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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2021 4:00pm-4:31pm AST

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handling and the cane africa direct on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm rob matheson, this is the news are live from doha, coming up the next 60 minutes. you as president joe biden and rushes vladimir putin prepare for a virtual summer. his tensions month over a potential conflict, an eastern ukraine. an explosion in iraq, southern city of basra kills at least 4 people. the governor calls it a terrorist attack. china accuses the u. s. a violating the olympic spirits after
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an answer diplomatic boycott of next year's beijing winter games. and you political chapter in germany, 3 parties sign a coalition agreement as chance langler michael leaves office. and i am pete estimate with the sports news alive from our special feet. the arab cup studio here in doha hosts cover have made it 3 winds from 3. we'll look ahead to tuesday is games as the group stage reaches its conclusion. ah, all the going tensions between russia and ukraine are expected to dominate talks between you as president joe biden and vladimir putin. the main focus of the virtual meeting will be russia's troop, build up at the ukraine border than our fears that moscow may invade it's neighbor, according to us, intelligence is preparing an attack early next year, and it's a mass, some 70000 forces. russia denies any plans for an invasion and has described the
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accusations as hysteria. president putin, once a guarantee from the west, ukraine will not join nato. leyden is expected to urge de escalation by warning of economic consequences. if an attack takes place, he's been working with allies to prepare sanctions, or banners smith is in moscow. we're going to be speaking to him in just a few minutes. but 1st let's go to our white house correspondent, kimberly hawker, who's in washington, dc. kimberly were at a point where relations between russia and the u. s. are particularly bad. what can the us hope to gain out of this over the u. s. hopes to gain is some sort of pathway to diplomacy. it's very clear from the statements coming out of the biden administration in recent days that that is the desired path. so what we saw in the last 24 hours was the u. s. president consulting with european allies . we know he spoke with a french liter emmanuel, macro,
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german chancellor angle of merkel, as well as the british and italian prime ministers. and what we understand emerged from those meetings was essentially a strong joint stance that what they are looking for is some sort of commitment from russia that it not only will respect ukraine's integrity in terms of an sovereignty, but also in terms of territory. and so this is the message that joe biden is likely to convey. now, the lingering question has been from white house reporters to the by the ministration. what about the military option? should russia in bade ukraine? will the united states send some sort of military support? the white house and also at the pentagon, they have been kind of holding back on answering that question directly. only saying that they would support the nato allies in terms of anything that nato might do. but at going any further so far has been something that this white house has
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been reluctant to indicate. kimberly, is there any indication yet that the u. s. is either willing or able to give the guarantees that the russian president was looking for? well, what we know is that there is a very clear red line for this white house in a while, we've heard that senior administration. officials say red lines aren't helpful. it's very clear that the white house has one red line. and that is, if russia invades ukraine, there will be punishing financial sanctions that will be levied against russia. this would be something that would isolated from the global financial system. in other words, it be very difficult for it to convert rubles $2.00 or any other sort of currency. so that is the 1st sort of tactic that this white house is taking in conjunction with its european allies. but again, there is this other option that is hanging in the balance when the white house says it essentially is reluctant to discuss or even indicate is available. the pathway
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forward seems to be financial sanctions. when's that would be so punishing? it would really cripple russia financially. kimberly, thanks very much and that's our white house correspondent, kimberly hall talking to us from washington d. c. let's go to bernard smith, who's joining us now live from moscow. burn it is true, isn't that the rush has been facing sanctions for many years. and in many ways has adapted to the fact that it is continually facing sanctions. is there a sense there that russia and moscow are feeling any sort of pressure from this not particularly from the threat of sanctions? no, i mean, what vladimir putin, one from this meeting is respects to be treated as an equal. and he wants nato to stop bit eastwood expansion by allowing ukraine to join. now of let me put in said the when ukraine declared independence, after the long after the collapse of the soviet union, that was a great common calamity. it's not how many ukrainians might see it. but an
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indication of the centuries old, historical links that have been between the 2 countries. and that's a lot of what to do is behind this. and russia has been increasingly agitated by what it sees is american and nato activity on its doorstep. naval exercise with u. s. navy, in the summer turkey, selling armed drones to ukraine, and russia and the u. s. military arming the ukrainians. all these russia putin sees as a problem. now let me put in may be things that bite in, con, give him these guarantees. the putin now has bass bargaining chip, the build up of those troops on the border with ukraine and analysts. the saying about build up continues, then by the end of january, russia will be in a position to invade ukraine, although that will come at enormous military cost and human cost, not just of ukraine, but to russia as well. ukraine, a much better trained army now than it was in 2014 when russia annexed crimea.
