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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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be like, the sisters were so scared of being sent back. that they disappeared within fell a little boy. 158 mom. shit. make square. how will that story and witness wake up? mom announced sir, ah, things we did not do in 2014. we are prepared to do now by then warns putin of a strong response if russia invades ukraine as the 2 leaders hold a virtual meeting. ah, hello, i'm emily anguish. this is al jazeera, alive from doha,
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also coming up at least 38 people day after 5 breaks out of the main prison in brandy's capital. while many were asleep. germany's new rulers sign a coalition deal on the last day of anglo miracles, 16 years in power. and china condemns the u. s. diplomatic boycott of the beijing at 2022 games describing it as a violation of the olympic spirit. ah amazing. the twain, the u. s president and he is russian counterpart has ended with washington warning moscow of consequences if it invades ukraine. it, to our virtual call between joe biden and vladimir putin has ended with no breakthrough. it talks follow a massive ration troop build up at the border. that has western nations worried and moscow will invade its neighbor, our white house correspondent,
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kimberly hulk. it begins our coverage with a massive build up of russian troops, new ukraine, shared border, and u. s. intelligence indicating an invasion of ukraine could happen early next year. u. s. president biden met virtually with russian president vladimir poo. good to see you again. the pair spoke for 2 hours. potent denies russia intends to invade ukraine, calling it fear monitoring. but the u. s. president made clear today that if russia did tough economic sanctions would follow. i will look in the eye and tell you as president biden looked, president putin in the eye and told him today that things we did not do in 2014. we are prepared to do now. that reference is to the russian annexation of crimea from ukraine. that prompted us sanctions biden also told putin the u. s. was prepared to assessors militarily. we would provide additional defensive material to the
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ukrainians above and beyond that, which we are already providing. and we would fortify our nato allies on the eastern flank for its part. russia is seeking assurances from the west that ukraine will not become a member of the north atlantic treaty organization, something the ukrainians have pursued for years. the u. s. national security advisor reiterated ukraine can associate with whoever it wants. when analyst believes joining nato is unrealistic, it ought to be clear to them that we're not coming to the rescue. so you'd have to live in nest russia without a u. s. security guarantee. there were also questions about the controversial nord stream to pipeline which runs from germany to russia and whether it could be used as leverage and discussions over ukraine. the white house says it will pressure the german government to stop it. if russia invades the biden administration, will continue to work with it's european partners, promising
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a coordinated response. should russia ignore their warnings? precedent by then, we'll also speak with ukraine's president lensky on thursday. kimberly, how can al jazeera the white house? let's get some more analysis. now from steve clemens, he's the host of al jazeera is the bottom line and editor at large for the hill. he joins us live from washington via skype. hello, they stay, thanks for joining us. what you got a new threat of economic sanctions. thank you. and other measures, what do you make of what he's saying and how much of a test is this for his administration? i think it's an enormous test. i mean, many of us have been watching this build up and have been watching the provocation that vladimir putin in russia been making for a number of time. knowing that, in a sense, vladimir putin was trying to set up a defining challenge for biden, to test him. and this is going to be biden's 1st real test and, and the democratic west real tests. you have to remember just in a day or 2,
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we're going to have jo biden's, you know, meeting with 109 leaders from around the world, not russia at the summit for democracy. and this is why i'm repeating, saying, you know, that is a, that is a paper construct. and it does not really reflect the american power in the world. and, and that america security guarantee, whether in a formal nato type alliance, or just a guarantee to a country like ukraine is something that other countries can't count on. and so let me put this, been building this up and trying to show american weakness. and i think joe biden's challenge right now is to show that he's not weak and many people in the world are looking at financial sanctions. and, you know, cutting off your banking as perhaps, and inadequate response to what we see building up on the border of ukraine right now. yes, that was my next question. save, do you think russia will take any notice of what the us president has said? and as you mentioned, sanctions haven't necessarily worked in the past. i think they'll take notice. i
