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that is expected for next year's fif at world cup. it's still an important taste of traffic and security of public transport. fans are being encouraged to take metro shuttles to the stadium, and they have to have a fan id which gives access to the stadium. and also free travel on public transport on the day they going to a match. but really both competitions are about putting this region on show its assets history, its culture about inspiring more love for the beautiful game and perhaps inspiring a future football sta. ah, no, i was get around them. now the top stories on edge of the world health organization is urging unvaccinated and vulnerable people to delay that travel plans brazil's become the 1st latin american country. to report on the kron cases. more than 20 countries of now reported cases of the new variant non have been so far detected in the us. alan fisher has more for washington. this might be a new variant,
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but the advice from the public health officials here in the united states is the same old thing that we're been hearing for more than a year. where am i particularly endorse? keep your distance, wash your hands if you've been vaccinated. that's great, get the booster if you haven't, then get the vaccination as soon as possible. that is a can stand that it will be here. betty. uganda is deploying troops across the border into democratic republic of congo as a battles. an armed group. it follows as trist against the allied democratic forces of a joint operation. operation would be con gleese army. the group is based in eastern congo and has pledged the legions to isolate the us. secretary state has warned russia that any aggression in ukraine will trigger what he calls serious consequences. anthony blink and attending a meeting of nato foreign ministers to discuss rushes build up with troops on ukraine's border of the united states and the taliban have concluded 2 days of
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meetings in cotton, where they discussed the humanitarian crisis in afghanistan. itala bon us asked the u. s to unfreeze assets and remove sanctions. the us is calling on the top of on to ensure the rights of africans and form and inclusive government. and mostly for a presidential candidate for the ruling. national party of honduras has conceded defeat in sunday's elections and means his leftist opposition rival, shamal, castro will become the country's 1st female leader caster says, voters have reversed what she calls or thought terrorism. the u. s. congratulated castro on her victories. those are the headlights. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter why you call her out, you sarah will bring you the news and current affairs that matter. to you al
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jazeera ah people new to the cities because that's where the jobs, the money and other opportunities are. but the planets metropolis is being stretched to that and more than half the world's population live in cities like 2015. this figure will rise to 2 thirds. that's more than 6000000000 people. over the next 40 years, cities who gobble up natural habitat area covered by triples. people means more transport, more buildings, more waste, more pollution. as with many of those made into cities of rural pool,
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they joined a 1600000000 people living without adequate shelter. it's vital to define sustainable ways to deal with this rapid atomization am julianna, colombia, where plastic waste is print starting new home for the for in the vulnerable and i'm russell beard and singapore where one metropolis is striving for environmental sustainability in the face of rugged urbanized ation bob. just gras. yes. it says we vn over $300000000.00 tons of plastic produce each year with only a fraction of it being recycle. much of it ends up in the landfills, polluting urban living environment, waterways in ocean in columbia. tons of plastic waste is being diverted into the building blocks of a new environmental housing pollution. ah, new columbia's capital city of bova is home to 8000000 people and it is estimated
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that 650 tons of plastic is thrown away every single day. i have come to meet oscar monday, an architect and founder of a new enterprise for environmental change called concept of glass because he has brought me to an informal housing settlement on the outskirts of town to show me 1st hand the problems faced here and across latin america, we'll give one will be lucky geisha, all okay. we'll get place where it is plastic or yahoo dot com. but those channels are kinda dozens, 75 percent of glass sticking packaging is single use. when you see all of this plastic on the ground, you see potential yes, a lot of potential. we can transform all of these plastic in order for us whose enterprise to succeed though, he's going to need a lot of plastic holes. gill informal recycling has been a long standing trade in columbia with 40000 trucks on the street to both are
