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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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going to be back, but soon after news of the new barian has emerged, israel has shut down its borders again. people here are saying that was are glad that there is some sense of normalcy coming back to town, especially during the christmas season. it's the tourism that's going to revive the economy. ah, let's take a look at some of the headlines here. now. just evacuations have been suspended around indonesia is mount summary because of clouds of hot ash raining down from the volcano. so far, 14 people have been killed and dozens injured. experts say it's not clear how warnings of interaction could have been missed. man, who mountain is located in one of the most eventually, we'll get our yeah. it's been, it's always a closely monitored by our work on all of this. and they know that every time we
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have a big rainy season, some sort of what they sometimes they call secondary interruption heflin. so they should have been able to get warning or people. ringback that will be interview, giving too many or as to why would they seem to be caught by sure. right. so this is still a question that has to be answered. 5 people are full to, to have been killed in me and mas largest city off the security forces ran their vehicle into a group of protest, this thousands more were injured during the anti q demonstration in the an gone rights group. say security forces killed more than 1300 people since the military takeover in february, indian official say 13 civilians have mistakenly been killed during a military operation. it happened in the northeastern states of new england. the armies are full of shots as a truck,
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carrying dozens of people. troops then lay to 5 as a crowd that gathered to protest against the truck attack. one soldier was also killed. the gambia as president adam barrow is taken another the lead as result from the presidential election come in. he's trying to secure a 2nd vote seen as a test of stability and democratic progress. frances has visited a camp for asylum seekers in greece. the pontiff met some of the 2000 refugees and migrants living in temporary housing on the island of legible, roman catholic liter use the 2nd leg of his eastern mediterranean towards the highlight. the flies of the many forced to flee the countries of war, poverty, or oppression. it's inside story. now, stay with us here on al jazeera. ah
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god right wrinkle, she's in here at the field. a united front populous leaders meet in poland to discuss the continents future. but how much impact do they have in european politics? this is inside story. ah hello, welcome to the program. i'm kim vanelle. the leaders of 14 european right wing parties are at a conference in poland. among the nationalist and populist issues up for discussion is the building of an alternative center of power in the european union. and it's
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aimed at opposing the you on issues like migration, national sovereignty, as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender writes with the lead, his face and number of challenges caused by bad differences. some view each other as to pro russian, while others are fine with moscow's influence, and some have opposing views on even the main issues, including asylum seekers, which countries should host refugees and how many, despite that wants claire is they all want more influence in european politics me was because to me and very optimistic about the coming together of this logic. i think what has happened to poland is blackmail and threats from the european union . poland resistance once again would show everyone that's only in the union that would succeed in making european union been in the most harmful way. i'll begin discussion in just a moment, but 1st let's take a look at some of europe's main foreign parties in france. marina pen presides over
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the national rally. the parties made headlines mostly for won't critic say it's, it's hard stones against is arm and french muslim identity and poland, sierra schwab. kasinsky leads the ruling nationalist populace law and justice policy, which is often adults with european union policies. if lead legal party is said by matthew l v b, he has reputation for a hard lines down for migration, for wanting to renegotiate you laws on asylum seekers with the aim of deporting thousands of them. the for dish political party hungry, the said by prime minister victor or bomb he presents himself as a defender of europe against muslim migrants. he's also at the center of the bid tonight, europe's radical bride parties. ah. ok, let's bring in. i guess we have found the reading sca who is an expert at walsall institute. she joins us from poland capital from brussels in belgium, kyle,
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the new chief executive officer at the center for european policy studies. and from vienna college nits, a journalist, and the austrian daily newspaper, their standards, so very warm. welcome to all, thanks for joining us here on inside story. i'd like to begin with alexander. we've been sca. do you think that these right wing parties who are leasing in war so can really build a united block one of the challenges that they might face? well then they say some whole series of challenges. the 1st one is not all in the same or political group in the justice of the living in italy and identity and see. so the discussions have been growing
