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life to drag the smokers in new zealand. the government seeks to stuff out a new generation of smokers. and in school to support entry from australia is travis helps the home. so i will take your commanding lead over england in the ashes. ah. with some fog and miss to start the day around the golf. hello, everyone. good to see you. so that's going to be the situation in q 8 and also doha on friday. and then for saudi arabia, we're going to see more clouds float in. so for example, react, we look at the next 3 days, i think it's going to be fairly overcast on friday. the temperature pretty well where it should be during the day, but look at night time, you should be 11 degrees. we got your pencil in for about 6 to 7 or will chill in the air there. same goes for pakistan that cooler air filtering in toward the hor,
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$22.00 degrees and i've gone as stag cobble coming in at 11 off to turkey. we've got some storms happen over the aegean into western turkey. pretty much stretching from is stumble right into on talia. and it was just a few days ago. got some soaking rains in antalya. so more to come all about the heat for central africa jew, but $39.00 bungie $36.00. but if you go bit further towards his south, i've got to point this out. lusaka 36 degrees. that's a new record. and you're going to lock your temperature in there for the next few days. the record is $34.00 and you should be at $28.00 degrees. and we do have a lot of active whether we got to talk about, especially for eastern portions of south africa. so sundry downpours in the cards for the next few days, that sure weather update soon. ah ah,
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ah ah, what about you watching out there and usa with me? so rob, that reminder of all top stories. the u. s. president joe biden is hosting a summit on democracy. he's wanting it's on the decline. more than $100.00 countries are taking part, but russia and china were not invited. a fire has broken out of the headquarters of tennessee as large as political party and at least 11 people have been injured. the and had our party's headquarters were in dispute with tennessee as president, since he suspended parliament in july. and they are on top negotiator says tara is serious about reaching a nuclear agreement with world powers talks of resumed in vienna. aimed at reviving the 2015 deal. now, the chair of the negotiation says all sides of showed a renewed sense of purpose. now qatar and saudi arabia say thou enhance
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efforts to enhance efforts to the reach and security and stability. crown prince, mom had been sol, man hel, talks with cattle, a shake to mean been how a dull, tawny, it's m b as his 1st trip to cat ass. and saudi arabia and 3 other arab nations imposed a blockade on cattle in 2017, which only ended earlier this year. getting in education is some think many take for granted, but is out of the reach for millions around the world. for countries in africa have partnered with a cat are based foundation to provide primary education to hundreds of thousands of the most marginalized children who to a gate be report. zanzibar minister of education signs a pledge in the guitar, capital, doha, that has the potential to change the lives of tens of thousands of vulnerable children by ensuring their all enrolled in full time primary education in the semi
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autonomous region of tanza, near some of his kids go, they come from poor families, but if they can make a difference to the lives they might become political leaders, social leaders, or entrepreneurs in the society in the future. and i think that is where we need to understand that for these kids, robinson back to school, this will be denied the primary and secondary edition rwanda, the gambia, angie beauty, also partnering with catalyst education above all foundation to fund and support projects that will focus on the hardest to reach out of school children, including those who work in homes, disabled people, and refugees. we have whole country committing to go that very last mile to get those last few children back into some kind of quality education. why is that important? it's important for those children, it's important for those countries, but as equally as important to have some beacons to say,
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this can be done. the un says school age, children are supposed to spend $200.00 days in the classroom every year. but last year, 59000000, didn't spend a single day at primary school. so how will this initiative help? well, in the gambia, 65000 children will get to go to school. in rwanda, it will target 67000 out of school kids. that's 3 percent of its primary age population. in djibouti, it will help 35000 children get an education. and officials hope it will do the same in zanzibar with a $6000000.00 project. the announcements made herin joe hall. com as education above all celebrate reaching its initial goal of getting 10000000 of the most marginalized children into school. but it says its focus now is on identifying and enrolling what's it called? the invisible children. the ones who have sofa proved hard to reach. victoria gates
