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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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join us in cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canton, airways dot com. ah, ah ah, welcome back. it's exactly half past the hour. these are the top stories here on the news. our south africa has confirmed more than 16000 corona virus infections in the last 24 hours. health officials urgent people to get vaccinated, the army cranberry, and has now been detected in 41 countries. the cambia is holding its 1st presidential election since young are jamie, was ousted in 2017. adam barrow is running for reelection. despite a promise to step down. after 3 years,
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the french president says efforts are underway to open a joint european mission and the afghan capital kabul during a visit to cattle. emmanuel macro said the plan would allow several e, u ambassadors to share a building when they return to cobble the u. s. president joe biden will hold a video called with the russian lead of letting me put in on tuesday. that's just been confirmed by the kremlin. the ukraine is likely to dominate those talks. washington has warned its prepared to take action against moscow if it invades ukraine. the number of russian troops has been rising along the border on friday. joe biden was asked about the crisis by a reporter, this very 2nd, a lot to fall case with
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from all school. his alex's here was bernard smith. russia one's legally binding guarantee guarantees that nato will not expand eastwards and allow ukraine to accede, allow ukraine to join, nor will miss house be placed on ukrainian territory that could be pointed towards russia. russia is issue its concern. its problem is that after the end of the collapse of the soviet union, most eastern european countries joined nato for their own while they saw their own defensive purposes and needs. russia sees that as a problem and a threat. the problem for russia is that it's not up to valuing putin to decide who does or does not join nato. it's up to nato member countries that said,
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ukraine's application for membership. the nate has been on the table since 2008. so there isn't any great rush to allow it to join may be one of the reasons being that when one nato member is attacked, it's john to says that others must come to its defense. there is no desire amongst the nato member countries for a full on military confrontation with russia. when that both ladies 1st met together as president back in the summer, that's the summit followed again a troop build up along the border with ukraine. and not summit managed to calm things down, but yes, the, by the ministration says it once a stable and predictable relationship with russia, that sort of best it can hope for. while the stand off in eastern ukraine is making life increasingly difficult for people to receive basic services, a child threat with no explains trips that used to take less than one hour can now take an entire day or even longer. they stand in the cold waiting for instructions
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from a ukrainian soldier for this is one of only 2 places where people can cross the more than 400 kilometer front line in eastern ukraine. that's why i think we haven't been able to freely come and see our relatives and friends for more than 7 years. both sides make obstacles for us. i'm using my ukranian passport and they now say it's not enough for me to cross. i have to go on line. i've been trying for 3 days . many of the elderly and infirm came to the ukrainian government control side to collect their pensions. sure, only around a $100.00 a month. the 1st separatist checkpoint is around 3 kilometers down this road. now before the conflict started in 2014 the journey chime from the town of done this to here was around 30 minutes. but now because of the complexities of traveling across the separatist controlled region,
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many people decides to come via the russian border. and that can take more than a day. nikolai is a company, he's wife to separate his control. don't ask. he can't find a nearby hospital and the government controlled side can carry out the life saving operation. he says she needs user research for more than i may 2 years old and live bruce so much. i hope my children and grandchildren can live a better life. i just hope doctors can save my wife. you as they say, hope died last crystal. it's so difficult, it's terrible. this happens to us at our age the check point is only open twice a week. red cross trucks pass carrying tons of aid for around 3000000 people the you and expects to need humanitarian assistance next year. and that's on both sides
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of the front line. soldiers tell us they have shilling a few kilometers from here. every night. c spy monitors with the organization for security and cooperation in europe. say both sides regularly break ceasefire agreement, signed in 2015. the sale has just arrived from separatist control on ask all my friends who wants to leave and most of my family have left some to ukraine or russia some to europe. many still there miss what life was like before 2014, but they wait for a seat on the bus to take them across. what's called no man's land feels they never imagined they'd be afraid of. before this conflict started on 7 and a half years ago, chance drop it al jazeera novel, trotsky, eastern ukraine, government plans in serbia to sell land to a lithium mining company. i'll provoking protests demonstrates as say the sell off
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. we'll have devastating effects on the environment. the mining giant, we are, tinto is waiting for government approval for 2 and a half $1000000000.00 mind development. after discovering lithium reserves there 15 years ago, onions or it's reports now from the protest site. in belgrade, what you can see behind me is the man international highway in serbia and his bar that goes to bell ray has been blocked for more than an hour. and actually this is just one of more than 50 locations across the center. we are not here have been blocked to day citizens of serbia as well as the green activists and the local police position politicians protesting against new laws that you've been adopted in the serbian parliament. last week. they seeing it as a lying ground warned for delete your mine of international company, a real dean dog in our western sir b. as you can see, there's thousands of people here as well as under the other blockages and the
