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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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co defendants as show trials as a way for the gentile to legitimize the coo. but the military government has denied this, and it spokesman says on santucci has been a full has been accorded due process under the rule of law in myanmar. barbados is celebrating after becoming the world's newest republic. it's new head of state and 1st president, his former governor, general sandra mason. it ends the nation's last remaining colonial bones. hours after the formal transition, the government declared singer rhianna and national hero. ah, and now the top stories on al jazeera, as the world waits on the finish of information about the latest corona virus variant. conflicting claims are filling the void. global stock market stumbled on tuesday when the head of pharmaceutical company, madonna, cast doubt, and the effectiveness of vaccines and fighting the omicron strain. but pfizer says
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it's confident in its job. and oxford university says, there is no evidence. the vaccines will not work on the variant health experts are urging booster shots. although these mutations suggest a diminution of protection and a degree of immune evasion, you still from experience that we have with delta, can make a reasonable conclusion that you would not eliminate all protection against this particular barrier. and that's the reason why we don't know with that degree of diminution or protection is going to be. but we know that when you boost somebody, you elevate your level of protection very high. uganda has deployed the troops across the border into democratic republic of congo as the nation's battle an armed group as follows. air and artillery strikes against the allied that democratic forces which has been based in congress east since the 19 nineties and pledge of
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allegiance the iso 2 years ago. the campaign is the 1st time uganda has publicly targeted the adf with a cross border attack in several years. it blames the group for 3 suicide explosions and compiler this month, which left several people, did. sudanese security forces of use tear gas against thousands of pro democracy demonstrators rallying in the capital. khartoum, the protest her as a say they reject. last week's the over the military, which saw della i'm dr. reinstated as prime minister. they are demanding a full transition to civilian rule. those are the top stories stay with us. the stream is next that looking at the fee for arab cup, currently taking place in cat. i'll have one news for you in half an hour. see you then bye bye. ah
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ah, i as i me okay, the thief, arrow comp has just got ans away. 16 teens competing for this amazing cup at the base. it's solid gold covered in a map of the arab wells to down the stream. why we should be paying attention to this tournament? ah
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ah, helping us unpack the, our cup. we have has an a, we have lee, we have rob us, an ain't i. i cannot think what team you could possibly be wrapping for. but please introduce yourself to our national audience. tell them who you are, what you do 1st. well, thank you so much for holding on the show. i started my page, my website, my, my podcast there, up from apart. 'cause basically to get a wellness out there about there are can national team, especially in english because unfortunately when you put into google, iraq, iraq for bo, everything just negative. so i try to fix that. i'm bring news to to well about iraq football looking forward to hearing from you in just a moment. lee wellings might as well just move into the stream office. hello lee.
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welcome back to the stream. around our audience. here you are what you do, garbage journalist and a bold cost is specializing in sports for 30 years and, and also to my family 1st book. the delete of that which is about sports in society is coming out early next year. and it shows how or concentrate on a lot of matters off the pitch. not just what's happening on the oh, we have so many big gets on to day. shall i rob? tell everybody who you are. what you do yonder surprise leaves not got all his books ready behind him say you were to advertise in the world are on global sport correspond they say city press cover a lot of sickly for all matters on and off the page. so that means a lot of the football politics, how things all intersect with the geo politics, the well, but also the fun as well. the world cups the olympics and particularly the last decade aside, the bidding process for the welcome. and the preparation for the walk up in cats are next year. all right, 3 excellent experts and you audience as well. if you're on youtube right now,
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the comment section is open for your ponder tree, jump into the comment section and help you out to bring you into today's show. the, our camp has quite a patchy history. saudi back in the 1960 s and a, it pops up every now and again, not regularly. but let's, let's do some posting has a name for that for the team that you love and rec, ah, iraq has, has one more arab cups than any of a nation. yeah, absolutely. or whether that we can extend our victories to 5 cops, i dont know. seems unlikely at the moment given how we played the area today. oh, by the armoire penalty. just jessia fortunately. yeah. yeah. it was lucky her that video was used and the result or actually went away. but i mean we hold direct wouldn't come to the most winds be one or 4 times that the cup has a special place for all the rockies. so it's exciting times for, for all of iraq. i'm just thinking here, oh, the out of campus as a tournament lee,
