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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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oh, oh, play an important role protecting you with your face. m. o. uganda's army launches air and artillery strikes in democratic republic of congo against an armed group, accused of suicide bombings. ah, rollback isn't. this is obviously rely from doha. also coming up. united states ones, russia against aggression in eastern ukraine. russia says any nato forces moving into the region with cross or red line. but he says, sudan use tear gas against anti military protesters, heading to the presidential palace, demanding a full civilian government. and the opening ceremonies held for the fee for arab
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cup in doha post caught out on no taking on the buck rain. ah, uganda is deploying troops across the border into democratic republic of congo as a battles and armed group b, canden air and artillery strikes had been launched against the allied democratic forces as part of a joint operation with the congolese army. it comes off to 3 suicide bomb attacks. kampala killed several people earlier this month. garden authorities blamed the armed group for the bombing small cobwebs. got this update from nairobi. you got an army folk person announced to the military operation began with strikes and artillery fire. while you got them forces directed against the bases of the allied democratic forces in eastern congress since then, the congolese army spokes person has told us that ground troops, ugandan infantry,
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have crossed on foot into east and congo. now you've gotten the government blame the adf for 3 suicide bombings that took place in uganda capital 2 weeks ago. the adf originate from uganda and the 990 you got into an army, pushed them into eastern congo, where ever since they had substantial business interest in cocoa. another not to was also found in the areas that they control. but for the last 7 years, they've been responsible for a series of math because again, civilians in and around the town of benny and more recently, further to the north in a, to re proven the congolese army i brought in what it called a state of siege 6 months ago supposedly to stabilize north tv province and to re province. but there's been criticism. the state of siege hasn't worked. linked documents showed that there was corruption. some of the military budget for the operation was being stolen. until recently,
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con condos. parliamentarians have been calling for another kind of solution and uganda military entering east in congo with what they hope will bring an end to this conflict. but certainly others are very skeptical about they following you gotten the invasion of congo in 996 and accusations of repeated meddling and funding rebel groups ever since then. a definitely let some people to worry that this will cause instability rather than bringing ability to 8th and congregate. and the secretary of terry says any russian aggression in ukraine will trigger a serious consequences. and any blanket is attending a meeting of nato foreign ministers to discuss the build up of russian troops and ukraine's border. bennett smith reports from moscow. nato foreign ministers say there will be a high price to pay for any new military aggression against ukraine. and moscow was reminded the west has already used economic, financial, and political sanctions. we have seen the rushes playbook many times over,
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an part of their playbook is to attempt to create ah, and manufacture a so called provocation. as justification for something that rushes planning to do all along i and so whether our what's been reported fits into that playbook. oh i dont know. ukrainian forces are facing off against russian back separatists in the east of the country. there's been fighting on and off there since russia annex crimea, from ukraine in 2014. now for the 2nd time this year, russian troops are building up a long ukraine's border. moscow dismisses as inflammatory, any suggestions? it's preparing for an attack. and present, vladimir putin says he has his own red lines. if nato countries involve themselves further in ukraine, these it is some kind of strike systems appear on the territory of ukraine. the flight time to moscow will be 7 to 10 minutes and 5 minutes in the case of
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a hypersonic weapon being deployed. creating such threats in ukraine poses red lines for us, but hope it doesn't come to that. i hope that a sense of common sense responsibility for both our countries and the world community will prevail. russia says nato has deployed a significant amount of military hardware near its borders. in june, joe biden and vladimir putin held their 1st summit. it came just a couple of months after a russian troop of build up along the border with ukraine. now here's another build up on the kremlin, says it's holding behind the scenes talks with the white house about another possible summit. the bible administration says it doesn't know of any plans, but it does say it's been holding talks with russian officials about you. cray, bernard smith, al jazeera, moscow protesters and saddam opposed to the military roadside. the presidential palace in khartoum to pro democracy movement has rejected. last week's agreements