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mortar ways is serbia. so far there have not been incidence unlike the last to me, ran also at the same brought this happened and as many accidents are cured, especially in our city in chava, in less than so be our ran our group or must people even try to go to demo, great service and it was, those are one of the things that people here are calling for today also is to bring to just these people that have our demo 330 last week. but today's brought us by so far is going to be done in a people are on the 3 so many citizen serbia. just have a 2000000 people live in garza and every day they're faced with not having access to fresh water. 97 percent of the water in gaza is undrinkable. and you report from the u. k based and g o. human appeal organisation says residents of the densely
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populated strip are at risk of dehydration, kidney failure, and other fatal diseases. and the lack of clean water is a particular concern during the cupboard 19 pandemic. people cannot wash their hands properly, which could lead to the virus spreading. a quarter of a 1000000 people relied on desalination long for their water, but it was destroyed during the is really bombardment of garza in may. let's bring in mcmurry shuttle. she's the global water and sanitation hygiene advisor at human appeal. he joins us from skype from mass. manchester must much shot we talking here about a major health crisis just around the corner. me and peter, archery the situation in god's it's heretic situation. the water and sanitation situation was called wash situation is it to do anything for over 14 years. you
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know, that they got us under the blockades for over 14 years and protracted crisis for all 6 months, including water, sanitation, health, also education. we are currently working in the senior territories as a human appeal and providing services for water sanitation for did you cation for security as well. but the major problem in the gaza is the water as 97 percent of the ground towards that it's on a drinkable aconia, w i t o. it's time that's for drinking water models, 120000000 liters of c, which either partially treated or for c, which is being disposed into the maintain and see that's contaminating get the c as well for entertainment, for people who are living in gaza, you can imagine 2100000 people living in
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a very short or small strength area is considered the most highly populated adia in the world. just to interrupt you for a moment. my point is this particular situation exacerbated not just by the preexisting conditions under which the people lived live in garza, but also, you know, the media has moved on, but in may when there was that cross border conflict that went on for more than a couple of weeks, tens of thousands of homes were destroyed anyway and may into june and july. when that's the summer months. that is doable. the people of garza are resilient, of course they are. but heading into the winter, if your house, if your home isn't functioning properly, any way to then not have any water supply that takes you from a bad situation someplace, much worse. yeah, of course. definitely. that's a situation right now in garza over 50000 houses where
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either partially, you know, damaged or 40 dummy, she's doing decent escalation in may and thus left thousands of people without homes. some people are intentionally hosted, you know, in garza, some people don't have some places to live. so a dots in the winter is coming or is already, you know, winter in the sense that it is started. does lift the people you know, in total one to city wash and you want to be and now it's supporting the through shelter works is through the hot station of these partially dummy houses and even with the dummy houses in order to feed the situation and improve the situation, yes indeed, the recent escalations has significantly affected the situation. even the water and wastewater networks have been significantly and part of the damage
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during the recent escalation. because yeah, when i'm going to have to interrupt you there and bring our conversations, we're close, which i apologize. but thank you so much for talking to us, which is joining us from manchester took his president, has outline government plans to salvage the economy of the value of the turkish li are thanked when you record low retro type one, says low interest rate loans and employ incentives will boost production, but i inflation as pushing up the cost of goods and making manufacturing more expensive his in him casado. this is a newer teen for ali who owns the score my market and assemble. he has the frequency update the prices on many goods as the turkish lira continues. it's free for, it's slow. so these 40 percent of its value against the dollar since september on it says a suppliers increase the prices he has to do the same according to the chamber of
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agriculture, the difference between producers selling prices and what people pay for goods and supermarkets rose 9 fold in november, the government accuses supermarket chains of stockpiling and manipulating prices. social medicine takes us juice, for example, it was 29 years before the latest price increase. now i have to sell it for 41.5. our customers are reacting, even some of them get that. it's not us, but the economy in the country present register for john argues high interest rates are behind all the countries economic problems. he says he asked the central bank to curb interest rates so that companies can borrow for less and buy boosting growth and exports. turkey can become europe's new china. the government says at assessing a new model for turkey is economy, but the experts warn it's may fail as the country is suffering chronicler. high inflation and relies on foreign funding and energy resources. economic
