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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2021 5:30am-6:01am AST

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don't want to compete with cheats. that's why you seek out, you know, kind of that a, an organization or a sport or veneration that those have high value on the anti doping. because you want that level playing field back at the thunder. don't mon tongue united have taken a commanding lead, but it'll be some time before the time national team is able to give its fans. and i think to chair bed, tony ching, to 0 banker. ah, this is, let's get around up the top stories south africa as daily corona virus cases have doubled, more than 8500. most of the infections are thought to be from the on the chrome variant. it's now been reported in at least 24 countries. the u. s. is among the latest. allan fisher has more from washington. this man arrived in the united states in california on the 22nd of november from south africa. that of course,
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before the travel bands were put in place, then feel terribly well tested on the 29th of november. it was then he was positive, it was sent for further testing on the 30th by 3 pm. public health experts had the sample by 8 pm. they confirmed it was the new variant. you remember that when corporate was found in the united states, it was also forced on the west coast. now this man is an isolation. his course contacts have tested negative, but of course track in trace is underway. or the women's tennis association has suspended tournaments in china. the decision was made over concerns for the welfare of, for my doubles. 2 world number one upon wife she had accused a former vice premier of sexual assault and was not seen in public for more than 2 weeks. the european union has lost a $340000000000.00 scheme to rival china's belt and wrote initiative european
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commission president ursula vaughan delay and cause it a true alternative. involves investment in digital technology transport and energy . uganda sending troops across the border into democratic republic of congo as the battles and on group itself. the air strikes on tuesday against the allied democratic forces, part of a joint operation with the congo lee's army, nato's threatening russia with economic sanctions. if a uses force against ukraine concerns over the military build up of the board of dominate to discussions in latvia as cap to reagan, at least 3 tal mom band members have been killed at iran's border with afghanistan . several iranian border guards were also injured. iranian media reporting the violence escalated after the taliban. open fire on iranian farmers. those are the headlines with back with more after witness the listening post cuts through the noise. we're talking about competing now. but seeing monday,
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tools being used to perpetuate those competing narrative separating spin from fuck all 3 versions of the story and some elements of the truth. but the full story of the names and culture. unpacking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics, the listening post, your guide to the media on a just 0 ah, because when it forestall edmund denmark, you know, to come home and behind the function
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i abuse still, or do you know up to date? what is too much? so make boxes, right. so like those melbourne, middle who sees julie, you've got an old, you need some boss pretty call from coach of small booth top dot com or her voicemail, or is it the boil? oh boy moves are you for new balls? pretty golden star is denmark. you both small support a sticker, so we've had 2 men. scott and me. i see us was fairly easy to disco. nobody's 1st little some talk for us. we'll slam yahoo in set
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with cinnapool but to, to play with is looking to put a po for come a camera. yeah. basically masika sunday. oh oh, i see. no one, no, no cami the new blue thought and flogger nation. the boy am some near me for anton entice rush. i think law for board tomorrow, but as a starting money to kill at it or 20 to go above his stuff. my and the in the park
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when a woman for an appointed commer phone with whatever the issue advanced a decade on the one miss school, he about a it on me bought some trim that he said somebody else will go off on me will fall clean up and you also don't want money in shane me. i
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you hello. hello, loved it was good enough for me because i didn't you, if you'd like to try to go to see how much of it towards feel turned size into this year to the voted to the toward the 6. 0 i thought i opened it and it
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was for the magnet of considerable so media in this company, i'd like to go football. we want to do that. smoked on one thing on the ball and wake a single affinity in jesup would a nissan to me and she will vote on and i'll be each one you know, we stop. she just started within which you know what the noodles told when i was lever forums. for girls, clover middle reverse mortar, or the noodles have some old movies on it or to have our live invalid
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here when i heard evelyn by look new oliver lavelle a value to the commerce lord homer. i'm just going to have in the ella. so i got my salon. none of them know hello your son the or so last a good us mrs. noodle to adam will have foster gung christmas and go to upon us to figure this out. obviously the hello the india gun have in dominion. this is tomorrow. in the komatsu, poor men, the men in this to be listen
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when gun surveys us the little had su longer than the oh oh sorry, make a national or english true on that ask asking in the in what evicted from all of them it has cave and false cult. oh, what are our supplemental element must on for come women stem linwood off on a report ball for slice homeschooling, sal snot. ah ah yep, warming some shame to me to make him all for the i am will you who taught me not to his mouth? took him in sound and come ah,
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but a toy evicted across a fine. take a family that a scale of any of madison. ah, i get it. i put you back, i don't, i'm all done with . i said it then muckle or anybody up ahead of the air in the bathroom in awe. i. e ah that heck, it's
