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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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ah ah ah ah, juliana, cassandra is extradition ruling is over turned a u. k. court clears the way for the wiki leads, founded a stand trial in the us for leaking military secrets. ah, hello, i'm marianne nemiah's in london, watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. men mars silent strikes,
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thirty's go quite in protest against military rule is international concern mounts, killings by government forces. an investigation is underway in mexico after 55 people are killed when they're packed truck over tons and journalists, maria resar, of the philippines and russian. dimitri, more of accept the nobel peace prize in oslo. honored for protecting freedom of expression, ah loan, welcome to program our top story, the founder of the whistlebury website wiki leaks has moved a step closer to standing trial in the united states for one of the biggest ever leaks of classified information. julian sanchez, facing extradition from the united kingdom after losing a later stage in his court battle. it could serve up to a 175 years in jail, are found guilty of leaking u. s. military secrets. his family say he is
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a suicide risk, and he barber reports now from the high court in london. oh, the support is of julian assange. it's a worrying moment. 2 judges at the high court in london have ruled the wiki leaks, found a can be extradited to the united states, to face espionage charges, as and his partner with whom he has 2 young children, was there to hear the decision. it's been almost a year since i stood outside court with our victory as the blocking of the extradition for the past year. and the past year, 2 years and a half joanne has remained in bel marsh prison. and in fact, he has been detained since the 7th of december 2010 in one form for another 11 years for how long can this go on? the decisions based on assurance is presented by lawyers for the u. s. government at october's appeal hearing. they said assigns wouldn't be subject to solitary
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confinement or held at a maximum security prison. they also said they had diplomatic assurances he could serve any prison sentence in his native australia. judges here effectively decided there was now no reason to believe assange would be a clear suicide risk, which the original ruling had found. the u. s. once assange to face trial over the release in 2010 of thousands of classified military documents relating to the u. s . wars in afghanistan and iraq. but amnesty international has denounced the decision saying the u. s. charges represent a serious threat to press freedom. something echoed by his supporters. ricki lake was a organization of whistleblowers. it made it absolutely safe and secure for whistleblowers to her to bring the truest to the public. all he has done as tell the truth and understand the dungeon top right is upset their leads, but he has done his job to tell us what's going on. this decision is clearly
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a big setback for the campaign to free julian a science, but it's already taken years to get to sports and it could be a long time before we know definitively whether he'll be sent to the united states . the case has been sent back to the lower court, so a judge can refer the extradition to home secretary, pretty patel. but julian, the sound his legal team. so they'll try to login appeal with the supreme court, challenging the american assurances that he won't be treated humanely. the dean baba al jazeera london protested and me and marvelled a silent strike against military will. in the ousting of the democratically elected government, businesses were closed and streets and markets deserted across the country. on friday, me and my was plunged into crisis in february, and the military overthrew leader unsung said she and her government. the katrinka daily protest and violence between the military and ethnic minority groups in i to nations as accused me and was military of crimes against humanity. this report now from tony chang does contain some disturbing images in
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a scene too gruesome to show the camera pans from pulls of blood to a clearing with a pile of charred bodies. we are deeply concerned by the reports of the horrific killings of 11 people in salon good township in northwest sung young region in myanmar who reportedly shot and burnt by military on tuesday morning in an apparent retaliation. for recent military attack militia attacks, credible reports indicate that 5 children were among those people killed them at the scene in voices cracking with emotion. men vow to avenge those that have died is a terrible rule is really something dead. it will take so long. for the keep off be a mom to socket. near most military have shown no mercy for those that oppose the
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crew. on sunday, as a flash mob of protest as took to the streets, a military truck drove into the crowd, but speed. 5 people killed dozens more injured and arrested her since the coo and february, mamma's military have faced increased opposition from peaceful civilian protest is on the streets and increasingly from armed and search and groups like this one, the corona nationalities, defense force despite the harsh conditions in the jungle training camps and the threat of attack from the military, these new recruits, felt they had little choice with other than, oh nina, we never expected this revolution would happen. at 1st, we were protesting peacefully law, but it didn't work. and we never thought we would be in the jungle fighting against the military, but it is what we have to face yet as the atrocities mount up. the protest continued. this flash mob hit the streets of yan gun as news of the sentencing
