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bassetti, they're trying to brighten the people to levy to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch up here with me, sandra goldman on al jazeera. ah . ready the u. s. fullers through with its threat to diplomatically boy caught the beijing winter olympics. a booth the china warned would bring firm counter measures. ah, hello, i'm adrian for the good. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up. if you open government forces, take 2 contested towns from to graham rebels. who say that withdrawal is part of a bigger strategic plan. police in the gabby a move in with tear gas on protested who refused to accept president the dollar
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borrows reelection. as an international outcry, after mere mas ousted civilian leda is sentenced him will be you at his cooling, a sham trial ah, sizing what it calls, human rights atrocities and genocide, the united states has announced a diplomatic boycott of china's winter olympics. it means that no american government official will attend, but they won't be at impact on athletes who are planning to head to the games. cantaloupe has hot, i am reports political tensions between the us and china, now playing out and next year's winter olympics and beijing, you as president joe biden said for weeks he was considering a diplomatic boycott of the games over china's human rights record, particularly what washington says, as genocide against weaker muslims and shing young province,
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the biden administration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympic games given the pierre scenes ongoing genocide and crimes against a humanity engine. john and other human rights abuses, the athletes and team usa have our full support will be behind them 100 percent as we cheered them on from home. la rey, china is accused of detaining more than a 1000000 weaker muslims and other minorities in camps where force, labor, and serialization of women are allegedly common. beijing denies this before the boycott was announced, it warn't of countermeasures, but also talk down and he likely impact from the us move scenarios who sure, you know. yeah. most politicians who clump a boycott for political self interested or just showing off and i pick things up with nobody cares whether they come or not. and it will have no influence on
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beijing success in hosting the winter olympics. the boycott is moving forward despite recent effort to stabilize ties, including last month's a video meeting between biden and chinese presidents teaching pink. i think what we're seeing now is both united states and china testing the waters and going back and forth on politics and the olympics become a platform or a proxy for engaging in political verbal batteries. let's just hope it stays at verbal. we're entering a perilous moment and the olympics are sort of ante up the tension between the 2 countries in ways that are much bigger than the olympics. the u. s. also applauded the woman's tennis association for suspending all tournaments and china over concerns for the safety of chinese ton of star peng. why? with the olympics coming to the u. s. in 2028. there are now questions about how china may respond both in the short and long term. katia lopez of the young al jazeera. joining us out from beijing is on a tang and
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a political analyst who specializes in chinese affairs. good to be with this. again, mr. tegan, a pretentious act, political manipulation, a grave distortion of the spirit of the olympic charter. that's how china has described the u. s. diplomatic boycott. what do we make of that reaction as it touched a rule enough? no, i mean this was expected. the u. s. has been telegraphing this move, it's won't be surprising your foster and also great britain follow and suit. these are quote principal actions that these groups are taking. meanwhile, in afghanistan, a broken battered abandon, country faces starvation. so i guess principles are something that are very, very selective allegations against china, over sion. john, i've never been shown, they're all instigated in most instances leading back to adrian's ends and the jamestown foundation, which is funded by the ca. so at this juncture,
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this is the war of words. it's accomplish nothing except breeding bad blood between these 2 nations who actually need to come together in order to address the world's real problems. china has a fan demick and the economics china has previously said that it would take resolute countermeasures in the event of a boy called what could those entail? well, there's a whole number of things i think it'll actually be quite muted. there will be some sort of reaction, i don't know exactly what to do is maybe extending to officials or something like that or, or cutting out some sort of representation by the u. s. remember, the u. s. is not invited to china to the democracy summit that they're holding or russia. and at this time, both china and russia are in, in the same boat in terms of us pressing them, seemingly on all fronts. so at this juncture,
