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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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they have continued to climb, there was a slight up earlier in the week and a, and many occasions you spoken to experts have said that generally is attributed to a. we can lag in terms of data, but the latest figures show about 19000 new infections and 36 deaths in the last 24 hours. what is of concern to experts is that there's a positivity rate of 26 percent. and that means for the people who are going out to get tested for coven, 19, almost a quarter more, rather more cycling, more than a quarter, have a positive result. what is comforting, i think, at this stage, for experts and, and, and a health authorities in south africa is that the hospitalization rate remains low. just barely 6 percent of intensive care unit beds are being used and preliminary data we're hearing shows that disease may be mild compared to previous waves. so
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certainly still that concern around how contagious the ami con variant is how easily it spreads. but for now, experts are saying it may possibly be milder than expected, obviously vomited. this is a situation that isn't just limited to south africa. what about the southern part of the continent? well, there has been a significant increase in numbers across southern african countries. of course, those countries also subjected to a travel ban by many countries in europe and the united states. globally, there about 1000 army kron variant cases specifically detected. and according to the world health organization, 46 percent of those army con cases come from africa. southern africa in particular, isa contributing 5 countries in southern africa, are contributing to that search in numbers in africa, about a 107000 new cases by the end of the week, but largely driven by the new caseload in south africa,
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specifically. and this is why we were hearing from south african prison sl, rama porter, a more about vaccine drives going up as well as wanting a patent waiver on vaccine so that african countries and others can manufacture their own vaccines. and on the other hand, you have countries like nigeria way reports indicate that in november, almost a 1000000 vaccines are wasted because of things are like storage facilities and also having the capacity to administer vaccines. apart from that, there's also an issue around uptake south africa is not alone in terms of people not wanting to be vaccinated. south africa currently sitting at about 40 to 43 percent of people having had at least one jab. and now south africa has pushed forward the idea of a booster shots for people who are eligible to ensure that they stay as safe as possible. bring yourself to read from johannesburg thus, farmer miller fun, fun traffic in the u. curb. hell, circuit who's wanted to see
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a 1000000 omicron infections by the end of those small cases of the new variant of been doubling every few days. shorter hall has more full london like many other places on the crown is well truly established here. we're told by the scientist that it has a very fast doubling rate of 2 and a half to 3 days. there may be as many as $10000.00 cases in the country already, and that points to go to the health, to the health minister to the possibility of a 1000000 cases by the end of the month. and so we have these new measures, so called plan b, long in the works, apparently hurriedly rushed forward unannounced on wednesday by the prime minister . increased mosque wearing an indoor settings, guidance to work from home. again, the limited use of cobra vaccine, passports in mass public venues. and the idea of course, it was not to wipe out all micro and that's not going to happen, but to try and curb those numbers. while the scientists do their work in figuring
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out what a crime is capable of, it's clearly highly transmissible. the hope is it may yet not be as severe as delta . but what they don't want to find themselves in is a position where the numbers have already gone off a cliff when in a couple of weeks time, say the worst happens on the scientists come back and say on the ground is worse in every way than delta the us president has ruled, i've sending troops to defend ukraine from a potential russian invasion unless there's agreement from nato. joe barton is expected to speak later on thursday, with ukraine's president of loading me of the landscape about the threat to the border. earlier this week. barton how talks with the russian leader to be approved, and he says he has no plans to invade ukraine by his threatened moscow with severe economic sanctions. if an attack happens, more nato troops are training ukraine's armed forces to better defend themselves against what the allies say is russian aggression. but as charles tried but reports from eastern ukraine, nato's helping hand doesn't extend to highly effective fighting unit described by
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critics. as a new nazi movement that these soldiers are members of what used to be a pro ukrainian government. a paramilitary group called the as of battalion critics said, as of was a neo nazi group unit, started in 2014 as a volunteer organization. and quickly developed a fierce reputation for fighting pro russia separatists. defending the port city of mary awful. in december that year as off was incorporated into the ukrainian national guard. it now has over a 1000 soldiers. you recruit must pass a 5 week basic training course that instructors say is so grueling. only around half get through walkers offered failure organized. i am proud to be a member. we are an elite regiment. we have proven ourselves as number one and all
