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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together. that's well 0. so important. we make those connections. lou . hello again. adrian finnegan here in dough. how the headlines on al jazeera gambiola president adama barrow has been declared the winner of saturday's election in what his supporters are celebrating as a landslide. ah, but as they cheer at least 3 barrows opponents are rejecting the result? barbara was 1st elected in 2016 ending 22 years of all, talk rossi, and a yard jama, who fled into exile the following year. while from our series, our address, whose in bundle opposition leaders,
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huffs rejected the outcome of this election. citing inordinate in quotes in ordinate delays in making the announcement they were insisting that the election results should have come within 24 hours. and they are coming 4 hours late. so they believe that something was wrong and, and they are going to challenge this in court. so they have 30 days now to do that . and of course, ah, we are also hearing from election observers several of them who said that the election process was free and clear. at least 29 soldiers have been killed in an attack on a military base in this year on saturday, several 100 gun, but on motorcycles targeted the theater base in the tilbury region. it's used by the said, the sa held g 5, joint force involving troops from mauritania this year, chad molly and became faso around 80. attackers were also killed. there are reports that at least 5 people were killed after b. m ma security forces rammed
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a vehicle into protest as video shows a car accelerating into people attending a rally, and yan gone around 15 people were arrested. the been protests in the country ever since. the military seized power in february in neighboring india. the army has expressed deep regret for at least 14 civilians were killed in a military operation to the northeastern state of naga land. it happened to them all the district. the army reportedly set up an ambush for suspected fighters, but mistakenly fought on a truck carrying coal miners. troops lays a fight at the crowd which gathered to protest against the attack. police in belgium of sprayed water, cannon of fire, tear gas at riots. is that a protest in brussels against coven 19 rules? the government says its being forced to act because cases are searching as the headlines now, let's get you back to al jazeera world. ah
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america. ah, i have been looking for a
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while. i'm lucky. i'm sorry about may more know i'm so from so a lot of well oh i'm sorry to move. i think it was a letter in the critical and did a zone. critical is then the synergy clinical. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. and i see that
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a c, a, a is a with, with the, with in those in order. ahem! la la loca, dash o c. i n o lethia lud authorities, the wise me those attorney a 30 minute set up for a dana the salesman with hearing was filed. he was still a fear and a slight the fuel while dial about the anamosa. so i have so yeah, even if you will, and there was a, i'm not so much blood. the missouri eliana fia
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a baby. i knew it must bite the fuel thomas meet with the flood. miss after fled, decoy lobby, him up at the like. them for that than ever. missus. sol. as is sure for sure. the humble theatre any are good though. my kind of feeling can were i cheerfully shadowed them. well, just mccula them. can't. i have to flee. daniel individual for next friday on board . mia them might be what is your height of leaving that that i held on cost on it or must but i will believe he valid with them. but ob name a lovely position level, what they did, a lot of stuff was already hit the wiley because you know into a half, but i will beloved over hello. just a still a community come on, shayla had come on after she got a new job and possible costs with you have a long i'm good to show where you live. it's one of her that'll buy
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sure. just look like a job. the booth natural mexican. but salvage my had schafer and this one a letter how 101 list on multiple optimal level one. but another one when you got to a phase though wouldn't be as you hello. uh huh. ah . what that meant by not a melvin abilene high. huh. they have war but, but then the tumble when, i mean it's, you know, nanny balaban, melinda. if he come on us to shame on being in being stoba, i will stay but lots of somebody out. i'll be a millionaire or flood though i let mom good luck. have the law
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count this law on a on it a sophomore honey. i need a bus gun. high. it's up to up what she is. a shall leap will accompany someplace martha that mon huh. alicia feels good when i'm would you confuse that all? high blood cells? dahlia. poly. it live that i live a willis, samuel for the pills. i haven't had a lazy a fatal following. i'm a little upset with. c with, with, with my mom i'm home you know, you might be one moment when.
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mm hm. did you see her you, if, even if he's on the dock and lisa melissa, and with the full my sure. we sure a, when ian by the end of the we'll look at okay, the eyes of has, i will. okay. i have with hello. hello or any movie. uh huh m, as in nancy, m as in. uh huh. i'll tell you how much for a hole in the middle. uh huh. give to plenty from them. a common a t. t for his house. i. li. i didn't. becky, man, i would have to go back on. i'm off. that's the one that at the publisher. have said anything, but anybody that i'm with american muscle hook a
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with tech less will to yeah, yeah. any big fan, saudi other stuff. lennox said i have a you know, the forces chavez. saudi leather, up a buff, was she'll be a dumb or so off he could little wi fi off in my that i get off, i'll be able to cut off. i remember will ignore who if i could, i will, i can put a blanket, little mas louise leave here. they'll either be de thought of a car math in philosophy, lendozy. and so the guy does you, is that a? hi, steven mad you her. as for the time that he'll either the j u middle of about believe the feel of god. let danny rabo heidi, he left my heart out of the you. how do you have a quote for b, like in boy, a deal o'clock. but you, if he ignore,
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you decide the nurse with all this? he said i only have if alarm had the nurse last year or law, he left you a hug. my mother in law and the throttle body shop was, will be here for a minute while i was talking to a 100 last year with no who will come to head iep then in murphy. sure, the insurance when it has an old enemy and should it has a medical. yeah, i will go ahead with jim. i have agree with my head of south it is man in the right it dana bradley, marianna, hellena. see if you are for watkins, man,
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i'd have to refer, you know, ya dodge, i'm afraid that he wanted to clap umbrella. she'll miss tucker fiscal year. we couldn't, we couldn't see it. i wish i'm going up wednesday or friday that a lot more than that costume. see, an american computer has empty between the fee and one irish. everybody will know he has a credit, meaning there for you to can even increase. does she do? he not even in the interview, we buy horner be. so what am ally ally was sitting here with a 0 ego and along with other can can had along with it in the and the demon becky had to hagi. but what and hannibal as a mad, is he
