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i cut the quote equally tonight, and you wrong, ah, $1.00 0, $1.00 east investigates on out of europe. ah, vaccine questions calls markets to tumble as the world health organization warns that blanket travel bands will not stop the spread of the army con variant. ah, hello barbara, sarah, this is al jazeera life from london. also coming up, uganda troops crossed into democratic republic of congo as the nation's battle, an armed group. ah chrysler change rings out around cartoon. protestors, angered by sedans,
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military take over march on the presidential palace. and the innocent victims of global fighting the report revealing more children than ever are living in conflict . so ah hello, thank you for joining us. as the world waits on definitive information about the latest corona virus variant, conflicting claims are filling the void. global stock market stumbled on tuesday when the head of pharmaceutical company madonna, cast down on the effectiveness of vaccines in fighting the on the constrain. yet the manufacturer of the pfizer vaccine said that it was confident the product would offer a strong protection against severe disease. meanwhile, the university of oxford was more circumspect, saying that there is no evidence to show the vaccines would not be effective. but
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as the variant is found in more countries and more borders are closed, politicians push further vaccinations and some sporting events are moved behind closed doors. well, health experts are repeating the message that it's simply too early to know anything for sure. one of the things you do is you get the virus and you grow it, or you put it into a modified form called a suit of virus. and when you do that, you can then get convalescent plasma monoclonal antibodies as well as sarah and antibodies that are induced by the vaccine to see if they neutralize the virus. that will give you a pretty good idea as to what the level of immune evasion is. as i mentioned in my brief comments, the molecular configurations of the mutations can give you a suggestion of am univision, but that's one of the things you can do is to take a look what the antibodies actually do. that process will take likely 2 weeks or
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more, perhaps even sooner, depending upon how well the virus grows and the isolates that we get. that's the 1st thing. well, what house corresponding kimberly, how can joins us alive now. uh, so can we were just hearing there from anthony found she what other news a we hearing from the us experts on the, on the chrome variant l. the biden administration. continuing to evaluate, watch this very, very carefully. the headline coming out of the briefing that anthony found she and others participated as part of this ongoing evaluation of it. is that so far a, what they're tracking worldwide with their global partners is so more than $225.00 cases around the world and 20 different countries, but none yet inside the united states. now that doesn't mean it's not already here . it just means it hasn't been spotted yet, and there is this feeling of inevitability. but what we know right now is that this
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white house and the through at cdc is, well, they are stepping up some of those measures in order to try and spot the very into our micron as soon as they see it or detect it. so what they're doing is really upping the surveillance at airports so they can monitor better the international travelers. and also what we know is that they are expanding some of the protocols in terms of that pre departure testing that many international travelers have already experienced it. of course, the existing, a sort of prophylactics that have been in place including mask wearing avoiding i. d sort of large gatherings and large gatherings and particularly indoor spaces that is still part of the guidance that is being put out by top public health officials and above all what they're again, underscoring because there are many that are nervous in the united states is. don't panic, we have the tools to deal with this. and in about 2 to 4 weeks,
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we understand this new very better. we will be able to target perhaps some of the boosters so that people really can feel protected and say, and kimberly, you mentioned there, the impact on international travelers. for example, in the world health organization has actually released advice on international travel bonds. we've seen quite a few of those in the past few days. and what have they said? yeah, well one of the big concerns is that there won't be the transparency that we've seen with the reporting of the army crime variant, for example. what we know right now is that countries around the world, including the united states, are working very closely with south africa. i to sort of share information about what they know about this, and they're very grateful that this was identified. but what we saw was this blow back a fact for this transparency that south africa and 7 other nations were suddenly having their traveler's ban from entering various countries. and so as a result, what they're trying to work through is, and this guy,