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collecting conventional, useful ways to scrap metal and plastic bottles. so we're in a book bag. all right, now where the recycle is come to bring their plastics and other recyclable products . and they weigh them here so that they can then be paid. read her looking for paulina, he's the lead recycler. he's organize all of the recycling in this area. over recent years, government support has allowed people like paulina the opportunity to upscale and legitimize the industry. creating recycling centers like this one all over the city . on video, the emotional she's going is of the last the saw not he's always cookies. i see lucy glenda blessed god is a credit of the guys. it's all rules. as far as the gland, the ongoing challenge for police when his team is getting the word out. now with the one on the road we're gonna go most of the day we normally be gone. ted dubin boys, you know, the one bedroom,
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a one or the bullies. yeah. a way of knowing people until they was backed up with them with it given was, are you, i don't me, i'm being a celebrity middle that was like, i was like in the job secret. i'm yay! thing that a little bit as you on the almost to my mother the other it's almost like on the. ready plastic was is awesome, and as a new venture, which is making good use of this waste plastic i had to the company headquarters to
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meet up with get welcome to a perspective saying here. this is where we take all the plastic from paulina and maybe that information. over the past few years, oscar and his team had been refining this waste to make durable building blocks different types of plastic or 1st ground separately. household, plastic waste, battery packaging and electrical ways such as old computers and tv. so you could be like, you come straight from the, the factory, but these haven't even been used. it's like a diet lender. what would happen to this packaging if you are recycling it? so the packaging for consumer or as your is going to london. now we've got all the ingredients. now the chef will go to work. dan put it together. he, he's the chair. all he about, sorry, this is a chef. they won't tell is exactly the proportion because it's a secret wrap. the piece, the ground plastic are mixed together. heated and then compressed into brick shaped
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moulds. tell me a little bit about the temperature. what. how hot are the plastic? we just go to my viewpoint. depends of the me is, depends on the block, the between longer and longer at 40 degrees in very important that the temperature is kept it melting point, so as not to burn the plastic and the least toxic gases. let's take this out. let's look at it. it looks like the man not as happy but it i wonder what that was or that or that a cell phone numbers. we have another 5. wonderful. so now that we have all of these breaks, what kind of uses do you have for them? imagine, were you going made the same thing with this kind of weather? and where are these going? rigs are going to gully. you see what we're going to do with recognize globally as
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the world capital for salsa dancing. the city of cali, 400 kilometers west, of all the thought is one of great social, 56 percent of the land area occupied by slums housing, 40000 people, a godaddy. a we come to enbridge, either a neighborhood in easter, paling. one of the cities most deprived area. oh yeah. oh phone. yes. i do. gotta read them. ill phone. your leads. us upstairs to catch up with oscar ellis bricks. wow. oh my goodness. the bricks, me just fine. the factory there actually constructing into a house for someone who was here in the community. i think last time i thought you were in bogota at the plan. we are building these things now are here and building
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. it's amazing. tell me a little bit about what stage you're at right now. we are in the kitchen. aha, where many meals will be cooked them? sure. yeah, this is the bathroom. this house cost $5000.00 and has been micro financed by the community for elfaire me out. whose son lives in the apartment below where me are market than your own up yourself or not. um, with our and we're not going to soonish. aha, seek italy, lack of it's young, because as far feel, boys, today we'll start seeing, oh no, you're so fussy, leap away. no. it's literally like lifesize lego oscars hope is that this project will generate interest in the community and encourage future collaboration. meet up if that was going through the in the natasha into the law that he just came into the plastic or the cloud that rocha looks like rock to them. a government with me, i'm all up is remaining crack yesterday about. i mean,