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with the military, which so adult hum, dog reinstated as prime minister protest was wont changes to that deal. earlier. security forces far tear gas to break off the crowds. sudanese authorities released the last group for political detainees on tuesday for morgan's group more from 14, a protest. those are once again out on the street in the, for the nice capital costume and other cities around the country. they're protesting that deal, that was fine between prime minister ham duke and the army on november 21st. now the military took over power on october 25th dissolving the transitional government that was in place for more than 2 years. at least 41 with us have been killed and more than 200 people have been entered. but that hasn't prevent that people from gathering once again, they're right now in front of the presidential palace. their destination to show that military, that they are again, the takeover despite the violence that has been used in the previous protest. and despite the amount of here guys that it's been fired at, the protest is here. they say that they will continue to voice their demand for
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a civilian government because the state that is the only way to ensure that sedan funds that come to democracy is complete. prime minister handle, who has been reinstated in the deal between him and the army, says that he understand the anger and the frustration of the protest against the dealer. but they do have the right people to protest with their freedom. but even though he expressed sentiment and that he understands the frustration of the professor, that hasn't game sympathy among the protest, those here, they say that the, the prime minister handbook, who was once a symbol of civilian rule, a betrayer. because they did not want any negotiations or any compromise, or any legitimacy given to the military. they say with that agreement, that is what i'm going to stop. the law handbook has done, given the military legitimacy compromise and negotiated with them. something they said they are against and will continue to demand a complete transition to civil enroll until that is achieved. it's been 3 months since the departure of the last u. s. military aircraft from afghanistan,
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marking the end of america's longest war. the legacy of the chaotic withdrawal is still being felt by those who lived through it. a mcbride reports from hud at the chaos of cobble airport last august symbolized for many the pain and failure of the 20 year war by the us and its allies. with the sudden collapse of the afghan government crowd stormed the airport, trying to get out some desperately hung on to the fuselage is of departing plains only to fall to their deaths. 20 year old markets door worker, sir. man sophie was one of them. he told his mother he wanted to earn more money to support the family and pay for his younger brothers medical treatment lamentation. meg my learning with the law on me and come out of them. he said to me, mother, they are taking people abroad for free, and if you allow me,
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i will go somewhere and make money for my brother's treatment. i said, no, this is ally, don't do this. he left anyway and hung down up. thousands more people besieged the outside of the airport, held back by taliban fighters. i tuned in hyatt worked for american contractors as a security guard and wanted to be flown out. anyway, jonathan loan, ben, kendall, adela. i went to the airport twice with my kids, but couldn't get through the cross to the gate. and so i came back home for many hopes of getting out faded with the departure of the last military transport late on the night of august, the 30th their helmets of the body armor, with an event marked by thunderous taliban gunfire into the skies guy. but that began as we were on air where we are since then with international support and technical help, airport operations have been restored with the resumption of some charted and
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schedule flights. even when flights out of afghanistan are back to normal hurdles will remain for people wanting to take them. there are problems, getting passports and visas. then finally got country willing to take them in. many like higher to still waiting for a special visa that will entitle him to settle with his family in the u. s. and the colonel burgundy, there is no work here in my kids of no future. my daughters used to go to school, but now they said it on can 3 months after the end of the us presence here, the sudden departure and the trauma caused by it will likely be felt for months if not years to come. rob mcbride, al jazeera herod, afghanistan. ah, well this time, next year caught i was going to be hosting default world cup pan in preparation.