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this is really specific to that is to make sure that any of these travel protocols that are put in place or evidence base that they're risk based, that they're well informed. and that there were viewed regularly, in other words, making sure the people are penalized in terms of the governments for sharing information that will only add to the safety of travel around the world. kimberly how care with the latest they're from outside the white house. kimberly, thank you. officials in the netherlands have revealed at the macro covey 19 variant was present in europe for at least a week before flights from southern africa were band health authorities there say that they've detected the variance in 2 samples from november, the 19th one week later, the w h o labeled it a variant of concern and countries shut their borders to southern africa. domains incoming transfer. all of shots says mandatory vaccines are necessary to contain a 4th wave of the pandemic in the country. he will parliament to vote on the matter
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before the end of the year. dominic cane has more from the capital berlin. the seriousness of the coven situation. here in germany, his focus many mines, both medics and ministers. on what they can do to try to dampen down this wave of covert that has been washing across the states of germany for many weeks. now. in one sense, the politicians have decided to decide later many of the ministers who took part in the digital conference on tuesday afternoon here in germany, we're trying to get some form of decision that might help them in their individual states. but in the event, what's been decided is to wait for a special conference of prime ministers of states and the new government that will be sworn in next week, federally will that will be where the decisions will be taken. we know what's going to be on the table. we know that the incoming chancellor, all of shots,
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wants to see what's called in germany and inflate a mandatory vaccine requirement for everyone who has not had one will have to have what he wants, the new parliament to vote on that. he is also in favor of reducing the length of time that a person's vaccine states us actually will apply. so the moment in germany, it's a 12 month period. he wants the vaccine status of a person only to last 6 months, which is far shorter. the more the e u has proposed recently of 9 months. ah, uganda has deployed troops across the border and the democratic republic of congo is the nation's battle an armed group. it follows air and artillery strikes against the ally, the democratic forces, which has been based then congress east since the 19 nineties and pledged allegiance deisel 2 years ago. the campaign is the 1st time that you get the has
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publicly targeted the adf with a cross border attack in several years. it blames the group for re suicide explosions and compiler this month, which left several people dead that you can. the army says tuesdays offensive march the start of a concerted effort against the abs. welcome web is following developments from nairobi or you gone to an army bug person announce to the military operation began with air strikes and artillery fire. while you got them, forces are acted against the bases of the allied democratic forces in eastern congress since then, the congolese army spokes person has told us that ground troops, ugandan infantry, have crossed on foot into east and congo. now you've gotten this government blame the adf. for 3 suicide bombings that took place in uganda capital 2 weeks ago. the adf originate from uganda and the 990 uganda nami pushed them into eastern congo, where ever since there are substantial business interest in cocoa and other natural
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resources found in the areas that they control. but for the last 7 years, they've been responsible for a series of math because again, civilians in and around the town of benny and more recently, further to the north in a, to re proven the congo. please ami. i brought in what it called a status seed 6 months ago, supposedly to stabilize north tv province and to re province. but there's been criticism. the state of siege hasn't worked. linked documents show that there was corruption. some of the military budget for the operation was being stolen. recently, comp, congos parliamentarians have been calling for another kind of solution and uganda and military entering east in congress with what they hope will bring an end to this conflict. but certainly others are very skeptical about the following. you've gotten this invasion of congo in 1996 and accusations of repeated meddling and
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funding rebel groups ever since then. a definitely let some people to worry. i will cause instability rather than bringing stability to decent 100 sidney security forces of use tear gas against thousands of pro democracy demonstrators rallying in the capital cartoon. the protest her as march through the capital to the presidential palace to reject. last week's deal with the military, which saw abdullah ham doc reinstated as prime minister. the agreement also saw the release of most the top politicians award detained when the army seized power last month. but protests there is want changes to that deal and say they will continue to demand a full transition to civilian rule. and there have been reports of protest her is being removed from hospital by sudanese security forces. let's go to he. but morgan, the ink cartoon. so he but what more do we know about those reports?
