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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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issue with the us, we listen copies one to to is not all 4 covered. 19 nesbitt, terrible demonstration of the failure of human souls. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm emily ang window. how these are the top stories on al jazeera, south africa's daily corona virus cases have dabbled some more than 8500. most of the infections of thought to be from the only kron variance is now been reported in at least $24.00 countries. the u. s. is among the latest. we knew that it was just a matter of time before the 1st case of armor chron would be detected in the united states. and as you know, we know i've been saying it and my colleagues on the medical team and others have been saying, we know what we need to do to protect people get vaccinated if you're not already
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vaccinated, get boosted if you've been vaccinated for more than 6 months with a name or a day, or 2 months with j and j, and all the other things we've been talking about, we're getting your children vaccinated. masking in indoor congregate settings. the women's tennis association has suspended all its tournaments in china. a decision was made over concerns for the welfare of former doubles world number one, pen schwein. she had accused a form of vice premier of sexual assault. if i be t, a head said plays and stuff could face risks in china. the south korean and u. s. defense shapes have met in soldiers straight in the decades, strengthened rather the decades long military lines between both countries. the meeting aimed to count at china's growing assertiveness in the region and north, who is nuclear threats. united nations is it needs a record of $41000000000.00 to make global humanitarian needs it next year. if he
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shall say that's largely because of growing instability in ethiopia, afghanistan, and me a mom, nato is threatening russia with the economic sanctions. if it uses any force against ukraine, concerns about a military build up at the border dominated discussions in latvia as capital riga. russia backs separatists in the east in the ukraine. uganda is deploying troops across the border into democratic republic of congo as a battles. an armed group, if al, as air strikes on tuesday and the allied democratic forces as part of a joint operation with the congolese army and protest is in iraq have rejected. final results of october's parliamentary election announced on tuesday. the election commission confirmed the winner is the block led by moth, tata elsa. those are the headlines i am emily angler him. stay tuned now for al jazeera correspondent.
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this is the day i've been waiting for the last 25 years. but last 5 years i've been working on this all have put everything i've been last. you mostly was related to this not, nor was it all i think over it. so it's very important be everybody thinks, hamilton community maker, and very often i get to hear it the to me the be if i prove that miss film says, ah, ah, i am tick tock has,
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but i the initiative just shooting sort of a lease with actually i am a phone, did a thought of network um and it was in network and the gentleman got on ticket. ah hello. i knew i was sitting there, but it was like you said that the thing is going to happen. my showed just that you can control those things
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that was it. although i would like the lights to have that i have yesterday and that should it it. we sent you a quote that is that more than more than
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more than already the do we have plastic in the village? what is all this last week? yeah. okay. i, you see i found some of the plastic on clothes. obviously if you can show it so you had to change it. so the, sorry is richer, we are an approved is not here for extras. so somewhere something had changed. yeah, this is the moodle toward bird. vide, she is preparing course homeless competition with his team, hoping with his 2 scenes by den, or any other than that is one big scene. which we are planning to produce before lunch. we think was by the plan. we're good down, down, down and out. i don't, you don't, don't, don't know what's wrong, but i didn't look them up and going to go with
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a lot of my thought of that up there. but i love the lady half gotta day. i don't velez without rolling log jammed out. my ruling. that it in me shocked. one dick. what i thought about it was but that's on the good. good. okay. a a ah
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ah ah with with
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with hard and legal fully believe i'd go with you live alone. let me tell him a little as he could see what i couldn't make leger. you're kind of young with. okay, good. got it. i am look up a young odd cuz i'm doing it. when you're about get number. not a big old dumb guy down a got bungalow. why is with the like, you know?
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ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha. he think go over a credit on credit for it. don't you give me for to you either? oh yeah, i'm exactly mailing a holiday for like giving out. i'm telling you figure a b d a w y hannah, is that a good job on me?
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i when i did hear still yeah, yeah. my deposit key, the net so mr. didn't take john. all right. ready in charge? yeah. do you are in charge that it's my all let me pull that up citizen one way to interfere because you know, i won't leave it to the teams in the, in the song. so yeah, i'll be there. i'll be seeing everything with
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a with that. oh, okay, sure. i know what i can get like for me with please keep us with a
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a check up. wait until it goes to the other day guys do the same. tomorrow a actually made a non jama medallion industry say, go get, does it blow hot?