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the armed services. we are very motivated, even the enemy knows who we are and is afraid of us. the government supplies weapons, ammunition tanks and armored personnel. carriers like this one would around 80 percent of the men's kit and material for this training camp is bought with donated money. it's been 7 years since the as of brigade were incorporated into ukraine's national guard under the ministry of interior. but commanders here say that the unit is still struggling to shade a reputation of having far right or even fascist leanings. these allegations, the commanders staunchly deny, but they acknowledge that it's the main reason why nato forces refused to train them alongside the ukrainian army critic say the underlying philosophy of the regiment has not changed. they say it's part of a far right movement, bled by this man. andre b litski, who was its 1st commander,
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and who now leads the national call for the political party, accused of having links to white supremacist groups. i think it's completely absurd to claim that there is no relationship between the regiment and the broader as our movements. ukraine's primary western allies are all the western allies are very especially now attuned to the issue of member, far right extremists in, in the military. and any military, and they're very much not keen to be to associated with the as of badge resembles the wolf's angle, which is worn by nazi infantry divisions in world war 2. there's been pressure in the u. s. congress to declare as of a terrorist organization. but the regiments leader says it has distance itself from politics and serves the crate in government and people. more. couple up
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a honda you, me, the russia propaganda try to discredit us because it knows we combat capable and willing to fight to the end. russia tries to portray us to our western partners is incompetent right wing radicals. we've had visit several times from representatives of nato countries. we want to share our battle experience with them. we could learn from each other slowly. oh, but nato says it will not train these men until the regiment proves it has no links to neo nazis, and that is proving hard to do so stuff. but al jazeera, also for young easton ukraine, among flung c 5 between the pakistani taliban and the government is ending the government's release more than a 100 taliban prisoners, as part of a goodwill gesture. but families of children killed by the taliban. say they're angry about the government, so called mainstreaming of on groups, or some of the binge of reports, which i thought in northern pockets. don't you give me my
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name? he asked, did the taliban kill your children? how can you talk to them? this is your 100 at a protest against the government's decision to talk to the markets, funding, dollar bonds. her son was among the 132 students killed at an army public school by the on group in 2014 by 7. say it's the market funding, tyler bond said it was intervention for the military operations in tribal areas in may will sometimes it gets a bullet though shawna is now angry at the bucket. finally, government and military for something, negotiations without punishing the culprits of that attack. so get the buzz if she goes out this, how do i forget everything? they say 80000 people have been killed. you're not the only one. i sympathize with everyone, but how do i forgot my dad? sorry about miss up kelly, do you? this is wrong. they are criminals. how can you forgive murders?
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the goblin says the state has the right to talk, but the group will have to, in its words, bow its head before the constitution. in addition to releasing a large number of its prisoners of august line, he thought the bonds demands reported the include opening a political office in the country, reversing the merger of tribal areas with the northern cape, the province. and the enforcement of it's version of islamic law and buckets fund moves, and my litigations are underway. law enforcement team said they are carrying out operations against what they call criminals and terrorists. this is not the 1st time the government is talking to the pakistan taliban or t t p. but simultaneously a database is being established or make sure they have the details of the sympathizers, the supporters and the factors which belong to the group. now, by guest on special security department says it's implementing a research based strategy to understand trends of terrorism. this new process it helping the police to carry out hundreds of targeted operations across the northern
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k p province. which is a border with a lot of sun crime and terrorism has a lot of nexus also they do not have a very legit rented or a structured organization. they keep moving from one dennis group to the other. we've been able to double it and then give guideline to our field units, and they are now going for target operations. but budgets on highest court is not convinced the strategy to hold talks is well thought out. it's already someone prime minister, him wrong hon. and the judge of asked him quote, are we going to surrender once again? he was told you those guilty to the negotiating table, all the group individual. and you know, the groups that have to surrender before any rock and the government maintains, if i could find you thought of on have safe havens across the border in earnest. on the latest, the slide was brokered by the gun taliban, which used its influence with pakistan. he thought of on mobile, cush,
