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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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and this is yvette hahn al jazeera. ah a flo. i'm adrian finnegan, in doha, with a summary of the news on al jazeera, the world health organization says that the new cove it 19 very un omicron has been detected in 38 countries. that's up from 232 days ago. it's calling on nations to focus on preparing health systems. instead of imposing travel restrictions. as we're talking about ami con, let's also not forget that the predominant variance right now still remains the delta variance. so micron may be on the rise and we may come to a point where it takes over to be the dominant variance. but at this point, the very dominant variant remains delta in the us, the top health official says the vaccine manufacturers are already working on
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contingency plans, including a possible on the chrome specific booster. the government is imposing tight a travel restrictions and scaling out thanks nations. the very end has been confirmed in at least 9 states. the us and european participants in the nuclear talks are accusing iran of not being serious about solving the tattered deal. earlier iran chief negotiator told 0 that world powers cannot reject drop proposals that it's submitted during discussions in vienna. she had returned to reports from washington runs, chief and nuclear negotiate to ab a vienna talks told al jazeera the terror presented its proposals, and the other parties present. there's going to be that proposal table by iran cannot be rejected, i told because they are based on the provisions of the 2015 nuclear agreement. and in principle, the countries which are still the participants of the j. c. p. o. a they do not want to ruin the nuclear document. all the sanctions which have been imposed or re
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imposed on the so called maximum pressure campaign of the united states. they should be removed immediately with the us secretary of state, however, painted a bleak picture. what he suggested was around in intransigence and united international from now we've had this 1st round of talks since, since the new governments in and what we've seen in the last couple of days is that iran right now does not seem to be serious. we're now in a different place and even of russia and china are clearly frustrated with what iran is doing or not doing. in these talks, however, the russian ambassador appeared relatively, and i'm big us about the agenda. and there's a technical break of the van talks which will resume next week. he tweeted an opportunity for each participant, including iran and the us to consult with the capitals and to think how to proceed further taking into account the positions of other counterparts. the 1st week of talks confirmed predictions that initially both the u. s. and the new iranian
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government would take maximum this positions as they sized each other up. it's clear that around feels that as it was, the us who withdrew from the iranian nuclear deal and then impose unilateral sanctions. the onus is on washington to act. the u. s. hills differently, but there are further complications. now there's another element which is the uncertainty about where the united states is growing and that is creating even greater problems. because even if the sanction lifted today and the deal is revived, european companies are likely not going to go back into the lawn until they are feeling far more confident that the new situation is a stable one. and there the 2024 election is a major, major factor. so that is seen as a positive sign that the talks will reconvene next week and they will not be another long haters. and diplomacy she ever time see al jazeera, washington d. c o p s government says that it's pushed to ryan rebel faces out of their positions in the fall region. fighting is now said to be limited to the area
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between the towns of bazzi and dessie, has been no comment from the rebels. video obtained by al jazeera appears to show to ground forces retreating north. the government recently launched a counter offensive. the u. s. is again warning that it's prepared to take action against russia if it invades ukraine. the number of russian troops has been rising along the border. but the kremlin says, it's nothing to worry about. ukraine though, believes russia could mount and offensive. as soon as next month. i lose the head lice. these continues here on al jazeera, after al jazeera corresponded next. ah ah.
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that when fossil september 2013, the blood is not talk on kenyan soil, says al qaeda's devastating warming of the u. s. embassy in 1998. ah, more than 70 people, dead men, women, and children, hundreds injured. ah, canyon saw asking how this would have happened. a band of heavily armed men from algebra. the militant group that can interest in bustling as somalia says 2011 penetrating a supposedly secure building in the computer. these
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up talk did not come out of the blue, says 2011. there been more than a 100 trucks in the country, but i'll shop up on it sympathizes most top tech and place far from the global, the international media in my home province, northeastern, which is a long and latoya slip porras border with somalia. ah, but instead of enlisting the help of the meal, ethnic somali population, the kenyan army and police huff treated us as part of the problem with for us, this is nothing new. in kenya, all tribe, some meant to be equal. but the reality remains that some tribes are less equal than others. all lou,
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this is theresa, the get went to kenya. ne promise. my home town. mm . 5 months before they'll talk soon. they will be. i came back to investigate escalating violence before kenya's invasion of somalia. these were the safest trys in the country. it's a bit unnerving for me if i can put it that way. i also said that i finally have to come back to my hometown to co conflict and killings. something i've done across africa. i've never felt like this is security is making things look totally different. you know, i've, i've been covering other incidents in other places. the, this fault in the back of your mind that you go back home. it safe, everybody is 5. not anymore.