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put hot means i'm on a me joe. holy got situation. so that was the situation. go back home louis phone call. this one is an apple go get my low. i go actually i, i do. what is that a whoop, ha, ha, some new i need to build a bomb. do free lunch with a bunch of 123121231231. do 3, hulu . i'll be done with me shout, but that's i need your gen ed are obviously what is it
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a year? i'm very curious. i'm no already. i gotta get the wanna tell me dan lovek. hi lina. i it's too much pressure. i can be totally be required. nobody will be here, just be a couple of good elder as safe. some trace can start happening today. ah, it would be the need of this duty because in the 1st part we want to do is to build how best to work supposedly. but it did in the village. it is one area where i know
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nothing on most choreography. so, she's the one was hitting it, we together have been working for last 3 months on the song is coming out rather. ah, ah, ah, ah, no, you made me a one here with her basically we're going to the lush was so we don't want to get into the same situation. it if you will, able to reassure them. so it 50 meters cable. so i'm thinking of a generator here so that we can overcome with,
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oh i hear you. i am ready. no, it is not a good 4 to 5. as i said yesterday. so i think that's gonna help. she's great. she's gonna take her dame and make us do a little think that they actually haven't the re, i planted those. so i know i used to play with them trying to prepare them with a
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is matt bruno by no leak. not be on say the yes. ah ah ah ah oh yeah. with a
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ah ah, ah ah, a very nice lady nice a
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a p p the money you know of anyone. is it a g 's will be good enough that and yeah with will nail a . ah
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ah ah ah with it's been great. been superb. actually. i mean, i think we have achieved a lot in already short span of time. it's been a very hectic shoot. there been shooting every day without any break. and i have been working with the crew day in day out. so we have like, bonded in
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a different way, like we have become very close. i don't think i've ever seen such a said before. okay, if we should have her name out for lady. yep. rob mm action. we have an up of the gosh. do i? it was 25 days and these 25 days looks like a life. then lots of ups and downs trivia. shooting. jo nissan. and if you're doing it gorilla stands for thing. you're just going to the location. bring some such that moving to the next location. it what happens basically in this song are character who's from bobby. and he's looking for his village, which is a secret goodness and all he has got to address some very early in chocolate. so that's where we need to go at on the location. and there he has made some sad news
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and he's, he's reading the address is travelling with a gun to put met with your tv. you're just sitting blue vinyl. god. oh no. no.
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susan done? no. i'm happy at the same time, i don't know what i enjoyed every bit. so by the dean, i had to say it's almost done. now i have to think it to audience and that makes me love it. when people to connect to my study, i think a as a cannon ball, i watched these scenes with horror as a cannon. some money,
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i feared the buckling ethnic somalis had long been the target of intimidation and persecution in kenya. oh not every woman, wasn't it. mohammed, a doubt travels through his homeland to reveal of his people and family maintenance and checked it 2 years of brutal discrimination. typical of the way. ready we are treated in a country. colo al jazeera correspondence december 4th, we'll see gumby of all the countries more significant election till day. it's been 5 years since the home on long term leda yard jam is printed to rearrange, was brought on hand here. what. what let's call divisions, remain, and the gummy deliver on it's was democratic transition, special coverage on algebra. hello there your world's weather report begins in the middle east and right off the bat, a few things i wanted to point out. this cooler air across the levant bay ruge as
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a high of 19 degrees on thursday, unsettled conditions. western areas of you drawn this include some showers in ted rod. now back to that cool air, it's going to infiltrate further toward the east kicked down temperatures in riyadh and q. wait. so let me show the next 3 days in riyadh. you go from 27 down to 21. thanks in part to a northerly wind as wall it is dry across pakistan, but there is the risk. we may see some showers in the hall look at that will for sure, see more cloud cover likely overcast day. could stay dry check back with us. we'll keep on top of that. off to turkey a mile, my temperatures have come down here. thanks to that vigorous cold french as a high of 8 degrees and on kara and see in some showers pop in around the a g. and so is mere showers for you with a hive. 19 central africa right now. bursts of heavy rain through the democratic republic of congo, right into gab on libra. ville. have 28 degrees in a band of rain. we'll see it stretched from southern angola into the northeast of namibia at southern central areas of botswana and rate along that east coast of
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south africa, including 4, johannesburg sum range for you. that's it soon. ah . the african stories of resilience and courage. i get younger than i right. will aware been one of us is one of them for a lot of i haven't got yet, lloyd them kind of tradition and dedication to me was i was a little more global buffet of also to go to another short documentary by african filmmakers on the white 9 and the bookmaking africa direct on al jazeera when the news breaks, when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told. with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, the professors are saying the president is adam last week that he's hurting their
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interests and that's why they remain on the streets. al jazeera has teens on the ground, they are demanding an immediate restoration off distributing government to bring you more award winning document trees and live news. ah, corona virus case is double in a day in south africa as a new only con, variance spreads. ah ha, you're watching al jazeera live from de how with me fully back. people also coming up tanks and military vehicles crossing to democratic republic of congo. as uganda prepares a ground offensive against an arm school, the women's tennis association. to spend o tournaments in china of a concern for play, a peng shy, and warnings of
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a worsening humanitarian crisis. the un says one in 29 people will need assistance in 2022.


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