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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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ah po, and i'm at home stories and asia and the pacific. i'm out here with you. i says it's diplomats will not be attending the beijing winter olympics. china has promised a firm response. ah, 11 o'clock, this is al 0. life de also come, we are. and where we wanted vaccines, they just kept, you know, giving us the crumbs from the, our table. south africa's president head, south dublin. so for the failure to deliver on the promise is of coven 19 vaccines for africa? protests as
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a back on the streets since you don fearful, the military will stay in power long off to the agreed n date. and the by the ministration revise, the policy that will keep migrants in mexico. well, this island cases are reviewed. ah, it, citing what it called a human rights atrocities. in genocide the united states is announced a diplomatic boycott of china's winter olympics. it means no american government officials will attend. there won't be an impact on athletes heading to the games shortly. we'll be live in beijing. off of this report from katya lepus audio political tensions between the us and china, now playing out and next year's winter olympics. and beijing, he was presidential bite and said for weeks he was considering a diplomatic boycott of the games over china's human rights record. particularly
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what washington says is genocide against weaker muslims in shing young province. the biden administration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympic games given the pierre scenes ongoing genocide and crimes against a humanity engine, john and other human rights abuses. the athletes and team usa have our full support will be behind them 100 percent as we cheered them on from home. oh, china is accused of detaining more than a 1000000 weaker muslims and other minorities in camps where force, labor and civilization of women are allegedly common. beijing denies this before the boycott was announced, it warn't of counter measures, but also talked down and he likely impact from the us move scenarios who sure, you know. yeah. most politicians who clump a boycott for political self interested, or just showing off and hiking things up with nobody cares whether they come or not
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. and it will have no influence on beijing success in hosting the winter olympics. the boycott is moving forward despite recent effort to stabilize ties, including last month's a video meeting between biden and chinese president seeking pink. i think what we're seeing now is both united states and china testing the waters and going back and forth on politics and the olympics become a platform or a proxy for engaging in political verbal batteries. let's just hope it stays at verbal. we're entering a perilous moment and the olympics are sort of ante up the tension between the 2 countries in ways that are much bigger than the olympics. the u. s. also applauded the woman's tennis association for suspending all tournaments and china over concerns for the safety of chinese ton of star peng. why? with the olympics coming to the u. s. in 2028. there are now questions about how china may respond both in the short and long term. katya low priscilla young al
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jazeera while it's close to beijing, now we can speak to chris one that katrina you and katrina will be hearing from the foreign ministry gayden coming us. what do we expect? how that's right. they're expected to give a briefing sometime this afternoon, paging time, and really were expecting similar comments. they have been repeating the same kind of sentiments over the past few weeks when these 1st rumors came out that the u. s . was mulling over this move. china has acute washington, a political grandstanding, political, political, manipulation of distorting the spirit of the games. and we've had chinese states media similarly expressed the same sentiment, saying that this is the us trying to contain china and reflect a cold war mentality. so this will no doubt escalate tensions just weeks after president jor biden present. she didn't think sat down to a video colon at the time the business community world to mystic that the
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relationship was at least stabilizing. and now this is against spiked concerns about what this might mean for the 2 countries trade between the 2 countries exchanges between the 2 countries. aging is currently mulling over what exactly it's going to do to respond. but we're yet to hear any details about what those counter measures might look like. china are under the spotlight of course, and various issues, not least over the tennis player, punish way. and we get situation as we talked about earlier, lympics may be seen to be an opportunity to change perceptions for the country. that's exactly right. i mean the olympics are supposed to be this really big positive event. it's supposed to represent a sense of unity and for china, they were really hoping that this event could really represent its own new standing on the global stage is our new role as is leader in the east. so the fact that the u. s. is not attending and potentially other western countries could follow suit.