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think there will be pain created for some in russia. i think glad i'm repeating, however, is a person of focus and i been watching. i was recently in the balkans and watching the activities of russia in war games on the edge of estonia and latvia. and, you know, that report was basically mocking the, the americas pivot to asia, its focus on china. and it's almost like he's saying, hey, remember us over here, we can create trouble too. and i think that is one of the interesting challenges just as you reported a few minutes ago with america engaging now in a diplomatic bi boycott of olympic games in china. at the same time, we have these provocations in a response from russia. it looks as if both of these great powers are testing american resolve right now. and we need to see whether or not joe biden,
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with western democracies, can create enough pain that deters vladimir putin. i would say right now, the money is not on that happening very effectively. so what are the ramifications regionally and internationally if russia attacks ukraine, noting moscow has said it has no intention of doing side? well, i think it a minimum, it means that the, that the return of the so called the russian sphere of influence may be back upon us. that the free will in direction of countries like ukraine, may be wobbly and threatened that the world will become messy. and i think it creates implications for even nato allies like the balkan countries, lithuania, sonia. but i also think that other countries that are in that range, moldova, and others, may see an increased aggression both domestically from within their own population
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. disinformation campaigns and cyber campaigns that russia instigates to simply destabilize these countries that have sent essentially signed up to be partners, you know, with, with europe and partners with the west and, and america. and i think that's part of pollutant. and his design of trying to remind people that russia sphere of influence matters stave, thank you very much for your insight. steve clemens, the host of al jazeera is the bottom line and it is her lodge for the hill. thank you my, my pleasure. the kremlin. meanwhile, says president pohden told by it, and it was wrong to put all responsibility on russia's shoulders for the current tensions. bennett smith is following reaction from moscow. vladimir putin told joe biden, that responsibility should not be shifted to russia because nato is making danger. attempts to take control of ukraine. pretty much everything that has been
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telegraphed about the meeting between joe biden, vladimir putin, what they were going to talk about. it's clear that they touched on these topics, not just you crane, but also cyber crime. both parties were told and agreed to discuss their readiness to continue practical cooperation on combating cyber crime. but it was ukraine dominated. the meeting that i made. putin also told joe biden that he wanted guarantees that offensive strike systems would not be deployed in countries close to russia. he says that nato is building up its military infrastructure near russia's borders. and vladimir putin says he express concerns about kids allegedly provocative actions toward ukrainian regions controlled by russian backed separatists. the kremlin considers what's going on in ukraine as an internal problem. and he does not want nato to get involved, ultimately in what is happening in ukraine. and he doesn't want, he wants assurances,
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we don't know if he's got those yet from the bottom ministration. that nato will not trespass will not encroach further east into europe. to other world news now in a massive fire at an overcrowded prison in burgundy has killed at least $38.00 inmates. it happened that could tega early on tuesday morning, dozens more were injured. there are reports, emergency services didn't arrive on the same and to 2 hours after the blame started . broaden these inferior ministry says it was caused by an electrical short circuit . malcolm, where has more from kenya's capital, robi, the run, these vice president has visited the scene. he said that dozens of died and many more were injured burn. these red cross came to the scene. some of the injured were treated there. others were taken to hospital room. these interior ministry said that the cause of the fire was an electrical short circuit. the interior ministry
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also said that there was a fire 4 months ago at the same prison also caused by an electrical short circuit, but on that occasion there were no casualties. overcrowding is common in burn these prisons despite a presidential pardon 6 months ago that resulted in 5000 prisoners being released to a political parties in germany have signed a coalition agreement having the way to the formation of the new government. ladies of the social democratic party, grain party and free democrats, attended assigning ceremony in berlin. the coalition marks an end of the conservative government, led by chancellor angler medical social democrat. all of sholtes is a central place medical who's leaving after 16 years dominate kane has moved from berlin, 4 times angle immaculate, her party into a general election. 4 times. she won that election and using a leadership style based firmly in the political center. when the berlin wall fell,
