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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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adventure, short documentary by african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria. b, me, alum, minium village, throttle queens. this is when really good to let her head down and the cane africa direct on al jazeera. ah, the u. s. and russian presidents hold virtual talks to diffuse tensions amid fears at moscow plans to attack ukraine. ah, lauren taylor says al jazeera live from london, also coming up at least 38 dead after a fire breaks out the main prison in burgundy capital,
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while many were asleep. indonesia, as president visits villages blanketed by ash from the mount, samira volcano was the death toll rises to 34 and ancient artifacts smuggled out of iraq in the last 30 years. go display in baghdad, including one of the world's oldest surviving works of literature. ah, hello, the leaders of the u. s. and russia have held a high stakes virtual meeting as tensions rise over russia's activities on the ukrainian border. the city again president joe biden invited me fujen spoke 5 video link for more than 2 hours. attention to hi with the u. s. and its allies concerned. russia may be planning to invade its neighbor after massing tens of thousands of troops near the border. russia denies any such plans and describes the accusations as hysteria. the president biden has
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threatened economic sanctions against russia. if it launches any aggression. in the last hour, he's held a call with the leaders of britain, france, germany, and italy to discuss his talks with putin. let's get off my white house correspond . kimberly, how can, kimberly, or the main point to the president biden wants to make today? well, what we know from a senior administration official is that the message that you as president joe biden intended to convey is that there would be inflicted on russia, punishing economic and financial sanctions if it chose to invade ukraine. now what we know is that in terms of those sanctions, this could mean that it would essentially isolate russia from the global financial system. this would be done in coordination with european allies, including italy, the u. k. france and germany. and as you mentioned, it was a coordination that was carefully planned out in advance of this call,
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not only with consultations that took place prior to the video link meeting between the u. s. president of the russian leader, but also afterwards. so we know that this is the message that was conveyed, even as the russian side we know is accusing the united states a fear mongering in terms of why it is so worried that is the u. s. intelligence that indicates that there has been a massing of russian troops along the border with ukraine. so this is something that is of concern to the united states, but also to the world leaders. and particularly european leaders who are now working with the united states to coordinate this response that would be at the 1st stage, at least one of punishing economic sanctions. and what other topics came up? well, according to white house, read out there were other issues that were discuss, not just ukraine. we know that the united states has had a real problem with ransomware. attacks on businesses pipelines that have fed the
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east coast of the united states and even hospitals. and we know that the price tag for that in terms of the rats were paid to these companies that are operating out of russia is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1600000000.00 since 2011. so this is something that came up when the 2 leaders met last june in geneva, but also they talked about it again and we'll continue to do so. we also know that they're looking for areas of cooperation with respect to shared concerns, particularly when it comes to iran. and we also know that they are looking to further that strategic security dialogue that began in geneva, switzerland, a one that could eventually lead to a foundation of future arms control agreements. so we're looking for more details on a lot of this, and that is going to be coming up any moment. now, when the national security adviser takes to the white house briefing room to update the press corps on the details of this telephone call, or rather video link call between the u. s. president joe biden and the russian
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leader vladimir putin committee. thank you very much. we'll bring you that to briefly when it happens in time, but it's mrs. lifers in moscow and wanted put in want to get out of this meeting. the kremlin has been pushing for this meeting for several weeks now talking, talking it up, saying it once one. so it got the meeting that vladimir putin was looking for, and particularly the kremlin was pushing this idea that he does not want nato to expand for the eastwards. it does not want ukraine to join nato. ukraine's applications been on the table as since 2008. but russia considered that the u. s. is operating on it's doorstep that been us naval exercises with ukranian troops in the black sea. turkey has been supplying drones to crane on the u. s. military has also been supplying the ukrainian military all of these things. russia is,
