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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2021 2:00pm-2:30pm AST

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makers and talking about the stories that matter on al jazeera, her, me and mars deposed lay downside ensued. she has been sentenced for years in prison . ah, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up began being president, supporters celebrate an election victory, but 3 opposition candidates are rejecting the result. i did not allow myself to succumb to the dictates of hooligans. the prime minister of the solomon islands of i have no confidence vote in parliament, sparks my anti government riots. cotter and turkey pledge to work together to
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support stability in afghanistan as the 2 countries hold talks in doha ah, and me and mar, deposed, lead along san sushi has been sentenced to 4 years in prison. she was found guilty on charges of inciting descent against the military and breeching current of virus rules, former president, when men as also been sentence. so she is facing a total of 11 charges that could see her jailed for life. she denies any wrong doing. florence louis has more from column po, calling to report a gentle spokesman said she will not be taken immediately to prison. she will be allowed to remain where she is and that is at an undisclosed location in naples. while the other court proceedings against her are disposed off. now analysts,
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i've spoken to say they are not surprised by the guilty verdicts from the very get go the trot. the hearings against her has been held in nevada opaque fashion. there are no reporters allowed at the hearings. gag orders had been placed on defense lawyers. and you know, analysts have said that the june test seems intent on sending her to prison because they are fearful of just how popular she is on sensor g. lead her party of the national league for democracy to, to big victories in the last 2 general elections. and many say that the hearings against the charges against her, our way not only for the gentle to legitimize the cool, but also to ensure that she is no longer free to oppose the military. a guilty voting. and the sentences handed down to all santucci maid. just give the resistance movement a further push. some say it could be the tipping point, that there will be an escalation and conflict. and the resistance movement in
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myanmar against the jan to has been going on since february. and it's taken on different forms from a civil disobedience movement to large street demonstrations and now flash more protests where protesters run out and they peer for several minutes before they go back into hiding. because they're fearful of being arrested. more than a 1300 people have been killed since the coo and more than 7700 people have been arrested. but the resistance movement is still going on. the so she spent years as a political prisoner before being fried by the military in 2012 years later her national league for democracy policy 143 of 44 seats, had contested in parliamentary, vile actions. the same year sectarian violence broke out in the western. i kind stayed with them. ra hangers, became victims of what the un cold ethnic cleansing. sushi was criticized for. failing to respond after her landslide, when in 2015 election, sushi became state council low head of the government. a policies victory in the
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2020 vote was questioned by the opposition. the election commission did not find any problems, but in february this year the military took back power in a qu, arrested su g, and other officials accusing them of election fraud. and dr. faster as a spokesman for me and miles to pose civilian government. he says this civilian resistance movement against the military will continue today is the same day for rob law justice and accountability in mamma today. vac they is all unfolded charges. is it showed trial. it has nothing to do with the rule of law, but it has everything to do with longing, all on the military rule in memo, prolonging overlaying of terrorism against the population of my door. our
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city has nothing wrong. the president of me, emma, we mean has nothing wrong. the people of me a ma have say in now is enough to military dictatorship. they have said enough is enough to crime against humanity and prosecutors, and a people of me. i'm on the mom, democracy and freedom and human rights. the people of miramar are not. we'd to give up on this barbarity. they're not we to give up or surrender, or rest until we get our freedom and democratic nations of mir mom for all the people of mir mom, regardless of race, religious culture at niecy. these are background on gender. these acts of
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terrorism against the people of mir mark by the military hunter, will only straus threaten us. we'll only give us more energy to go for our freedom to go for our democracy to go to our future. the gambia and president adam barrow has been declared the winner of saturday's election was he and his supporters celebrating as a land slide. he won 53 percent of the vote, beating his main rival son who bo, who got 28 percent. 3 of position candidates have rejected the result though, with joined by the trees now from the capital ban jewel. so a night of celebration giving in to what kind of today most people now except thing the results well, the streets are come today. saw me. people walk up to a common day, despite the tough of sounding opposition. what we heard from the opposition
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yesterday about rejecting the boats, the results and i was by the election commission and the expectations were yesterday and the things could get out of hand. but that did not happen. and for now it's too early to say however, we understand that mister battle is trying to mend fences tried to reach out. and of course we've seen some reconciliate remove. however, his support is still celebrating. the victory that they feel is on by gumby and, and of course, in particular, supporters of mr. battles ad themselves after loosely for election, them about always been re elected as again, be as president. he defeated 5 other candidates when a 2nd 5 year term. and i think the c 457519 vote in the election. the channel,
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the independent electric condition moment, declared mister adam apparel. as julie elected to sue as president of the republic of the guns. yeah. when you accosted us some convincing one indifferent election erupted in celebration. ah, baskin is victory bottle. i breast supporters at the independence square. i with a look good on you to look at my business with a bit of news. oh, do you think the margin of bottles with election was dies and the job is for