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well, according to the central committee force, denise doctors at least one hospital out of the hospitals that was providing medical care to the protest. it was rated by the police forces. and the central rhythm forth is also part of the police. and at least one protest, the who was receiving medical treatment was arrested and taken to an unknown location. now, within the military take over, the hospitals have been repeatedly rated by security forces for providing medical care to protest to the point that the head of the international committee for the red cross here in to them. had to put out a mistake saying that the medical mission should be protected in the country and that those in need of medical assistance should be provided with those services. the fact that protests of having to buy security forces is something that processes have been saying repeatedly, but they say that this by the violence is by the fact that they've been chase that or just to, to inside the hospitals where they've been receiving medical care. and despite the fact that at least $43.00 people have been killed,
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according to the central committee people sit in these doctors and more than $200.00 injured since the military take over last month. this is it will continue to protest against takeover and against the deal that was signed between the military and prime minister, the lamb took on november 21st. have a morgan that with the latest on that phone call to me that he bought for the moment. thank you. and still ahead on al jazeera barbados gets a new head of state after a separate it's for it's entries, old perio bonds. and the owner is one of its most famous stars. and singer and dancer who died in 1975 becomes the 1st black woman to receive one francis highest honors ah getting going wednesday,
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december 1st. hello everyone. here's your weather forecast for europe and africa. and we're looking at turkey after that cold front punched across. this has been a game changer in terms of temperatures on garage as a high 5 degrees bulk of the energy toward eastern areas of turkey over the black sea, as fleming into georgia on wednesday. okay, wanna take a look at this part of europe right now because we've got another run, have some shower, central, southern parts of italy, temperature starting to come up across the balkans. we did see that snow and sophia bulgaria. and you're now up to 5 degrees and still some snow for that eastern portion of france, southern sections of switzerland for iberia. let's see, said all but another run of rain, simon, in to northern parts of spain. we've got some snow in toward the higher elevation to be expected. ok, energy from the united kingdom. it's crossing over the english channel in to the low countries that wind coming down from the north sea. so cooler air in play and breezy conditions, the center of the low is over a denmark. so copenhagen, looking to see when gus of 75 kilometers per hour on wednesday hang onto your hands
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full and is weather report in africa right now. where the rain has cleared from northern algeria and tunisia. tennis has a high of 17 degrees. that's it, caesar. ah, a gynecologist working as a volunteer in areas of conflict is not only a school. is also known for delivering babies to women who medical services are limited. you're truly a doctor of humanity and hope. the world with lou
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ah, a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera health experts around the world say it's too early to know if the, on the con variant of cobra 19 will cause more severe illness or evade vaccines. that's health officials. i've confirmed cases of the heavily mutated variant from the week before south africa approached the w h. o. uganda sent troops across the border into democratic republic of congo targeting the rebel group. the allied democratic forces your friends have started with air and artillery strikes. and certainly security forces of use to your gas against thousands of pro democracy demonstrators rallying in the capital cartoon protest just continue to demand the full transition to civilian rule. the u. a secretary of
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state says any rush of aggression in ukraine will trigger what he calls serious consequences. and then he blinkin is attending a meeting of nato foreign ministers in the latvian capital. riga, top of the agenda is the build up of russian troops on ukraine's eastern border. bernard smith reports from moscow. later, foreign ministers say there will be a high price to pay for any new military aggression against ukraine. and moscow was reminded the west has already used economic, financial, and political sanctions. we have seen the rushes playbook many times over, and part of their playbook is to attempt to create ah, and manufacture a so called provocation. as justification for something that rushes planning to do all along i and so whether our what's been reported fits into that playbook. oh, i dont know. ukrainian forces are facing off against russian back separatists in
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the east of the country. there's been fighting on and off there since russia annex crimea, from ukraine in 2014. now for the 2nd time this year, russian troops a building up a long ukraine's border. moscow dismisses as inflammatory, any suggestions? it's preparing for an attack. and present, vladimir putin says he has his own red lines. if nato countries involve themselves further in ukraine, these it is some kind of strike systems appear on the territory of ukraine. the flight time to moscow will be 7 to 10 minutes and 5 minutes in the case of a hypersonic weapon being deployed. creating such threats in ukraine poses red lines for us, but hope it doesn't come to that. i hope that a sense of common sense responsibility for both our countries and the world community will prevail. russia says nato has deployed a significant amount of military hardware near its borders. in june, joe biden and vladimir putin held their 1st summit. it came just