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and be al jazeera, doha children in east africa, said to be bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. a group save the children, has been tracking malnutrition across the region. and it says this year, more than a quarter of a 1000000 children and 8 countries may have died from hunger. that's been a dramatic rise in severe signs of malnutrition. much of the region has been effected by climate change. eastern kenya, southern somalia, and parts of ethiopia have drought. while south saddam has had 3 years of severe flooding. the disasters have caused mass displacement and severe hunger. now the group says the death can be preventive, it's calling a government to give response plans all the funds that they need. graham is the head of humanitarian response and save the children. he says, governments need to provide more funding to support families at risk. it is a horrible number to have over 250000 children die. a severe acute malnutrition. addition to the climate crisis,
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which causes drought and flooding. we had the challenges of coven 19, and an impact it's had on economies and health systems, as well as conflict and parts of the region. all of these make children that much more vulnerable, that much harder to have the food they need. and when they are sick from severe a few about nutrition, fewer than half of them are getting the treatment they need across the stuff. in the very 1st instance, a child who does have severe acute nutrition needs media treatment. so what we need across the monitoring system is adequate funding for organizations like say the children, local organizations, local governments, you insist. and so that children who are sick, who are at risk of dying from simply not having enough to eat. and the disease is it can come with that, that system needs to be funded and we need to make sure the children who need treatment get treatment. secondly, we need to make sure that there's enough support to families so that they can afford, you know, there's enough money in the system,
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cash transfer programs so that families have enough to eat. in the long run, we have to not just worry about the impact of climate crisis in the long run. we need to worry about it today. it's not just temperatures rising over time, but we need to understand today the impact that it is having on families on children who are at risk crush investigators in india have recovered the flight data recorders from the child wreckage of a helicopter, carrying the country's highest ranking general chief of defense staff bip enough, his wife and the less than others died in wednesday's crash. elizabeth throw on the reports now from the deli, a real laying ceremony by government leaders in the southern status thumb and not for ben roberts, his wife and 11 others killed on wednesday, remains with them sent to new delhi for funeral services. also in the capital members of parliament observed to minutes of silence defense minister raj not sing revealed more about the crash control in
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a air traffic controller. last contact with the helicopter around 128 p. m. soon after a few local deeper spotted a fire in the forest near canoe and rushed to find wreckage of the military helicopter, engulfed in flames. of flying from an indian air force base and salute to a defense call. it's less than half an hour away when the helicopter came down, rescue as manage to save some occupants from the burning wreckage and take them to a nearby hospital. but only one person survived. the defense minister said the crash investigation has already begun with the helicopter's flight data and cockpit voice recorders recovered on thursday. 63 year old violet had served in the military for for decades and was the army chief before being appointed india 1st chief of defense staff 2 years ago. the position was created to integrate and modernize india's army, navy, and air force. it's a huge task. and this has been
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a setback in terms of the individual who was chosen by prime minister, moby. and that he died in this very, very tragic manner. jarlet also lead major military operations on india's troubles . border with pakistan and china. mourners will be allowed to pay their final respects to bip, enrol with and his wife at their residence here in new delhi. on friday before the funeral. robert's death not only raises questions over the military reform with leading, but comes at a time of heightened tension with china, with both countries increasing their military presence along the disputed border. elizabeth per on al jazeera new delhi. a month long seaside between the bunker sunday taliban and the government is ending. the government has released more than a 100 ton of on prisoners as part of a goodwill gesture. but families of children killed by the taliban. say the angry about the government so called main streaming of armed groups. a saw binge of id reports from jack donna in northern boxes from you,
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but you want to give me my name. he asked the taliban, can your children? how can you talk to them? this is johan at a protest against her government's decision to talk to the markets, funding, dollar bonds. her son was among the 132 students killed at an army public school by the on group in 2014 by 7. say it's the marcus on the taliban said it was intervention for the military operations in tribal areas. good may, will. does it get simpler though? shawna is now angry at the bucket. finally, government and military for starting negotiations without punishing the culprits of that attack. so get those if she, those are the, how do i forget to everything? they say 80000 people have been killed. you're not the only one. i sympathize with everyone, but how do i forgot my dad? sorry about miss up kelly, do you? this is wrong. they are criminals. how can you forgive murders?