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china is just trying to figure out exactly what all of this stuff means. is it just political posturing ahead of the mid terms next year by president who was unpopular? or does this reflect the long term, a systematic and structural differences between the countries? so what do you think it means for ongoing us, china relations? i think that the base of the problem is that china's success has brought it to the forefront us is not used to having any rival whatsoever. and they're acting particularly as a hedge who is going to be king of the hill. they do not want anybody challenging us dominance and militarily, politically and economically. ironically, if you look at the u. s. politics and the u. s. itself, it's, it's ribbon by all sorts of factions, lyrical stalemate, violence on the street. i don't know that this is
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a country that can stand up and say, look, you should follow us. look at our how well we're doing. it's time for us to lead by example, instead of by preaching china has had a 40 year track record of improving the lives of its people. and i think this is, in essence, the problem. how do you confront system that you say should not work with yet? is working, whereas the system you say is the best system is not working for your people. and attacking and begging, but he thinks indeed thank if you open government forces of one more battlefield victories against rebels from the north. the dry and people liberation frontal t p l f. appears to be retracing in a mata and a fall regions which neighbor to grey. and that's where the rebels are based. soldiers loyal to prime minister, i'll be, i'll magic, have now taken back to towns of jesse and come bolger. the strategically important because they sit on a national highway will
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a spokesman for the decry and forces confirmed. they have withdrawn saying, we left north shore, combo cher, and dusty as part of our plan. there was no organized unit to liberate these towns . the residents know it, and these generals know that things are going according to plan. or william davidson is a c, d, e c o, p, or analyst for the international crisis group. he says, despite how the rebels are characterizing with jewels, it's clear on the back force of the moment. the key thing to look for now, i think is what is the ability of the tick forces to maintain positions in the region? i think they would be in a very difficult position if they were forced to withdraw back to take right entirely. if the great 4th is able to maintain position, then har region where they beat on this offensive since july. and we will have to see if in the future they able to regain some offensive capacity. they say this is
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tactical. they say they need some time to reorganize, re strategize and recover the other very significant thing. here is the intensified drone of the federal government and drones provided by china, by 30, by iran, facilitated by the united arab emirates. this is really hits the to grow and supply line and meant that they had to give up on those offensive ambition. police in the gambia of fire tear gas to disperse supporters of a losing presidential candidate is refusing to concede defeat the electoral commission declared incumbent adama barrow. the widow with 53 percent of the vote. i'll just here as i'm an address reports from banjo. this is the moment or position support to say, please quietly, i guess as they gathered at the home of acquisition, u. d. p leader. who said, you dabble? the tense kind of happened at dublin hall just across the street from the united states embassy in the secondary support his claim,
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their candidate was robbed in such a days presidential election and they wound becto incumbent item. a battle as again been declared precedent. his 1st arm came after the oppressive 22. we are all a former lead, a jump mot barrel to step down. they rigged the election. the results are worse than what was announced during yard jamie's rain. even he didn't defeat the u . d p with this margin. witnesses say this kemesha began after stone was cast at the police with and responded with tear gas and arrest. incidents like this have been reported elsewhere. witnesses say clashes have happened between supporters of the governing party and the main opposition of having to do so. i'm not going to have it. it doesn't mean that it's not. that is not wrong. i didn't know none of them here. oh,
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by that was the vanity that with those entities, hopes of gumby as post election period would be hit free one dash by these incidents. now even the position of opposition leader, we'll say no double regarding the outcome of this election suffered a setback on monday. one of the candidates who attended a meeting in his house while the results of the elections were rejected. cold and congratulated preston at m. a battle. election observers from both the african union and european union, found no major problems in the electoral process. or are the candidates like i leave for sun have already conceded defeat st. gubbins? have spoken. why do we get to will be, would it is not my prerogative to imply that would, is their voice if did that, which is that it is foster accent and decision. the police have issued a statement by way to deal with troublemakers. i'm some offices you support are
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saying they would back down. it could be attempts to post election period. for the gabby. i'm a decrease, i'll do 0. but june. the gambia that's all from indonesia. volcanic eruption has risen to 22 with many more injured and others still missing the body of a 13 year old boys. one of the latest to be recovered from the ashen mud for the volcanic activity of rain on java has hampered such efforts, crumpled roofs of houses, dot the landscape a weather update back on i was 0. been the whole protest was back on the streets in saddam fearful the field, and the coo really keep the military power of south africa as president again takes aim at the travel bands imposed on his country. ah,