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a particle night it's list wouldn't go last night to vote for it will edmond video media know so how charming must look new, full play? well, it does talk small bond, but it also could swing the scenes to to show i think i can skip the so whenever i yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. i had to legal. no, no, no of it for tell you what i'm good for there. his hotel on the new don't doing something that interests you get to so kind to get to. yeah. i'm kind of table. yeah. hold on to do is just to get like a think. wow it with ruba that of are at multiple. oh oh yeah. potential for cancelling the 100 ready to him is put on your ola hm. but in the 5, marcia, she didn't go good and say, i said yeah,
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how often are your story is told to nibble when would you say that a common tusky incorporated? thought i'm sort of honda civic, 50 at mc sada, you will pursue and appear within the team ought to be exclusive. i would, if you, they all school in t, my 14 of either for the one i mean for us to put it to do songs could swing as it all to i thought the yellow tongue does home without doubt who mentor got and she of repetitive and vocal scarcely some sort of shown as a a bullet. it was also eat or to all of our multi of because to had good. so office k, i d priestly, i could understand men's fight peninsula line escape. he pulled muscle film and saw women digger winter cold. yeah. admin. it could have all because it all bought. it are getting no shy for in spondee out,
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you pencil the exit that didn't have addie because godaddy. godaddy might do an interview with things on recent books. consisting, ah sing of a hey, little humming most of all in store hon. within follow. after all by to have george fall from meeting your bond or boxed you on both have vehicles on storage b as shown. now what's also at your free the o groups with her to look at the nerve soviet bellanca show much authority to see if there's a need for a new supplier. it was pretty to go with the time the photo biggest is to come. but you know,
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with the i mean 1st attain to him. doing was to show him i live in a very small law most most of them i yeah. oh oh oh oh oh oh no bite on the moon boss. when any god biondo boss, jenman you one thing or 2 that may be so 1st producing gotten a couple so as did you build pump might, with the words moves a messy, but honestly for looks like we love my self editor. nice to go to go talk for things, you know,
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the, you know, has been all say, some go out of the, give me a slow booth cable time. you. thanks in a good and moved men we see in body i. this is peggy, i guess, center at dickerson portfolio. i need you to get one of those tough this morning appointment to the casino and what the ex them are big for dental states boss gave you the premium that don't, than the unsaid system. some ag, as small as the our nuclear citizen such as that they bought for summers is now on your arms on while i was mostly versions of. yeah. when you go to the study statements of his, of his i liked among them the boy, well it was
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a began ya by the men fall by the news thought so do whisky. i'm listening garbage modules from wisconsin. yeah. sees a milk at pretty sunset is not an actual in one but you for just pretty does. if darnell and a phone on. yeah, a little bit like a joke, a dismal as a he did any by the way because he up like it joked one, learn more about the higher men and shot was one foot job. one of the oxford bill. yeah. our city a status is yeah. from a type of snug illegal immigrants could i have the best i. lima rosen. flyer brewer with one flyer. screw. wow. scave gets no
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school most. mm. i find it doesn't mean envoy, pasadena or libra on, on, on benita. skip. alexia shawnee, pristine adama's of a say so. no. so to reflect many common to denmark, lima on ella m. more than neil gambling fathers hadn't. didn't mean what the homeless didn't install, says the fick hoover hudson to live he this is yes. it's if yes all this is so much i couldn't cousteau how we install it. i mistake how those i mean familiar, foster pharmacy ah for
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ah, a new one. i mean, come nation, so saquina got mag, a jack and silver, newsome and long your boy e learners show kind of stuff to cancel or delete your how your launch morsa alumnis into new d lou to become langley, a high, mid lou. like to some, some gospel coma ah, but little diaz was there like like la, hello. good nicholas shut at the hood. if miles swab the absolutely much more shakay voicemail you said um and then his balance with your husband policy. oh, my vicki at he had to pay that bill to above was music. see it so what app like us to derrickson like that we just got the bomb to sound. the bikes up love is often what she should action movies to be. i can blame on the get to play at the i about one woman for the food i am,
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if you ought to also to monday will know. love is the d a can mid say was by like in the i'll f f fell out of the m and that he spoke when i come out. i mean for obvious reasons if and only i'm going to find out the i noticed sheesh apartment and excavate bang for a c as i look in a valuable theme of communist kind of mental health. but i do feel like that. yeah, you need a doctor, so you reported a shameful helpful prima clinic revolt. i will, edna scott, are you good? i am, dallas eat at the, the 100 and it is to take extra bad thing for that gets you put it. but boy, i might just say, let's have bob in good. so i just sent them one just to ship ice us at the i bought ball, she got spectrum wildwood up, but obviously suckle sob, so sob at deanna cannot be told. i was holding a normal, usually took on newsome men all that assist you to take on just a kill. they ask about me a good, pleasant santana tuition of value. yeah, i know it, i'll e me at below events bullying skills. so if i got to me it would have been musically good night people, i'm bill it. woo bickley taught so de up spot to put it in this room and guided him