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does not want to see happening. again, it has been looking for guarantees that it won't, the white house, joe biden, not able to give guarantees that putin is looking for probably bought him a person. has this bargaining chip. he has these troops gathered on the border with ukraine and estimate, suggest protect from u. s. military satellites. that if they, by the end of january, the early still have some $175000.00 troops there. and they'll be in a position to invade. should vladimir putin decide to do that? and it's pretty easy to get that actually there's been a kind of cold conflict rumbling on, hasn't since 2014. how does that play into everything while ukraine? yes. the mean, one of the major complaints has been the agreements reached the chief, the sci fi in the ukraine previously have not been observed. russia hasn't
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withdrawn. heavy artillery from occupied parts of eastern ukrainian or russian separatists. a based it hasn't allowed elections to go ahead in russian, dominates in russian, separate in areas of ukraine. these are the things minsk agreements, but the west is accusing russia of failing to add here to the will have been questions about that put, let me put in by joe biden biden as well today because that comes conflict is kept rumbling on. but there are enormous risks. vladimir putin should he decide to press forward with some sort of confrontation with ukraine. this is not like alex saying crimea, which was generally ethnic russian area. not was generally welcomed by the people who lived there. this is ethan ukrainians in ukraine. russia would have to fight them on a much better equipped ukranian army now than it was when crimea was annexed. yes, a much smaller army, but this would be a very, very dangerous and costly and personal terms clash between ukraine and russia. if
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it were to ever materialize, but it may thank you very much indeed. chance stratford, his means written to residence in naval in southeastern ukraine. he says as frustration that president zelinski hasn't done more to end the conflict. while the facts, all that 14000 people have been killed in the 7 half years of this conflict, the u. n says that it expects up to 3000000 people on both sides of the front line to need humanitarian assistance next year. and there is a just a growing sense amongst the people that you speak to who live in that contact zone or close to it of complete hopelessness and increasing anger. bear in mind that the ukrainian president ugly won his campaign. and one of the reasons why he won his presidential campaign in 2019, were promising that he was gonna end roches annexation of crimea and end the war in don vass while he's failed on both those accounts and arguably,
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seems more unable to do that. in a week, a position than he did at the start of his term. and the people that we've spoken to him, we spoke to somebody today who was, was angry, whose house had been described destroyed in the year in the fighting in 2015. and she didn't mean so words. she said that she wished, wished a similar fate on russian people. another person, interestingly though, said that some russians and ukrainians slobs and that they should come together and, and, and enjoying as one unified block if you like. and another man we spoke, you said how important it was. busy for the ukrainian government now to start talking to the separatists, something that the ukranian government has always refused to do because in their eyes, it would legitimize what they describe as a, a terror networks that are taking control of that area. ready but as i say, the underlying message that you get from people living in and around that area
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which isn't too far from here, is a sense of hopelessness and an anger and typically anger at a government here that they say has not acted on the promises that he had made, ah, that his 38 people been killed in a fire at the main prison in burundi. his political capital, a dozen or more were injured in the early morning, blaise in detainer. their reports, the fire service didn't arrive on the scene until 2 hours after it started. the interior ministry says the fire was caused by an electrical problem. the prison was home to more than 1500 inmates far above its capacity of 400. malcolm webb has more from kenya's capital, nairobi, the run, these vice president has visited the scene. he said the dozens of died, and many more were injured. these red cross came to the scene,
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some of the injured retreated, the others were taken to hospital room. these interior ministry said that the cause of the fire was an electrical short circuit. the interior ministry, those they said that there was a fire 4 months ago at the same prison also caused by an electrical short circuit. but on that occasion there were no casualties. overcrowding is common in burn these prisons despite a presidential pardon 6 months ago that resulted in 5000 prisoners being released. if you have been promised to, abby says his country's forces will continue to take back areas from to grow and rebels. it comes a day off to the government said it had recaptured 2 key towns, dessie and come butcher from the people's liberation from the towns which lie on a key road from the rest of northern region to the capital. i just have a received by rebel forces just over a month ago, year long contract has killed thousands of people displaced more than 2000000 and driven hundreds of thousands into famine like condition that we will continue