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mr. bottles whole well now. healing divided nation. not only because of this but also have to yeah. john is did to you. we borrows opponents of refuse to accept the result. we are concerned that there has been an inordinate delay in the announcement of the results to a number of isthmus. i be raised by again and representatives. i did put in stations a sent us an easy headquarters. as a result, the representatives of the aforementioned candidate i d, i is the headquarters refused to endorse some of the results. independent observer say the vote was largely free and fair. the countries election commission has also defended the election process as credible and prayer. it is within the our lives are to confirm all of to confirm to sign a order to sign despite them being present. and indeed we are part of the review
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process. rival candidates have 10 days to challenge barbara's victory and seems certain of the fight all our move to the court. it looks like one of the key opposition figures that met in mister douglas home yesterday to reject this results is pointing down on the rhetoric so far. and we also hear that one of the opposition figures offered opposition candidates in this election. in fact, one of the key of the coalition that bode mr. botto to power in 2016 is addressing a press conference later in the day. we wait to hear what he will say. but of course, he has indicated during the alex nearing campaign, but this could be his last honey posada would be addressing the media and later today. and of course it could give direction as to where it's headed and whether or
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not we'll see another correlation. we'll see some fence mending within the political block that initially brought mr. board to power will come back to you later for an update on that. now the prime minister of the solomon islands minus the sort of out a as survive to know confidence vote in parliament. it follows last week's riots. when crowds burned down dozens of buildings and looted shops in the capital on audio. at least 3 people were killed in the address bar and why long simmering regional rivalry is economic problems and accusations of china is influence over the government. troops from australia and new zealand and other neighboring countries been deployed. a prime minister defended the government's actions shortly before the vote. i did not allow myself to succumb to the dictates of hooligans and lawless. i want to think that but as
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a building congress intervention forces were on the ground, mrs. big to help return normal. think in our country on behalf of the people and government i express our sincere thanks. sarah clark is covering the story. busy from brisbin in australia, he was always, always going to survive this particular part of the coffin, simply because his party has the majority. but when it came to the actual number 15 m. p 's a back the most of the confidence and 30 to reject it. and to abstain, but he's the bod. boats of not confident in the past, but he had to be defeated twice. but the difference between knows when he was the faces and now it's because his party has majority. but it was a lengthy and often heated debates in the parliament in holy hour. on monday, the opposition laid a matthew while he was where he lived this particular campaign to teach the prime
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minister. his key accusation was that the provinces had lost trust in the prime minister and his erratic poor. and most of the decision making many difficult for countries, was already struggling. the member, the malay, which is the province the most populous province. he also made some key accusations and also driving the campaign to post apartments that stand. he said that the non paralyzed and common for another round of instability. but the prime minister, he made emotional, often, far defense, a cooling some of his critics, thugs and hooligans. but as i mentioned, that he provides a yet another motion of coldness and will continue to continue leading the country said i had an al jazeera young colombians cast those, so counsels they hope will give a voice to a generation feeling left behind. plus a look at one of the most polluted cities in the world, our residence in kill his dance capital biscuit,
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dealing with an energy crisis. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle airways. hello there, we're gonna start this weather report in the philippines. her. the risk of fighting is certainly there for that eastern side of the country, pulling in, at his central areas, getting striped with a solid band of rain here. and it is closing in on cbo city on tuesday. i'll swear across asia for japan, stroked with some rain eastern areas of honju toward the west is while tokyo getting in on some of this action with a high of 14 degrees. meantime, this stellar stretch of weather continues for a huge portion of china, a grill in 21 degrees. hong kong at $23.00 butts are we are seeing more clouds drift in across the yangtze river valley. so woo hahn has a high of 15 se asia rate. now a disturbance just south of java is throwing
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a lot of rain for west java southern sections of sumatra. and look at all this rain steering in to see the ways we've got to be on the lookout for flooding. here is one. next i'll take it the sub continent and what so the rain here has petered out across bangladesh, the northeast of india, or like a switch, we just turned it off. most of that rain has vanish, but still keeping it toward the northeast of india. and in fact, for a darker we've got a few dry days, are going to be able to dry off your temperature locked in to $27.00, which is pretty well where you should be this time of the year. that's it. so you soon? oh, the weather sponsored by katara always in the country with an abundance of results . right? aren't want indonesia whose firms for me, we move pool to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment literally pot. linda, this is growth and progress in indonesia now. ah ah, welcome back. you're watching al jazeera time to recap, our headlines, main mouse deposed, laid on time. sushi has been sentenced to 4 years in jail. she was charged with in fighting dissent against the military and breach and grant of virus rules for a just to from a total of 11 charges against gambia president added by barrow has been declared. the winner of saturday's election received 53 percent of the vote. far ahead of his
