few days ago. 40 centimeters of snow now, 40 millimeters of rain, and this is a cold friend folks. so watch what it does. new york goes from 20 degrees down to 7 . same line of storms extends toward the deep south friday night into saturday. we
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had an outbreak of at least 1900 tornadoes. still the thread of that again on saturday, the northern parts of california could see a months worth of rain over the span of a few days with this weather maker track it further toward the north plague. in western canada, the pacific northwest could jump about 50 millimeters of rain here, and those winds 80 kilometers per hour. central america, not a lot going on, say for a few showers has found your la eastern parts of cuba and top and of south america . chances, some showers for bo guitar, a cloudy day in lima at 20 degrees. and we've got a frontal system sweeping in through commodore river daddy as so that's going to give us some rain on saturday that your weather update. see again soon. oh, the weather. sponsored by katara always talk to al jazeera. how would you this one tiny relationship with the us? we listen copies, 900 is not covered. 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of human. we
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meet with global news makers and talk about the stories on how to sierra ah, this is al jazeera. ah hello and welcome. i'm peter toby. you're watching the news. our live from dough are coming up in the next 60 minutes from russia's military build up near ukraine to threat solve or thorough terry newsome from china. g 7 foreign ministers meets in liverpool to discuss urgent issues. serious negotiations. the iranian president says his country is fully behind the latest round of talks to.


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