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you know, you could watch out to say we're english streaming live on like youtube channel, plus thousands of all programs. award winning documentaries and death news reports . subscribe to youtube dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah. things we did not do in 2014. we are prepared to do now. ah, bottom one's person of a strong response of russia invades ukraine as the 2 leaders hold a virtual meeting. ah, hello money inside this is out. is there a lie from day also coming up. australia joins the u. s. in a diplomatic boy,
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cost of the winter olympics and beijing, malaysian court upholds former prime minister, nat geo, bronze likes guilty verdict in a corruption case. an ostrich in a new era. all of sholtes is set to become germany's next chancellor, bringing the cursing down on anglo americans. 16 year reign ah, meeting between the u. s. president and his russian counts a poet has ended with washington warning moscow consequences if it invades ukraine . a 2 hour virtual call between joe biden and vladimir putin has ended with no breakthrough. the talks follow a massive russian troop build up on the border. that has western nations worried that moscow will invade its neighbor. and wise house correspond, came the hawk. it begins our coverage with a massive build up of russian troops,
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new ukraine, shared border, and u. s. intelligence indicating an invasion of ukraine could happen early next year. u. s. president biden met virtually with russian president vladimir poo. good to see you again. the pair spoke for 2 hours potent denies russia intends to invade ukraine, calling it fear mongering. but the u. s. president made clear today that if russia did tough economic sanctions would follow. i will look in the eye and tell you as president biden looked, president putin in the eye and told him today that things we did not do in 2014. we are prepared to do now. that reference is to the russian annexation of crimea from ukraine. that prompted us sanctions biden also told putin the u. s. was prepared to assessors militarily. we would provide additional defensive material to the ukrainians above and beyond that,
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which we are already providing. and we would fortify our nato allies on the eastern flank for its part. russia is seeking assurances from the west that ukraine will not become a member of the north atlantic treaty organization, something the ukrainians have pursued for years. the u. s. national security advisor reiterated ukraine can associate with whoever it wants. when analyst believes joining nato is unrealistic, it ought to be clear to them that we're not coming to the rescue. so you get to have to live in nest, russia without a u. s. security guarantee. there were also questions about the controversial nord stream to pipeline which runs from germany to russia and whether it could be used as leverage and discussions over ukraine. the white house says it will pressure the german government to stop it. if russia invades the biden administration, will continue to work with it's european partners, promising a coordinated response, should russia ignore their warnings?
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president biden will also speak with ukraine's president lensky on thursday. kimberly, how can al jazeera, the white house will steal? clemens is the host around, there is the bottom line and that large for the hill. he says moscow wants to undermine the u. s. president's credibility. and this is going to be biden's 1st real test and, and the democratic wes, real tests, you have to remember just in a, in a day or 2, we're going to have jo biden's, you know, meeting with one $109.00 leaders from around the world. not russia at the summit for democracy, and this is why them repeat and saying, you know, that is a, that is a paper construct and it does not really reflect the american power in the world. and, and that america security guarantee, whether in a formal nato type alliance, or just a guarantee to a country like ukraine is something that other countries can't count on it. many people in the world are looking at financial sanctions. and you know,
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cutting off your banking as perhaps, and inadequate response to what we see building up on the border of ukraine right now. i was recently in the balkans and watching the activities of russia in war games on the edge of estonia and latvia. and you know, that report was basically mocking the americas pivot to asia, its focus on china. and it's almost like he's saying, hey, remember us over here, we can create trouble to with america engaging now in a diplomatic bi, boycott of olympic games in china. at the same time, we have these provocations in a response from russia. it looks as if both of these great powers are testing american resolve right now, and we need to see whether or not joe biden, with western democracies, can create enough pain that deters vladimir putin. i would say right now the money