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new groups should be, should be holding some of those items join the group. i'm just now convention, the 2nd question of the attitudes or russia, we don't have any tools that will be pro russian russian most detained by our history, by experience where russia has been negative and also today seen by the central threat. so there are many of those parties like pro russian, and this is also a point of contention. so just quickly, before we move on, then do you think there's any point in the meeting at all? do you think they'll be able to form a block? well, i don't know if the aim of this meeting is really i believe that it may be
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a continuation of that meeting over the place in july, a joint examination hotel. this time also there will be ration on the subject meeting in european reform policy. you mention something, they certainly agree on that also many sticking point and i think they will concentrate i expect some sort of proposal for these kinds of before they will also debate about how to talk to the competency on outside of that. she seeks sugar bending, which i think will be racial subject. ok, thank you. thank you. i think there's going to be a declaration, not necessarily a united block. as a result,
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i want to come to you can learn who you are and take this meeting very seriously. as whole, why is that? i take us to some extent serious. it's only on i think that have been many of them off like this by the writing or seem right. said parliament to for one brock, but so far they haven't succeeded. one of the main reasons why they're doing this is because the partner audubon, because before part e p p which is basically the central conservative group and european parliament was pushed out of the e p. p. and there is no looking for a new home. and of course it has been kind of courting of the or social my groups have tried like, for example so. so he tried to join him at the former, i think but all of these them have failed to a party, basically have still groups to group record each of them about 10 percent. so together, let's say the right, $316.00 right off 20 to 25 percent that you know the bottom. but amongst them they are so divided the difference and orientation that extremely difficult to believe
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that a couple more common, a common voice if you see, for example, in what's happening and trans at the moment, be told, let's say that a year ago, that's probably been would again, be marianna, been again, be sure to challenge your too much at all, but we know she, that the extreme rival brands are sophie split and 2 groups and they move me over to may overtake the ben andy and the presidential elections next year. so we see that the extreme hard to split, which is the biggest threat and you know, for the extreme like which we have because initially because of the driving government, the leak not has been pushed a bit to decide. we also see that it's not homeless for me to be meeting and marshal this weekend, which is also very important. and i think the biggest problem is essentially what is going on and problems. and then we see that dick street, also, if you don't have the german elections in september b, i did. yup. and mickey put all the extra groups do not pose that anymore and
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germany. so i think it's an attempt to post a voice, but the previous speaker set this issue about threshold, very different stations. we know for sure that the party of mario nathan got subsidies got support from russia and something like this in on its own. okay. i'd like to bring you and call it schmidt. we've talked a lot then about the differences between all of these parties meeting and was for something that they have said previously when they signed that declaration of basically saying they're on the same page was that they want to fight for family values. i mean, but that could look very different to different parties into different countries, couldn't i totally agree to what you said about what is going on in france. i mean, that's one of the, i think, very important points that maybe wants to connect points if she tries to reunite or
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unite the far right. because at home it's not really going well on her. what really unites all these groups is, are most of them that it's not, they have all seen better days and they really are not on the rise right now in their home countries. so this is one point and family values, if you call them, are really a problem that they have with human rights. i'll be tv rights. you can see that in hungary and all that is there are, they really are in trouble because of this within the you. so this is probably the problem. one of the reasons why the whole them and hungary are now sticking together. because here also you have the problem that whole and is very russian and apparently not at all. so this is probably one of the main reason they are not getting all the funds over to you right now and have problems there.