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nearest rival assembled that both a position candidate saw rejecting the resolve. the prime minister of the solomon islands has survived the no confidence votes in parliament. the opposition had accused his government of corruption and mismanagement off the last months. riots i saw fighters of launched attacks on multiple villages in northern iraq, burning down houses and killing 4 members of the kurdish fish medical forces. the villages surround the city of kirkuk i sold briefly claimed to have captured one before it was taken back by the push. madigan, iraq declared victory over i saw in 2017, but it's fighters of continued to launch sporadic attacks. more i feel a tax on friday in town surrounding the city of bill 12, people were killed. the sporadic attacks by iso usually happen in disputed areas which fall between the control of iraq central government and the kurdish semi autonomous region. authorities in know,
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near rock say i feel has launched more than 200 attacks in the past 10 months. my whole life has more from back that there is a lot of factors that have given the opportunity for isolate, to regroup and research. and those disputed areas on top of them, security vacuum as you know, this is a big area at large areas, extending over about 650 kilometers in length from 100 pin talent on the iranian border until the city and a border with a iraq and in some areas it extends on about 40 kilometers depth. now these disputed areas, in many parts of them did it. there is no military presence, neither by the america or the centralized security forces belonging to but does a government. and there have been also infiltration of ice from ice members coming to the borders from syria. and there are that have been sleeper cells in areas and
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also get a cook notice over a bill of so i had dina ansel of a yellow provinces, according to reports by the both the bush mitigate and dad security forces now isis members have been taken advantage of the, of the geographic nature of the area valley's mountains, uneven lanes and roads there. they have been regrouping and even a training whole conducting training in areas and also to evade surveillance and operations by the iraqi army. now as we speak, that have been that have been sweep operations conducted by both fish market and centralized security forces near the laban village that was attacked by iso last night. a 16 year old palestinian boy is being shot dead by the israeli army after driving his car into
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a military check point. it happened in the occupied west bank israeli army says 2 soldiers were injured in the rhyming. the incident comes 2 days after is ready for his shot and killed the 25 year old palestinian man of the carried out the stabbing . so he and katara say they will cooperate further with each other on a number of areas including bringing stability to. i've got san covers, foreign minister and his turkish counterpart held the press conference after the meeting. and i had been under a man, i'll find he said they will continue providing a lifeline to the african people. there is done here, and then we discussed how we can coordinate our efforts to lend a helping hand afghans and also how to cooperate about the situation in afghanistan with the international community. we examined the issue of cabal, airport guitar is closely following the developments with the into him government of afghanistan, about the operation of the airport. new turkey guitar have pledged
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a particular sum of money for relief purposes enough. denise, then we will also provide educational services to africans, as well as pay the salaries of africans working in education and health sectors. demolish j out has been following the press conference in doha. there are specific areas that people are interested in and that there will be a focus on primarily, obviously, from target's perspective as the economy with the turkish currency, you have been dipping somewhat us and even stronger term over the past month. which value to the dollar using significantly and also and therefore target will be looking for. i did investments from us, which is one of the strongest investors in the turkish economy, regionally speaking, geopolitically speaking both countries at c. i to are you on several issues of kind of stuff. obviously that is one of the priorities for both the ha and anchor out there was a lot of well being talented about the idea that the 2 countries would help
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facilitate and operate on a long term basis. the main international airport in couple the how much because i airport while snow agreements has been finalized with regards to that, the risk presence from both countries there as well. there was an assist, an insistence from both for ministers, saying that the international community must not punish the african people and must spots engaging with the interim government to release funds to be able to allow for people to avert any sorts of suffering as senior official from the united arab emirates has visited iran. the 1st such trips since relations with downgraded 5 years ago. the u i. e national security advisor and is rainy and counterpart discussed, overcoming differences and increasing economic ties. the 2 countries have hinted at wanting to open a new chapter in relations. they've had opposing views on several regional issues including the war in yemen. japan's prime minister a signal,
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the major change in defense policy, which includes developing the capability to strike an enemy base for me because she does announcement is being seen as a response to an increasingly assertive china and unpredictable north korea up to now military police is being constrained by japan's passive is constitution since defeat in the 2nd world war. so let me know, you know, what i feel in order to protect people's lives in livelihood will examine all our options, including our capability to attack, so called enemy bases, and strengthen our defense posture fundamentally, with a sense of urgency. now the kid again, stan where a growing energy crisis is pushing the country to increasingly rely on coal. and st . throbbing reports from bish kac that's hindering the government's response to pollution from a vantage point overlooking bish heck, it's easy to see why curtis don's capital is routinely ranked as the most polluted