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is not on that happening. very effectively, australia is the latest country to announce us. officials will not attend the winter olympics in beijing, australia joins the u. s. and a diplomatic boycott, a february event. athletes will be able to attend the games, but there will be no official representation. prime minister scott morrison's as china has not yet made any attempts to respond to several issues raised by australia, including alleged human rights abuses. always stand up for strategies interested in what australians believe was right. and we are living in an uncertain time at the world, in our part of the, the in don't, the civic is, is uncertain. and that requires latest to be strong and stand up, restructure and stand up for the things that we believe in and not take a step back. and so i won't be taking a step back. you must be to under woodward, he's a sports marketing consultant. he was p r manager for sidney,
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australia's 1992 olympic bed. he joins us live, i assume from coffs harbour many thanks for joining the program. australian athletes will still be competing in beijing. so what a spot in government officials from attending achieve or not much race to, to be quite honest, it actually just sent a signal through diplomatic circles to the chinese government. but hey, we're not happy in australian sport and politics. folk warden as a phrase that sport and politics don't mix astrology and hide it when sport and politics. so come together and sport is used for politics. but this will largely be seen as just something that politicians and bureaucrats do. and as long as eric lights good to go there, the public of australia will be comfortable with that. do you think all the countries are gonna join the boycott, particularly european countries who often condemn china's human rights record? if so, look at a lindsey going in the same direction as i understand it. and look,
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this is something that will spread around the rest of the world. there are multi national alliances and they will come into the full. but what i don't think anyone wants to see happen is a boy called a b lympics from an athletic point of view. think of how the world came together for the tokyo olympics earlier this year and the joy of that, that for many, many people certainly there are major human rights issues in china to address. but on the whole, you know, let's keep the sport politics separate here. it's interesting you say the joy that sport springs, it also brings in a loss of money. it's very lucrative for many countries. i mean, we recently saw the women's tennis association suspend all tournaments in china, which is going to cost the millions i believe. do you think that was a one off, or are the international sporting organizations likely to also make moves like that? well, yes, you're right. there are many billions of dollars flowing around the global sporting
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st. and let's not forget that sport has acted before to bring about change in various countries. we did have the protests, the apartheid protests with the commonwealth nations banding south africa from sport back in the sixties and seventies, most particularly cricket and rugby. and that had some effect in bringing about change in south africa. have tried to be for that, but certainly it is sending a very strong signal to beijing. how do you think beijing actually feels about all these moves? how are they taking this parent personally? well they do, they just brush this off when the chinese were bidding for the olympic gains in 2000. and it was more of a, a foreign diplomatic push than i sporting, push it out with the games that weight as the strategy bid against china to host the games. and we saw the seriousness that the chinese put into the diplomatic effort to bring about, you know, the games to, you know, paging in 2000 which didn't the bench, right. they got the games in 2008. and that was really,
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they'd be coming of age. this would be their 1st winter olympics, something that they want to show up around the world. so i think they'll be quite insulted by what the united states trailer and some other countries not doing. ok, thank you for your time and her woodward, sports marketing consultants. speaking with staff from coffs harbour. malaysia's appeal court has upheld former prime minister nadia browsers guilty, verdict and a corruption case not jeep has pleaded not guilty to dozens of charges over his involvement in a multi 1000000000 state funds. he was voted out of office in 2018, following the corruption allegations. let's go to florence louis, life ross in malaysia. so what does this actually mean? the magic brought back while his lawyers have said they are going to fall an appeal. this decision was made by the court of appeal. there is still another court above it. that's the federal court, and his lawyers will be filing an appeal to the federal court,
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the highest court in the land, and pending that appeal they will be filing a stay on the sentence. if that stay is got granted, then it means not give will not have to go immediately to prison. if that state is not granted, then he will lose his seat as a member of parliament. and then he will have to be, he will, he will have to serve his jail time. he was sentenced to 12 years by high court. he was also find millions of dollars after being found guilty of 7 challenges of criminal beach, of trust, corruption and money laundering. down the court of appeal in upholding this conviction that they were satisfied that not what he had done, his actions were not out of national interest, but out of personal benefit. and one of the appeals judge even said that what he had done had that he said, caused a national embarrassment to the country. many, how to people in the country feel about this case. i think the country is quite divided now in 2018 when there was
