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december 4th was c gumby, a vote and become christmas significant election. so it's been 5 years since the home on long term leda ya or john, restricted to we are a, was brought on. and here, what political divisions through me can be jumping deliberate on its cost, democratic, produce impersonal coverage on algebra. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our life from london. thank you for joining us, coming up in the next 60 minutes. vaccine questions cause markets to tumble. as the world health organization warns their blanket, travel bands will not stop the spread of the only con varian. uganda troops cross in the democratic republic of congo, a joint offensive against an armed group. oh,
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a cry for change, rings out around cartoon, protest, or is angered by sedans, military take over march on the presidential palace and the innocent victims of global fighting. the report which reveals more children than ever are living in conflict. and i'm devin ashwin sports alive from our special studio in doha on day one is the fee for our cup. it's been a big day here with the opening of another 2 well cut venues, including al bait stadium and just north of catalyst capital dia. while in the category capital stadium 974 is also now officially open for business. the unique venue has been constructed with shipping containers. ah. as the world waits on definitive information about the latest corona virus variant,
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conflicting claims are filling that void. global stock market stumbled on tuesday when they had a pharmaceutical company. madonna sh cast down on the effectiveness of vaccines and fighting the on the constrain yet to the manufacturer of the pfizer vaccine said that it was confident that the product would offer strong protection against severe disease. but as the variant is found in more countries and more borders are closed, health experts are repeating the message that it's simply too early to know anything for sure. one of the things you do is you get the virus and you grow it, or you put it into a modified form called a pseudo virus. and when you do that, you can then get convalescent plasma monoclonal antibodies as well as sarah and antibodies that are induced by the vaccine to see if they neutralize the virus. that will give you a pretty good idea as to what the level of immune evasion is. as i mentioned in my
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brief comments, the molecular configurations of the mutations can give you a suggestion of am univision. but that's one of the things you can do is to take a look what the antibodies actually do. that process will take likely 2 weeks or more, perhaps even sooner, depending upon how well the virus grows and the isolates that we get. that's the 1st thing. well alan fish joins us live now from washington. d. c. ellen, we were just hearing there for months and he found she on this new very. and what else are we hearing from you as experts on on the con? well this my venusian but they advice is pretty old and we all know it. the fact is that they're saying look, cover your mask, cover your face with a mask, particularly when you're in doors, try and keep distance from people. wash your hands, make sure you're vaccinated. if you're already vaccinated, then get the booster as well. these things well protect you. they still have to work out exactly what this variant is and they know as all of us this morning
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that it was in 20 countries with 226 cases reported. but none of them in the us. so, foreigner people, i've been speaking, they say it's almost inevitably going to pop up here in the next couple of days. if you go back to covered, you remember how you were told. there was just one case and then suddenly there was a lot more. so the advice remains the same, they still have to try and work out what their spirit is. they say it could take 2 to 4 weeks to do that, that slums as of right against the christmas vacation here in the united states. when many more people will start to travel, they'll be in plains and they'll be in trains. they'll be moving all across the country, the big family gatherings. that will be a concern for many people this year as well. but the advice from the medical experts here in the united states is do not panic. that is going to be a question over the travel advice that was given. you. remember, the number of countries were banned, essentially, from coming in to the u. s. unless you're a u. s. resident or a citizen,
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there are going to be people who see, you're going to have to look at this again simply because this case was found in the netherlands before it was found in south africa. so that could change the whole question of this. the administration says it will consider the facts and it will look at the evidence before making any new recommendations. alan fisher with the latest from washington, d. c. allen found keel. and as alan was just mentioning, their officials in the netherlands have revealed that the on the current cove it 19 jerry and was present in europe for least a week before. fly from southern africa were banned health authorities there. say that they've detected the variant in 2 samples from november, the 19th one week later it w h o labeled it a variant of concern and countries shut their borders. the southern africa of germany's incoming chancellor, olive schultz says, mandatory vaccines are necessary to contain a 4th wave of the pandemic in the country. he wants parliament to vote on the