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among san sushi to 2 years in jail was released. she like the other democratically elected leaders of mamma, may now be locked up, but a younger generations. taking up the fight against military rule, tony cheng meltzer. ah, a truck carrying more than a $160.00 refugees and migrants has crashed in the south of mexico killing at least $55.00 people body spilled from the overcrowded vehicle after it flipped over on a curve in the state of chiapas. authority say most of the people on board from guatemala, hoping a travel north into the u. s. and a warning that money wrappers report contains disturbing images. a horrifying scene in southern mexico, dozens of body scattered on the side. the road after a truck, reportedly carrying more than 100 people in its cargo container flipped on its side
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was a harper, norman. fortunately, the reaction promote the due shams, red cross fire fighter cerebral fiction was really fast. we hoped other people taken to the gomez muscle hospital to suncrest over and 2 other hospitals will be able to recover. emergency responders could be seen pulling bodies from the wreck. authorities believe most, if not all of the victims or migrants from central america, money for conquered are gonna some of them told us they were from an dude us of all ages. sadly, we already have some debts, mexico's president under this manuel lopez over to the word offered his sympathies and condolences to the families of the victims over twitter. 2 national immigration observers, c accidents like these are not uncommon in southern mexico. experts say policy, enforced by the mexican government that prevents migrants from leaving southern mexico is creating overcrowded conditions at migrant camps and forcing many to grow
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desperate in, in, in, in the finished you. my grants. having prevent that from moving indefinitely. some with 3 to 6 months, with no work on the streets. a mass migrants are truly having a difficult time on their inhumane conditions. migrants have been known to cram into large trucks where they faced many risks, including kidnapping, extortion, and deadly accidents. manuela palo al jazeera mexico city, was leading nuclear inspectors saying that iran has expanded its uranium enrichment close to a level where i could produce and nuclear weapon as talks between iran. and while pals take pace in vienna, international atomic energy agency. she, if i fell garcia, told al jazeera that to her on miss submit to more inspections, talks aimed at resurrecting the 2015 dale in which you agree to restrict its program. in exchange for easing of sanctions. the agency and iran are trying to come to an agreement on or basically 2 things. one is the capability
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or the ability of the agency to return to one facility, one specific facility in iran, where we need to reinstall cameras that need to be there. and it has been difficult to do this. so we have been talking about this. and the other thing is how to address a number of issues which need to be clarified. the agency found traces of nuclear material in places that had not been declared before. and you can see the full interview with rafael, cross the on told 12, is there a that as it 0? 430 gmc on saturday. that's in a few hours time. barbara slaven as the director of the future of iran initiative at the atlantic council and explained to me earlier where negotiation stand right now. i think iran has gotten of a loud and clear message from the remaining parties to the agreement, europeans,
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russia, and china. that the draft they put down last week in vienna were not realistic that they were demanding more for less, more concessions in the way of sanctions. really from the united states in return for less cooperation on the nuclear front and not rolling back all the advances that they've made in their program in recent months. so perhaps that was just an opening did i think we'll get a better sense probably in the next few days, whether iran is willing to be flexible and whether it's willing to accept progress that was made before iranian presidential elections with a different negotiating team. 6 rounds of talks that took place from april to june earlier this year, when is a vis, he has now about peace prize, according for better protection, for journalists in the face of authoritarian governments, journalists, maria ross from the philippines, and dmitri myrtle from russia. the co recipients of this year's award and been
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recognized for their bravery and their independence in the face of continuous threat and intimidation for brandon reports. wow. this is peace prize, lawrence, maria, reza, and to me, 3 more of them have wrist everything to uphold the principles of truth on trust and freedom of expression would reza is co founder of the philippines news website wrapper working in a country, ranked 138 than freedom of the press, and where more than 20 journalists have been murdered for the work since rodrigo de tirty became president 5 years ago. her acceptance speech was powerful and passionate railing against the digital giants, which she said a twisting democracy with what she described as this surveillance capitalism. going back without facts, you can't have truth without truth, you can't have trust without trust. we have no shared reality. no democracy, a co laureate dmitri myrtle tough has been one of russia's most prominent independent
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journalists since 1993. when he established the newspaper of ioc, ozetta, fearlessly criticizing the kremlin and exposing human rights abuses and corruptions . emer, 6 of its journalists, have been killed since the year 2000 to this mean there were tears in the audience as he listed. the names of the dead washer used an old arab proverb, to explain why his newspaper perseveres was come here on greece. come eve dog, if he is a car. when the dogs bark the caravan keeps walking into government, sometimes derisively say this about journalists that we bark, but it doesn't affect anything. but the caravan drives forward because the dog's barking, they savage, the predators, and the caravan can move forward only with the dogs. around. after the war presentation or to loretta, sat down with al jazeera, to discuss the impact of the price and the democratic importance. what the news media, both, my gosh, how can we do our jobs if trust is broken down? the people watching. do they believe us?