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in kenyan somalis account for about 5 percent of the population, just one or 4 to 2 tribes that make up this country for centuries will leave doesn't enormous. in the semi added lots of the ne keeping camels, goats, and cancelled my own father grew up the son of a camel hud. and i'm going to bring me here to the market to meet my uncles and cousins when they came from tom to trade. since i was a boy, it has grown to be the largest in east africa, a result of 2 decades civil war across the border in somalia, which med cody said the safest and most convenient place to buy and so on. it's still the best place to find out what is really going on of the code. and
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so this is sandy. are you? so hell, that's exactly f as in we're the opposite. i look, i think at least we could get on the hill. hopefully we'll edit when i'm on amazon, but that's all been a lot going on or you will come. yeah, they listen, look, holler, i'm doing. i do live in laguna. so my legacy as my bills issued, they are held on. i thought i had other than a lead elementary l to somebody in the kingdom, government called invasion linda in g kiswahili for protect the nation or response to cross border read spells. sure, bob, but this part of the nation has not been protected since 2011. there been more than a 100 incidents of violence in the province garish. a small man, somali population have all too often been the target. 3 days before i arrived another article cardona small street cafe in the center of town. the bullet hole
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still clearly visible, lethia. there was a glitch. look here, some people lived. i lived here. some 2 of us were shook leisurely. you dont insecure him, lulu? we feel very insecure billing, whether the buddhist decision is just 300 meters are killing someone is becoming a real fluttering a ticket so you keep on people don't really well. he woke up to morrow just hunger before 2011. the whilst gary's a hospital had to deal with was the occasional car crash. it's unsettling to find the place you are treated as a child. turned into a trauma center. 9 people wash up that that night, and more than 20 injured one of them fatally. most of the victims were lifted
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tonight will be living only 2 young boys just out of secondary school. jackson motto was forced into the corner of the dinah's tried to escape. he was struck repeatedly. one bullet, shuttering the bone in his right leg. i mean shows agile good man lives. so black with who had been shot dead, someone dead past in your hearts. when do you feel awhile not to talk with them? i told you i had to do food yet in human. i don't know. the reason why you can disconnect, shoot and kill innocent people who are not do that to some last good have come down. yes. to does history people up to that i to people just to s as in us incidence. and then no, nothing to down changes. cafe was popular with walkers from other parts of kenya.
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and because it solved alcohol was unlikely to contain somalis who are almost exclusively muslim. oh, it's hard need to dream parenting speed. the really just one is in other patching africa. oh, and this is perhaps what the perpetrators wanted. but carissa has a history of religious tolerance on its mums, she and the times grief. this is a memorandum which was a good, a poet by the muslim scholars and lead as in goddess a town. particularly after the killing of the 9 people. and last week, we are against what, what is going on and we condemn with it at strongest to watch disposable our sandy's not busy against the teachings of islam which stays that keenan off one
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innocent soul. ease equal to kill in all, all the people of on, on this off for the outsider. these offers are confusing picture the hard as and motions residents, any mums all denounced the attacks and yet no one comes forward to help the police . but to understand these products, you don't need to look too far when i talk to like the so called the government flat, the town with police, not just local police from the province, but the riot police from nitro, being the perpetrators and all these on are long gone, living the residents of the town to face the 1st and all too often, the forces act like an occupying army with one of the things i loved about my hometown was the way it came alive in the cool
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of the evening. now a cough you sense every one home at dusk, living the streets empty and leading to unflattering comparisons with somalia notoriously dangerous capitol. at nighttime, it is found the dislike militia here has been effectively for the better. and that is, as you're speaking now, because it only says yet that to my time, you know, to police mon moving, you know, to civilian movie in what ways has the security, the killings affected the people in town on a 60 percent have no idea. have never been issue today because you know, they still congested with and without any of these issues. now, as a youth in a bad dish and whereby they don't have a different if you don't have a venue or like an ally, then it has led to so many we've used be notice that some of them been taken. that where we don't know up to enough youth offending themself cornered in both say they
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have been here and they have been to bear some up, sympathizer here they've been given the i don't even government that has failed to issues on people with identity current, then arresting them is not lost on the population, nor is the real reason behind that. around us. unable to prevent these killings or cut up a treatise that government falls back on a tribe untested formula form of its prominence. collective punishment. although gary saw seen almost 2 decades of peace before the current violence. my generation on that of my parents and grandparents are all too familiar with the stock ticket. for me, the fast paced of what it was to be a kenyan somali came in 1980. when i was only 5 years old for government officials had been shot dead in a bind getty set by a group of unknown gunman. that night the police came to only boat.