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a couple of months after a russian troop of build up along the border with ukraine. now here's another build up on the kremlin, says it's holding behind the scenes talks with the white house about another possible summit. the bad luck ministration says it doesn't know of any plans, but it does say it's been holding talks with russian officials about ukraine. bernard smith, al jazeera moscow, josephine baker, the american born dancer, singer, actress and rights activist who made a home in france, has officially admitted, as being officially admitted to the french pantheon mount mosley. and she's revered in france for many reasons, not least her work for the resistance against the nazis in world war 2. and a special ceremony in paris present m a con, called, or someone who fought for the liberty of all that in barbara has more a hugely symbolic moment. josephine baker becomes the 1st black woman and only the
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switch. the woman ever to be admitted to the palm. till in paris, take you to law. the french president paid tribute to a woman who defied huge challenges to the fin, the girl min manner, da da combo. josephine baker fought so many battles with freedom, lightness, and laughter, leisure, dazzlingly, beautiful, and clear sighted in a senshi full of distractions. she may want right choice on every statement and said that they are always separate light from darkness. and yet nothing was preordained. josephine baker was born in missouri in 19 o 6, but by the age of 14, she was in new york, dancing in all black musicals. in 1925, the big move to paris, where she'd star at the shawn's eliza theatre. she seen made headlines for her risque routines appearing topless, and also wearing a banana belts in the dull salvage. something that attracted criticism from anti colonial activists in france at the time. like our law connecticut,
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josephine baker would represent all the fantasies of that era. it was a very colonialist attitude towards her, a very condescending view, but not as racist as what she'd known in the united states. and that's why she tolerated his attitude and played with it because, you know, she was part of her, the whole generation of people who moved to france. they were black, but they were also american. so they were in a higher position than the africans or the west indians, who also lived by the thousands in france. baker went on to tour europe and appear in movies. but world war 2 changed everything. now, a french citizen baker worked for the resistance using her performance as a cover to spy on the nazis and even italian dictator, mussolini should eventually become a left tenant in a female group of pilots, under general de gaulle, she remained loyal to the goal even during the upheaval of the 1968 protests after
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the war. baker got involved in anti racist politics. she was the only woman to speak at the $963.00 march on washington d. c. where martin luther king delivered his i have a dream speech, but she was also devoted to her family, adopting 12 children and living at a shuttle in southwest france. she died in 1975 days after a final show in paris, celebrating her half century on the stage. at the request of her family to have in baker's body will remain in monica where she was buried. chris hoffman continued soil from free places close to her heart. the us, monaco, and france. the debugger al jazeera and record number of children are living in the world's most lethal war zones. that's according to a new report. i save the children. it says many of them are already facing threats from climate change and unprecedented levels of hunger. it's a 20 per cent increase in the space of a year bringing the total to nearly $200000000.00 children. in 13 countries,
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the report highlights outbreaks of violence in mozambique as well as ongoing conflicts in afghanistan, democratic republic of congo, and nigeria in driving that sharp prize. on top of that, it says 337000000 children are at risk of being recruited by on groups and government forces that includes child soldiers as well as children being used, the spies and suicide bombers. that the number of verified cases of children being recruited by on groups rose 10 percent from 2019 to 2020, to an average of about 25 a day worldwide. or we can speak to the co all sir of this report now save the children's head of conflict and humanitarian policy. james then slow joins us now via skype. so thank you so much for joining us here and al jazeera, looking specifically at that rise of children being involved in suffering from conflict. it seems to be that it's a rise in conflicts, but also perhaps this idea that children are now seen is more fair game in
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a lot of the a lot of the facets of conflict itself. yes, i think that's a very fair description of it. i think we're seeing sort of the very notion of childhood in the protections that come with it. huge risk and you went through a long list of very terrible statistics that the report or speech to but ultimately this is, these are all of course individual stories. and i think we shouldn't forget that. sometimes the numbers are just too big for us to really get a handle on. but if we see from certain events like the death of alan cody often is the individual stories of children that really move people. but i think what this report does show is that almost 25 years since the un agreed that the children on conflict agenda was an issue of international security. countries really do need to get a grip and stop the war and children. i mean, it seems that obviously reducing conflict would go a long way to, to easing this effect on children. but beyond that, in areas where that's just not realistic right now, what can be done to ease the burden that conflict places on children?