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other officials may not attend from a countries which are allied with the u. s. that could really damage china's credibility and damage it's image and it's already reeling. as you mentioned from the whole handling of the punctual i case last week, the devotee announced it was suspending all tournaments in china because they're concerned about her safety and well being. they're concerned that the allegations that she made against a top official at the beginning of november, are not being properly investigated punctually here has not been seen out in about in public or speaking freely for weeks. and any mention of her here in china is completely silence completely wiped from the internet. it's not mentioned on state media, it's well, so it's highly controversial. beijing for it's part, has said that, you know, this is all hype from western governments. that punctual is absolutely fine. she's resting at home, she's requested privacy, and it's really been the kind of similar response that they've had. 2 concerns
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about the week of population and shinji young. they doing saying that no, this is not what's going on at all. that were simply trying to stamp out extremism and separatism. but at the same time, china continues to have a very difficult time at convincing many other governments, especially human rights organizations that, that is indeed the case or could universally wish to, to you there in major euler dungeon is the global as, who specializes in chinese for us and he says you as soon as our lives use double standards when it comes to join, this was expected, the u. s. has been telegraphing this move. it's won't be surprising if australia and also great britain follow and suit. these are quote principal actions that these groups are taking. meanwhile, in afghanistan, a broken battered abandoned countries, interfaces starvation. so i guess principles are something that are very, very selective allegations against china. over sion, john have never been shown. they're all instigated in most instances,
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leading back to adrian's ends and jamestown foundation, which is dubiously funded by the cia. so at this juncture, this is the war of words. it'll accomplish nothing except breeding bad blood between these 2 nations who actually need to come together in order to address the world's real problems. are sure the pandemic and the economics. the base of the problem is that china success has brought it to the forefront us is not used to having any rival whatsoever. and they're acting particularly as a hedge mom who's going to be king of the hill. they do not want anybody challenging us dominance and militarily, lyrically and economically. ironically, if you look at us politics and the us itself it's, it's ribbon by all sorts of factions, lyrical stalemate, violence on the street. i don't know that this is
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a country that can stand up and say, look, you should follow us. look at our how well we're doing. it's time for us to lead by example, instead of by preaching in south africa as president has stepped up, his fears, criticism of the way countries of reactive new macro variance of crone of ours. and so, rather pose made the remarks during peace and security for the cynical st. governments have also failed to deliver code 1900 vaccines that they promised to africa from dr . nicholas hart. because this report, the fight against the new omicron variant in senegal starts here at a health center in downtown to car. we're doses of the covey 19 vaccines are available, matching with the can, the, it's not because we have a vaccine that we are immune. we need to keep protective measures and protect those around us. it's not over. at a 2 day peace and security form held into court on monday, south africa as president,
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sirower posts are accused rich countries of creating health apartheid. i have personally really been disappointed in the approach, but the rich countries have taken on the issue of vaccines. firstly, they hoarded vaccines. they ordered wal vaccines than their populations required. and when we wanted vaccines, they just kept, you know, giving us the crumbs from the table. and the greed that they demonstrated is something that is quite, quite disappointing. indeed, particularly when they say they are our partners. the pandemic overshadow. the 7 piece insecurity form held here which welcomed heads of state intelligence officers and military chiefs. usually discussions and the forum revolves around greater military cooperation between western nations in african countries. but with western
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countries breaking their promise to supply vaccines and their unwillingness to wave patterns to allow people here to make their own choices. eroding with some nations, looking at new partnerships, to help the fight against covey in africa, china and out. it's sending 1000000000 doses of vaccines on the fight against arm groups in this a hell region. news years president admitted that al qaeda affiliates are in some places better equipped than the security forces of some countries in west africa following increased attacks. molly, seeking help from the russian mercenaries working for wagner, the private military company. and us way conflict miley, we have decided to war more and more for diversification of our partnerships. we can work with china, we can, will be for russia. also at the form delegates from western nations reiterated