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cool look with the sun seek of the other. we are acting as an intermediary and we can only try. we will continue to do it so that the talk should reach to a fruitful end in between the 2 brothers or eg foods. tommy, as the murky talks that are under way, shall hon. shows us the steam. who are sons, blood on his shoe? victims of the buckets, timing taliban demanding justice before making deals with who they see as murderers? solemn java, other there are tucked up northern buck. a son. what is of 13 people killed in a helicopter crash and india were being brought to the capital where they're going to be laid to rest. the aircraft came down just short of its destination, which was a military training college and the southern states of tamil nadu. the highest ranking, military official, was among those killed defense chief general beeping that of earth will be buried with full military honors. hong kong court is convicted 3 pro democracy activists, including business tycoon,
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jimmy lie overcharges linked to an illegal vigil. last year, the trio pleaded not guilty to unlawful assembly that among more than a dozen activists accused of organizing, participating in and inciting others to take part in the event commemorating the gentleman square massacre. it hadn't been sent his yet on cold bands, the annual vigil due to the pandemic tongue grande is an editor in chief and co founder of hong kong. free press. she says china is trying to erase all memory of the 1989 massacre. it was a short session today about a 100 people killing of outside people in the public gallery waving and shouting birthday to jim ally who turned 20 or this week already behind bars, awaiting a security or trial outside court. there was a loan protest known as grandma longer shouting for democracy slogans and coming for the release of political prisoners. and also lots of course, plainclothes glaze and uniform police as well as probation protest. calling for
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a heavy sentencing as we know last year. remember to visual with band on covey grounds. usually you would see a sea of people tens of thousands holding candles quietly in the city, the largest part. but today, these 3 podium, aka c figures. the only ones who pled guilty were todd live convicted of on the rise assembly. this case itself is pass, i would say, perhaps why that cracked down on the memory of the 1989 massacre textbooks have been since the museum exhibits confiscated. the visual organizers have been put behind bars and you can see this commemoration has been ban, let alone a monument to the chinaman. massacre isn't the threats which stands on university hong kong campus, but it's been about a year and a half now of hong kong under the national security, or over a $120.00 odd activists in jail. the only 2 i've been put behind bars,
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only 2 of actually in convicted so far, but many more set to go to course. the new zealand governments announced one of the world toughest anti smoking laws and plans to effectively band the smoking by progressively raising the legal age for buying tobacco products. the level of nicotine and cigarettes on sale will also be reduced. the law set to come into effect in 2027 because it say the law could boost the black margaret for tobacco was smoking is the leading cause of death in new zealand, killing up to 5000 people each year until now. the government's focused on increasing taxes on cigarettes to mix smoking unaffordable. last year, a $25.00 pack cost about $28.00. 10 years ago. it was 11. smoking rates have fallen in recent years, but about 13 percent of the adult population still smokes. and the rates much higher for indigenous, marty at about 28 percent under the government's plan. a task force would be created to help reduce smoking among murray though that asia merrill is new zealand
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associate health minister, and she says, vapor ng isn't included in the new law because it's considered a separate alternative to cigarettes. there is very strong evidence that tobacco is an extremely harmful and addictive substance, and yet the evidence will have from pipes, it is fairly bad, definitely a cipher old finished. so we're taking a reduction approach by banning to that price will future generation. but making sure for current market to quit, there are $4000.00 new zealanders die each year from tobacco and we must take action on it. we made a lot of progress because of that regulation, reseating with allowing right to quit. so we made the biggest decrease. we had in history in watching, right the last year on. so we think that might freak out is within reach a european population, as is seek to make it as i reach that goal,
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as we need to take bold action to make sure all parts of the community get there. and because we're not prepared to lay past the community behind. so head on lazoodo, we've got the sport of peter. thanks yes. sway alive from aspect collateral top seated here in doha, another interview with former mom gold people earlier hub. see. and for me to one boxes, send out a warning to louis hamilton and mexico stop him ahead of a title show down on sunday. ah, it was supposed to be a refuse, but south korea's brothers home was allegedly the scene of torture, rape, and even murder. one 0, one east investigates the crimes, and those set to be behind on al jazeera ah
