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don't know, just 0 from the fellows of correct. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. ah, hello, i'm hasn't speaker in the how the top stories on as you see it up, the world health organization is urging unvaccinated and vulnerable people to delay that travel to possible hotspots. it says blanket travel restrictions won't cut the spread of the arm recon variance. brazil has become the 1st latin american country to report on the kron cases. the u. s. hasn't had any cases of the very and so far, but health officials are urging people to get boost of vaccines. allen fisher has more from washington this might be a new variant. but the advice from the public health officials here in the united
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states is the same old thing that we're been hearing for more than a year. we're a mask, particularly, and doors keep your distance, wash your hands if you've been vaccinated, that's great. get the booster if you haven't, then get the vaccination as soon as possible. that is a concern that it will be here very soon. you remember in the early days of covered there was just one reported case in seattle. people thought, well, it won't come here and it came and came quite significantly in the weeks following that. there is of course, a travel band for south africa and 7 other countries in the southern part of the continent. but the world health organization has said as not gonna help, you're not going to be able to stop it spreading that way and simply won't be able to block it from coming to your country. so they're asking for countries to review those travel. busy bands and saying that anything that they do should be based on evidence. and also after a risk assessment, some of the united states may come under pressure to start lifting the been on
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southern africa sooner rather than later. at dr. anthony folky says it could be between 2 and 4 weeks before they get a full idea of just how different this oma con very it is. and whether or not the vaccines will work that of course, or bang is right up close to the christmas holiday here in the united states, which means thousands and thousands of people will be traveling by plane, by train and meeting in big family gatherings. that is a big concern for public health officials who still don't know the extent of this valiant. a scotland and the netherlands have confirmed the army cron variant was in europe before south africa alerted the world health organization last week. the dutch health authorities say they detected the variant in 2 samples from november. 19th. uganda is deploying troops across the border into democratic republic of congo as a battles. a non group follows air strikes against the allied democratic forces, part of
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a joint operation with the congo lease army. the on group is based in eastern congo and has pledged allegiance, ty, so the u. s. and tyler bond concluded 2 days of meetings here and quarter where they discussed the humanitarian crisis in afghanistan. the taliban has asked the us to unfreeze assets and remove sanctions. us is calling on the taliban to ensure the rights of afghans and form an inclusive government. the united nations says more than half of all afghans are suffering from acute food shortages. this winter, a sudanese security forces have used to gas against thousands of pro democracy demonstrators rallying and cartoon protest as continue to demand a full transition to civilian rule. videos emerge, showing police writing a hospital in khartoum and arresting an activist seeking medical attention. the red cross responded to the right saying hospitals should be protected. hundreds of people in the libyan capital protested upcoming presidential elections. they
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calling for them to be postponed until a constitutional referendum takes place. first round of voting is set for december 24th. the u. s. has officially removed the former colombian rebel group fock from its list of terrorist organizations. the decision will allow us agencies to operate in parts of columbia, where form of fog light is live and work fox lined a sci fi deal with the colombian government. in 2016 in sports, said he for arab cop kicked off in cattle on tuesday. the torment being used as a way to test the infrastructure that will be used in next year's woke up to new venues were inaugurated on tuesday, including al bait stadium and the crowd. there were treated to a fast win by house nation katara. they defeated bahrain. one new doesn't add lines . how does your correspond, ah ah
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ah, my name is got them saying i will get a does ita making dockman chickens. it was since i was a boy in my small village in india. my dream was to make for the wood firms. so 5 years ago i decided i was finally going to do it. the story i chose, that was one which was closest to my heart of my one village and its john's commission.
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every day after work, bekins holidays were spend working on the script. now if the chance i get i travelled from door to bobby to get my cos grew and products in the face. all only lightings loss is not in that village, so it has to be other than the need to see what the so no delta dental since you started working in the costume odd team building and getting the right correct . right after it all, all those are done. so now we have the base to the sick in his days, i'll say what are fine and low where we're finalizing things like odd, but it came with a lot of designs. we became with the costume. yeah,
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the last to show because it was the door piece. aged carby car. yeah. but it's way way. yeah. me more from here on the next plan we have apart from the clue meeting each other in between. we are going for the look test. and after that acting works out for the need. got it. ah. around 8 o'clock in 1999. i landed in bombay and i didn't know anybody or that and i didn't know where to go. people in my village used to talk about google beach, and that's the only place i knew it won't be. so i took a cab and came to jewel beach. and i spend my 1st night here.