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ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by capital airways, most of the rain has peter out across bangladesh. hello everyone, let me show you. still keeping it toward the northeast of india, but quite a soaking a 4 dock up. but now you have the opportunity to dry off or back into the sunshine, your temperature locks in to about 27 degrees. so it's pretty well where he should be for this and the year off to southeast asia. right now we've got a weather maker just to the south of java. this is swirling around some weather for west java into southern sections of sumatra. and we can also trace rain being steered right into the ways these. so for all of these spots, we've got to be on the lookout for flooding ticket in the philippines right now in the risk of flooding here as well for eastern portions into a central philippines. as this solid band of rain now arrives into see bu city. in time it's all about sunshine for a huge swath of china,
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high pressure and charged. the stellar stretch of weather continues for greenland and hong kong bit more cloud cover. moving. what's the east though? drifting in through the yangtze river valley and also the yellow river valleys. young jo as a hive, a love and degrees getting striped with some rain for the eastern side of horseshoe . also for the west in tokyo, it's going to get in on some of this action with the high of 14 degrees on tuesday . that's it. that's all. see you soon. o. with sponsored by cats. all right. ways for both days and less than a year. how will host the middle east with well come in preparation? the country is staging a major and says to limit the 16 nations going head to head in thanks. porpoise built stadiums. 2022 will keep you across the action as council for pres, for the regions biggest ever sporting events. the fee for our cup on al jazeera
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lou. ah, again, this is al jazeera, that's roger. my dearest to south, the united states is announced a diplomatic boycott of bay jigs winter olympics, accusing china of genocide. no american government officials will attend the games, but it will have no impact on athletes. china describes it as a political, but pollution. ethiopian government forces of one more powerful field victories against rebels. little of the, to grind people's liberation. frontal tpl f appears to be retreating in a fall regions. blue spokesman says that it's according to the police of the
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gambia of 5 tear gas to dispose supporters of a losing presidential candidate is refusing to concede defeat. the electoral commission declared encumbered to double bar, the widow with 53 percent holds to vote on our top story, the u. s. diplomatic boycott against china's winter olympic soldiers, who as katrina, you joined just sat now alive from beijing. what boys bitching saying about this? katrina. hi, adrian. well, it doesn't seem to come as complete surprise. china, the foreign ministry on monday address this issue ahead of the announcement officially being announced. as we had an early report they seem to have some bellicose response. they said that this was political grandstanding on the part of the us. they accuse of, of political provocation and said that the aging would enact some the counter measures. now know what exactly on what those might be. but this is definitely
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going to escalate tensions between the 2 countries at a time when relation did seem to be improving. we had just a few weeks ago, a video call between president joe biden and she didn't pay, they sat down, they even addressed each other and fairly positive friendly terms. and definitely the business community that works across both countries saw this as a positive side. now that does seem that the relationship might take another frosty turn. i think we need to look at the significance of these olympics for china. now, this is not the 1st lympics trial has held in 2008. they had the sub games and that was really seen as the coming out party for trying to assign of chinese new wealth . now the 2022 wind games were supposed to be quite different. they were supposed to really represent. china is not only its wealth, but it's new found stature. it's newfound influence and power in the world as an eastern leader. so this is really going to hurt it's credibility. it's going to be
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embarrassing for aging. if the u. s. does not send any officials and even worse if other western countries, any u. s. allies decide to follow suit. and reportedly there are at least some other countries considering to do this, including the u. k. and australia. now we're waiting on the response from the aging officially, but right now we know one way or china's version of twitter. this topic is one of the highest trending topics with people really reacting angrily so far. we've seen a lot of national nash list. stick comments about this and in terms of the games itself in the 2020 to start a at the beginning of february, the only world lead us so far to confirm their attendance has been russia's president letting me fusion i was 0, katrina year reporting live from beijing katrina, how many thanks indeed sir. is state news agency says the ed offences of reacted to and has really attack on a port in attack here. province on the mediterranean coast. the report quoted,