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you'll need to get with this. i just can't get over the holes for the electrical outlets. the plumbing wire, the cable down in ohio, electricity. so check it out. it's actually a room now at the kitchen. but he's telling me this is where the closet is gonna be here. no, i with the television on top. if you can imagine that the all we've got left is the roof and some doors are pretty close. how much plastic is in this house? this house we use is 5 pounds teen compact thought as a plastic corp, where others heard was on one of the the minute continental. like what encompass a little bit with school in just under today's the house is almost complete. the plan is that a family of 4 will be able to put together their own home in less than 5 days. time
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. look up as i look on is to i room to room isn't full. this is the working with employee, amazon. you me, ends up this class because have already helped to house 42 families displaced by conflict in the town of guar pie recycling 120 tons of plastic in the process. tell me a little bit about the magnitude of impact that this project can have if we use just to present their waste blasting the war. we can change the life of 1000000 of people. we can finish their house insurance because you look in america in just 10 years. that's an enormous number and a huge impact. we have to start, we have to start my step ah, in what additive sustainable building materials are being developed globally. bamboo is being treated and use for construction in countries including ethiopia, indonesia,
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and here in the poll with many strains, 10 times stronger than steel, and a rapid growth cycle to my case. number is one of most eco friendly building materials on the planet. in the middle east to engineering graduates and gaza have created an environmentally friendly break called green cake. this uses coal and wood i. she's a filler. instead of sand making use of waste that would otherwise be buried in the ground and, and go smaller one nonprofit to spill to school using natural resources and rubbish that would normally pile and landfills the my zation is made the system out o tires capable of holding thousands of gallons of rainbow materials like these and not only paving the way for green urban sprawl. that redefining the space is green habits. ah, singapore is a low lying island in city state. 80 percent of its population live in high rise
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public housing, resulting in one of the highest population densities in the world. challenges from rapid organization, sea level rise and increasingly chaotic climate is forcing plan as an architect and policy makers to respond to critical questions about how cities in the future will cope with growing demand. despite the growing pressure on space, singapore has been dubbed ages cleanest city. so i've come here to meet some of the people who are helping it earn that title. my 1st stop is the park royal hotel, which bowes, 15000 square meters of greenery and was completed in 2013 by award winning architect, which had hassle the earth now in almost every way as being formed by human activity. though for us as architects, we feel like it's something within our control to the jeff wise. that building projects can also play a much stronger role in the st. jude ship of the when you look at like google earth
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or images from spike cities or really desert, you know, you see a very bright white shiny area surrounded by documentation. if people build buildings like this, you would no longer say that you would say the vegetation layer covering the city as well. the singapore in government avoided talk, loyal it's coveted, platinum, green mark, the nation's highest environmental city location is part of a white, a scheme to promote environmentally friendly buildings and investment into green city solutions. to understand more about why this city is the greenest in asia. i want to see what's happening at the grass roots. heard about a non profit cross tennis, providing employment and supporting accruing community. i've come to meet the funder lie hawk. man. i came here trying to get people to go back to basic, and i thought as a result that we are when i is asia and globalization and digitalization that we come disconnect. so i was trying to create, using a space to connect back people and to bring by the spirit of the community. and
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it's very strange for our country last thing as well, because we are so top down. and that's why my name is called ground up in the shape . ground of the initiative started in 2009 and secured a piece of land to provide environmental education for people of all ages. and several workshops and seminars, building a community of environmental, engage citizen. i gave it to you for a moment, forgot that we were in the middle of a just knocking down your door. and in fact, we want to build on this land that to and i told the government to give me a chance to prove that. i think singapore needs a different cannot space 50 percent of the world population now leave in cities and we 70 percent will leave out of 9300000000 ally, point 5000000030 years time. what. what do you think will become where a full coming from? who wants to work on the land? who will clean the rubbish for you?