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matter before the end of the year. dominic cane has more from the german capital berlin. the seriousness of the cove, its situation here in germany, his focus many mines, both medics and ministers on what they can do to try to dampen down this wave of covert that has been washing across the states of germany for many weeks. now, in one sense, the politicians have decided to decide later many of the ministers who took part in the digital conference on tuesday afternoon here in germany, we're trying to get some form of decision that might help them in their individual states. but in the event, what's been decided is to wait, we know what's going to be on the table. we know that the incoming chancellor, all of shots wants to see what's called in germany and inflate a mandatory vaccine requirement for everyone who has not had one will have to have what he wants,
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the new parliament to vote on that. he is also in favor of reducing the length of time that a person's vaccine states us actually will apply. so the moment in germany, it's a 12 month period. he wants the vaccine status of a person only to last 6 months, which is far shorter than what the e u has proposed. recently of 9 months. little earlier i spoke to dr. vicky bailey, she's a senior researcher at the vaccines and infectious diseases unit ad fits university in johannesburg. i started by asking her why the chief of madonna has cast doubt on vaccine effectiveness. they is always the possibility that are the immune response might be a little bit too specific to the vaccine to that spy protein. and that all the mutations within this new variant which is $32.00 mutations within that's by printing might just be enough to evade the immune response. i'm, but we are busy doing all of those. try those tastes at the moment. we are hopeful,
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based on what we've seen from and the variance, which had a lot of these mutations in common. so we are hopeful that this robust t so response that we are seeing that is generated by the axis will be enough. i. unfortunately, we do need a little bit more time to actually confirm this, and hopefully it will be within the next couple of days that we should get a better idea. of course, i mean, you say rightly the, you need more time, but i guess the 2nd the news kind of came out there has been a strong reaction around the world. understandably, i mean from what you seem to be saying a, it seems that this variant could be more transmissible, but may be not as aggressive as other ones. would that be correct? then if that is, so what have you made of the reaction or potentially over reaction from around the world? so i think south africa is seen
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o has found the most ab number of these new various cases, ab, unfortunately, our populate, or fortunately i'm, our population is quite a young population. and especially so far, the bulk of the cases that we've seen have been in our very young population with outbreaks in universities and take that cons, sir. we know that the, that section of the population generally has laced severe disease. so at this point, all of the majority of cases we've seen have been very mild. however, we are starting to see an uptick in our hospitalized cases. and this is likely as those university students who are taking at home to their phrases, they, for our family and the grandparents. so again, we need more time right now. it looks like it is will might, but that might just be because of the population that it's been detected in. there is a christmas tree behind your shot, and that coincides obviously with the holiday season in the northern hemisphere.
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winter is here, but it's situations that tend to make covered contagion or worse. so what steps do you think should be taken to contain this variant? but i guess also the lessons that could be learned to contain the inevitable future variance as well. we know that vaccines work, we've showed at time time, gainful many different pathogens. so we need more people to be vaccinated. we're not nobody safe until everybody is safe. we need to vaccinate world wide so that we can prevent the generation of new variance. as long as these community transmission and widespread community transmission, we are going to get more and more of these veterans which could potentially escape the vaccines more and more. so we need people to grab skate vaccinated at people who are eligible for the boosters. each got to get the boosters. when do you think we will have some concrete answers? a, this new on the con variant, sir? i know for a fact the scientists in south africa working very hard and thankfully,
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we do have a lot of experience from previous areas such as the bay to vary. so we know what needs to be done. so it can be done a lot quicker. and the same goes full countries all over the world. i know i'm in contact with a lot of different ibarra cheese and everybody is working together to try and get the answers as quickly as possible. and so that laboratory data should start to come through, even within the next couple of days. the real world dates him might take a little bit longer for us to actually know exactly how it's reacting in the population. but even that, within the next week or 2, we should start t gate sort of a better idea of what we actually dealing with as more and more countries sought to, to take the variance and to what degree it's, it's is a ne populations much more ahead on the al jazeera news hour, including no sign over for intentions, as natal minister as meet to discuss russian troop build up on ukraine's eastern