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this is well housewares. it's been almost 30 years, but i still remember playing with my friends on the streets here. part of a closely knit community that was completely destroyed. i remember during that night we were forced to sleep. it was at on 10 o'clock at night. and suddenly we will, will, can up by loud noises of people running away as well as a lot of calles happening around us. now when we got out of our house it, it wasn't any thing like what you're seeing here right now. it was a mud mould. fudged house, and when we stood outside whistle, so many people running away in this direction. some of them running with their keyed so women are looking for their keeps on shouting loudly, the names of the children on when we looked in this direction,
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we so the flames. lifting the sky, most of the houses around here was on fire. the policeman, one not far away from us last moment and we could hear them shouting the firing of the guns. and suddenly we joined the people who were running away for their lives. and then i remember on the other side, oh for our house was a house that belonged to one of my dad's very good friends. and we had that some of the soldiers were already in there. and moments later, as we were running away, we could hear him shouting as he was shot dead. despite the unhappy memories, finding myself here again after so many years, that temptation to see the place i spent my earliest is, is too strong to resist. the law oliver, but in these times no guest is welcome and it takes a while to overcome the current owners suspicion today. however, 2nd, it's
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a bit funny that i have to say permission to see the spot where i was born. i. i love the rank up window, then there is an i've been yeah, i've mogan i. logan then had witnesses. i guess only the briefest glimpse of where i used to leave before the lady changes her mind, but after our house was burned down, my parents were left with nothing, no compensation. no apology was still, the government simply give the land to some one else living us destitute. they know that they're not the original owners of the london not belong to them from the beginning, but maybe they bought it from the person who got it off the we was ejected out. but still, you know, they know the circumstances with which they got this lunch, so it's painful, unsafe, and the experience of losing everything you have at such a young age is hard to explain it as in part shaped jolla. maybe it's what pushes
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me to report on other places, destroyed by conflict. we spent several years living and rented accommodations until my father had saved enough to buy another plot of land. it's been hard being in town without coming straight to see her as i usually would said that my father never went to school but spent his whole life walking as a house builder to ensure that my sister, my brother and i got the opportunities he never had after a lifetime of had to walk ready, now we can look after him. i my father's memories of that night are clouded by the passing years. but some details remained vivid while they were ready. i might can have a whole bodily ha. yeah, i saw him and his got to see order in for their over and over the you
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the rule about was 0. busy his arrival. i market 40 or get martin google gray. ah, he'll come welcome. we'll get ah, a mattress. m as a me morgan marie. i haven't held him on my do i want a store called ah, i am her and i. oh god. no madam, no, i'm is there any way me or hassle id or all the summary he we're so we're hard there. bye. the. okay i louis. wow. there are somebody in america a little kn miss. what kind of can will then he cannot. ha, i ha ha to billy for her by in a key and last minute. while i did, andrew, mary bagley and k, i had the as julian,
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a little of the i've had well, was jojo allan all from ali, had the so who are you? not in? my father's attitude tried entity, simple. as long as his picks the local language. he is cannon cabassos, the school playground, where most of the town was in time in the heat of a canaan. summer is to day the local football pitch do but the alley. now i respect that elder was the same it as this young man, when he was rounded up that night falling the killing of the 4 government officials . there were 2 lender of us military landra was with a lotus with us telling us, come out of your house, and if you don't come, you will, you will regret. so every morning in greece, i came to this her to this field. we were surrounded, we stayed in the sun up to midday, and then around the city p. m. they said women can go to their homes. we thought
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they were kind the, they were good people by the leasing dillman. but it is one of the worst day of the history of this region where almost every woman was ripped. almost every woman was ripped, by the security to for my the security was and particularly by the emmy and the police. so we spend the night here. we stayed until the following day, you know, and then i think we were elizabeth's about it something lake near city p. m. when several people died. the but it is government did not subject to the most to what the families have. this objected must by boys government and cannot as good . i still don't understand what would make the government want to punish an entire
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community an entire town. you know, the government is not that the government was not our government. that government or asking all elegance is because we're not bottled up gully. we hadn't, we, we did not have ministers. we didn't without civil fellas in arizona in the government . so it was more or less like the put a tory, a government claiming to put his and the back people ah, comparisons with upper types of african, the british chits mint of kenya's mile mile independence fight as may seem far fetched. but the level of violence used by the whites to maintain power in the last half of the 20th century pails into insignificance when compared to the violence used against my community. but the war between kenyans somalis and the kenyan government known disparagingly as the shift to all bundled war has remained