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that that's the core of the problem. i think that we're facing today. nascar la copa, we are in the middle of a post truth period. every one is concerned about his own ideas and not the facts. social science shows that in around 75 percent of people, even when they know the difference between truth and lie, if they like the lie better, they will treat the lie as truth. we're trying to do something about that. this is reza and nora cover. the 1st journalist to receive the peace prize since calvin was yet to be one in 1935 revealing germany's secret postwar rearmament program. their award consists of a diploma, a gold medal, and a cheque worth just over a $1000000.00 to be shared between them. their prize, the chance to highlight the importance of the clue for brandon al jazeera phil had on the program, struggling afghans and for lifeline as you allows. remission says for the 1st time to taliban to power and tens of thousands of common unions are forced across into
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chad as violence escalates of access to water. ah hello there, let certain australian it's a divided picture. we've got hot dry conditions in the west. very wet weather, particular in that southeast corner, but it is going to change those extremes are going to start to ease. now we've had wild fires, break out in western australia that thanks to hot and dry conditions that have plagued the region, but the temperature come down in per that has helped with a fire fight is that of battling those blazes. but we are. * going to see a lot of warms come back in temperature is going to be touching nearly 30 degrees. by the time we get back to monday, it's a very dry conditions there and it is going to dry up. as i said, across that southeast corner for sydney,
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we are going to see the sunshine come back in with some dry skies all the way through to wednesday. when that wet weather does arrive, and i just want to point out the swirling, wet and windy weather up here to the south of the solomon islands, we are keeping an eye on that. it's a tropical low that could develop into a tropical fi can. but it isn't expected to move anywhere near the east of australia. it remains rather dry up here. now as you hop across the tasman, it's very wet indeed. for the south island of new zealand, we've got warnings out for the western areas. by the time we get into sunday, we're going to see that wet weather sweep up to the north and will be a very wet start to the week for wellington ah, on counting the cost, all rich countries ready to put the bill for a global port. demik preparedness, hypersonic missiles driving a new. all right, so what's the big deal behind? and solar powered vehicles, we explore the cause. but a hottest thing,
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the soft currency, the cost on edge is it from the world's most populated region in depth stories from across asia and the pacific with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera. ah ah, welcome back. look at the main stories now. we're killing sounded julian sanchez lost his latest bit to stop exhibition from the u. k. to stand trial leaking america minute tracy cards. you asked one, it's appeal at the high court in london. sancha face is up to a $175.00. he is in jail protest, as in may and marvelled
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a silent strike against military rule. and the ousting of the democratically elected government businesses were closed and streets and markets deserted across the country on friday. and a truck carrying more than a 160 refugees and migrants is crashed in southern mexico, killing at least 55 people, the overcrowded vehicle flipped over in the state of chiapas. now nato secretary general has rejected russian demands to revoke a commitment to ukraine. that the country would one day become a member of the west and military alliance, installed in bugs as any russian aggression against you cried would come at a high price. it's recently been building up troops at the border. ukraine is doctor lethal. remember the soda a security guarantees or does not apply for your claim, but at the same time, you claim this a whole new value partner over nato, on all, no garza for support through craig, so the total integrity on sovereignty on need to. i made ramos also provide the
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support political support on practical support united states as relaxing restrictions on people sending money home to afghanistan, imposed after the taliban to cover in august. afghans living there will now be able to st. cash remittance as to friends and relatives. but it does not apply to charitable donations. money is a lifeline for many people with global remittance is making up 4 percent of g d p. last year, united nations as one, nearly 9000000 afghans are facing famine this winter. rosalind jordan has more on this story from washington. the fact that some 9000000 people are facing the prospect of famine, which is of the most serious level in a country that is suffering from food insecurity, is very much the impetus. but this decision by the us treasury department, is a very narrowly crafted decision. people here in the united states can send money to individuals in afghanistan. and they can do so through u. s. banks,
