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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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oh al jazeera with ah, china accuses the u. s. violating the olympic spirit after it announced a diplomatic boy thought of next year's bathing winter games. ah, are there i'm the stars yeti. this is out of their life and are also coming up. ah. tension in the gambia capital as an opposition candidate refuses to concede, defeat and saturdays presidential election. and when we wanted vaccines,
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they just kept, you know, giving us the crumbs from the table of africa as president hits out of governments for their failure to deliver on promises. of coven 19 vaccines for africa. and the u. s. is forced to resume a controversial trump era immigration policy that makes migrant weights in mexico while their cases are ha ah! now china is threatening firm counter measures against the u. s. after announced a diplomatic boycott of next year's winter olympics and beijing and a briefing just a short while ago, china's foreign ministry spokesman says the u. s. will pay a price for that decision. the u. s. says it won't attend the event because of what it calls, human rights atrocities and genocide. usually yvonne, diesel yonder, ga d u. s. standing opposed to athletes and sports lovers across the world. china
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deplores this and rejects this and has large, solemn representations and will take resolute counter measures. the u. s. should stop politicizing sports and stop disrupting the beijing winter olympics with words . otherwise, it might harm bilateral dialogue and cooperation in a series of important areas and international regional issues. she would all continue has more now on china's reaction from beijing. china's clearly furious. it says that the u. s. will pay, but it hasn't detailed what those counts measures might be. an earlier in his statement. jolly jen, the foreign ministry, spokes person accused the us of political prejudice. ideological bias, political manipulation and having sinister intentions. as we heard, beijing says that the limpid should be yours as a tool for international unity, and that any diplomatic boy runs counter to the spirit of the games. not when addressing the issue of alleged human rights abuses, engine jung,
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foreign ministry spokesperson said that these were simply fabricated. now the us of course disagrees. it says that china's treatment of the muslim league of population, that amounts to genocide, many human rights groups say up to 1000000, we get has been in prison. they say that force labor and sterilization are common. now the aging has repeatedly dismiss this, saying that any actions that they've taken into john, have been all about stamping out extremism. now we have other countries who are currently considering diplomatic boycotts as well, including the u. k and canada. and that's certainly going to be a bad look for aging. they were really hoping for positive optics during the olympic games. so far, we've only had one major world leader confirm that they will attend the games and that has been rushes. vladimir putin on july boy, cough is a professor at pacific university, oregon, and also an author on the lympics. he says the us diplomatic boy called isn't a surprise. the olympics have been political since they were founded in the 18
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ninety's by a plucky french aristocrat named baron peer to cooper time. and they have remained political ever since. after all, in 1936, hitler hosted the olympics in berlin to great political fact for him and his regime . every single olympic has political element to it. and so when somebody tells you that the olympics are not political, typically they tend to be milking the olympic coward. both hands, meaning they make their living off the field again. and in fact, since the united states has making a diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics just further proof. in fact, you might think that this could be the death knell of that fable that the olympics are not political. they are definitely political through and through. all new zealand also says it won't be attending china's winter olympics about the massive level, but says that decision has to do with covet 19 and travel logistics. but the deputy prime minister also says there concerns about human rights still exists and have
