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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm AST

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ah ah ah, protest this out on the streets in sudan capital to voice opposition to the prime minister's decision. assign a deal with the military. ah, i have them secret, this is as you see, that live from the house are coming up. me and mars deposed leda on saying she has been sentenced to 4 years in prison. again, being president support to celebrate an election victory. but 3 opposition candidates have rejected the resolved katara turkey pledge to work together to
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support the ability and afghanistan. 2 countries hold talks in dall ah, hello protesters are gathering is to dance capital to voice opposition to the prime minister's decision to sign a deal with the military. the political agreement reinstated up the law hom doc as prime minister, a month after the military, had detained him and took control of the country. let's go live now to hip morgan who is in hot tomb forest. so here, but what's the latest? well, it's been nearly over 3 weeks since prime minister the language find that the in with the army chief develop at the hannibal hunt, but the anger is still very palpable on the sea. now behind me, you can see where some a few 100 protesters are gathered to express the anger against that deal. they say that there are 3 demands, have been negotiations with the military,
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no compromise. and the legitimacy similar to over that happened. and they say that with the deal that i'm going to south 100, find the full on november 21st. he has given legitimacy. see that over now they have been demanding that the military remove from the political scene and be returned back to the barracks where the job should be focused on securing the case boarders and keeping the citizen states not having any rules. and the day to day affairs of the government or the politics of the country now be hanging from going to 100. again, could be, you know, people say that in addition to the army, they now want to be done under a complete civilian government in place. and this is not the only per site here, and there are several other protests around the capital city in the seat, in the city, off on the amount of the film center. people coming out to build up, signed on november 21st. yeah. you said that deal was signed several days ago now,
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and it would seem, judging by the, the presence on the street there that people's anger. this there's, there's no sign of letting up as well as to say that they will. and once they see a civilian government for them, that means a bowman that represents their demand. a government that brings accountability for all the processes that have happened since december 2018 when the release of against them president obama received. they also want to ensure that a government, the government that constantly will lead the country to transition to democratic transition for them. that's it over the top. and then the 24th, rather than that transition that was in place and ended their hopes and they want to restore that. that's what they're telling us. that they, that their demand for demographics down there, most of the, all of them just as the thing with the am in control. they don't see that happen. and so they say they will only and the,
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and these are going to see that they will voicing when they see that civilian government in place. now, when that transitional government from minnesota life was in place, the protest one not as much. so for them again, the fact that the good rather that transition is the reason why they're out of the street. and once they're in share that, that there's a transition in place that's under under demand and go back home here. but thank you for that. hip morgan life for us in hot weather flow, chest taking place. and again, being president adama bow has been declared the winner of saturdays election and what he and his supporters are celebrating as a landslide. but as i did, which reports in the capital, bon jewel, 3 opposition, candidates have rejected the result. wow. after closely fort election, adam about or has been re elected as the gambia as a prospect defeated 5 other candidates when a 2nd 5 year term. and i think received 457519 both in election. the chairman of the independent
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electrical commission alumni declares mister adam apparel is duly elected to serve as president of the republic off the gambia. when do a constituency, so convincing to one that this election erupted in celebration, i baskin is victory borrower breast supporters of the independent square. i with a look good on utilizing is one of my guess was with a please. oh, do you think we did? did remind you know, bottle with electron was dice and stitch on this quote. the bottles hold.