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how important is it? well, is causing huge excitement. there's no doubt about that in the middle east, a north african region. the big challenge for the tournament, and then leading into next year is to increasing excitement global. and this is obviously a told him that there's a really important test event in many ways for, for you are used to because the confederations caught that test event. but now they're using this tournament, there's a lot invested in it, and i think a real k is for the standard of football. i'm for the excitement that's produced to actually get people to gauge beyond the region. this is what they thought happening . it's not being shown at the u. k. i have to tell you, or at least if it is, i'm not looking. so there needs to be things that happened. you know, great clips on social media. get people excited about it because i think the high
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standards that could be found in this football need to to get a wider audience than, than just the mean of aging. well, i'm going to play a tape and look at our respects him a little bit early on the stream. have a listen to what he has to say. they bounce immediately off the back of him with your thoughts. his abdul barrow come his back and of the be recognized and organized by people this has brought on presented attention to the tournament. many sponsors are involved, which means you could give prize money for all the nations involved. 60 nations and will be charged for the wall to see the venues that will be used for the walk up next year. with regards to the favorites, i think i'll geo to, to the 33 unbeaten street are probably the favorites for the tournament. with honorable mentions for egypt, morocco, and of course hose, or who have a chance of fighting for the tournament. on a personal note, my nation student will be participating. i hope to please can give the nation
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something to share about of the recent political events in the country. that so much a reflection of the hope that football can bring to. and the region cats i think, is a great chance for them to try to prove that dan shows on the page they had that really amazing run to win the asian cup in 2019 they're not really having a competitive game since them because of course qualifying for the world cup automatically as high. and of course, incredibly well kept ab, when they are the house, say they've been playing games in europe recently. and like some island to, they lost se, se, there's been the struggles, but this is a chance to be able to show that credentials for the players to get a flavor of what it's like to perform a torment on a home. so like that. so they're actually ready for the next year because it's going to be a huge moment for them many years time. and that was the same message on their, of what i achieve, what they achieved in winning the asian confederation tournament. that that's
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something that the word hasn't been spread everywhere about how good the counselor is. and of course the part of the house next year we'll give them a chance of doing really well and it's 11. yeah, i think the not really heard that much in the players is probably a bit of a reticence for the players. and i say to build a profile to speak to the why to media because they will perhaps fear getting questions that bill may remain, whether it's on human rights or about cats. i was a country rather than demos, as football as yet. it is a challenge perhaps next year to actually start to see cats. i was a football team because these perception was around the bait a decade or so ago and sent that. so if cats are no football heritage, we're actually that has been lead going back many decades. there is history of football that they're just not a big country physically just like iceland and only qualified for major told the 1st time at your 2016. so countries do have to take that time of them to get the chance to be at told months, but you know, we saw in 2019 the asian cop just what they can do. that was a told min, nearby,
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obviously in the, in the u. a. and that this is a, it's a chance for the players. they need as much gain time as possible. and this can offer, i sent a not, i'm just looking at the drivers out for the fee for our cop 2021. you are in the same group a as gotta a mang, bahrain as well. how do you think you're going to do english pay? it really can go anyway, but there will be favorites. obviously they're, they're very good team. they won the asian company, 1019, they've played a lot of competitive games recently against big european size like portugal, an island. and it's going to be interesting to see how they coke without having played a real competitive match in a long time. but they've got a very experience squad, and they will be favorites for the whole cup, not just quantifying, from group 8 or the other 3 teams that we saw today on organized team. they're, they, they're good in terms of make, maintain, in good shape defensively. ok. it's when i want to, i mean,
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i can tell you the pain that you're having to say the teams are quite right now. that's time. best. right. let me move it. imagine i should my, to my missing out on some players. most notably, my salad. yes. if i thought was a bit cheeky, using my most solid image right when he's not actually playing in the 5th hour cup and not reason for that is because this cup of this torment comes when there are a lot of a european leaks playing some of the biggest stars are playing in those leaks and they're not going to release that. play there. what is a chaotic football calendar anyway? the mike with some told, has been shoot home, didn't like the a couple of coverage which is going to take place in a couple of months. tom got the africa cup of nations, which is coming up in january. and some of the notions here, of course, will be playing in, but i think usually way we're used to rocco, in egypt and jerry, as mentioned, and i'm being really powerful with some big styles being missing because of the