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there, good will and intentions. but countries such as south african senegal, see that's not good enough. vaccines made in africa for africans is what they want . almost a quarter of a 1000000 africans are reported to have died of the virus so far. the message here is those death where preventable if only victims had access to vaccines. nicholas hawk al jazeera de carr, a growing number of school students in south korea have tested positive for cove at 19 since they went back to class late last month, nearly 1500 students tested positive and sol alone last week. that's more than a 30 percent increase from the week before and the number of critically ill travaras patience has also hit record high ethiopian government forces of one more battlefield victories against rebels from the north. the to grind people's liberation front or t p l f. appears to be retreating in am horror, and a far regions which neighbor to grow, where the rebels of bass soldiers loyal to the prime minister abbey of men have now
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taken back the towns of dessie and con butcher. their strategically important because they sit on a national highway when a function for the to ground forces confirm, they have withdrawn saying we left north show her composure and dessie as part of our plan. there was no organize unit to liberate these towns and the residents know it. and that was general's note. things are going according to our plan, william davidson as a senior ethiopia, unless for the international crisis group. and he says, despite how the rebels are characterizing the withdrawals, it's clear they're on the back foot at the moment. the key thing to look for now, i think is what is the ability of the tick forces to maintain positions in har region? i think they would be in a very difficult position if they were forced to withdraw back to take right entirely. if the 2 great 4th is able to maintain positions in our region where they
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beat on this offensive since july. and we will have to see if in the future they able to regain some offensive capacity. they say this is tactical. they say they need some time to reorganize, re strategize and recover the other very significant thing. here is the intensified drones capacity of the federal government and drones provided by china, by 30, by iran, facilitated by the united arab emirates. this is really hit the ground and supply line and meant that they had to give up on those offences ambition to the head here and out there on the some opposition supporters in the gambia refused to accept the president's reelection fight with believe new york city will soon implement tough new measures to stem the rise of the 19 case. ah,
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ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by cut on airways, mostly settled conditions across the middle east. hello everyone. there is one exception. as we looked toward the levant, we've got a storm system swooping in. let me take it toward wednesday, swath of rain, and we're really going to see those winds pick up for bay roof. gus to about 70 kilometers per hour. we'll go in for a closer look in a sack, but there is some nice weather to be found. we look toward pakistan, sunny in the south karachi, 29 degrees, bit more cloud cover. the hor rate through 2 islam. but now to the eastern med because this is also plaguing turkey, scenic gathers seem through the use or measure set fire hose of rain in to antalya . so we'll look to pick up 50 millimeters of rain and look for those winds to go to 65 kilometers per hour. that's on tuesday. now by wednesday, here we go into the lavette. this becomes a story for you. and again, the root could see the wind gusts up to 70 kilometers per hour. exceptional heat,
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central africa put the colors on here. the darker the red, the higher the temperature jew. but 40 bungie 36. you could matcher, december record temperature, which is $36.00 degrees further toward the south. disturbed weather is southern angola, southern botswana, northeast of south africa. so we've got storms from bill, a whale rate through to johannesburg, but it's nice in cape town. the height of 23. that's it. susan who with sponsored by cataract weighs a gynecologist, working as a volunteer in areas of conflict is not only a skill. he's also known for his time delivering babies to women who medical services are limited. you're truly a doctor of humanity and hope to see a world. what was the don't to musical mission with dr with
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ah ah. are you watching out? is there a reminder about top stories this hour and the u. s. is announced a diplomatic voice sort of beijing winter olympics accusing china of genocide in the treatment of was the weakest american athletes will still compete in the games? china described move as political manipulation. south africa's president has again criticized sweeping travel bands imposed on his country because of the armor. chrome varied. sir ronald poser also accused western governments of failing to deliver capability. vaccines. ethiopian government forces of one more battlefield victories against rebels from the north. the to grind people's liberation, frontal