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al jazeera, with all mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish. with tv, even supplied by tradition. noon were beautiful possibilities are offered. moonshower with
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welcome to al jazeera, special garbage of the fee for arab cup tournament doubling up as a major warmup event for the casa world cup. next yet. hello, i'm here to service 2014 for youth. as a man thinks chief at thomas bah, addresses concerns about the beijing winter olympics. barcelona failed to make last 16 of champions league for the 1st time in 17 years following the 3 mill, the fee to buy and munich. a blistering sentry from travers head that puts australia in control of the 1st ashes, test against england. and as oman prepared for the arab cup caught a final, we speak to the most famous player, the former go keeper ali al hub. see ah, arab come to come, but 1st to europe, where for the 1st time in 17 years, barcelona have failed to reach the knockout phase of the champions league. they
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were beaten. 3 know in a final group game by, by an munich, which means been feca go through instead, bossa who have reached the last 16 every time they competed in the competition since 2000. and one will now drop into the euroleague buying progress after winning all 6 of their matches so far, it's going to be a long road back for bosses new coach. chevy hernandez. ah, your korea, leaky bucket reality showed that we were not at the level of buying munich. that's the hard truth. we have to face it and we have to recover, we have another competition to play. and we'll start again from there. we're starting today. we need to bounce back and bring back the barcelona fans where they belonged, which is not the euroleague. another company unit. earlier we spoke to spanish football journalist, jemma solaire, who is in munich for the match. she said, this is a disaster for the club. and the result of poor leadership in the boardroom. they have lost the rest players and there is no plan. they are kind of been providing, changing, and idea of what to do and probably the but management of the big success. let's
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remember 2015. the esteem one, the travels day, one, the time good league, and 6 years later they are in this disaster, then they will play for the very 1st time in their history. never public. yes. so they chevy in munich. he said something interesting that this can be taken as a turning point. they had been the recent history, a lot of turning point because that a to against buyer in lives about. and they said it was a turning point as well. it wasn't so that they need to change the clique. i think it's the right manager right now for about lona: he knows the house. he knows dad much fair to the bread. all the represent. sure that you have in that a complicated historical clap. so yeah, they need to go back to the region. this is the, the cod. lemme see where the young player learn how to play football thing. that's the key to, to a, keep the style of barcelona, what they call,
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what we call the dna and try to build from the back tool to try to, to be a big team. i guess another a stay here at the fee for arab cup, but we're building up to fridays quarter finals. he is a reminder of how they line up tuesday. tunisia. i beg your pardon and mon or 1st up and later that night hosts cover face the u. e, then on saturday, egypt tackle jordan and its morocco. this is algeria. earlier i spoke to former mon goalkeeper earlier hub, see about which country he is picking to lift the trophy from the start, they said that like a jumped algeria to nicea and morocco. busy this dis, for james, i think they have some good quality players for me. this one of them, it will be, you know, it would be in there, or 2 of them did it. there will be in the fido. you spoke about the host nation cutter and obviously the, the whole fans. that's always something we see that in football all over the world
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are the host nation tends to do well in competition. just looking at the team at the moment. how well do you think cutter can do next year? because obviously they would be one of the lower ranked teams. i think for cut out . i didn't think so. to be easy for cut our national team, you know, to play for the world. god. but i think the are ready for, i guess who said before, they have some good quality players and they have a, played a lot of friends, good friendly games in europe here in asia. and as a player in our wouldn't, the player like asian coverage was a very big push for themself in, or they found themself. we have some think, you know, to, to come, you know, before the world cup for this competition for upcoming, even that for, for them is something good you know, to play home before the world cup with their own fans. even this competition is not already just for cattle, is we see a lot of foss from around the arab countries. it was, it was something that was great to see, you know, and when we see the game between