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reasons you mentioned there is going to be more of a chance for, you know, and i should like you back. i know you got a pretty record in the tournament, but perhaps not absolutely at the top of your form at the moment. so actually this is how you saw thoughts of how you finish. yeah, but i would add lee that we actually were missing a large number of players. we have a lot of players based in sweden. we have a few players based in the u. k. ready in denmark, unfortunately, the fact that these plays want able to be released public ups is actually impacted us in the same way i'd say seems like hell jerry, of. so is a bit of a confusing situation because i mean, obviously fee 5 kind of taking control of this tournament, then other organizes and yet the place still haven't been released and it's seen as a frenzy. let me one of the reasons all this is is how the play of hands rarely because not to doubt to change the complaint stays. but the annual football
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calendar is set out every year in terms of agreements between clubs and leagues all round the world. and they set out through the year. these are the windows when the clubs who pay the players have to release them to international tournaments or qualified. so it states, well there's a world cup there, and european championship or an asian cup clubs have to release the players. although get punished potentially. this is an extra solomon, so it didn't exist even when this calendar was being formed. so there was no way of mandating liverpool to release my salary sickly when they're already going to lose him for the i asked on it in a few weeks time as well it january. so i had to play it with is around the hands i suggest. so let me move on a bit because to explain why this interest a tournament is happening is because in a year's time, we are going to be talking about the feet that well cup. this basically is a dress rehearsal be our company's addressing has all the next year been hounding exactly the same country in the same stadiums. i want to bring up joe gasha raska.
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she has been looking at some of the most fascinating stadia across kata. and this one is stadium 974. take a look. ah, the 1st thing friends will notice when they arrive at stadium $954.00 is that it looks a bit like it was constructed using childrens building blocks. and that sounds highly too far from the truth just on a much bigger scale. this stadium has been put together with 974 shipping containers, 40000 seats, and a metal structure. they cool is a modular stadium. it has this advantages, it keeps cost flow in low as the number of building materials they need to use. and it can be put up relatively quickly. because, and i know that you have been in casa quite recently. how ready do you think cutaways for not just the our comp bass on the way already, but for next year, a year out for the fif,
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a welcome. i thought is very close to where it needs to be when i write because i was shocked to how amazing the infrastructure is, how perfect the airport was. but there was still some little deficiencies in terms of administration things. so for example, it took me a just to actually get the up and running. so a lot of issues are related to coldly done. i think this is an important run for pop up to kind of identify where the problems are and unsolved in time fool. all the hundreds of thousands of funds, all medically make there were a couple of questions here on you cheap overseas that people are going to be asking about the situation with labor rights, human rights, li on you. sure. people are asking that right now. i know a lot of work has been done in that area. tell us more. hello. i've covered this extensively over the years, and actually i saw a quote i haven't seen before from the head of the international labor organization and go ha, who said, we've been in office 3 and a half years,
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obviously not happen before that. but that tell them that, that we've seen we progress and change during this period the same time we recognize there's a lot of work to be done. now if that same comment as a company organizes, you could imagine it being profitable. so actually what we've got here is there isn't that much of a difference between those who are vitally looking into the situation, sorry, the conditions they to improve and what you'd hear from those are actually bonding between them. and what i'd like to see from the, i'd like to see the engaging with people around the world on this and not being defensive about it. the truth is, the truth, the truth. so if there were issues there were there, addressed them, be open about them, talk about them, open it because we know the progress is being made, the belief. but we also know that it is an extremely difficult situation for welcome from the poll bangladesh. pakistan is coming in a dating with these conditions. we know that they have improved,
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but more skill needs to be done. and i think that's where we are. and i think that actually it's time to make sure that there isn't this kind of almost philip, the journalist around the world are picking on capital by actually bringing up these issues. these issues need to be discussed openly. i'm yes, well go ahead is about how much as well that the changes are enforced. so, cats are often lumped together in terms of assessments of working conditions. whereas the work of organizes themselves put in more stringent labor conditions and regulations before the why the country did. then there were changes the labor laws across cats out now there are still issues with wanting to companies, build the infrastructure, making sure work is a paid that they're not going to pay for the right to go to work in the country. they do get their passports back, they can switch jobs, and those are the things that are highlighted. but undoubtedly cats are, has changed in a way unimagined all the time that the world cup was awarded. does not say the court, the reason to give a tournament to a country,
