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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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newheights join us in cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canton, airways dot com ah hello am learn tailoring under the top stories on al jazeera to breaking news. the women's tennis association has suspended tournaments in china. is ever concerns about the safety of former doubles. well, number one hunch way, she accused a politician of caressing her and to sex and was not seen in public afterwards. china, her sense attempted to show that she safe by releasing video clips and an email. the you chief says it's time for the book to consider making k with 19 vaccinations . mandatory cases are on the rise across the continent, which is currently the se epicenter of the pandemic. it comes as concerns rise
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about the omicron variant you and take to general antonio. the terrorist has condemned travel bands on southern africa introduced to slow it spread as partied. what the scene acceptable is to have when part of the world. debt is one of the most vulnerable parts of the world economy condemned to a lockout when they were the ones that revealed the existence of a new variant. that by the way, already existed in other parts of the world, including in europe as we know. so this is a very stronger pill that i launch a pupil common sense. we have the instruments to have safe travel. let's use those instruments to avoid the skies over. allow me to say travel upper tight. u. s. is confirmed its 1st case of the omicron variant,
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top infectious disease expert antony fetch. he said the person in question returned from south africa on november 22nd and tested positive 7 days later. he said the person had mild symptoms. the u. s. supreme court has been hearing arguments on whether to uphold a mississippi law that bans most abortions. after 15 weeks of pregnancy pro and anti abortion rights, campaigners have been protesting outside the court. a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy was established in 1973 in a case known as roe vs wade. nato is wanting russia of serious consequences including sanctions. if the country uses any force against ukraine, concerns about a military build up at the border dominated discussions in that v as capital riga russia backs separatists in easton, ukraine. i'll be back with a news hour and half an hour 1st. now back to witness. see of that thought
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wouldn't i wanted to ask you a little bit about lemme dates i'm on within, within a minute to look what the sky a bit, provide me a little bit with a lot of them, what i gotta do otherwise, i would've been good to go down of mine. ah, the i might have
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heard that today. and it and you said an 11 minute. oh ah.
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there you go. yeah, it's so important windows. are you sure he's not good. right. what is going on? yeah, real quick. okay. you don't have time with me, so i'm not at the world here folklore. the fright motor is not coming their time, but when you have to model yeah, mar fairly. not good. you're really by the overall update. so we go 1st now and we made a problem. i mean the world with tomorrow's looking looking weather and then the
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work out that he doesn't point on for you know what the, what the one way or the power to do what are given there. i don't know. i don't got money with member even though i'm. my name's i remember that when we come home with with it, i love with it. more than a time, dana with teams are bad. nobody get on without leon bill didn't get on with them because all the money is due by like
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ah ah. 6 6 yeah, but like go video on smartgate playing been stuff e g m that allows him to that, but still it's more than we sure as probably is a good apple is him. is after melick. yeah. or poor in the g. langley?
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i've heard you say a corsage, your throw of jones' mother, but a saga, let us boise. if peanuts are the shy of portraits, you may jump will, you will move away a 1000000 consolation. we're going to have put about it yet. ah, ah ah me. well, for your home bar mother didn't have it under a site. now what is the, what her grandmother when i want to go to somebody i know, oh, i see when your molecule unimed alporter oberman, my little porter dulness, then i wonder when they get away. once i live on norfolk you, what that was added to that amazon was not as good as i know. and might have been
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able to put a deadline mortar. when do you think this will? but i think he letter thought he letter to ridiculous gimme a live one in one the history to one on what you are when glam bourbon is on the dividend of the cost of how long does it double feet? how grown, turn the animal? i'm damn about the old one glamour over they can tell her she let her tell her enough. i yellow it on top. not thought me whenever i was tired by the thing a little put her into nobody and i loved them. tiger. so we start here, then we go left and then there is very long ledge. okay. it seems like crack you still there? yes i am. yes. if you do, you see sadly m e, it seems that it's quite difficult that here it would be much easier. so good plan would plan about motto i will see
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me. julie, how do you normally my miss young. this is yolanda with a john hancock. i new york but it would work out a little bit giving you any way or the changing site that was me. but what i'm trying to do is the
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the, the chipped teeth just got some number one to welcome to change our vanetta. so the deal montane some push to change. i wanted albany comerica, natalie? honey. martini lane middle sucked mca, chatty aunt, did the santa steve, tim bonnie
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will need till monday is my app masa tindy? t saw him for he'll put her t. so would he be do mondays and quickness of the better not i had a by me o key man tenderly life tv product us whatever content the largest we're bridge was door talking to still i yeah. i live on the him. it is bertina, arizona, a dummy steep, dont wanted to say no, no, hold on a so oh, the ordering origins anabolic. hi not. this is alexander molina, gainesville, i am indeed how i got one over. totally not now that are not unless i know of any whiten molecule, it is to fly again. minimally will to will, will fly when i'm,
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when you know what, what more am, what when i was unaware got to when you, while i know little to have, you know, but that's how i know. but that's how middle, ah, we, tom was i'm pulling up what i know a double door the door, the knob under which a double mother should you know the muzzle dinner. he knew when they were gone complained where the numa w. d knew under an air of damage all, didn't i wonder with the motto, boys to dinner on vienna? you know, what was alba loved him? oliver knew bought them all. i had them give to our, to our family. keep on. although gallagher, kennedy, the malay, not even a butcher. the woman to melinda. oh no. no. they don't like lucy causing an order would be good to lose. you were missing. i will measure globally that annual meet
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with you on meetings. monkwood mid, mid july. so mean that those are low millersville don't any only if she committed money, they would argue me oral immediately argue, says knowingly my martin would have met in high order or doing quality, but he lives health regarding the level you are you because i'm your ticket that not a lot of it will get a loaner. she is the lived on a month now mother london, belinda gallego, layla government, i had all argument. dot miller, the she me not heating when giving out ultimately not that back on
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i met in flu. not been of use on got on as a doctor too, but mug of pull inside what it ah
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we don't really have the split to fix these and then to take another 6 ropes to the wall. those little on the very small things. more things. first question is, i get our, he's a 3 of you over proof. if good are you means and i me, those let's go to letter going is ago or a little bit vision at a convenient gura the memory. she may i of niamack, enough little kit, luminous. then you but no. with him yet is equally as ac. siegel to ski with his tongue? you use them too much to let her go.