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the government says the state has the right to talk, but the group will have to, in its words, bow its head before the constitution. in addition to releasing a large number of its prisoners of august, when he thought the bonds demands reported the include opening a political office in the country, reversing the merger of tribal areas with a northern k p province. and the enforcement of its version of islamic law in buckets fund moves. and my, let me go see ations that are underway. law enforcement team said they are carrying out operations against what they call criminals and terrorists. this is not the 1st time the government is talking to the pakistan, the taliban, or t t p. but simultaneously a database is being established or make sure they have the details of the sympathizer, the supporters and the fighters, which belong to the group. now by august on special security department says it's implementing a research based strategy to understand trends of terrorism. this new process it
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helping the police to carry out hundreds of targeted operations across the northern province, which is a border with a lot on crime. and terrorism has a lot of nexus also they do not have any legit rented or a structured organization. they keep moving from one, dennis group to the other. we've been able to double it and then give a guideline to our feel units, and they are now going for target operations. but marcus on highest court is not convinced the strategy to hold talks is well thought out. it's already some prime minister, him non hon. and the judge of asked him quote, are we going to surrender once again? he was told you brought those guilty to the negotiating table, all the group individuals. and you know, the groups that have to surrender before any doctor and the government maintains the pockets time he thought the bus have safe havens across the border. in earnest on the latest, the slide was broken by the gun taliban,
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which used its influence with the pockets. funny thought, the bonn mobile push a school with the sand seek of the other. we are acting as an intermediary and we can only try. we will continue to do it so that the talk should reach to a fruitful ending between the 2 brothers on eg foods as the murky talks. and the way shall hon assures us the stain, who are sons blood on his shoe. victims of the buckets, timing lavonne, demanding justice before making deals with who they see as murderers. solomon drive without a 0 chuck? dora nodded like a son. the hong kong pro democracy movement has been dealt another blow. 3 well known activists are waiting to hear their sentences after being convicted of organizing a band vigil to commemorate the tenement square massacre from a slimy reports. o, jimmy lie was at last, he has tenement square rally in hong kong for just 15 minutes and did not address the crowd. the judge said prosecutors had been able to prove his incited others to
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attend the vigil. lie used to own apple d. a vocal pro democracy paper, the tablet was shut down after police raided its officers and arrested staff under a national security law. some journalists in hong kong say they are not surprised by wednesdays. verdict. this has been a trend over the last year. the judge amanda woodcock. rosa tar jimmy lie didn't have to say anything to even in fighter. the very fact that he turned up just outside the park was closed, a deliberate act to rally support for and publicly spotlight the unauthorized assembly. the judge also found barrister chow hung tongue and former reported gwyneth how guilty of either taking part or inciting others to join the event. all 3 pleaded not guilty. 16 other activists are already serving jail sentences for also taking part in the commemoration. hong kong has traditionally held large
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events on the anniversary of the tenement crackdown in beijing for the 1st time in 30 years. police in hong kong band last year's rally, citing corona virus restrictions. commemorations will also band this year. this case itself is part i would say, perhaps a wider crackdown on the memory of the 1989 massacre. textbooks has been censored, museum exhibits confiscated. the vigil organizers have been put behind bars. and as you can see, this collaboration has been banned. last year's band was imposed justice china passed a sweeping national security model in hong kong activist say the latest convictions . i know the example of hong kong leaders bowing to pressure from beijing to censure pro democracy expression. florence lee algebra that the new zealand government has announced one of the world's toughest anti smoking laws. it plans to
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effectively bend smoking by progressively raising the legal age of buying tobacco products. the level of nicotine in cigarettes on cell will also be reduced. law has that to come into effect in 2027. but i chevrolet's new zealand associate health minister. she says, vapor isn't included in the new law because it's considered a safer alternative to cigarettes. there is very strong evidence that tobacco is an extremely harmful and addictive substance. and yet the evidence we'll have from types is highly, definitely a cipher old finish. so we're taking a reduction approach by banding to best price will future generations, but making sure the current market to quit right, isn't all tension $4000.00 new zealand just died each year from tobacco and we might take action on it. what made a lot of progress, the cause of that regulation repeating what allows right to quit. so we made the biggest decrease we had in history in watching rates in the last year alone. so we
