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oh, i will . this is al jazeera ah hello and welcome. i'm peter w, watching the news out live from coming up in the next 60 minutes from russia is military build up near ukraine, the new cobit 19 variant, g 7 foreign ministers, meeks in liverpool, to discuss urgent issues. no official states and no general election in 15 years, but the occupied westbank is voting at a local level. and there's a push for more inclusivity. you can do in congress. troops battle top terrain as
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they try to flush out a troublesome revelry and new gun laws. an indian administered kashmir, a threatening the tradition of hand crafted fire. and i'm har, if smile with his name is leih from our fee for arab cup studio. we'll have action from the tournament as cats are books or thought. and the semi final also coming out of jelly as cricketers, claim a crushing victory over england in brisbin. when the opening actors passed right? ah, soap story, foreign ministers from the world's richest democracies have gathered in liverpool in the u. k to day delegates from the g 7 are also being joined by ministers from the afghan nations. they're expected to discuss a range of global issues from covey. 19 vaccines, and post pandemic economic recovery to the build up of russian forces on the border
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with ukraine. let's go live now to rory challenge, who's in liverpool for us here on the news out, rory? hi there. what are the threats and issues that foreign ministers are going to be talking about today? well, palmer crohn, his spreading far isn't at this new variance of cove at 19 in the u. k. particularly, they're expecting to become the dominant strain of the virus within a week or 2. this is very much a masks on event here. kind of 19 vaccinations, etc. is going to be high up the agenda of what the foreign ministers talking about . but there are all the threats as well, such as the perceived global aggressive as lives trust the u. k. foreign secretary puts at russia and china. she is paying particular attention to russia's activities on the border of ukraine. and the fact that many of the country is
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gathering here today, fear that there is still a possibility that masha russia might try to do some kind of military action against ukraine in the coming weeks. she is spoken specifically to that. she says that this meeting is go to try to deter russia from taken, taking that course of action, make clear that such a move which she puts it will be a strategic mistake. there are other issues that i talking about here, other crises around the world. me and more easy and also they going to try to come up with a common perspective on iran and it says new interactive. it's ease and try to get raw backs and they gotcha and table tried to get us rejoined the jcp. re the u. k. sorry i missed, let's cross talking recently where she thinks the circle free world has gone wrong . what so thinking well i think this trust is very much banishing her leadership credentials. the moments and she is trying to provide a rallying cry for the nation's gathering. here. she thinks that since the end of
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the cold war has been a kind of drift and she, in what she puts times as the free wells that countries like the u. k. america, france, italy, etc. have taken their eyes off the ball and they've, it allows countries like russia and china to assert themselves and that they've done this because they have been entertaining, bad ideas, bad ideas a she thinks that relativism this lack of any objective truth and also bad policies that you know, if your cutting defense spending and your becoming too relying on cheap energy and chinese development finance, then you're going to leave yourself weaker. so she wants those sorts of things to be corrected. what's her real audience though? is it the foreign minister gathered here? was it something more domestic as far as johnson had prime minister, languishes in the polls? these being the fet, by crisis off the crisis. there are many here in the u. k. who are looking at least
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trust is perhaps a future leader of the conservative party. it might be that her sort of neo fact, your rhetoric is that appeal to her party as much the is to the western world already. thank you so much for a challenge that she's talking to live from liverpool look, elections are getting on the way in the occupied westbank with around 400000 palestinians eligible to cast a vote. they are the 1st pulls the in 2 years, but that he does the factor and hammers remain at odds over when to hold the next general election. the last one was 15 years ago will be live with our correspondent, need an abraham in the occupied west bank shortly. first, let's take a look at what the local polls might tell us about the bigger political picture in palestine. these women are running for the local council and our cedar shamaya village in the north of the occupied bank. the visiting potential voters to campaigned for the electoral list more than 6000 voters in the village are eligible
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to choose 11 council members. 20 percent of local council seats half to include women by law while, while women here are active in the campaign, photos of them were missing from the campaign. posters. in many villages, faces of women were replaced by pictures of flowers or other graphics because of conservative views. if he mill activists in the village has, she's pushing for a better representation of women in politics. in odyssey, we like a political will to advance women's rights. we are not there just to fill the female coat us. we need laws that ensure that women are not being ignored. the walk local councils are responsible for basic services such as water, electricity, and infrastructure. they don't pass legislations or deal with national politics. local elections could improve day to day issues for palestinians, but many say they want a general election to choose their political leaders. it's been 15 years since palestinians voted for parliament because of political in fighting. 6 months ago
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the palestinian president mahmoud abbas again postponed a general election and didn't set a new date. the law firm of drew robin, there are no indications that we are getting any closer to holding any parliamentary or presidential elections and of him. and now it's really important to hold the elections to change the reality on the ground and to improve the economic situation. burnett, her masters boycotted the local elections because the movement wants long delayed general and presidential elections. but some of its supporters are running for municipal office, while others planned to vote. the ruling 14, the westbank for the already has wide support in these local elections will lead to dead. who is the head of pulls that the palestinian center for policy and survey research. he conducted the pool in some of the villages where elections are being held ill by lay barbarella. people usually choose their candidates based on familial relations and not political affiliations. also into math is not running.