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been raised with beijing. we make very regular statements around our views, all human rights issues with respect to china and the prime minister's right size directly with prison and j, where we are already not attending at diplomatic level is and so it's a hypothetical from now moving on, unconcerned around a new conflict in ukraine all set to dominate talks between the u. s. and russian leaders. later on tuesday, president joe biden as promising what his spokesman called, enduring and meaningful costs. if the build up of russian troops, east of ukraine's border results in an invasion. but i'm a lot of impressions. his father is denied that an invasion of plans claiming nature rather for the need to position his military as a buffer against the airlines. as expansion eastwood. well, the white house press secretary says the talks which will take place virtually, or an opportunity to show us support for ukraine. sovereignty is an opportunity for the president to underscore, of course u. s. concerns with martian military activities on the border with ukraine and
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reform. reaffirm the united states support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the ukraine. it's also an opportunity to discuss a range of topics in the u. s. and russia relationship including strategic stability, cyber and regional issues. i, but you can certainly expect that ah, the are, are concerns about the military activities on the border will be a prominent part of the discussion. well, cadre leak is a senior policy fellow at the european council. she says the u. s. con, meets the count gremlins demand to keep ukraine from joining nato. i don't think by then will want to expand nato touring his term in office, but clearly not in his plans, but stopping it officially for goods, but would require a unanimous decision by all nato allies and actually the redrafting, some of nato's internal documents. so he cannot clearly deliver on bust him on,
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but i'm sure that he will try me to de escalate the situation because he doesn't need a crisis in your crane. i think put in a serious about seeking control away ukraine, future political choices. and ideally, russia really would like to discuss european political order to carry tilda and ukraine place, which should be outside nato. so i read all but mobilize ation, military mobilization as a whole west to discuss raises, who's actually putting pressure on the west to discuss the issues that the 1000 wants to discuss. because the west clearly has been shunning that conversation whenever russia has tried to make stars. and i don't think that's preparation for actual invasion like a coming weeks. but say it doesn't make it any less dangerous because i think russia is quite serious about its ends. so we could still see
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a military attack except it would come suddenly we would not see. ready months of preparations leading update now moving on and police in the gambia, 5 tier gas on monday to discuss supporters of a presidential candidate who's refusing to concede defeat. the actual commission has declared incumbent down the barrow. the women of saturday's pole with 53 percent of the verse and interest has the latest now from banjo. this is the moment of positions or to say peace quietly, i guess. as they gathered at the home of acquisition, u. d. p. leda was a new dapple. the tense kind of happened at dublin hall, just across the street from the united states embassy in the secondary support is claimed, their candidate was robbed in saturday's presidential election, and they won't back doubt incumbent item. a battle as again been declared precedent
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is 1st i'm came after the oppressive 22. we are all a former lead a i a jump mot barrel to step down. they rigged the election. the results are worse than what was announced during yard jamie's rain. even he didn't defeat the u . d p with this margin. witnesses say this kemesha began after stone was cast at the police with and responded with tear gas and arrest. incidents like this have been reported elsewhere. witnesses, sake clashes have happened between supporters of the governing party and the main opposition. lana, how can we do so? one, nothing happens. it doesn't mean that it's not that nasal. now wrong is not on the damn him. off of i, that was the vanities that hitler hit until some of these hopes of gum bias, post election period would be hit free one dash by these incidents. now even the
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position of opposition leader will say no double regarding the outcome of this election, suffered a setback on monday, one of the candidates who attended a meetings house while the results of the elections were rejected. cold and congratulated preston, adam about election. observers from both the african union on european union found no major problems in the electoral process. or are the candidates like had you for some have already conceded defeat st. gubbins? have spoken. why do were good delivery would it is not my prerogative to imply that water is their voice if did that, which is that it is foster accent and the police have issued a statement by way to deal with troublemakers. i was some opposition supporter saying they would back down. it could be attempts to post election period for the gap. yeah, i'm a decrease al jazeera but june the gambia fella had here amazon.