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liberating the remaining areas of the country. the victory will continue and nothing will stop us. the enemy will be destroyed. he came to rob them. as you can see, they couldn't stand again. and he's poor people have been killed by an explosion in the center of the bathroom in southern iraq. and the blast happen near hospital injuring several other people. the recommend, if you believe it was caused by a motorbike reeked with explosives so far, no one has claimed responsibility. the saudi, the coalition in yemen says it's launch several ass strikes against military targets in the capital. santa comes off to saudi arabia's army, reportedly intercepted and destroyed missiles fired at the kingdom by whose rebels, who des control much of northern yemen, including center, which they seized in 2014 saudi coalition. rates against the iran back to fees have increased in recent weeks. alisson prompts and they've arrested
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a saudi man suspected of being involved in the killing of journalist jamal shoji, the outspoken critic of the government was killed in saudi arabia, considered in assemble in october 2018 hollywood h l o t a b, a former saudi will guard was taken into custody at an airport near paris as he was about to go to flight to riyadh. he's 26. saudis wanted by turkey and would like to face extradition, their salary official said it's a case of mistaken identity. and those convicted de, currently serving sentences in saudi arabia still to come this half hour. china threatens counter measures on the u. s. and ups is difficult to boycott the asian games and reading the refugees to facebook, saying it's algorithms encouraged users to express extreme views. ah
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ah hello, nice to see you storm bar i still do in a number on ireland right through to the united kingdom and there was winds for the southwest corner of ireland, still red weather alert in play here. so around a cork, in limerick, we'll see them blast to a 130 kilometers prior. let's remember more than 10 days ago we had storm are when people still without power as a result of that. and i think we'll add more to the mix. that atlantic rein cutting across siberia and snow levels have dramatically dropped here. we're talking about 500 meters. we'll see anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00 centimeters. of course, the higher you are, the more snow you will see. swath of snow across said the alpine region is while storms get going for sardinia. right through that west coast of italy. so rome, right through to the north, had a lot of activity in the mediterranean, specifically the eastern mediterranean. and we can now trace that as it rolls
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further toward the east and slams right into the van. so specifically, lebanon and palestine, going to see a swath of rain and be root. you're going to see hollowing winds here, of 70 kilometers per hour. so as a result, a bit further toward the south, we're going to see that sand and dust kicked up for northern parts of egypt. this includes cairo with the high of 900 degrees on wednesday. that sure weather update . we'll see you again soon. bye for now. ah, the palestinian social and political campaigner aimlessly. she became the 1st woman here to speak about human rights or in at american dutch business woman who's built a multi $1000000.00 business but helps disadvantage young people in the netherlands . nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. all does it a world meets to are of women who become successful away from home. arabs abroad,
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the activist on the old trooper on all jersey. ah ah, minor top stories jojo 0 u. s. president joe biden, and his russian counterpart vladimir putin has spoken by video link for just over 2 hours. top of the agenda were growing concerns that russia plans to invade ukraine . at these 38 people have been killed in a fire at the main prison and burn these political capital. their reports, the fall service didn't arrive until 2 hours off the bay started. and at least 4 people have been killed by an explosion in the central missouri in late in southern iraq. last happened near a hospital and several people were injured. china is worn,
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it will take resolute counter measures after washington announced a diplomatic boycott of the $2222.00. the 2 winter olympics and beijing american athletes will still compete, but officials will not attend other nations. a considering joining the boycott. the u. s. is accused china of genocide in its repression of the predominantly muslim weak and minority allegation. beijing has strongly denied between you. reports from the chinese capital touches on china's winter olympic uniforms already and thousands of events. stars have been hired, but there will be few guests attending with the games opens engaging in february, the united states has announced a diplomatic play caught sight and concerns about china's human rights record. only american athletes and not officials will be present. beijing says to move is an act of political manipulation may want over the u. s. approach to seriously violate the
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principle or political neutrality of sports. established by the olympic tractor, runs counter to the limping motto of a more unity understands. on opposite side of the vast number of athletes, london and sports in few, the asked all over the world, you know, then washington says china's treatment of muslim weakest, sion, janet amounts to genocide, writes groups a forced labor and sterilization, are rife, accusations repeatedly dismissed by the chinese government, your leader bardon ching young, has effectively guarantee the rights of people of all ethnic groups. they are masters of their own affairs. other countries, including the united kingdom and canada, are also considering diplomatic boycotts. analysts say this will escalate tensions and do little to change china's behavior. it will have virtually no or do impact on, on their policies. and ginger ah, and or their policies in hong kong relations between the us and china, have dramatically shifted and chilled since paging hosted the summer olympics in