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but the pressure from human rights groups and from the media has actually accelerated a pace of change. so the organize the work up to acknowledge the fact that has been criticism. but on the other hand, they point to that criticism, lights a fee for and rights people say it has delivered some meaningful change to actually improve working conditions. but it's going to be massively in the spotlight over the next year or so particular building up the tournament. typically when the so many projects as well from smaller companies that are distant removed from the work up, organize themselves that everything does get characterized. because as the world cup preparation, assigning, and i'm looking here on my laptop, the new minimum wages come into effect today, the 1st of its kind in the middle east. and then if i go into a government website, i can also see in focus, labor reform. do you think that this issue with labor rights is going to want to impact the our cap and then impact the welcome next year. inevitably. well,
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because there has been a systematic attack on pop up, but what people failed to mention is up as a country in its infancy. and they will inevitably be issues and problems within how the country operates. this is normal, but it was a problem for me is that we have all these western countries in western media attacking couple when these countries themselves of bill on slave trades. they, um they have, i think it has, i know i, i need to come in there because robin, i've had the privilege of covering this from the stall in 2010. it's actually 11 years. an unprecedented situation with a warning, 2 world cup the same time. one in russia, 2018, and $1.00 in catholic controversially, the whole process with a fee for executive committee, of course that we know the issues of corruption around them. i think what happened is, catherine found itself in a position where from the start it has to be understandably cautious and defensive
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and in a position where it defending its white house to torment when now, 11 years on. and it's the time to actually start embracing it or why bottom, a tool to start actually showing some of the joy and spirits in what's happening in tone and the construction of it and the guy twice. but we haven't really seen over the, over the past few years, when the toner, we kicked off and i mean the well caught what the pay for our cult. it will be a success because that's what happened with well, and this is a compact told him that gender is well, i think appreciate 32 teams bill before the expansion to 48. but the next few months, there will be a lot of turbulent, there'll be a big spotlight and there's no agenda around the, the gold, it's only right. the in scandinavia are germany, the u. k. austria aware of the variable questions about this tony and, and i think those questions have to be accepted and answered honestly. i hope you know that many parts we've had a lot of football is obviously protesting from march,
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almost with vague human rights asia. but the government themselves and they haven't come out to really tell their story necessarily to talk through their forms that you're showing tweets and website the announcements can be quite dry and we don't get in the substance of detail. i'm just picking up on that previous point. about capital being a young country, it can't be expected to meet and perhaps other standards. well, we're not thought about some complex matters. some of the issues i velocity as about work is be made to be heat too long of hats caught new rules around that, particularly in the 1st summer heat. are they being paid properly and on time? these are basic standards and yes, there was always some christians, the west just even overnight in the last 24 hours. prince charles out in albedo, apologizing for britain's pass right away and prince. yeah. and back to kata. if it's okay, i want to bring a muffet a mara, i here to put you making a rough, but i want to leave that matter tomorrow because he's heading on something that has an end. i think that you're going in the same direction, which is the 1st,
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the 3rd well cup in the middle east. hey, that is exceptional. are we missing that story? here's my food. when you hear the end of the video, please response is going to be also an occasion for communities while living here in car, or to see great. and there are versity to see river identity and also to know what to support the national teams who are going to come here and cut off from a stop. this event actually for a party is for the whole region. and this is really, i would be an interesting, you know, i call them fortunately to see brave. yeah, i think he's absolutely spot on. i think this is a torment that needs to happen in terms of it not only being organized by fi for but it being a game that will be broadcasted internationally on our football needs this. we have a lot of talented players across the arab world and we need the,