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the gulf nation is staging a major test tournament. if you are a cup which kicked off to day, the opening ceremony took place during the past hour earlier the 1st game of the tournament, so to visit thrush, mauritania, 5 goes to one, and that puts them to the group b and the group aide. that was laid, charlotte in the 2nd game of the day iraq solvers to absorb with among the re taken penalty well into at a time also to 2 things. at this tournament, been paid and 6 stadiums built specially the cut over 2022 world cup. well, let's get to one of cutoff iconic locations took walk of to join. i'll axial brian . this is where i am many funds and when there's a sporting event and caught gather to watch what's going on on big screens, talk us through what it's like for you. absolutely. there's a lot of excitement around the game that's being played on some of the tv screens in the coffee shop behind me. but also there were lots of people stopping to watch the spectacular opening ceremony when it kicked off about sort of an hour or so ago
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there was an amazing medley of national anthems of the 16 teams who are taking pos on the arab cup. there was even a hologram performance by arguably the most famous singer in the region to live in a sing it fido's there was. she was singing about unity in that really is the sort of message that is being shared about this as, as the middle east ready goes on show in this arab cup and also looking ahead to next year with the, the think the will cut being the 1st ever to be held in this region, and it wasn't just the music that was showing off this region's history and culture . but it was the building itself, the stadium al, bite stadium, which means home. and it really is the home of this competition. and also the one next year and it is built it's, it's actually a spectacular piece of art on its own right, as well as a building built to look like a 10th that was traditionally used by nomadic catheter people back in the day. and it was one of 2 stadiums that are actually having the debut this evening and a few hours they will be and match at stadium $97.00 for just
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a couple of kilometers from here. and that is cold because 974 is the country code . the cutter, but also it is built out of $970.00 full shipping containers that are going to be the 1st will cap stadium that will be able to be completely dismantled after it to use. and that is one of the, the re, legacies of the world. happy, not only putting the country in the region on show, but also the legacy of using some really inspiring design for the stadium better and play the game is still on the way behind me. we've seen sort of the crowd a been flo during the match. i believe the school right now is, is no no, but definitely the aim of the arrow capital. so having the world cup here next year was the hope to foster some more excitement around the beautiful game here and hopefully and via some future football stuff. i see brian, this is walker. lexi. thank you. still had an audience era. ah, barbados begins
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a new chapter. the history on a nation breaks ties with a british monarchy and becomes a republic. ah, ah hey, their temperatures have come crashing down across the la vans. hello, everyone, good to see you. we've got that front. it's moved to cross drop in temperatures by about 10 degrees in beirut. we've got some wet weather as well, and we may see some showers through the northeast of oman impacting la sketch in the days to come, otherwise smooth sailing. plenty of sun to go round into the middle east. same goes for pakistan. things are dry in the north towards south is fall beauty of a day in karachi, coming in with a high of 31 degrees are quite potent system roll through. this is a cold friend punch across turkey, left to trails, destruction top wind speed here,
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a 130 kilometers per hour and killed at least 4 people. so temperatures have dropped big time across the turkey look at all correct, 5 degrees, and now the bulk of this is pushing across the black sea into ga central parts of africa. right now our equitorial countries have got storms come in and go, and especially in and around lake victoria. if i take you further toward the south right now, we can expect the scattering of showers both for the su to and also as far teeny and things are calm in cape town, coming in at a height of 22 degrees. and you know, i think we're going to stay dry johannesburg and we've got your pencil in for a high of 28 on wednesday that show up the soon ah, most sacred himalayan summit, more treacherous than ever rest. combo khana has never been tamed with and feared by locals. yet an irresistible challenge to west in climate
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a sharper family must choose between going against their religious beliefs and guiding a group of mountaineers, or rejecting much needed income. the will of shadows on al jazeera. ah ah, watching all does it i reminder of our top stories this are you 100 troops of crossed into democratic republic of congo as part of a coordinated operation to combat the armed group known as allied democratic forces comes weeks after 3 suicide bomb attacks in kampala killed several people. you are a secretary of state's warned to russia that any aggression in ukraine will trigger
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serious consequences. actually lincolns attending a meeting of natal foreign ministers to discuss rushes, build up the troops, lutherans, border security forces, far tear gas at anti military protesters in sudan. there. now i've cited the presidential palace in hop too many won't last week to deal with the military scraps. it's all de la hondo reinstated as prime minister. and these are live pictures from paris. that's where frances inducting us born entertainer and civil rights activists. josephine baker into the pantry, and that's the nation's highest honor. baker is the 1st black woman to be included in the pantheon. she is also revered in france for a wall and the french resistance, shown world war 2, others honor than banfield, and food philosopher voltaire scientists, marie curie and the writer, victor hugo academy, an island nation of barbados is now a republic. after ending its ties with the british monarchy,