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chancellor helmut kohl brought her into government where she thrived, and when a scandal engulfed him, she engineered his departure with a ruthlessness which saw her 1st become party leader. and then chancellor in 2005. she was under estimated by arrivals, the rivers talked about the way and the means they would come to power bird. merkle followed the logic of party politics. get power key, power and get to your opponents and wireless array. the in suing e u debt crisis propelled on to the international stage where her star rose as she helped broke her bailouts for europe's ailing economies and cemented her position as a german leader. the world's presidents and prime ministers wanted to be seen with . but it was her handling of another crisis, which would shake people's faith in her when refugees from serious civil war began arriving on europe's doorstep, she opened germany's borders more than
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a 1000000 came increasing numbers of senior colleagues in her own party, openly disagreed with her policy her poll rating suffered and the far right populace, anti immigrant alternative for germany party thrived, many wondered if natural was becoming a lame duck. but then came the corona virus and as infection and mortality rates rose across europe. so did miracles resolve? one of you was pending me. europe's economy is badly shaken with fundamental human rights have had to be temporarily, massively restricted to an extent unprecedented for our democracies. these are decisions that are among the most difficult and my term as chancellor. her pragmatism, this time meant agreeing vast grants to ailing european economies. she was brilliant and managing through all the crisis on board. again, not in a very visionary way, this hardly
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a project i could link to angela magazine. ok. this is where she actually implemented whatever topic were discussing, actually a great idea. so it's much more that she managed to to get to all these crisis but cove, it was the crisis. she couldn't manage your way through alone. in her last days, as chancellor, the numbers of daily cases had record highs. now she had to give way to the incoming government leaders who vetoed her proposed locked her. and as the new parliament deliberates, she is just a spectator looking on as the man who replaces her, does so having styled himself as a male miracle dominant came al jazeera berlin. still ahead on al jazeera, why the w i show is cautioning against making vaccines mandatory and indonesia president visit villages blanketed by ash from the mound similar volcano
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. as the deaf tone rises to 34, ah hello there. here's her weather update for the americas. nice to see you. we've got some storms toward that southeast corner, but i don't think these are gonna be severe, at least no warnings at this point, but we track them out. certainly could power up some thunderstorms, louisiana, as we head toward mississippi river through to georgia and the carolinas as it moves up the atlantic. now the bulk of it will stay out toward the atlantic. we do have a shield of snow for new england. boston could pick up 12, maybe 3 centimeters, and these streamers through the great lakes. that's lake effect, snow, so type of snow you're driving, and it just blinds you. so have to be on the lookout for that. off to the west, we go things fairly calm. here, temperature is still well above average. in denver,
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at 17 degrees, central america looks like there's plenty of sight to go around through the caribbean. few spits in spots of rain and during sticker raga. history can panama, and we've got a zone of thunderstorms. we'll call it pretty much from brazil. ya right down to rio de janeiro. rio de janeiro has a high of 25 degrees and around patagonia, a big drop in temperature is here, just the other day. commodore a river daddy a year were in the thirties and now look at this on wednesday, your 16 degrees. we've got some showers in the forecast for south paulo with a height of 20. that's for weather up the season. the top is that's funny. yeah. whole host the middle east 1st. well come in preparation. the country is stage in a major and says to one with 16 nations going head to head in thanks, porpoise built stadiums for 2022 will keep you across the action is canceled
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prepares for the regions radius of a sports events that be for our cup on al jazeera lu ah ah. hello, you're watching al jazeera, i'm emily anglin. reminder of our top stories this hour. the u. s. has warned russia of tough economic meshes eating fights. ukraine. president joe bought a man. vladimir persian held a to our virtual fund pool. that ended with no or what breakthrough bought the kremlin says the 2 latest word, cape, engaging on practical and sensitive measures. a massive fire at an overcrowded
