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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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the, from the for values of correct. so the battlefields around wilson, i went job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. like the lawn hadn't c k. and the headlines on our agenda, germany has announced it will ban unvaccinated people from much of public life to stop a 4th wave of code 19 infections, outgoing chance. langler merkel cause the restrictions and active national solidarity of the u. s. is implementing tied to restrictions for international travelers as the on the kron very and continues to spread. they're going to fight this variance with science and speed. not chaos and confusion just like we beat back over 19 in the spring and more powerful variant delivery in the summer and
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fall. as result, we entered this winter from a position of strength compared to where america was last winter last christmas year and a one percent of american adults were fully vaccinated. this christmas, that number will be 7772 percent, including more than 86 percent of seniors among population us sector, state antony blinking has met russia's foreign minister gala rove as the divide between moscow and washington widens on ukraine. lincoln says he remains concerned over what he called russia's aggressive policy towards kia love, his adamant russia will protect its interest. the biden administration has been forced to resurrect former us president donald trump's controversial remain in mexico policy following a court order. it requires asylum seekers to stay outside the u. s. while they wait for their hearings. iran has submitted dropped proposal to european powers,
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negotiating the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal. this is the 7th round of talks in vienna aimed at returning iran and the u. s to the deal, the united nations fears ethiopia could descend into sectarian violence that could fracture the country, the you and humanitarian chief is wanting, its growing instability could see a repeat of the chaos in exodus from afghanistan in august. the us says it needs a record 41000000000 dollars next year to meet the global humanitarian needs. the un says increasing violence in cameron's angler phone regions is affecting the safety and education of hundreds of thousands of children. it says 2 out of 3 schools are closed in a north west and southwest, due to recent attacks. children and teachers have been killed and dozens kidnapped . those are the headlines now back to witness thought
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i might have heard that with a new shot and let me know how it ah
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there you go. yeah, it's so important enough for you to shoot. he's not good. right. what is going on? yeah, real. i love have time with so now that the world here full for the fright, moderate not coming. we're tired. but when you have to mortal yeah. mar, fairly. not good. you're really by the overall. okay, so we'd go 1st now and we made for the problem. i mean, if the world with tomorrow's looking a little weather and then work
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out that i didn't point to point no one to one the one way or the power to do what are given there. i don't know. i don't got money with member with him. come home with him, i love with it wasn't a time dynamic. teams aren't bad. nobody get on without leon building to give them to them. and because all the money is due by that
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ah ah ah. 6 6 yeah, but like go video on smartgate playing been stuff e g m the listen to that, but still it's more than we sure as political up well is him. is after america or
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for in the july aimless an inability sale presence. go through jones' mother. but a saga, let us boise, if peanuts are the shy of portraits, you may jump and it will go away and we can't say listener, we're going to have parts about it yet. ah ah ah you well for your home bar mother did have it under a site now what is the water grandmother when i want to go to somebody or you know, oh i see when your molecule unimed alporter whole bedroom. my little border at on this, then i wonder, wonder he to why once i live on new article that was another to that amazon was not as with us. i know. and might have been able to put a deadline mortar,
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when do you think this will but that he letter thought he letter so ridiculous to me, only one and one day to to one on what you are when glam bourbon is on it a bit. i knew the cost of having done it. diversity has grown, turn the animal em down without the old one grammar over. they can tell her she let her tell her. i yellow a thumbs up. now thought me, whenever i will stop by or by the day when that will put her into nobody and i let them try got her again. so we start here, then we go left. and then there is a very long ledge. ok, it seems like crack you still 0? i am. yes. if you to walk you sneeze directly them e it seems that it's quite difficult, but here it should be much easier. so it's a good plan with plan, but tomorrow i will see the
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feeling you had you know, one of my mrs. young. i don't know. how does your husband dollars on any new legs even better? there's no one that that's out and we'll be giving you any way over. got ya changing so i don't want that to me. but what i'm trying to do is to be the
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the the ah, the me, the ah, the thing
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go ye bunton filled the ha commented teeth and just like combat got my song, born in wonder patty. java. come back on monday, get change up on it of should be deal montana. some pushed the change i wanted albany. come back on. i live honey. martin lane middle shocked the market to deal and did the some to still didn't
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money to money is my up most of the me he saw him for him but took her to so would he be do man is one could to sub diva not i had a body our key man typically like to deviate actors. 10 model will contain the largest leverage was door. so he does the law. yeah. i use on a little tiny, arizona and tommy steve. one it is a nice um. hold on. uh huh. oh, the ordering origins on of, on his high, not the stories. alexander milan again, still are you on the highway gas, one of which only not. now, not unless i know of any whiten molecule to dystrophy, i minimally will to what do i when i'm,
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when you know what more and more when i was unaware got to when you while i know ditto this has been about. that's how i know. but i told him, ah, rita was important. what i know i'll double door the door in under. would you double mother? would you knew them or some dinner? you know, when they were gone completely, the new mother, we had the new and her. and now i'm done with all dinner with them. what are both a dinner dinner, you know, but we shall be glad to whatever new bought them while i have them give to ottawa, mahler. keep on auto gallagher, kennedy elaine, not even a boy. you're the one to melinda, to let you know, they don't like newton causing an order here. i'll be good to you. wouldn't you let me see?