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a general election. and when there was news about the corruption, corruption stories surrounding one and to be there was a lot of anger, mostly electric, and that's how much it's partying. its allies, verizon national loss, a general election for the 1st time in decades since the country gained independence from the british. and now i think the opposition especially, will feel that they've been vindicated by this court of appeal decision. but not job also has his supporters in the years since 2018, he's managed to rehabilitate his image. his night to portray himself as a champion of the people as a champion of ordinary malaysians instead of the elite, is privately educated, wealthy individual that he is. so i think there will be 2 camps who will going to view this conviction very differently. but on the whole, i think many roles of feel that justice has been done. i remember it was the corruption allegation surrounding one mtv that caused such
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a historic defeat for verizon nostra now in 2018. many thanks for that, florence louis speaking to us that still head on al jazeera, y, a large coal fired power plant. newland mostly as being linked to towns rise in death and upon an ancient artifacts smuggled out of iraq in the past. that he is go on displaying baghdad, including one of the wealth oldest surviving lakes. ah hello there. here's your weather update for the americas. nice to see. we've got some storms toward that southeast corner, but i don't think these are going to be severe, at least no warnings at this point, but we track them out. certainly could power up some thunderstorms, louisiana,
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as we head toward mississippi right through to georgia and the carolinas as it moves up the atlantic. now the bulk of it will stay out toward the atlantic. we do have a shield of snow for new england. boston could pick up 12, maybe 3 centimeters, and these streamers through the great lakes. that's lake effect snow. so said the snow you're driving and it just blinds you. so have to be on the lookout for that. off to the west, we go things fairly calm. here, temperature is still well above average. in denver, at 17 degrees. central america looks like there's plenty at sutton to go around through the caribbean. few spits in spots of rain, honduras, stick raga, costa rica, and panama. and we've got a zone of thunderstorms. we'll call it pretty much from brazil. ya right down to rio de janeiro. rio de janeiro has a high of 25 degrees and around patagonia, a big drop in temperature is here just the other day. commodore a riva davia. you were in the thirty's and now look at this on wednesday. you're 16 degrees. we've got some showers in the forecast for sao paulo with a high of 20 that sure weather up they soon.
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okay, back you watching al jazeera mind. if our top story is our, the u. s. has warned russia of tough economic measures invades ukraine. president joe biden and vladimir putin held a 2 hour virtual cool that ended with no breakthrough. the kremlin says the 2 leaders would keep engaging on practical and sensitive matters. australia is the latest country to announce its officials will not attend the winter olympics and beijing joining the us. prime minister scott marson says china has responded to several issues raised by australia including alleged human rights abuses. elijah is appeal court have upheld from a prime minister, nat geo products guilty vetting in a corruption case and complete of no penalty to dozens of charges over his involvement in a multi $1000000000.00 state park. south korea's leaders does new cove at 19 cases in the country have exceeded 7000 for the 1st
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time. prime minister kim boy kim is concerned about the increasing number of patients who are critically o warned. the threat of the new omicron variant is becoming apparent. last week, the government announced strictest social distancing measures contain the outbreak . doctor alice town specializes in disease prevention at miss metty women's hospital and is a former associate professor at the samsung medical center. she says, case is started climbing again off to south korea. east measures in november listed many restrictions, including allowing visitations to long term care facilities such as complex hospitals and nursing homes. unfortunately, we did not take into account the amount of waning of community that had occurred, especially in people older than 60 years old. and so with measures lifted, there was an increase in community transmission which we expected. but
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unfortunately, there was also a huge spike in break infections, especially in people age 60 and above. and that's what caused a huge increase in the number of hospital admissions. and unfortunately, in november, i saw the largest number of public related deaths in south korea since the onset of the pandemic. i think it's too early to say what the true virulence of the on variance is throughout the whole spectrum of disease. although we do suspect that it is much more transmissible than the delta variant. and even in korea, we are seeing cases of breakthrough infection. our 1st 2 cases had been fully vaccinated with during the vaccine. and then they had got the chronic infection. i was traveling in africa and so the army cranberry is,