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alex found the reading skills. i'd like to put that to you. do you agree with the sentiment that the right wing popularity across the board is, is on the decline across europe. say this on the charter or a law governing. and so, i mean humbly. and we don't know because you know, but i want to say it is university that might be the case. and i do believe that they are the presidential race known or to she would be based on to immigration more than it was present in the face before. i think he had her in this presidential leis, necessarily. so he can the chances for that to happen. so i think the right is maybe not new to me and i was about to
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take over over. you have to say it is still then the hope was going to disappear. one they happen. so it is gaining momentum, sweden. so saying with the folks we will see was going to happen the next couple months and years with me need to a common block call any issues when they re re, re, i'm forming catalano. do you agree with what the previous speakers have said in terms of the impact, the power, the popularity of right wing parties in european politics right now to some degree, but i would add to that. what brings them together is that have
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to europe, but they have no alternative meaning. it's very funny. they are, they don't like all of them. europe and they come together to express this with a b and look at the character of the different parties they are. so different already on this fundamental thing which you said, we just family values, they will have totally different views. for example, the church on, for example, issues like abortion, which is a big issue or some of the parties but not for others. or for example, on the other side where you see that it's extremely difficult to unite them. and they have been trying for a long time. if you compare this to the other political groups and you'll be parliament, which also have this issue to try to form a common block. they have much more advance like, you know, people's party or the socialist and democrats, or 70 degree, or the liberals, you know, more much more united in the political, the political id. they stand for than the extreme right,
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which has totally different orientation. so again, i would take, i do not, i'm not too concerned to say that they can do much against. of course, it's a pity, i personally find that there are so many in the parliament and they get paid by all of us. but that's what we haven't in the democracy and have you see what happens again and determine elections is december and medical come to know that she has managed again to marginalize the amc. we extreme and i didn't. and germany course, you know, many has a special because of just re, a special connotation with extreme right. but we see that i'm not too concerned about the, not apart from problems. and as i said, i see the good thing which is happening now. apparently there splintered amongst themselves and event, which i think has challenged real port patton sort of the, the a, i mean has been a 2nd. thank you for kind of trans, nevermind each. so clad smith. i just wanna pass over to call at
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college, netflix. i can see you nodding your head, they are talking, your mike was all, but was there something you wanted to add to? well, in france you can see what you can. you can really watch and a lot of countries in europe look, pen started moving to the middle because she went too far right. 9 too far, right to get voted into a powerful position. and now of course there's a new man with any more was really very far right again. and this will go on like this because they get the by that in the end. and if they don't unite, it will be hard for them to gain power. i think so. but however, what i wanted to say is that it's paradox, but these right wing are even right. comparative parties are all nationalists and that doesn't fit very well into the idea of the european union. so even if they try again and again tonight, it won't, you know, on the long run word i think so because they, they really don't think international. read your understand what i mean. i want to
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put that same center the same sentiment to alexander rabinski. i guess what we're trying to say is what's being suggested there is that these parties who believe an essential tenant for many of them is the national sovereignty. then looking to build and international united front might seem to some like an inherent contradiction. what do you think? i don't think it is necessarily contradiction right now. not have a super national nubian see. we have mentioned and right now, nation of the only and he was using commission elected so have little democratic legends, asian, great, democrat leverage and emissions like that is the 2nd thing is, i don't think you what they want is to be for europe. we all of the european union,
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and we all have to somehow think about what kind of union we want. now we have federalists, and we'll say, and then we have a meeting today and also who want your nation, which was actually the initial idea. actually, it was supposed to be a nation and it has developed and more and more designed to ration not everybody was that. and i think those right to discuss then vision, if you me, i hate you want to change it. they don't want to abolish that is a totally different thing and i think it is really the menu assumptions are made about like some of the law injustice septic. not you a septic and all we do not really have your range party that
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don't really matter on the political. ok, carol, i know i want to put that to you but advance that a little bit in that often. one thing is born of the other right, right wing populism, that perhaps a reaction to its opposite. what is it that you think these parties are rebelling against? and even if you don't agree with the form that rebellion might be taking, could it because for some soul searching within the you? if i listen to the previous speaker, i would say, i would totally disagree with you because human was in favor of a form of a united nations over the united states of europe like receipt of the united states of america, which is a federal states. but clearly federal competence and that's what we want to do with bombs defense. and that certainly must be extreme right. or this very writing groups and european barn and group on they basically want to go back to what we have achieved. for example, i remember very well that interview between and my job and my role for the 2nd