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we can't measure the popularity of political factions based on those elections. half of the 1800 people pulled described the status of democracy in the west bank as bad, or very bad. and abraham joyous live now from the village of sort of daphne ramallah in the occupied west bank need a welcome to the news. these local elections are being boycotted by some groups. so what's the point to me? what will we learn from the result? there is little to learn from the results of these local elections for several reasons. first of all, these villages are that are undergoing elections though. the ones that have a population of less than 1100 or 11000 people, which is why these elections represent 30 percent of the palestinian people. 70 percent of voters are supposed to be casting their ballots in bigger towns and
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cities. elections, which are scheduled for phase 2, which will take place in march. there is little to know also because her masters boycotted the elections. they said they want general elections. they want presidential elections that can to and you for them to enter new parliament, which is something that has been postponed. the 2 parties accuse each other. there is a lot of fighting going on between them politically on this, on the date of these upcoming elections. this is why many people here say that this is the condition between further hand hum as the internal fighting has prevented them from choosing their own political leaders. many people here have been telling us that it is not a democracy. they've been seeing the same old face distance establishment of the palestinian authority. they accused of corruption and they, they say they want new elections that change faces. but when it comes to the local elections, people here mostly choose based on their relatives of family and ties. sort of told
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us that they are choosing based on programs. they want fitted infrastructure, roads, and basic services. but what they really want is to be able to choose their political leaders. there's been no general election that nita, in what a decade and the half is the starting point for the vote today. therefore, a feeling of feeling disenfranchised, almost as a feeling of no matter how they vote or even if they vote, nothing will change anyway. they these elections, the municipal ones and their local council ones have been held relatively in time regularly. so these are separate from the general elections. it's just the dark or harsh reminder for many people that while they can vote for small things like a local council here and there, they're still deprived from choosing their old political leaders ever since the
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fighting happened between and the split between fatty hand hamas. we've had 2 parties ruling in palestine, one photoshoot ruling the occupied west bank and ham masses ruling the gaza strip. and this has also led to the air, a passing and president a dismantling their parliament and calling it ineffective. so there's, there's, there's a lot to be said about the status of democracy here. but this both today is not, is not bringing palestinians any closer to those elections. they fear, but they're still demanding the palestinian as president and ham mass to agree on a new date for elections. did a thank you very much. did abraham, they're talking to us from the village of sorta plenty more still to come for year and then use our including will look at my some groups in one south african province of pushing for independence. the territorial disputes in the south china sea. as soon as the next security flash point in asia of the allegations of chinese
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government hacking. and in the sports news, catherine cooper, fans more reasons to believe that they can be successful. but next year's world comfortable actually coming up later in the future. ah, president abraham racy, says iran is serious, are at the latest round of negotiations to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. and if world powers are willing to remove sanctions and agreement can be reached. state c . v reported those comments as talks continue for another day in vienna. the u. s. special envoy to iran rock valley is to to join the negotiations this weekend. u. s . officials, one of consequences. iran didn't return to the deal until iran has been standing firm dos that your bodies in vienna. she joins us live now. so the talks today, what's happening daughter well,
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the talks continued from 9 am vienna time on saturday, and they are taking parts in various working groups to chime, hammer out some of the details of what they are trying to get from each side. the iranians led to the reigning delegation, led by the deputy foreign minister, alibaba connie, who said that they are much more optimistic after the break they had. and they resumed this round, which was on thursday. they said there's seems to be a much more seriousness on all parties involved to try and get this nuclear deal back on track. we also heard from abraham racy, as you mentioned, who has been very quiet about the negotiations in general. and he mentioned that in passing, in most of his speeches, he just continues saying the same or line and that is that around his very serious and that sanctions must be lifted before they re news will go back to full compliance. the deputy foreign minister was here, has said that they renew i put forth 2 proposals. one is about exactly how those sanctions they want to be lifted. and the 2nd is about iran's nuclear program. and