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not backing down, find out why people and see don say they will not in some places. ah ah hello, welcome to your world weather update will begin in australia where we have rain falling in all the wrong places around the top and tropical queensland, new south wales. and victoria, of course, along that eastern area of australia where we've seen the flooding, then temperature is a big concern here, but the colors on the dark of the red, the higher the temperature. look at that warm wind coming down to purse at 38 degrees. it's bolstering your temperature, but by friday things come crashing down just a high of 25 degrees. it's actually below average. a new zealand rate. now it's for the north island still bit of rain hanging around, but that south island looking good. christ church, a hive. 20 degrees, the ne monsoon is going to pick up in intensity. so that's going to chuck rain
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towards central and southern areas of vietnam. but also look at the as watch what it does for the philippines really cut and break through central areas. so we got to be on the look out for flooding here. next i'll take you to china, receive more clouds drifting through the pearl river valley, the gang see, and the yellow river valley. and so where we have cloud that is a bit of a cap on temperature, so coiling and out just a high of 18 degrees. go to japan, right now. lot of activity around tokyo were seen some big winds there and big waves. so. so kal think kill, see those wind gusts up to 75 kilometers per hour on wednesday of the high of 9 degrees. ok, that's it for me see soon ah, in the country with an abundance of results and want to leave here. firms moment we move to grow and fraud with balance, but really economy blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation
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law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let people in his growth and progress in here. now, hulu. ah ah hello again. you're watching al jazeera that's remind you of our top stories. the south china says the u. s. diplomatic boycott of next year as beijing winter olympics could hom relations. american government officials will not be attending because of what they call human rights atrocities. and genocide, concerns around a new conflict, a new crane all set to dominate talks between us and russian leaders. later on
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tuesday, vladimir putin has denied that an invasion has planned, blaming nato for the need to position his military as a buffer against its expansion. eastwards police and the gambia have 5 t aghast at his best opposition. supporters. president adama barrow was declared. the winner of saturdays election was 53 percent of the vote, but protest to say it was saying he w should have one while ensued on protest as they say they won't give up demonstrating against october's military take over security forces fight tig asked to disperse crowds marching near the presidential palace, people are also angry about a deal involving the military leader that reinstated the prime minister. they say abdullah ham dock has betrayed them by agreeing to a government domination by generals him. morgan reports now from cartoon. it started with a few 100 people in different parts of the dance capital cartoon, but soon the numbers swelled to 1000 protesters. returning back to the 3 to voice
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their condemnation of a deal find between the army leader general at the foot. the hyper hahn and prime minister of the land o'clock. the agreement came afterwards, hamlet and military takeover in october. placing him built under house arrest for nearly a month. with the deal has a lot of things such a vague and could be interpreted in favor of all demands or against sticks. but the problem is it was signed by someone who doesn't have a right to sign it as someone who doesn't deserve it. work go, come look, just not represent those on the street and the military cannot be trusted. the takeover is how the dissolution of the 2 year transitional government, which was shared by the military and the civilian coalition, known as the forces of freedom and change. they were presented the protest movement that led to the overthrow of sedans. long time president armitage, bushy other regents around the country also came out in protest of the dean, including the state of casela in the east. therefore, in the west and just the estate which neighbors heart. wow,
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i scared monkey are going to put her good. that the army can't be possible government because they are the ones who come and kill us. they can't be the same ones to come and rule us. so we're coming out against the army chief behind and his deputy. i'm with america murphy. they should not use their bullets and tear gas on us and our children. let them use it in a room for the army should be in the barracks. if they were wearing civilian clothing, they could have stood with us all across the mile. thousands gathered in front of the presidential palace on monday to voice their anger at the military and the deal . security forces use tear gas to disperse them. since the takeover medical worker see at least 44 people have been killed and nearly 300 injured yet more protests are scheduled for the coming days. many here see the won't stop until their demands for a full civil in government is met to guarantee through dance transition to democracy . he but morgan, alta 0 hutton. now ethiopian government forces say they have one more ground against rebels from the north. the to grind people's liberation front will tpl f
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appears to now be retreating and both am horror and afar regions. that neighbor t grey, where the rebels are based. soldiers loyal to prime minister abbey. i've met have now taken back the towns of dessie and come boucher is strategically important because they set on a major national highway. meanwhile, a spokesman fer to grind forces have confirmed they have indeed withdrawn. busy saying we left north, show our composure and dessie as part of our plan. there was no organized unit to liberate these towns the residence. no, it r b as generals know it, things are going according to our plan. the rest is just a circus. russian president vladimir putin visited new delhi for talks with prime minister and a ran remedy on monday, several trade and ons deals were signed. and one of those will see india produce more than 600000 assault rifles. elizabeth per annum has worn out from new delhi. this is in the annual summit between the leaders of the 2 countries, but as the 1st time in the 21 years that the summit has been taking place. that the