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like professor ruskin say, the policy is highly unusual and it's not working. how can view kismine that is, it's a chill assertion. most citizens, a wage workers crating jobs by production is good by any means, but it needs a plan and priorities. inflation is pressure is rising, so turkey should switch to a conventional economic policy. the la garza add on has re shop on 3 threads, re and finance ministers and fired to central bank governors in a year. and that's on earth and master's turkey, that should you do what i see a good despite the foreign investors fund managers see a great potential here. the uncertainties and other risk factors. stop them from coming. we need to bring down both economic and geopolitical risk premiums by proving it's under control. present. aradonzo's party has governed turkey for 2 decades, and a had of an election scheduled for 2023. he has promised all economic problems who
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will be sold in the next 6 months. but right now, many people say their biggest challenge is the rising price of food, fuel medicine and other essential goods. and they're waiting to see whether their government can en turkey's currency crisis. seen africa solo alto series, stumble still to come here on al jazeera far will have all the sport. i have the latest from the arab cab with saturday thing for the competitions, heavy weights and action, all the rest of the sport coming up alive from our special studio here by the waterfront in doha. ah, for the 1st time since the league up to the 2nd world war, the nobel peace prize has been awarded to journalists, maria dressing, and dmitri morocco for to receive a 2021 prize for their courageous contributions to freedom of expression in the philippines and russia in an exclusive interview, live from or slow,
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we'll talk to this is laurie of about the challenges and dangers of doing their job and the significance and protecting the nobel interview, only on on just 0 blue ambitions, artistry, adventure, short documentaries. by african filmmakers from beneath kenya. and algeria in the alan minium village throttle queens, this is when really good to let our hair done and the cane africa direct on al jazeera oh
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the welcome to algebra, special coverage, the fee for our public tournament doubling up as a major warm up event for the cats are world cars next year, hello, and far is small. plenty of news for you, including a super saturday of football at the arab cop morocco, pretty to strong for jordan in the days opening game, algeria, and leave it laid against lebanon. but they make it to win from 2 in groups. see, and we have a serious contender for dark out of the year. the morocco are, are closing in on a place in the last day that the air cop, they beat jordan for knell to secure their 2nd street. when the tournament and richardson reports from catherine and ben ali stadium, murder, confessions have high hopes of seeing that team back in capital next year. the sort
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of through to the final round of african qualifying jordan, have no chance of joining them in 2022. but both sets of supporters are looking forward to playing a part in the middle east's. first world cup the live in diversity will have in a different level. and we're also excited to see how we can, we can deal with it as a country and people who live here. i'm excited to try my best to watch the finance. we just excited that everybody would visit cuts and get to know cuts are, you know, before cuts out, it was just, you know, what's more in, in a map. now everybody knows what most teams had started this arab with a win morocco, eating palestine for nail while jordan had caused a big upset against saudi arabia. morocco swiftly took control of this game, you know, hit your brawny, putting them ahead. just morocco's
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european base plays, haven't been released at this tournament, are absent isn't being felt in capital so far. the side what? 3 up by how fine. how may g be the finish fit for a world cup stadium. penalty ramped morocco's 2nd straight for new win and put them on top of the group. jordan, do still have a chance of reaching the last state heading into their final group game against palestine. the rural co, we'll have the european styles back in the scoring coming through the big challenges that lie ahead in 2022. it all starts with the african cup of nations in cameroon. that's a title. they've not won since 1976. and then it's a when it takes all world cup, play off in march, and richardson al jazeera and the days 2nd game, algeria, we're looking to cement their place, said the top of group d. lebanon had frustrated the north african for giving away a 2nd half penalty,
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a defender getting a thinking. feeling before you've seen bohemia converted the spot kick on pressed for an equalizer. they were hit on the counter, the museum making it. he now has our book, their spots in the quarter finals, the host beat oman in dramatic fashion and education city stadium. there were the lucky recipients of an own go deep into stoppage time. there were doubtless weapon balls cross the line, but it was awarded after being checked counter winning to one to advance from a lackey retracted. one of the world's biggest music stars. multiple grammy winner justin bieber. a singer who says he loves or it might have good reason to return for cats are 2022 with his country and mine, canada, and his strong position to qualify. so encouraging signs for cat her head of the world. cobb earlier santa who spoke to alleys, salad from the cat,
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her football association, and he told her the host nation are targeting at least a place and the knockout rounds at next year's tournaments. the tiffy bon bonded for a long time to play a high level notches results with cope america in the european qualifiers, a gold cup and all the outcome. so the aim is to little each player have a certain number of notches, high level notches. so it was a good experience to them to was the water playing against for to go sir via argentina, columbia, brazil. it's good experience for, for the young boys to, to be ready for the walk through our aims to present india because her football in a good way for sure her qualifying to the 2nd round is, is, is our achievement, our main goal. but for sure. with the supporters with the, with everybody's for sticking with a team, for sure. we're trying to do better and better,