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a agirri and egypt is nearly 4 steady of, you know, nearly 40000 people. it sure how was bought and to be some good competition here in this areas, out of competition are a region you know is, is a bit is very big. the you will be one of the most famous still, or one of the most famous sir football is to come from this region, but most certainly from oman. and often what happens is when there is a player who sort of breaks that barrier, there'll be other youngsters that then come through the system. but maybe at the moment it's fair to say that they aren't really any famous omani players playing in europe or any of the big leads or so is that something that disappoints you? and secondly, how would you say that could be a may be fixed? yeah, of course a disappoint me. no, because her i would love to see summer or my youngest in are to be to show themselves aunt of to planner with big big laval and in a football. and i think what, what they do it myself. now in miami,
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i opened my offered one academy in oman, and i'm trying my best to do something, you know, or to send some youngest to europe. we have some like around 10 players from my ford, one academy they. they went to the national gym and or 16 and they went some oh, good club steering. oh man to send good good players to to ural. good is not that easy, but i'm, i'm, i'm sure we in the future. something good to come and feel great to hear from a legend of the oman football team. a reminder that the current crop of players are into the fee for arab capco to finals. they play to nicea on friday. australia remain in charge of the 1st ashes test against england traverse head was the star on day 2 in brisbin smashing the 3rd fastest century in ashes history of just 85 balls. he finished the de unbeaten on $112.00. david warner was indecent form to 40 just short of a century, australia closed 343 for 7 at the gabber,
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and after indians dismal batting performance on day one. bed is a lead of $196.00, still pinched myself. sort of thing like a car quite worked out what quite transpired over the last couple hours, but i, i want to contribute to australia and the nice dry winds in hartford, but ourselves in an off vacation to our mornings. important again to continue and another great dive, restoral iron. that's why he to day, for me, one bosses have sent out a warning to max for stoppin. and louis hamilton, the head of they winner takes all showdown on sunday. the f i a says they could be stripped of points for driving in an unsportsmanlike manner. the pay had collided 3 times the season and for stopping in particular has been criticized for his uncompromising style. they are level in the driver's championship, heading into the final racing abu dhabi, but for stoppin has more wind, so he would take the title. if they both failed to school. the head of the international olympic committee, thomas bar, has defended the iow,
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sees handling of the punctual situation. the chinese tennis play has not been seen publicly for weeks after, alleging she was sexually assaulted by a senior official in the chinese government by has spoken to pung via 2 video calls . we all are. oh, we're having the same impression and her that her her we could not to feel her being under under pressure. many people are saying can are there, there are a suspicion sir, here and there he, it's very easy to, to have her suspicions. the suspicion see you, you can have all reason about and about everything the i see a building up to the winter olympics in china in february, and the flame exhibition to it has begun in beijing. the exhibition has replaced the traditional nationwide torch relay, which usually lasts for months, but has been shortened to just 3 days due to coven 19. that's all for now. a
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reminder about top sports story. barcelona have failed to make the last 16 of the champions league for the 1st time in 17 years following a 3 no defeats by munich. we'll be back in a few hours time with another spot updated. 1545, g m t ah . healing the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. it's now it's not a lock can get if it's been completed. we cannot lose hope, we know what to do, and we have the tools to, to, to get this to you are now to sierra in the country with an abundance of results for our and want indonesia,
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his firms. for me, we moved pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create the jobs invest. let's be puzzling disease, his growth and progress in indonesia. now, i will totally upset the result of this great and historic presidential election if i, when a lot of people felt the world was being turned upside down. the way that has been manipulated by populace, like donald trump playing on racial anxieties. one person that citizens have political equality and of course in the united states, as in many other parts of the world that remains an ideal, but not
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a reality. runs of them as slaves and family, but we'll baby sit down for debit of the table of brotherhood. i have a dream. my dream is that people may my daughter to young. people have a full voice and don't feel tired. it is because of their race or ethnicity. ah a perilous winter. the u. k. is warranty? i could see a 1000000 cases of the omen crone coven variant in weeks. ah, i don't know about this, and this is all disease alive from doha. also coming up talks to salvage the around nuclear dealer underway in vienna. iran says it's serious about finding an agreement. democracy doesn't happen,
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my actions. we have to renew it with each generation. the us host so much for democracy.


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