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think that what freak out is within reach a european population as is seek to make it as i reach that goal. as we need to take bold action to make sure all parts of the community get there. and because we're not prepared to pass the community behind well, so coming up on algebra, we've got all of the faults news with jemma. yes. plenty on the way, including a done warning from for me and one ahead of this weekend the championship decide to stay with this were live, but from our special our video in a talk to al jazeera, we are, how would you describe taliban relationship with the us? we listen copies. 90 is not covered. 90 nesbit, terrible demonstration of the failure to view much solely that we meet with global
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news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera is done with with
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for thanks for your company, this is out there at live across special studio. during the fif, i have, i'm devin ash, have plenty of sports news for you as olympics t for thomas back addresses, concerns about the i is he's handling of the phone line situation also coming up another week. another problem of football selena as the spanish giants continue to search for audiences, england trying to fight back in the 1st i, his test that australia remain unshaken and take a big lead. and as a mom to prepare for the ar cut or to final, we speak to that most famous player, former goalkeeper alley. i'm happy with our cup to come 1st to europe. why barcelona case?
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chevy admits he's angry off to sing his side a crash out of the champions league and says, a new era, the club must stop. now. they were beaten 3 men in their final greek game by bond munich. so been feca went through instead. boss, you've reached the last 16 every time they've competed in the competition since 2001 now drop into the right, the league by and progress off to winning 6 of them out. she's so far at it. we spoke to spanish, but we're jealous. jemma fella, he was in munich for the match. she said this is a disaster for the club and the result of pull leadership in the board room. they have lost their players and there is no plan. they are kind of been promising, changing, and idea of what to do and probably the but management of the big success. let's remember 2015. the esteem one, the travels day, one, the time being leak and 6 years later they are in this disaster. then they will play for the very 1st time in their history. their republic. yes. so they chevy in
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munich. he said something interesting that this can be taken as a turning point. they had been the recent history, a lot of turning point because that a to against buyer in lives about. and they said it was a turning point as well. it wasn't so that they need to change the clique. i think it's the right manager right now for about lona, he knows the house. he knows the ad much fair to the prayers that all the represent . sure that you have in that a complicated historical clap. so yeah, they need to go back to the regions. this is the, the cod. lemme see where the young players learn how to play football thing. that's the key tool to a keep the style of barcelona, what they call, what we call the dna, and try to build from the back tool to try to, to be a big team. again, the head of the international olympic committee told us that has defended the handling of the punch y situation. we all know we're having the same
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impression for that to we could not to feel her being under under pressure. many people are saying that there are a suspicion, say here and there he, it's very easy to to have her suspicions. suspicion. see you. you can, i've always and about and about everything. for me, one bosses have sent out a warning to max for stafford and louis hamilton ahead of that championship show down on sunday. they could be stripped of points, were driving in unsportsmanlike manner. the pat have collided 3 times this season, and the 2nd in particular has been criticized, is uncompromising style and level in the drive as championship heading into the final race in abbey. that assessment has more winds and so he would take the sizes . if they both fail to score points, it's another rest, a hair, the fif, our coffin, cats are, but we're building up to fridays, quarter finals. earlier we were joined here in the studio by former mon goalkeeper