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there, on that point, bernard, we are talking about russia, which is facing significant financial problems in its own light. obviously it's got having to deal with cobra, 1900, spite of that. the problems and many other countries are facing around the world. is there a sense that you're guessing about whether or not russia is actually in a position to wage some sort of concept like this? so as i, as you say, is this essentially just brinkman ship balance of speaking to, hey, i don't believe that ultimately russia will invade ukraine, although that also caviar by saying that they don't know whether vladimir putin has taken a final decision yet. but it would be very different to invading ukraine than it will be to annexing crimea. the exception of crime in involved attic seen territory where they were mainly ethnic russians living there. and it was generally welcomed
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by them invading ukraine proper into territory. that is mainly ethnic ukrainian is a very different prospect. you would be invading hostile territory and this much better trained ukrainian army, although still much smaller than extraordinary, than the very large russian army would put up a fight. and that would be a considerable cost when russia alex, you crimea that boosted vladimir putin popularity here in russia considerably. there's no guarantee that doing this, doing nothing. ukraine would have the same effect on his popularity. brenda, thank you very much indeed that bernard smith, our correspondent in moscow at least 4 people have been killed by an explosion in iraq, southern city of basra. abaz happened near a hospital, several other people were injured. what would otherwise hold has more from doha, the governor over a basra city has called it a terrorist attack despite the fact that he has not given any more details about
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the causes as or who behind who was behind the attack. a. but he calls it a terrorist attack. now the bus or a girl province has just declared 3 days morning for the victims of the at the attack. i witnesses in the scene, say that or a man just pocket a motor bike or near to vehicles and left and then it exploded in the 2 vehicles after the man left did the scene and the smoke was coming out of the of the by, of the motor bike and there 2 vehicles as it has been circulated on that at social media. now the governor of a bustler at pledge is to identify the perpetrators and to know that the yield causes behind the attacks and also to punish the perpetrators are those who are
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behind it. the attack, it's interesting because bus are, are a lake other are southern provinces in iraq has been quite for long time and they're up to start tax. all right. would it usually happen in the north, namely in the areas into disputed or areas between could this tan region and the the, the by the dead or territories. but the more ahead of the muse are including the south africa president to examine the travel bands imposed on his country because of the all mccomb variant. and sport england leave out the most experienced player for the 1st ashes protest against australia. ah, ah, china's warning bilateral cooperation with the u. s. may be harmed after washington announced a diplomatic boycott of next year's winter olympics in beijing. american government
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officials will not attend the event because of what they call human rights atrocities and genocide, which only you reports from vision. i talked to you under the chinese winter olympic uniforms already. and thousands of that staff have been hired, but there will be few guests attending with the games opens engaging in february, the united states has announced a diplomatic boycott, citing concerns about china's human rights record. only american athletes and not officials will be present. beijing says to move is an act of political manipulation may want over the u. s. approach to seriously violate the principle or political neutrality of sports. established by the olympic tractor, runs counter to the limping motto of a more unity understands. on opposite side of the vast number of athletes, london and sports in few the asked all over the world, you know, then washington says china's treatment of muslim weakness and should junk amounts to genocide, writes groups a forced labor and sterilization, are rife,
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accusations repeatedly dismissed by the chinese government, your lead up or down change young has effectively guarantee the rights of people, of all ethnic groups that are masters of their own affairs. other countries, including the united kingdom and canada, are also considering diplomatic boycotts. analysts say this will escalate tensions and do little to change china's behavior. it will have virtually no or do impact on, on their policies. and ginger ah, and, or their policies and hong kong relations between the us and china, have to magically shifted and chilled. since paging hosted the summer olympics in 2008, which form the u. s. president george w bush attended for china is just trying to figure out exactly what all of this stuff means. a visit, just political posturing ahead of the mid terms next year by a president who was unpopular or does is reflect though