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defense and foreign ministers of both countries also met and what came out of those meetings is a number of defense deals with the most significant one being india, buying $700000000.00 with advanced assault rifles from kalashnikov with very importantly for india, a technology transfer being part of that agreement with the assault rifles actually being made in the indian state of the for the age. now the 2 sides also discussed the delivery of the russian s $400.00 missile defense system. they agreed 3 years ago. it was a $5400000000.00 contract to purchase the system. and india is very much going ahead. would that it's received the 1st part of the system, despite warnings from the us, that it could face sanctions for going ahead with the deal. well, this is what the russian foreign minister sig, a leverage had to say about it. we witness them. so the bus will do like the stakes
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to undermine the school duration or to making g a, b, that miracle norbish. before will there miracle vision of how this region should be should be developed there though injured from so leo firmly explained that the southern culture then they will decide and whose weapons to bargain, who is going to be a partner of india in this on the other areas, while the defense deals were the easy part of the summit, the india, russia relationship has come on to some strain recently. and that is because of india's growing relationship with the us and rushes close relationship with china. these dynamics have loomed large over the indian russia relationship. ah,
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well to the pandemic law and south africa as president has stepped up, his fierce criticism of the way that countries have reacted to the new ami con variant. so are on the post made those remarks during a peace and security for him in senegal, saying that western governments have also failed to deliver coven 19 vaccines that they promised to africa. from doc aren't nicholas hack reports. the fight against the new alma chrome variant in senegal starts here at a health center in downtown to car. we're doses of the coven. 19 vaccines are available. luncheon with the can. the, it's not because we have a vaccine that we are america. we need to keep protective measures and protect those around us. it's not over at the to day peace and security form held into court on monday, south africa as president sirower, poster accused rich countries of creating health apartheid. i have personally really been disappointed in the approach that the rich countries have taken on the issue of vaccines. firstly,
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they hoarded to vaccines. they ordered more voc sees than their populations required. and when we wanted vaccines, they just kept, you know, giving us the crumbs from the table. and the greed that they demonstrated is something that is quite, quite disappointing. indeed, particularly when they say they are our partners. the pandemic overshadowed the 7th piece insecurity form held here which welcomed heads of state intelligence officers and military chiefs. usually discussions and the forum revolves around greater military cooperation between western nations and african countries. but with western countries breaking their promise to supply vaccines and their unwillingness to wave patterns to allow people here to make their own trust is eroding with some nation, looking at new partnerships to help the fight against cove it in africa,
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china. and else it's sending 1000000000 doses of vaccines on the fight against arm groups in this a hell region. new year's president admitted that al qaeda affiliates are in some places better equipped than the security forces of some countries in west africa following increased attacks. molly, seeking help from the russian mercenaries working for wagner, the private military company of way, countries like my lee have decided to go more and more for davis. if occasion of our partnerships, we can work with china, we can, will give her russia. also at the form delegates from western nations reiterated there, good will and intentions. but countries such as south african senegal, say that's not good enough. vaccines made in africa for africans is what they want . almost a quarter of a 1000000 africans are reported to have died of the virus so far. the message here
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is those death where preventable if only victims had access to vaccines. nicholas hawk al jazeera de car. meanwhile, france is closing night clubs and imposing strict social distancing rules in response to the on the cranberry and prime ministers on cast x as, as the country is now its 5th wave of this pandemic. but he believes that the high vaccination rates and the reintroduction of some restrictions will prevent the needs and more locked downs and curfews onward. young ladies, good. we see where the risk of infection is highest. it's when we're gathered in festive occasions. when we eat, drink wine, when we're standing in doors in close contact with each other. obviously without masks, it's in office leaving drinks on the seminars, end of year festive moments. it could be in the house, a big dinner among friends, a house warming. these are my message is very clear until the end of the year, we take it easy. we pause, we protect each other,