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what will happen in terms of the technical aspects of how iran will go back to for compliance. we are now waiting as the are the iranians for the americans to respond to those proposals which will decide whether or not these negotiations will move forward and era. we expect robert malley to be in vienna soon. and then we'll have a better idea of where things stand that there has been no discussion about what the americans have decided to do about the proposals from iran. we've also heard from the foreign policy chief and joseph were out who has a start of this round on thursday was very optimistic. he said all parties came back here with very serious intention to try and resolve the issues. so there seems to be much more incentive than the 1st round, which began on november 29th with a new administration from to ron and washington. don't. so you got to sit done with the i. e a chief. what was he saying? well, it was a wide ranging
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a discussion. we specifically talked about the role of the i. e a. but then we of course, talked about this, j. c, p o, a and raphael grossi was very much adamant that it is a deal that is very, very important. and critical for their work. they are not involved in the politics of this nuclear deal. they just want to verify what has been agreed to. he also talked about the issues that remain with iran. he admitted that iran is one of the, it's the country that as the most inspections of his nuclear program in the world. but despite that, he said there are still issues that they are discussing with iran. that is a cause for concern for the i a and this is what he had to say about that specific those issues the ages he and iran are trying to come to an agreement on a basic on 2 things. one is the capability or the ability of the agency to return to one facility, one specific facility in iran,
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where we need to reinstall cameras there that need to be there. and it has been difficult to to this. so we have been talking about these and the other thing is how to address a number of issues which need to be clarified. the agency found traces of nuclear material in places that had not been declared before the facility he's talking about there is kara shuts out just outside of to ron, it's a workshop that produces centrifuge us for a wrongs nuclear program. and adarine said that the f b, i e had 4 cameras in that facility. and in june there was an act of sabotage which destroyed one of those cameras. and they blame israel for that. they said at that time that they are going to take all 4 cameras off line until there is an investigation. and there is some kind of a statement issued by the united nations and the i. e. until that happens, the rangers are not willing to open up again,
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inspections to that workshop. and the director general mentioned that this is one of the points of contention because they cannot determine what is happening in iran's nuclear program. if they don't know where the centrifuges are going and how many are actually being made. and this is where the impasse is at the moment. and of course, to hear more from that interview, you can watch in its entirety at 830 gmc on sunday here on out here. don't. so thank you very much door. so jabari there talking to was from vienna for you canden and connelly's army say they're making progress in their joint operation against the allied democratic forces in eastern d. all congo. they say they've destroyed for camps belonging to the army group captured 34 fighters and fried 31 congolese hostages for people on the ground this hope, but also lingering unease about the partnership malcolm web asked the story over the last 10 days, the people of the small board of town in democratic republic of congo have seen
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thousands of you, canned and troops crossing. ah, you can. this army says is in congo to hunt down an armed group called the allied democratic forces or a p f, which is blamed for killing thousands of civilians in this area. over the last 7 years, he got an army, has been accused of meddling and looting minerals in congo several times since it 1st invaded $24.00. yes, again, i mean, to be honest, we did not celebrate the arrival of began to troops crossing a border that we hope they can help deal with the insecurity that we've been facing for a long time. the adf fight as a hiding out in forest to the gun and tanks and armored vehicles as struggled to advance on the muddy roads. so they brought in great as to repair them. uganda major general kind him hunger is commanding the operation come. we only want to please if you don't have machines to look for boy, you don't have