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well now divided may not only because of this, but also i wanted to, we borrows opponents of refuse to accept the result. we are concerned that there has been an inordinate delay in the announcement of results to a number of isas. i've been raised by again and representatives. i did put in stations a sent us an easy headquarters. as a result, the representatives of the aforementioned country div id i, issy headquarters, refused to endorse some of the results independent observer. say the vote was largely free and fair centers. election commission has also defended the election process as credible and prayer. it is. we didn't, our lives are to confirm all or to confirm to sign all of the con, order to sign,
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despite them being present. and in the we are part of the review process. her rival candidates have 10 days to challenge borrow's victory and seems certain of the fight. all our move to the court. i'm a degrees out visitor, but june the gambia, emmy, and mar deposed leader long sang, see she has been sentenced to 4 years in prison. she was found guilty on all on charges of inciting descent against the military and breach in koran of ours rules, former president, when me and has also been centers. she is facing a total of 11 charges that could see her jailed for life. she denies any wrong doing. florence louis has more from kuala lumpur, calling to report a gentle spokesman said she will not be taken immediately to prison. she will be allowed to remain where she is and that is at an undisclosed location in naples, while the other court proceedings against her are disposed off. now analysts,
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i'm spoken to say they are not surprised by the guilty verdicts from the very get go the trot. the hearings against her has been held in nevada opaque fashion. there are no reporters allowed at the hearings. gag orders had been placed on defense lawyers. and you know, analysts have said that the giant has seems intent on sending her to prison because they are fearful of just how popular she is. also on suji led her party of the national league for democracy to 2 big victories in the last 2 general elections. and many say that the hearings against the charges against her, our way not only for the gentle to legitimize the cool, but also to ensure that she is no longer free to oppose the military. a guilty voting. and the sentences handed down to all san sushi maid, just give the resistance movement a further push. some say it could be the tipping point,
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that there will be an escalation and conflict. and the resistance movement in myanmar against the agenda has been going on since february. and it's taken on different forms from a civil disobedience movement to lodge street demonstrations. and now flash more protests where protest is run out and they peer for several minutes before they go back into hiding. because they're fearful of being arrested. more than a 1300 people have been killed since the coo and more than 7700 people have been arrested. but the resistance movement is still going on. also he spent years as a political prisoner for being fried by the military and 2010 years later her national lead for democracy party 143 of the 44 seats. it contested in parliamentary by elections, same year sectarian violence broke out in the western ro heinz states muslim ro hinges, became victims of what the you and called ethnic cleansing. and said she was criticized for failing to respond after her landslide, when in 2015 election. so she became state counsellor or head of the government
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parties. victory in the 2020 votes was questioned by the opposition. the lexical commission didn't find any problems, but in february this year the military took back power in a qu, arrested c, g, and other officials accusing them of election for dr. sasa is a spokesman for me and most deposed civilian government. he says, the civilian resistance movement against military rule will continue today the same food day for rob law, justice and accountability in mamma today, victims is all unfolded charges. it's a short trial. it has nothing to do with the rule of law, but it has everything to do with longing, all on the military rule in memo, prolonging overlaying of terrorism against the tire population of mamma door. our
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city has nothing wrong. the president of mamma, we mean has nothing wrong the people of me i'm all have say in now enough to military dictatorship, they have said enough is enough to crime against humanity and prosecutors and a people of me. i'm on the mom, democracy and freedom and human rights. the people of mamma. now we need to give up on this barbarity we gave up or surrender, or rest until we get our freedom democratic nations of mere mom, for all the people, me a mom, regardless of race, religious culture, ethnicities or background or gender. these x rays in a game that people me
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a mock by the military will only charles threaten us, will only give us more energy to go for our freedom to go for our democracy to go to our future. i for fighters have lost the tax on several villages in northern iraq funding down houses and killing 4 members of the kurdish pash mega forces. they just surrounded the city of cook cook. i so briefly claimed to have captured one before it was taken back by the pressure murder. iraq declared victory of i still in 2017 but it's fighters have continued to launch sporadic attacks. the world health organization is currently hosting a virtual conference in geneva. spend up the pandemic ethics and policy summit, and seeking to address vaccine inequality and outline plans to find the spread of corona virus. we're going to take you live to there now where dr. antony found she the chief medical advisor to the u. s. president is speaking less of obvious,
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and that is the, the allocation of resources not only resources throughout the world, country to country, but also resources within our own country. for example, early on we have 50 states in the united states and other territories. and when we had the for city ants and lack of abundance of things like t p, then to lay does medications, oxygen, it became really a ethical dilemma right from the very beginning. and one of the things that. busy i found, i would say disturbing, but certainly not optimal. is that in the beginning we did not really have discussions about the fundamental core ethical principles associated with that. and
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it was only after it became very, very clear that this was something that impacted ethics is fundamental core values that we have to pay attention to that. and as also you mentioned, i don't want to take too long in describing it. but when we got to the international issues, we ethics, i think became even more compelling when you had very scarce resources, such as vaccines and soon any var rose. how are we going to make decisions based on core ethical principles of the distribution of resources which actually are life saving such as vaccines, therapeutics and others? so that's just the start. i mean, i could say summarizing it to the core of everything we've done and should be doing i maybe i can ask you one follow up and then we'll go to some. yeah. when