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border. a singer and dancer who died in 1975 becomes the 1st black woman to receive one of france's highest honors and in sport, late drama on day one of the fee for arab cup. plenty more of that coming up later in the news. our aah! uganda has deploy troops across the border into democratic republic of congo as the nation's battle an armed group. this follows air and artillery strikes against the allied democratic forces which has been based in congress east since the 19 nineties and pledged allegiance to i saw 2 years ago. the campaign is the 1st time that you can, those publicly targeted the adf with a cross border attack in several years. it blames the group for 3 suicide explosions and compiler this month, which left several people dead. the uganda army says tuesdays offensive marks the
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start of a concerted effort against the adf malcom web is following developments from nairobi. you gone to an army person and down to the military operation began with strikes and artillery fire. while you got them forces directed against the bases of the allied democratic forces in eastern congress since then, the congolese army spoke person has told us that ground troops ugandan infantry of crossed on foot into eastern congo. now you got this government blame the adf for 3 suicide bombings that took place in uganda capital. 2 weeks ago. the adf originate from uganda and the 1990 ugandan army, pushed them into eastern congo where ever since their substantial business interest in cocoa and other natural resources found in the areas that they control. but for the last 7 years, they've been responsible for a series of massacres against civilians in and around the town of penny. and more
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recently, further to the north in a, to re proven the congolese army brought in what it called a state of siege 6 months. ago supposedly to stabilize north keyvi province and to re province. but there's been criticism that the state of siege hasn't worked. linked documents show that there was corruption. some of the military budget for the operation was being stolen until recently common congos parliamentarians have been calling for another kind of solution. and you can do military entering 8th and congress with what they hope will bring an end to this conflict. but certainly others are very skeptical about the following. you've gotten the invasion of congo in $996.00 and accusations of repeated meddling and funding rebel groups ever since then. a definitely let some people to worry that this will cause instability rather than bringing stability to 8th and kong sudanese security forces of use tear gas
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against pro democracy protest or is rallying in the capital. thousands came out to reject the deal between the military and the prime minister, which saw the dog reinstated to his position last week. that was straight to say the agreement that legitimize the armies power grab last month's heber morgan report from car to him starting from the hearts off to dance capital horton. protestors gather once again. this come to demonstrate against last month's military takeover, which saw the 2 year transitional power sharing government dissolved the chance at various logan's, but the demand was the same. they don't want the military to remain insur, dance politics. i thought we hear and sudanese everywhere have come out for the same reason to day. we want to civilian government, a complete civilian government. the military should stay in the barracks and focus on the country security at the borders and not get into politics. to use this
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protests were held near the presidential palace. protesters are also angry at the dance prime minister of the lamb duke for signing a deal with the army on november 21st. the deal saw him released from house arrest and reinstated to his position. it's also included the release of all political prisoners arrested by the military. and on the day of the protest, the last of those known to be arrested were set free. some who were released earlier joint tuesday protests coming out of the idea. we were treated with professionals and why we would to timed, but detention is detention and a violation of rives. we got news of what's happening outside and that people have been continuing to protest. seeing people out on the streets, disease the pain we've been failing, even though we have last summer. yeah, yeah, yeah, for johan, all the states also witnessed similar demonstrations. police use dear guys and stung grenades to disperse crowds in front of the presidential palace. several people were injured, and according to my dex, some hospitals but provided medical care were rated with protesters who were
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seeking treatment. arrested. prime minister ham doke has said, professor, have the right to freedom of expression and peaceful protest. at least $41.00 protested, have been killed since the military took over last month. and more than 200 have been injured. despite the violence that they've been met with protest to say they will continue to voice their demand for a complete civilian government to ensure so dance, transition to democracy, continued for many here and around the country. the reason for continuing to protest is in the main slogan therapy. oh, after living under a military dominated government for 30 years and overthrowing it in 2019, they said they will not return to the same rule that they fought so hard against he but morgan august era houghton. the u. a secretary of state says any russian aggression ukraine will trigger what he calls serious consequences. anthony blinking is attending a meeting of nato foreign ministers in the latvian capital. riga,