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a long term us systematic and structural differences between the countries. ah, the u. s. has also applauded to women's tennis association for suspending all tournaments in china for concerns about the well being of chinese tennis star punctual i. who has not spoken publicly. after accusing a senior official of sexual assault, the chinese government says it will respond with firm counter measures, but it hasn't released details as to what those might be. in recent weeks, the 2 countries announced these concessions to help the exchange of business people and turn industry leaders now worried that those would be katrina, you al jazeera meeting. you zealand also says it will be attending china's winter olympics at a diplomatic level, but says that decision mostly has to do with coven 19 and travel logistics. but the deputy prime minister says there concerns about human rights that still exists and have been raised with beijing. we make very regular statements around avenues on
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human rights issues with respect to china and the prime minister's rights, those directly with prisoners g. i'm where we are already not attending a diplomatic level as it were. and so it's a hypothetical from app. as we say, at least 30 people have been killed in a fire. burned is main. prison. dozens more have been injured in the early morning . blaze. narrow reports of the fire to service didn't arrive on the scene until 2 hours after the start of the blaze. the interior ministry says the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit in the world. health organization says imposing mandatory vaccines against the corona virus should be an absolute last resort. the warning comes as more countries in europe debate, whether to adopt the strict measure due to a wave of new infections driven by the omicron variance. last month, australia i saw austria announced it would made inoculations compulsory from next
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year mandates and on vaccination, or an absolute last resort and only applicable when all, all that feasible options to improve vaccination uptake have been exhausted. they have proven effective in some environments to increase vaccine uptick. but the effectiveness of mandates is very contact specific. mandates must be supported by appropriate policy considerations. a comprehensive implementation plan including provisions for exemptions and a strong communication component for the population. new travel restrictions that come into effect in the you came as a result of the new covered 19 variance people traveling to the country will need to show a negative test result within 48 hours before the flight. flights from several countries in southern africa are already banned by mister wallace. johnson's told
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his cabinet. the armoire con variant appears to be more transmissible than dealt him. let's go over to andrew simmons done at london's gatwick airport. how will people reacting to these new restrictions? well next reactions really of there is a lot of concern about whether the restrictions are enough to deal with on the chrome and the indications that it's a spreading very rapidly. as far as these travel restrictions are concerned, within 2 days of departure, the has to be mandatory cove. it test and within 2 days of arrival, that has to be a mandatory covey test. there's also the red list which has been extended to nigeria, the 11th country to do so. the other countries of southern africa states. there's a lot of controversy over this. it means that the has to be the only u. k. all irish nationals on flights coming in on this red list. and
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there was a restriction also on, on that a flying to any one of these people. and so, but also is these that they have to actually go into quarantine for 10 days in hotels. profiting something like $3000.00 now in terms of overall feelings about omicron, the u. k. prime minister in the tuesday cabinet meeting, sold members, the 30 indications are that on the chrome variant is more transmissible than the delta variant. and that certainly is because research justin is suggesting that so that something like her every 3 days it doubles in terms of the, the amount of infection caused. so a lot of alarm about labs and a lot of concern about whether or not the u. k. is doing enough with the deputy prime minister dominic rob having said that, that won't be a plan b and that plan b would be quite a limited effect. wally, anyway, and right now, but britain has
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a limited mask wearing and hasn't gone into any other firm of measures. that's quite controversial. nevertheless, dominic robin sis, that there will be no plan b, the will be any uptake of other restrictions ahead of christmas despite the evidence that all of that we're seeing a real increase and in on the chrome or what across the board that increase in the u. k, what's happening on the european continent under will in brussels, e u. health ministers are meeting right now. there are looking at the travel restrictions as to whether or not they should be extended in the european union. that there seems to be a feeling in germany that they do need to go into more restrictions. they're also looking one across the board at. so how they handle pandemic of the future. it's