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2008, which form the u. s. president george w bush, attended for china is just trying to figure out exactly what all of this stuff means. a visit, just political posturing ahead of the mid terms next year by a president who was unpopular or does is reflect though a long term us systematic and structural differences between the countries. ah, the u. s. has also applauded to women's tennis association for suspending all tournaments in china for concerns about the well being of chinese tennis star punctual i. who has not spoken publicly. after accusing a senior official of sexual assault, the chinese government says it will respond with firm counter measures, but it hasn't released details as to what those might be. in recent weeks, the 2 countries announced these concessions to help the exchange of business people and industry leaders are now worried that those would be at risk. katrina,
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you al jazeera aging. does initial impact committee says it respect america's decision not to send diplomats to beijing, but the i o c's coordination, chief for the 2022 winter games? urged other countries not to let political issues interfere with the event. we always ask for as much as possible from the political world in the least in possibly this year and on our sport center in big work and ideas. so we have to be reciprocal on that. we understand we, we read and we have to respect to this vision, big political decision stating by political barbie's all around the world. so that's about the united states and then the other country that might bring the refugees in the united states, assuming facebook's parent company matter, accusing it of failing to act against hate speech targeting them. they want $150000000000.00 in damages or hanging refugees say facebook's algorithm encourage
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uses to express extremist views or the $24000.00 ringo have been killed in mid mar . since the government crackdown in 2017 hundreds of thousands fled to neighboring bangladesh. router lease a visiting scholar at the international state crime initiative based at queen mary invest in london, explains what kind of defense facebook is likely to take. facebook was operating within me and mar and the, the inside for speech that led people to a violent and genocidal deportation of the re can get from me and married 2017 that these events occurred within me about facebook's trying, i think to be a little bit sneaky about this, they're suggesting that they can operate in a country like me and mom. they can cause chaos in the country like me and mom. but when it comes to a legal responsibility for their actions, they want to rely upon the notion that they are ultimately a united states company,
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and that they should be, that they should be judged by the standards of the law in the united states. the victims now want justice and they're going to rely upon the fact that facebook was whether they want to admit it or not make a profit within me and my and it should be obliged to abide by the laws of the country. it operates. it have been more protests against the conviction of men, my civilian leader, unsung sushi who was asked to during february's military coup. this hopeful demonstration was in the city of mandalay holiday, a court sentence 2 to 4 years in prison, incitement and violating current of restrictions. this was nation reduced to 2 years, and the country's military leader ordered a pardon indonesian president joker. we, dodo is promising to increase evacuation efforts after a devastating volcanic eruption and he's $34.00. people are confirmed dead, but many more remain missing. after mount samira erupted on saturday and actually o'brien revolt. this muddy wasteland of broken homes and ash covered
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crops lies in the shadow of indonesia, mount samira volcano. it's thundered to life on saturday, shooting clouds of ash into the sky, swallowing homes and blanketing entire villages, and grey survivors say there was no warning and that many people were killed. and when i get though, after the auction, my house was damaged to the ceiling destroyed, i opened the door, it was so hot, so i closed the door, went into the house. but then i decided to feed many and sheltering and evacuation centers where they given hot meals and a temporary roof over they have. but indonesia, president says, a more long term plan is necessary, junko widowed visited the disaster zone on tuesday. his government will now look into moving homes away from the volcano because of the threat of more options that up the we hope that once everything has subsided,
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that everything can start fixing infrastructure or even relocating those from places we predict or too dangerous to return to just now i received a report saying that around 2000 families need to be relocated immediately. mount scenario is the tallest mountain on the island of java, and one of nearly $150.00 active volcanoes in indonesia. people are being told not to travel with an 5 kilometers of the crater, because the nearby is highly polluted. evacuees complain about coughs brought home by the dust and smoke, while many in hospital is suffering from burns from the searing hot lava i had a i. when i came down from my truck, i stepped in the loft. i ran and climbed onto the roof of someone's house. the volcanic cache and smoke was choking. i felt like i couldn't breathe for 10 or 15 minutes. i don't know, but thank god i was given a chance to live others weren't so lackey, the body of