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making decisions at the white house, the highest level of government, you think that there's an adequate input of actual knowledge of how to integrate it . was that your experience? well, it was eager to say was fundamentally different in the prior administration. and here, which was much more driven by political and other situations as opposed to a broader look at the fundamental core principles of public health. and i think if you get to the core principles of public health, you have to marry that with ethics. you can't do one without the other. so the answer is yes. somewhat spotting lee in the pry in the prior administration. we have some very good people there who are concerned about that. but right now it drives our discussions and drives our considerations. so mia and
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global this vision. all right, so you just been listening. there to dr. antony found, she the chief medical advisor to the u. s. president joe biden addressing the world health organization on the current state of things regarding the corona virus and the spread of the latest very into, on the, on the cross variance which the u. s. government is dealing with as well. several cases reported there over the past few days. andrew simmons is live for us from london. he's been following this from there. so a lot of people looking to the world health organization. now, andrew, as to what their further advice would be on, on how to handle on the chron at all, that they've been some, they have very vocally criticized all of the various travel bands that have been going on right now. that's right, but the point that sir dr. fancy has been pushing this past few days,
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is that as far as he's concerned, looking at the data and the evidence right now, omni crohn appears to be less dangerous in his own words than the delta of area which is sweeping across the united states. still, as he speaks right now. furthermore, a delta in europe has made the situation here very critical. in fact, just before i'm the crohn of the on re chrome variant or became known about europe was in the middle, the in the pandemic. as, as a riddle, epicenter and every single country right across the continent has been struggling with the situation at germany. for example, in a situation now where they're going to actually ban access to a public places are very apart from essential laces for people who haven't been vax vaccinated, but failed. she who is at quite
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a figure of con controversy in the united states having served as chief medical officer under trump and also now biden, he has a gone with the science he says, but on this, this is a man who is responsible for managing the situation in the states during the aids epidemic in the eighty's, but he has actually caused a lot of concern over woman it saying don't wear masks and then a few months later saying do wear them. but one of the strongest points he's been making in this address though, has been the issue of a vaccine inequality. and the fact that that if there had been more ethical concern about how the vaccines would be distributed world wide. and if that been a, a better job done, then we normally not be seeing the situation with omni chromosome as one of the many variants that we may see in the future as well. so he's touched on number of issues that are sensitive on that one is probably the biggest issue of all on the
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minds of many people world wide that had that been a better response, a better reaction to the need in the developing world, which still exists to a huge extent, other than than that may not be this, this ongoing problem because many, many people right across the world. some key eminent figures here in europe have warned that there is, there has to be a different approach taken. and course the world health organization has been prime in this area that saying that has to be a better approach, taken internationally towards helping those in developing countries and doing so, helping everyone worldwide. all right for the moment and you save his life 1st there from london. let's move on to south africa now and the president, their civil ram of fo, says hospitals are preparing for more. it v emissions as the country is in the midst of a 4th wave driven in part by rise. in cases of the, on the con,
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very daily infections there surged. so more than $16000.00 on friday. let's go to the for me to mila, who is life for us in johannesburg? so for me to what more you hearing on those cases. well, the latest figures within the last 24 hours is that there has been a slide dropped to just over $11000.00 infections. but that could also be due to a leg over the weekend. but it's not certain if that's perhaps promising for the health authorities. we're watching these figures closely because they're very concerned about just how quickly this particular very and seems to be transmitted and the spreads in the last week or so with it's been a 300 percent increase in the number of infections coming from november where they were very few infections and very few people in the hospital. what is perhaps a positive is that the hospital admissions on terribly high. the 3000 people in
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hospital 28 in the last 24 hours. but doctors, you continue to say that the symptoms are mild and just to add on to the discussion around vaccine equity. this is something that's all that we can president. so remote course has continue to advocate for especially on a current 12 of west african countries where he says, africa has been sidelined, we need a, a waiver on vaccine payton's. we need to be able to distribute, manufacture and distribute vaccines locally. and also those travel bands being criticized by the government and quite honestly a number of health experts in south africa saying that the ineffective we spoke to the doctor. 6 in south africa who 1st noticed some of the new symptoms that then led to the detection of army khan. who said that those treble bands,
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what premature but also key to that was the issue of vaccines. and she said that as long as africa and africans are not vaccinated, the world wouldn't be safe. all right, for me to middle life was there in janice. but thanks for me to are the prime minister of the solomon islands manor, sa. so godaddy has survived and no confidence votes in parliament. it follows last week's riots, when crowns burnt down. dozens of buildings of looted shops in the capitol on yada that these 3 people were killed in the unrest sparked by long simmering regional rivalries, economic problems and accusations of china's influence over the government. troops from australia, new zealand, and other neighboring countries have been deploy or the prime minister defended the government's actions shortly before the vote. i did not allow myself to succumb to the dictates of hooligans and lawless order thing to participate in