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or the same by malaysia in the ground up initiative gardens or meet choi finn and co. we volunteers have come along to get their hands day. why do you doing farming in a way to get me more connected with what we are actually doing every day? because whether it food we know exactly where they come from. and in singapore, i realize also people don't appreciate food because on maybe to the kids they have never seen this. how the fruit is growing. maybe they thought it just from a supermarket. places like this is very good because it makes us go back to the basics. what keeps us surviving? what makes us try and if not really about having money, it's not really about having all the tech stuff that really been able to to i miss then that you, i just be what a part of this legal ecosystem thing. how things are growing, for example, it makes me start to ask a lot of other questions like how, where things come from. so if i use a paypal,
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i start to think so way that from and if i took it away, is it going curve? we is committed to reducing are ways to almost 0. we go back to reflect to see if she's good. i know this is the last place that you would expect to see a little permaculture garden going on in somebody's front room. i just thought it this journey barely a year ago. so a lot of things are to me, are experiments do here on your new experiment with all this. how do you, are you kind of creating a network? yes, because you can't be the only person to st paul to it. yeah. on when i saw that a group on facebook, it was sometimes frustrating because i seem to be the only person who kick posting, but now i think it's at least 53500. and it's quite surprising. i think when we see individual taking just a small actions for me is very encouraging because they start to take this ownership. mm. can we in a journey to 0 waste community still have a long way to go. last year,
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singapore is 5500000 population. ditched over $7500000.00 tons of waste, bass, one half tons per person. but momentum is building and similar dress which projects are sprouting up throughout the city. i changed an earlier as a ground up initiative, and she's invited us to come across, turn and have a look at her own community. good. how are you? so this is your projects. yes. my neighbors will come and spend time here in the garden. i chimney doing stuff, the ad directors, the i am c o lawyers is that is that a de mommy is that? so i never seen soybeans group before. i feel that a lot of just a bunch spaces in sing up bar should not be what the culture landscape. it should be foot space. and how can mean, surely me sing up or maybe a, a sippy. and if what godaddy, why does it need to just be
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a small one in one day when he says a few people in the community? why not? the larger community, over 80 percent of the food consumed in singapore is imported to the ministry of national development is investing heavily in boosting food production on the island . i've arranged to meet jack in an engineer turn food producer, who's taking commercial skill urban farming to the next level. i can serve nervous uniform like this before i was in the were 1st in the world for someone that's never heard of a vertical form. how would you describe something, i think a boy landscape, so we don't have much our land thought of what he was the best give us think about and we stay in the history. the fact is, is that because he thought of it why i wish they were i because i cannot go. but the 30 candy our system is using the hydraulics are using what for making this power or dating. so fun can go up, get a not fun. i cannot get
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a new trans and what that so and the what the is a similar though. miguel, locating is a sim, also give a thought, a plan and a what i will be q one. at least sika use it so far. we not change. however, at all, so far, you've not changed it at all wise. that's quite something given that this farms been operating for 3 years. these rotating shelves effectively increased the land surface area by a factor of 10, meaning this vertical farm can produce 2 tons of vegetables in a single day. meet and i play king of the veggies. it's a beauty, is it all? it is a, we'd, as the 1st we'd have seen in the, in the entire place. this is to attract a pair, is that? yeah. and then they, they're stunned on these buys and then, but there's none in there. i mean me, there isn't a path many vanished what and even a path up though a catch him. we are picked law fish. this is really to where to this is floating.