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being discussed in considerable detail. also, the, the you health commissioner is saying that right away the needs to be more mosque wearing and social distancing in all countries. now, many countries are going further than that. and that includes the, the compulsory of the a mandatory, vaccinations of the anti of people who have not had the vaccinations in the 1st place. or that is taking place in austria in february. or they just that coming out of locked down on sunday. and they will continue the lockdown for unvaccinated people. all. so germany is looking at monday, 3 a, a vaccines are also and furthermore looking else where a francis staying fairly relaxed with it's, i would know the absolutely no major locked down there. but the closing of night clubs and the course, there's also action being taken towards a,
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a further move in other countries in the eastern eastern europe. and also in spain. a particular factor here which a lot of people are quite alarmed about. in malaga, a hospital i saw something like 70 mormons, nearly 70 medics of doctors and nurses of testing positive after a major party involving a 173 of them. so red is a fairly, won't a point of great concern in terms of, of the spreading of this virus. and thank you very much that sandra simmons talking to us from outside london's gatwick airport. so that because president stepped up is fears, criticism of the way countries have reacted to the new. i'm a kron variant settle rama forces made the remarks during a peace and security form in synagogue saying western governments are also failed to deliver coven 19 vaccines that they promised to africa from docker nicholas hack reports. the fight against the new omicron variant in senegal starts here at
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a health center in downtown to car. we're doses of the covey 19 vaccines are available actually with the can. the, it's not because we have a vaccine that we are married. we need to keep protective measures and protect those around us. it's not over at the to day peace and security form held into court on monday, south africa as president, serial number posts are accused rich countries of creating health apartheid. i have personally really been disappointed in the approach that the rich countries have taken on the issue of vaccines. firstly, they hoarded vaccines. they ordered more vaccines than their populations required. and when we wanted vaccines, they just kept, you know, giving us the crumbs from the table. and the greed that they demonstrated is something that is quite, quite disappointing. indeed,
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particularly when they say they are our partners. the pandemic overshadowed the 7th piece insecurity form held here which welcomed heads of state intelligence officers and military chiefs. usually discussions and the forum revolves around greater military cooperation between western nations and african countries. but with western countries breaking their promise to supply vaccines in their unwillingness to wave patterns, to allow people here to make their own trust is eroding with some nation, looking at new partnerships to help the fight against cove it in africa, china and out it's sending 1000000000 doses of vaccines on the fight against arm groups in this a hell region. new year's president admitted that al qaeda affiliates are in some places better equipped than the security forces of some countries in west africa.
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following increased attacks. molly, seeking help from the russian mercenaries working for wagner, the private military company. thus way conflict, my lee have decided to go more and more for diversification of our partnerships. we can work with china, we can, we'll give her russia, also at the form delegates from western nations reiterated there, good will and intentions. but countries such as south african senegal, say that's not good enough. vaccines made in africa for africans is what they want . almost a quarter of a 1000000 africans are reported to have died of the virus so far. the message here is those death where preventable if only victims had access to vaccines. nicholas hawk, al jazeera de car, indonesian president jacobo dodo is promising to increase evacuation efforts after a devastating volcanic eruption. at least 34 people are confirmed dead, but many more remain missing. after months, similar to
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a ruptured on saturday. actually, bryan reports, this muddy wasteland of broken homes and ash covered crops lies in the shadow of indonesia mounts the mirror volcanoes. it sounded to life on saturday, shooting clouds of ash into the sky, swallowing homes and blanketing entire villages, and grey survivors say there was no warning and that many people were killed when i get so after the iraq in my house was damaged to the ceiling, destroyed i opened the door, it was so hot, so i closed the door, went into the house. but then i decided to many and now sheltering and evacuation centers where they given hot meals and a temporary roof over they have. but indonesia, president says a more long term plan is necessary, junko with dodo visited the disaster zone on tuesday. his government will now look into moving homes away from the volcano because of the threat of more or options