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alley. i'm happy and he spoke to peter stomach about which country he thinks that will lift the trophy from the start, i said that i gypped algeria to nicea and morocco this, this for teams. i think they have some good quality players for me. this one of them, it will be, you know, to be in there are 2 of them to, to do will be in the fido. you spoke about the whole nation casa, and obviously the, the home fans. that's always something we see that in football all over the world, the whole nation tends to do well in competition. just looking at the team at the moment. how well do you think cover can do next year? because obviously they would be one of the lower ranked teams. i think for that i didn't think so. it's gonna be easy for the commissioner team, you know, to play for the world golf. but i think the already, i guess who said before, they have some good quality players and they have played a lot of friends in good claim. the games in europe had in asia and as
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a player wouldn't play it like it was a very big push for themselves. you know, they found themselves, they have some think, you know, to, to come before the world cup for this competition for outcome. even that for, for them is something good, you know, to play home before the work up with their own fans. even this competition isn't it already just for categories. we see a lot of foss from the out of countries. it was, it was something that was great to see, you know, and when we see the game between g area and egypt was nearly for city of, you know, nearly 40000 people. it sure how is important to be some good competition here in this areas. out of competition out of region, you know, is, is, is very big. you were one of the most famous phil or one of the most famous football is to come from this region. but most certainly from oman, and often what happens is when there is a player who sort of break that barrier,
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there'll be other youngsters that then come through the system. but maybe at the moment it's free to say that they aren't really any famous money players playing in europe or any of the big leads. so sir, is that something that disappoints you? and secondly, how would you say that could be a maybe fixed? yeah, of course a disappointed me, you know, because her, i would love to see some of my youngest in to be, to show themselves to plano with big big laval in football. and i think what, what they do it myself. now in miami, i opened my office one academy in oman, and i'm trying my best to do something, you know, to send some youngest to europe. we have some like around 10 players from my foot one academy they. they went to the national team and are 16 and they went some, oh, good clubs there and oh man to send good good players to to ural. good is not that easy, but i'm, i'm, i'm sure we in the future. something good to come in through
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a reminder of how the quarter finals line up between izzy and i'm on a 1st up on friday and later that night. house cutoff face the you a and on saturday, egypt at tackle jordan, and it's a real kind of us is algeria, australia remain family in charge of the 1st ashes test against england, travis had at the straw on day 2 in brisbin, a smashing bud of foster century and ashes, history of just 85 bulls. shortly after he was rocked by a wild delivery which glanced off his glove and on to his helmet, he was unfazed and finish the day. i'm beaten on the 112. david, wanna also in fine touch. fallon just 6 run short of his century. australia have a lead of a 196. sorry that who is full for now, but a reminder of our top story boss. so in a case chevy says he's angry and things at the club must change. now, after his side or eliminated it from the champions league, off the break, we've got another news update for you.
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ah ah. sentiment and development have altered the course of liver. it no longer flows to the sea, and around 10 years ago it became more susceptible to red tides. the bloom of l. k . calls as discoloration in the water. i'm going to scoop some of his water out. and you can see there's a rust colored tinge to it, tests by the fisheries department, show the l. he in the getting river is of the alexandria species which produces
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toxins. ra, sleep in a bro, him is a fisherman from malaysia don't. but district in collect that in the 1990s, the giddy river was clear. you could see the said, we didn't have any problems here. now the river is polluted and it smells bad. fisheries officials have issued notices, banning people from selling or eating mollusks found along the getting river. the area affected by the red tide is small, but news of the algae bloom has affected seafood traders in the area. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what and when use and kind of pause that matter to you, there's a lot more to al jazeera than t read with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is a world award winning online content, and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to
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broaden the people to leave it to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch it here with me sound gartman. arnold is there. ah . the you, as president holds a summit to tackle what he calls a lobbying challenges to democracy. but some countries accuse it of hypocrisy and cold will mentality. ah. the whole revenue, what you all to 0 life, my headquarters here in the also coming up a powerless wind. the u. k is warned it.


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