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t p l f. if it is re retreating in them. horror and a far regence for the spokesman says it's according to the pun. dameion police are fired, tear gas to disperse supporters. we're losing presidential candidate who's refusing to concede defeat the electoral commission declared incumbent adama barrow the window with 53 percent of the vote. i would address reports now from bundrum. this is the moment or position supporters say police choir t, i guess. as they gathered at the home of acquisition, u. d. p leader, who said, you dabble. the test kind of happened at dublin hall just across the street from the united states embassy in the set of quinn bay area. support his claim, their candidate was robbed in such a day's presidential election and they won't back doubt incumbent item. a battle has again been declared precedent. his 1st arm came after the oppressive 22. we are
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all a former lead, a jump mot barrow to step down. they rigged the election. the results are worse than what was announced during yard jamie's rain. even he didn't defeat the u . d. p. with this margin. witnesses say this kemesha began after stone was cast at the police will then responded with tear gas and arrest incidents like this have been reported elsewhere. witnesses say clashes have happened between supporters of the governing party and the main opposition. lana. how can we do this? um, why not be happy with it? it doesn't mean that it's not that nasal not wrong. not on the damn him. i'll provide it was the vanity's that hello. hey allison. i don't remember these hopes of gum bias. post election period would be $31.00 dash by these incidents. now even the position of opposition lead out, we'll say no double regarding the outcome of this election, suffered
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a setback on monday, one of the candidates who attended a meeting in his house while the results of the elections were rejected. cold and congratulated preston at m a battle election. observers from both the african union and european union found no major problems in the electoral process. or are the candidates like ali for some have already conceded defeat st. gubbins? have spoken. why do we get to will be what it is? not my prerogative to imply that water is their voice. if did that, which is that it is foster and decision the police of issued a statement vowing to deal with troublemakers. i'm with some offices, your support are saying they won't back down. it could be attempts to post election period for the gabby edris algebra, but june the gambia to saddam where thousands of returned to the streets, maintaining protests against o t. i was military tank over in
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a subsequent deal that reinstated the prime minister. they say that abdullah hummed up betrayed them by agreeing to a government dominated by generals. he but morgan repulsed now from call to it started with a few 100 people in different parts of the dance capital cartoon. but soon the numbers swelled to 1000. protesters returning back to the 3 to voice their condemnation of a deal find between the army leader general at them for the hyper hahn and prime minister of the lamb duke. last month, the agreement came afterwards. han let a military takeover in october. placing ham built under house arrest for nearly a month to bug you. the deal has a lot of things that have begun could be interpreted in favor of all to moms or against it. but the problem is it was signed by someone who doesn't have a right to sign it as someone who doesn't deserve it. go come look, just not represent those on the street and the minute treat cannot be trusted. the takeover is how the dissolution of the 2 year transitional government, which was shared by the military and the civilian coalition,
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known as the forces of freedom and change. they were presented the protest movement that led to the overthrow of sedans, longtime president, almond and bushy. other regents around the country also came out in protest of the dean, including the state of casela in the east. therefore in the west and just the estate which neighbors hartwell. i scare them on kitty corner from her room. the only company possible government because they are the ones who come and kill us. they can't be the same ones to come and rule us. so we're coming out against the ami chief behind and his deputy allison recommend if you know they should not use they bullets and chair gas hamas, and i'll children, let them use it in the army should be in the barracks if they were wearing civilian clothing, they could have stood with us more like a family from various parts of with
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family. none of you can with across the mile, thousands gathered in front of the presidential palace on monday to voice their anger at the military and the deal. security forces use tear gas to disperse them. since the takeover medical workers there at least 44 people have been killed and nearly 300 injured yet more protests are scheduled for the coming days. many here the, the one stop until they demands for a full civil in government is meant to guarantees to dance transition to democracy . he by morgan, alta 0 or 2 or more. now, on the ground of ours, pandemic and france will close nightclubs and tightened social distancing rules in response to the o micron variant. our prime minister, jean catholic, says the countries now in its 5th wave of the pandemic. but he believes high vaccination rates and the reduction of some restrictions will prevent the need for more locked downs. and curfews is under simmons from london on the situation now.