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one of africa's forgotten conflicts. that british hunt always little. this area which they called the mull frontier district or an f d with a very light hand. they saw the somalis as good soldiers, but bad subjects. as a somali, if you wanted to cross the tanai vein to kenya, you needed to seek permission. the n f d was to all intents and purposes, a separate country. when kenya's independence was being negotiated in 96 to to the british agree despite strong opposition from kenyan leaders. now the end of you will get a chance to vote on whether to join somalia or kenya the commission. they sent us published, overwhelming support for joining somalia. but the british won willing to split the country on the eve of independence, despite their promise to listen to the people for kenyan somalis, this was
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a terrible betrayal. they refused to vote in their elections, unquote, tech, nor pleasure. from the independent celebrations in far way nairobi they were left with no choice but to take up arms supported in part by the somebody republic. the response of kenya's president jamal kenyatta was uncompromising. he declared as taint of emergence, and with the help of the same british military that suppressed the ma, ma uprising kenya went to war against its own people. the tactics used by the military. what to be the same villages, ocean, the mass, internment of little or population in concentration comes detention without trial on something given. the british had never openly admitted a should to kill policy 1000 swore to die under destruction of livestock force many more into the toms,
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altering for ever the way of life in ne province. while again deco my limbs symbol was one of the leaders of n. f d's, independence struggle sorrow as a leader along a missile buckeye. because when will gamete lakin monsieur has been a king and government. you have made you think of it tilting this is too. because weight is no good ian habit. tanka duck is leather. hi. hello. the in the had the love other law, her moral akela bill. i had the had that a local marker, an advocate, get it in a good gone. okay. oh, our fucking and lumpy king. live in the diaz to see the had the she them what hung up had you know, one little hireright miss. veronica, had to had dana had given her the n again. is evelyn muscular, the end of the you have got it on built. ellen, how go ha america,
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it lufkin or gore all those causes. now? i so i don't know that doesn't a lot that you had there when i get it, can i, when i was, has them man, i have an inevitable and looking over their little midget, the war or fish in it came to an end in 1967 when tanzania broke out a deal between kenyan somalia, i think the and of somalia, physical and moral support left kenyans tamales with no choice but to surrender. the king and government paraded the former shifter for the congress, but did not revoke the state of emergency. nor did it forget what it so as the disloyalty of its somali population as was to be demonstrated in carissa. 13 years later the government has always maintained, but no one died in the operation. in 1980, not one was robbed, no one draped local focal tells of the, but he's been dumb thought the night in the nearby ton ariba on
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a death told in the hundreds if what happened in got his i was a tragedy. what else will happen in would jia in the heart of ne province 5 years later, was to eclipse all past atrocities the un hold it the last human rights violation in kenya's history. and this is no exaggeration. oh, there's a lot more to al jazeera than t v with our website, mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is a world to award winning online content, and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to broaden the people to be to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch it here with me. sandra,
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got men on al jazeera, with the rich, cute and totally in australia. wild and ferocious bigler day birth rise, we dress is the balance between endangered wildlife and then noisy neighbors that questions about forest right there. and there's nothing between the target. how, but i'm a human habitat learning to live together on al jazeera. how many people here have seen a tiger likelihood? oh, really? the fall ball days in less than a year. how will host the middle east 1st? well come in preparation. the country is staging a major and settlement with 16 nations going head to head in thanks. porpoise built stadiums for 2022 will keep you across the action as council prepares for the regions biggest ever sporting events. that the for our cup on al jazeera
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lou. hello again, adrian sitting here in bo, how with the headlines on our 0, the world health organization says that you. cobit 19 variant omicron has been detected in 38 countries that's up from 232 days ago. it's calling on countries to focus on preparing health systems. instead of imposing travel restrictions. as we're talking about ami con led, it's also not forget that the predominant variance right now still remains the delta variance. so all make on may be on the rise and we may come to a point where it takes over to be the dominant variance. but at this point, the very dominant variant remains delta. the top health official in the us.


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