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this is called, this is yes, company put the completely floating jack way decrease in a ppo in reno in upon we need pon took it what the far west they were. so i do, if you built bar upon as a less easier for our system. so i do, can we build upon and assume that we had a plan? so i consider is that is the sim area. we have 2 products and one harvest of fish for every 6 harvest of vegetables, calais, the fish are feeding the vegetables. yes. and the vegetables are and has 10 speed raisin philip dish. yeah. so that, that the trimmings from the vegetables are actually going to feed it. and using is a sim, size, or land i have to pull out yet being located within the city. these high density. aquatic setups are also saving energy on transportation and storage. so it's little wonder this guy greens have garnered widespread interest, ro asia, as well as with the singapore in government. continue to support the development of
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the technology. i've come back to the whoa, her offices to learn more about their living buildings. what lies ahead for ages, greenest city. this project, for instance, when it's fully grown, we'll have 11 times aside area as green area. so why go to all this extra effort to, to swadell you buildings in plants, a huge one in hot climate like singapore is that plants are the only thing that when the sunlight falls on it, they don't heat up. they actually take that energy and use it for their chemical processes, of building carbohydrates and things. so the calculation for singapore, for instance, is that the, for the city was built, singapore was 5 degrees cooler. and all that heat ends up being converted into fossil fuel use as people use air conditioners to cool the space and throw even more heat out into the city. if substantial plant covered even reducing a pole by 2 or 3 degrees celsius, the energy saving for the entire country would be, you know,
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in the billions of dollars of use. a lot of the argument. you have the also much of the cities do you know it doesn't matter. one or 2 buildings? what difference can i? but if one building can compensate for 10 other sites, not having any grain, you can see that just by doing selective injection of these kind of buildings for the city, you can already create a statistically significant amount of green in the city. can you see potentially in the future where you could actually see some of this area providing a food supplement because we know that singapore, it's little reliant on food input. yeah, we've sort of done generation one which is providing a lot of planting and achieving these plot right shows, i think generation to is. so i can now we have this, what can we do with it? and that's where i think there's anything you do on land, on the ground, you can start thinking, does it make sense to do that apply on a building. so,
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you know, food or we're also very interested in ecosystems, you know, can, we might not just decorative, but can we make it very biologically productive. we can like in a lifetime, how many buildings can we build? this is something that needs lots of people doing it and it needs rethinking at the urban planning level and that whole city visioning so we've come up to the sky vill dawson, which is one rich, it's public housing projects and it does feel great. i mean the, the planting design in this shady canopy of solar panels is lovely. but i mean, looking out at the view is pretty terrifying. is not just the density, but is the number of housing and, and building development projects. and is this kind of a model of oil tankers and shipping containers that stretches to the horizon in almost every direction. but when you start to look at that horizon through riches eyes and you see the potential for a rooftop back upon excel, vertical forest,
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you know, you start to have hope. but for us to make that future a reality. and it means getting the grass roots in gaze, it means that choice fair and can we and all those guys get things going from the ground up. and it means them meeting the planners and the policy makers half way. if we're going to see cities, they're truly sustainable. as our metropolises continue to expand, we are being pushed to explore more radical solutions to the environmental costs to see living. in ty, one a french architecture firm is constructing a garden tower which will absorb a $130.00 tons of carbon dioxide each year. while local governments in washington d. c is utilizing the high foothold in the city center to generate energy kinetically for lighting, using a technology called paycheck. and to south korea. some dough has been done the smartest city on the planets. developing a built the wealth, largest pneumatic waste collection system,
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city wide recycling is protected to reach 76 percent by 2020 innovations of an if the was supporting funding to adopt them widely as a chance the wells much openness is could become sustainable and has so many of us living in cities, the environmental impact could be huge. ah, whether it's cute, intensely in australia, or wild and ferocious in signed with thrice redress is the balance between endangered wildlife and then noisy neighbors that festus and about forest right there. and there's nothing between the how you have, unless i'm a human habitat learning to live together on al jazeera, how many people here have seen a tiger like they had to, oh, really. this one's feared warlord during liberia's decade long civil war says
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he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy, he has done with treat children, has attracted their helpless sentiment and as protected in effect from public prosecution. despite the recommendations made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country. stepped beyond the comfort zone, were assumptions or challenge travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in. how quickly things contract award winning documentary use the old for perception. witness on a,
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just the euro. ah, new finding show on the kron existed in europe and dies before south africa sand and the alarm ah, hello, i'm emily angland. this is al jazeera alive from jo. how also coming up, left as late as tomorrow, castro is said to become honduras. his 1st female president, 12 years, sounds to her husband was overthrown in occurred. we report from the afghan border is thousands of people continue to flee after the telephone take over 3 months ago . i am rob mcbride in west and i've got a son at the border crossing with iran. that's been.


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