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which then maybe engaging with financial institutions, controlled by the taliban, or the ha connie network for the express purpose of putting that cache in the hands of individuals inside afghanistan. the money can't be used for ra, nonprofit organizations, humanitarian a, our charity, a groups, for example. it also cannot be used to give to people who were trying to set up businesses. this is strictly to give people the ability to buy food and medicine to acquire of fuel to heat their homes. as winter is closing in, in afghanistan. the u. s. supreme court has ruled abortion providers in texas can challenge a state law which bonds the procedure off to 6 weeks. but the court refused to block the ban. while legal challenges are in place below, which came into fact in september is america's strictest. it bonds the procedure at
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a time when many women don't even know they are pregnant and makes no exceptions for rape or incest. it also gives individual citizens the right to sue anyone who helps a woman access an abortion. now the international criminal court is starting an investigation to the venezuelan government's handling of opposition protest. 4 years ago, more than a 100 people were killed during months of unrest against president nicholas maduro . this is the 1st time the icy c as launched, an inquiry against a south american nation to raise a bow has been to meet the family of one of the victims. a thing of calling you, it's been for years since he read anne horst, the better my little son was killed during protest in venezuela. one bowel was a student and date of cardio genic shock in april 2017. after being hit by a tear gas canister at close range, either his sister with
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a cancer patient went bad or was frustrated with a situation which made it difficult for her to be treated in ways to meet with. i was told, my son was dead. it was like the world stopped, they broke our life, i remember that day because they killed my husband and me. 2 years later, our daughter died of cancer. they destroyed our family in the same way. they have destroyed hundreds of families in venezuela. juan pablo was a basketball player and a student did last year was study a lot of children, the gender. everything has been a challenge. fighting the prosecutor's office. the prosecutor has been changed 15 times in 2019. all the actions came from us. nobody does anything. they want to say it was an accident, and it was not one bowel or steph, is just one of them. many cases presented at the international criminal court against the government of president legal am i the order many swollen officials are being investigated for crimes against humanity for extreme repression and serious
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human rights of uses. juan badillo, but an alley there was just one of the thousands of young people that took to the streets to protest against the government of nicola, my lord, are with his room. these are some of his belongings for the government. he was a terrorist, but these are some of the things he wrote. i want to graduate in a university in the united states. i want to be an n b a player. i want to be the best player in the world. and i want word piece investigation against venezuela includes accusations of secret detentions, and torture sites. even a government plan that targeted protesters as opposition forces. it also includes human rights abuses against opponents, but also members of the security forces who dared to challenge the government. we should, i quote them as a tro at the international criminal court, includes the possibility of a detention or something. the other reports do not have. and the fact that it's
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a saying to be only latin american governments to be tried at b, i, c, c, l e. daniel is trying to assist the victims in their search for justice. that gets it, but i think i feel elementary thought it was the fact that there was an official investigation is the story is never happened in the americas. we have to consider that before. that was the case in hundreds of columbia. and this is the 1st con, there was an investigation the government says the crime should be investigated and tried in the country. it also says abuses are being committed by the united states and other countries against venezuela, through economic sanctions. but victim say the violations committed against government critics are brutal and should be punished in an international court. that is, i will, i'll just see the character of severe flooding in the wake of storm barrow has killed at least one pass and in northern spain rivers. but step banks and the var region where the regional government has declared an emergency. the rain is also called landslides in the village of cynthia, while
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a hospital in the small bosque town of montero has also been cut off. more rain is expected on saturday. south africa is reported a slight drop in data current of ours cases with around $19000.00 confirmed on friday. that's a drop of 3000 cases compared to the previous day. scientists also say say that there's no sign that the only crone variance is causing more severe illness, even though it is more transmissible. hospital data shows, emissions are rising sharply, and patient is spending less time in care, and death rates remain low. country alerted the well to the, on the chrome very late last month. the very promising sites, but largely their patients, even those who are in the hospital abodes, many of them are incidental. they came in to us for other reasons, other illnesses. and because when you have to be admitted, you have to be tested for a menu of those who had come for other reasons. have does that positive more than