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the game to be broadcasted we need coverage to encourage scouts and other countries that she see the parents. we have hopefully giving a chance to some of our better players from ad are both going into different leagues expanding, improving, improving clubs, and that will lead to the gradual development and approval of our football. well, they please, because i'm going to get you all of them a guest to actually come in. italy who you for take will predict will win the arab cough for i'll give you a moment. i don't have a thought about that, but i couldn't get yes, it was nothing has told me it won't get to there is to stress test fully lots of fans coming in from slightly different parts of the world. it will test full of stadiums, but that's going to be a huge thing that's gonna be a culture shock. attacks are in a year's time, what is good is a middle east celebration. it should be the lifting of the boycott of tax. how does actually enable travel across the region in a year, which looked in doubt even up to a year ago. and what i do take issue a,
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some of ice from around the world who complained about having to move the told me to the band, the december when the world's guy needs to accommodate the world by the agent told that they are going to be able to accommodate different climatic conditions. so the media gets a child excited to welcome when it's such a hot bed of passion and fans is just all the process behind it with me. and the family voices like fans are never afraid to put date who is going to win a tournament. all right, so we spoke to some fans about the our cop. this is what they told us that immediately. hudson and lee rob. i want to go predictions as well as getting fans fast. marcos am a hard rockers in my dna marcos, my team marco is my nation. i'm proud of it. let me explain. you guys why moral kaluan this. erica will show moral class recently have won the african cup of nations for localized players. those players are the same players that will put this a bit at the arrow cook. those plays know how to win this tournament. i wouldn't be
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in shooting my home country live on, on there be games versus egypt. and julia and susan and the, and i can go in and talk. yeah. they are looking forward to the most at if our cup is to see how palestine gets on in a pretty difficult group. in my opinion, were victims of our own success. we had player score in croatia, portugal and switzerland over the weekend. because the erica isn't we didn't see those international match the calendar. we weren't able to call up all these players into our squad as such. i think the team most likely to win is turner is one that can navigate these types of problems. one with a good amount of deaf, probably one of the north african sizes from push to pick a winner. i go with tenicia. ah, that signs of bone the aisle the gas ball. he can only say one country hot sun ain go ahead. easy to his, i'll think they'll be the ones i they they, they one to day. ha ha, november the 30th fest down. all right comfortably. all right, denise,
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me name the county liberty to these narrows. well, want something different, but i think tougher. alton is your car tougher repair advantage? hunting advantage rob died. he's got to run. i'm the guy with cancer because i've done this to him. school today in the when against bar rules are stored in the asian cult fine. when i for japan in 2019, in the conditions of world place. but that's also another choice by chance. i love your bonus. hassan ain lee rob. thank you for talking to us about the fee for arab comp and also what it means for the fee for well comp. in 12 months time, have a look here on my laptop. this is from a j plus. it's beautiful. everything you need to know about the 2021 fif a arab cup, and it's from a j labs at a j labs on twitter. you will find this a beautiful, beautiful visualization. i think you need to know about the fee for arab com.
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thanks for watching. see, next time take everybody. ah ah. the al jazeera london broadcast fantastic to people in thoughtful conversation with no hosts and no limitation, it leads as a place of color. it was a struggle. it would be much easier for me. it's might feel that white people part to go into and singer songwriter skin, so carry other people. wait a minute, you get way down. you saw what you're doing and maybe one studio
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b unscripted on al jazeera. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here. it al jazeera. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing, whether it's cute and totally in australia, wild and ferocious in bangladesh. birth rise redress is the balance between endangered wild life and then noisy neighbours that 1st and about forest right there. and there's nothing between the how you have. i'm a human habitat learning to live together. oh, now 20. how many people here have seen a tiger like bigger? oh, really. the latest news, as it breaks it in the brazilian rainforest means these areas are now emitting more carbon dioxide and they're absorbed with detailed coverage country like chile because of its geographic conditions has an enormous advantage from around the
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world. what's happening here is local forming communities using simple methods to solve a complex environmental problem. ah . ready hello, i'm barbara sarah in london. these are the top stories on al jazeera, as the world waits on, definitive information about the latest corona virus variant, conflicting claims are filling, the void will. will stock markets tumbled on tuesday when the head of pharmaceutical company, madura now cast down from the effectiveness of vaccines in fighting the only cross strain. but pfizer says it's confident in its job. and oxford university says there is no evidence that vaccines are not going to work on the variant health experts are urging booster jobs. although these me.


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