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in the u. k, there will be similar measures from scotland and wales and northern ireland. that's been said that these measures basically reintroducing further measures which were out earlier. but britain in particular, criticized for being slow with its travel restrictions. it's going slowly because it feels that the booster jap will actually bring it into a safer position than other states because of the faster rollout. but they'll be a p c, r. test mandatory. within 48 hours of departing on a plane. and on arrival, there has to be a, a negative result from pcr test or within 48 hours. the has to be self isolation. and now nigeria has been added to the list of the read list of countries, which people have to go into a quarantine for a whole 10 days in a specified hotel. the government will lay on that's caused outrage in nigeria. now
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the government has a straightforward policy, it believes it's doing these things as a, as a preventative measure. but it's real weapon against cove. it believes is the bose booster 3rd jap. the question is, the additional pcr test that people come to this country will take as a precautionary measure and get the right thing to do. but of course, the real resilience that we're building up to any variants, including on the con, he's getting the boosters of the vaccine rolled out. we've got 80 percent of those over 12 now having 2 jobs. and we got a 3rd of the country with either a 3rd job or a booster. that's the reason we can go to this come into his christmas as a country with stronger confidence. we can enjoy christmas in a way that, that up. what should we couldn't last year? yes, the government, they're holding a lot of faith in the booster jab. will that be seen? will it work? people are unsure of it. however, it's a clear policy of this government. the mayor of new york city is announced plans to
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make co 19 vaccinations, compulsory for all workers in the private sector. it is the most sweeping corona virus related measure of any state or big us city. a build de blasio also said that children age between $5.11 will soon need at least one vaccine days to end to restaurants and theaters. i describe the actions we're taking today as a preemptive strike. get ahead of this problem before it deepens and use the thing that works vaccination. we can talk about all the other tools and we will. but vaccination is the central weapon in this war against coven. it's a one thing that has worked every single time across the board on a strategic level, it's the reason new york city is back in so many ways. as the reason we can avoid shut downs and restrictions a controversial trump. here a policy keeping migrants in mexico, well they wait for the u. s. asylum cases to be processed as back. it comes after the by the administration reach to deal with mexico. but even though there will be
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exemptions, in some cases, human rights advocates are worried. so mary, children are desperate for answers. these migrants have been waiting for months for the applications to be processed. they're searching for safety and a better life. there's a little knacker, there are people like me, you can go back because we have suffered a lot of violence in our country. we haven't journal law. and if we go back, we will die. we have decided to wait and see what happens and see what decisions the u. s. government will take us president joe biden suspended the remain in mexico program, calling it in humane, but a court order has forced it to be reinstated. former president donald trump used to the policy then known as the migrant protection protocols to send more than 70000 asylum applicants back to mexico, where they were forced to wait for months. human rights groups reported several cases of kidnapping, rape, and torture. but the white house says improvements to the scheme will give asylum
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seek legal representation. this program is hasn't demik was imposed under it has imposed unjustifiable human costs, pulled resources and personnel away from other priority efforts and failed to address the root causes of a regularly regular migration. deeply flawed, under guidance from mexico. the us will now provide cobit 19 vaccinations and exemptions, such as for those with physical and mental health challenges. the 1st migrants are expected to be returned from the state of texas and california. this shelter is preparing for a massive influx of people from open, but under but at the new year we are preparing to increase our capacity at the shelter. we had a capacity of 150. now we want to have a capacity of more than $200000.00 migrants because we believe that they'll be mobilization to woodson, northern border. while there is deep concern about the return of the policy, some remain hopeful. they can still begin a new life with their families. it's really hard to be racing and now
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again with the migrant protection protocols. but i think it is a really good thing because we have the hope to get another opportunity to wait and see if they let us cross into the u. s. and be without families. the mexican government has said it's committed to maintaining the health and safety of asylum seekers as the new program gets under way these migrants are hoping those promises are kept. her marriage old 3 out to 0, leaves of nato allies, the united states, u. k. france, germany, italy have held a joint phone call about ukraine statement says they agreed that a united front is needed to confront what is seen as rust of the still is it a build up of russian forces on the border race fears, possible invasion? which kremlin denies that will be the top focus of video link talks between vladimir putin, joe, by the, on tuesday, a memorial is being held to mark the 80th anniversary of the japanese attack on the
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u. s. naval base in pearl harbor. the woman who i killed 2390 americans, the us presidents at the time, franklin roosevelt, referred to it as a date which will live in infamy, declared war on japan the day after the attack fireman 3rd ah 7 o'clock with a headline, tara, now to 0 and the united states says, announced that diplomatic boy could have paintings winter olympics, accusing china of genocide in the treatment of wisdom weakens. american athletes will still compete in the games. china described move as political manipulation. katrina, you is more on china's reaction. well, not a total surprise from beijing. this has been discussed for some weeks now and china's foreign ministry on monday actually addressed the possibility of the u. s. and.


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