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that up monday. we hope that once everything has subsided, that everything can start fixing infrastructure or even relocating those from places we predict or too dangerous to return to just now i received a report saying that around 2000 families need to be relocated immediately. mount scenario is the tallest mountain on the island of java, and one of nearly $150.00 active volcanoes in indonesia. people are being told not to travel within 5 kilometers of the crater, because the nearby is highly polluted. evacuees complain about coughs brought home by the dust and smoke, while many in hospital is suffering from burns from the searing hot lava. i had a i just when i came down from my truck i stepped in the loft. i ran and climbed onto the roof of someone's house. the volcanic cache and smoke was choking. i felt like i couldn't breathe for 10 or 15 minutes. i don't know, but thank god i was given a chance to live. others weren't so lackey,
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the body of a 13 year old boy was retrieved on monday. the rescue as a battling dangerous conditions. rain has turned debris into thick mud and the lava is hardening. for now once bustling villages remain empty and silent. people say they're too scared to go home. a case of volcano rose to life once more. alex or brian al jazeera tries to the weather. here is jeff. hello, thank you for joining in. we've got 2 major weather makers, one in the west, one in the east for going to begin in the west right now. this is our 2nd named storm of the seas and storm bearer as a barrel. lean into ireland and britain toward that southwest corner of ireland. we'll see those winds blast up to a 130 kilometers per hour. and we've got shield of snow northern parts of england into scotland, 2 centimeters lower ground, but the higher you go 15 centimeters and
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a batch of rain as well up to 50 millimeters to be expected. now there's a band to grain also shopping in towards the top end of the barrier. it's going to have a big impact. so for the northern coast of spain, we could see waves about 6 meters high, 40 millimeters. so for 12 hours the risk of flooding in those winds howling at 90 kilometers per hour. and if we look toward the balkans, that shield of snow is now pushing into sophia, bulgaria could pick up about 5 to 10 centimeters and that energy in the central bed moving toward the east in the eastern night. and we've got a fire hose of rain here for antalya. i think 50 millimeters on top here and those wind 75 kilometers per hour when this weather report in africa right now where it's a beauty of a day and watch at $28.00 degrees. martini coming off, that when again, syria at the arab cup. ok, that's it for me. i'll catch you later. susan still had on all 0 tension and gabby as capital as an opposition candidate refuses to concede, defeat and saturdays presidential election. and the u. s. is forced to resume
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a controversial trump either immigration policy that makes migrants wait and next echo. although cases are heard. and mocking the occasion, the brazilian football fountains, who were offered free tattoos to celebrate their teen winnie the league title. ah, once upon a time the family fled from one and so to silent and snowy land. the sisters was so scared of being sent back, that they disappeared within sound. ah, the little boy, how did you escape to moscow shape made square? how will that story and witness wake up when mom's ouch same in the country with an abundance of results with great. i really want indonesia whose turns for me. we moved before to grow and frank. we
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balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let it be part when denise is growth and progress in indonesia. now, lou ah, the watching out, is it a reminder of our top stories? this, our concerns about our new conflict in ukraine are set to dominate talks between us and russian leaders. later on tuesday, vladimir put his denied that innovation is planned, blaming nato, for the lead to position. his military is
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a buffer against its expansion. eastwards are these 4 people have been killed by an explosion in iraq southern the city of bossa last happened to clear a hospital. several other people were injured. china is accused the u. s. a violating the olympic spirits after washington announced a diplomatic boycott of next year's beijing winter games making government officials will not attend because of what they call human rights atrocities and genocide. 3 political parties in germany have signed a coalition agreement paving the way for the formation of a new government leaders of the social democratic party. the green party and free democrats attended the signing ceremony in berlin. coalition marks an end of the conservative government, led by chancellor angler merkel social democrat all off schultz is set to replace michael who's leaving after 16 years. dominic came reports 4 times, angular. mca led her party into a general.


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