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top of the agenda is the build up of russian troops on ukraine's eastern border. bernard smith reports from moscow, nato foreign ministers say there will be a high price to pay for any new military aggression against ukraine. and moscow was reminded the west has already used economic, financial and political sanctions. we have seen the rushes playbook many times over, and part of that playbook is to attempt to create ah, and manufacturer, a so called provocation as justification for something that rushes planning to do all along. and so whether or what's been reported fits into that playbook. oh, i dont know. ukrainian forces are facing off against russian back separatists in the east of the country. there's been fighting on and off there since russia annex crimea from ukraine in 2014. now for the 2nd time this year, russian troops a building up a long ukraine's border. moscow dismisses as inflammatory,
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any suggestions? it's preparing for an attack. and present, vladimir putin says he has his own red lines. if nato countries involve themselves further in ukraine, is it mechanical is some kind of strike systems appear on the territory of ukraine . the flight time to moscow will be 7 to 10 minutes and 5 minutes in the case of a hypersonic weapon being deployed. creating such threats in ukraine poses red lines for us, but hope it doesn't come to that. i hope that a sense of common sense responsibility for both our countries and the world community will prevail. russia says nato has deployed a significant amount of military hardware near its borders. in june, joe biden and vladimir putin held their 1st summit. it came just a couple of months after a russian troop of build up along the border with ukraine. now here's another build up and the kremlin says it's holding behind the scenes talks with the white house about another possible summit. the bad luck ministration says it doesn't know of
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any plans, but it does say it's been holding talks with russian officials about you. cray, bernice smith, al jazeera moscow. a record number of children are living in the world's most lethal war zone starts according to a new report by save the children. it's as many of them are already facing threats from climate change and unprecedented levels of hunger. it's a 20 per cent increase in the space of a year, bringing the total to almost $200000000.00 children. in 13 countries. the report highlights outbreaks of violence in mozambique as well as ongoing conflicts in afghanistan, democratic republic of congo, and nigeria in driving that shock. rise on top of that, it says 337000000 children are risk of being recruited by armed groups and government forces that includes child soldiers as well as children being used, the spies and suicide bombers. the number of verified cases of children being
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recruited by on groups rose 10 percent from 2019 to 2020, to an average of about 25. a day worldwide will save the children's head of conflict than humanitarian policy. james than slow, is one of the co authors of the report he is worried about the long term effects on a whole generation of children. i think we're still sort of the tip of the iceberg and fully understanding what it is for. busy children's mental health who lives their entire lives. if you look at the long, long nature of conflicts like yemen, their entire lives living in conflict and conditions with fight or flight. so the whole might be constantly dumped into their brain. all of that. a safe place for them to create to be done. so i think we've got a huge thompson. i have been at the same time in my experience of seeing children in these calls the well. busy there is an incredible level of resilience that isn't the last generation. this is a huge opportunity for us as a planet. but i do think we need to realize that in the car and the shadow of
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climate change. and there's almost been individualization of children that just, that just not being considered as front and center of these issues. and of course, they are literally the future of up on it. one of the key lane maxwell's accusers testified on the 2nd day of the 6 week long trial. the british socialize is accused of recruiting and grooming underage girls for the billionaire. peter file jeffrey epstein. gabriel is on the joins us live now a from new york. he has been following the trial, so i gave for the 1st time in this trial, we've actually heard from an alleged victim. what did she have to say? and she's actually still testifying. the court is expected to go on at least for another half hour or so, and it is quite frankly, very dramatic testimony. it's the 1st time delay maxwell has come face to face in person, in this trial with one of her accusers. this is a girl that they're naming jane that's her pseudonym. she's
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a woman now. she's no longer a girl. but when she says she 1st met gillian maxwell and jeffrey epstein, she was a girl. she claimed she's only 14 years old. she said she was at a summer camp in 1994 and sitting on a bark park bench, eating ice cream with some friends when she was 1st approached by glen maxwell. they struck up a conversation, exchange some contact information, and that led to more than 3. that was a beginning of what led to more than 3 years or more of what she says was sexual abuse at the hands of jeffrey epstein. when asked by prosecutors was gay lane maxwell present in some of your encounters with epstein. she said yes, she said that she was flown or driven to various epstein homes in new mexico and new york, where she said she was sexually abused. it happened between when she was between 14 and 16 years old,