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a military source saying that a fire broke out of the board of the attack that no one was injured. israel regularly launch strikes in syria, but really concerns its operations with leaders of nato allies. the u. s. the u. k. france, germany and italy of hello joint phone call of ukraine. the statement says that they agreed united front is needed to confront, seen as russian hostility. a build up of russian forces on the border as raised fears of a possible invasion, which the prevalent denies. will that will be the top focus of video link talks between presidents flooded we have put in a job binding on tuesday. the ground describes us washer relations as dia, ahead of that call. the russian president was in india where several deals were assigned, including one for clash, the call for assault rifles. i was just here, as elizabeth brought him reports from new delhi. this is in the annual summit between the leaders of the 2 countries. but as the 1st time in the 21 years that
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the summit has been taking place, that the defense and foreign ministers of both countries also met. and what came out of those meetings is a number of defense deals with the most significant one being india, buying $700000000.00 with advanced assault rifles from kalashnikov with very importantly for india, a technology transfer being part of that agreement with the assault rifles actually being made in the indian state of the for the age. now the 2 sides also discussed the delivery of the russian s $400.00 missile defense system. they agreed 3 years ago. it was a $5400000000.00 contract to purchase the system. and india is very much going ahead would that it's received the 1st part of the system, despite warnings from the us, that it could face sanctions for going ahead with the deal. well, this is what the russian foreign minister survey leverage had to say about it. we
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witness them so the bus will do like the stakes to undermine the school duration or to making g a, b, that miracle norbish to follow their miracle vision of how this region should be should be developed, their low engine for him. so leo firmly explained that the southern culture then they will decide and whose weapons to buy and who is going to be a partner of india in this on the other areas. while the defense deals were the easy part of the summit, the india, russia relationship has come on to some strain recently. and that is because of india's growing relationship with the us and rushes close relationship with china. these dynamics have loomed large over the indian russia relationship. man, last ostensibly, a leader on censored, she has been sent and stopped short trial was largely held behind closed doors. she
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was initially handed for years, but i was hauled by the gentle chief that didn't temper global outreach, though about what's been condemned as a sham all to 0. florence louis reports, once leader of myanmar, now prisoner of its military government and leaders of the jupiter. on santucci together without did president when found guilty of incitement and breaking corona virus rules. they denied all charges which many believe are trumped up. well, the gender says sushi has been given you legal process, is the 1st verdict of 11 charges sushi faces including corruption and electoral fraud. delita min online definitely wants to look her up because the military, who does extremely afraid of the popularity she commands. but i think the, the jailing on songs which she, for the rest of her life,
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is not going to stop the resistance. we seeing a huge resistance from young people who refuse to, to stop fighting against this illegal military winter condemnation of the verdict has been. sift a spokesman for good, coordinating opposition to the genta says the military rulers have betrayed the people of me and not. so it is the least functions, all our holes and our dreams and our vision for a more. so this is nothing to do as i said, all the un human rights chief michelle bachelor, has criticized the conviction as politically motivated describing it as an attempt to remove all opposition. see she faces verdicts on another case against her as early as next week. she could be sentenced to more than a 100 years in prison if found guilty of all charges. florence louis al jazeera,
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the european union says the verdict is politically motivated and a further blatant violation of human rights in myanmar. britain called it an appalling attempt to stifle opposition and suppress freedom and democracy. while chinas urged the parties to bridge their differences and continued to advance, the harder and democratic transition. and saddam thousands of people have returned to the streets by inciting protests against october's military. tre cobra had a subsequent deal that reinstated the prime minister. they say that abdullah ham dog betrayed them by agreeing to a government dominated by generals under service. have a morgan reports from courtroom. it started with a few 100 people in different parts of the dance capital cartoon. but soon the numbers to wealth to 1000 protesters returning back to the 3 to voice their condemnation of a deal find between the army leader, general abdel for the hyper hahn and prime minister of the lamb duke. last month,