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is in the community already in korea. and my biggest concern is that if we see huge increases in cases that inevitably always leads to increase in hospitalizations, even if the disease is last severe. philippine journalist maria russia has begun her journey to no way to personally except hon nobel peace prize. she had to seek special permission to travel to all slow for friday ceremony due to special pending court cases against her, and includes an appeal against a 6 year prison sentence for libel. challenges brought by president reject rodrigo to today's administration. russell was awarded the nobel peace prize for f as to say, god, freedom of expression. there is a part of me that is happy. yes, but also angry. and opening for better,
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a better. in bellows plays flores, the plane of a journalist to land. right, look, what's happened in hong kong? i think this is just an indication of how hard it is to be a journalist that a but how important it is. the a journalist, saudi arabia has called for the french police to immediately release a saudi national, arrested in paris. a man was detained after he was suspected of being linked to the killing of jamal kush oak g. you shall g, a saudi journalist was murdered in 2018 in a saudi consulate in is stumble. saudi officials say this most recent arrest is a case of mistaken identity. 3 political policies in germany have signed a condition agreement paving the way for the formation of a new government leaders of the social democratic party, the green policy and the free democrats attended a signing ceremony in been in the coalition marks an end of the conservative
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government led by chancellor, i'm going to michael center, left social democrat off shots will replace her in the next few hours. we look at who the new leader of europe's largest economy is. step bath and reports from salts . hometown humbug. a special discount for all of shells. hair cut, a little joke from barbara batch of, i'll got to celebrate. the new chancello happened to be an old friend. they met when both are working for the s b day, the social democratic party, and hamburg and toys. there was long for me. does all of us here are. it's a special day because my good comrades, my very center, the comrades, the been a powerful position as chancellor and i will keep my fingers crossed on the wounded . this is really dissolved. i can't even explain how special to stays for me, but i didn't. it is clear. and 63 year old charles, who was raised by social democratic parents, joined the s b day at the age of 17. after working as a labor law attorney,
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he was elected mayor and hamburg in 2011, leading germany 2nd largest city shows, shows himself as a pragmatic and at times tough mere game on the fire when rioting broke out during the 2017 g. 20 summit in the city. it's him hamburg all, i'm sure was vested. that's the petition and a leader. now we have to show not only can easy germany, but also guide you through a difficult time tackling the cobra. 1900 damage and security threats at its border shoals will lead to 3 parties, government with the greens and the liberal. f. d. a, and novelty in germany. the coalition as a now to them bishop 177 page deal that should modernize germany by speeding up the energy transition and improve welfare provision. but it's the that the 4th wave of the cove has been damaged. that will meet all his attention 1st, we need to be able to make the decisions past. and that also means he has to lead
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the coalition and not go into endless debates and compromises with half of his cabinet posts given to women. shoals wants to show you serious about change, his foreign minister on elaine. a bad bulk of the greens has a noun, the toughest facts on russia and china. but some wonder if shoals has what it takes to lead internationally. i think his lack, of course my is a weakness. now his, his advisors keep telling us that this is going to be a strong chancellor that can bring people together and that behind the scenes he is the person that can do that. but certainly he hasn't shown that he can convey and can bring people behind him. germany will find out soon enough because the country takes over the g 7 presidency in january. an important moment for shoals to convince those who still have doubts, batch at organ has none. i suppose that he listens,
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takes it in and does not forget. he will think about it before he makes a decision that is all of and he should just stay all and then he can do anything above all. i'll go and hopes the new chancellor won't forget his old friends and will still visit him for some good advice. steadfast and al jazeera amber. a new health report by a bosnian university has made a direct link between a coal fired power plant and a high level of cancer locals in the northwest town of the kenya say the town has emptied in the past decade and now concerned about plans going ahead to expound the plant or bad money reports. the town of became near sits in the shadow of bosnia herzegovina is the largest power plant considered europe's most polluting. it seemed blamed for many debts and mass migration, and this is