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a fitness fitness flooring, out of here, with fitness and death to facilities, yet from a for her to like move a have been machine him, makia, and the lemme is out of his sodium. what had been metal? did he the bad? if i had a b t a laughable letter vanish handed money? the little money i philosophers ready and i am a bad enough lord. amen. pen, our head, my c. a said in the phone book. fair for i mean al movie for, for to 0. i've enough famine the hummer from wouldn't come. moderation maddie, so community out of short for saddle, or my dad is a cover, were maneuver yet this had been a colleen, homely been a do any lamina with the deep. i missed marquez headed up there any other time? any key to one by the way up facility need that a sit to me, it's coming up of what they've been with
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when, if necessary, that i lived on sophia and it brought them into for you. ah my my wife need to let us know if i need the letter saying she accepts as hell and the 1st need to know if he did he did he and i missed it. if you see them and i was about to pick it up, any store, we shouldn't have them proceed. look and said from me, i will apply. okay. now, in almost almost mean hey going because we know we had the short open adam,
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but yeah, looks only ok so clearly. alyssa mat in a city, a city police, a mechanic village. donnie said it had to do. i'm sitting visiting, believe me. i do have a lot of meetings. i didn't either. you know, i was a lackey through anna. let me see. oh dear. with a little complex and i please let us know what the best had them here with
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us i lay low mother to be a letter. a b is not a lot going on and it is. and if you know, i doesn't one of them out with a little star official, a y a r a b e man
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e u b a r a k, a k, a dollar loan a was a like a. yeah, a lot of that was not an interview with linda with as long as he and that hadn't been of us in you know, how you to and t m. and you can kind of certainly one must allow you to sort out in shahida. it's a full b, l, and i'm about to leave a mess and they give you a
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better. and you've been amador, i'm going to start a 10 year old editors away then i would say, how sad i've been to the it is. and you live at the fact that when you need them, he does the answer and nothing can unleash and kitty lay with this as always dead yet as a way desolate in south florida getting concerned lead by what he did. we'll see that i would also, that will getting out this other much community another session lucian, men and oh, you haven't seen as the central to lose with damon had enrolled happening. i'm stuck with the diamonds. you fools. you see? no, i'm in a nurse. no mouth door him a consent he the nurse who has a venus leather stuckey,
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a suggestion like label now my my fish has on the fishing, my fish hammer, the amos animal a with with ash
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with ah 3 with
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a with a be a minimum of you
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to do a lot of money. i mean, did i ask when i submitted that? yes, just for lisa. see why dental wait a there? why dental shell? luckily. so think when i'm done, why did i haven't moved up and we need to come in, jazz and shut off was stuck and then yeah, i think that was regina's needs. you must have to up to bassetti alicia and william g and the letter quote. and then what he did. yeah, yeah. and then he couldn't, i had that said, but it became a ah ah
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ah, it will not offer a miss lisa, you food and look into the year. but it's not hooked up with me. what with the principal is a new them, me a ah,
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the somebody will because i had that a blow say almost a little while to be at what he said. so said he said o, any of that. he said that net, gusty del america, which agile man that ged with a facility in the you ladies ah,
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a palestinian social and political campaigner in iceland soon became the 1st woman he had to speak about human rifle in the group. at american dutch business woman who's built a multi $1000000.00 business, but helps disadvantage young people in the netherlands, nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself, all does it a world leads to are of women who become successful away from cold arabs abroad. the activist of the ultra bruno on all disease. ah. with hello there. here's your weather in a minute. 15 for the americas. we've got active. whether both for the west stand,
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the east. so we'll begin in the west right now. snow for vancouver island is sunshine coast and the city of vancouver. i think we'll pick up anywhere from 2 to 5 centimeters of snow temperature supply just across the northern plains. just a few days ago, billings was about 21. now you're 2 below. and when a peg at minus 22 will feel about minus 30, with the windshield toward the east, we've got that swath of snow all saw a band of freezing rain. as this pits further toward the east is kind of knocked down temperatures in new york. you go from 16 down to 6, but i think the most act of weather will be for texas, louisiana at mississippi rate, into alabama, some strong winds and a threat of hail here. central america right now, getting stroked with some brain, nicaragua, costa rica, and panama, and for the top end of south america, got her storms come in and go and not every one is going to see it. but i think the best bet will be brazilian rate into rio de janeiro and flor annapolis. and part of what's going on there is we've had that front side across the river plate region
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moving further toward the north. so once again, we see that return of stormy weather for both rio and sal palazzo. so palos got a high of 22 degrees on monday. that's it, that's all we'll see soon. ah, if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in the center? this is the story of america. what's working and what's not a lot of people. we're only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda . if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera war in afghanistan is now will non taliban figures make up a port with that in there? and then you can hopefully within the caliber leave it, there will be a house with inside story pack. a frank assessment,
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the div headline subscribe now however you listen to podcast. ah, o supporters of the gabby as president a double barrow celebrates his reelection with rivals a crying foul. ah, hello, i'm adrian for again. this is al jazeera alive from dough, also coming up here belgium, police respond with water cannon to being set upon by riotous a protest against co wrote a virus roster.


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