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the agreement came afterwards, hamlet, and military takeover in october. placing ham built under house arrest for nearly a month. with the deal has a lot of things such a vague and could be interpreted in favor of all demands or again instinct. but the problem is it was signed by someone who doesn't have a right to sign it as someone who doesn't deserve it. what go ham, look, just not represent those on the street. and the military cannot be trusted. that the takeover is how the dissolution of the 2 year transitional government, which was shared by the military and civilian coalition, known as the forces of freedom and change. they were presented the protest movement that led to the overthrow of sedans. long time president obama del bushi, other regents around the country also came out in protest of the dean, including the state of casela in the east. therefore, in the west and just the estates which neighbors hartaman asked monkey to go in for good that the army can't be possible guzman, because they are the ones who come and kill us. they can't be the same ones come
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and rule us to. we're coming out against the army chief behind and his deputy. i listen lyrica murphy, they should not use their bullets and tear gas on us and our children. let them use it in a room for the army should be in the barracks if they were wearing civilian clothing, they could have stood with us across the mile, thousands gathered in front of the presidential palace on monday to voice their anger at the military and the deal, security forces use tear gas to disperse them. since the takeover medical workers there at least 44 people have been killed and nearly 300 injured yet more protests are scheduled for the coming days. many here say they won't stop until their demands for a full civil in government is met to guarantee to dance transition to democracy. he been morgan, alta 0 hutton, with south africa as president has stepped up, his fierce criticism of the way the countries of reactor to the do over chrome variance of the corona virus. so rom, oppose are made the remarks during
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a peace and security for him in shinagle, saying that government civil should fail to deliver coven 19 vaccines that they promised to africa from darker nicholas. hark reports, the fight against the new omicron variant in senegal starts here at a health center in downtown to car. we're doses of the covey 19 vaccines are available, matching with the can, the, it's not because we have a vaccine that where america we need to keep protective measures and protect those around us. it's not over at a to date peace and security form held into court on monday, south africa as president sirower posts are accused rich countries of creating health apartheid. i have personally really been disappointed in the approach that the rich countries have taken on the issue of vaccines. firstly, they hoarded to vaccines. they ordered more vaccines than their populations
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required. and when we wanted vaccines, they just kept, you know, giving us the crumbs from the table. and the greed that they demonstrated is something that is quite, quite disappointing. indeed, particularly when they say they are our partners. the pandemic overshadow. the 7 piece insecurity form held here which welcomed heads of state intelligence officers and military chiefs. usually discussions and the forum revolves around greater military cooperation between western nations and african countries. but with western countries breaking their promise to supply vaccines in their unwillingness to wave patterns, to allow people here to make their own trust is eroding with some nation, looking at new partnerships to help the fight against cove it in africa, china, and else it's sending 1000000000 doses of vaccines on the fight against arm groups
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. in this a hell region, new year's president admitted that al qaeda affiliate or in some places better equipped than the security forces of some countries in west africa following increased attacks. molly, seeking help from the russian mercenaries working for wagner, the private military company. thus way conflict, my lee have decided to go more and more for davis, if occasional for partnerships, we can work with china, we can, will be for russia also at the form delegates from western nations reiterated there good will and intentions. but countries such as south african senegal, say that's not good enough. vaccines made in africa for africans is what they want . almost a quarter of a 1000000 africans are reported to have died of the virus so far. the message here is those death where preventable. if only victims had access to vaccines,
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nicholas hawk al jazeera de car, france will close night clubs and titan, social distancing rules in response to the on the con variant. primary search on cast x says look the countries out its 5th wave of the pandemic, that he believes that high vaccination rates and the reintroduction of some restrictions will prevent the need for more mach downs. and curfews ah, it is good to be with us. hello, adrian. finnegan here in dough. how the headlines now to 0. the united states is announced a diplomatic boycott of b james winter, olympics accusing china of widespread human rights abuses. no american government official will attend the games, but it will have no impact on athletes going. speaking before the boycott was confirmed, china's foreign ministry condemned any form of boycott sunni, are you sure you knew? i meant the winter olympics.


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