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city in the world. air quality can be so poor. buildings don't disappear into the horizon, they disappear into a cloud of smoke. chimney starts at an aging power plant. the main culprits dystopian giants dominating the skyline over a modernizing city. all year round pumping smoke into the air and industrial waste into a nearby landfill. the carbon footprint of the cities combined heat and power plant is enormous. but it's still not enough. near the power plant, people are forced to burn, call to heat their homes in winter. you need to go all the way with we don't use much electricity. we fire the pit and because we light fires and others do the same, the air goes bad. if you wake up in the morning, everything is black around there. sing on tv every day, to save electricity, use less and get other light bulbs. we don't use electricity, so if we're not going to burn coal, what are we meant to do? it burns dirty and all over the world,
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there are calls to reduce its use. but in kurdistan, coal is king cheap, available, and essential to the power grid. built by the soviets, this coal burning power plant has been the main source of generating heat and electricity for curtis don's capital, bish tech, since the 1960 the countries power infrastructure is almost entirely soviet era with little to no investment in clean energy. this facility was abandoned after the fall of the ussr and never came on line the current government class to open it after retrofitting for natural gas. but the plan, too expensive, is now on hold. and as long as coal remains a quicker fix, the possibility of more pollution hangs in the air. you know, if they would stop burning of coal and if the power plant was also working, it would be good. pollution is harmful for kids. on the other hand, it would be good if the power plant was working while it's not working. yes,
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i am not afraid, but maybe in the future i will give the demand for more power will mean burning record amounts of colon coming years. more air pollution, almost inevitable. leading residents with little choice to write it out. in basra, the jazz era, the now protest is a gathering and sedans capsule to voice opposition to the prime minister's decision to sign a deal with the military and political agreement, reinstated abdullah ham, look as prime minister a month after the military had him detained and took control has go live now to have a morgan in the house tomb. so him tell us a little bit about the demands of the protests is clearly they don't trust this deal between the prime minister in the military. right? yes indeed. now protest as have been saying, since the military takeover on october 25th, that they don't want any negotiations on any compromise with the military. so they're gathering here once again,
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2 boys. that opposition saying that they believe that this deal does not actually meet their demands. they don't want any negotiations. they don't want any compromise with the military. and they don't want any legitimacy given to that take over what's happened on october 25th. now they believe that the deal that was signed between the military hand, from the div that's going to take over legitimacy because it did not guarantee open lead civilian government and has exploded many political party and many civil society so far down at fault. so hold their food demand and it's still keep the military power. that is one thing they said they didn't want, did not want to see happening. and with that deal, the military is guaranteed to the main power was to talk, sense transaction. and just take us through the, the process that's supposed to happen when it comes to elections as well. there lessons are supposed to be held in july 2023. but for many people that mean that the military is actually going to be in control of what's happening
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now, they say that if the military is going to be in charge of any kind of event happening, or any alexa broadcast on inside of the election from within an impala during the election during the transitioned and that is going to mean that they're going to be able to control. alexa, they don't want to see that happening. they said, i don't want to say that least the william government is in place for that. the process, well good thing is democratic that is not marked by any call any, any kind of control by the military. so for many people kind of process that is all going to be buried. all right, that sounds good. do i think it would electrical help? will not be transferred, will not be coming back to god. they've been taking to know how to defeat this november 23rd demanding that the minutes with complete civilian government implemented. all right, thanks so much. all the coverage there. it morgan life from cartoon
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rescue as an indonesia have been digging through layers of fake volcanic ash and mud in search of survivors and bodies. at least 14 people are known to have died since the seminary volcano began erupting on saturday part. so some towns and villages are buried. roads and bridges have also been destroyed, making it difficult for rescue and supply missions. the u. k. government is defended, saturday's decisions change restrictions for all travelers arriving in the country . deputy prime minister dominic rob says it was the right thing to do. the question is the additional p c r test that people come to this country will take as a precautionary measure and get the right thing to do. but of course, the real resilience that we're building up to any variants, including on the con, he's getting the boosters of the vaccine rolled out. we've got 80 percent of those over 12 now having 2 jobs. and we got a 3rd of the country with either
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a 3rd job or a booster. that's the reason we can go to this come into his christmas as a country with stronger confidence. we can enjoy christmas in a way that, that up. what should we couldn't last year? ah, ah, let's take a look at the headlines here now. jazeera, now men, miles deposed, lay down, and so she has been sentenced to 4 years in jail. she was charged with inciting dissent against the military and breach in crime virus rules. these are just 2 of 11 charges against her. florence louis has more from column pal. first verdicts in the about a dozen charges that she faces. remember she was arrested, she was detained on the 1st of february which was the day of the qu.


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