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sandra masons been sworn in as president, replacing queen elizabeth as head of state or latin america editor lucy newman, has been at the festivities in bridgetown. ah, the declaration of the world newest republic was marked by celebrations. ah, with the music song and dance that barbados is so well known for ah, but above all, it was time for solemnity. prince charles arrived for the last time as the representative of the queen by betus, his head of state, marking the end of the british monarchies, ties with the island once known as britons caribbean, crown jewel, the creation of his republic of the new beginning. but it also marks a point on a continuum, a milestone on the long road. you have not only travelled, but which you have bills. then the british military flag was lowered,
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replaced by one that represents only barbados, which now has a new president, sandra mason. we now turn our vessels bow towards the new republic. redo this so that we may seize the full substance of our sovereignty. barbados was a britain's 1st and most important slave colony, whose sugar feels produced vast wealth for the empire. it gained independence only 55 years ago, but retained the monarchy. the 3 barbados became one of the queens, 16 realms. but the many the time had come to cut the umbilical cord with the monarchy. to wayne a bayesian as by bay dns call themselves cells, tiny salty fruit that grows by the seaside, a specialty here. he agrees with the change. i feel as be a positive, but one of us is able to run the quote for, you know, it was meant from decisions. but others like 19 year old could shawna says that the
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decision to break with the monarchy was imposed on them by the prime minister. without consultation, they wasn't even as this one did you see, is it probably and now was it, the new president will have a largely ceremonial role behind the prime minister and barbados will remain a part of the british commonwealth, which queen elizabeth heads this former quaker plantation has been the residence of the governor general, the queen's representative in barbados for the last 55 years. now. it will be the residence of this country's new president, making barbados the was youngest republic at least for now as a farewell president of sorts. the prime minister awarded prince charles the countries middle of freedom and then announced another surprise, the nation's hero award to the country's most famous citizen singer rianna, who is also an ambassador for barbados. impractical terms, not that much will change, but for
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a great many here. no longer having to pay tribute to a monarchy that brought her ancestors here from africa in chains is a change that was long overdue. hosea newman, al jazeera bridgetown, barbados, all the still are some countries which recognized the british monarchy. queen elizabeth is so head of state of 15 countries around the world may include canada, jamaica, the bahamas, pop on your guinea. and australia is also ahead of the commonwealth as a grouping of $54.00 former colonies and really indian nigeria, trinidad, and tobago. but the have been talks in jamaica and australia, about removing queen elizabeth as their head of state. the u. s. is officially removed, the former columbia rubble of fog from its list of terrorist organizations. the decision will allow us agencies to operate and parts of columbia, where former falk fighters live and work on signed a ceasefire. deal with the colombian government in 2016. our white house correspondent, kimberly hall,
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could explain why this decision was made. know the u. s. made this announcement on the heels of a meeting between a national security council representative for latin america as well as officials in columbia. and part of the reason that this designation his being lifted now is the fact that the united states continues to conduct work in this area and is having difficulty doing so, given the fact that the designation of terror against the fark organization was still in place despite that 2016 peace accord being signed and the more than 10000 members laying down their arms and particularly in some of those areas where those members are still living, that has made us peace efforts and aid efforts difficult. so that is one of the reasons that the other rationale behind the, by the ministrations lifting of this designation is the fact that it really is not a unified organization anymore in the eyes of the biden white house. and so they
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felt that it was no longer appropriate to leave it in place on a sunday ramp, yet he has more from borger top on the reactions in columbia. this is something that the people, especially in conflict there's in columbia, we're waiting for because a dies allow for a stronger implementation of a number of reforms that come with the p seal that was signed back in 2016. i'll make you an example. usa, i d, the u. s. development program until today was not allowed to work with the mobilize fighters in many corner store for cornerstone programs that have started since that deal. and also u. s. n g o could not directly work with the former fica rebels in these programs as been sold of meetings that have happened, for example, here in the capital. but that where us officials of the embassy could not stay in
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the same room with the mobilized fighters when they arrive. they essentially left this complicated, greatly the possibility to move forward in the placement station of these programs that can help bring real peace in this country. after many decades of civil conflicts, so definitely in this sense, this is a major step forward. frances iran must engage constructively in discussions to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal. representatives from russia, china, germany, france, and the u. k. met randy and officials in vienna on monday. the us is there is only holding talks in directory to hon, one sanction lifted in return for limits on its nuclear programming campaign for gamblers, presidential elections in its final days. the countries seen a significant improvement in freedom of speech since 2017, as many just reports from bon jovi, gambino and now demanding more from their leaders. on gumby as paradise beach