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a machine. is the route for day one is we don't have machine is cut by the only thing we have is our gun fight radio. you can, the government blamed the adf for 3 suicide bomb explosions in the capital can parlor last month. the adf is reasonably from uganda, but his fighters had been hiding in the forests of congo for more than 20 years. you can then opperation is the latest in a series of failed attempts to defeat the armed group. since some of the roads are impossible, ugandan commanders have to walk to meet that congo lease counterparts. they say it's a joint military operation, company component of good news. so more commonly, as people need to understand that we're facing a situation of terrorism in which we must unite our forces with others dady f as part of an international terrorist movement. some of their tax are claimed by isis in the presence of fighters from different countries,
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like you conduct somalia and townsend. he confirms this and the investigators said the adf has been in contact with i. so and other regional armed groups, the extent of any collaboration isn't clear about the adf, political and business. interesting, congo, i'm you can the have been more apparent including cocoa and tim, the export, congolese soldiers repairing the waves to this is the start of what you can. the uncle knows army say will be the end of the adf. everyone is tried before his failed. malcolm web out his era. the flooding in south said allan as affected 70 percent of the northern state of unity, the u. s. head of mission visited the city of been to you to assess recovery operations. they are, the crisis is affected as many as 850000 people. the u. n. is wanting, the flood waters could take up to 15 years to evaporate. naturally. some groups in south africa's western cape province of pushing for independence support for the
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governing party has dropped in recent years with it losing power of most major cities in recent local elections. while those behind the move for secession said the african national congress is dragging the provincetown. others argue the move is a racially motivated move from either mila reports. now, from western cape products. olympian, he hasn't had a job for more than 5 years. he runs an advocacy group for the unemployed. here in south africa, western cape province. about 29 percent of people don't have jobs. the national average is nearly 35 percent aaliyah's unhappy with the government's policies are laws unless i see that issues that currently exist, unemployment, that a lot of those. what in the wedding environment outside the, with your income, the forum has thousands of members to support a call for the western cape to secede from south africa. the province has the 2nd
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largest economy in the country, though supporting an independent cape say, a corrupt to national government is draining its resources to aid poor provinces. so effectively the people of the western cape never get their democratic will always excluded from the system. they never get the government they vote for and, and the consequences of that are, are quite significant because the sl africa is being badly managed and, and running to the ground. the people or the western cape are then suffering the consequences of a government. they didn't select, and one that they can remove at the ballot box. south africa is made up of 9 provinces. 8 of them are governed by the african national con chris, the opposition party. the democratic alliance has run the western cape since 1999. all the parties not supported the call for secession. it has pushed for a federal system. the cape independence party says recent polls suggest 58 percent of western cape voters. support the move for cape independence. but that fick has been disputed. those opposed to the idea,
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say it's racially motivated and discriminates against the largely mixed race and black, often poor communities in a province with a more prosperous white minority. i cannot support anything which seeks to create a forks that with the beneficiaries of apartment will store on the line and all the leave is, are we can on of economic control a can't be allowed to happen. these people are seeking to go to things a monstrous vs observing sleeveless. i'm not asleep. i cannot afford to call. sufficient is a very good idea, but not, and not in the terms of reference of using cape john the capital of the western cape. as great economic disparities often defined by race. critics say the chances of secession a low any are you the pool physician by those living in the western tape has little merits and will go nowhere and that it lacks constitutional backing. but this isn't the 1st time they've been called from groups of people for their own nation states, with in south africa. and rather than being viewed as wishful thinking,
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it means they'd be an expression of anger against the governing african national congress. but me to mila al jazeera south africa at his full people have been killed and several others injured after a tornado tore through eastern parts of the united states. in illinois, the extreme weather caused a roof to collapse. as an amazon warehouse emergency crews are still trying to rescue dozens of people who are still trapped other parts of the usaa also on high alert. the governor of kentucky says there is likely to be at least 50 deaths from the tornadoes there. he also warned residents to stay vigilance as conditions may get worse, the damage is significant and we expect multiple fatalities. graves, county and specifically the city of mayfield have been hit really hard and we are still awaiting more reports of the surrounding area. is going to be some of the worst tornado damage that we've seen in a long time. if you are in the area,