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30000 people have crossed from northern cameroon, into chad. after 5 days of ethnic violence, the magic code is fishermen and farmers fighting over dwindling water supplies. the united nations has at least 22 people have been killed, and 10 villages burned to the ground side. herat reports the sheltering from the sun in china capital in germany. the hometown ca, sorry, is just 20 kilometers away in northern cameron. all were forced across the border off seeing what they say with some of the worst fighting yet between fishing and hurting community. they've accessed water supply as him on the fighting and cush area has been very while and we had to cross the river at night to find refuge here . now that we are safe, i faced the cold weather and lack of food and our children have not eaten since yesterday. we ask the child you know 30 to help us. otherwise,
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our situation here will be worse than the conflict we have at home. on wednesday, you set fire to the cattle market, longing to rival community is retaliated. several people were killed, and many others were wounded. young and home visit and left in a rush to cross the river at our own risk without taking anything. now we are exposed to the elements, the dust and the cold. the children are at risk of becoming ill. the us for urgent help. help is what chance president is calling for. he's tweeted an urgent appeal for the international community to send data as soon as possible. a child struggles coat with an influx of more than 30000 refugees from both cameron and neighboring. saddam few ends refugee agency violence last month and saddam has to space thousands of people, many sudanese women and children are now in chad because i'm, i didn't get to you didn't much group didn't ask us anything so much just attacked and shot the majority of the half
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a 1000000 refugees in charge of from to john young going fight. little rain and past infestation. have all disrupted the farming season in the dark for region. that's increasing concerns of worsening food shortages which are threatening to force more people to flee into child's thought. ohio to al jazeera, the number of public places for muslim prize in the indian city of girl gown is shrinking the past 2 months. hindu nationalist groups have been disrupting muslim prize on fridays saying they should only be praying inside mosques as both brought him travel barren has this report. we're in a car park in the city of good guy with chantelle last week. muslims were using to hold friday. prayers with permission from the city, but that's not happening here today. instead, hinder groups have come here and they are chanting religious and mashed and the slogan. now the cop are used to be one of 108 public spaces where muslims were
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allowed to pray until 2 years ago. they use public faces such as ca, pox, and also talk because they are only searching most from the city. 1.5000000 people were 5 percent of the population muslim and muslim leaders say that the applications to build new mosques are always denied. now about 2 months ago, when the group started disrupting these friday prayers that were taking place in public faces, they said that they don't have a problem with muslims praying and mosse, but they shouldn't be using public faces. nevada won't be allowed to offer p. s, you know, everyone has a religion and everyone should be treated. it only takes us one or 2 off a year and then be returned to our respective places of look at all brothers. and everyone should be allowed to follow their religion and they should be harmony. i'll go to guy was in the state of heidi ana, which is governed by the hindu nationalist about at the jumped party and the number
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of public spaces where muslims now have permission to pray has been reduced to just 20. we have been trying to talk to people here today about what they're doing and why they're here. they have been coming here every week for the past 2 months, but today they say that they're only here to pay their final respects to an india's chief of defense staff and the other military officials who died in a helicopter crash on wednesday with no explanation as to why they chose the spot for doing so. ah, look at the main stories now and the wiki leads found julian sanchez lost his latest bit to stop extradition from britain to stand trial in the u. s. united states 180 appeal at the high court in london with judges overturning an earlier ruling. that assange would be a suicide risk if he lost sanctuary in person. he faces up to 175 years in jail if
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convicted today. it's been almost a year since i stood outside court.


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