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lehman, jewelers resort has reopened, but operates at only 25 percent capacity. 10 months after lockdown and with news emerging of a new strain of the coffee, 19 virus, he says he's considering closing the business altogether. i just want to step back because it is not one of those in those is that we see that will be viable in that is futile. you know, to go a look into all of the ventures contribute al corta in national development, lemon jolie's, not alone with the presidential elections on the days away. many vote to say, whoever can save the economy and protect businesses stands a better chance to get their boat or gun years young population. job creation remains a priority. in this election, an estimated 20000 people lost their jobs as businesses fold up due to the struggling economy, not pushing many and gumby as to embark on the different journeys to europe in such
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a better life. it can be as busiest market instead, aquiner all enjoys textiles. trade is thriving, she says, getting former long term ruler, ya, jamie, out of power and into exile is one of the biggest democracy, benefits for the gambia, miserable classical. most of them. previously there was no freedom of expression in a meter read to this interview, shows things have changed and not less. thank no one dared to do that under the previous government. while this election is generating excitement that i also concerns about what the future holds for the small west africa country, said mighty joe, a former anti jamie campaigner. and now a lecture with the university of the gambia says the vote means different things to different generations. while the old talk about the peace and stability after he, i a, jamie, the younger generation is demanding more answers in action on critical issues, including the truth and reconciliation process. i think the debt as eric,
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what would be a critical issue? how they're going to address that is, is important, but also provide in the socio economic development for this country. because at some point we talk about, you know, security issues and, and, and we look at it from the fact that there are a lot of young people in this country with our jobs. and i think that will be a challenge that any government will have to address. but as is the case in many african elections, petty differences are playing a role in this election. and might as well determine whether the incumbent president stays or the country get a new leader. which means whoever wins the presidency, must not only address the key development issues, but also manage the complex diversities in the gambia. how many degrees al jazeera, by jewel, the gambia to honduras know what i left as leader could become the 1st female presidents, shimoda castro is leading incentives election. but officials a warning that only 55 percent of votes have been counted out as it is. minority reports from the capital. busy ah,
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it's the day after the honduran general election, though an official winner has yet to be declared, many in the country are quietly celebrating the premature victory of leftist opposition. candidate seal, monica. the people of honduras have hope we can reverse government from doings for the read up at america. we hope that castro will straighten out this country and improve the economy, unemployment, education, and health care buffer yellow. c in big lucy, yelp as central plaza, we fidela so the works as a street vendor selling suites to commuters and passers by. he says his earnings are slim and that for years his life in the hunter and capital has been hard. but he's also hopeful that a new government could turn things around for the nations poor citizens, and that he might soon have a chance to find steady work. and around the corner, lady, my heart is happy, so red and black. we are moving forward. no holding back because she will move us
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all forward with us and u ha, a victory for the political opposition in honduras would bring to an end 12 years of single party debates and restore what many political analysts have described as the dismantling of the countries democratic and legal institutions, you're gonna put them out on the law. this represent an opportunity to renew a reinterpret what citizens are calling for, which in this case, after 12 years, it was clear they wanted a change of political party. ah, the 2021 general election took place under a backdrop of worsening poverty nationwide and fear that violence could break out on the streets as was the case throughout the highly polarized campaign season. unlike the last presidential election 4 years ago when violence broke out on the streets following the announcement of the election results, many hundreds, at least here in the capital city think was the golfer are quite com,
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possibly signaling ever nude confidence in the national electoral process by monday evening election officials said opposition candidates your manner castile had a commanding lead, but added that a winner cannot be officially announced until every vote has been counted. manuel rap, a low al jazeera, they goose eagle, ponderous. ah, this is our desert. these are the top stories ugandan troops of crossed and democratic republic of congo as part of a coordinated operation to combat their own group known as allied democratic forces . and comes weeks after 3 suicide bomb attacks in kampala killed several people. security forces are fired tear gas at anti military protesters in sudan and are outside the presidential palace in khartoum. many won't last weeks deal, but the military, it scrapped it. so i've got a 100 reinstated as prime.


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