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with my father had given a death of the adobe in a small ship. this is where some of my videos live. it was then by day and room with more than 7 or 8 people living in beth. and every morning get up and go a studio for a studio that was not easy to come up. i didn't have any feed is i didn't have much exposure that i learned anything from a small institute. bins emptied for and came here. so it took almost 3 months for me to find a job to redo editor very soon i started getting would offers and all i, i started with tv and then moving to phone some big phones like being cited
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chocolate. you see, my dream was always to become a filmmaker, but i thought i wanted to do a property of addition and lost a news. i've been doing documentary films and know i've been very confident to do a future. mm hm. and we were just in look, this is mindy and nea. i see the lead actors and shadow lead actor. what of this study is extremely close to my heart, because i come from the gallery to which used to be a very slow down. and now becoming really big down and so it leads to the idea of this in the united, this group. i was sort video them
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. i felt like them say, i didn't think it is his side, but toward i even put us on the agenda for those. ha, ha ha ha, exactly. this is the car. deal my knees with making contact much with all cardeana. all those got it to us in my film earlier. i know them personally. and for me it was important to gust actors who need to be famous as well as have very similar experiences. so they're fit in naturally and to look at it. after the look 1st, we did the smallest more since with each character let go. we did her once in part and single. so,
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and we did very intimate scene just to check it brought the lead actors, how comfortable they are with each other. and that was great, in fact, they were meeting for stem, but both of them sure. how professional they're in the same way we did once in with web g and mung la. within 510 minutes bought the characters prepared and did amazing her delivery okay. with this is our last meeting from here on, we'll just meet on the safe a oh, good and
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cheerful. it was a small travel village. from there it ended up becoming the largest video. this did open if you see this factories, this used to be a residential combined. it's late on was ready for the when the small coming out in the near sir. really hot in dom shared for because of this pollution in the factories. when we were in college, this is to we are hard to spot. this was asking him a hard basic any. now there is none. thanks to this place and things to say here. i had access to the best cinema from it on the was the land here is very rich will of natural resources and minions. and
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unfortunately that has been the biggest goods for childhood. almost the entire state is dug up. people very constantly get moved from their own place. somehow it's already connected to my film as well. almost the same thing is happening that in the name of freedom in the name of development, in the name of technology. how slowly and slowly we destroy ourselves. with
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data men have dressed as women is part of part of the festive with. c 7 different yeah, oh love some of them i didn't think in the day i . 6 knew what they're looking at, the boys in i was know with when i came to this village mustang. these and heard not existing. it's a year and
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a half i'm talking about. so that's why we had selected this village unit in the other part of it is there is no, none of these things were happening. and now that most of our location says here, look, and we're showing a village just secret until the interval. and so we have to somehow hired these things. do they enter with like every other body would penance my from is also divided into us by an interval in the 1st spot of the phone, the villages anonymous completely cut off from the rest of the world. and in 2nd part, when world that he stripped 1st and when i came, nobody was speaking to us. i took a roof, steven for it, damn when we realized that dickens speaking. oh
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boy, oh i me like yes, yes. what about the sick? i love you. i don't want him to say but. 2 you know, within your homes, just well if i have to work so hard for us more, i will quit smoking these do and get all my books community. i just watches my to the latest. let them know that the
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math and the other i live and my both of them knew me, could you? so this is the, exactly the kind of village i grew up in, which was completely cut off from the rest of the what we had our own sort of economy, which was i said older than about a system where everybody did everything for everyone. so entire community will assemble, 3 times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. but then government res, technology, it is develop interest, money, least all the characters in my story are that he had characters. i mean, this is exactly the same story. i've tried to write which was already there.
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i think government has got the news of us sitting here because the only reason i selected this is because it would no more than if you had come. there was no electricity or no food that we didn't know your it has has gone, electricity has gone. so almost now we are playing a teasing game with government. they don't one development for us. and they don't want us to suit not develop village. i won't get to use them as it is. but yeah, when we came for ricky, this gone has gone. almost the script is playing exactly the scoop is playing out here with so i'm heading towards my parents place the village where i grew up.
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and in last tried to 25 years. i've been away from this village, but perhaps from outside i could really get the difference while people are richer, they have bought money, but something went missing in the process. and that's why it hurts. when i see changing it, when i see people not talking, when i see it's growing into a more or less individualistic society. and i think that was the result. i started writing and i ended up writing official is a school that should be there. that's my that. mm hm.