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round, about 4 and a half years ago, there arguing and then wanted to abolish the euro was to go back. and the girl wasn't asking her to say, but what you're doing and she hardly knew. and she felt basically through this argumentation, she not her, the chances of that could be to be elected. i mean, that's what the group wants to go back from these commitments and to strengthen the nation state or to undermine report of justice and european court of justice is basically the ard with the if there are issues. but we don't degree have madison, which is the ultimate part of the modem, which we know you for that. but also for the attribution of that you would be great and the next you and on what from the finality would be enforced by the european permission to get these funds. which for example, there's an issue for all of us. but this is all part of a federal construction. this is not only the construction of the united nations of
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europe. we have make a long wait 3040 years of integrating and strengthening super national competence within the u. i would also look at the mission is probably not directly elected, but you could go broad by parliament and you'll be barbara exotic. ok, the bottom is not highly apartments as we know the national no, but already has to do that. what i hear is that i have some disagreement about what it is that these right wing parties want, in terms of the future of europe. their visions, i want to come to, you call it schmidt, about some of the factors that play here, the context in which this is all happening. what do you think that the migrant crisis has done not just on poland border with en route, but across the e u. what do you think it has done for these sort of nationalist populace parties? you know, while the, you may not agree with when many of these parties are leaders or even nations, it is open to discussing, for example, you financing or physical border infrastructure. so what do you think that has done
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to this whole discussion? well, it has served to right wing parties around the european union. well, of course prices and especially 2015 because especially in countries that took in a lot of refugees, they could really game power like austria and germany as you know. and so we even have the freedom party in our government for 2 years. then we know the end of that story with the video, but this was really helping them to rise. now we have another crisis apart from my friends levels and pull and we have a car on over the you. and i think if you look at the recent elections, it just germany, for instance, maybe the corona virus and then may trace it was more topic to a lot of voters, many and migrants. i think so. but of course,
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this crisis really divided the you because actually we could not find a way to, to share the responsibility for refugees all over and to the same amount in every country. and i remember i sent it in scope. you say that the idea of building a united front, a grouping of parties with the same aims. it's not new. so why is it that it's advancing now? do you think it is being rolled her now by especially going on just because of the dispute low that it has the european permission to play and obviously is seen as a good occasion to show that they do have to port one of the main
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subject question doing this meeting is effectively limiting the comprehensive institution from the point of view, which is has been confirmed by the things that have been allocated the industry by the members. and so using a mission that is being the justice is acting outside of the outside of the home. and this is not acceptable. so then the number is on the right title, the year, and then see this in assuming the way i think this is one of the reasons whole this conference. but i wanted also say something to what it would be like to stress the crisis. my question is a g electric question,
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no natural migrant dictatorship. and i don't know any people wanting to move. there is a country of people from and not go to and know national migrations, not official records created by the question. and as soon as you taking the place, no mind. i can, shaking, sorry, nodding their heads in agreement with you. we've got less than 60 seconds now until the end of the program about the end very quickly. would you cut out a new oh, how do you see the trajectory right now in terms of the future of the far right. i mean, we've got to have a fine, right much in europe, but that also will depend on the circumstances. i'm whole repealed with all these different prices which we have. but if you see how well because of the health crisis and hope that you were in a domain because your competence helps. but you basically manage to order fractions
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for all of you. and i think we are basically a heads of the rest of the girls and the baby control and just held christ. of course, we still have a lot of problems and many states, but you have to be active and you only need to remember what happened in february march, when it was unsure whether we will get there. and then on the last test we will have so many percent 60 or 70 percent of the relation budgeted by july between managed again and a domain which is not that you very you see by the way she's saying all the energy and demand pro member say again, an area which is not and you are competent energy supply to have more european just to joint the order got to be order. i mean, for them to guess control the prices and to make sure that we have much more leverage on for temper russia, which is lying. ok. or i, my apologies, will have to leave it very big. thank you to all of our guests for joining us. alexander, we been sca cut out le, new and scarlet schmidt,
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a step beyond the comfort zones, were assumptions or challenge traveled to the ends of the earth and further experienced the unimaginable of the people who live it. witness award winning documentaries on a, just the euro. ah, it is 1200 hours gmc on camels. santa maria, with your headlines on al jazeera evacuations, have now been suspended around indonesia is mount summary because of clouds of hot ash raining down from the eruption volcano. so far, 14 people have been killed and dozens more injured. 5 people are reported to been killed in me in my largest city after security forces rammed a vehicle into a group of protesters. dozens more were injured during the anti q demonstration in young gone. there have been anti government rallies across me in my since the


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