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but to the men target is to qualify to the 2nd on and then we'll see how to go through that phase. egypt in a couple of hours before palestine play saudi arabia on saturdays, late game here in doha. but back in palestine. players are training to qualify for the country's 1st ever amputee football team. as i'd hope was to compete that next year's asian amputees football championships and turkey, even al said reports from gaza after journey fills with lots of 50 and lots of determination and coaches do lead to leave today. the curtains will be the 1st palestinian national team who will be participating in the atm, mtv should football championship for the years 2022. all the way from i load. he does these young men fighting reason that takes me all around the world is because i want to see mc football when all the country. what i'm really in or of here. and i think that we're all the world can look at and learn here. the dreams
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can become a reality with all the restrictions and everything that's going on here. what live a change for the past 2 years? oh did the where has all of these young men in their journey ambitions are great and there are no boundaries for their persistence and kind of walked in on him and then with the hub myself and all the other players on the national team. how to dream to become football politically. so it's an amazing feeling that losing a limb didn't stop us from pursuing, as i tell every person who has lost a limb not to give up the challenge yourself to overcome your injury. and every other reason for today, the players are un freaking to every garza lost the lynn and they have proven the disability. it's just a term and they can be as normal as any person without disability. now do it's really in the english henry lee. we're west ham twice came from behind the beat league leaders. chelsea. chelsea were a goal,
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but then they're cheaper. edward mandy was put in a horrible position by his defense. i made a terrible job of getting out of trouble with the family awarded a penalty which went well, lizzie, nice for to make it 11. just see, we're back in front before the break, thanks to mason mound, should on to 2nd goal and 2 games and well worth another look. i came last time again. geron bo, in with the why do this time? which is 3 minutes last arthur my, who want it for west town. sure whether it was a cross or a shot, but it went in to complete come back. and the forty's leak sporting ran out 31 winters over, been in the lisbon derby on friday. their opening goal from pablo was something a bit special sporting now level on points with porter. the top tennis. now we know about john, which is still keeping quiet on whether he'll defend his title at next month. australian open. his participation is in doubt because all players have to be
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vaccinated against co 19 to compete. well, number one has so far, refused to say if he's had the job, you will be informed. i know you what you want. i will not go, i'm not going to give you an answer tonight. i know what you want to make the bed, but you will be informed. that's it. it's all i can tell you. i don't, i can't give you any dates. but obviously australia is around the corner, so you will know very soon i understand you want, you want some answers on how i, where i start the season. i started but i really retired from the season in this whole year. so i just before sticking to the family quality, time rehab modes, and then then let's see. and the on the a la bron james made his return for the lakers after missing a game due to the leagues corona virus protocols change. that's a positive on tuesday, but several negative later returns line up the face, the clippers and for 23 points. but it was all in vain is
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a lot this 119153. we've got a serious contender for knock out of the year. i'm a fans in connecticut, witness ballot for a bad some weight champions, sergio patches and leash and devastating glow to finish off her gucci. i just, i've been losing the fight up until now. and just to leave you on a slightly lighter no incentive st. petersburg players took to the field on friday with a different kind of mask on each one carrying a stray dog that needed a new home. then didn't quite adopt the right tactics. though, getting a to all draw against raw stars, there are still top dogs in the russian leak. so that's all for now a reminder of our top sports stories. algeria left it late to meet lebanon to nail in the fee for aaron cox here in doha. that's 2 winds from 2 now, group d for the algerians earlier morocco claim their 2nd victory of the tournaments with the for now when over jordan and saturdays opening game wasn't back in
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a few hours time for another sports update. at 1845 gm payment stay with us here on al jazeera. after the break, we bought another news updates with ah, with frank assessments, this gracious, he's continued to weaken a look of shell, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning. there have been informed opinions, i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate. do you
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think that they should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. once the inside story on al jazeera, a get a a compelling. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued to arrive at the explosion in spite,
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i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fascism was like, unequal to broadcasting. some nelson have been on august night, he was born a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running o south africa accelerates its vaccination campaign. and growing concerns over the army, kron berry. ah, again, i'm peter w, watching al jazeera alive from our headquarters here. and there are also coming up a new chapter in the can be as democratic transition, nearly a 1000000 people vote in the 1st presidential election since the former leda yard,
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jamie left office. the french president says he'll work with saudi arabia to resolve.


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