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a 13 year old boy was retrieved on monday. the rescue is battling dangerous conditions. rain has turned debris into thick mud, and the lava is hardening. for now, once bustling villages remain empty and silent. people say they're too scared to go home and case the volcano rolls to life once more elixir bryan al jazeera u. s. health official say early indications suggest the owner con, very into the career. a virus may be less dangerous than the delta variant. this is the world health organization says travel bands are ineffective against omicron urging hunters to promote mosque wearing and vaccines instead of the bodies. europe, director cautioned against making vaccines mandatory mandates at on vaccination or an absolute last resort and only applicable when all, all that feasible options to improve vaccination uptake have been exhausted. they
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have proven effective in some environments to increase vaccine uptick. but the effectiveness of mandates is very complex. specific mandates must be supported by appropriate policy considerations. a comprehensive implementation plan including provisions for exemptions and a strong communication component for the population. new travel restrictions have come into effect in the u. k. as a result of the on a chron variant, people traveling into person will need to show proof of a negative covey test before they travel. adding to the p c r test they already required to take within 2 days of arriving. the you k is already banned flies from several countries in southern africa. nigeria was added to its red list on monday. the hawaiian islands remain on alert for catastrophic flooding, landslides and strong winds from an intense storm system. roads are flooded and power lines have been brought down in some areas. storm 1st hit on monday and is
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expected to linger for another 2 days. and i, warnings, strong winds, and lightning strikes could trigger widespread power failures. hello, wait and bill legalizing same sex marriage has been approved by chiles congress. it also allows the same sex couples to adopt children. the country has permitted civil union since 2015 the legalize ation of same sex marriage stalled. after former president michelle a bash let 1st suggested suggested it more than a decade to conserve to success as sebastian can yet also support it. after 30 years, one of the world's oldest surviving works of literature has gone back on display in iraq. the small clay artifact, known as the can mesh dream tablet was stolen during the 1st gulf war. iraq is a welcome, the u. s. initiative to return it, but it doesn't rectify its past invasions which they blame for decimating that ancient heritage. i'm in my report. it's known as the good garnished dream, tablet,
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an artifact made of play with an engraved fragment of the epic of ganesh. one of the world's oldest, no religious texts. it was stolen from an iraqi museum in 1991 and sent to the united states. now it's back along with the world's attention ceremony. us embassy officials in bagdad handed the precious read your father to note. gilgamesh tablet is a clay tablet dating back more than 3500 years. it has to marian engravings on it. are embassy in washington received it from the holy bible museum. the text on this tablet is 1000 years older than whom as poems, and tells the story of a legendary hero named ganesh who is set to have ruled miss upper tamia from 2000. yes, before the christian era, he was elevated in subsequent sumeria, mythology as a god. in 1991. during the 1st gulf war,
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9 of iraq's regional museums were looted up to 4000 items was stolen or destroyed, including some that were thousands of years old, like the gamut tablet. it was bought by a us based christian arts and crafts retailer in 2014 for display in its museum of biblical artifacts. it was later seized by the u. s. department of justice. according to the u. s. cultural agency, eunice co, it entered the u. s. in 2007. right? you're for it is say they're happy to have it back. now i've been lo, this tablet is laden with deep symbolism and 2 respects its own intrinsic value and then, and what it means to retrieve it with all the efforts that have been deployed by the government in this regard. it's a message to all those who smuggled our artifacts and oxen them, they should know that will end up retrieving what they had stolen. the rockies may appreciate the u. s. initiative to help return their last artifacts. but they also
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say america's invasion of iraq in 19912003, led to the biggest disasters for their nations ancient heritage. and estimated $15000.00 artifacts were looted from the baghdad museum and smuggled out of the country. iraqis save the u. s. bales, full responsibility for what happened and needs to do more to help them retrieve what they lost. mohammed one, a da 0. monday can catch up any time with all the news by checking out our website . address that is our 0 not come. ah, top stories are al jazeera, the leaders of the u. s. and russia have held a high stakes virtual meeting as tensions rise over russia's activities on the ukrainian border residence joe biden. and that in a putin spoke via video link for more than 2 hours. attention to hi with the u. s.
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and its allies concerned russia is planning to invade its neighbor now to massing tens of thousands of troops near the border. russia denies any such plans, but president biden.


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