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so this berg tree had huge significance in my life. this was out of school. in fact, ology used to sit there and we used to, i finished my family education here, right. and that history. this is the place we're 1st am, i was a film. this is where the magic started seeing and we thought which ended look at the basic and those moments. and i'll go and acting like him for next 6 months. that nearest silly mahal from here, it wasn't as everybody was, is almost 50 kilometers away from you and her. i'll bunk my school. i'll do everything. i'll walk. there was no rush, no bus or no and i think to go there. so i would walk 50 glom kilometers on most of the air to watch a film and then come back here. and the only thing i wanted to become in my life was filmmaker for last 10 years. i've been making documentary films,
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but my religious won't consider me a filmmaker because my documentary doesn't flee in the nearest and amazon, which is still typically we just have in best or so one of the reasons why i want to make a feature film, which can play in the nearest city mahash, where i can take my religious and show them look the dream which had a started very 5 years ago. is here with i love with oh,
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oh to god. literally. it's the bother. thankfully, it just didn't know where to go with it as a human soon ideal the up here to get a, a quote that i gave when they get a hold of me a was who you're gonna want to patient to check a limbic. now you had him, okay, is it
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a you please kinda the whole is as an police guy? i'm on a day now, ma'am, i'm gonna let our, ga, ga, ga, ga, ga, be the lab. and i can that, you know what, i've seen that when i had out miguel, i got my son gentleman's woke up at a gog godaddy hadn't gone gone yet, but there was, i'm gonna go. well obviously that wasn't gonna vega is making our lab be happening because this will lady she doesn't want to leave this house saturday and give me an idea which will get to lady lake. uneasy had minutes at the ah, this is lake close to what it was. little things had please lake them in floating has come. there was, was human floating. the biggest thing which hurts me is this whole because i used to run from here to the end. now because that belongs to my,
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another english and both of these ankle, i've decided to keep a wall so they don't fight. this used to be model. this with this has changed this character company. and this is where i was 30 in the winding back 30 years. this please was completely different. geography wise. everything weighs in fact, it was one of the most self reliant village. it had its own economy, everything got produced here. people were happier, there was no religion here. everybody celebrated edge of history. so that is some very fundamental question we need to ask to us. and that's what disciplined us i've just put sort of to india side by side for people to see and decide which was
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good, which was back to me. ah, ah ah. with
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those guys i'm yeah, my local exhibit. yeah, i don't know if you want to live with you you up with the like a hard to see that ago. where do you ready was with with all the group members and in died cos she's here today. i took them through all the locations and said everybody know knows where basically they belong. this is
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also a good day called, grew in cost to interact with each other, a shallow grab. it took a lot heat fiber. optics are gonna put it to my boat, casea gamble, my thinking that at least i don't see how good could be my room mate down. probably modern fact denied that we're behind. i don't got a high yaki so things got started be probably dark mode cuz he said he was going to say something can be progress. what's that see?
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so it's got to get on with because then we have tried our best to look into everything. but i'm sure, because look, isn't everything that will oregon convenience, but you need to just raise it right people that it will get sorted immediately for sure. every evening we'll have production meeting and then it will, it is we'll discuss together this work hard to make a beautiful one. backup a group. what? oh oh. step beyond the comfort zone, where assumptions are challenged, traveled to the ends of the earth, and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it is a probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in how quickly things contract
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award winning documentary is that also a perception witness on a just the euro. oh, there's a lot more into al jazeera than t v with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is the world award winning online content. and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to brighten the people to leave it to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch up here with me. sandra, got men on al jazeera, compelling. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the scene of the explosion. inspire, i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was life, unequal to broadcasting. some nelson have been august night for
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a happy al jazeera english crowd recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah hello and has m c. k and or her? the headlines on al jazeera, the world health organization is urging unvaccinated and vulnerable people to delay their travel plans. brazil has become the 1st latin american country to 4 cases of the new on the crown variance. more than 20 countries have now reported cases of on the con, none have so far been detected in the us. alan fisher has more from washington. this might be a new varian. but the advice from the public health officials here in the united states is the same old thing that we've been hearing for more than a year. we're a mask, particularly, and doors keep your distance,
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wash your hands if you've been vaccinated. that's great.


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