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and we also save our ability to enjoy christmas. also. now the mayor of new york, meanwhile, has announced plans to make coven 19 vaccinations. mandatory for all work as they're in the private sector. it's the most sweeping corona virus related measure by any states or major city in the u. s. bill diblasio said children above the age of 5 will soon need to have had one dose of a vaccine in order to enter restaurants versus cases in new york are rising. and there are concerns about the spread of the army con variance. and now to some breaking news from the southern city of basra and iraq, several people are reported to have been killed there in an explosion. others have also been injured. it's unclear at this time just what the cause of the blast was. well, let's bring in a rock correspondent mac went up to why he did. he joins us now. he is here with us in doha and mock, when i know this is all just unfolding, but what do we know so far? well, it is not known for certain as of yet the nature of this explosion that caused many
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death is an injuries in the iraqi or a southern city of earl bustler. but we know that this could be for many, it reason, as you know, that there are infrastructure in iraq. is it very weak, as you know, that is also the rise of extremism. again, that have been explosions at targeting get estate facilities, civilians and military prisoners are across iraq over the past it year or so. so it is not known for certain as of yet is the nature of this explosion. but what we know so far is that, or it has, it has caused a civil death is an injuries. and it, you know, that it, in the government, in such situations would bring a fact finding a mission from baghdad to early busta. but this, it would probably take
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a few hours to get to know the, the real, the details of this explosion, and involving, staying across that for you here on out as area as more information emerges, math level by here that there are rock correspondent, thanks so much math mind. now moving on and the u. s. justice department has closed an investigation into a 1955 lynching of the black teenager without laying any charges. 14 year old emmet tell this adapted, tortured and killed after he was accused of whistling, as a white woman, in the case was reopened. after a book quoted, the woman who is now in her eighties saying that she lied that till grabbed her. 2 men who confessed to the killing were acquitted by an all white jury. while the u. s. has sent its 1st group of asylum seekers back to mexico after a controversial trump. here a policy was reinstated, president joe biden suspended the remain in mexico program on his 1st day in office . but then a lawsuit forced him to put it back into effect. human rights advocates have raised
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safety concerns about those being forced back into mexico. amera chattering reports desperate for answers. these migrants have been waiting for months for their applications to be processed. they're searching for safety and a better life. their proposal. now, there are people like me, you can go back because we have suffered a lot of violence in our country. we have internal law, and if we go back, we will die. we have decided to wait and see what happens and see what decisions the u. s. government will take us president joe biden suspended the remain in mexico program, cooling it in humane, but a court order has forced it to be reinstated form the president. donald trump used to the policy then known as the migrant protection protocols to send more than 70000 asylum applicants back to mexico, where they were forced to wait for months. human rights groups reported several cases of kidnapping, rape,
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and torture. but the white house says improvements to the scheme will give asylum seek legal representation. this program is hasn't demik was imposed under it has imposed unjustifiable human costs, pulled resources and personnel away from other priority efforts and failed to address the root causes of a regularly irregular migration. deeply flawed, under guidance from mexico. the us will now provide covert 19 vaccinations and exemptions such as for those with physical and mental health challenges. the 1st migrants are expected to be returned from the state of texas and california. this shelter is preparing for a massive influx of people from about under but at the, near my year we are preparing to increase our capacity at the shelter. we had a capacity of 150. now we want to have a capacity of more than $200000.00 migrants because we believe that they'll be mobilization to woodson, northern border. while there is deep concern about the return of the policy, some remain hopeful. they can still begin
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a new life with their families. it's really hard to be racing and now again with the migrant protection protocols. but i think it is a really good thing because we have the hope to get another opportunity to wait and see if they let us cross into the u. s. and be without families. the mexican government has said it's committed to maintaining the health and safety of asylum seekers as the new program gets under way these migrants are hoping those promises are kept her marriage or 3 to 0. now a memorial has been held at sir mark the 80th anniversary of the japanese attack on the u. s. naval base at palm harbor, the supposed bombing, and why in 1941 killed 2390 americans. the u. s. had been neutral in the 2nd world war until that attack president franklin roosevelt then declared war on japan the very next day. he famously describe it as
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a date which will live in infamy. now the death toll from indonesia, the volcanic eruption has risen to $34.00, many more still missing the body of a 13 year old boy is one of the laces to be recovered from the ash and mud that further volcanic activity and rain has hampered such essence ah, that this is al jazeera, these are the headlines. several people are reported to have been killed in an explosion in iraq's southern city of basra. many others have also been injured. it's currently unclear what caused the blast, and no group has claimed responsibility. china says the u. s. diplomatic boycott of next year's beijing winter olympics could harm relations. american government officials will not attend because of what they call human rights atrocities and genocide, china's foreign ministry spokesman says the.


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