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the faithful sounds good. it becomes a bit citizen. nicky was get piercer my don't boys. i know that, but the living expediency. org exception is. this is a good way to let you know. after the 2nd part of the apartment living, there was no case clear anything else nuisance? tanya stuck cooking touches came up as of what stood oxy gorski? none of the give us a call. she needed the status and i had too much of that. so nasty, both in the quatre shania thompson 32 need to use the do. it's ya. a twitter from am guardia, his opinion, the most manipulate the nutrition i forgot him or if he had to put one of our previous nerve group meeting or putting kawloski the reciprocal value to the
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hottest jojo. we have amc to put and cover some holding me out of her listen, do i get them out of the media on it? so, so what can i say if you say that you are on flyers in your festival of love? i can tell of north carolina, it's more to my grandson. it's between for years this petitioning is vasa. vasa is dolly. i think a much in synagogue yard to funny stephanie, actually sick november will mr. pharaoh genia, 53 or dinner you were younger, neutral in
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things that you broke out give me the appointment for your teeth with mm
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with ah with
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dempsy believe what he's saying. i'm needing that shit about a girl. i'm a mother crawford. i already would have gone in your body. well me, i never do master me. oh, it was a little i'll do drive midwinter. i will drive by you not one room though and i was in hamlet. where did you know that i have like
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ah dish romanies i it was hate comma cotton. i like kind of pushing it among. coma cardinality. com. my uncle, she to fly. timmy, you're sucked
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a plan to god. not they are china. not late lea. my lip to me line my 3 dinners suck me off. have lunch day. me like half motion is thus regarding chem though. why yet it came in a minute. let me mark to me like a chippy now pretty at a church to ask name back. it sucks when a song
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with december follow jesse patel who's the fever. i recall a momentous event for the region and a glimpse of what's in store for the 2022 world cup people in power. invest the gates, the use and abuse of power across the globe. a well exclusive interview with joint nobel peace. lori if recognize the safeguarding freedom of expression as a precondition for democracy and lasting peace from shore. documentaries, too. in depth explain, his portal showcases the best the vouchers, ears, digital content. as the years rolls to a close. we look back at the events that have shaped the news and look ahead to next year. december or not just either
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a . ah ah hello, thanks for joining an here's your weather forecasts for asia pacific. the rain has made a clean sweep across japan but still some see effects. so for the western side of ho kado into onto as well. so porridge, it's
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a high of 2 degrees. be wall high pressure is carving out sunny skies for central eastern and the southeast corner of china. beauty of a day in hong kong, up to 20 degrees. over the past few days, almost about a meter of rain has fallen in central vietnam, but it's drying off right now. few scattered showers for that east coast. it even easier to the way the island days of rain has led to flooding destroying almost a 1000 homes on the island. and meantime, a deadly lance. i reported in west java the rain still coming in jakarta, and speaking of the rain must have it's pushed away in australia safe for a few scattered showers along the coastal section of queensland, new south wales and victoria. we have seen some thunderstorms in melbourne and i think we've got a repeat performance on thursday. it's gonna cool the atmosphere. we go from 29 degrees down to 20. thanks in part as well. to switch in wind direction. record breaking month for auckland, your temperature, 18.2 degrees and as we head toward thursday, you're still above average with the high of 24.
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ah ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm learned, dana, this is the owners here and use our life in london. coming up as the omicron variant spreads around the world, the european commission chief says it's time to consider compulsory k vaccinations . this needs discussion. this needs a common approach, but it is a discussion that i think has to be let women's tennis association suspends all tournaments in china.


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