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she was not even old enough to drive. so epstein apparently would send a car and driver to pick her up and bring her to his homes to partake in this illegal activity. she said that she was terrified and on the stan she said, she broke down briefly in tears. when asked when she was recounting not wanting to go to epstein house to see him when he requested it. and then the prosecutor said, how much did this affect your life? did you ever consider taking your life because of what happened? and she answered in the affirmative that yes she did consider suicide at one point because of this with jeffrey epstein. the key for the prosecution is tying this in to delay maxwell. and so far on the testimony, it's been very powerful because this woman jane, as they're pseudonyms,
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she's going by to protect your identity. clearly has stated on multiple times today . in this testimony that yes, sky lane maxwell recruited her groomed her and participated in a sledge activity very powerful, potentially damming testimony there. so how is the fact, how is the defense? countered it, while the defense has not had a chance yet to cross examine her. however, during their opening statements on monday, that offense pretty much laid out how they plan to cross examine her and other victims that are expected take the stand and they are basically going to say this happen more than a decade ago. and that she can't possibly remember all of the details. that's probably what the defense is going to say. they're also going to say that she's been manipulated by scrupulous attorneys and even media reports over the
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years. and that is probably going to be the defenses arguments, because that's pretty much what they said they would be doing. on monday, during opening statements. gabriel is on the following that trial for a new yorker gabe. thank you. the it's been a big day in catherine with the fee for arab cup getting underway and to new world cup stadiums inaugurated for more. now let's go to gym and nash in doha. thanks, barbara. i'm coming to live up from our special studio on the waterfront in doha. i was is there a how's that comprehensive coverage of the fee for our cup? west? $16.00 nations competing across 6 stadiums, which will be used for next is world cup. and one of those stadiums was inaugurated on tuesday night to our bait. just north of doha was showcased with plenty of color
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and excitement. the venues design takes inspiration from the traditional tense of the nomadic people on the region. it has a capacity of 60000 and our bait was soon joined by another feature wildcat venues . stadium 974, which housed at its 1st ever match the 40000 c to read a named after cartels dialing code. and because is made it from $974.00 shipping containers and it can be fully dismantled at the end of the world cup. i later thought what have all the goals from those 2 stadiums a plus action from other much is on the day of the fee for our cup. but for now is fact barbara in london. jemma. thank you. speak to you later. now you're watching al jazeera life from london still ahead. frances radical right. eric more enters the race for president. tell you more on who use shortly. barbados gets a new had a thing to have to separate. it's for century old imperial bones and owner is one of its most famous stores.
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ah, getting going wednesday, december 1st. hello everyone. here's your weather forecast for europe in africa and we're looking at turkey after that cold front punched across. this has been a game changer in terms of temperatures on correct just a high 5 degrees bulk of the energy toward eastern areas of turkey over the black sea slamming into georgia on wednesday. get want to take a look at this part of europe right now because we've got another run of some shower, central southern parts of italy, temperature starting to come up across the bulkheads. we did see that snow and sophia bulgaria, and you're now up to 5 degrees and still some snow for that eastern portion of france. southern sections of switzerland for i barrier mostly settled, but another run of rain slamming into northern parts of spain. we've got some snow
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in toward the higher elevation to be expected. okay. energy from the united kingdom . it's crossed over the english channel into the low countries. but that when coming down from the nor see so cooler air in play and breezy conditions, the center of the low is over a denmark. so copenhagen, looking to see when gus of 75 kilometers per hour on wednesday hang on to your house full in this weather report in africa right now. where the rain has clear from northern algeria and tunisia, tunis has a high of 17 degrees. that's a cesar ah the philippines aspiring to restore bite in vaccine. i thought the quality can it be nice and you wrong? one or one aisd best guides on out europe. most people will never know what's beyond the school. the deafening silence of 100000
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forms how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is fresh with is not an option. but we're not most people ah al jazeera, with ah ah, ah.


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