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there are still active cells and severe weather sto, stay safe. hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes after heavy flooding and the french pyrenees. residents in the south, west of france, managed to stay at home as the flood waters continue to rise. many areas are on red, alert as prolong. greenfield in the region takes its toll. the philippine says it's seriously concerned by allegations that is one of several countries being spied on by china, astro miller elling doggone reports. now from manila, the chinese are denying research by us group of an espionage campaign against countries involved in the disputes over fishing and mineral rights. this south china seas territorial dispute is seen as the next security flash point in asia bay jeans, illegal reclamation, and growing military expansion have angered other claim in countries like indonesia, vietnam, and the philippines,
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who are the q split of blatantly violating international law. but china stands accused, once again, this time by a global research group which says it found evidence that the chinese government may be sponsoring espionage operations on several governments across se, asia. the group recorded future says it's been able to identify what it describes as 400 online servers located in southeast asia. communicating with an online infrastructure connected to chinese state sponsored actors by using a custom malware to attack governments and private organisation websites in the region. among the targets, our malaysia's ministry of defense and the royal militia, police, as well as vietnam's ministry of environment and central office of the communist party. also described as victims of cyber intrusions or the philippine navy. the
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department of foreign affairs in manila and the presidential management staff, recorded future says all those countries may be vulnerable to china's intelligence gathering operations. we be seriously and it, this gives us some situational awareness or we have measures in place to ensure our security, the security of our vital systems. china is dismissing the report as politically motivated to go find the chain that opposes and drops down. other kinds of parts in accordance with the law. this pushy shown, this all is clear it at the same time, the firmly opposed to spreading false information for political process, misleading the international community, and instigating the relationship between other countries. the response to cyber attacks that the analysts say should be regional to as long as me don't have the regional framework on securing our cyber security. definitely china will take
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advantage one diesel narrative of each one i see or should the forge a stronger cyber security who's in break with the shrines, who hold from court in restless this, by china's denial for their research highlights, beijing's growing strategic interest in government and private organizations across se, asia and warrants that the cyber attacks are likely to increase in line with growing political tensions over control of this south china sea. jim l, as in dog n al jazeera manila, still ahead here on the news, a lawyers for the wiki, the expand julian, a song say they consume challenge a high court decision to have him extradited to the us. and we hear from a resident garza all the heroine journey he undertook to reach europe in sports. we build up the finale of the formula one season later on here on the news.
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ah hey, there, hope your weekends off to a good start. look right off the bat, we've got to talk about some extreme flooding in the southwest of france. also northern areas of spain. this river in the south, west or france, has reached historic heights nearly 6 and a half meters. and people are being told to stay home. now the good news is this intense rain peters out for this area over the course of the weekend and with western europe. right now we do have a wave of some atlantic rain for the republic of ireland. the united kingdom is also a southerly serge of air here. so in the zone, we're going to see temperatures in the double digits on sunday. some severe storms to be expected for sardinia and also sicily than we've got this plume of moisture
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for the eastern shores of the adria dixie. the closer to the see you are, the more rain you will get a but the further away and over higher ground will see a swath of snow. so sorry evo about 5 to 10 centimeters cross grease severe thunderstorms also on tap as well, especially toward the east through the a g. and we'll see those winds at wind up to about 90 kilometers per hour. this becomes a story for western turkey on sunday when this weather broadcast in north africa, words white and windy for elders and tunis tunas has a high of 14 degrees. that's it. we'll see again soon. ah, oh, there's a lot more into al jazeera than t v with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is the world award winning online content. and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to.


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