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a culprit to large stretches of ash and coal deposits. the deer, though i portrayed us here just as soon as a child is born, he gets from cotton asthma instead of the lungs naturally developing every day we bury someone, never before have more people died than now. this is hell. the kenya has been empty of its residence a decade ago. 5500 people lived here. now that down to a 1000, a recent health studies link tells us smoke and ash to high levels of lung cancer, asthma, and chronic disease walking. it'll tell us there is no clear border between virginia and the power plants, the impact of the plants, lag, and hash deposits account for 70 percent of that. and chronic diseases compared with 3 percent of the saline district, which we compared to, to the tesla count. it's one of 5, the provide the nation with 70 percent of its electricity. it's directed denies
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links to high levels of cancer. and then tell me most the other category nana. there is not a single coal fired plant that has no impact on the environment. we, as owners, are obliged to take a number of measures prescribed by law to reduce that impact, according to these environmental and energy characteristics. these are production units that are equal to those built in the year. and now the ground is being prepared for the plans to be expanded in a chinese back deal. this is despite china's pledge to start building new co plants abroad and the e use energy. what's to hold saying it's preaching you law and the aggravate air pollution. you moment soon coin laundry, we have a system that serves to protect operators who do not meet their obligations regarding environmental protection. but here when i talk about environmental protection, i'm talking about human lives. ultimately, the few remaining residents fear the new plant, what adds to their misery and the dr for power would drain the town of the last few
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people still left laura about a man. the al jazeera chile has approved a landmark low law, allowing same sex marriage and gay couples to adopt children. large crowds, celebrated on to the legislation, was approved by parliament. the countries permitted civil union since 2015. the legalization of same sex marriage stalled after former president michelle bass lay 1st suggested it more than a decade ago. a conservative success as sebastian yet also supported it. after that, he is one of the wells oldest surviving works. let sure has been returned to iraq. the small clay artifact known as the gilgamesh dreamed, outlet was stolen during the 1st gulf war. i'm involved reports. it's known as the good damage dreamed tablets. an artifact made of clay with an engraved fragment of
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the epic of gilgamesh, one of the world's oldest, no religious texts. it was stolen from an iraqi museum in 1991 and sent to the united states. now it's back along with the world's attention. ceremony. us embassy officials in bagdad handed the precious read your note. gilgamesh tablet is a clay tablet dating back more than 3500 years. it has to marian engravings on it, and our embassy in washington received it from the holy bible museum. the text on this tablet is 1000 years older than whom s poems and tells the story of religion 3 year old named gilgamesh who is set to have ruled miss upper tamia from 2000. yes. before the christian era, he was elevated in subsequent sumeria, mythology as a god. in 1991. during the 1st gulf war, 9 of iraq's regional museums was looted up to 4000 items was stolen or destroyed, including some that were thousands of years old. like the good gums,
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tablet. it was bought by us based christian often craft retailer in 2014 for display in this museum of biblical artifacts. it was later seized by the u. s. department of justice. according to the u. s. cultural agency unit score, it entered the u. s. in 2007 graco authorities, so they're happy to have it back. now, i've been low. this template is laden with deep symbolism and 2 respects its own intrinsic value and then on what it means to retrieve it. with all the efforts that have been deployed by the government in this regard, it's a message to all those who smuggled our artifacts and oxen them. they should know that will end up retrieving what they had stolen. the rockies may appreciate the u . s. initiative to help return their last artifacts. but they also say america's invasion of iraq in 19912003, led to the biggest disasters for their missions, ancient heritage. an estimated $15000.00 artifacts were looted from the baghdad
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museum and smuggled out of the country. iraqis save the u. s. bears full responsibility for what happened and needs to do more to help them retrieve what they lost ramadan or da 0. well, the u. s. has returned more than 900 artifact stolen in 2009 back to molly. the objects were legally traffic in the u. s. a listed as replicas and took anthropologist more than a decade to determine that they were authentic. but a civil war that broke out, and molly in 2012 altered the repatriation process. ah, this is our desert, these your top stories. the u. s. has warned russia have tough economic measures if it invades ukraine. president joe biden and vladimir pierson held a 2 hour virtual call that ended with no breakthrough. or the kremlin says the 2
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leaders would keep engaging on practical insensitive matters. us national security advisor james sullivans as president biden was clear.


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