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prison in burgundy has killed at least 38 people. dozens more being treated for injuries. authorities say an electrical short circuit is to blame for the fire to go. and germany is mocking anglo miracles last day is chancellor, after 16 years and power, olaf schultz is set your place here on wednesday. and you tweet, party coalition will for the next governments more in our top story now. and the virtual meeting between the us and russian presidents ukraine has sang joe biden to the support and urged russia to ease tensions by diplomatic means, but on the ground ukrainians have been anxious about the situation. al jazeera is child strength and spoke to residents in the southeast of the country. well, the facts, all that 14000 people have been killed in the 7 half years of this conflict, the u. n says that it expects up to 3000000 people on both sides of the front line
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to need humanitarian assistance next year. and there is a just a growing sense amongst the people that you speak to who live in that contact zone or close to it of complete hopelessness and increasing anger. bear in mind that the ukrainian president ugly won his campaign. one of the reasons why he won his presidential campaign in 2019 were promised that he was gonna end roches annexation of crimea and end the war in don bass while he's failed on both those accounts and arguably, seems more unable to do that in a week, a position than he did at the start of, of his term. and the people that we've spoken to him. we spoke to somebody today who was, was angry, whose house had been described destroyed in the year in the fighting in 2015. and she didn't miss her words. she said that she wished, wished a similar fate on russian people. and another person, interestingly though,
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said that some russians and ukrainians slobs and that they should come together and, and, and enjoin as one unified block if you like. and another man we spoke, you said how important it was for the ukrainian government now to start talking to the separatists. something that the ukranian government has always refused to do because in their eyes it would legitimize what they describe as a, a terror networks that are taking control of that area. ready but as i say, the underlying message that you get from people living in and around that area which isn't too far from here is a sense of hopelessness. and an anger am specifically anger at a government hair. ready that they say had, has not acted on the promises that he had made the new coin a virus variant on me. kron has now been found in 50 countries. but
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u. s. health already say there are signs it's less dangerous than the delta variant . this comes as the world health organization says, there's no reason to expect existing vaccines will fail against only con w h chose europe, director cautioning against making vaccines mandatory. it follows austria his announcement. it would make inoculations. compulsory from next year mandates at on vaccination, or an absolute last resort, and only applicable when all, all that fees will options to improve vaccination uptake. have been exhausted. they have proven effective in some environments to increase vaccine uptick. but the effectiveness of mandates is very complex. specific mandates must be supported by appropriate policy considerations. a comprehensive implementation plan including
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provisions for exemptions and a strong communication component for the population. in the u. s. a federal judge has blocked the last president job biden's, coven, 19 vaccine mandates for businesses. the ruling says the mandate exceeds governmental authority to make millions of employees and federal contractors get the jab. this follows the blocking is compulsory vaccines for health care was his last week. new travel restrictions have come into effect in the u. k. as a result of this new variant people traveling there will need to show a negative test result taken within 48 hours before their flight. the u. k. government has already ban travel to and from that several countries in southern africa, prime minister bars johnson has told his cabinet, the only comm variant appears to be more transmissible than the delta one. at least 4 people have been killed by a motorcycle explosion in iraq. it happened near
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a hospital in the southern city of basra. iraq's military says a motorbike was rigged with explosives. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. that's left several injured. saudi arabia has called for the french police to immediate, really released as saudi national, arrested in paris, man was arrested in the french capital after he was suspected of being linked to the killing of jealous jamal. shrugging sandy officials say it's a case of mistaken identity. the newly re elected president of the gambia says his country can overcome differences following saturdays election has been public on rest. since a dam on barrows reelection, his main rival has contested the result. the process is this is suddenly due report to me that is my good. look at the report.