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well, i didn't as a host of best practice effort. actually if you show you looking at an operational mechanisms in steps that states and non stay on groups are taking to better protect children. conflict, you got initiatives like safe schools declaration that don't add new international law more to the panther, but rather show coalitions of, you know, the engage in the concern states and other actors to sort of come up with practical ways of ensuring that schools are used by armed forces and groups and the teachers and students are protected. this is the same, school declarations were over a 110 signal treat. so clearly that there is a, a huge kind of constituency concern out there. but i think the growth in non stay on groups in particular, and those that recruit children is really one of the key findings this recall against the backdrop of not just more children living in high intensity conflict. but also more children being a risk of being treated and the highest levels of recruitment ever recorded. so i do think we need to have take a far better kind of effort looking into these parts of the world through different
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means through new ways of, of doing things. and i mean that's, that's what this report calls for. that wanting to generalize. it seems obvious that a lot of these children will have gone through traumatic experiences that they will likely carry with them for the rest of their lives. how much of an effort is being made in dealing with the mental health of a lot of these children, especially when maybe they're removed from the original conflict? zillion, but maybe in refugee camps? well, i say not enough. i think we're still sort of tip of the iceberg and fully understanding what it is for children's mental health who lives their entire lives. if you look at the long, long nature of conflicts like yemen, their entire lives living in complicated conditions with fight or flight. so the whole might be constantly dumped into their brain rather than a safe place for them to create it. so i think we've got a huge tom's going to happen to the same time in my experience of seeing children in these calls the well, there is an incredible level of resilience that isn't the last generation. this is a huge opportunity for us as a planet,
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but i do think we need to realize that in the, in the shadow of climate change. and there's almost been individualization of children that just, that just not being considered as front and center of these issues. and of course, they are literally the future of op on it. and especially during the pandemic, because we're not really out of the year that there was a sense of sometimes donation fatigue when it came to a lot of the conflicts around the world that are very difficult to solve. because dealing with children is such a motive issued, do you find that people react more to this kind of story? yes, i think there's a common denominator to use a cliche that we are we will one's children. i do think that that sort of common sympathy towards children is being stretched by seeing children as threats being, seeing them as, as you mentioned in your court as potential soldiers or suicide bombers. and i think again, especially for adolescent children, that's a huge problem, and that's why we need to make sure that peacekeeping operations have the right funding. and the people know what they're doing when they're entering conflict
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zones with children all around that. so i think that is crucially important, but i think you all found are 100 plus years ago said that each generation of children allows mankind to sort of rebuild itself. and i think that's another opportunity here that we really do need to get a grip. oh, absolutely. it's a very difficult report to read, but one that absolutely should be read by as many people as possible, james dens low, save the children's head of conflict and humanitarian policy. sir, thank you for speaking to us. there were caught in me and mar, has delayed the verdict in the trial of our that leader on sense to chantelle next week. so she is facing charges of incitement and violating corona virus restrictions. she was detained in february when the military seized power. a flash demonstration against the military took place in the city of young gone. the small protest lasted about a minute ending with the burning of a picture of military leader, general main hang. florence louis has been following the trial from cologne, port a source has confirmed that the court in navy door has deferred the verdicts till
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next monday. but there wasn't a reason given as to why the voted has been deferred. non political analysts and observers i've spoken to say they wouldn't have been surprised if she had been found guilty. many say the military still fear how popular almost on suit she is. she had in the last 2 general elections led her party, the national league for democracy to huge victories. and they wouldn't be surprised if she had been found guilty. and also given a prison sentence, or the very likely she would have been allowed to serve that under house arrest as previous military governments had done. now, few people believe on suki has been given a fair trial. she and her co defendants have had very limited access to the defense lawyers. there are no reports of the proceedings or the hearings because no journalists, no members of the public, are allowed at the hearings. and many people have described these trials against c, g, n. her co defendant as show trials as a way for the june tied to the gym eyes,
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the qu, but the military government has denied this, and it spokesman says on san sushi has been for, has been accorded due process under the rule of law in barbados, this celebrating after becoming the world, the newest republic. it's new head of state and 1st president, his former governor general sandra mason. it ends the nation's last remaining colonial bonds. i was after the formal transition, the government declared singer rhianna and national hero. ah. and now the top stories on al jazeera, as the world waits on definitive information about the latest corona virus variance, conflicting claims are filling the void. global stock market stumbled on tuesday when the head of pharmaceutical company, madonna cas 1000. the effect.


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