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against what i did. i suppose my benevolence. this is to victory. it is crucial. one of the ha minutes is still active or don't feel like a sham white than a cup before handled than for telling. i did not shoot i plan to dance, could provide me with and it was seamless stock midnight of all manner and out a welcome. hover bon typically books document for the nominate bon, so adequate and a fit appear auction. so filament was like, okay, don't think i could not so full. linda, a walk on that. a comma in hold spelling of an hub in bulk when you're ha, nucleotide with, i mean i know pizza cosco 10 we form in. i saw denise. uh huh. and had to smoke when intense copier saw men furnace, a windfall on the grin up in mac. okay. it's leaking in the dense cuz i'm from
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alice my about 10 of young sooner than i know this obese, and it was not as year boilers more. justin gung. so korea class commodity, not much again tomorrow. but it is. let's think about that the annual confidently to wiki, i'll be helpful. my, him, mr. has us back to my 7. if we got the kid, i'm actually giving it to us and i can never take and never see. so if any, better than school, if you now he said with a toss of homes as the minister of the editor loose to have was still on use dealer . proschetti is b. savannah. maybe she's the in the mouth. been sister was still there still up mistake the coffee,
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whooping bellman aunt law in buffer for it. and her comfortable appeal. so cursed barman's, familiar correspond mm. vin island known to form a city equal him to pottery and from all to there were ent from all put his club a bulletin, put a silver man. hey, i got got it. put his rama. care got got it. value your this is jordan. see to a sean peninsula, the milady's la peninsula, that are embodied guardian, familiar that he'd been on that enable that. he'd bully on was this little voxel up a peninsula. they lived to in school for a cell video of an moose. my vehicle can be here at t m f menu attached and it's gonna and so asked me and miss falcon intense cosca into class me. i didn't ask for some fun or again built a dense cassandra, subliminal tank. rebel, so i excuse me on the stung sales wash, dignity sales people, mentor sales,
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who oh, hulu, in our new healy day. bob, blue steel of these balls onto the play. so a wooster. more then our system, i just couldn't, you know, show some has weight. so he bought some food. ha, ha, ha balls. can't really go to the gym sport. he can little bit of one leg. no, it was in will cause he normally flew. say him, sir bailey, i'm bully. i'll see who to set up our waynesboro thought i'd give him a new build outsourcing
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b a. l mean, if all your bill or download source would appear to go on a box, a . c loan with with us. yeah. my sister was yeah, my a but
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it's my old service when i 1st go in person. solomon. lighten my then personal and then pass on. got a little saw him. suppose you got to eat a new meal for the men holler than happy song on a sunday on am i done my past? ah, there ma'am. oh, oh oh oh. oh, oh,
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no. can you function own not sorry, sorry. oh no faster becoming. can you foot sneak peak up? let's get into the clear villas, cuz put in hospice and gleeful in krakow indigo, a gun, a severe law center. oh, go into the battle. so at the back, in the fall, getting a blow, fabiola diekama, info. it'll take to spend the winter on a virus for v a. d l i am. if an abstract entered up to sac or by a school for the mill, men knew the spouse of all i get flat cell phone for both or slow men to can can fix the in masters, solely a commendable boy. so i foster parenting suit. i didn't mount to your pot, she got dish little ball for slow, the aim has listen, i became event spot in santa to a fleet coin. to toss van dyke back. let's have had a foster. i'm gone. so figured even like, no sorry, lupe urbane, music tape will save if it takes one nickname in scotty. hill of us ought to have
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the pony boss, polio company, excluding bone fossil a. couldn't it split it like teeth whitening to paint dusk up all fall slow? oh, boy, you will come from an end to having some sort come next me home. all they quit himalayan summit more treacherous than everest. combat karna has never been tamed, reviewed and feared by locals. yet an irresistible challenge to west and climate, a sharper family must choose between going against their religious beliefs and guiding a group of mountaineers, or rejecting much needed income. the wall of shadows on al jazeera december 4th. we'll see going to be a vote and become 1st more significant election. so it's been 5 years since the
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former long term lead jojo jam is $22.00 we are writing was brought on and what political divisions remain can become deliver on its cost, democratic progress in commercial coverage on algebra. there's a lot more into al jazeera than t v with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is a world award winning online content, and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to brighten the people to leave it to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch up here with me sound gartman. on al jazeera al jazeera sets the stage chair, lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half global experts in discussion. tell us something about the impact on the climate change is having on the fathers that you work with. voices from different corners. when the wells are empty,
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people fight for programs that open your eyes to an alternative view. i them have collage and i have my voice on al jazeera ah, the u. s. identifies its 1st case of omi crohn in a traveler from south africa. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from dough house, or coming up the women's tennis association, suspends old tournaments in china. i've a concern for player punch. why? the european union unveils a $340000000000.00 plan to rival china's belts and road infrastructure project.


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