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on re max will you make it public? after one more? mitchell after one more, it is public. so than me and you will know what is in the report. then not more than 6 months, you should come out with a white paper, but one to remember a show. that justice and reconciliation report racial if you want. the search for missing paypal in indonesia aisd, java continues following saturdays, volcanic eruption. president joker, which odo is promising to increase evacuation if it's at least $34.00 people have died after mount seminary rapid lexia, brian reports this muddy wasteland of broken homes and ash covered crops, lies in the shadow of indonesia, mount samira volcanoes. it sounded to life on saturday,
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shooting clouds of ash into the sky, swallowing homes and blanketing entire villages and gray survivors say there was no warning and that many people were killed when i get so after the auction, my house was damaged to the ceiling, destroyed. i opened the door, it was so hot, so i closed the door, went into the house. but then i decided to many and now sheltering and evacuation centers where they given hot meals and a temporary roof over they have. but indonesia, president says a more long term plan is necessary, junko with dodo visited the disaster zone on tuesday. his government will now look into moving homes away from the volcano because of the threat of more or options that up monday. we hope that once everything has subsided, that everything can start fixing infrastructure or even relocating those from places we predict or too dangerous to return to just now i received
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a report saying that around 2000 families need to be relocated immediately. mount scenario is the tallest mountain on the island of java, and one of nearly $150.00 active volcanoes in indonesia. people are being told not to travel within 5 kilometers of the crater, because the nearby is highly polluted. evacuated complain about costs brought home by the dust and smoke, while many in hospital is suffering from burns from the searing hot lava i had to learn. when i came down from my chair, i stepped in the loft. i ran and climbed onto the roof of someone's house. the volcanic cache and smoke was choking. i felt like i couldn't breathe for 10 or 15 minutes. i don't know, but thank god i was given a chance to live. others weren't so lackey, the body of a 13 year old boy was retrieved on monday. the rescue is a battling dangerous conditions. rain has turned debris into thick mud and the lava
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is hardening. for now once bustling villages remain empty and silent. people say they're too scared to go home and case the volcano rose to life once more. alex or brian al jazeera, the united arab emirates is cutting its working wait 24 and a half days and moving its weekend to saturday and sunday authority. say this shift is aimed at improving the nation's competitiveness. the new work wake will come into effect in the beginning of next year. the u. a has traditionally observed friday and saturday, as it's weekend, like most countries in the middle, a strategy or is the latest country to announce its officials will not attend the winter olympics in beijing joining the us, china has condemned washington's move to diplomatically boy caught the 2022 games. it's accused america of the trying principles of the games and has warned of
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repercussions. katrina year reports from by jean touches on the field on tonya, china's winter olympic uniforms already and thousands for the vent stars have been hired, but there will be few guests attending with the games opens engaging in february, the united states has announced a diplomatic bully caught sight and concerns about john as human rights record. only american athletes and not officials will be present. the aging says the move is an act of political manipulation. move on to over the u. s. approach seriously violates the principle or political neutrality of sports, established by the limpid chatter, runs counter to the limpid motto of a more unity understands on the opposite side of the often number of athlete and on the spot. if you the asked over the wall, washington says chinese treatin of muslim weakness and should jump amounts to genocide, rights groups say, forced labor and sterilization, are rife,
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accusations repeatedly dismissed by the chinese government. your lead up or down shing young has effectively guarantee the rights of people, of all ethnic groups, their masters of their own affairs and other countries, including the united kingdom and canada, are also considering diplomatic boycotts. analysts say this will escalate tensions and do little to change china's behavior. you will have virtually no and or do impact on other policies. and ginger ah, and one of the policies in hong kong relations between the u. s. and china have dramatically shifted and chilled said staging, hosted the summer olympics in 2008, which former us president george w bush, attended for china, is just trying to figure out exactly what all of this star means. it is a just political posturing ahead of the midterms next year by a president who was unpopular. or does this reflect though a long term rash, systematic and structural differences between the cultures. ah,
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the u. s. has also applauded to women's tennis association for suspending all tournaments in china for concerns about the well being of chinese tennis star punctual i. who has not spoken publicly. after accusing a senior official of sexual assault, the chinese government says it will respond with firm counter measures, but it hasn't released details as to what those might be. in recent weeks, the 2 countries announced these the concessions to help the exchange of business people and journalists, industry leaders are now worried that those could be patrina you out a 0 aging hello, you're watching out here and these are the top stories this hour, the u s has warned rusher of tough economic measures if it embeds ukraine. president joe biden.


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