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her mother didn't bring up the latest annual new amity monkwood company. it needed jelly some minutes. oh melissa. don't any. only she committed thing rocky, me are, let me glad you said my back in would have met and i already had ordered a quantity. bobby health regarding the level you are, you doesn't mean we're taking that not a lot. look at a loaner. she's really done in math here. oh my god, let me run into your godaddy like your mail examiner. you know how you interact. mila does she need not heating? giving. i don't really not that back on. i met in pulling not been of your son,
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got on as a delta tuple mug, pull inside what it ah, the
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we don't we do you look at the split the seeks these and then to take another 6 rolls through the wall. those little on the wears small things, more things. first question is i go on, is that the review of if a good are means and i mean there's one screw up till after going is ago or that of a visit or going vehicle gura. the machine may i of now your machine up little kit, luminous. then you but no. with your is equally as ex siegel whiskey with his tone. you
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use them too much to let her go. the faithful sounds good. it becomes a bit certain nikki was get piercer. why don't boys on the other part of the living expediency? exception is this was a good way of, of, you know, up to the ticket number 2, a button. let him have us. okay. it's clear. anything else? nissan stanley, if the could contract that came up as of what she dark, siegel, skeena, becky was the course she needed the study and i had to move to that so nasty play them the greater shift on the 30 to nick the toys. the do easier. a 3 to some of gloria, his opinion. the mostly like get the new toyota. got him or the other. one of our previous ne group meeting at fulton, kovalevsky,
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the reciprocal value to the hottest jojo. yeah, ma'am. did a button cover some hoarding me out over it was enjoy your as him out of the media on it so. so what can i say if you say that you are on flyers in your festival of love? i didn't offer on it, but most of my grants of expertise for his discussion is russia. but i is dolly. think how much you can say now. good yard to funny freshening sure the signal much more mr. play roygenia 53 or he nar, you were younger, neutral with
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with you broke up, give me your point. you deal with . mm
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ah, we have
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believe what he's saying? i'm needing that. so she had about to go. i mean, the cost of a new i already bought it, gone. you boy, you walk me. i never do. massive me. oh, it was avenue obama. how little or do drive me going to have? i will drive by, you know, more move on though, and i don't know with an camera, not that i have like
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ah destroy my niece? i it was kate comma kutner like kind of pushing it on monday. coma cardinality. com. my uncle, she to fly. timmy, you're sucked a plat to god,
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not they are china. not late. me my live to me lie, my 3 didn't suck me off holland. jamie le ask most humans thus recon chemba. yeti damien, the minute money marked immolate k chitty knob pretty at a church to cut him off my back. okay. that sucks too. ah, once full time found me fled from and so silent in the snow,
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eat line. the sisters, who so scared of things and back that they disappeared within themselves. mm little boy, 100 different. who escaped to mars the shape made square. how will they story and witness wake up a mom out share ah, [000:00:00;00] with and away we go with your weather forecasts for the americas hello. everyone has a reprieve for a b, c's, west coast,
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the west coast of canada. the pacific northwest is while we look at the 3 day forecasting, vancouver next batch of rain. we'll move in late sunday into mondays. we've got to prepare for that. off towards the east straight now vigorous system sliding up the atlantic into mainland nova scotia. cape breton island and newfoundland blasted with winds for newfoundland saint john's. we could see guts up to a 100 kilometers per hour. also rainfall warnings around these parts as well, to the se. a u. s. gulf states things looking good. say for a few showers of brown, texas, we could get a spurts of rain for houston with the high of 25 degrees. wow. temperature is coming down in kansas city in denver, but still well above where he should be for this time of the year, off to central africa right now. and rein being steered in to nicaragua, costa rica, and panama, also some showers around the yucatan peninsula. our usual burst of rain through the top end of south america and you know that stormy weather we had in the southeast
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of brazil must. that action has pulled out toward the south atlantic, but still a few lingering showers. rio de janeiro coming in with a high of 26 on friday. that's it. that's all see again soon. ah, with this they just said it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you thing. where did you the sound bites, and we're digging into the issues from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. join me as i take on the la, dismantled misconceptions and debate the contradictions up front with me, mark lamb on hill one out there. i in preparation the country is staging. a major settlement with 16 nations going
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head to head in thick purpose fil stadiums for 2022 will keep you across the action as council prepares for the regions biggest ever sporting events. the fee for our cup on al jazeera ah, germany boss, unvaccinated people from most public places to overt another wave of kogan $19.00 infections. we're going to fight this variance with science and speed, not chaos and confusion. u. s. president joe biden unveiling his when to plan to combat an expected surge in corona virus cases. ah,


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