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congress intervention forces were on the ground. mrs. bigger to help return normalcy in our country. on behalf of the people and government, i express our sincere thanks. a fair clock is covering the story forth from brisbin in australia. he was almost always going to survive this particular bite of no confidence simply because his party has the majority. but when it came to the actual number 15 m. p 's a back the most of the confidence and 30 to reject it and to abstain. but he's the bod boats of not confident in the past, but he had to be defeated twice. but the difference between knows when he was the faces and now it's because his party has majority. but it was a lengthy and often heated debates in the parliament in holy hour. on monday, the opposition laid a matthew, but while he was where he lived this particular campaign to seek out the prime
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minister. his key accusation was that the provinces had lost trust in the prime minister and his erratic pool. and most of the decision making many difficult for countries was already struggling. the members of malaysia, which is the province the most populous problems. he also made some key accusations and also driving his campaign to post departments that stand. he said that the non paralyzed and common for another round of instability, but the prime minister might emotional often fall re defense cooling some of his critics, thugs and hooligans. but as i mentioned that he provides a yet another motion of coldness and will continue continue leading the country. a 16 year old palestinian boy has been shot dead by the israeli army after driving his car into a military checkpoint and happened in the occupied west bank. israeli army says 2 soldiers were ended in the call running. the incident comes 2 days after is raining, forces shopped and killed a 25 year old palestinian man after he carried out
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a stabbing turkey and kata say they will cooperate further with each other on a number of areas, including bringing stability to afghanistan, cut us foreign minister and it's turkish counterpart held the news conference after meeting in doha, how much the number of mine is. danny said they will continue providing a lifeline to afghan people. and as we discussed how we can coordinate our efforts to lend a helping hand afghans and also how to cooperate about the situation in afghanistan with the international community. we examined the issue of cabal, airport guitar as closely following the developments with the into him government of afghanistan, about the operation of the airport. new turkey guitar have pledged a particular sum of money for relief purposes, enough canister. and we will also provide educational services to africa as well as pay the salaries of atkins, working in education and health sectors which m l a l has been following the top
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force in dar there are specific areas that people are interested in on that there will be a focus on primarily, obviously from talk. his perspective is the economy with the turkish currency. you have been dipping somewhat us and even stronger term over the past month, which value to the dollar using significantly and also and therefore target will be looking for. i did investments from us, which is one of the strongest investors in the turkish economy. regionally speaking, geopolitically speaking both countries at c, i t, i on several issues of chemistry. obviously that is one of the priorities for both the ha and anchor out there was a lot of well being talented about the idea that the 2 countries would help facilitate and operate on a long term basis. the main international airport in couple the how much because i airports while snow agreements has been finalized with regards to that, the risk presence from both countries there as well. there was an assist,
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an insistence from both for ministers, saying that the international community must not punish the african people and must start engaging with the interim government to release funds to be able to allow for people to avert any sorts of suffering. japan finance that has signaled a major change in defense policy. it includes developing the capability to strike enemy bases for me. ok sheet as announcement is being seen as a response to an increasingly assertive china, an unpredictable north korea up to now military policy has been constrained by japan as japan's pacifist constitution. since defeat in the 2nd world war in kingston, a growing energy crisis is pushing the country to increasingly rely on coal. as in basra, b reports from peach care that's hindering the government's response to pollution.
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from vantage point overlooking bish heck, it's easy to see why her son's capital is routinely ranked as the most polluted city in the world. air quality can be so poor. buildings don't disappear into the horizon. they disappear into a cloud of smoke chimney stacks and an aging power plant. the main culprits dystopian giants dominating the skyline over a modernizing city all year round pumping smoke into the air and industrial waste into a nearby landfill. the carbon footprint of the cities combined heat and power plant is enormous. but it's still not enough. near the power plant, people are forced to burn cold to heat their homes in winter. you, if you'd like to go all the way with we don't use much electricity, we fire the pit and because we light fires and others do the same, the air goes bad. if you wake up in the morning, everything is black around there. sing on tv every day to save electricity, use less, get other light bulbs. we don't use electricity. so if we're not going to burn coal,
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what are we meant to do? it burns dirty and all over the world, there are calls to reduce its use. but in kurdistan, coal is king cheap, available, and essential to the power grid built by the soviets. this coal burning power plant has been the main source of generating heat and electricity for curtis' done capital. bish tech since the 1960 the countries power infrastructure is almost entirely soviet era with little to no investment in clean energy. this facility was abandoned after the fall of the ussr and never came on line. the current government plans to open it after retrofitting for natural gas, but the plan too expensive, is now on hold. and as long as coal remains a quicker fix, the possibility of more pollution hangs in the air. you know, if they would stop burning of coal and if the power plant was also working, it would be good. pollution is harmful for kids. on the other hand,
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it would be good if the power plant was working while it's not working. yes, i am not afraid, but maybe in the future i will have the demand for more power will mean burning record amounts of colon coming years. more air pollution, almost inevitable. leading residents with little choice to write it out. then basra v o 0. this guy i this is, these are the top stories protest is gathering and she danced capital to voice continued opposition to the prime minister's decision to sign a deal with the military. the political agreement reinstated the la handle because prime minister a month after the military had detained him and took control opposition. candidates in gabby, rejecting presidential election results adama barrow secured a term with 53 percent of the.


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